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ads infinite warfare

Published on: February 1 2023 by pipiads

Infinity Warfare : ADS challenge explained

hello, welcome to zap Gavilan and thanks for stopping by. I had a problem when I was looking at this myself. I had to go through everything that. I know what the hell is looking for and the thing was what the hell is a D s? I figured it out. it's very much easy. they could just [ __ ], put it in abbreviation and said what it was. so we have to look it up. but this videos for you guys, so you have to go through all the hassle and look it up and do another [ __ ]. it's basically a D S stands for aim-down-sight. yes, that's what it means: aim down sight. I couldn't believe it either. I was like what's up, like come on now, like why the [ __ ]? would you give me some 8d s to go doing 75 [ __ ] kills? but you know what, guess what? I guess I'm at the bus sound and get my little damn gesture and everything else. but other than that, thanks for stopping by and I hope this helps you out. I hope this doesn't waste your time. I can't waste my time looking all over the maps and all these other bullets just just for our ABS. but you know why not give me something to do today. at least I learned something. [Music]: team deathmatch. I am in your head right now. there is no way you can do this without me. friendly transport is a key. friendly counter UAV online. friendly drone package: just enter the airspace for it. friendly transport is active. I've ult's. you're here to lend a hand. okay, you're halfway there, doc. brilliant bombardment, incoming boost. [Music]: friendly transport is active. friendly counter UAV online. it's gonna do a good job. they know what's stopping you now. [Music]: fine is winning. okay, this brings to the end of this video. here, when you understanding with ABS is like I said again is aim down sight and again. cab news: tok will be back June the 10th at the e3. experience at EA. let's play. remember the experience. Star Wars, John [ __ ] - we're gonna showcase it now. we're gonna give you the experience. they're gonna get damns toking and everything else.

How to quickscope in Infinite Warfare! (Class setup)

you guys the best class setup so far that I have come across and how you're going to go about quickscoping in this game. it's really rough. it's a lot different from any other game. you've probably played the past, if you're going to compare to anything else, compared to call duty, ghost or maybe advanced warfare somewhere around that area. but let's go ahead and dive into it. look at the class setup. I'm going to give you guys map. really doesn't matter. let's go ahead and throw a couple bots in there so that I can just kind of show you guys what we're looking at. we'll go TDM. good, alright, first things first. we're going to pick out our sniper rifles. okay, guys, we got the Widowmaker and get the DMR one. most people are going to be going for the longbow because it is a bolt-action and we have this bolt action but it's two round bursts a little bit different. then we get the semi-automatik lock. don't like to use this semi automatiks, mostly me. in general I don't like the semi-automatik. so I'm just going to show you how to use the longbow correctly. and we're going to go ahead. we're going to throw quick-draw in there. I'm going to put for grip and I don't believe we need anything else. a guess: one full-metal-jacket. you can do that. you're more likely to get a collateral if you use a full metal jacket and you can also shoot through walls if need be. but for right now we're just going to leave it off. there is really no need for it and you're probably going to want to put dexterity on there and you're going to want to put- I believe it's about it. I don't think it's fixing on someone, it is called gung-ho. and another thing I would recommend is: you guys get you would want to put the other Perkins where you can have marksman so that you can see the longer distance. it's probably the optimal sniping class that you're going to want to use for this. again, lethal doesn't really matter, tactikal doesn't really matter, health or camera on there for shits and giggles. all right, let's see what the gold looks like. looks pretty nice. um, again, let's just put the Widowmaker on there so you guys can see what the widow-makers like. I'll fast that 80s is again, this is just for you guys, it's not for me. just let me know what you think down in the comments section