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ads for cleaning service

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

How To Build A High Ticket Cleaning Business [1-2 Hours Per Day]

in this video I'm going to show you the,difference between building a regular,cleaning business and a high tiket,cleaning business and don't worry if,you've already built that regular,cleaning company I'm going to tell you,how to switch things up on a dime so you,can have a company that is perceived,from the outside as low value to a high,value company I can't wait to do that,but before we get into that if you're,completely new to this channel my name,is Mike Mack and I help everyday people,get their time Freedom back by building,automated cleaning businesses without,getting themselves dirty in the process,I'm also the author of the Amazon,bestseller pick up cash not trash The,Ultimate Guide to building an automated,cleaning business without getting,yourself dirty in the process if you're,interested in the book you can get it,below Link in the comments it's free to,just cover the shipping and we'll send,it right over to you now let's get into,the video okay so some of you may be,thinking what is a high tiket cleaning,company and what's a regular cleaning,company what's the difference Mike,seriously is a high tiket just meaning,your seven figures and you're killing it,versus like low meaning you're only,billing like five thousand dollars is,that the difference no no I'm gonna,prove it like throughout this video but,right now I'm gonna give you just a,quick story I had someone come to me,about six seven months ago right and,this person was like hey Mike listen I'm,a fan of what you do but I don't need,help getting clients I just need you to,help me install a clean team in my,company and uh we said yeah of course I,mean that's that is a big part of what,we do we'll help you do that but first,let's figure out kind of like how your,company is structured and this person,told me I have zero problems getting,clients no problem at all I just can't,find good people so what we ended up,finding out is this person was indeed,correct he had no problem getting,clients the only problem was the clients,he was getting this person was billing,near fifty thousand dollars and at least,Thirty forty percent of that should be,coming home into your pocket this person,was pulling in less than ten percent so,just like we helped this person totally,switch things up in his cleaning,business I'm gonna show you how to do,the very thing right now so the purpose,of this video is showing you the,difference so you know how to make the,switch between a regular cleaning,company and a high Value Cleaning,company let's start with a regular,Canyon company first so regular cleaning,companies in a nutshell they're,typically really easy to spot especially,if you know what you're looking for so a,regular cleaning company is typically,they have a company where it's like kind,of like ABC cleaning it's just there's,nothing to it there's just letters and a,name or maybe it takes after your last,name but that by itself is not a big,deal it's just when you kind of roll,these things together you kind of have,like a regular cleaning company so I'm,saying that is just a tell it's,typically just generic another thing,let's go a little bit further you,typically go to a regular cleaning,business site and there's no story,there's no real story that kind of,brings you in it lets you know a little,bit about the people and let you know,about what their purpose is and what,their mission is and because of that I,mean it's hard to connect with something,like that and another thing about these,types of businesses is typically not,always but typically the owner operators,doing a lot of the cleaning by,themselves if not all of it which that,right there it is a dead giveaway you,know there's nothing wrong if you just,want to keep this aside hustle truly I'm,toking about the people who just are,stuck are kind of like held hostage in,their company I've been there you know,my wife and I adjust the time when we've,started our cleaning franchise years ago,that was something where we just,couldn't staff and we ended up doing all,the cleaning we needed the money it was,just a bad spot to be in and it's,because even though we were under the,umbrella of a franchise we kind of built,ourselves a regular cleaning company now,this version of us the high tiket,version that's coming up in a second and,another reason why regular cleaning,businesses you know if they're hard to,staff is because they're usually either,targeting tiny accounts 300 a month 500,a month one to two cleans per week or,maybe one to two cleans per month even,worse which is probably like a 200,account depending on the size you know,if it's not that it's also the under,bidding since you're a regular cleaning,company you haven't differentiated,yourself right you end up being in a,position where you have no choice but to,under bid if you've done this for,yourself you put yourself in there,understand that I've been there and I,just want to get you out of there or,away from there or as much as possible,so I have to alert you of these things,so don't think for a second anyway I'm,toking down to anyone who's done that,please anyone who knows me knows I'm not,like that all right so let's get to the,next two so the next two are huge and,the the first one of the next two is low,profit margin which I kind of told you,that story before and just because you,know you build like a 50 even a seven,figure I mean you could build a seven,figure cleaning company which is your,billing typically 83 000 and above per,month you can tiknically build that and,just have a horrible profit margin I,mean a profit margin where of that of,all of