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ads bessemer city nc

Published on: January 26 2023 by pipiads

Advanced Drainage Systems Inc (ADS) is a leading manufacturer of high-density polyethylene drainage pipes with over 8.5 billion feet of pipe in service. ADS has a rich history of growth and success built upon quality products, responsive product development and innovation, superior service, and the hard work and commitment of its many outstanding individuals.

Key Points:

- ADS has 48 plants and 22 distribution centers worldwide, giving it the most comprehensive footprint of any pipe manufacturer on the planet.

- ADS recently completed two new state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Canada, giving it direct access to a billion-dollar market where it can utilize its vast experience to rapidly grow its presence.

- ADS has always been a leader in innovation, introducing HDPE pipe into the farm drainage market in 1966 and revolutionizing the storm sewer market in 1987 with the introduction of N-12, which has become its flagship product.

- ADS introduced the HP (High Performance) product line in 2009, which incorporates highly engineered polypropylene resin, giving it unparalleled stiffness and service life characteristics.

- ADS has made significant acquisitions over the years, complementing its capabilities in stormwater management, including companies like Nilo Plast, VSA Bio Defuser, Hand Corps, PSP Century Plastiks, Time Wild Tile of Michigan, Storm Tik, Folks Concrete Pipe, and Piedmont Concrete.

- ADS's worldwide reputation for quality and innovation has resulted in customers looking to it for the latest products, innovations, and materials in storm management.

ADS's commitment to innovation and dedication to help protect and rebuild the nation's infrastructure through water management is what sets it apart from its competitors. With its strong reputation and leadership in the industry, ADS is well positioned to continue its growth and success in the years to come.

Google Local Service Ads

Today's webinar is about Google Local Service Ads, a new and exciting feature that can benefit local service businesses. In this webinar, we will discuss what Local Service Ads are, how to find out if they are available in your area, how to take advantage of them, and how to minimize any potential problems. We will also briefly touch on being ADA compliant with your website.

Google Search Results:

In the past, Google search results consisted of three different areas on the page: Google Ads (or AdWords), Local Search, and Organic Search. Google Ads appeared at the top of the page and were based on a pay-per-click model. Local Search typically included a map and listed the top three businesses based on factors such as reviews and distance. Organic Search consisted of ten listings based on factors such as backlinks and on-page optimization.

Ranking Factors:

Ranking factors vary depending on whether it is Local or Organic Search. For Local Search, the most important factor is Google My Business, which includes factors such as address, optimization, and distance from the searcher. Other factors include link signals, reviews, and directories. For Organic Search, the most important factors are backlinks and on-page optimization.

Google Local Service Ads are a valuable tool for local service businesses. By understanding how to take advantage of them and optimizing your Google My Business account, you can improve your search ranking and reach more customers. However, it is important to stay up-to-date with Google's changing marketing and advertising services and to ensure ADA compliance with your website.

Unclaimed Persons FRIDAY 5s #Friday5s

Unclaimed Persons: Five Cases You Should Know About

Unclaimed persons are individuals who have been found deceased, but law enforcement has been unable to contact their next of kin. These cases are just as important as missing and identified person cases, and to this day there are almost 5,000 unclaimed persons in the Name is database. Here are five unclaimed person cases that need attention.

Case 1: Louise Pass or Bird

- Located deceased in a motel room in Bessemer, Alabama in 2018

- Caucasian female, no other statistics available

- Contact Jefferson County coroner or medical examiner's office or Name is contact Amy Dobbs

Case 2: Ben Goldoff

- Found deceased in his residence in Everett, Massachusetts in 2018

- African American male with cloudy brown eyes and partially gray hair and beard

- Found wearing red t-shirt, black shorts, black underwear, brown sandals, and one metal ring

- Contact Massachusetts Office of Chief Medical Examiner or Name is regional program specialist Gloria Brewski

Case 3: Andrew George Isaac Little

- Found deceased in a tent in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2014

- Caucasian male with brown hair and blue eyes

- Body was completely skeletonized, but vitals were obtained from his driver's license

- Contact Hamilton County Medical Examiner's Office or Name is regional specialist Amy Dobbs

Case 4: Dario Martinez

- Found in the woods near a food line in Benson, North Carolina in 1994

- Multiracial male, possibly Caucasian and Hispanic, with black hair and brown eyes

- Had an old scar and adhesions on his lung

- Found wearing black jeans, turquoise briefs, a long-sleeve shirt with vertical stripes, and Jordache athletic shoes

- Contact Chief Medical Examiner's Office or Name is contact person Kerry Southern Furr

Case 5: Sabrina Pierce

- Found deceased inside a residence in Houston, Texas in 2013

- Caucasian female with long wavy grayish-brown hair

- Found wearing three gray t-shirts, a gray sweater, and black socks

- Contact Harris County Institute of Forensic Science or Name is regional program specialist Michael Nance

Unclaimed persons are often forgotten, but they deserve to be identified and claimed by their loved ones. If you have any information regarding these cases, please contact the appropriate authorities or Name is contacts listed above. Let's work together to bring closure to these families.

10 Places in MICHIGAN You Should NEVER Move To

Michigan: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Michigan is often called the Land of Wolverines and the Region of Lakes, known for its stunning natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. However, like every other state in the US, Michigan has its good and bad places. In this article, we will explore the worst places to live in Michigan based on crime rates, poverty levels, and education.

