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ads on black friday

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Facebook Ads Black Friday Strategy & Ideas [2022]

sail season is coming up and, more specifically, a Black Friday, and I, in this video, want to give you the best suggestions and all of my thoughts piled together so you can actually crush it this year in Q4. people are naturally spending a lot of money this time of the year, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, because everyone's getting ready for the holidays and to celebrate Christmas together and typically people are buying presents. so there is sort of a right and a wrong way for you to absolutely crush it. so in this video, we're going to be going over the offer, creatives strategy and overall account structure that you can be using so you can crush it. if you guys don't know who I am, my name is Sydney. I'm a Facebook ad expert, advertex marketing agency, where we offer a full done for you Service as well as coaching and Consulting for clients who are looking to improve their Facebook ads. now, what's great about this time of year is that a lot of people actually wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday- that time of the year- to make a purchase. I know personally I do. if it's near that date, I'm just gonna hold it off because I know that majority of the people who have companies are going to be doing a black Friday, especially if you have an e-commerce store. what's also great about that is that your creatives- although, yes, you do have to invest money in having really great creatives A lot of the time, simply calling out what the sale is in multiple different ways can be sufficient enough. now I'm going to be going over a few different creative ideas that you guys can be using, and a lot of them are actually pretty simple. now, a lot of these creative strategies: yes, they are focused on getting brand awareness and explaining what the product is, but the build up for this sale and the brand awareness should be done before the sale. you shouldn't be trying to reach new customers and, you know, acquire like a ton, a ton of ton new customers on actual Black Friday sale. their marketing strategy should be year-round to build up all of your assets, like your email list, your following and just loyal customers in general, so that Black Friday can actually be very, very successful. while, yes, you can, you know, acquire new customers, of course it's always easier to get a sale from someone when they actually know like it trust you versus the first sale. so, a few different ideas that you guys could use by simply having your product or your product bundle or whatever sale that it is that you have. have your product there and then have a price slash of what the prices were before and then introduce what the new price is, so like a price slash single image, and I've seen this work really well and some other accounts that we've done this for a few years ago. another thing is that you can just have a simple GIF slideshow, sort of like what you would do inside of a carousel, but have different products or your bundled products or different areas, other products showcasing, like you know, different parts of it, or all the collection that you have on sale in a skiff slideshow with a little stiker on it that says what the sale is. that can also perform really, really well. again, what you're looking to do here is simply reach a lot of people and show them what your sale is. all the brand awareness should be done ahead of time. another great one can be throughout the year, I hope, and you should be keeping track of what your best performing videos are so you can can go into Facebook's creative reporting if you haven't saved them specifically, go into creative reporting, use the breakdown feature to see which creative performed best that year, and then you just take that creative and add a stiker onto it that says what your Black Friday sale is. that's a really simple strategy. when you're using a video you know already performs well, you're gonna get really great results pretty much no matter what. so those are really just a few ideas again for Black Friday. you can keep it pretty simple and simply just lay out what your actual sale is, and that should work pretty well. now for the copy. of course, this is what goes into the actual, like primary text and headline. this again: you want to be very clear about what your sale is. so if it's, you know 50 off, or buy one, get one, or you know spend sixty dollars, get free shipping. whatever it is, you want to put that in your headline and in your primary text. one, because not all headlines show in every spot, but whenever someone's reading that primary text, you want them to read it right away. okay, so you can have the sale in capitalized letters, maybe with some emojis around it, and make it very plain and obvious what your sale is. so there is no hesitation. there is no looking further into what it is. you shouldn't be making click bait. it should be plain and simple what your sale is. so I just explained in my last section about the creatives that, while, yes, you can build your brand awareness during your actual Black Friday sale, and by Black Friday sale, the- the days of- I'm kind of toking about like the day of day before day after this, usually when they run the sale- well, yes, that's when you could acquire new customers and look for building brand awareness. ideally, you're showing the sale to people who already know, like and trust you or who have already bought from you in the past. I would recommend your strategy should actually be starting a few weeks before Black Friday and it should be really be like building up your customer base, building out people to become more aware of you, building up your email list so that when Black Friday hits, you already have really large assets that you can and show your sale to. now. a few ways that you could build up your assets would be actually to switch from a conversions purchase campaign and use instead a lead campaign where they're coming to your website and submitting their email, and in this landing page you should include either what this sale is going to