that you're not automated you,just have a bunch of accounts all over,your city where you're just sending,people to go clean and you're kind of,making pennies on what you could be,making that's tricky I mean that's,difficult that's what makes this,industry difficult for people it's,because of these things together when,you build this type of company if you,scale it a lot of people think all I,need is more accounts and then I'm good,yeah but the problem is if you scale,that like what we scale is just we're,making it bigger than what it is if that,makes sense comment makes sense below,this video and the final piece of this,is just no culture so no culture is,going to spill into everything else,right if there's no culture that,determines how you feel about your,company so if you don't have a high view,towards your company you know you're not,going to be careful about who you let,into your company to clean it's you're,not going to be careful about the,clients you select you're not going to,be careful about these things or if you,are it's not to the level you could if,you had a culture okay now guys the,importance of this video is a lot of,people from the outside if you're new to,cleaning businesses you may have this,view that cleaning businesses are just,low status low value what I'm telling,you right now the true difference in how,a company is perceived it's not by,industry I'll give you an example you go,to a diner and you could pay like thirty,dollars for a steak right or you can go,to like a big steak house and spend you,know four or five hundred dollars on a,piece of steak so it's like what's the,difference I mean sure you could tok,quality but that's just part of it the,point is there's a lot that goes into it,but if they're both restaurants why is,one low value and the other one's high,value see it's not the industry and it's,the same thing with cleaning businesses,now before we jump to the high tiket,Mark if you're getting value from this,video I need you to hit that like button,and also if you have not already what,are you doing hit that subscribe button,all right now that you know what a,regular cleaning company is I'm gonna,show you how to turn your regular,cleaning company if you have one into a,high tiket profit machine now,let's get to that okay I'm gonna go in,the exact same order so for the first,one we toked about a generic name right,a

Best Marketing Tips - Ways to Promote Your Cleaning Business

[Music],what is the best marketing tip for your,cleaning business you can ask this,question five or six times a day so,we're gonna tok about this today hi,there I'm Angela brown and this is ask a,housecleaner this is a show where you,get to ask a housecleaning question and,I get to help you find an answer now,today's show is brought to us by,housecleaning 360 dot-com that is a,website that partners house cleaners and,homeowners so that they can find each,other so it's a great way for you to,find more business and a great way for,homeowners to find you there are free,and paid listings but just run go get,your business listed already so that,when house cleaners and homeowners are,in a process of doing business together,they can find you are at housecleaning,at 360 calm alright on to today's show,best marketing tips for the cleaning,business all right now I wish there was,only one it would be super easy if,there's just one and you use it and then,poof magically you have all the business,that you need all right well that,doesn't exist,there are probably a hundred and one,ways to market your cleaning business,and a lot of the ways that you market,your cleaning business could be changing,and they could be changing based on now,we're in a kovat era where marketing,your business has changed the focus of,the business has changed now when I,started my business the way people,advertise their business was from flyers,and yellow page ads we don't really do,yellow page ads anymore we do banner ads,and we do Facebook ads but the rules of,the game have changed a little bit,there's still postcard marketing they're,still running flyers,there is posting inside Facebook groups,and neighborhood groups and things like,next-door there are a lot of different,ways to market but if there were 101,ways to market your business and you,tried one way per week this is my best,marketing tip for you try one way per,week it will take you two years two,years to go through a hundred and one,different ways to market your cleaning,business now if you marketed your,business one way and you've stayed with,that way for the duration of the two,years and the next week you add it on a,different way and you kept with that for,two,years and then the following week you,added on a third way and you kept with,that for two years after a period of,time you would be able to see I'm,pulling business from this Avenue and,pulling business from this Avenue this,one not so much and you might decide you,want to drop it because it's not,generating a lot of revenue for you but,you're gonna be able to figure out which,ways are best for your business now the,reason there's not one care fits all is,because markets are different there are,markets in my area where you can still,run flyers there are still newspaper,boxes people still respond to them and,it's still a great way to do business,there are other markets where they have,no newspaper tubes and they have no,soliciting and you're not allowed to run,flyers in those areas so that may not be,the best way for you right there are,different nuances in different areas,there are areas where all of the homes,are apartment complexes or high-rise,buildings because of the geographical,complexities where they don't have,sprawling homes like they do in you know,spread across the rest of America for,example so there are