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ads field of view warzone

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Hey everyone, it's Tim from Your Six Gaming, and in this video, I'll be discussing the differences between the independent and affected ADS field of view settings in Warzone 2.

Main Content:

- Setting the Field of View:

I currently have my field of view set to 105 with the affected ADS field of view setting on. This means that my field of view from the hip is the same when I zoom in. If I switch to independent, the default value reverts to 80 when I aim down sights, which applies a zoom effect.

- Benefits of Independent Setting:

When playing with iron sights on a gun, I prefer using the independent setting as it allows me to see targets easier, especially if I'm sitting further away. This can be helpful if you're using a high field of view, as it makes it difficult to see objects far away.

- Best of Both Worlds:

The benefit of running independent ADS is that you can have a super high field of view and see objects to the left and right of you. However, when you zoom in, those objects won't show up. This can make it a little more difficult when snapping on targets, as the field of view changes.

- The Affected Setting:

If you prefer consistency, then the affected setting is the way to go. Everything remains the same, and you can easily shoot targets without any visual changes.

In conclusion, whether you choose the independent or affected ADS field of view setting is a matter of personal preference. Each has its benefits, and it's up to you to decide which one works best for you. Hopefully, this video helped you out, and if you enjoyed it, please leave a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more gaming content. Thanks for watching!

Best Field of View (FOV) Settings for Warzone 2

- Field of View (FOV) setting in Warzone has been controversial

- Previously, console players did not have access to it, but now both console and PC players do

- Should you just crank up the FOV to 120 effective FOV? Probably not, and here's why

Myths about Higher FOVs:

- Wider FOV does not make you run any faster, it's just an optical illusion

- Throwing items go the same distance, it just looks farther on higher FOVs

Benefits of Wider FOV:

- Can see more information and enemies on the far edge of the screen

- Helps in close quarter situations

- Visual recoil is reduced with a wider FOV

Drawbacks of Wider FOV:

- Targets appear smaller, making it harder to get crosshairs lined up

- Especially difficult on Al Mazara, a large map

Independent vs. Effective Setting:

- Majority of top players and streamers play on 120 effective FOV

- Independent setting zooms in a lot when aiming, making targets appear larger

- Effective setting does not change much when aiming

- Middle ground might be best for most players, starting at 90 effective and increasing slowly

Weapon FOV:

- Narrow, default, and wide options

- Wide pushes the gun farther away and makes the optic smaller

- Narrow brings the gun closer and makes the optic larger

- Personal preference and tradeoff with visual recoil

- 120 effective FOV may not be the best for everyone

- Shift towards lower FOVs may happen in Warzone 2

- Personal preference and experimentation with FOV and weapon FOV settings is key

- Stay tuned for a full settings video and subscribe for more Warzone tips and strategies.

This is how Warzone Streamers have No Recoil...

Today, we will be discussing how streamers in Call of Duty Warzone and other first-person shooter games appear to have no recoil, and how field of view affects that. Many players have commented on the lack of recoil in these games, but there are actually settings in the field of view options that affect how recoil looks and feels. In this article, we will explain some basics of recoil control, how field of view affects recoil, and some tips for building guns to reduce recoil.

- Many players have commented on the lack of recoil in Call of Duty Warzone and other first-person shooter games.

- There are settings in the field of view options that affect how recoil looks and feels.

- In this article, we will explain some basics of recoil control, how field of view affects recoil, and some tips for building guns to reduce recoil.

Recoil Control:

- SDG has low recoil and is easy to control.

- To counter recoil, pull down into the left while holding mouse 1.

- This technique can be done on PC and controller.

- PC has advantages over console such as higher frame rate, lower input lag, and quicker response time.

Field of View:

- Changing field of view affects how recoil looks and feels.

- Field of view can be changed from 60 to 120 on PC.

- ADS field of view can be set to independent or affected.

- Independent has a fixed value, while affected is closer to the actual field of view setting.

- A higher field of view makes movement look less violent and reduces visual recall.

Building Guns:

- Horizontal recoil is more difficult to control than vertical recoil.

- Build guns with attachments that negate side-to-side recoil.

- Reduce side-to-side recoil to make it easier to control and maintain accuracy.

- Many players have commented on the lack of recoil in Call of Duty Warzone and other first-person shooter games.

- There are settings in the field of view options that affect how recoil looks and feels.

- Basics of recoil control, how field of view affects recoil, and tips for building guns to reduce recoil can help players improve their gameplay.

Best Field of View (FOV) for Warzone? Affected Vs. Independent ADS Comparison

In this article, we will be discussing field of view (FOV) and its effects on gameplay in Warzone. We will also be exploring the differences between playing on low versus high FOV and affected versus independent ADS.

- FOV is an important setting in Warzone that affects the player's camera angle and peripheral vision.

- It is only available on PC and not on consoles.

What is FOV and its effects:

- FOV widens the camera angle and gives the illusion of running faster.

- However, it does not affect recoil or make PC players inherently better.

- A wider FOV means a smaller target to aim at, but less recoil to control.

