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ads 312

Published on: January 18 2023 by pipiads

Retro commercials from 1998 showcase the advertisements of that time and the popular products being sold.

- Commercials:

- A famous person complains about the price of fame while promoting a product.

- A man forgets his wallet and can't buy anything without his American Express card.

- A movie trailer for Mercury Rising is shown.

- A truck driver talks about his success and the importance of a good truck.

- A man tries to buy Bud Light but is mistaken for someone else.

- A trailer for The Wedding Singer is shown.

- A Budweiser commercial reminds viewers to drink responsibly.

- General Tire promotes their product for driving in unexpected situations.

- A talent agent pitches Michael Richards for a Tommy Hilfiger campaign.

- A TV show, Just Shoot Me, is advertised.

These commercials from 1998 showcase the popular products and trends of that time, as well as the advertising techniques used. From famous spokespeople to catchy slogans, these commercials aimed to grab the attention of viewers and sell their products.

[312] Trade Ads (Large Format) Part 6: 1979 - 1980

Music has been an integral part of our lives for centuries, with many genres and artists captivating audiences around the world. In this article, we take a look at some of the trade adverts of the legendary band Queen from October 1979 to December 1980.

Trade Adverts:

- October 1979: Advert in Record Mirror for Crazy Little Thing Called Love single and UK tour

- November 1979: Advert in Melody Maker for UK tour and Crazy Tour of London

- February 1980: Advert in Record Mirror for Save Me single

- June 1980: Advert in Record Mirror for Play the Game single

- July 1980: Advert in Record Mirror for The Game album

- Billboard magazine: Advert for The Game album reaching number one in America

- Billboard magazine: Advert for Another One Bites the Dust single

- Advert for Need Your Loving Tonight single from double platinum album The Game

- Advert for Grammy and American Music Award nominations

- December 1980: Advert in Record Mirror for Flash single and Flash Gordon original soundtrack album

Queen's trade adverts reflect their success and popularity across the globe. From their UK tours to their chart-topping albums in America, Queen's music continues to captivate and inspire generations.

1980 s Commercials Edition 312

This article is a collection of various advertisements that use different linguistic devices to grab the reader's attention and promote their products. From catchy slogans to persuasive language, these ads aim to convince the audience to buy their products.

1. Ultra Bright Toothpaste

- Catchy slogan: Fly Ultra Bright for a smile so white it gets you noted.

- Use of colloquialism: Not bad for an afternoon of shopping.

- Persuasive language: Ultra running dynamite white dynamite fresh, it got her notiked.

- Bullet points: Fresh and clean as a whistle.

2. Phillips Petroleum Chest Drainage System

- Use of transitional phrases: At this time, we use a system with a single collection jar.

- Persuasive language: Phillips Petroleum: good things for cars and the people who drive them.

3. Silent Scream Terror Movie

- Use of interjection: Boy, that's I in trouble.

- Persuasive language: Rated R. See it on Friday at a theater near you.

4. Nationwide Insurance

- Use of rhetorical question: One nationwide package for my car, my business, my health, and our home, plus life insurance? I call that convenience.

- Persuasive language: Nationwide is on your side.

5. Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant

- Use of personal experience: The last time I wore this dress was the time I discovered how good Ban Roll-On really is.

- Persuasive language: Find out for yourself how effective Ban Roll-On is.

6. Excedrin Headache Medicine

- Use of repetition: For 60,000 of you every hour, more than a million of you every day, headache after headache after headache, the extra strength of Excedrin works.

- Persuasive language: When something works, that's what you use.

7. Alka Seltzer

- Use of rhetorical question: Why did you take Alka Seltzer?

- Persuasive language: Fast relief for acid indigestion with headache.

8. Root Air Conditioning

- Use of persuasive language: Home comfort year-round with affordable efficiency.

9. Schlitz Beer

- Use of catchy slogan: Go for it.

- Persuasive language: One taste of gusto and he knows there'll never be a better beer.

10. Volkswagen Jetta

- Use of dialogue: What do you think of it? I don't know, a Volvo? No, a BMW? Actually, it's a Jetta.

- Persuasive language: It's brand new, makes it Volkswagen.