different markets,and there are different ways of,marketing there are still things like,Facebook ads work pretty well across the,board for the sheer fact that it has an,algorithm that knows these people are,looking for these things so I want you,to really be aware of the fact that one,way is not necessarily gonna trigger a,sell today but it's gonna take a period,of time now an average customer that,hires us for bi-weekly service is going,to pay anywhere between thirty six to,fifty six hundred dollars a year for,bi-weekly cleaning okay so when is the,last time that you end out and you you,made a $5,600 buying decision on one ad,it probably never happened you probably,saw ads online you probably were,thinking about it for a while maybe you,saw a billboard maybe you heard,something on the radio maybe you were,toking to some neighbors maybe someone,gave you a referral maybe there were all,these different pieces that then made,you make a good buying decision that you,it was worth spending fifty six hundred,dollars to you,hire someone to come in and clean your,home right so you want to realize the,fact that one marketing approach is not,necessarily going to garner a lifetime,customer it might but it's unlikely it's,going to be a series of different,approaches but if you try one different,approach every single week what happens,is your name gets out and then your,customers the people that can hire you,start seeing you online they see you in,the Facebook groups they see you doing,Facebook ads they see you running flyers,all these different things until finally,they say you know what I'm ready I'm,ready to hire somebody to come into my,home and I keep hearing about this,company they've got a blog they've got a,newsletter they've got an email,marketing campaign they seem like they,really have their act put together and,you know I think it might be a good,company to go if they seem to be an,authority in the marketplace and because,they keep seeing you everywhere it,builds confidence in them that you are,going to be around for awhile and so my,biggest marketing tip is don't just try,something once I had somebody really,angry at me because I'm a big fan of,flyers and they ran flyers once they ran,200 flyers once and then they didn't get,any business and they were all upset,with me okay it's gonna take more than,that I promise okay you don't build a,reputation on 200 flyers and still,nobody's heard of you right and if you,have no business and they start calling,their friends and say hey I got a flyer,do you know about this company,everybody's gonna say no I never heard,of them so it takes time and time and,time and time again which is why I,recommend creating a program where you,have a different series of approaches,that you consistently do over a period,of time now now that we've said that I,want to go to one more step your,marketing never ends oh I know you,thought it was done once you're cut your,calendar is full right the marketing,never ends and here's why you want to,keep marketing year after year after,year because it builds that ongoing,credibility with a whole bunch of new,people that haven't hired you yet,because your business will be a,revolving door where you have people,that drop off and new people that come,in and the new people that come in might,be on the sidelines watching,year after year after year until finally,they're ready to hire you and they say,oh I've seen this company they've been,around forever they're everywhere,right now they're ready to hire you but,you look at some of the major companies,that are out there even though they are,household names they are still,advertising year after year after year,to future generations right,they still want the business for future,generations that's how companies stay in,business for hundreds of years is they,keep advertising over and over and over,so if you are running a business and if,you are looking for the best marketing,tip it is to create a program and then,stik with it and as you experiment and,as you give it plenty of time to run its,course you're gonna be able to see which,ads or which avenues pull the most,business and if there are some that are,costing you a lot of money and you're,not getting very much return on your,investment then it's okay to drop that,off your your list but you want to just,keep reinventing the marketing process,and get it automated so that you have,all of your ads are running at a certain,time over and over and over and over,again and that is the way to success all,righty so that's a little bit about,marketing and about the longevity of the,marketing plan for the longevity

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Facebook Ads For Cleaning Business | How To Setup Facebook Ads For Cleaning Service

in this video I'm going to be walking,you through how to set up a simple,Facebook ad for your cleaning business,this is the exact same ad that I use to,set up for all my clients to generate,hundreds of cleaning business leads each,week if you're new here my name is,Armando and I help local businesses,generate more leads and close more sales,uh using online advertising and if,that's something you're interested in,Click subscribe so you don't miss any of,the other training videos now our,starting off point is going to be the,Facebook ads manager this is where we're,going to create our ad now this video is,going to be broken down into two,sections section number one is gonna,walk you through how to properly set up,the ad how to pick the right campaign,the right objective and section number,two is going to be what happens after,these people become leads so that you,can close more of those leads into,booked cleaning jobs now the very first,thing that you want to do is click on,this create button here on the top left,hand