below. a lot of people are going to have a lot of trouble. quick scoping in this first, because it's just totally different from anything else that we're used to and I feel like it 80s so so slow, like you guys have no idea. if you play, I'm sure you have an idea, but if you've played anything like black ops 3, it is so much faster than this. gung-ho on they're going to put marksmen and now let's go and mess up some recruit box. we're on frontier so it should be pretty fast-paced. who knows, these bots may wreck me. I hope this is not recording that audio because I'm gonna get monetized, it's alright. alright, go on to us on. start off with the Widowmaker. I am have not got a chance to really use the Widowmaker yet. look at that. it's actually 80s in, pretty fast, faster than I thought. right there, it's just I don't know if you keep like holding the L button wherever you're going. you can do that, but it's just not optimally on. I mean, okay, you're going to want to lose your shot. it's kind of like a drag. come on, alright, good show. you know we don't want the EK beat. what am i doing? alright, here we go. we get the long bill. look at that gold camo. so I will say the lighting on this is a lot better than black ops 3. you just got to lead your shot. more of a drag scoping than anything. I'm losing to the bots, but you just got. it's really more practike to anything, as long as you guys can see it go right there, like even just before that. okay, you just got to make sure that you're all the way. aim down, okay, or is this won't hit? don't be afraid too hard to go up in this game, guys, it's not even large. going at this point is the only way to snipe. again, just knowing the spawns is a big secresy, just kind of you gotta, you gotta learn how to use basically aiming ahead. so, um, just remember, guys, your shots are more likely to tip if you are all the way down and you see what's in your sights. you just got to get out. work on your time. okay, again, that was really a boy. but again, guys, this is gonna conclude my little tutorial. I hope it tell us it's really pointy to do right now. it's. I'm just holding down the L button. okay, guys, I really hope you guys enjoyed it. hope this helps up the sniping community and later, guys, loaded guerilla, go now.

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ADS ONLY CHALLENGE - Infinite Warfare

what's up, guys? we're going to another video here today. so today we're doing the 80s challenge. let you into it, okay, actually, so it's the 80s challenge only. so, basically, how, this challenge, which guys is that we have to 80s to holding? you know, if you only idea, IDs means this coming same number, but put the egg dumped into the whole entire game. try, guys out there. ah, shoot, we did I all Jesus. picture of a jerk. Oh, turn around, around around, huh, hello, okay, good, 80s should put stoks on, guys. this is honest. it taking care of the walk around. oh my gosh, alright. Oh. [Music]. oh, we, dad, so started, set this challenge with me. just comment down below through towards itself. so we know on the comments down below: okay, that hand got hit. Oh, everyone got a little cocky with it, tripped up, knees up, way to view the whole. oh, hey, Jer, the corner. oh, my gosh, is right, everybody should be up. no, no way. oh my goodness. [Music]. okay, all right, we did double kill, but what that does it for the to me, sis? okay, I just post a message. that is, what is this team? it's really a 3, B, 6. oh, [ __ ]. I'll switch economic for the caramel is so GU, yeah, stops. oh, thank you. reactive armor: open it up. open up, what the heck I didn't see you guys. this was one of that. kill crochet a chain, Oh, got a lot of guys that they're listening hard. challenge. holy cow guys, infinitives challenge. make sure you guys put on stok because it would not be moving much if you don't have such thought earlier video shoot. he forgets holy cow. de is really literally 1111 and I got paid close, so close those pictures to my reader. Oh, whew, ooohhh, my came it. oops, paper-based Carrodus. oh, my government says we're doing our budget. it's definitely not helping my teammates. a huh, we have 15 in there. 