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ads in text messages

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How to do SMS Marketing | Top 10 Hacks & Strategies

in this video i'm going to show you how to use sms marketing- also known as text marketing or text message marketing- in your business. i'll give you some of my top hacks and strategies, as well as introduce you to a powerful tool i'm using and show you how to use it too. basically, if you're using sms, thinking about sms or even just a little bit curious about sms marketing, what it can do for your business, then you're gonna want to stik around because it's a powerful tool that allows you to transform the customer experience if you do it right. so let me show you how it's done, starting with the mandatory statistiks on just how powerful this whole sms marketing thing is. anyway. now, i admit i feel like this is probably a little bit of preaching to the choir. after all, you are here watching a video on text message marketing, but still, just in case you haven't fully bought in, there are a few things that i hope will push you over the edge. first, the obvious fact that at least five billion people worldwide are able to send and receive text messages, which means that it doesn't really matter what business or market or industry you're in. your customers probably all have phones. plus, the statistiks show that people tend to check their phones a lot and 95 of text messages are read within three minutes of being sent, which makes it an ideal platform to communicate timely and important information. and i've saved the best for last. sms marketing averages around a 90 open rate and, if done right- which is what i'm going to show you how to do here- well, it averages around a 30 response rate. so first let me walk you through the software that i'm using right now, called text magic, who were kind enough to partner up with me and sponsor this video, and then i'll share with you my top 10 sms marketing tips and tricks that'll help you create a higher converting and more profitable text message marketing campaign for your business. first off, if you want to do sms marketing right, then you're going to want to use a dedicated text message marketing software and not just randomly text people from your phone, because that would be both highly ineffective and totally weird. text magic is an easy to use text messaging marketing solution that allows you to send notifications and alerts and reminders and confirmations and complete sms or text marketing campaigns. they've got over 25 000 active paying customers and an amazing 98.4 delivery rate. with over 200 million text messages sent. they basically have this whole sms thing pretty much dialed in- pardon the pun- and getting started is as easy as clicking the button to start a free trial. there's no credit card required, and it allows you to test out all of the features. so let me hop over to my computer now and walk you through it. alright, so here we are inside the text magic dashboard. now, one of the first things that we obviously want to do is import a contact list so that we have people that we can actually reach out to and send messages to. so, fortunately, very simple. all we need to do is come over here to contacts and then, once that's done, you can see there's some sample lists in here. very simple to just create a new one. all we're going to want to do is create new list. we're going to call it adam's new list. we can make it private, or we can share with sub accounts. whatever we need to do, we'll leave it like that and we'll hit save and just like that you'll see this list up here. all i need to do now is hop into it and then go add contacts- again, very simple. what we can do here is we can either create contacts manually adding them one by one. we can upload a spreadsheet through csv, xls, xlsx, etc. or we can import them over from other lists. so for this one, what we'll say is that we've already got a database of users. we've had them opt in, so we're going to get to import from a spreadsheet. and the next i'll walk you through how to actually go through sending this and setting up the sms campaign. so once your list or lists are uploaded, the next thing you're going to want to do is set up a bulk sms campaign. again, this is the beauty of using software like this is that you don't need to be sitting there sending sms's one by one, which again is time consuming and kind of weird. rather, what we can do is we can simply upload a list. we can then go out and bulk send sms messages, which is just significantly more time effective. so what we want to do here is we can either choose the list that we want, based on the one that we've just created over there, or we can put in the other names. we can go through frequently send, we can add context or whatever we need to do, and then, of course, we'll set the default sender from what we want it to do. you can see that i've got my magic number there, so we're going to send it from that one, and then, of course, what we can do is we'll just craft our message. now, if you're just getting started with sms marketing, you've got the advantage here of using a template, so you can click in here and you're going to be able to choose any other sort of pre-designed template. now you can use this either exactly. you can tailor it for your own use, which i would strongly suggest, but at least it gives you a pretty good idea of where to start. so you can see that we've got, say, booking confirmation, we've got a point room reminders, we've got these callback requests. let's use the callback request and also you'll notike this right here and this is a tag, and what that allows you to do is to customize and personalize the messages that you're sending. so you can see here, if we go insert tag, we can add first name and last name, company name, phone, email, email. what this allows them to do is make sure that they're receiving um a relevant and custom text. after all, if you just got some random text