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ads ennis tx

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Texas Best - Drive-In Movie (Texas Country Reporter)

in the beginning, the automobile was simply a quicker way to get from here to there. but we Americans quickly made our cars part of our personalities, even part of our entertainment, and that led to a union of two favorite American pastimes that is still alive today. Americans love their cars, man. they love their movies, so much so that in 1933 one man decided to take the two and put them together. what followed was a national craze that saw its peak in the 50s, with 25% of all movie theaters in the country being drive-in, including almost 400 here in the Lone Star State. advances in tiknology may have driven the numbers down since, but the remaining drive-ins are combining nostalgia with modern digs to cater to the movie loving masses. but which drive-in theater is Texas best drive-in theater? whether you realize it or not, there are still quite a few of them around today, even some new ones. let's count them down. the third drive-in on the list was the biggest drive-in theater in Texas when it opened back in 1956. Abilene's Town & Country drive-in first fired up its projectors almost 60 years ago. a recent change in ownership saved the theater from closing and now they're satisfying patrons by showing double features on four screens seven nights a week. drive about a mile west of downtown Granberry and you'll see the big red letters that mark the second-place finisher. the Brazos drive-in has been packing in movie goers for more than 60 years for its Friday and Saturday night double features. the popcorn may still be popped in the original machine, but a recent update to all digital projection ensures that this drive-in is future ready. top billing for Best drive-in movie theater in Texas goes to Galaxy drive-in, just outside of Ennis. this part features six all digital screens with a listening option of either retro car speakers or through an FM station on your car radio. their recent conversion also gives them the ability to show 3d movies. a two-for-one deal is available every night of the week. just another reason that galaxy drive-in is Texas best drive-in movie theater. you

460 Ennis Video

hello, my name is bill olson, owner of ns rail served industrial park located in ennis, texas. i wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and welcome you to a rail served hard zone industrial park in ennis, texas, and it's located on interstate 45 south of dallas. subject: property is 30 minutes south of downtown dallas, 15 minutes south of logistiks up. highlights of the park are as follows. subject: property is rail served by union pacific located at the southwest corner of interstate 45 and highway 287. project is accessible by both interstates. subject: property is 460 acres hard zone m2 and there's 4 700 linear feet of frontage on the union pacific. rail engineering is complete. waters to site service and capacity agreements are in place with the city of venice. sewer is approved. engineering is located across the street on 287. alta survey and toppo are complete. full tenant incentive packages and tax abatement programs are available through the city of venice. currently there's over 500 million dollars of incent of investments fortune 500 companies. there's 12 total. neighboring tenants are as follows: cbs, sterilite, close distribution, petsmart, cisco foods. cisco purchased 255 acres and planting a total of two million square feet at this location. national envelope, alliance data, att call centers, sherman williams distribution center, jtik automotive and the gate plat, to name a few. subject: property is available at 50 percent less than other competitive industrial parks. bulk land is available at 27 000 per acre. 62 cents per square foot hard zone. m2 heavy industrial rail served. finished parcels are 1.25 per square foot. build the suits available. owner financing is available. flexible parcel size. finish lots include water, sewer and roads to site. we're paying a fifty, a five percent commission paid to buyers broker. five percent commission paid to buyers broker. please call myself, bill olson at 602-430-7002 or alex hancock, partner and agent. alex number is two one four five, three, five zero, six four zero. you can also visit on our website at real estate aaacom. there's a downloadable package on this email. again, i want to thank you for taking a minute and take a look at our park. thank you.

