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ads cod meaning

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

GTA 6 GAMEPLAY Just Revealed in AD 😵 - PS5 Craps on Xbox, COD Streamer Breaks Leg, GTA 6 PS5 & Xbox

well, folks, today we got some wild stuff happening with the GTA 6 gameplay. we have the PlayStation CEO dead ass dunking on Xbox. we got some video clips going around, so let's just get right into it for this Christmas. all I want is for you to be happy and smash that like button. okay, that's all I ever wanted. I know that's all you want as well. all right, first story coming in at our number 13 spot, ladies and gentlemen, we got Rainbow Six hackers and they are not putting chickens on player screens. roll it, bro. bro, what is this? hey, if you were able to spot what was wrong with this image, or definitely special like button. and you probably have heard that the US Army is trying to recruit the Call of Duty players. and this is our Call of Duty players. roll it the last one, kill him. kill him, Steve, get him. he's blueed, he's plating. no, no, why didn't you push with me? it was a two-on-one dislocated his knee and it's quite sad to see, but thankfully he is making that recovery. so I better see you smashing that like button. good luck with that. US army. recruit the Call of Duty players. you want to recruit them, right? all of their calories intake is from that: g Fuel and Doritos. okay, they got nothing. they got nose. but the following is part of toxic masculinity: okay, masculinity under attack. roll it. [Music]. foreign. yeah, what you just saw is legit. he was humping his bed. after that Victory Royale, he started celebrating and then he accidentally called The Babylon- or, in fact, has the Apple watch accidentally called The Babylon, and sometimes it happens to the best of us, right, like, look at his facial expression. this is the facial expressions of what the society call it. Society. Society calls it toxic and problematik. and later on, the homeboy Mustang to Twitter: Heaven, nice, that's what we like to see. toxic masculinity. okay, we're really not sure for how long this man is gone. if this was a female, I mean, she would have been back by two days, by three days. you remember the chick that, done Easter eggs live on a stream, ended up getting her cheeks clipped? she was back in two days. we had Nadia that I ended up, uh, doxing a viewer live on stream and she was only banned for like five hours. but if you're a man, you're right for training dog to throw bricks at people ringing his doorbell. I mean, damn it, if you happen to be the person that was ringing his doorbell. you need Morgan and Morgan, then you're injured. you deserve compensation and the size of the law firms matters. Morgan and Morgan is America's largest injury law firm, with over 800 employees and over 100 offices Nationwide. the best part, Morgan and Morgan fee is completely free, unless they win the kiss for you. that's right. you do not need to spend a penny unless they win the case. they are capable for downward situations like workplace injury, nursing home abuse, car accidents, slip and fall. they will fight for you till you win your case. over 3 million people trust Morgan and Morgan and getting started is easy. just check out the top in comment below for more information. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan reportedly doesn't view Xbox game passes competition, saying that they've sold more PS5 consoles in two years than Xbox has subscribers in six to seven years. this is such a wild situation and you got the homie like Crossing his hands, Crossing his arms. you got the homie with the open mouth out there with the fingers. it looks like that he was really stretching his fingers at one point right, like look at, look at the fingers, like look at those fingers. Jim Ryan also Compares PlayStation Plus or Game Pass, saying they have 2.5 times