message and you had no idea who it was from or you couldn't remember signing up and anything like that, you'd probably ignore it, possibly delete it, possibly unsubscribe, whereas if you saw your name, you saw some kind of relevant information. it makes it far more likely that someone is going to respond. so make sure to use tags. and again, the beauty of tags is you don't have to go in and manually add someone's name every single time. you just add it to the overall template and it'll automatikally populate for you. of course, once this is done, you're going to obviously want to send your message. like i'm going to tok about in some tips after i walk you through this, there are some best times to send messages and there's also some times you want to absolutely avoid if you don't want to completely annoy your customers. so we're going to go schedule message and here you're going to see that we're able to choose the date, the time. we can set it according to time zones. so all of this is going to make sure that we're sending them in the optimal time. so it's not only going to give our message the highest likelihood of being opened and being responded to, but it's also going to be sort of aware and understanding of the time zones that they're in and the situation that they may be in, just so we don't annoy people and, again, we're going to get the highest results possible. another cool feature that you may want to do is set up something called automated sms responders. this is incredibly useful for customer service and for making sure that people sort of get that confirmation that their request has been received and acknowledged. so what you want to do here is you go over to services and then you're going to set up an automation rule, and it's here that you're going to be able to add a rule based on what happens when somebody sends a certain message or does some kind of action. so you're going to be able to respond with an automated text. again, what this does is it dramatikally cuts down on customer service time, it increases customer satisfaction, just makes everything significantly easier, and, of course, the whole thing is automated, all right. so let's set up a new rule now. we're just going to call it new rule. we're going to use th.

Blank Canvas | Audio Story | HOOKED

hey, Josh, you don't have sure it was fun. if you're still mad at me, why would I be mad? maybe because I dumped you three months ago. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't ever want to hear from me again. I'm a guy, penny. three months is forever in gyu's. I can put it behind me. okay, good to know. that's a bit of a relief. actually, why is that? I know this is gonna sound weird, but I was wondering if you know anyone who needs some quick cash, maybe one of the guys on the team. I'm always broke. how about me? what do I gotta do? lol, not you, definitely not you. why not trust me? you wouldn't like it. you can't dump me twice, so it can't be that bad. lay it on me. do I gotta help you move a couch in your parents house? something physical? I soon right, well, kind of, but not really. it's for my art class, but I'm telling you now you really won't like it. I see how it is. Josh plays football, so he can't like art. Isaiah logic, no, you, you can like art. of course you can. then why can you tell me you're fine? my teacher is having a series of classes dedicated to form study. you know sketching people. yeah, and each class a different student is responsible for finding a model. okay, you really don't see where this is going. it's my turn to find someone for our session. but seriously, I'm telling you, this is not for you. oh, man is easy money? well, yeah, but you'll have to pose for the whole class. you think I can't stay? still, it's nude modeling. okay, oh snap, see, I knew you wouldn't be down. there'd be a bunch of guys and girls looking at you, so, so you'll have to be totally exposed. a lot of people would be very uncomfortable. that's because a lot of people don't have this body. ha ha, very funny. anyways, just ask some of your teammates, like Aaron or Dan Scott, even just someone I haven't dated- what's the pay? a hundred dollars for just one hour. forget, Aaron and Dan. I've got your model right here, baby, when and where do I got to be naked? yeah, Josh, I don't think you know what you're signing up for. uh, yeah, I do. it'll be the easiest hundred dollars I'll ever make when I'm. where's the class? you, I'm not gonna lie, penny, I'm getting nervous really, because if you want to bail, I totally understand psych. I'm not nervous at all. let's do this and get me paid. are you sure about this? because if you need money, I could lend you cash. you wouldn't even have to pay me back right away. you really don't have to do this. I said I'd do it. I'm here, aren't I? are you unsure about it? no, why would you say that? you basically just offered me $100 to not model for your class and you've been messaging me non-stop about how I don't have to do this. do you really not want me around? no, it is. it's not bad. then what the hell is the problem? it's just weird for me. okay, you're the one who asked me. I wasn't asking you, not directly. I never thought you'd want to do this. is this because you've never seen me naked? no, of course not, because I won't do it if you feel uncomfortable. no, Josh, I'm a professional. I just I wanted to see you naked. what was it? at one point I did want to see you naked, happy, like back, literally, were dating, and I don't want it to be like now I'm forcing you to strip, especially since I broke up with you. penny, I'm doing this because I want to, not because I feel pressured. you're sure I'm getting paid. I'm doing a job, right, right. so I'm professional just like you, right? I mean you are. I don't know why I didn't think of it like that. oh, you're not supposed to date coworkers. thank God I dumped you right. yeah you, I know I'm not supposed to tok during the hours, so can I ask you something before I go in there? what's up?