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'90s Ad Breaks Vol. 39 - November 1992

♪♪. [VO]. Honey Hole, the Trophy Bass Magazine of Texas, presents "Honey Hole TV Magazine", the only current weekly television program devoted to Texas lakes and Texas bass. With your host, Honey Hole magazine president and editor Jerry Dean. "Honey Hole TV Magazine" is brought to you by BassCat boats, Berkley products, Evinrude outboards, Fliptail Lures and the Fliptail, Bass-A-Thon, GNB batteries, MotorGuide, troll motors, Mustad hooks, Quantum reels, Skyline graphite rods, SplitFire spark plugs and Slick 50 lubricants, Storm Lures, Texas Lake Guide maps and Uncle Josh. Serious fishermen tend to be picky about a lot of things. That's why we've created the Evinrude Intruder All-new, from the prop to the engine cover- Smaller, lighter and quieter. Still. there's 158 cubes packed into the all-new Power Head In its class. nothin' can touch it. At Evinrude we know that the catchin' is at least half the fun. Gettin'. there oughta be the other half, The all-new Intruder, At your Evinrude dealer [Jerry Dean]. Many of you who are regular viewers of "Honey Hole TV" still may not be aware of our written publication. Join the thousands of bass fishermen who already subscribe. If you're serious about bass fishing, you need to be reading Honey Hole magazine. Honey Hole is full of information to help you catch more n' bigger bass, as well as the latest on conservation and the management of public waters. To order Honey Hole for the price of $18 for nine issues, phone 1-800-657-9565.. Honey Hole - the Bass Fishing Magazine of Texas. [VO]. SplitFire doesn't look or work like any other spark plug. [Jimmy Houston]. It lets all of the flame out and it *really* causes this plug to outperform any other plug that I've ever tried, 'Cause it starts [snaps fingers] just like that. every time it idles better and, best of all, it runs faster. I get about another 2 or 3 miles per hour with the spark plug. *Plus*, I can run my engines now on just regular unleaded gas. Try settin' your motor. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. [VO]: Get the guaranteed SplitFire advantage. Call 1-800-446-PLUG. ♪♪ >>. And I threw in a [] with crank bait and I caught a 3-pound bass. I turned and I threw right back and I caught a 5-pound bass. And I looked at my watch again and I said "One more time". and I threw right back the third time and caught another 5-pound bass. I had 13 pounds of fish in three casts and won the tournament by 3 ounces. GNB, My own boat. I use Stowaways. It's gonna get you to the fish and it's gonna - more importantly - it's gon' get you back home, I'll buy you somethin' nice, if I'm tellin' ya a lie(). [birds chirping]. [VO]. Whenever Lloyd Turner decides to go fishin', his grandson Bobby asks if he can go too. For Lloyd, it's always the hardest thing in the world to have to say no. But today's different. He has a brand-new trolling motor. [wooden dock creaks with Bobby's steps]. [Bobby], Hi Grampa. [Lloyd curt]: Get in the boat, Bobby. [creaks continue]. ♪♪. Hi neighbors --. I'm Cowboy Weaver from Sunset Ranch with a special word about some friends of ours. [Local VO 1]. Midway Grocery Salvage, Highway 64 west of Loop 323 from Tyler and east of Canton. [Local VO 2]. A store fulla bargains all kinds of groceries and a large stok of animal feeds. [VO 1]. Minnie and her employees invite you to shop with them and save more money on your grocery bill. [VO 2]. Owners Minnie and Henry Mizell have the largest salvage grocery in East Texas, Selling wholesale and retail. They accept food stamps. [VO 1]. Midway Grocery Salvage, on Highway 64 west of Tyler. Lots of free parking. [VO 1]- RL Hammer & Associates of Kemp, Texas. [VO 2] For sale small acreage tracts, ranches and lake property. [VO 1] You can own a new home on 5 wooded acres for $20,000, with financing for veterans. [VO 2]. Mike Shivers and Royce Hammer are now developing beautiful West Oak Ridge [VO 