be. you could also entike them saying like we're going to have a major sale on Black Friday, be one of the first to know. that's the wording that can be on your landing page. you could also get them really hyped up and tell them, like you know, these three products are going to be on sale. or maybe you have a landing page of all the products that are going to be on sale with no price Associated to it. I've seen this work as well, and on that landing page that they land on, the messaging, the call to action should be sign up so that when we do have the sale, you are the first to know about it. people love being on a VIP list and if they like your brand or if that's something that they're looking for to maybe buy someone else or to actually like buy it for, for themselves or as a gift, they will definitely want to be on that email list. now, not only do you, will you have them for Black Friday, but if they also like you, once they buy from you they'd like to sale. you will also have them for all of the other sales that you run, so they can become a very loyal customer if you can build up that email list. while, yes, we do mostly tok about Facebook ads. email is going to be super important during this process. if they do end up signing up for your exclusive access to your sale, make sure that you keep them engaged. you should have some drip email marketing campaigns that are leading up to the Black Friday, just reminding them that it's happening. maybe show them some extra reviews about people who have also loved that product. if you had any reviews from like last year saying like how great the sale was, if you're making it even better, you can include those as well, but you should be warming them up at least like two to three weeks before that actual Black Friday sale. now, once Black Friday is actually hit, of course, you're gonna change from your lead base campaign into an actual conversions campaign and while I say like, yes, have a lead campaign, you could continue to have a purchase campaign that's running, but typically people are going to be waiting for by Black Friday wh.

If People Who Sell Stuff Were Honest About Black Friday - Honest Ads

hello, I'm Roger. I'm sorry to distract you from your Thanksgiving dinner, but let's face it: Thanksgiving is just a warm-up holiday for Christmas, and cranberry sauce is garbage. speaking of Christmas, I'm here to remind you to get a head start on all your trophy tie and toy buying by going out to our Black Friday sale. like Fridays, a day invented by us, the people who sell things, to lower you, the humans who buy them away from your families, on one of the only nationally recognized holiday weekends of the entire year. by entiking you with marginal discounts on products that you can buy literally anytime you want on the internet, probably for an even better discount. but we spend millions of dollars on advertising to convince you that Black Friday is the only day you can buy any of these gift items, as if we went immediately and wordlessly take your money on any other day of the year. we've made it our mission to convince you that all the smart shoppers do their holiday trophy collecting on Black Friday. we even turn it into a competition by arbitrarily limiting the time these great bargains will be available, which is enough to turn many of you into bloodthirsty Vikings battering and trampling each other for the privilege of paying slightly less money for some toy or small appliance that you could have easily purchased months ago on your smartphone. this is a crock-pot, a product you never think about, that spends 364 days a year collecting dust on retail shelves across America, and on Black Friday you can have one for just $20, which, for all you know, could be a great deal. you don't know. you haven't priced crop pots recently because you don't want one. but there you go, buying it anyway. only a fool would pass this up- and you're not a fool, are you? because there's nothing more important than rewarding your friends and family with prizes. that's why we've gradually started kicking off Black Friday earlier and earlier, to let you get the jump on all those other bargain hunters eager to go out and buy secret rewards for other people. at five o'clock in the morning is five too late in a day for you, worried, all the good bargains will be gone by the time you get there. how about 4 am or 3? heck? we'll open our doors for you at midnight and make it seem like we're giving you an inside track to beat the crowd. and you want that because our ad has been specifically designed to induce anxiety in you by convincing you that everyone else is shopping earlier, faster and smarter than you. at any rate, regardless of when you show up, you'll still be one person in an impossibly massive crowd of the most stressed people you will ever encounter, while being bombarded by all the bright arrows and signs telling you about the deals that we assure you are insane. it's altogether an overwhelming and unpleasant experience for everyone. we are so dedicated in delivering to you the ultimate negligible discounts on frivolous items experienced that some of our locations will even open their doors on Thanksgiving Day- our little way of saying Thanksgiving. well, happily force our minimum wage making teenaged employees to work on one of the only two guaranteed retail holidays of the year to make sure you get the best possible price on that exercise bike you didn't even know existed, 24 hours ago at least, until we have another sale at the end of the month, like we always do, to give everyone a chance to buy all the prizes they really wanted instead of whatever you got for them on Black Friday. so we'll see you bright and early Friday morning, or maybe Thanksgiving afternoon. he'll just put your turkey in some Tupperware and eat it on the way. it's all a question of how much you like being around your family versus how much you like buying things for them, and isn't that what Christmas is all about? Happy Holidays, hey, thanks for watching. I'm sure you loved it. please subscribe. oh and hey, in the comments below, tell us about the worst Christmas present you ever got in. who gave it to you? time to out the family? have a great holiday.