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How To Create Facebook Messenger Ads [Step-by-Step Tutorial]

1.3 billion people use facebook messenger each month and they send 8 billion messages a day. so if your audience is on facebook, they're more than likely using messenger 2.. so you can use messenger as to put your business in front of more targeted eyeballs and, because it's an underutilized ad campaign, we're seeing higher engagement rates with it. specifically, facebook messenger marketing has 10 to 80 times better engagement than email and organic posts on the facebook news feed. so today i'm going to cover everything you need to know about facebook messenger ads, including how to set them up and start seeing results. [Applause]. what's up everybody? welcome back to the channel i'm brandi with life marketing, the digital marketing agency with a mission to help small businesses grow. before we get into today's video, please go ahead and like and subscribe if you want to grow your business, and hit that notification bell so that you don't miss out on any of the new videos we put out weekly. all right, so first, i think it's important to clarify that there are tiknically two ways to run messenger ads. there's messenger inbox placement, which is a placement you can select in the ad set level for many different campaigns, be it conversions, traffic, etc. these can appear in messenger inbox between conversations and between stories, but it's important to note that ads in messenger inbox are currently unavailable in the us, canada, australia and france. then, secondly, there's the messages campaign, which is what we're going to be toking about today, but if you would like to see a separate video made about the messenger inbox placement, comment below and let me know. alright. so, toking about the messages campaign, let's start by defining what it is. facebook says messenger ad solutions help send people into conversations with your business, which helps you drive the results that matter. so this campaign shows people ads that allow them to engage with you on messenger, whatsapp and instagram direct, so when people click on your ad, it takes them to one of those three messaging apps. now, from here, i want to jump straight into screen sharing, because things will make more sense as i show you. but first here's a quick message from sherman: hey, we just helped a small business make over 1.5 million dollars through facebook advertising and, after managing millions of dollars in ad spend for thousands of different small businesses, we have decided to give away everything we learned to you in a special program if you want to learn the blueprint to success, the best practikes from some of the fastest growing companies in the world and all the different tools you will need, then sign up for our social ads training program today. all right, so now i'm going to hop on my computer and show you how to set up the messages campaign. you're going to head to businessfacebookcom, forward slash ads manager and click the green create button and select the messages campaign. name your campaign in a way that makes sense for you, so that you'll know what it is at a glance, to keep your ads manager nice and organized. then click the blue continue button. you can set your campaign settings up the way you normally would and click through to the ad set level. here you'll first need to select your ad type, which can be a click to message which starts new conversations, or a sponsored message which re-engages existing connections. sponsored messages can only be utilized via facebook messenger, which makes sense because you're re-engaging conversations with facebook users on that platform, whereas click to message ads can be ran on messenger, whatsapp and instagram direct, since facebook owns all of them. you'll also want to make sure you have the correct facebook page selected. from there, you can set your target audience, budget and schedule the way you normally would. now, if you need further help with setting those things up properly. you can watch my how to create facebook ads video, which will give you a more detailed tutorial on how to set up a facebook ad in general. i'll link that in the description, but for this video i'm specifically covering the messages campaign, so i want to keep moving and focus on the parts that are facebook message ad specific. so back to my screen. one thing i notiked was that it let me select all the automated placements, but then when i got to the ad level, it said that the messages campaign was only compatible with the facebook news feed, messenger, inbox and instagram feed placements. so i'm telling you now to save you the trouble of having to click back and forth like i did. those are the placements you'll need to select on the ad set level. then you can click forward to the ad level. so if you selected the instagram placement, you'll need to make sure you have the right instagram account selected here. from there, you'll want to choose your ad creative like normal, and add your text for the cta. you'll want to choose send message and you can see facebook is prompting us to use chat and messenger as the headline text, because you do want to qualify your audience and make it obvious as to what to expect: that when they click on your ad, it's going to take them to messenger, not a website. all