a subscriber base. we just Shadow 50 million subscribers and they are in the low 20s, but there's more work to do to grow that number. we're strong, we're independent. ah, this is such a dumbest move by PlayStation. okay, because we know for the fact that Jim Ryan- he took the Sony Point Airlines, went down to Brussels, spoke with the CME, told them to [ __ ] block the deal, right, and the FTC was standing there with thumbs up their asses, they were taking notes and they did [ __ ] block the deal. they did block the deal and now Microsoft is fighting. they're issuing their response by saying that, bro, like being gonna make Call of Duty exclusive, bro, it's gonna stay multi-platform, it's good for competition. they in fact said then, and now PlayStation, for the longest amount of time they were like bro, like be a small company, like being big as Microsoft [ __ ], which is facts. right, but PlayStation is bigger than Xbox and Microsoft is bigger than Sony. these are facts. but homeboy just contradicted himself and he started doing helicopters with his Willy. previously he was on his knees and now he's doing helicopters. I mean, dang Bros, you just give Microsoft a point that can be used against you. same to FTC and CMA contradicting yourself. I mean, it's good to tok about W's, but not quickly, after you were saying that via small company. okay, we need Call of Duty to survive. I mean, if the FTC and CMA looks at that, they might be like they might actually Cog block uh, Sony this time. but two of the largest unions in the US, the AFL-CIO and the cwn, now support the Microsoft Activision Blizzard merger. the AFL CIO got 12.5 million members, like God damn it, and the CWA got 800 000 members. I mean, damn bro, that's about like 30 million members- and they got all of those [ __ ] to support the Microsoft situation. and they say that, bro, we now support the Microsoft Activision Blizzard merger. Visa, Visa, three nuts, okay, I do not know what your big deal is. explained: the corporates just want profit and control the market by Game Pass. Xbox is for the people. we got the Sony ponies dropping truck slams out there and then we got the Xbox drop in Batista bombs. I mean, they might be scrolling through Tinder, they might be seeing that chick looking like a snack, completely okay, and they might read the comments and someone is like you made: PlayStation sucks, Xbox sucks and they will forget about her and they will start fighting over that stuff. and this also started trending because mansas are back in the days are back in the days. he's speaking my language. I love this man. back in the days when there was no skill based matching this post. I ended up getting 16.3 keyboards. God damn it, man. and this is toking about the, the message of the day back in the days when happy holidays was real in Call of Duty. let's tok Christmas news. it's that time of the year again where thousands of new players join the online ranks for the first time. we would ask you to go easy on the Christmas news, but we know you will not. and a decade later this doesn't exist brings that tear to my eyes. so we got homeboys, like crime, got the homeboys really sad and a lot of the Call of Duty players, admittedly, are starting to look like this. I mean it's quite sad, but he be okay. there is also a UFO above Las Vegas right now. roll it. what the hell is this? honestly, I mean we're here every night. I've never seen anything like this. yeah, we're gonna be investigating that. on the second Channel, check out that scary X Channel if you're into UFO content. this is where we're gonna investigate. we also got Gotham Knights getting that 50 person discount. I mean, wow, that's very lovely to see, right, because game got 30 FPS. and they were saying that, bro, like it's gonna be your next turn, but Nixon game, Nixon game, but we cannot have 60 MPS. we can, we cannot have 60 FPS. and I feel like the