These advertisements demonstrate the power of language in promoting products and influencing consumer behavior. From catchy slogans to persuasive language, companies use various techniques to grab the audience's attention and convince them to buy their products.

How i book 3-5 meetings a day (cold calling SMMA)

How I Book Five Meetings a Day with Cold Calls Alone

- Explanation of why people are asking about cold calling process

- Personal experience of booking five meetings a day with cold calls


- Explanation of current time and location for cold calling

- Emphasis on importance of actually doing cold calls to improve

- Personal motivation for extensive cold calling

- Example of cold call to Giselle Body Sculpting with pitch and scheduling Zoom call

- Example of cold call to Next Level Body Sculpting with pitch and scheduling follow-up call

- Example of unsuccessful cold call to Sculpt Excellence

- Example of cold call to Dallas Body Contouring with pitch and guarantee

- Example of unsuccessful cold call to sole proprietor

- Emphasis on importance of tone in cold calling

- Reminder to keep trying and practicing to improve

- Possible suggestion for further resources or training in cold calling techniques

10 Best Selling Products on Shopify 2020 Sell This Now 55:

- This topic is not related to the article on cold calling and therefore will not be addressed.

The inner workings of a 312k/mo SMMA

In this video, Matt, the founder of Estate AI, one of the biggest real estate agencies, shares the ins and outs of his agency and how it differs from the traditional agency model. He talks about how he scaled his agency to $300,000 per month in revenue using the new hybrid model, which incorporates both software and community components.

The Old Model:

The old model involved getting clients through cold calls, looms, and ads, collecting credit card information, providing leads, and offering a refund if needed. Matt built five different agencies using this model but failed to sustain them for long.

The New Hybrid Model:

The new hybrid model involves adding a coaching and mastermind component to the agency, where clients can network and receive more value than just leads. This builds a community and a consulting program that can transform your agency and help you thrive in the current economic environment.

The new hybrid model is the way to go in today's business environment, where just providing leads is not enough. Building a coaching and consulting company on top of your agency can differentiate you from others and help you succeed in the long run.

Episode 312: Q&A: How to structure your weekly emails

Welcome to the Heart Centered Business Podcast with Tash Corbin, Episode 312. In today's episode, Tash is answering a question from Jenny, the Adaptive Yogi, on how to structure weekly emails that are both valuable and generate leads. Tash advises that different audiences have different preferences for emails, so it's important to ask your audience what they like. She recommends asking specific questions and measuring engagement with different email types. Tash also suggests a simple three-part structure for emails: a love note or personal touch, core content, and an offer. She advises hyperlinking to products or services mentioned in the love note and including a call to action in the offer. Tash emphasizes that the goal of a weekly email is not just to provide value but also to generate leads for your business.

HSCI 312 Group 2: Food Advertising (Children and Youth)

Music plays an important role in our lives, and so does nutrition. As we welcome you to our house, we want to introduce you to the Goldberg project, which aims to instill healthy eating habits into elementary school children. We believe that children are the future, and it is essential to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to lead healthy lives. In this article, we will discuss the initiative, its objectives, and how we plan to achieve them.


- To educate elementary school children about healthy eating habits

- To raise awareness about the negative effects of unhealthy eating

- To incorporate Canada's Food Guide into the program

- To provide healthy recipe demonstrations

- To increase children's autonomy when it comes to engaging in a healthy lifestyle

- To partner with produce suppliers and the Canadian Council on nutrition

- To evaluate changes in students' diets and behaviors

- To track changing trends in obesity rates in children who participated in the program


- Education for elementary school children

- Screen Cooper that highlights the dangers of food advertising

- Healthy recipe demonstrations during select class hours

- Food demos and information workshops throughout the school year

- Volunteer training with nutritionists and dietitians

- Partnering with produce suppliers and the Canadian Council on nutrition


- The starter program will cost around $70,000

- Funding is required to develop the program further

- Long-term benefits will eventually outweigh the costs

The Goldberg project is a significant initiative that aims to reduce childhood obesity and increase the integration of nutrition into school curriculums. By providing children with the knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices, we can ensure that they grow up to be healthy adults. With the help of our partners and volunteers, we can achieve our objectives and make a positive impact on the lives of elementary school children. Thank you for your support.

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