right. now. here is where we start getting to the message specific setup of this ad. under message template you'll see the options to start conversations, generate leads or create an advanced setup. so, essentially, when someone clicks on your ad to chat with your page via messenger, it's not going to be you responding in real time. that would be extremely time consuming and not always practikal. so what you're doing in this step is setting up the automated messages that your audience will receive when they click on your ad. so let's start by looking at the start conversations option. on the left is where you set everything up, and then on the right is your preview window that will update in real time to show you what things will look like to your audience. so first you decide if you only want text messages to be allowed, text and image or text and video. then you'll want to fill out your opening message and you can see that facebook automatikally has a conditional blue box in there for you which updates for each person to use that person's first name, which is great and makes it personal, but otherwise it's important to note that everything you're seeing on my screen, all the questions, etc. are things facebook has already put in there as a suggestion to use. i didn't type those things in, i clicked create and this is what the message template opened with. so i would advise- in addition to adding your own questions, which we'll get into in a second tweak- the opening and closing messages to be specific to your business and target audience. alright, so under customer actions, this is where you can suggest questions or replies for your audience to choose from, or add a button to send them to your site so you can set up the responses for your audience to choose from and then, depending on which response they choose, you can set up the corresponding response for facebook to send from your page. now, again, facebook is autofilling some suggested prompts and questions, but you can and should edit these to be specific to your business and target market. now let's look at the generate leads template. the biggest difference with this template is the approach. instead of giving your audience responses to choose from, you're asking them questions first and, since this is a lead generation template, facebook actually gives you the option to disqualify people depending on how they answer your questions. so if they answer one way, it will lead them to the next question, but if they answer another way- aka if they choose the answer that makes it obvious that they would not be a good fit for your business- you can disqualify them and end the conversation. and, of course, you get to set up what the disqualification message says so that you're exiting people in a gentle way that won't do any brand damage for your busin.

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How to Use Facebook Ads & Text Messaging Together

so this is an example from a brewery that I work with it here locally. this is the results after the first week we had worked on this partikular campaign. as you can see, they spent just shy of $35 in ad spend on Facebook. that means they paid Facebook a little bit less than $35 that first week. that's, on average, about $5 a day. so for $34, 88 cents, they got 161 text message opt-ins. what does that mean? they got permission to send marketing offers to 161 people in that we sent them a coupon for a free beer. I'll get into that campaign in just a minute. 63 people use the coupon for the free beer. now I know you're about to say you're not about just giving away product, not about just giving away stuff. I get that. so take a look at the next thing: on average, for every beer we gave away, that person spent $6. so we made $6 giving away a free beer. in total, that averaged 378 dollars additional revenue for this brewery in one week. now I notiked some of you guys. this seems like really really small numbers, but for local businesses, for small businesses, getting them an additional 3 to $500 a week really is game-changing. so you need to understand that. so let's jump in right exactly to what we did. I want to walk you through exactly what we did and how we got these results. first off, I just want to show you we were getting these opt-ins for around 22 cents per opt-in. that's a really, really good average for us. we get, on average, around that 20 cent mark, at times a little bit higher, but around that 20 cent mark- 22 cents for an opt-in- is great for us. that's kind of the goal we're shooting for. I just want to show you inside my Facebook Ads manager account what was going on here here's only day. we ran a lead generation campaign. when you choose what type of campaign you want to run, this is one of the options. so we chose a lead generation campaign. for those of you that are familiar with running campaigns on Facebook, you probably understand this. this is a very popular type of campaign on Facebook because it allows Facebook to pre-fill a forum. so if somebody clicks on it, any information Facebook has with them, they already have it filled in. this partikular way is where we start a lot of campaigns. so with the lead generation campaign, then we went ahead and chose an audience who is going to see this one thing that is really, really important is that you need to understand this little drop-down