1] Located 35 minutes southeast of Dallas near Cedar Creek Lake. [VO 2] With a new all-weather county road and utilities. [VO 1]: Royce and Mike offer owner financing just $300 down [increasingly excited] On half-acre to 2-acre tracts. Don't wait to buy land. [VO 2] Buy land and THEN wait. [VO 1]. Call RL Hammer & Associates in Kemp, Texas. If East Texas skies were this blue all the time, we wouldn't worry about serious weather [over thunder]. But East Texas weather is constantly changing. That is why the Channel 7 East Texas News weather team is introducing StormTracker, one-of-a-kind weather tiknology, *only* on Channel 7.. StormTracker pinpoints the location of a storm system, tracks its path and speed and provides estimated times a storm will arrive in your East Texas community. StormTracker prepares you for severe East Texas weather [thunder], Because you can't depend on blue skies. StormTracker -- a service of KLTV and Mother Frances Hospital, KLTV television and the Northeast Texas Economic Developers Roundtable are pleased to announce the success of the Lone Star City program, which rewards those cities that have a proven commitment to economic development. Congratulations to the newest Lone Star Cities: Gilmer and Mineola. These Lone Star Cities promote job growth through joint efforts between local government and their business community. KLTV and the Northeast Texas Economic Developers Roundtable -- working together to create and retain jobs for our area. ♪♪ [birds chirping, truck wheels pulling up on gravel]. [Shopkeeper] Good mornin'. [Customer]: Howdy, Ya got any secret baits for catchin' big 'uns? [Shopkeeper] Yeah -- have you tried these Rattlin' ThinFins from Storm Lures? They catch the big ones. [lure rattles when shaken]. And you better be ready when they start rattlin'. [rattling continues]. [Customer] Hey, I'll take it, Thanks. [Customer steadily rattles the lure]. [Customer]: Great weight, great shape. [loud splashes off-screen], WHOA. [Shopkeeper]: Now THAT was a nice one. [VO]: Quality lures for taking the big ones by Storm. [steady, gentle fishing boat motor]. [louder, faster speedboat motor, water splashes]. ♪♪ [blues harmonica riff]. Honey Hole/SplitFire team tournaments are coming your way. With five tournaments in eight separate regions, Honey Hole/SplitFire team tournaments offer the biggest payback for your hard-earned dollar. For more information on the Honey Hole/SplitFire team tournament circuit, look in each issue of Honey Hole magazine Or call area code 817, 738-5596.. Make the Honey Hole/SplitFire team tournament circuit YOUR choice for 1993.. [Deb Jerry's wife]. In this week's Honey Hole BCA profile we meet The Ennis Bass Club. Honey Hole representative is Lonnie Krieger. This club meets on the second Tuesday of the month and holds 10 tournaments and 11 meetings each year. Members hail from the Ennis, Kaufman, Waxahachie and Scurry areas Towards Southeast Texas. James River. Orange Bass Club. Honey Hole representative is David Thibodeaux. This club meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm and has about 15 active members. They hold 12 tournaments and 14 meetings each year. Members hail from the Orange and Kountze areas And meet Palo Pinto County Bassmasters. Honey Hole representative is James Lively. This club meets the first Wednesday of the month at O'Neal Distributing in Mineral Wells, Texas. They have about 30 active members and work on at least one charitable function each year. Also this week. Zavalla Bass Club- Honey Hole representative is Randy Hanna. This Southeast Texas club meets at Carlene's Cafe in Zavalla, Texas, the first Thursday of the month at 7 pm And they have about 10 active members. They hold 12 tournaments and 12 meetings, as well as two opens each year. Be sure to join us each week to meet more of the best bass clubs in the nation And don't forget, if you're interested in joining a bass club in YOUR area or having your bass club join the Honey Hole BCA, give us a.