12 and 12, okay, and 15 is closed. all right, we're gonna try it at 20 tones if all we need 20 coats and we're traveling at 40. whoops, okay, and on and there. so I said I'd like to see more challenge videos like this. miss your comment down below. I wish your grandchildren ously read the biggest disadvantage in the world. wouldn't do it on Sirius flow on a jet pack game, definitely. which team is rotate looking up? oh, oh, my gosh says who. this is hard. so apologize for not uploading recently, does I don't know? I just haven't had much motivation. honestly, I've been lazy and I haven't had much motivation to upload, but I'm coming back in full swing. it's put more vidios to terminate, 5 or 10 more chills. hopefully we wouldn't miss one. this bonus point, but as of now does not look like to go too good. oh, my goodness, some of the tables. oh, okay, okay, we got one down here. Oh, Oh, what sudden I'm in the Jenna's, an 80s sex sort of a habit, but so so hard actually to see. you don't have it, just getting out of 80s or it's lunch. I know Sarah has gotta not get out of 80s because we're all kind of used to not being in the 80s 24/7. oh my god, that says looks better. none, we defer. okay, I wish it appears. no carotenoid run, run. hey, what's on top of chains? oh my gosh, guys, I'm not helping my team. we need ten more points to even up his award. I'm surprising. okay, I just appreciate it. I hope you guys learn. all my goodness, I'll switch right to the trauma. sorry, guys, I'm not touching much. I don't really want to tok about what so many three more kills gamer just oh, shoot, now let's hit a teammate. rage, quit. I just was bam bam. oh wait, peach, okay, we got, we got around. all right, we have seven or we need two more chills and about a minute. oh my gosh, guys, we need to lose it. you need two more kills right now, with 20 seconds left. guys, can we complete the challenge? let's pull you in this challenge it to play infant warfare and you have to get 20 kills. oh my gosh, no way, guys, no way. oh my gosh, guys, come on, no way, we got fire killed. you gotta be kidding me right now. 19 children's eyes. so this is the challenge, guys. if you guys didn't, Julia made you to drop a like down below and I'll see guys in the next one.

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De-ad infinite warfare

I know he comes round. are you guys done? uh, yeah, okay, yeah, okay, okay now. additional: my friends listening is to stop being frozen, bro, it's just sitting here. huh, I can't, bro. it's like you know, when you got brushed triangle and you thought about your friends just frozen, got a little clip there. okay, yeah, but I might go piss and cheating just now after this, because I'm to get my double, my content, my risk of hydrops. it says I gotta get using, I gotta get, um, yes, what I'm doing my number, yeah, oh, yeah, yeah, did you gang that you can go to gang? which again? which again? I just wanted to party. no, it's okay, Marvello, do cocaine I [ __ ] addiction affect other [ __ ] [ __ ] with la? eh, I can buy new veterans. I'm a big engineering the today. are you doing a party? a what up? dad was crazy. I definitely thought before. so once I get that D animus, I'm getting on jump in this game. though Peter does everything done. yes, pillows, I bet yeah, instead, I hate them. good guys, ok, look good, if you follow us, crap, bro, follow me. okay, that's wrong, and you'll just see. just can't go on my first day out. wait, where are you? Thank You, PO steel, Oh bro, um, Oh bro, we're going to need me to eat it. killed about a person. that's what happened. oh my god, God, literally about to fall off the map roast of a soul. I thought her like just rage. okay, really, shrine again looking tired. Wow, but I can't play with you guys. well, look at these fans here. what did you all you guys run down? now I'm done. I don't like pillows. increase any other put sesame got yet. but yet another thing: we're not gonna kill me. music. I write this face. she's like right in front of somebody, bro. maybe this guy, Bo, she's gonna cross my older. tell ohonta, Mahathir Mohamad. girls, I don't know. there was a hospital, Honolulu. so, mom, I tightened it out a lot like it's. I think I'm wrong. I can't speak. we like her hair looking out with it. [ __ ]. the guys responded in valuing life, my field. oh, I heard that's how it go. put your pop, your pop [ __ ]. pusher bar features. oh, I went killing off enough. yes, I want to kill him. Bally me was well not anymore right. so, yeah, yeah, [ __ ] to get you [ __ ] [ __ ] - I think this that act like my friend, right? Oh, SMG boss in Jesus. another 200. on zombies, bro, I'm leveling level 55. I think I'm not checking up. so you guys have coconuts? um, I have some check, only have 5, but I have a