reason they have put this 50 discount is probably people were not buying it and they wanted some sales. I mean, damn man, make the game at least 60 FPS. if you were to make this game 60 FPS, you wouldn't even have to drop that price, cut G. but a homeboy came out says that tell me why Games should be 70 again. then a game goes on sale at 50 off in literally two months. that means it was never supposed to be 70 dollars to F. and begin with, we got Master dropping some relevant memes. uh, you know games in unplayable shade for weeks after release. digital distribution, cutting costs, DLCs, Susan Percy. micro transaction form.

Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

♪. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, go go away ♪ ♪. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, go go away ♪ ♪. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, go go away ♪ ♪. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, go go away ♪ ♪. We just wanna party ♪ ♪. Party just for you, ♪ ♪. We just want the money. ♪ ♪. Money just for you ♪ ♪. I know you want to party ♪ ♪. Party just for me ♪ ♪. Girl, you got me dancin' ♪ ♪. Dance and shake the frame ♪ ♪. We just wanna party ♪ ♪. Party just for you ♪ ♪. We just want the money. ♪ ♪. Money just for you ♪ ♪. I know you want to party ♪ ♪. Party just for me ♪ ♪. Girl, you got me dancin' ♪ ♪. Dance and shake the frame ♪. [gunshot] ♪. This is America ♪ ♪. Don't catch you slippin' now, ♪ ♪. Don't catch you slippin' now, ♪ ♪. Look what I'm whippin' now ♪ ♪. This is America ♪ ♪. Don't catch you slippin' now, ♪ ♪. Don't catch you slippin' now, ♪ ♪. Look what I'm whippin' now ♪ ♪. This is America ♪ ♪. Don't catch you slippin' now, ♪ ♪. Look how I'm livin' now ♪ ♪. Police be trippin' now ♪ ♪. This is America ♪ ♪ Guns in my area ♪ ♪. I got the strap ♪ ♪. I gotta carry 'em ♪ ♪. Yeah, yeah, Imma, go into this ♪ ♪. Yeah, yeah, this is guerilla ♪ ♪. Yeah, yeah, Imma, go get the bag ♪ ♪. Yeah, yeah, or Imma, get the pad ♪ ♪. Yeah, yeah, I'm so cold, like yeah, ♪ ♪. I'm so dope, like yeah, ♪ ♪. We gon' blow, like yeah, ♪ ♪. Ooh, Tell somebody ♪ ♪. You gon' tell somebody ♪ ♪. Grandma told me: get yo money, Black man. (Get yo money) ♪ ♪. Get yo money, Black man. (Get yo money) ♪ ♪. Get yo money, Black man. (Get yo money) ♪ ♪. Get yo money, Black man. (Get yo money) ♪. [automatik gunfire]. ♪. This is America ♪ ♪. Don't catch you slippin' now ♪ ♪. Don't catch you slippin' now ♪ ♪. Look what I'm whippin' now ♪ ♪. This is America ♪ ♪. Don't catch you slippin' now. ♪ ♪. Don't catch you slippin' now. ♪ ♪. Look what I'm whippin' now ♪ ♪. Look how I'm geeking out ♪ ♪. I'm so fitted ♪ ♪. I'm on Gucci ♪ ♪. I'm so pretty ♪ ♪. I'm gon' get it ♪ ♪. Watch me move. ♪ ♪. This a celly ♪ ♪. That's a tool ♪ ♪ On my Kodak ♪ ♪. Ooh, know that. ♪ ♪. Ooh, get it, get it, work it. ♪ ♪ Hunnid bands, hunnid bands, hunnid bands. ♪ ♪. Contraband, contraband, contraband ♪ ♪. I got the plug on Oaxaca. they gonna find you like baka ♪. [frantik footsteps faint screams], [cigarette lighter strikes]. ♪ Ooh, ♪ ♪. Tell somebody ♪ America. I just checked my following list and ♪ You gon' tell somebody ♪ You motherfuckers owe me ♪. Grandma told me: get yo money, Black man (Black man) ♪ ♪. Get yo money, Black man (Black man) ♪ ♪. Get yo money, Black man (Black man) ♪ ♪. Get yo money, Black man (Black man) ♪ ♪. 1,2,3, Get down ♪ ♪. Ooh, Tell somebody ♪ ♪. You gon' tell somebody ♪ ♪. Grandma told me: get yo money, Black man (Black man) ♪ ♪. Get yo money, Black man (Black man) ♪ ♪. Get yo money, Black man (Black man) ♪ ♪. Get yo money, Black man (Black man) ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪. You just a Black man in this world ♪ ♪. You just a barcode ♪ ♪. You just a Black man in this world ♪ ♪ Drivin' expensive foreigns ♪ ♪ You just a big dog. yeah, ♪ ♪. I kenneled him in the backyard, ♪ ♪. No, that probably ain't life to a dog. ♪ ♪ For a big dog, ♪ ♪♪♪.

