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Ads: Big Brands' Wasted Investment?

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Digital Advertising: Does it Work?

Several big brands turned off millions of dollars of digital ad spending, but saw no change in business outcomes. On the other hand, small businesses reduced their digital marketing efforts and saw their business activity go up instead of down. So, does digital advertising work?


1. P&G turned off $200 million of their digital ad spending and saw no change in business outcomes.

2. When Chase reduced their programmatic reach from 400,000 sites to 5,000 sites, they saw a 99% decrease, but no change in business outcomes.

3. Uber turned off $120 million of their digital ad spending meant to drive more app installs, but saw no change in the rate of app installs.

4. Big brands stopped spending on digital ads and nothing happened. In 2012, eBay turned off their paid search ad spending and saw no change in sales coming from those sources.

5. A small business owner doing Facebook advertising turned off Fan Facebook Audience Network and saw the number of ad impressions plummet by about 90%, but the sales of his music and merchandise went back up despite getting far fewer clicks.

6. A small business owner turned on a Google AdWords campaign and immediately saw a dramatic increase in traffic coming to her site. However, most of the traffic was from android devices and those visitors were mostly bouncing, leaving after a few seconds.

7. Small businesses reduced the number of ad impressions, clicks, and traffic to their sites, but saw business activity go up instead of down.


The discrepancy between big numbers of ads and clicks and more business activity and sales is due to the vast majority of impressions and clicks being from bot activity. The problem with digital advertising today stems from marketers' obsession with big numbers. Marketers could be spending far fewer dollars and getting the same levels of business outcomes or spending the dollars more smartly in digital and getting even more business outcomes than they are now.

Digital advertising does work, but marketers need to focus on smarter spending and getting the right kind of traffic to their sites. Big numbers of impressions and clicks do not translate into more business activity and sales. The key is to focus on quality over quantity.

Why Food Commercials Cost Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars | Big Business | Business Insider

Behind the fancy cameras of food commercials, there is a bustling operation that involves dozens of people and customized robots to make a burger look juicy. Steve Giralt, who has filmed commercials for big brands like Hershey's, Heinz, and Pepsi, through his production company The Garage, knows this well. There is a lot of money on the line, and filming a 30-second ad can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. We visited Steve's studio in Brooklyn, New York, to see how his team films the perfect burger.

Tricks of the trade:

- Food stylist Brett Kurzweil has a budget of a couple of thousand dollars, and he always buys more than he'll use so he can pick out the perfect-looking bun, patty, and veggies.

- Brett uses a colorant made of gravy darkener and soap to add a charred look to the burger, and he only has to paint half the burger because the camera films from just one side.

- A mixture of Vaseline and pulverized meat helps fill in any holes and those grill marks.

- Brett heats up metal skewers and then pushes them into the burger to sear it.

- He uses a clothes steamer to melt the cheese and controls how much comes out by covering up some of the holes.

- He cuts the onions and tomatoes on a slant so they lie flatter.

The team:

- Steve's team is making sure everything is ready on set.

- Master rigger Matthew Huber provides the structure for the specialized equipment that makes food dance across the screen.

- Paola Andreas Ramirez is finalizing the set, from the tables to the ketchup bottles.


- Combining what the client wants in the commercial with what's technologically possible is the trickiest part.

- The shots have to be identical, and if something on set gets bumped between takes, they might have to start over.

- They have to be really flexible onset, and there are always curveballs that happen.

The robots:

- The robots used are the same kind that build cars and can pretty much do any move you can think of.

- The robots are essential to keep a shoot on schedule because any delay could mean running over budget.

- Steve ties all the ingredients on a fishing line, and the robot slices the string and drops the ingredients perfectly.

The power of food suggestion can be enormous, and fast-food companies poured five billion dollars into advertising in 2019. Steve and his team film 40 advertisements a year, billing over 5 million dollars annually. They know they've done a good job when viewers can't tell that a whole production is hidden behind a shot. Although the work is complex, Steve says it is worth it, and he enjoys it when people understand how complex it is.

Major Lazer & DJ Maphorisa - Particula (ft. Nasty C, Ice Prince, Patoranking & Jidenna)(Music Video)

- In the world of music, there are some songs that just catch our attention and make us want to listen to them over and over again.

- One such song is Particula by Major Lazer featuring Nasty C, Ice Prince, Patoranking, and Jidenna.

- The song has a catchy beat, playful lyrics, and a great mix of different musical styles.

Verse 1:

- The song begins with the lyrics They told me everybody's 15 minutes in a different time zone.

- This line sets the tone for the rest of the song, which is all about living in the moment and enjoying life.

- The artist then sings And since I have it at the moment you're the one I wanna shine my light on.

- This line is a romantic gesture, showing that the artist is interested in someone and wants to focus their attention on them.

- The artist also sings Get your life, get your life, little mama, won't you get your life on? which is an encouragement to live life to the fullest.


- The chorus is the most memorable part of the song, with the repeated lyrics I like you girl in particula, you in particula, I like your waist in particula.

- This is a playful and flirtatious line, with the artist expressing their attraction to someone in a fun and catchy way.

- The chorus also features the line Come, come, give me the love, gal, which is another expression of the artist's interest in someone.

Verse 2:

- The second verse of the song continues the playful and romantic tone, with the artist singing Let's shoot this movie and put the shit on repeat.

- This line is a reference to the idea of living life like a movie, enjoying the moment and repeating the good parts.

- The artist also sings Before we hit the road, put our phones on silent, nobody's tryna bring sand to the beach, which is a reminder to focus on the present moment and not let distractions get in the way.