right here. so we had obviously selected people from Missoula, Montana, and selected a ten-mile radius. Missoula is in a very big town, so 10 miles is within driving distance of pretty much anywhere. but Facebook automatikally defaults to anyone in this location on this locations drop-down right here. what we do is change that to people who live in this location. the reason being is we only want people to opt in if they live here. now, if you were doing something and working with the company that heavily relies on tourism, obviously you would want to select people who are visiting, but we want people who live here because, remember, we don't just want to get people in the door, but we want those people to come back again and again and again, and they can't do that if they don't live here. additional targeting we had was obviously people 21 and over, because this is a brewery and we only want to target people who are of legal drinking age, but other than that, but kept it fairly broad because we want to let everyone see this. the next thing we did is we selected where we're gonna put these ads. I like the feeds. I don't like a lot of the other ad placements. again, Facebook automatikally selects automatik placements. so you're gonna have to select edit placements and choose the feeds. that's where we get the most bang for the buck. that's really where we get the most response. and then it's time to go ahead and create the ad. we choose video ads because Facebook loves video. right now, video gives us the optimal return. but way, whether you're choosing video or an image, you want to make sure that that image is incredibly attention-getting. you're gonna stop people from scrolling. so what did we do? we ran a contest, simple as this. we ran a contest offering free beer for a year, giving people the opportunity to win free beer for a year. let me tell you, if you like beer, you're gonna enter for a chance to win free beer for a year. this is the key to us starting this contest. it's the free. it's the key to us getting leads at 20 cents a piece, for us getting opt-ins at 20 cents a piece. we give them a chance to win free beer for a year. now understand: the business owner gets to really decide what free beer for a year means. in this partikular case, they said it was a growler and a pint a month for 12 months. we obviously put that in all the disclosures what exactly it means, but everybody who wants to win means they're a beer drinker, right? so we know for sure this is our exact target audience, because they wouldn't enter the contest if they didn't want beer, right? so we're making sure that we are selecting our audience by simply putting out this contest, and again, it costs the business owner next to nothing to really give this away. and then we have a lead forum. if you're familiar with running lead gen campaigns, this is a form that you create within the Facebook Ads manager that allows them to fill it in. now here's where the secret really happens. the moment that someone submits this, it interacts with our text messaging platform and they automatikally then get a text that says thanks for entering. just for entering. your first one is on us. we're giving them something just for entering this contest. every single person who entered this contest- confirmed there were 21 years of age, got a coupon for a free beer. and not only that: this entire coupon is redeemable, so I can guarantee that everybody can only use it once. I can send a reminder to people a couple days before it expires if they I used it and I contract. that's how I know. on average, people spent $6 per beer because we can integrate with the point-of-sale system and track exactly how much money they spent when they use this coupon. that's the key guys. as soon as they enter, we sent them a really, really good offer that gave them the opportunity to bring them in. okay, quick recap. we start with a contest. the contest is run to lead generation campaign and we offer an incentive to everyone who enters the contest. we offer that incentive to everyone to get them to come in the doors. we use text messaging to offer that incentive because we have trackable coupons and we can engage with customers on an ongoing basis. remember, I said, this is a full and legal opt-in. that means we can send them offers in the future. we don't have to go back to Facebook every time we want to communicate with those people. for this partikular brewery, that means if they have an event going on, if they have a new beer released, anything like that, they can send a special promotion. they can send them, send everybody on this list and offer, or simply just let them know that they have a new beer on tap. additionally, for this partikular brewery, we put them on a loyalty program that has all run through text message as well. it's a standard punch card program: by nine beers, get the tenth free. that's an entirely separate video. on this one we're just toking about lead generation, just toking about people getting in the door, but the the ability to be able to engage with people on an ongoing basis is huge. we don't have to go back and pay facebook every time we want to tok to these people again. let's take a look at the numbers. so five dollars a day is what we were spending on Facebook again. I understand that for a lot of you guys that budget seems like nothing and it's scalable. you could increase this budget, but what I want to show you is that for as little as five dollars a day, we can get results for people on Facebook. we don't have to have big budgets to get big results. so for $34- eighty-eight cents, we had one hundred and sixty one people opt in and they were sent one fo