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This makes 78% of Facebook Advertisers QUIT

there are a lot of people that have created videos on how to start an online business or how to do social media marketing that, in my opinion, have a lot to answer. for years, they have made it seem like Facebook advertising, Instagram advertising, is really easy. anyone can set up a campaign. my Springer Spaniel could set up a campaign and it will succeed. and it will succeed from day one if you just follow their steps. now that could not do more to set people up for failure when they first start running Facebook ads and Instagram ads, because when people take their advice and first jump into these platforms and they create their first ad campaign and if it doesn't succeed from the off- which is highly likely- they correctly assume that they've been lied to. but what they do is they throw the baby out with a bath water instead of just thinking that they've been lied to in terms of how easy it is to get results. they think they've been lied to across the board and they think that the whole platform is a waste of time. no one can ever get results, and that's not true either. the meta ads platform does work, I can assure you. we have over 100 clients live right now, many of them generating fantastik results, and there are millions of Facebook and Instagram advertisers. the idea that none of them are producing any results is just ludicrous. so you don't want to be at either extreme. you don't want to think that Facebook advertising is the easiest thing ever- as I said, my Springer Spaniel could run a campaign and it's guaranteed to succeed. but you also don't want to think that the platform can't work for anyone and it's all just a scam and a waste of time and no one should be involved. neither are true. what is true is somewhere in the middle. the platform can deliver fantastik results. many massive businesses at this point have been created off the back of successful Facebook and Instagram advertising. so this clearly is a platform that can work, but will it work overnight? will it work the first time that you've tried it? probably not. Facebook advertising is a skill and in order to succeed at anything that is skill based, you have to be good enough to get results. I would encourage you to think of Facebook accounts and Instagram ads like a new hobby. let's say, for example, you're about to go skiing for the first time and for some reason, on the very first day, you decided to enter into a downhill ski race and, aside from the fact that you're probably going to break a lot of stuff in your body, you are not going to win that race. if you are going to be competing against people that have been doing it for years, that it's their passion, they've dedicated time, they've developed their skills in that thing and it's pretty obvious that you just wouldn't win that race. but people expect to be able to win the race when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads and that's partly because, as I've already described, they've been lied to and partly because they don't realize they are in a race, that they are in a competition. that's exactly how an advertising platform like meta works. you are competing against other advertisers for people's eyeballs, and the cost of Facebook and Instagram ads Rises to the point at which the best can succeed and the ones that aren't very good at running ad campaigns can't. that's the natural equilibrium. now you might be thinking that if Facebook ads, Instagram ads are so competitive, why not just go ahead and do something else? but here's the thing: any form of marketing that you can think of where there is large potential upside- and we know the potential upside that Facebook and Instagram advertising has, if done well anything that meets that criteria is going to be highly competitive. if you're trying to grow a YouTube channel or an organic following on Instagram or link to in or some other form of marketing, like TV ads or radio ads or Billboards or whatever happens to be, there are going to be people in that space that have done it for years, that have gotten very good at it, that obsess over it, that think about it day and night, and and how they're going to get better at it and get better results. and no matter what marketing activity you're engaging in, you're going to have to compete against those people. even tiktok, for example, being the newer platform, there are still people that have spent thousands and thousands of hours working out exactly how to build a following, exactly how to monetize that audience once they've done so. so with any marketing channel, including Facebook and Instagram ads, you have to become really good in comparison to the competition to succeed period. there simply are no if and buts or maybe's about that now. hopefully you aren't feeling too disheartened right now. I don't want this video to come across like that at all. I'm about to give you the solution in a second. before I do just want to quickly let you know about our done for you Facebook and Instagram advertising Services. if you want to work with a company that is spending time and has done four years obsessing about how to get better results and those fine margins, how to get really good at this competition, that's certainly my company. we certainly fit the bill. so if you want us to create, manage, optimize your campaigns, we can do that. you can find out more by click on the link in the video description, going ahead and booking a call with one of my team members. I'm going to explain more about what we do and how we might be able to help. we may have worked for the business, just like yours, in the past and, um, yeah, no obligation call. you can find out more and hopefully we get a chance to work together. okay, so if people don't