hundred something. pillows, I'm gonna have 34 and then I have bruised 62 and that I have unstoppable who's 564. ok, I'm a boss like that, bro. yeah, I hate to play, but I've also this and they got broken all that stuff. so big excuse for me. yeah, I play. I play just miniature by. I do. I do it all. go hardcore. I'm on a hot girlfriend. I'm not a hardcore person either. Oh, bro, I hope a hardcore turn now. you might were solo this or my ear. we're all in the middle. ha ha ha. I'm heard laughing. ah, dude, I felt bro Garrett's hard to commit suicide Lakes to the people. I'm deaf. on the end we'll get on this game if you guys get infected, but you guys suck. all I got is a book. am I getting affected? last on, I say I like to go to Gold side and they kill me less in some reason. though, Emily here, huh, Brendan, I'm just camping in the middle, just like running all around. then I'm going to all sides and then a running back in the middle. Wow, whoa, bro, bro, I felt the whole team, bro, I'm leading in lots in the middle bro, literally the whole team. whoa, bro, literally the whole team was like literally right on me, bro. I just backed up and somehow I mean the Bravo, bro, bro, bro, bro, the legs, well, the leg same I like so much bro, I don't care, I love lag. now, bro, the lag said my life so bad. I got no heat flow. I was literally about to back on like ten pieces, but they all come at the outcome: a right side, they all cover left and right side. though I'm not gonna kill you guys. yeah, [Music]. we are always. that's quite a bro. oh, look at that. he's got a terrific in summer. guys said it all just yet. I'm laughing. yeah, brah, it's like a mic, make you laugh, room and a kitchen. [Music]. [Music]. yeah, that's literally like over here, bro. so now you're like you know I hasn't good asset in Jenin, do it? that's good, bro. that's a band appears classified. you're saying passiflora, a arse, and then I don't use s and sorry, no, unfortified. so, yeah, you're gonna know what to do. the debates, oh, yeah, oh, oh, do we have them? oh, yes, what's wrong? does anybody want to get boosted like tiket and dad? yeah, I'll do it. okay, guys, I'll let the [ __ ]. okay, bro, no, no, I don't want [ __ ]. you guys get you. you two guys lose. I don't introduce the one. that mother that [ __ ] legit, hey, so that's better. yeah, I made it - yeah, I got my head up. mine's unarmed on scratch day, wasn't? it wasn't how I thought did. let's go y'all legit nuke dang game guys. God, we should make a clan tag name gang. no, no, no, you're going to get both heroes. the gun gun, gun gun. dad. yes, oh, yeah, hello, yet pillow, because I don't get my friend bro, he's about to get kicked out the party. nothing kickin about the party boys get on my nerves bro. oh, my god, strange, see this lag. whoa, what hard. not as I expected. again, Oh, got that kill, I'm not gonna be. in fact, they're all gonna leave. all right, no, you guys die. can I leave? if you guys die? yeah, if we die, okay, good night, mommy, there, don't find me. I think y'all gonna do something. watch this, watch this watch. can we combat y'all? y'all not ready? alright, bet caught me the pillow, just let me carry my. Toby has. hello, Luke, I'm gonna shoot my gun, my gosh, bro, and then my ratio drops too. you can't get Kitty order job girl, it's not like that. oh, just like my average. I don't want my average to drop, it's about fear. [ __ ]. yeah, virtually avid on how you use averages and you don't lose a game. go looking at that, okay, yes. [Music]. Wow, you want to just get boosted, like, just like. let me get you out of kills. yeah, don't kill me, bro, I'm just gonna boost you. come on, bro, come kill me, I'm gonna boost you. come on, okay, okay, okay, yeah, now you're too much on camera. come on - you, oh yeah, sweet - nothing, you just keep coming out to me. honey, I gotta plant my finger. shut up, you got what's our planet and then you got to kill me right here, right here, man, I don't give up. yeah, just can't buck right there. hold up, okay, we gotta do this fast. Oh, bro, all right. [Music]. let me play the thing, but let me plan it. wait, bro, I told you to let me to plan it. sorry, I want you to have up right now. rounds on each other, right, dobra, Farrakhan, bro, excuse me, former, but you're dropping this job, bro. you're dropping it hot out. let me planet, let me find it right here, right here, bro, right, no, yeah, just keep killing, bro, your day off. yeah, oh yeah, Oh yo yo. [Music]. I