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Ads Games: Fun and Engaging Ways to Promote Your Brand

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Advertisements in Video Games: The Good, the Bad, and the Immersive

Advertisements are everywhere, even in video games. The history of advertising in video games dates back to the 1970s with the first adver game, Adventureland. Since then, ads in video games have become more prevalent and varied. The question is, are ads in video games good or bad? And how do they affect the immersive experience of gaming?

The Good:

- Adver games can boost sales for the advertised product, such as Chex Quest and Budweiser's Tapper.

- Product placement can add to the immersion in certain games, like sports and racing games where real brands and parts are relevant.

- Free to play games with advertising can be successful, as seen with Fortnite and its events.

The Bad:

- Ads can be intrusive and interrupt gameplay, such as mid-roll ads in NBA 2K and UFC 4.

- Microtransactions and ads in fully priced

MORE Weird Ad Games

In this article, we will be exploring the world of mobile ad games, specifically the weird and often terrible ones that flood our screens. We will be analyzing each game one by one, seeing if the ads resemble the finished product, and determining just how bad these games actually are.

Count Masters Crowd Runner 3D:

- A game where you grow an army of stickmen to kill other stickmen.

- Gameplay consists of running in a straight line, dodging obstacles, and fighting a boss stickman.

- The game is extremely boring and generic.

- Has microtransactions and a lot of ads.

Twerk Race 3D:

- A game where you race while twerking in 3D.

- Reviews of the game are on a whole other level of weirdness.

- Gameplay consists of running in a straight line, dodging obstacles, and twerking to kill the final boss.

- The game is the exact same as Count Masters Crowd Runner 3D and is just as bad.


- A game that is heavily advertised but has very negative reviews.

- Gameplay consists of solving puzzles to let a character out of a cave.

- The game is lazy and sloppy, with poor animations and repetitive gameplay.

- Has daily rewards, buying useless crap, and strange characters.

Gun Masters 3D:

- A game where you shoot gangsters to save hostages.

- Gameplay consists of killing enemies and saving hostages.

- The game is really bad, with one-star reviews and boring gameplay.

- Has explosive barrels and auto-assist weapons.

Mobile ad games are often terrible and forgettable, designed to squeeze as much money out of players as possible. It's best to avoid these games altogether and seek out classic, enjoyable mobile games instead.

I lost brain cells watching these TERRIBLE mobile game ads

Today, we will be reacting to some terrible mobile game ads that are sure to make you lose some brain cells. Viewer discretion is advised.


- King's Choice game: disgusting and not worth playing.

- Revenge in a game by changing outfits and dancing is not logical.

- Outfit choice determines life in a game, which is odd.

- Dino dress is attractive to some, but where did the kid go?

- Stalking and spying in a game is creepy.

- Dragon deserves more love in the game.

- Home renovation game with a strange connection to solitaire.

- Ant ads are back, and the ants have magical abilities.

- Customizing a secretary in a game is odd.

- Playing tug of war with a beetle over a steak is strange.

- Ants make a tower to steal honey in a game, and wasps shoot honey out of their stingers.

- Killing zombies with a toilet plunger is unrealistic.

- Plants eating ants in a game is odd.

- Strange animations and zoom-ins in games are uncomfortable.

- Creating a cure for a zombie apocalypse in a game is unrealistic.

- Fat man outswimming a shark in a game is unrealistic.

Watching these mobile game ads is not worth it as they often have strange and unrealistic elements. It's best to avoid them and spend time playing more enjoyable and logical games.

playing EVERY GAME AD for 24 hours...

Last night, while playing a mobile game, I got frustrated with the overwhelming amount of ads. I decided to download every single one and see what would happen if I clicked on every ad. This article is a summary of my experience.

Main Content:

- Tried a terrible game filled with ads and another one where my best friend lives.

- Downloaded Episode, a game about finding love.

- Signed up for Love on Fire, where you have to choose between Harley and Henry.

- Tried a modeling game where the characters walk like spiders and you have to choose between wearing a shirt or not.

- Played a game where you have to match tins.

- Played a game where you have to run away from a bomb.

- Tried a matching game but refused to play another one.

- Played Tone Blast instead.

- Tried Project Makeover and didn't like the avatar's criticisms.

- Watched a show about helping people bring out their inner beauty.

- Played a game about killing people in old mansions.

- Ended up getting frustrated and done with the games.