often succeed with Facebook accounts and Instagram ads when they're first getting started because they're competing with people that have a lot more experience, what is the solution? how do you go about solving that problem without just having to spend tons of money and years becoming an expert? here's what you do: you get to choose the competition that you enter. so, if we go back to the skiing example, if you wanted to compete in downhill skiing, you would start by getting in a load of practike and falling over and getting better and developing that skill. you wouldn't go straight into an international competition. you'd start with a local competition, that the level of competitor is not too high. you wouldn't be way out of your depth and then, once you get good at that, perhaps you're winning those consistently. you then move on to a regional race and then from there you might go to a national race, from there you might go to International. you go up in steps and you can do the exact same thing with Facebook ads and Instagram ads. so if you want to succeed with Facebook ads, there's two things I'd recommend you do. firstly, commit to running Facebook ads for 12 months. by just committing the- the longer time period- much longer than most people would give us a trial run- you're already moving yourself past a ton of the competition, all those people that are going to give it a month or give it a few weeks, sometimes even a few days. you're going to go well ahead of them almost immediately, because you're simply going to keep doing it and they're not. secondly, pick a market, a niche, that is small enough that you can relatively easily become the very best in that market. for example, let's take patio cleaning businesses. how many patio cleaning businesses are there, say, within a five mile radius of where you live? okay, and then, within that number, how many of those are running Facebook ads and Instagram ads right now? two, three, maybe none, maybe a few more? and within those that are, are running Facebook and Instagram ads. how good are their ads? how easy would it be to be the best or the second best patio cleaning business that runs Facebook and Instagram ads in that small local market? it'll be pretty straightforward. you could spend a bit of time learning up about Facebook, Instagram advertising and, let's say, a few weeks experimenting, and you could

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Modern Warfare 2: 10 Things The GAME DOESN'T TELL YOU

(gaming sound) - [Falcon] Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is here And I am excited for how it continues what was, frankly, a very good reboot from 2019.. But there's gonna be stuff that it doesn't say, and that's what we're gonna cover right now. Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today on "Gameranx", 10 things Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 doesn't tell you. Starting off at number 10,: is the M4 still busted? And let's tell you about the other best guns in the game too. The one thing everybody always wants to know off the bat with a multi-player shooter: which guns are OP? Now, this is Call of Duty, so it's especially important because there's a lot of guns here and the quality is kind of all over the map with each of 'em. For an all rounder, easy answer is the M4. It's a starting gun. It's the one everyone is going to have at least one try at, And this time around it's incredibly good. actually, The MP5 was the meta in modern warfare 2019, but this time around it's all about the M4. It's an easy one to recommend to beginners, 'cause it works well in almost every situation. If you want a gun that's making people really angry right now, go with the SP-R. This marksman rifle is a beast in the right hands, especially if those hands are holding a controller. This year the aim assist for console players is really generous, So a lot of keyboard and mouse players are switching to controller. like that's how much the aim assist helps. The SP-R can kill with one body shot. So combine that with the aim assist and you've got a really effective weapon. There is a reason people are all running around with this thing right now. SMGs, on the other hand, have for the most part been nerfed, but they can still be pretty effective in close quarters. The MX9, this game's version of the P 90, is especially strong in close quarters fights. The damage drop off on SMGs is totally insane this year. so don't bother trying to shoot from any distance, but close up incredible. Well, SMGs have mostly been hurt this year. There's one gun type that has really been buffed. that's the pistols. Instead of taking six shots to kill somebody, a lot of pistols- including the start- one can kill with two shots at close range. The revolver called the Basilisk is partikularly powerful, even at long ranges, If you really wanna enrage people going akimbo with revolvers, with the snake shot ammo, it's just cruel. This thing was a terror in the last modern warfare and it is just as dirty in this game. And number nine is how to unlock attachments. One of the most confusing changes to weapons in modern warfare 2 is how unlocking attachments now works. I was gonna skip this, but there's so many people who are confused and frustrated with the new system so we decided we would tok about it. In previous entries, attachments for guns were pretty simple: You just leveled up your gun and you unlocked stuff for it. In this one, it's more complicated, though. Now many attachments are shared between guns, and if you want to unlock 'em, you have to have a certain rank with that gun partikularly. instead, The easiest way to find out what guns you need to rank up and to what level is by opening the gunsmith and then scrolling to the part you want to unlock. You look for the green text under the weapon