Best FOV to play on:

- This is entirely preference, but generally, playing on at least 100 FOV is recommended.

- If new to PC, start somewhere between 100-110 FOV and adjust accordingly.

- The wider the FOV, the more peripheral vision, but the smaller the target.

Affected versus independent ADS:

- Affected is the default setting and does not zoom in as much when ADSing.

- Independent zooms in more and can be disorienting on higher FOV settings.

- Independent sacrifices wider peripheral vision for better recoil control.

- FOV is an important setting to consider for gameplay in Warzone.

- Finding the right FOV and ADS settings for you is crucial for success.

- There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but experimenting and adjusting accordingly can greatly improve gameplay.

Independent vs Affected ADS Comparison (Best Field of View Warzone Settings)

Hey guys, welcome back to another video! Today, we'll be discussing the ADS field of view - independent versus affected. If you're new here, my name is JJ and I do daily live streams. So, consider subscribing with bell notifications on if you want to see more content like this. Also, join us in the live stream and hit the like button. Today's goal is 50 likes!

Let's jump right into the video. The setting is for both Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone, so you can test it out in both. Independent aiming down sight zooms the field of view to its usual value, and affected aiming down sights zooms to a value closer to the field of view.

Here are some bullet points to help summarize the video:

- The ADS field of view changes when you ADS, and by default, it's usually independent.

- We're going to test it out with iron sights and compare it with affected.

- When zooming in with iron sights on independent, it zooms in a lot more.

- When looking at the two, it almost looks like the ADS on the left side on the independent one is shaking more.

- When zooming in with iron sights on affected, it zooms in a lot less.

- A lot of pros are running affected, so it's mostly used. But, if you feel more comfortable with independent, then use that.

- There are pros and cons to both - for example, the person you're shooting at will be a bigger target with independent, but you won't be able to see someone off to the side of the screen.

- Check yours and play with it to see what you like the most.

In conclusion, it's important to find what works best for you. Play around with the settings and see what you're most comfortable with. Thanks for watching, and I look forward to seeing you guys in the live stream!

Is this Hidden FoV ADS Setting Broken? Independent & Affected ADS Field of View Pros/Cons in WARZONE

In today's video, we will be discussing a hidden setting that is only available on PC, which allows you to differentiate between your ADS FOV and leave it on independent versus affected. This setting is not available on consoles, but it's essential to know its advantages and disadvantages, especially if you are planning to switch to PC. We'll be looking at side by side comparisons of the different FOVs and optics, so you can see the difference this setting makes.

- Discussing a hidden setting only available on PC

- Importance of knowing its advantages and disadvantages

- Looking at side by side comparisons

Advantages of the independent setting:

- Fixed ADS zoom on all optics

- Larger peripheral vision with a higher FOV

- Consistent experience across all optics

Disadvantages of the independent setting:

- ADS zoom may be too high for certain optics

- Can cause motion sickness in some players

- May require adjustments for different playstyles

Advantages of the affected setting:

- Consistent FOV across all optics

- Easier to aim with certain optics

- No motion sickness issues

Disadvantages of the affected setting:

- Narrower peripheral vision

- Less control over ADS zoom

- Inconsistent experience across different optics

- The independent and affected settings have their advantages and disadvantages

- It's important to understand how this setting works and which one is best for your playstyle

- PC offers a significant advantage in terms of FOV and ADS zoom, which is not available on consoles.

New Setting is Why You Miss Shots in Warzone Pacific | How Call of Duty Custom ADS Sensitivity Works

Today we will be discussing an important setting that controller users should be aware of. This setting has caused confusion since it was introduced with the Vanguard integration. Many players have been experiencing issues with low and high zoom, which was not a problem in Modern Warfare and Cold War. In this article, we will be exploring this issue and testing it to see if it's working correctly.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

- Sensitivity settings will scale based on aim-down-sight sensitivity.

- Hip-fire sensitivity will differ from aim-down-sight sensitivity depending on field of view and optics used.

- Optics with magnifications of 3.25 or lower are affected, including iron sights.

- Optics should be chosen based on field of view.

- True Game Data has a video with detailed information on this mechanic.

- Testing was done at 3.3 sensitivity with 1x multiplier.

- Custom zoom levels were tested for various optics.

- Multipliers were set to 0.75 for realistic expected values.

- This setting allows players to fine-tune their sensitivity for specific optics, resulting in better control and accuracy.


- Object of north was used for testing rotation speed.

- Full rotation was done at 3.3 sensitivity with 1x multiplier.

- Various optics were tested with custom zoom levels.

- Multipliers were set to 0.75 for realistic expected values.


- Rotation speed differed depending on optics used.

- Multipliers allowed for fine-tuning of sensitivity for specific optics.

- This setting allows for better control and accuracy with high zoom optics.

In conclusion, this setting can be confusing but with the right understanding and testing, it can greatly improve your gameplay experience. By fine-tuning your sensitivity for specific optics, you can have better control and accuracy, resulting in more successful shots. Keep these key points in mind and try adjusting your sensitivity settings for optimal results.

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