Overall, the experience was frustrating, and most of the games were terrible and filled with ads. I do not recommend downloading any of the apps I played. The mobile game industry seems to have an addiction to these kinds of games that refuse to die out.


Mobile game ads are ubiquitous and often interrupt our daily activities, from gaming to watching YouTube videos. These ads can also be for some of the worst cash-grab games, which is why I decided to legally acquire some of these games and play them for myself. In this article, I will be reviewing some of the most bottom-of-the-barrel mobile games that are advertised through these annoying ads.

Process of Finding Games:

- Downloaded a random Voodoo game due to their reputation for ad money.

- Played games for about five seconds to gather material for the video.

- Found a selection of copyrighted characters used without royalties.

- No background music in most games.

Games Reviewed:

1. Monsters Gang

- Ad shows an epic fight scene, but gameplay is more about beating up characters in various levels.

- Levels range from simple to gimmicky.

- In-game physics are jankier than the ad suggests.

- Worldwide leaderboard shows your placement, but it's not real.

- Rewards range from in-game coins to actual skins.

- No background music, only sound effects.

- Overall, the game is pretty silly, but levels are alright.

2. Pull the Pin

- Ad shows a secret agent and a woman tied up, but gameplay is about getting colored balls into a jar.

- Colorless balls must connect with colored balls to become colored.

- Bombs with bootleg Roblox faces show up occasionally.

- The game starts easy but gets harder as you progress.

- Overall, the game is fine, but not particularly special.

3. Rush Run Take a Leak

- Ad shows Spider-Man trying to get to the bathroom before it's too late.

- Gameplay involves drawing lines to get the character to the bathroom before he wets himself.

- Flushing neon green sludge is a weird side game.

- Levels get progressively more difficult, and various mechanics are introduced.

- Overall, the game is pretty weird but funny.

4. Time Control

- Ad shows minimalist art style and time-travel gameplay.

- Gameplay involves going back and forth in time to get past obstacles.

- The goal is to have a Red Devil guy killed after a few levels.

- Weather changes are required to get around some obstacles.

- The game is shallow and has no replayability.

- Overall, the game is pretty shitty.

5. Draw Monster 3D

- Ad lets you draw your monster.

- Gameplay involves drawing the outline of a monster or something original and fighting against other monsters.

- Monsters range from Huggy Wuggy to a chicken.

- Battles last about five seconds.

- Upgrading speed and strength is unnecessary since spamming the attack button sends the enemy flying.

- Gameplay loop happens for every level, with only the background changing.

- Overall, the game is weird, and there isn't much content.

Mobile game ads may be annoying, but some of the games they advertise are surprisingly fun and even weird. While most games reviewed were not particularly special, some had unique gameplay elements that made them stand out. Despite this, it's clear that these games are often shallow and lack any real depth. In the end, while these games may be entertaining for a short while, they're not worth investing too much time or money into.

Ads In Video Games | Asmongold Reacts

The article discusses the history and impact of advertising in video games. The author begins by acknowledging the increasing presence of ads in video games, and how it may affect consumer behavior. The article then delves into the history of product placement in video games, starting with text-based games in the 70s and 80s and progressing to more recognizable brands in the 90s and 2000s. The author notes that while some product placement can add to the immersion of the game, it can become tricky when it becomes too overt. The article highlights examples such as Crazy Taxi, which prominently featured brands like Pizza Hut and KFC. The author also touches on the potential benefits of adver games, such as boosting sales and bringing attention to specific products. The article concludes with the suggestion that there may be a market for bringing back nostalgic brands and experiences in video games.

World’s *CRINGIEST* Mobile Game Ads!

Mobile game adverts have become increasingly cringey and ridiculous, with bizarre scenarios and questionable graphics. But which one takes the cake for being the worst?

Examples of cringey mobile game adverts:

- A whale in a desert crying in an ocean.

- Dancing and being showered by money.

- Level one anime boy asking for a girlfriend.

- Crooks and mafia bosses at different levels.

- Surviving zombie attacks and building a new civilization.

- Saving a baby while fighting zombies.

- Rich women and hitmen trying to steal money.

- Wearing dresses, doing squats, and getting arrested.

- Doing random tests on women while surrounded by zombies.

- Dancing on a deserted island while building.

- Trying to spell gold to help a woman find a job.

Despite the cringe factor, some of these mobile game adverts can be entertaining to watch. However, it is important to remember that most of them are fake and do not accurately represent the actual gameplay.

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