description and that'll tell you what weapon you need to rank up to unlock that attachment. Little more convoluted, isn't it? Now, I do think it's meant to encourage players to try out different weapons, but it's confusing for both new and returning players. Certain attachments even require you to rank up weapons in completely different categories, Like to get certain shotgun attachments. you have to rank up SMGs, and I really just don't understand that. And number eight: while we're on the topic of ranking up weapons, what's the fastest way to do it? So you're gonna be forced to rank up weapons that you don't want to use with this new attachment unlock system. So there's some tips that seem to work in terms of ranking them up faster. Probably the easiest mode to rank up weapons in is Invasion, Like there's a ton of targets, a lot of 'em are easy to kill bots, and it all counts for weapon ranks. So you're free to go nuts with whatever weapon you want, and you're gonna get a good amount of kills, no matter what. Another easy way to rank up weapons is to play co-op. Best map for people who just want to get a lot of kills quickly is the defense one called Defender Mt Zaya. When you just wanna rank up and not worry a lot about other players, defender's the place to do it. And number seven: there's a fairly easy trick for abusing the score streak system too. For new players still getting their feet wet, it can be frustrating how little you get to use the kill streak. Sometimes you just wanna drop a cruise missile on everyone. So what gives? Yeah, I mean, is it really so much to ask? Well, there is a trick that you can use to easily earn some streaks. First go in to kill streaks menu and switch you over to score streaks. then get some decoy grenades and the supply perk and the extra tactikal perks so you can carry three decoys at once and equipment will recharge. So now you just start chucking decoy grenades. You get 15 points anytime anyone on the enemy team hears them, And if they get killed you get 115 points for a decoy kill. As long as you play somewhat defensively, you'll be rolling in points in no time and can go buck wild with kill streaks when you want. The trick works best on matched with control points, but the range of hearing for each decoy grenade is so wide that you'll almost always get a few hits, no matter where you throw it. If all you wanna do is build up your score streak, decoy grenade is a fantastik tool. And number six: turn off texture streaming if you have low bandwidth. A lot of people complaining about stuttering, like lag and other online performance issues, And this isn't like a hundred percent fixed or anything like that, but it can definitely help If you don't have the fastest internet speeds around. it's probably a good idea to turn off texture streaming. This feature allows the game to download textures on the fly while playing the game, which can make the maps look a little nicer. But if you don't have the network speeds to support downloading and playing at the same time, it can have a pretty negative effect on performance. If you want the smoothest multiplayer experience possible, just turn it off. It'd be nice if they let you pre-download all these files instead of streaming them every time, but at least you could just stop it entirely. I don't know. it's a weird thing to eat up all that bandwidth every time. Why not just store them after the first time? And number five: bunny hopping has been nerfed. In modern warfare 2019, the meta was all about drop shotting, dolphin diving and bunny hopping, And if you hated all that stuff, I got some pretty good good news for you. But if you loved it, maybe not the best news, 'cause it's all been nerfed into oblivion. The new meta is a lot simpler. that's going around. Pre-aiming was already important, but now it's basically what you've got. ADS speed when exiting a sprint. it's pretty brutal. now You lose a huge amount of acceleration when you jump and slide. canceling is just plain dead, like it doesn't work anymore. Nearly all of the old movement tricks have been killed from the game. That doesn't stop people from trying to do it, especially corner jumping, but it's way less effective. like versus somebody who's already pre-aiming- you're just gonna lose every single time. And number four: the trick to getting the gunless achievement. There's a couple campaign achievements that challenge you in the single player story mode, Probably most of them pretty self-explanatory, but I think there's a few things about the gunless one that should use some clearing up. You earn this achievement by completing the level alone without firing a single shot. That sounds difficult and it is, but the

Top 10 Guns You Need To Use in Season 11 (CODM)

this year's called Mobile World Championships just came to a close, and congrats to tribe gaming, along with all the teams that made it to the world stage. you might have followed the action and can't help but go unranked and play like some of your favorite players. like every season, I got you. let's go over the top 10 weapons in season 11 of cod mobile. starting with the top 10 spot, we have the XBR, SVD and the SKS. these three weapons remain out the top 10 because of how powerful these three can be. in their own ways, it's like how he toked from last season's top 10.. the SVD is still the best semi-auto sniper rifle if you like to play Passive and hold angles in the game in season. one shot kill if you hit the arms and chest, up to 40 meters and infinitely as long as you hit the head. with its slow mobility and while being able to spam shots, it's definitely the best choice. if you're a passive player, you also have the XPR, the total opposite of the SVD, as it can one shot hitting the chest up to 30 meters with an infinite range when it comes to headshots, if you can