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ASMR Flipping Through Black Friday Sale Ads (Soft Spoken)

hello, welcome back. it's so good to see you. so today we are going to be looking at some Black Friday sales. I actually waited for the Sunday paper to come out because I figured all of the sales would be in that paper. right, these are the only two Black Friday sales that were in there. what? how can that be? I think the reason is because almost every place has been doing Black Friday sales all month. I feel like this is the first year that they've done that. I don't know why. I guess trying to up the chaos. I guess I don't know. but so today we're going to be looking at the two Black Friday sales we have- Kohl's and Ulta- and if you see this, it says Black Friday deals start now. shop in store and online all week long: Sunday November 20th to Friday, November 25th. so let's go ahead and look at the coals first and then we will look at the Ulta. okay, now I because they're always so expensive to me, but I'm sure frequent cold Shoppers. they use their Kohl's cash and probably Kohl's credit cards and stuff like that to be able to find the good deals. I don't know, I'm just not a big big fan of calls. every once in a while I'll go there, but let's go ahead and take a look at their Black Friday deals, because, look, it says you could take an extra 15 off in store and online for the week of November 20th to the 25th. I think that's a pretty good deal. oh, and it looks like their hours have changed as well. they start opening at 8 AM, which started on Sunday. they usually don't open until like 10, 30, something like that. okay, so it looks like we've got either tablets or tablets protectives. I'm not sure they also. I guess this goes with the Amazon Fire seven for kids, this tablet. I think this is perfect for that. and then we have Ninja products. I absolutely love ninja products. I have their blender makes great smoothies. this looks like a. what is that? it's like a. I think it says digital air fryer oven. that is cool, and I think this is an ice cream- very cool. they've got Legos. the top tik gifts. Amazon Echo- do they sell like Amazon stuff there? because what if everything says Amazon? huh, I know that you can return your Amazon products at Kohl's. let's see Amazon Fire TV stik: 24.99- originally, 49.99. whoa, that is a pretty good deal. then we have Amazon Echo Dot- uh, with Alexa: 24.99, originally 49.99. that's actually quite a good deal. Echo dot- Amazon. Echo dot for kids- what that's cute little owl, that's cool. all kinds of goodies. oh, I always wanted one of these where, like, the picture changes. I think those are cool. big ring floodlight and plus. so there's like a camera in there, so there's a video ring, video doorbell. feel like everybody has the ring doorbells. I hear like whenever you push those doorbells it makes this chime and it always reminds me of the show and I think it was Disney Channel, called like Chuggington. it just reminded me of that. I don't know. does anybody know what I'm toking about this Google Nest video doorbell? interesting, those are tiky things, because I don't know about that kind of stuff. let's see what: the vacuums, what is this shark? all kinds of neat little vacuums and stuff. oh, am I skipping ahead? no, okay, 50 off toys. I love toys. I'm an adult and I I love toys. I never grew out of loving toys, you know, looks like we've got some Barbie. what is this? Barbie? baking kitchen dolls, yes, ultimate craft kit, and it's only at Kohl's. hmm, Moana, and is that just? I just said styling it, but I think it's Barbie. I don't know. but they're 9.99. that's a great deal. uh, look, and you've got like the little toddler trampoline for 40 bucks, originally 80. my goodness, it's very cool. what is this? is this a little kitchen? I mean, like that's in, like remote control cars, light year toys- oh, I always loved these. they're like little busy centers. very