How to use Text Messaging for Business (SMS Marketing)

- [Scott]. Text messaging has become increasingly more important when it comes to communicating with your customers. but isn't setting up such a system complicated, expensive and hard to do? No, no and no. In this video, I'm going to show you how easy it is to set up your own text messaging service for your business. So let's dive in. Hello everyone, Scott Friesen, here at Simpletivity, helping you to get more done and enjoy less stress, And we're taking a look at a service called TextMagic, an incredibly easy way so that you don't have to be bogged down with all the complications of setting up a text messaging or SMS service. So, first off, what are some examples for when you might want to use a service like this? Well, really the list is endless. Maybe you want to send out a reminder of an upcoming meeting, or to make sure that they arrive on time for your appointment. Maybe you want to send out an announcement when it comes to a sale or a discount or a special piece of news that is happening with your business. or maybe you want to send up some automated reminders so that they can follow up with you at a certain period, after a point in time, or an autoresponder, so that when they text message you, they get a professional text message back, even if you can't respond immediately. So here we are within the TextMagic interface And we're going to get into some of these other areas and some of the other features here of TextMagic. but let's start with the basics, and that's just sending a text message. TextMagic keeps it very, very simple. So, first of all, we can either enter in the specific number, but in many cases you'll want to import a contact list. Now, whenever you're dealing with SMS and text messaging, you want to make sure that you have the permission to send them text messages. So perhaps this is something you're going to want to include in your intake form, or maybe a box that they check on your website just to make sure that you can send them text messages. But in this case, I'm just going to click my contacts here and let's select this recipient here as our demonstration. Next, we can choose the from phone number for where this text will be sent from. Now the great thing is is that TextMagic will set you up with a default number, And it really doesn't matter where you live in the world. it match that number to whom you are sending it to. So, for example, in this case, I'm going to be sending it to a Canadian mobile number. Therefore it's going to be coming from a Canadian number, A number which is actually going to be localized to this area code so that this person, when it receives my text message, can feel com confident that it's not from someone out of country or from the other side of the world. They can be a little more comforted that it's coming from a local address. Of course, last but not least, we need to include our message, So here we can type or copy and paste anything that we want into this area, but in many cases you may want to include a template. So in this case, I'm going to select insert template. It's going to bring up all of the templates that I've already created, or I can create a new one on the fly. One of the nice things that you'll notike here is that, yes, you can insert tag. So, for example, if I want to address my customers by both first and last name, or maybe just their first name, I can do so here as well. In this case, I'm going to pick a fairly simple one. I'm going to pretend that I'm an auto repair shop and I'm just letting this customer know that your car is ready to be picked up, So I'm going to insert that there Now at the bottom of the message. it is going to keep track of your character count- There is a maximum of 918 characters per message- but you'll also be notified of the cost in advance. It's going to cost me 4 cents per text message, So I want to keep that in mind in terms of how many people I'm messaging and what types of things I'm using this service for. But the great thing is is that I know this in advance, So in this case, I can either schedule this message for some time in the future- This is great when it comes to things such as promotions- I can set this up a week in advance and then send it out at a specific time- or can preview the message. If I select preview, it's basically just going to give me the different details in terms of: here is the number it's coming from, which is a local area code based on where I'm sending it to. Here is what the message content is, and then some of the other things that we saw on the previous page. All I need to do at this step is hit send and now that message has been sent to this recipient. Of course, I've got a full log of what is happening here. I can also view a complete history of all the messages which I've sent. I can dive into any of them again, perhaps if I want to repurpose them or send them again some time in the future. But let's take a look at some of the other features right here within TextMagic. One of the most helpful