get well placed shots, along with its lightweight Mobility, the XBR can be a reliable weapon if you're an aggressive player who likes to around the map. however, you can use the SKS if you want to play both passive and aggressive at the same time. it can two shot kill a Target on the upper body and one tap on the head at all ranges. if played in the right hands, with good rotation skills, this gun can be a frightening gun to go up against. you'll also see teams in the world Champs using the SKS, especially in respawns. here are the builds for you to use. moving on to Top 9, we got the M13, as it's still one of the easiest guns to use. it's no doubt a perfect gun to recommend to a friend who's new to the game. M13 is versatile, with a decent time to kill at range, which makes this gun a reliable, all-around weapon of choice. you can also try multiple builds the way you like it, so make sure to try these out. at the eighth spot, we have the Peacekeeper. the Peacekeeper received a slight damage range, but this season, but that's not enough for it to be a top 5 weapon in this list. however, thanks to its fast Mobility, fast strafing speed, fast reload speed, fast 80s speed is flinch resistance, no recoil and, considering the damage range buff it received, it is still a promising weapon to use this season 11.. here's the build for the Peacekeeper. next up we have the chopper at top 7. huge mag size, Fast Fire rate, Goodwill penetration and a fast Mobility thanks to the heavy handle makes it a strong weapon for the current meta inside the game. you might want to give this weapon a shot if you like, moving around the map while holding angles and making space for a team. try these builds for the chopper. kilo one for one has always been a decent AR, even after the Nerf it received seasons ago. it has a large mag size and its body damage multiplier allows it to 4 shot kill an enemy even at longer ranges. it is popular among pros and it definitely still has its place inside the meta, just because of how powerful this gun can be if used properly. here are the builds for the kilo one for one. moving on to our top 5 is the mx-9 and switchblade X9. like I mentioned in the last video, they have similar stats and the only difference they have is that the mx9 has less magazine size while having a weird recoil pattern, while the switchblade X9 has a bad BSA which makes it harder to use at medium range, but both guns have good mobility and ttk for a close range fight or they Shine the most. here are the builds for the mx9 and switchblade X9. at the fourth spot is the fennec finally bouncing back into the meta with the Buffs it received. Fennekin now 4-5 shot a Target up to 15 meters depending on where you hit them. the 4 shot might not be consistent, since you have to hit the chest or the head, and fenik sariko might hold you down a bit, but you can always compensate for your missed shots. thanks to its Fast Fire rate, the fennec also has a tight hipfire spread, which is a huge Advantage for close range fights, so you won't have to EDS that much. considering all these, fenik will be the best CQC weapon for this season. I personally think this is the overall best build for the fennec if you don't need a RICO control attachment or an optik. however, if you want to tone down the recoil or have a better view when you ads, you can replace this to put grip tape in exchange with an operator 4 grip, a red dot optik or any attachment of your choice. I've also notiked that many players like to use the steady stok to reduce the hit Flinch. I wouldn't really recommend you using it, but it is a good alternative if you want to keep the Quick Fix perk instead of the toughness prick, which would have been better by sacrificing a bit of Mobility. at number 3 we have the pb9, bison and cbr4. the cbr4 is one of the popular weapons being used currently here in garina. large mag size, easy to control, recoil and good Mobility is what makes this gun pretty good to use in the current meta. although its TDK may be fast, it isn't quite consistent as the range goes on compared to the bp19 Bison. the pp19 Bison has a larger Mac size, little to no recoil, consistent damage multiplier and TDK compared to the cbr4. the pp19 Bison also has a 3 shot potential at its first range, but the cbr4 is a better choice for CQC since the pp19 has a slower fire rate than the cbr4. both guns are good and shine in their own way, but it is more of a personal preference. here are the recommended bills for both of these guns: foreign. next up we have the Holger 26. now I don't want to repeat myself from the last video, but basically here's what the hoger has. it's definitely a must-have in your Loadout, since the benefits of this gun clearly outweighs the downsides, only having a slightly slow ads speed and a slight hit Flinch. here are the builds for the Holger onto the final weapon on our list- you might have probably guessed it already- and yes, is the Craig six. the creek 6 has been a dominant weapon for the past two seasons, even if it has a weird recoil: slow velocity, bad Iron size and aim check even with the Optiks on. the creek 6 has a consistent body damage multiplier, meaning it can't kill an enemy with a consistent time to kill, even if you hit an enemy in the legs. not to mention its ability to compete in CQC because of its Fast Fire rate with its 3 shot potential. there's so many things that you can do with this weapon that other weapons can, so it's no doubt a top 1 weapon for this season. here are the bills for the creek 6.. foreign against this season? let us know down in the comments below. I know you probably plan on using these guns anyway, but in case you get bored, I got guns for you to try Outside The Meta. you can look at the guns right here. thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next one.