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This Tiny Home Airbnb Makes $550K Per Year... Here's How

imagine buying a piece of land for 140k and then cash flowing 550 000 off of it in your very first year. does that sound like I don't know, a superpower, or perhaps it sounds like a little bit of fiction? I thought the same thing, except I happen to know a guy out in Waco, Texas, who did exactly that. so I figured let's go out here and ask him ourselves. huh, I own a bunch of airbnbs and we'd make a couple- six figures off of them, but they don't look anything like this place. I gotta be totally honest, and so I want to figure out all the tips and tricks that actually lead to this being a million dollar a year property. there's details all around, from the toothpick set up like this to the coffee mugs, to the little chocolate chip cookie that I already ate. so I can't show you, but I want you to take it away too, because what if we all get everybody better experiences but we also make more money, do it? he turned a literal plot of dirt into an Airbnb hotel that's now booked out 95 percent of the time. no big deal. and so I figured: Isaac, why didn't you tell me all of your secrets so I could share them with my closest friends on YouTube. [Music]. five years old, you decided to buy a property for 140k- this here property. then you turn in a short-term rental made about a million bucks a year, all within the first year. does that sound about right? yep, and then you did this extra thing that also sounds ridiculous, which is that you automated the whole property and so essentially, you don't have to be here all day slaving away. you kind of look at your phone in a couple different things and boom, people come in and check in. yep, and before this you would never run an Airbnb, right. you didn't go to college, nope, and you were an accountant, that's right. so naturally he wouldn't build a multi-million dollar Airbnb. kind of astounding. tell me why this. I was collecting ideas for the modern Scandinavian Vibe. I used to live in the Pacific Northwest and there's a lot more of this kind of architecture there, and when I moved back I really saw an opportunity here to bring that same vibe to Central Texas. [Music]. Isaac, how long did this take you to do? nine and a half months from closing the purchase docs to opening the doors. when you first had this place, it was basically like an overrun jungle that looked something like this. you picked this place out of all of them on Zillow and saw this tok to me about like that first day you showed up. you got your 140k down, that you got your dad and some brothers to invest in with you, right? I think I've always had some ability to be able to see potential, the amount of trees that we had, these gorgeous live oak trees- these are just the flagship tree of Texas. I just had that feeling when I saw this place. I must have had like 72 dump trucks. here. it's 200 dump trucks- 200.. he does my kind of math. this is contrary math. I was the superintendent and did some of the stuff myself. I was designing, I was coordinating with subcontractors, ordering materials, thinking ahead. I hired friends with excavators, skid steers. we brought like 200 loads of dirt in for the roadways. we had to cut all the utilities in because it was just raw land but a septik system and there was a lot of groundwork. so let's tok cash because this probably costs something. when we closed on it I was like we're not waiting around for financing, we'll get that part figured out. we're on a timeline here. we were able to immediately start work and some cash I had saved up. four months later I actually got a construction loan approved, so total construction loan was like 1.4 million. nailed it, so you basically are only in for a couple hundred K between you and your family and then whatever your line of credit is. so it's not a multi-multi-million dollar Endeavor- yeah, 150k of cash and another 700 ish in the line of credit and the rest was a just short-term construction. I love it. this is one of those really important things. to understand that it doesn't have to be Millions from you, it doesn't even have to be hundreds of thousands of dollars from you. key to actually running some of these businesses is understanding how to get OPM- other people's money- and leverage, which is debt- in an intelligent way. this guy knows a thing or seven about that. do you want to know the one key to business? that's just really one thing: whether you're an Airbnb, whether you're in finance or anything else, that you do and that's making your customer have magical moments, those little milliseconds where they feel surprised, delighted, confused, overwhelmed by your product set in a good way. that's really important with Airbnb. because what does that mean? it means they tell other people about it. that means you get free referrals, which means you don't have to do paid ads, which is a whole different game. so Isaac has a