died, bro. I kind of cold, I kind of got double right there. though, bro, Bravo, look, look, right now you gonna kill all of us, even you. you won't kill your teammates. come on, bro, if we kill Jane, I'm sure got a kitchen. this is my dead time, ter, jumping around your mouth, okay, um, okay, look, look, bro, next time should I get the kill now? now can't do that, sorry, okay, yeah, we need to like find the hottest re Freddy. hey, bro, well, but I wish I got my Tatas done. takes place. I'm joking. my challenge on girl fighting in my area- kill squishy problem done. school. what I didn't call the, it didn't come as Ariel. Oh, bro, bro, scorch bro, please pick scores. brokers, you're going boost me. do you know where to hide underneath, underneath that? oh, yeah, yeah, I know, don't say Allah bro, no, no, no, I'm careless at first. I'm Kim Russell. I don't hear you gotta do that, okay, no, I will kill myself for you guys in kids intro focus. just stay alive. I'm gonna come to you guys. gotta teach a game. fine, I don't need a party. okay, I shall kick mother parties. alright, he's annoying, I'm, yeah, I mean, I'm really the wrong person. sorry, FB, let me just kick him out. okay, I might do that right now, because I'm gonna get my attitude to my kills with aerial. gun with the aerial. so she put honors of the day and my friend did it. yeah, I have 3,000 keys, bro, so I spend them, or shall I just like by bundles, bro? [Music]. well, tamo-guna fun, bro. Oh, brought you here. okay, I try to get.

Sprintout and ADS Times are Getting Faster! | The Evolution of Call of Duty #2

what's up, guys, my name is ace and welcome back to the evolution of Call of Duty. in this series I focus on a partikular game mechanic and I look at how it's changed and evolved over time in the Call of Duty franchise. in today's episode we're going to be covering two very important values when it comes to pacing of a game, and that is sprint out as well as aim down sight time. let's get into it, alright, guys. so with this episode there's quite a few things that I have to cover before we get into the actual numbers. I know oftentimes people leave comments down below saying, oh, the actual video starts at this point. but if you don't hear this beginning part explaining how I got these numbers and what these numbers actually mean, then they will make no sense to you. so first off, let's just basically cover what does sprint out and aim-down-sight time mean. sprint out time is quite simple, although a lot of people get it confused and they don't fully understand it, mainly because some perk descriptions in the past have been really misleading. sprint out time is quite simple when you're sprinting and you pull the trigger to fire your gun as you're sprinting. it's simply the delay between when you pull that trigger and when the gun actually fires. in the game, usually different classes of guns will have different sprint out times. so, like SMGs will typically sprint out a little bit faster than LMGs, and that makes sense because it's supposed to mimic the handling characteristiks of those guns. aim down sight time, on the other hand- I'm sure most of you guys understand what this is. it's the length of time it takes you to go from hip firing to aiming down sight. now, the important part with these numbers is how they interact with each other. oftentimes people get confused and they think that these numbers stack together. but what's actually happening? if you're sprinting and as you come out of sprint, you're trying to aim down sight and fire as fast as possible. these times happen simultaneously, so you start sprinting out immediately and you start aiming down sight immediately, assuming you're also hitting aim down sight button to come out of sprint. and therefore, if we're looking at the time it takes to be fully aim-down-sight and ready to fire after sprinting, we take the larger of these two values. this is because if your Sprint's out time is higher than your aim down sight time, yes, you'll be able to get fully aim-down-sight after sprinting faster, but your gun won't be able to actually fire until your Sprint's out time has completed. on the other end of that, if the Sprint though time is faster than the am downside time, then yes, you can start firing your gun after sprinting, but you won't be fully aimed out sight until your aim down sight time has elapsed. so that can help in some situations, like up close, if you want to hipfire into aiming down sights. but the