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Ads Gaming Term Explained: A Quick Guide

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Advertisements have become an unavoidable aspect of modern life, including in video games. Video games have been tainted with product placement and advertising, raising questions about whether all advertising in video games is bad, or if there are some ads that are good and not just driven by greed.


- The first example of in-game advertising was in 1978 with Adventureland, which advertised Scott Adams' next upcoming game.

- Adver games started in 1983, with Tapper featuring prominently featuring Budweiser.

- The 80s and 90s saw a resurgence of adver games, including Donald Land in Japan in 1988 and Cool Spot in 1993.

- Product placement in non-adver games started with Crazy Taxi in 1999.

- Sports games and racing games started showcasing real brands and parts, including Madden, FIFA, Need for Speed, and Gran Turismo.

- Splinter Cell Chaos Theory started using Dynamic Advertising in 2005.

Ads Keynote - Think with Google Gaming Day 2022

Every year, leaders in mobile gaming come together to share new technology and insights. In the wake of the pandemic, players are adapting to life offline and splitting their time between gaming and other hobbies. With an evolving industry, it's harder than ever to retain user attention and adapt to new privacy developments.


Hybrid monetization, using both in-app purchases and in-app advertising, has become essential for long-term success. Ads can be complementary to gameplay and provide engaging player experiences. Innovations in bidding, reporting, and privacy are improving inventory efficiencies and establishing long-term revenue growth. Admob can boost ad revenue and increase competition across more than 200 ad buyers, including demand-side platforms from brand advertisers.

Powering Smart Decisions:

Transparency and control over reporting are key to making smart decisions. The new ads activity report in Admob provides a comprehensive view of earnings and performance by demand source, including Google demand sources and 200+ RTB bidders. Impression-level ad revenue helps calculate accurate user lifetime value from Admob and mediated networks. Privacy-preserving technologies are being developed to enhance ad performance while ensuring user privacy.

Growing User Base:

App campaigns make it easy to find and keep valuable players, reaching over 1 billion potential players across search, YouTube, Play, Discover, and the Google Display Network. A targeted return on ad spend for ad revenue (T-ROAS) is a bidding strategy to earn more revenue from ads shown in the app. Advertisers can import revenue from any monetization platform into Google Analytics for T-ROAS bidding.

Audiences, Creative Testing, and Inventory:

Adding an audience signal to Android app campaigns helps find high-value quality players. App campaigns for engagement engage a set of players, such as those who have recently churned or have not made a purchase in a while. Testing video assets ensures better-performing creatives are part of the asset mix. Advertisers can now bid via new RTB integrations with third-party monetization platforms, expanding reach and competition.

The gaming industry continues to grow and evolve. Adapting to new trends and privacy developments is essential for success. Innovations in monetization, smart decision-making, and expanding user base can help drive growth in revenue and performance.

Mobile gaming ads insights & trends | Unity Gaming Services

Unity Mobile Insights Report 2022 Webinar

- Welcome to the Unity Mobile Insights Report 2022 webinar

- Highlights from most recent insights report to be discussed

- Report covers various aspects of mobile gaming business and answers questions from game dev partners

- Report available for free download

- Q&A session at the end

Genre Data:

- Planning early leads to game success

- Action games have most players, with platformers being most popular sub-genre

- Word games have least diversity, with 98% playing classic variety

- Hyper casual games focus on acquiring users cheaply, with platformer games being most popular sub-genre

Soft Launch:

- Soft launch is crucial for early detection of issues and feedback on game design

- Top soft launch countries include


In this video, GamingProvision discusses the sensitivity settings in the game Open Loop Bath Carnival. He explains the differences between aim down sight sensitivity and regular sensitivity and how they affect gameplay. He also discusses the recommended sensitivity settings for snipers.

Main Points:

- Aim down sight sensitivity (ADS) is different from regular sensitivity.

- ADS sensitivity affects aim when scoping in and shooting.

- Regular sensitivity affects aim when not scoping in.

- Recommended sensitivity settings for snipers are typically higher than for other weapons.

- Changing sensitivity settings can improve recoil control and speed up firing.

GamingProvision recommends using default sensitivity settings for most weapons, but adjusting sensitivity for snipers to improve aim and speed up firing. He encourages viewers to subscribe to his channel and share it for a chance to win prizes.

How Good was 2022 for Gaming? Wins&Fails 2022 Edition | Work To Game

The Wins and Fails of Gaming in 2022: An Overview

- Discussion about the successes and shortcomings of the gaming industry in 2022

Wins of 2022

- Positive growth, updates, and news in gaming

- Successes of MMOs, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy

- Improved advertising options on streaming platforms

- Educational benefits of video games, such as teaching reading skills

Fails of 2022

- Delayed release of Halo Infinite

- Negative effects of gaming conventions, including illnesses and injuries

- OnlyFans' controversial decision to pivot away from adult content

- Poor quality release of Scarlet Violet for Pokemon

- Nintendo's reluctance to embrace cloud gaming and innovation

- Despite the successes of the gaming industry in 2022, there were also several notable failures and missed opportunities for innovation. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be important for companies to remain adaptable and forward-thinking to meet the needs and expectations of gamers.

How To Make Money With Chat GPT (Open AI)

Chat GPT, an AI-powered chatbot, is gaining immense popularity and is proving to be a powerful tool for various purposes. This article focuses on how one can use Chat GPT to make some extra money.

Ideas for Using Chat GPT to Make Extra Money:

1. Freelancing: One can use Chat GPT to offer freelance services for tasks such as writing emails, essays, video scripts, website design, and more. Posting these services on platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer can help one build their portfolio and make extra money.

2. Starting an online store: Chat GPT can be used to write product descriptions for an e-commerce store, making the process faster and easier. One can also use TikTok to market their products by creating multiple videos a day.

3. Offering tutoring or teaching services: If one has expertise in a subject, they can offer tutoring services using Chat GPT. Posting these services on platforms such as Varsity Tutors and LinkedIn can help attract customers.

4. Collaborating with brands: One can partner with brands to make videos and monetize them, without having to build their own audience.

Using Chat GPT for various purposes can help individuals make some extra money. By leveraging the power of AI, one can streamline their work processes and boost their earnings.

Worst Gacha Game of All Time

The article discusses the gameplay of the mobile game, Nikki. It is a third-person shooter with RPG elements that revolves around a commander who leads a group of hot women to victory. The game features waifus, destructible environments, and a traditional progression system. The author praises the game's voiceovers, which help players connect with and become enthralled in the world of the game. The author also mentions the game's fair gotcha rates, which allow players to roll for waifus without spending too much money. However, the author criticizes the game's blatant use of sexualization to attract players and make money. Overall, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the gameplay and features of Nikki.

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