really cool idea for this that he's turning into a magical moment in his Airbnb. so we created this Commons area that has pergola and a fire pit and a dock and kayaking and swings. after we opened, the idea kind of just flashed off like a light bulb in my mind. we should do a pool. there are these container pools that take shipping containers and this is going to be a 20 foot by eight foot black, so it matches the aesthetik of the cabins. and so we poured this concrete right here and on Tuesday we're going to drop a container pool in right here. it's got a big 10 foot glass window that overlooks the lake here. then we'll have another thing we can add to the experience for people to come enjoy. first of all, who isn't into like those zero Edge plunge pools? and then you get to have it in a shipping container, which probably doesn't cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. how much does this thing cost? it's about fifty thousand, okay, so we got 50k in cost. we're gonna sink into this. what do you think your Roi is? how do you decide whether to spend on something like that and another part we just added I didn't mention is hot tub. so we just added a hot tub to each cabin. those were about 10 grand each tubs, about 50 000 each. so that's a total ad of about 120 000. and I upped the nightly rates to buy like a hundred dollars a night. zero impact so far. in our pace of booking right now, that means we're gonna pay off in about eight months. oh my gosh. so cash on cash return: how get your money back for putting your cash down on something? typically, when I look for an investment, it's got to be three to five years. now, uh, interesting in Airbnb land that you could have something returned that quickly. do you typically look for a specific cash on cash return when you're doing big ads like that, like you need it back in a year or? uh, I don't actually drill down too hard. I've been playing around with like pay-per-click, with social media- organic is my big push because I actually want an organic following collecting emails. I'm developing a really robust automation with tons of of emails to to leverage what we have there. the other way I look at it is we're building a moat, as Warren Buffett would say, so even in a recession if we do have to lower our rates. we've got amenities and nobody else has and some of these things like the pool. it's an economy of scale. every one of the guests at the seven cabins can use it. we're not having to multiply that time several different units. well, I get concerned. I own a bunch of these bad boys. if a recession happens, they're going to get hammered, but you have some takes on which ones are not going to get hammered. which ones are those? yeah, anything that's actually designed cohesively and uniquely in a market that you're in in the Pacific Northwest, this is going to be a lot more common in Waco or Central Texas. that's a lot more charming and unique, I think, experiences actually providing activities, amenities, a dock, there's kayaking, there's paddle boarding. actually, I think a recession- who knows, time's going to tell- but is potentially going to benefit us because within two hours of like 15 million people and, in a recession, a lot of those people that would be going overseas for th.

How Long It Took To Receive My Adsense!

E aí [Música]: oh, oh, my god, legais, perseverante, Tuiuti na visão que morrer, olha, gaste finally After públicas at finalizar o agradecer a eles ou escutar a canção. se o Cartel a different location a eu e-mail, gueste, campo magnétiko, aquilo mexeu Vander, tão quer que eu fale de beber e Comércio Correta que simula Qual é. só quando existe amor não rápido é que Tiger ou órgão transplantar a miss press, vou ter que arrumar eu abrir zumbi esse bem como gasto great at Siemens enviou o amor e traz o dia já não rápido no site é mesmo acontecer e mente algodão alarme a um que realmente ponto baixo. hum, não tinha realmente vir. pode vir o rabo imenso e o rabo da OAB Crato a São, ai, ai, ai, ai, ai, com ele é mais potente no Google e o gato pode dormir ou a plateia vai errar a gruta, usar o outro número errado da história entre a coluna PS Core a cidade foi ótimo, foi o rato, eo rato, Senhor e o Rafa tu ou pertencer, dar uma bom e isso é light sobre o teu amigo enfim é fundador e tomar que aquele frio e mais longe e E conforme casa também eu te dei beijo gay, é do álcool inferior, smartm, amarrar e conhecida Google andandocom test your heart and soul, Swap Lite, ele e o Windows. e comecei a andar com a Júlia de boneca Campo poder, guys, I am to you round tudo aqui temos Lake house and download, like whatever you music video for me conta. ai, ai, o tubarão leiteira. apoio a lista de tanto pitbull, universitaire, Panda, President At War of the world, and to get to your heart, full of Soul, Phoenix, o boneco Nightmare, I and my fellow with white of All, best cover of ceramic Black House, New York, NY, hip hop melhor começa and love, e não vou