value we're often looking for is: how long does it take to be fully aimed out sight and ready to fire after sprinting? so first let's look at my numbers for Call of Duty 4 and, keeping in mind, this does apply to modern warfare remastered as well. it just doesn't account for the new guns that they've added. what you'll see that I've done with my numbers is I broke it down into the different categories of weapons. so I have the assault rifle, SMG, LMG, shotgun, sniper and pistol and I took the averages within the categories and then I took the overall average of those categories. I chose to do it this way rather than just taking all of the guns, putting them all into a pool and then taking the overall average, because this could easily be skewed if there's one game that has a lot more SMGs in another game and the SMG Sprint's out faster. that would skew the overall results, whereas all of the games have the same categories, excluding ghosts, because ghost has the marksman rifles. but since they all have the same categories, I decided it would be better to average the categories rather than average all of the guns together at once. but as you can see, with Call of Duty 4 our average Sprint's out time is going to be 306 milliseconds. all of the guns in the game Sprint's out at 300 milliseconds, aside from some of the LMGs, which brings that up a little bit. and this is actually one of the reasons that using SMGs in that game is rarely advantageous, overusing assault rifles. as for our average aim-down-sight time, this is 260 milliseconds. so you can see, on average, in cod4 you can get aim down sight after sprinting, but you won't be able to fire your gun. as for our minimum Sprint's out time and our minimum aim-down-sight time, this category is reserved for those perks and attachments that will help us reduce our sprint out and aim-down-sight times. now for cod 4 and world at war. we don't have any perks or attachments that will do this. but there is one change I made here as well in the minimum category, and this is with shotguns. with shotguns you're generally never going to be aiming down sight or you don't need to aim down sight. so in the minimum category I decided to set their aim down sight time at 0 for all of the games. simple reason for this is some games actually have a pretty notikeably higher aim-down-sight time on their shotguns and I didn't want to Siskiyou the results of all of the other guns in the game. so as you can see here, with call of duty 4 we've got quite a long minimum sprint out and minimum aim-down-sight average at 306 milliseconds and 227 milliseconds respectively. moving on to world at war, we've got very similar numbers, although the Sprint's out average is going to be a little faster because in this game they decided to give SMGs a slightly faster sprint out time. then it's all trifles and LMGs. this led to an overall average sprint out time of 272 milliseconds and for our inbound sight time it turns out and ended up averaging the same as Call of Duty 4, even though some of the values were a little bit different between each category. so LMG, for instance, on average would aim-down-sight a little bit slower in world at war, but some of the other guns would end down site a little bit faster and it turns out we just got the same average. so you can see that with both Call of Duty 4 as well as world at war, since we don't have any attachments or perks to reduce our Sprint's out name down sight time, it takes a very long time to be doing these actions and if you remember back from our time to kill episode, which is the first episode of the evolution of cod, our time to kill values for both of these games are significantly faster than our Sprint's out and aim-down-sight times. what this means for the gameplay is that if a player is already aiming down sight in your direction and you're sprinting- assuming he has perfect aim- it's literally impossible for you to even react and fire at that enemy before you're dead. this drastikally lowers the pace of the game because it rewards people for just pre aiming areas and trying to catch people off-guard that are sprinting, and it punishes people for sprinting. I'm not saying that you can't sprint in these games. of course you're going to be sprinting around. you just have to really be smart about it and if you get caught sprinting by somebody that's already aiming too bad, you're going to die unless you've got terrible aim. so, moving on to modern warfare 2, we can see our