corner and this is going to bring,up the Facebook odex now recently,Facebook has Consolidated a bunch of,objectives and I want you to know that,there's more than in one way to set up a,successful Facebook ad but what I'm,about to walk you through is what we've,set up for our clients recently and,something that seems to be working,extremely well if you're the kind of,company that doesn't mind getting your,hands dirty and doesn't mind responding,to people on the Fly and having real,conversations with prospects so what,you're going to be choosing here is the,engagement objective and Facebook will,actually build out the campaign,structure you have campaign you have,asset and then you have the ad level at,the campaign level what you want to do,here is label this uh something that,actually makes sense to you okay once,you've labeled your campaign scroll down,to the section that says Advanced,campaign budget and you'll want to shut,that off we don't really need that right,now that's more of an advanced feature,the next thing that you're going to do,is head on over to the ad set section,this is where we're going to set up a,few more parameters like where the,conversion happens demographic budgeting,Etc cetera one thing that you want to do,is again you want to name this something,that actually makes sense to you okay,then you're going to come to the,conversion section and you want to make,sure that the messaging app Bubble is,actually checked here next scroll down,to the ad type and you want to choose a,click to message next you want to come,to the Facebook page section and you,just want to verify that you've got the,proper Facebook page there selected,then you're going to come to the,messaging app section here and if you're,running Instagram ads you have an,Instagram account tied to this you may,want to select Instagram or you may just,want to select a messenger oftentimes,you like to split these,um and so what I'm going to do now is,just choose messenger because this is,kind of where I want to have the,conversation that I'm going to have with,potential customers the next thing that,you're going to do is go to the budget,and scheduling section here and you're,actually going to plug in your budget,here whatever your budget is is your,budget plug it in here and then scroll,down to the audience section and we're,going to pick some options from the,audience section now I'm going to give,you a big tip here don't Market to the,entire United States if you're a small,business this is one of the biggest,mistakes that I see happening is that,small businesses just hit that boost,button and the advertising goes all over,the place and then they start to get,clicks and inquiries from people from,out of state or from like 35 miles away,and they're not really going to convert,into any customers and the only thing,that you're doing is spending money on,this platform so go ahead and pick your,location click on the pencil where it,says location and pick the area or the,zip codes uh area of town that you want,to Market in or the area of town that,you service in here and you just add it,to the list here another option that's,in here that you'll want to adjust is,the age typically 18 year olds are not,going to be your ideal customer so look,at your previous customer data to see,who's bought stuff from you before and,plug it in here now before I go into,targeting I want to tell you that I have,a mini Workshop available where I kind,of go over all this stuff in more detail,I teach you about creating a good offer,a solid offer that is going to attract,people to your local business I teach,you a couple of ways that you can set up,ads both that can serve for those who,are just beginning and those who want,volume if you need a lot of leads I'll,show you kind of how to set that up as,well along with all the follow-up and,automation that happens after that so,that you can close more of that business,so if that's something thing you're,interested in go ahead and check it out,there's a link to the workshop in the,description of this video okay so now,we're going to go into placements and,you can either choose to have all,placement or just manual placements in,here go ahead and select all the ones,that you want to to Target wherever you,want to place your ad on and once you do,that we're going to head on over to the,asset level,now in the asset level what you want to,do again is just go ahead and name this,something that actually makes sense to,you and then scroll down here to the,section that says at creative now before,that you're giving two options the,format of the ad single image or video,or Carousel for the sake of this,training we're just going to create a,single image or video so what you want,to do is under creative click on the add,media click on the add image and this is,going to open up your media library now,there's a pretty good chance that your,immediate library is going to be blank,especially if you've never ran ads,before you're not going to have a bunch,of things uploaded in here if you don't,have an image I already uploaded in here,it's very simple to do just click this,upload button here and the file picker,is going to show up and then just import,the image that you want to use within,your ad so I've already got one set up,I'm going to go ahead and use that in,this example here so once I select my,image the next step is to add your,primary text here this is where your,offer is going to be now I'm going to,tell you something here and I'm going to,just be upfront about this the offer is,everything if you've got a offer that is,weak or an offer that nobody wants then,you're not going to get that many people,clicking on your ad and actually opting,in to become leads or raising their hand,to look for information on cleaning,services