desmotivo, Nike ténis, head Of The Croods, é uma dentro do Ó, agora em seu visual também. a hora de virar. Qual é a classe? são animais ou mais? Visite a fantastikal postei. sou onde irão. me, Olá, tudo bem. Aquele ao Rehab. I wanna, joguei, o admitido tranquilo. depois com base, vamos lá de cima. Mel rotativo do sofá, início do outro. uma Cambira a necessidade de alguém que tomar a ser aquela anitigo e ela é igual sofá não teria para dizer ordem do Moreno advogado e mel a Por e-mail. que mulher mais pode fazer? mesmo adimplir com Marconi, ouvir tua em bem-estar dos animais, e mesmo assim não. agora ele já mais não é, é a figura escura like oh my god oh my. [Música]. god oh you in those jeans on o evento Campeche. e não acho complicado. Fire, mestre, O que é que o ácaro é que deixa ali Cuiabá em ter Mike no verão, quanto aquela aceleramento pode ser heróis. Sim, esse, esse plástiko, não tiver uma expectativa do entre o dente. contamos. Victor ruído, É nesse próximo, é um amigo, João Luís, é muito sorte, foi esse morre. depois uma aqui de na ownar. Olha, o indicado é uma guria dizer algo mais entre o Amber Fort. Ei, eu vou sair aqui porque, como eu falei que vai converse com Giovanna Pires, Joana fica dizerem por ativo aqui. so hard foi esse ano e eu creio que conta sabe por half-life tipo Habbo, WhatsApp vídeo é nave e o rabo and work Hours of a comprar o Minecraft World is cold gás concorrentes online dentro. tem que ficar mais fogo. assim de titular After ele tem que esperar mais furioso por tem que isso tomates, coisas que ninguém todo porque tu, Jhony Messenger, geralmente, Cristiano YouTube, I love it, Tomás mais fez e bilionário Arcos raiva, Confira, se inscreve no canal se o gás e E aí? [Música].

Drive-in theater with vintage intermission ads

Russell, what's up? y'all seven inches here and I've got this one with me today and she is the reason why you are not watching a six-legged video FMLA right now. soda, she had an eye appointment and we were coming into Dallas. alright, so we'll do one of two things while we're out: please to go to Six Flags, or we'll check out a Dallas and I figured we'll go to the druggie. she wore flip-flops so I didn't really want one to take her, which left six legs. so the driving it is, you'll get to see the galaxy driving down south. see you there. [Music]: Nazis: the movie screens. do believe we're here. here's some screens on screen. screen 57 3, mountain galaxy, the galaxy. maybe we can see about you doing the putt-putt if you want to go. yeah, screw up there. Nessman, how early can we go in it? does they open up there? here we go, we're going in. he's a little putt-putt thing. it doesn't say open, though it's closed here, but it says open her up there, all right, we just heard from the lady that because they just had a rainstorm, the putt-putt is not open. so no tough guy. and we've got to go to screen three. here's one screen and there's two screens. sessions here how to know. it's a screen three right here. so this is three up here on the thing, and the frequency on the radio is ninety five point one, and it says it up there under the number three. as you will see, they've got the poles where the other place we went to the last time did not. they've actually got the old school speakers. that actually works. some of it- I don't know about all of them, but they actually work. so it's like the real thing. this one must have been around back in the heyday of movies, really drive-in theatres. all right, this part, check it out each of the screens. they have like a little something done at the base of the screen. which movie does that remind you of? with like, like the Indians charging in a western setting, Star Wars- and say they don't have Indians and horses in space II, never cover. yeah, look at that big ol covered. yes, everybody back to the future. check, she actually got it right. Jesus around anyway. cool, so that's where we watch spider-man from right there we'll go hit the business. yeah, I think that's a. yes. we still have an hour, about an hour, until the show time, as you can see. a lot of people, lot of cars here, all the cars at that one. I'm going over there from what I can tell, but anyway I'm going to the concessions here. there is a concession stand there, but I've never, ever seen it open. it's supposed to be whenever it gets super busy and the overflow, you go to that concession and I've never seen it open, even whenever they should open it because the lines here is super long. so see how the lines are today. that one below the sign looks like a an old western town mural painted on the thing there. and here's the food here. alright, so I'm back from their first trip to concessions. I got my usual nachos with chili and cheese cheese. got hot dog without cheese. look how red that thing is. let's dip it and die rather than cooking. just put it in hot die. anyway, we got a drink, nachos, two hot dogs and a pretty large drink that I did myself with. no, I sort of have more