- The bridge of the song features a mix of English and Nigerian Pidgin, with the artist singing Carry, carry, cary go, na u sabi mami, you already know, mama.

- This line is a playful way of saying Let's go, you know what to do, mama.

- The bridge also features the line Can I see your particulars, I've been screening you like una pelicula, which is a flirtatious way of asking to get to know someone better.

- Overall, Particula is a fun and catchy song that celebrates living in the moment and enjoying life.

- The playful lyrics and mix of musical styles make it a standout track that is sure to get stuck in your head.

- Whether you're dancing to the beat or singing along to the chorus, Particula is a song that is sure to put a smile on your face.

Sneaky Ways Fast Food Restaurants Get You To Spend Money

Fast Food: Why It's Not as Cheap as You Think

- Americans spend around $1,200 on fast food every year

- Fast food restaurants use tricks to get you to spend more money

- The seemingly simple menu hides most of the options

Tricks Used by Fast Food Restaurants:

- Value meals, combos, and coupons

- Confusing menu layouts with big pictures and bright colors

- Pricing formats that make items seem cheaper

- Small, hard-to-see dollar and value menus

- Pressure to order quickly and the convenience of preselected meals

The Combo Meal:

- The star of the menu

- Saves time but not necessarily money

- Often leads to larger portion sizes and unhealthy options

Marketing Tactics:

- Outrageous deals, brand tie-ins, and coupons

- App reward points and special daily deals

- Encouraging customers to spend more on drinks with higher profit margins

- The power of marketing is when you overlay things

The Deeper Issue:

- Fast food isn't as cheap as it used to be

- Price increases have outpaced fast casual and fine dining restaurants

- Fast food is sometimes the only option in low-income food deserts

- Healthy fast casual options are often more expensive

- Fast food can be cheap and convenient, but it's important to be aware of the tricks used to get you to spend more money

- Fight off psychological tricks and don't pay a premium for low-quality, unhealthy food.

Scientifically Dismantling Cathie Wood

- Overview of the current state of the stock market in 2022

- Mention of Kathy Wood's Ark Invest and the struggles they have faced

- Explanation of Wood's investment strategy and the criticisms she has received

Adjustments Made by Kathy Wood:

- Explanation of the adjustments Wood makes to reported earnings numbers

- Discussion of the five main adjustments, including research and development, sales and marketing, stock-based compensation, non-cash impairments, and deferred revenue

- Criticism of Wood's use of adjusted financial metrics and the lack of standardization

Analysis of Roblox:

- Detailed analysis of how Wood's adjustments affect Roblox's financial performance

- Discussion of the double-counting of stock-based compensation and the treatment of deferred revenue as recognized revenue

- Conclusion that Wood's adjusted EBITDA is divorced from economic reality

Implications for Kathy Wood's Portfolio:

- Discussion of how Wood's adjustments affect the profitability of her portfolio companies

- Mention of the high rate of cash burn and potential bankruptcy for some of the companies

- Criticism of Wood's lack of understanding of basic accounting and securities analysis

- Summary of the main points discussed in the article

- Expression of concern about Wood's investment strategy and its impact on her clients

- Call for further scrutiny of Wood's approach to investing.


Sailor's Movie Premiere Outfit Adventure

Sailor has been invited to a movie premiere where she will be in attendance with celebrities and a large audience watching her performance. However, her dress from Amazon did not arrive, and she has three hours to find an entire outfit for the premiere.

Finding the Perfect Outfit:

- Sailor and her friend go shopping for an outfit for the premiere.

- They struggle to find something formal enough and in the right size.

- Sailor's best friend, Nadal, was supposed to take her to the premiere, but he couldn't make it, making her upset.

- Sailor has a budget of $200 and insists on paying for her own clothes.

- Sailor's dad is also there and has a budget of $200 to find an outfit for the premiere.

- They finally find matching outfits at a Hot Topic store.

Getting Ready for the Premiere:

- Sailor tries on her outfit and asks for opinions from her friend and a fashionable acquaintance.

- She feels nervous about being in front of a large audience but receives encouragement and support.

- Her mom, whose face is blurred, gives advice about going on stage.

- Sailor goes on stage and thanks everyone for their support before the movie begins.

Despite the stress and anxiety leading up to the premiere, Sailor manages to find the perfect outfit and goes on stage with confidence. Her performance is well-received, and she feels grateful for the support of her friends and fans.

Big Sean - Blessings (Official Explicit Video) ft. Drake, Kanye West

- Drake's song Soft Music features the theme of feeling blessed and grateful for his success and those around him.

- The song highlights the struggles and hardships he's faced on his way to the top.

Blessings on Blessings:

- Drake expresses his gratitude for his success in the music industry, stating that he feels blessed and that he lives the life he deserves.

- He acknowledges that hard work pays off, and he's willing to put in whatever effort is necessary to support his friends and loved ones.

- Drake reflects on the lessons he's learned along the way, stating that every experience has been a valuable one.

Personal Struggles:

- Despite his success, Drake has faced personal challenges, including the loss of friends and family members.

- He acknowledges the importance of being there for those who have stood by him, even during difficult times.

- Drake recognizes the sacrifices he's made to achieve his goals, including his relationships and personal life.

Looking Ahead:

- Drake looks towards the future with optimism and a sense of purpose.

- He recognizes that he's achieved a great deal, but there's still more work to be done.

- Drake acknowledges that he's blessed, but he's not taking anything for granted.

- Soft Music is a powerful reflection on Drake's journey to success and the challenges he's faced along the way.

- The song is a reminder to appreciate the people and experiences that have helped us get to where we are today.

- Drake's message of gratitude and resilience is a powerful one, and it's a reminder to stay focused on our goals and keep moving forward.

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