What is ChatGPT and How You Can Use It

chat GPT is one of the most trending topics right now. it's been less than a week since its release and people's minds are being blown with what it can do. it's also breaking records with over 1 million users signed up in just 5 days- faster than Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, even Instagram. no longer will you be Googling the answers to problems. Chad GPT and gives breakdowns of them in fine detail, with explanations exactly how it works. this will make people question just how relevant Google will be in the coming future. do you want to know the limitations of typescript? chat GPT has you covered? but what exactly is Chad GPT? what makes it so powerful? these are things I wanted to find out. it's built by the same people that are behind open AI, which are now shaping some really interesting tiknologies, and they've been building powerful engines like codex, which is the engine behind GitHub co-pilot, something that many of us are already using in our day-to-day coding on vs code. and if you're looking closely, you might see the beginnings of chat GPT, where people put in prompts and they get outputs from an AI generated system. another example was Dali 2, which was an image generator based on prompts you enter here, you get different types of visualizations of a Spaceman on a horse and lots of other examples, even extending out classical artwork. chat GPT is therefore a way of prompting an AI to solve or answer a question or a prompt in a human-like manner, very different from anything else we've seen before. and this can sound scary, very scary, especially to organizations like stack Overflow, which Pride themselves on solving problems with human related answers. they've actually gone as far as Banning chat gbt out from their systems. this is because they want to build a level of Trust on there, and if people simply copy paste answers from GPT without any references, that might break that level of trust. this is all quite interesting, but let me have a look at chat GPT under the hood by actually using it and seeing just how useful it will become as part of our day-to-day lives in development, as well as any industry. in case you didn't know, chat GPT is entirely free. if you want to try it out yourself, simply go to open AI, log in with a brand new account and then select the chat GPT interface. I'm quite fond of the design. it's nice and simple, giving you the examples as well as some capabilities and limitations of chat GPT. some of these capabilities are quite powerful, things like remembering what a user said in a conversation and providing follow-up corrections as well. the first thing I wanted to do is to see if it could tell me what python or typescript is, and it gave me a pretty sound answer, saying that typescript is a programming language that's a superset of JavaScript. since I haven't actually used typescript before, I decided to ask it if it could give me a Hello World function. not only did it write the function in such a manner that I could literally copy paste it out, but it also explained the function to me. and this is really just the beginning, and here is where things get interesting. I've been working on a small application and I was getting an error that I couldn't figure out. I decided to copy paste this error into chatgpt to see what it would say. here's some JavaScript in vs code for a upload for a video app. I'm working. this code is fairly when I try to run it in nodejs. I copy pasted this straight into chat GPT asking if it could fix the following code for me. what I received back was my code fixed. and not only that, chatgpt went through and gave me the code to copy paste and even explain to me exactly what was wrong, why it was wrong and how it was fixed. in this example, I had written my return function incorrectly, basically making a bit of a typo, and here it's gone through and fixed that return, making sure that it's spelled correctly. it's also been a bit cheeky here, adding in a comment that it fixed the typo right here on the line where it says return. if I didn't know any better, this could have come from a real human even, for example, a mentor or a supervisor that could be checking and reviewing your code, and this makes me question exactly what things might look like in the future of development, because this could really be like a personal assistant officer. but chat, GPT has a lot of relevance even outside of programming, since it's practikal to pretty much anything. here I wanted to create a list of food I can eat that don't include carbs, because I'm trying to lose a little bit of weight. it gave me three dishes that I can have: grilled chicken as well as shrimp, as well as some omelets. taking this one step further, I asked if it could create a shopping list for me based on those meals, and yes, it did that very easily. not only that, it indented them and made them nice and readable. I think that chat GPT is here to stay. I think it'll be revolutionary. it'll become part of our day-to-day lives, similar to how Google has, and not only that, it's going to revolutionize so many Industries once they take full advantage of it. that's just my opinion, though. what do you guys think? let me know in the comments below and, if you haven't already, make sure you guys hit like on this video.