drink. how much you expect that would be at a regular theater? probably about about 15 bucks. it was seven dollars, even seven dollars. even that's actually pretty decent, really is so well, I might get me some nachos if I'm still hungry later on, I'm going to eat some. shut up on the frequency where you would will, you will be watching the movie 95.1, 95.1. they play music before the movie starts. so we're obviously win this, keep in mind. and then in between they'll in between the movies. I think that you're a little things like say, hey, go to your concession stand, I've done, it, ended up. but also the movie still play the old school countdown numbers to to the next movie, kind of language, really cool. now coupla tips for you. if you get nachos, which is my favorite thing, you end up with all this speaking cheese leftover. so now you're not supposed to bring me food or drink in here, even though these people next to us have a cooler in their car, not supposed to do that. but if you hide it, hey, you know you think here that for me, but I like to get the food here. it's cheap enough and may as well. I would suggest bring in some tortilla chips. yeah, just see those, whatever brand you want, and so whenever you run out of chips and they have all this extra cheese and or chili, you'll have more nachos. so bring yourself some dried chips. but yeah, don't get caught whenever you come in if you have anything in your cupholders. this we bought here. if you have anything in your cup holders, high that stuff, because if they look in whenever they go to take your money, they will go like, oh, I notiked you got a drink there, you may pour that out for you. they'll actually say that like they want to take it from you and toss it because they want you to make to buy their food. of course it makes sense. now what they say is that they make zero money off of the movies and then the movies get you here and then they can sell you their foods and stuff. so they say they make the only make money on offense and it's reasonable enough. it's better than going to whatever theater you go to, that's for sure. let's see purse up. so there you go. hide stuff if you don't want it, you know food or drinks, hide it on the way in. but I would recommend go ahead and getting some food, but bringing around so subtle chips, like I said just tok to your kids: MBG, don't give a crap. so you have to face some. I don't give a crap. we're going to wait for the movie to come on soon. come on, let me spider-man. there's a giant bug on the movie screen. oh my gosh, it's probably on my windshield. come on at this night more. we're waiting for you. it's not alright when you're reloading shows. I'm Randy Carlyle and we're gonna spin something taking you back to 1955, Bo diddly. we got a pretty nice sunset going on while waiting for this livvie to start. now that's a sensor. now we're getting some colors thrown up onto the screen by some light. I want to lose me to be doing up on the screen. come on, young, it looks like we might have a full moon tonight. Noma, they're still playing oldies music [Music]. appreciate trying to give us the feel of a 50s drum in a theater, but how about you give us the feel of a drumming theater playing a movie? yeah, it's that foot out of there. look, I just want a big foot. all that matters. a brandy. they're dancing the music. the sponge is not two left feet. the color isn't showing up pretty good on the screen. they're the first aerial version of no milk today. that's Armand's permanent on Harmons Harmon, the way radio was this way. rendang, we got the Monkees. I just heard this one yesterday. the other ones have their lights. I think ours has the best looking lights there, and didn't that one there this one is. I was like a green, a couple of greens, and an orange stiking up in ours has like a gorgeous blue. we've got the purtiest lat. nothing. you ain't pointed out nothing. she thinks she pointed somehow. you needed nothing new. there's this totally started over there. Oh name sassette crapping around the outside edge in the same. I never did that before, but they, they might get very likely. yeah, it looks like it is actually. that's clever. they put the menu on there with the prizes. dude, they're totally getting previews on that screen over there while we're getting both. come on, man, good evening folks, and a hearty welcome to our drive-in theaters. wave a wonderful evenings entertainment lined up for you, one that will provide several hours of pleasurable relaxation and diversion for you and your family. did you fare to dress up for tonight's show? no tie, no shirt and slacks- how stress. well, don't give it a thought. we're glad you came as you are. we just want you to enjoy yourself. don't forget to visit our refreshment center during the intermission or anytime. you love the tasty array of snacks we have to offer, so will the youngsters. everything is quality, yet so good. well, that's spider-man over and I got to turn off.