okay your offer is everything,so make sure that you craft an offer,that people are looking for okay again I,cover this more in depth in my mini,Workshop I show you how to create a lot,of good offers that actually get,responses so you can go ahead and check,that out if you want but once you have,your primary text in here once you have,your offer there are you gonna go ahead,and choose a headline that is going to,entike people to even click further in,your ad once your headline is in there,the next step is going to be your,message template here so what we're,going to do here is where it says start,conversation you're going to click on,that and you're going to click on edit,and this is going to bring you to a,template that when somebody clicks on,your ad this is what they're going to,see as the initial message within their,feed and this is very important because,this is the first interaction that,people are actually going to have with,you and your organization so you want to,give them a reason to click and to,request more information as well as,filter out those people who are not,going to be a great fit for you as the,very first primary

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Facebook Advertising for House Cleaners! - Facebook Lead Ad for Beginners

hey what is going on everybody so in,this power-packed video I'm going to,teach you how to create a lead,generation campaign to advertise your,house cleaning business and now this is,under the assumption that you already,have a business page created on Facebook,for your business if you have a personal,page you need to change that right away,but I'm not gonna explain in this video,how to do that I'm just going to assume,that you already have a business page,created so if that applies to you what,you're gonna do next is click this drop,down arrow go over here where it says,manage ads or it might say create ads,for you you're gonna want to click that,and it's gonna bring you to the scary,looking interface don't worry about this,I'll explain everything in a minute but,what's your here you're just gonna click,this create button over here and now,when you're creating your campaign,Facebook breaks up everything into three,levels so as you can see the first one,over here is campaign the second one is,ad set and then the third one is ad so,what people actually see when they're,scrolling on Facebook so we're starting,at the campaign level and now you have,what's called different marketing,objectives,so for example brand awareness pretty,self-explanatory reach traffic this is,basically you know let's shove this ad,into as many eyeballs as we can,something like engagement would be if,you're trying to get people to interact,with your ads specifically so for,example you might have an offer hey,Houston Texas we're offering three free,deep cleans to the first ten people,that's comment on this ad tag three of,their friends and share it enter for,your chance to win below so that would,be an example of an engagement type,campaign and based on the history of,each user who's on Facebook Facebook,actually has abilities to track what,people are more likely to do so it will,shum that ad to people that match that,that you know similarity but whatever,that was a little tangent what we're,gonna do is lead generation and this is,built in within Facebook's lead form,which I'll show you making everything,super convenient so this is a really,nice campaign to choose butts campaign,name just for the sake of simplicity,you're probably just going to name it,something like you're cleaning,business name and then maybe lead gem,crate split test and campaign budget,optimization these are these are you,know good tactiks to use especially,split testing which I do use for a lot,of my ads but these are more advanced,tactiks and I'm not gonna really tok,about them in this video so just leave,them off it's totally cool you could hit,continue and now as you can see we're,finished at the campaign level and now,we're brought over here to the ad set,level so here's where we really start,targeting who our ideal audiences and,you can name this ad set you know,audience whatever you really want you,know lead gen prospects or something,like that,so just make sure your you have the,correct Facebook page set up for this,which you most likely will now over here,you have two options create new audience,or used a saved audience and if you,wanted to let's say create a new,audience what that would simply mean is,if you have a customer file of either,all the website visitors you've had in,the past you know X amount of days which,you would need to Facebook pixel to,track all that information anyway,or if you have a customer list let's say,you have an email list on MailChimp for,example of all of your clients and you,wanted to upload all these people into,the system so that you could re add ver,ties to these individuals or create,what's called the look-alike audience,which basically Facebook pulls all the,similarities from that group of people,and finds more and more like-minded,individuals to advertise to and this,could actually be a quite profitable way,of advertising but like I said that's,that's again a little bit more advanced,so we're not gonna worry about that too,much let's just let's just skip that for,now don't worry about that if that,doesn't apply to you but what you will,want to do is go over here so this is,where the fun starts,because now you could start targeting,people within a specific location and,for you you're just gonna enter in,wherever the addresses of where you guys,work out of I just made up that address,and now you can select the radius of how,many miles within a radius you guys are,willing to accept working so let's,it's 25 miles and another thing you guys,can do is enter