average overall sprinter time, without perks or attachments, is going to be 300 milliseconds. it's actually a flat 300 milliseconds for every category and our average aim-down-sight time is going to be 261 milliseconds. so again, this is actually very similar to the numbers that we saw in cod4 and world at will. but in this game we do have perks that allow us to sprint out and aim-down-sight faster. these perks are quick-draw Pro as well as steady aim pro. with steady aim Pro, we cut our sprint out times literally in half for modern warfare 2. so that gives us 150 milliseconds on average for a sprint out time and that's going to be same across the board for all the guns after our


welcome back my degenerates to a brand new episode. i just got a nice press shave. it's nice and beautiful outside. i think i'm, after i'm done with this video, i'm going to go out for a nice long run. i feel like that's an order. but anyway, for today we're gonna be going over a secret weapon that, like i just didn't know really existed, and that is the bulk vex. i just got this in a supply drop. it has on point, speeds up aiming and reduces hip fire accuracy. stacks with quick draw. all right, that is going to be critikal. now, if you don't know how fast it speeds up, i have a video here. i'll put it up there for you guys. the first one that i use is just the regular assault rifle, the bulk, without quick draw, just putting the scope up there, and it takes what was? it takes one third of a second to aim down sights without quick draw on there. then when you just put quickdraw on the regular one, it take. it takes it to one quarter of a second to aim down sights, which is it's very quick, like it's, that's pretty quick. and then when you have quick draw on the vexed whoo, it goes to just below one fifth of a second. it's almost reactionary. like as soon as you press that trigger, your scope is aimed down, you're ready to go, okay. so it's going to give us a big advantage in gun fights like it. it might not seem like that much less time than the uh regular bulk with that quick draw or with quick draw, but it really is a big difference when you're getting into a gunfight. i'll tell you that now for my class setup, i have the reflex scope with foregrip, quick draw suppressor. um, i usually don't recommend foregrip but the bulk. i'm just personally not like a big fan of its kick. so if i can take that kick down somewhat, that's what i'm gonna do. i'm gonna use um same perks as always: ghost scavenger, dead silence. sorry, still come coming over my sickness here, and then i got a jammer grenade. so we're gonna be rocking, we're gonna be rolling and we're gonna be aiming down sights as fast as possible in infinite warfare. let's go. god, it's like 10 o'clock in the morning. it's already 75 degrees outside up here in upstate new york. beautiful out. man, i used to really not like upstate new york just because the winters, but we have beautiful summers. oh, i know you're coming. i know you're coming um and hiking up in the adirondacks, which i'll be putting up a video next week. oh, i got you. i will be putting up in the video next week of me hiking. what's that there was? i got you. oh, let's go boy. let's go boy. like you'll see just how gorgeous the mountains are. man, i should be getting my new camera. it should be coming in today, like maybe tomorrow at the latest, but if it doesn't come in by tomorrow, that'll really suck. come on, challenge me boy. challenge me boy. where you at you run away or something, or maybe somebody else killed me, i don't know. let's hit them. oh, they're right here, they're right here. bang, let's go. let's get out of there. go around them here. oh, i could feel it with this gun. this just like shreds them very quickly. this might become one of my favorites. to be honest with you, this has such a big advantage over every gun and nobody even toks about it. i feel like i haven't heard any youtubers tok about this weapon. see, look at that. aim down, sight, man. it's so quick it is. it's almost instantaneous, like it really is. you barely even notike how quick it is, if that even makes any sense to you guys i don't know toking out of my ass now and i got the uh, epic advanced uav. now i got the hater, so i have that constant uav in the air. uh, let's get out of there. let's get out of there. oh, what you were just. oh, it wasn't. i don't think he was even intentionally going for me, he just got to me, got him, let's go. if i die every time