ones is the actual live chat menu here, And, yes, it actually looks very much like what you would experience on your mobile phone. What's so helpful here is that I can manage conversations from the convenience of my desktop computer. I don't have to go back to my phone and manage all of these responses. I can do it right here, And in fact you never even have to have your actual phone or cell number involved at all, So you're not distracted by incoming messages. You can deal with them all right here within the TextMagic interface. So, for example, here is that John Doe test account, in which we just sent this reminder about their car being ready, And they've responded right away saying "Great, I should be there in about 20 minutes". At this point, if I want to continue the conversation or maybe just send a confirmation that I received their message. I can say "Thanks, We will see you soon", Something like that, And all I have to do is hit send and that message is sent directly to them. So I can manage all of those conversations here And on the left hand side very much like your texting experience on your mobile phone. you can have all of those messages listed here So you can manage them and respond to them as they come in. Under the contacts menu we can create as many different groups as we like. So whether that's for a specific promotion, whether that's a specific customer type, we can create a number of groups so that we are only contacting those whom we want to, And TextMagic makes it super easy for us to import that information, whether that's coming from a CRM tool or whether that's just a spreadsheet where you would like to include those numbers so you can start communicating with those customers. But perhaps one of the most powerful features of using a text messaging service is to set up an autoresponder to make sure that your customers feel heard or that you send them information relevant to their request. Here on the left hand side, I'm going to click on services and come down to automation rules And we're going to set up a new rule so that if someone sends me a message with a partikular keyword, I can send them specific information back, And we're going to continue with this auto repair shop example. So in this case I'm going to call this an oil change request, Meaning that if someone text messages me with the word oil in it, I want to send them something back that maybe helps them along the way. So I'm going to call this an oil change request. Here I can edit the numbers. Here again is that default number which is going to be localized for my specific area, And down here all I need to do is add one or more keywords. So in this case I'm going to say oil. I'm going to say that if they mention oil in that message, I want to respond with some information about an oil change, And then I can choose if I want to identify that keyword either at the beginning of the text or anywhere in the text. In my case I'm going to say anywhere in th.

Key & Peele - The Telemarketer - Uncensored

[chatter on TV]. [phone ringing]. Hello, this is Gavin. (Colin). Hi Gavin, my name is Colin Valenti. I'm calling from Master Travel Incorporated to tell you about an exciting limited-time offer: exclusive Las Vegas getaway. Can I have a few moments of your time to tell you about this new package? You know what I would love to, but I just don't have the time. [phone beeps]: Hello, Hello. [disconnect tone] Hm. [touch tones beeping]. [line trilling]. [phone ringing]. (Colin). This is Colin Valenti, Master Travel Incorporated. How may I be of service? Hi, Colin Valenti, My name is Gavin. I think we just toked. Did we get disconnected? (Colin), Yeah, no--I mean, yeah, I hung up on you. Why would you do that? I mean, are you even--. Are you even allowed to do that? (Colin), Were you going to buy the Las Vegas package? Well, I mean, probably not, but that's not the point. (Gavin), The point is--. [phone beeps]- What the hell? [touch tones beeping]. [line trilling]. (Colin), This is Colin--. Yeah, Valenti, Listen. (Gavin), I don't know what crawled up your ass and set up shop there, but you don't get to hang up--. [phone beeps]. [gasps]- What, Oh, my g--. [line trilling]. [phone ringing]. (Colin). What the fuck do you want? What is your deal, huh? (Colin)? Um, you don't want the Vegas package. so I don't want to tok. I did us a favor wasting our time here. (Gavin), Stop, stop, don't you dare hang up that fucking phone, okay? (Colin)? Why shouldn't I? Why shou--. What if I wanted the Vegas package? Wha--you know what? I want? the Vegas package. (Colin)? Sure you do. [phone beeps]. What You motherfucker? Oh my God, You, son of a bitch. [line trilling]. (Colin), Come on, man, let it go. Fuck you, man, Fuck you. I want five fucking packages Right now--you know what? (Gavin), You know what? Where's my wallet? This is my credit card number right here. Okay, listen, Get fucking off me. My credit card number is 0074-5403-0098.. The expiration date is 12-20!. And then--and then the--. oh yeah, The security number is 084!. So run the damn card right now, Right, fucking now. You run it right, fucking now, asshole. [suspenseful music]. (Colin), Thank you for your business. Well, I hope you learned your le--. [phone beeps], [gasps], [screaming]. These new call scripts are really great. Yeah, I know right. [phone rings]. What the fuck do you want, Kathy?