in specific counties,that you guys accept work in so let's,say let's just enter in,let's do Westchester County and then,maybe Fairfield County so this is just a,really good way to expand your targeted,reach and now right now we're under the,assumption that we're gonna be running a,daily budget of $20 for this campaign so,what Facebook does is it says okay for,for within a specific geographical,location that you selected there's about,1.8 million people not too shabby,but an estimated reach within this $20 a,day we can expect somewhere around 369,to one point one thousand people to see,this ad within one day so that's a,pretty good result and the reason why,sorry let me scroll back in so I'm gonna,tok about why the reason why you,actually want to start at a lower ad,budget something like $5 or $10 a day is,really important or for now let's just,finish the targeting so for the next for,the age range gender maybe detail,targeting based on interest what I want,you guys to do is think about all of,your past clients do they tend to be,within a specific age range you know are,most of them you know over the age of 35,do they tend to be you know mostly male,or female are 70% of your clientele,females are they pretty split 50-50 do,they tend to be pet owners you know the,reason why I want you guys to ask these,questions and actually it's helpful if,you write it down in notes over here is,because this is what's gonna help you,with your detail targeting you know you,guys don't want to burn through your,money and show this ad to people that,won't you know convert because that's,just like I said it's gonna burn through,your money if you're showing this ad to,a bunch of 18 year olds yet you've never,had an 18 year olds client in your life,so select all of them that apply,obviously all right sorry about that I,had to charge my computer really quick,so you're gonna select the specific age,range that applies to your past clients,all like I said maybe it tends to be,heavily leaned on one gender versus the,other if not though just keep it out,and the detail targeting you know this,would apply more if you live within a,really specific like let's say densely,populated city where you just have so,many prospects that you really want to,narrow down and let's say you're in like,Manhattan for example and most of your,clients tend to be pet owners then you,could actually target those people,specifically and you know include other,interests maybe but you know when in,doubt just leave this blank this is only,just to refine your audience super well,if you want to make sure that you get,the most qualified prospects as possible,so that's pretty much that you can save,this audience name it you know whatever,you'd like and then next is placements,so this is where Facebook's gonna show,to place your ad and it gives you the,automatik automatik placements is what,it pre-fills but I want you guys to,actually click Edit placements because,Facebook the automatik placements is it,has you basically shown everywhere on,the platform and Facebook does this,because I wants you to spend a lot of,money within their platform right away,and this is not what you want to do what,you want to do is keep it basically just,on the feeds so Facebook newsfeed,Instagram feed I would only recommend if,you actually have an Instagram otherwise,I would uncheck that Facebook,marketplace this is interesting,so there's actually been some recent,studies that show that excuse me when,

Advertising for Your House Cleaning Business

Advertising for your house cleaning business. Where on earth do you start? Oh, that is a,great question and we'll tok about that today.,Hi there. I'm Angela Brown and this is Ask,a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question,,and I get to help you find an answer. Now, today's show is brought to us by Savvy,Cleaner, which is a training program. It's a membership site for employees and employers.,There are two separate memberships, and every one of them walks you through different facets,of the business. And it's a membership site that has courses and group coaching. And so,every course that we go through stacks on top of each other, and we tok about the things,from the previous courses. So, it helps you grow and expand your business. And what's,really cool is on the off weeks when we don't have courses, we have group coaching. So,,you come back with your questions and you say, "Hey, I tried this, what about this?",And we fill in those gaps. And the cool part is with a group coaching,,you're not paying my fee, which is exorbitant, but you're getting a very affordable price,for the group coaching, and you don't have to ask all the questions yourself. You get,to learn from all of the other people that are in the group that are asking questions,as well. So, it removes a lot of the trial and error because you don't have to make all,the mistakes yourself. So, check it out at savvycleaner.com.,All right, onto today's show, we had a guest that called into the show and she asked this,question:,Hi Angela, it's Angela here. Just wondering,,I am starting from scratch, and I mean like right from scratch. Where do I begin when,it comes to advertising and getting clients? I have absolutely nil right now. I just don't,know where to start. Thank you.,All right. Advertising, where do you start?,Okay. The very first thing that I want to bring up to you is there's a difference between,marketing and advertising. I don't recommend that you do any advertising at all until you,have your marketing set up. The marketing is all of the free stuff that you do to set,up the foundation of your business. If I start running ads today, and I drive people where?,There's no website, there's no Facebook page, there's none of the marketing foundation that's,set