1. Inkster

- Crime and poverty are the defining factors of this city

- The 11th most dangerous city in Michigan

- Gang activity and a high number of abandoned homes

2. Battle Creek

- The 9th most dangerous place in Michigan

- Considered the 2nd worst city to raise kids in the US

- High poverty levels and low education rates

3. Jackson

- Crime and drugs are out of control in some parts near downtown

- Half of the population compared to its peak in the 1930s

- Still has good auto-related jobs

4. Lansing

- Low crime rates, but still ranks in the bottom 15% for incomes and poverty levels

- Sketchy parts of town, but not the worst place in Michigan

- Home to Michigan State University

5. Muskegon Heights and Highland Park (Tie)

- Chronic unemployment and high crime rates in Muskegon Heights

- Highland Park has the second-highest poverty level in Michigan

- Both are struggling communities with low populations

6. Pontiac

- High rates of unemployment, low home values, and high crime rates

- Suffered neglect for decades and lost many businesses and jobs

- Beginning to see some new development and businesses

While Michigan may have some of the prettiest outdoor scenery in the US, it also has its share of bad places to live. From high crime rates to chronic unemployment, poverty, and low education levels, some Michigan cities are struggling. However, it's important to remember that Michigan also has many great places to live, work, and play.

NC NOW | Critical Foreign Language: Chinese | UNC-TV

Podcasts on UNC TV are made possible through the financial contributions of viewers like you who invite you to join them in supporting UNC TV. This month, all across the state, people have been celebrating the Chinese New Year and the many new Chinese language programs offered in schools. In this report, we will explore the importance of global languages in North Carolina and the innovative programs being offered to students.

Importance of Global Languages:

North Carolina is educating students for a new economy that is based on a global economy and a global citizenry. All things happening across the planet affect North Carolina, making it vital for students to learn global languages like Chinese. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has made a strong commitment to helping students learn global languages by offering immersion classes from kindergarten through college.

Confucius Institute:

One of the most innovative programs is the Confucius Institute based at North Carolina State University. There are now 20 Confucius classrooms in North Carolina, more than any other state. The Institute has hosted a special concert of Chinese traditional music for students and the Sanford community. A Confucius classroom opened in Sanford this year as the first in a community college. The program is a giant step forward for North Carolina's economy and a great opportunity for students.

Foreign Language Programs:

In Fayetteville, foreign language programs have been implemented in kindergarten, and students are exposed to Mandarin Chinese from an early age. Parents were initially hesitant about the program, but they have now come on board and are teaching their children at home. In Cumberland County Schools, over 80 foreign languages are taught, making it a unique model of education.

Smith Academy of International Languages:

The Smith Academy of International Languages in Charlotte is an award-winning language immersion school. Mrs. Chen, one of 57 teachers at the school, teaches the entire fourth-grade curriculum in Chinese. The program's cognitive benefits can be seen in student achievement, with math achievement above 94 percent. The Chinese immersion program adds richness to students' education and prepares them for a global future.

Cuthbert Sim High School:

The brand new Cuthbert Sim High School in Union County focuses on global languages and cultural understanding. The school's motivation for teaching Chinese or any other critical language is because North Carolinians are experiencing the same economy as people across the country. Drastic changes in jobs and industries make it vital for students to be globally competitive and prepared to collaborate on a global level.

Learning global languages and cultural understanding are essential for students in North Carolina. The state is committed to helping students learn Chinese and other critical languages. The innovative programs, like the Confucius Institute, foreign language programs, and language immersion schools, are preparing students for a global future. Celebrations of the Chinese New Year are examples of the growing connections and mutual understanding between different cultures. UNC TV is proud to produce the Learning with the World series in association with Learn NC and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, thanks to the financial contributions of viewers like you.

Buying A Liquidation Home Depot Pallet | I Got Burned | Buyer Beware

- The speaker, Tony, discusses his experience buying a wholesale liquidation palette from a seller on Facebook Marketplace.

- He spent $350 on the pallet and was disappointed with the results.

- He shares his mistakes and what others can do to avoid them.

Mistakes Made:

- Tony did not do enough research on the seller and the pallets.

- He did not notice the red flags of the different prices on the pallets and the tools for sale individually.

- He did not have a plan and did not know what was in the pallet.

Red Flags:

- All the pallets were priced differently, but the seller claimed that they all came off the truck like that.

- The seller had tools for sale individually.

- Every pallet had a snow blower, which is useless in Texas.

Lessons Learned:

- Have a plan and know what you are buying.

- If you do not know what is in the pallet, ask the seller.

- Be aware of red flags, such as different prices on the pallets and individual items for sale.

- Find a source that you can trust.

- Buying wholesale liquidation pallets can be a risky venture, but it can also be profitable.

- Do your research and be aware of red flags.

- Have fun and enjoy the process, but also be careful with your money.

My First Time

From my first experience with water to my recent adventure of flying, I have had a lot of firsts in my life. In this article, I will share with you some of the memorable moments that have marked my journey of exploring and experiencing life.

Firsts with Water:

- First time in a swimming pool

- First time wearing goggles

- First time in the ocean

- First major rainstorm

- First swim lesson and swim test

- First backflip with assistance

- First time swimming across the pool by myself

- First viral video of me swimming

Other Notable Firsts:

- First time diving to the bottom of the deep end

- First time diving off a diving board and jumping from a platform

- First time surfing and wiping out

- First time swimming 18 feet deep

Life is full of firsts and it's important to embrace them and learn from them. Elizabeth, the impressive two-year-old featured on Good Morning America, reminds us that even at a young age, we can accomplish amazing things. So, let's take that next step, try new things, and make more unforgettable memories.

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