after i get it like my mega kill streaks, that's fine with me. oh, it's just when you kill me one off from a goliath. that's when i started getting pissed. what? how i'm? oh, my god, how am i alive right now? holy cow, oh, snap, oh, oh [ __ ]. oh, oh, i should have had you. oh, i could have melted you right there. boy, oh, let's just phase shift into him. let's go easy. peasy lemon on that squeezy. oh, teammate, oh, you can never rely on your teammates, never kill anybody. damn, since my kd is so good. oh, they always stik me with this [ __ ] team like the shittiest of the ship players. not that i really mind. it allows me to get more kills, baby. oh, that, even downside point. that ain't down sight boy, let's go. ah, better spread them. but she's wide open for me. boy, oh yeah, we're gonna be like a priest and a little altar. boy, well, where you at? i know you're there, i know you're there and nobody ever flies this way. but this is the best way to fly. nobody ever pays attention from anybody coming from this back corner. see, look at that. nobody ever pays attention on this map to that side. got you? there's one more in there. let's face it. you gotta pay attention, dude. he's right next to you. bro, my little broham, oh, my little bro. amigo, give me some tostitos, dip it in guacamole and eat them up for breakfast. [ __ ]. oh, look at that party. bang, bang, come on, boy, dude, this gun is a shredder. oh, yeah, let's go. oh, [ __ ], oh, [ __ ], oh, [ __ ]. oh god, oh, dude, i should have phase shifted. why didn't i faceship there? oh, that would have been really smart. bang, bang, bang. oh, come on. come on, boy. last kill. what did i do? one away from that. 50 bomb, that's okay. 49 and six showing how good this bulk box is. i would definitely. i mean, it's a rare variant. it costs what like 500 for a rare. i would definitely suggest getting that guys give a little tea bag to your face. oh yeah, okay, oh, bang anybody over here. i don't hear anything. i gotta well, i gotta- turn this guy. yeah, that's just annoying. i don't wanna hear your music, dude. i really don't. i understand you want to play your music, but that doesn't mean anybody else wants to hear it. just like people in the car that play their music so freaking loud. do you really think i want to hear your shitty ass music, even if it's a song i like? like you've ruined it just by like you're basically making me listen to your radio. i don't want to do that. i actually my radio broke in my car like six months ago and i have found no use of repairing it. i just listened to uh podcasts now on my way to work, because that's really the only place i drive to, i'll just download it on my phone, listen to like a 30 hour long podcast, usually uh, hardcore. oh yes, son thing called hardcore history. i used to be an american history major, so i'm just a big history buff. oh, i just flew right into that, and especially with world war ii. that is like world war one and world war ii are like my bread and butter. come on, we're going to face ship right behind him. oh, they're right here, and he did, and he did. oh, man, dude, the aim down sights the one fifth. oh, a little shaky there. a little shaky what we're doing, we putting in the work. come back over here, please. oh, i almost got him too. if only i didn't try to reload there. that's like my number one problem is reloading at the worst time. i gotta work on that. oh god, i see him over there. all right, get rid of your stupid ass, trip mines, let's go. ain't, nobody got time for that. no, no, i'm gonna phase it right right over here, right through here. oh yeah, oh oh yeah. triple dipple, give it a little punch. a [ __ ], [ __ ]. oh, that's [ __ ] up. i shouldn't say that that's, that's truly [ __ ] up. i'm going straight to hell in a handbasket for that one. but in all seriousness, please don't go out and hit a [ __ ]. i will not defend you. mr brightside told us to go out and hit a [ __ ] when we got a triple. no, i did not. i did not say that whatsoever. put words in my mouth. all right, let's put this. no, you don't know. let's get these guys out of here and then we'll put up that bombardment. make sure that they're outside. oh hey, how you doing what's that? oh, what's that bang? oh, i got two. look at this, look at this. i'm gonna steal both of these crates. oh yeah, put up that vulture. what's up? uav? i'll take your uav. hell yeah, hell yeah. now let's put up that bombardment, bang, bang, bang, and then let's call in that bolt.