up. So, I'm just throwing money out into the wind hoping that it stiks somewhere.,Please don't do that. The marketing is what you do for free when you have time, okay?,It's based on things you do to set up the foundation of your business.,The advertising are things you pay money for that drive people back to your marketing,,okay? So marketing is free plus time, advertising is money, okay? So, don't spend any money,because you don't have any money coming in yet. Take the time that you have, because,you're not fully booked yet, and build out the marketing platform that you drive people,back to through your advertising. So, where do you start? The very first thing,I would do is I would go to Facebook. There are billions of people on Facebook. It's a,platform that already exists, and it lets you create a business page for free, it doesn't,cost you a dime, and it will walk you through all the different steps on how to set up your,picture, and your profile, and your services, and where your company is, what the address,is, all that stuff. Then, I would go over to Google and I would set up a Google business,listing. It's absolutely free and they will verify that you live at a certain address,,you are in a certain market, all of those things.,Now that you have Facebook and Google set up, you can start collecting reviews once,you get the business coming in. Now your question was how do I advertise, I'm guessing because,you're trying to get business in. But what you want to do is you want to create social,proof, because when you try to get people in the door, they're going to go to Facebook,and Google and they're going to look for the ratings and reviews, which you do not have,any because you're brand new. So, there are a couple of different things you can do to,boost your credibility in order for people to take a chance on you, to have you come,into their home, so that you then can get ratings and reviews, and you can then get,the social proof. Does that make sense? You have to have all this other stuff set up before,we start bringing business in. The next step is I want you to go through,all of your online profiles. So, let's say that you're on Twitter and you're on Facebook,and you're on Instagram. Go through and what do your profile say? Do they have a picture,of you that looks professional and looks like, here's the key, looks like the person that's,going to show up when you come to clean. The reason I say that is because if there's a,picture of a dog there, they're going to look at that and they're going to say, "Wow, the,dog is not going to come clean my house. What is this person hiding?" So even though you,didn't say anything at all about the profile picture you used, people are going to look,at it and say, that does not look like the person that's coming to my house.,So, you want to use a picture, a current picture that looks like you, that's a good reflection,of you as a professional house cleaner coming to clean someone's house. So, update all of,your profile pictures, make sure you set up the business Facebook page, make sure that,you have a presence on Google. Then there are other places you can go, but those would,be the very first places that I recommend you start.,The next thing is, there are a lot of online groups and there are business groups, and,my suggestion would be as you get started, learn as much as you can about marketing and,advertising because you are going to need marketing and advertising for the remainder,of your career. Hey, this is not just a once and done, and then you have customers and,you're done, okay? You're going to need to know about this because the markets change,,platforms change, marketing processes change. Some of the things that we did five and 10,years ago don't work anymore, right? So, you want to make sure that the stuff that you're,learning is current and its market-worthy for right now.,So, my suggestion is go in and join a couple of Facebook groups that specialize in advertising,and marketing for small businesses. You may even want to join a local small business group,so that you can figure out who the other players are in your area. Here's the reason why: as,you go into people's houses, they will ask you this question, "Hey, do you clean carpets?",And you say, "No, I don't, but I belong to this local business group and here's some,carpet cleaners in my area." As you recommend them, they also recommend you. They are in,customers' homes everyday cleaning carpets, and so they say, "Hey, I need the rest of,my house cleaned. Who do you recommend?" Or the carpet cleaner might say, "I need you,to get your house cleaned before I come." And they say, "Do you know any house cleaners?","Yes, I do," and then they recommend you. So, if you go in and you start networking,,and you start creating these alliances, and you start building your online platform, and,getting your social proof, and building your online presence, now you're creating the foundation,of your marketing so that when you turn on the advertising and you start paying for it,,you're driving people back to your Google page. You're driving people back to your Facebook,page, you're driving people back to your community networks where all of those stuff start to,connect with your search engine optimization. So, I would recommend getting a website. I,know this is a little bit off the topic, but you're going to need a website. You're going,to need some form of a way for people to get back in touch with you. So, the website is,a great place to send everybody back to because it will have a list of all of your services,,and your contact information, and all of that stuff.,So, these are just a few areas that I w

Google Ads for Cleaning Business | 31 leads in last 30 days

uh hi there so in this video i just,wanted to share with you some of the,results we've been getting for uh one of,our cleaning company clients that we,manage uh google ads campaigns for,so um this partikular client is based in,canada they run a residential cleaning,company um and as you can see here in,the last 30 days um we've generated them,31 leads and they spend just under a,thousand dollars um at,29.30 cost per lead and we've been,getting them a conversion rate of around,25 percent so 25 is is a really good,level usually we aim towards getting 20,to 25 percent um but on 25 what this,means is that for every four people that,click uh our google ad one of those,people will either call us up or send an,online um an online request to get some,further information so one out of every,four people will get in touch with us to,find out more about our services these,are really good numbers here um what,i'll do is i'll just go into a bit more,of the detail,at the keyword level so,you know as you can see here there's,lots of information but the idea is that,these are some of the key words we're,tracking and what we want to be doing is,is capturing all the different,variations of how people search for,cleaning services so you know as you can,see you know what cleaning services,kingston is one of the locations we're,going after maid service home cleaning,house cleaners,there are lots and lots of different,variations that we want to target,and it's really important that we,capture all these different variations,because if we only went after for,example made service we would miss out,on all these people who are actually,looking for the same thing but they have,typed something else into google so,these these square bracket these,inverted commas these are something,called match types and these give us um,you know these allow us to,get capture some of the variations of,how people search for house cleaning,services so these are the types of,keywords we're going after,um but really the idea is that we want,to start tracking um our campaigns very,very closely and this is something that,i i find in the vast majority of,cleaning business owners that get in,touch with me they don't have all their,tracking their conversion tracking,correctly set up so we want to be making,sure that we're tracking all the online,form submissions we also want to be,making sure that we're tracking out all,the phone calls so it could be a phone,call directly from an advert it could be,a phone call from someone going from the,adverts to your website and then calling,the number on your website so we need to,have all the conversion tracking set up,correctly and the reason for that is,that we can then start to dissect the,data and look at things like the,conversions at the keyword level,if we can get the conversions at the,keyword level we can get the cost per,conversion so what is the cost per lead,um,so you know with the in the last 30 days,we can see that maid service has got us,a cost per lead of 15,and actually that's better than cleaning,services kingston which is 22. so in,theory,what means what that means is we should,put as much money as possible into the,lower cost per lead,keyword and away from the higher one um,but we obviously need to make sure we,have enough data so this that type of,decision we wouldn't be making you know,just on four or five conversions but,hopefully this gives you an idea that we,we need to track all the conversions,because the way that we get really great,results with google ads is by using that,conversion data at the keyword level and,then more effectively funneling that,money to the higher converting,the higher roi keywords and away from,the lower,so,that is the type those are the types of,keywords we're going after,we need the conversion tracking so we,can capture that type of uh cost per,lead,information as well,so that's the keywords if we click on,the search terms so the search terms are,slightly different to the search keyword,so the search terms are telling us the,exact string of words that people are,typing into google and our adverb being,shown up for so,you know as you can see here as we go,down this list there are lots of house,cleaning related searches you'll see,some competitor terms um,you know as we go along cleaning,kingston kingston is one of the areas,we're going after,um,and you can see these are the search,terms they differ they they're they're,different to the search keywords and,that these the exact terms that people,are typing in for so when we look at,house cleaning services uh house,cleaning center services london ontario,cleaning company residential these types,of searches are really great,and what we find is that if we are in,front of that high quality search,traffic it means that we'll get to that,20 to 20 25 lead conversion rate so for,every uh every four or every five people,that click on our ad we'll get a phone,call we'll get an online form submission,so the search terms is something that's,really really important and really you,know we'll we will never get a perfect,list of search terms you know with the,nature of the campaigns that we run but,you want to be when you're looking down,this list if you're not at 20 to 25,conversion rate you want to be looking,at the search terms and if the vast,majority of search terms here are really,good you know a service or a house,cleaning or house cleaning plus location,type of search term and that's when,you'll be getting towards that um 20 to,25 percent,so that was just a very quick um video,for you um you know if if you are,interested in uh me,uh,managing your account or if you have any,questions about uh how the google ads,management works uh there's some further,information um,you know below this video and you can,get in touch with me,you know by email or through the website,many thanks