cool. an activity Cube- that's what they're called. like they used to have these in the doctor's offices when I was a little kid. see, they've got nerve. is that like Play-Doh ice cream, or no, it's Melissa and Doug. what do we have here? kitchen gadget Gadget, crock pots, coffee makers- what is that called? it's like the- um, some kind of blender. I have one of those. I can't think of the name of it, though. air fryers- I love my airfryer for hair. it's awesome. I guess everything on this page is Ninja foodie- never stik four Court. one is that, and then there's a possible pot. I don't know what that is, but I really like the stuff that ninja comes out with. like they even got their own ninja foodie- never dull. premium 12 piece knife block set with built-in sharpener. pull this down, is that? I don't know if it's 200, cool, but it was originally 300, so I mean that's a pretty good deal, right? hmm, oh, is this? all this stuff is from the Food Network? maybe not this stuff, because that doesn't look like Food Network, but this stuff about food network-ish? I didn't know that the Food Network had their own like brand of cookware. interesting, what do we have all sent work scandals and bath and body 65 off. then we have 65 percent off outdoor holiday lawn inflatables. we had to get a new inflatable this year because we had a polar bear family and they blew up just fine. but later that night I looked out the window and their light bulbs were burned out. so I told my husband I was like we have to go tomorrow and get a new inflatable, you know. so of course I had to go, but if I would have known about this 60 off I would have waited. oh my gosh. little puppy sweaters- I love it. little puppy pajamas and stuff. oh my God. looks like they've got some throws. blankets are just like sheets, cuddle guns- I guess it's like a brand name or something type of sheets- and we've got towels, little throws and pillows. is that pillows? how can that be hold on? this is a really good deal. the big one, standard queen microfiber pillow pillow or solid bath towel. you can get a how what? you can get a pillow for 3.39. I don't know if I believe that. the sound of unity, I guess. some earbuds, sunglasses and travel. God, I would not want to travel during the holidays, like going to the airports and stuff. no, thank you, that's too many people for me. look at that. that looks really good. it's Cuisine Art or, yeah, I think it's Cuisinart. three in one: pizza, oven, griddle and a grill. originally 300 and now it's 180.. that's my goodness, but look at that. they're cooking a pizza. that, yes, oh. they've got clothes outdoor here. what are these? totes? boots for the family- interesting. and a bunch of coats. I love these like puffy coats. they always looks so warm and cozy. top active gifts: 69.99 and under for Nike. choose for the family: 25 off select styles. I love hoodies as well. beanies, more shoes, got beanies. and like gloves and socks. it says: earn 15 Kohl's Cash for every fifty dollars spent. I mean that's pretty, pretty good. you've spent a hundred dollars and you get 30 back plus the discount. look at these Jimmy Jams- jammies for your families. that's cute. oh, and little bitty onesies by Carter's. I remember when my kids were little bitty they lived in onesies, a little sleepwear with, like the little footies- oh my gosh, so cute. I love every single one of these. I love plaid- what is that? that 'd be like perfume or something. yeah, it's perfume. oh, and look at all the different makeup palettes I like Too Faced, cool I. oh, I guess they do sell makeup there. I forgot about that. I usually don't. I don't really buy makeup, so I guess I don't even go to that section of the store when I'm there. mixed and mingle and Save- what are these? novelty Christmas clothing for family, select Styles. so I guess those are like the ugly. Christmas sweaters, denim favorites for Less. this is a season to stok up Black Friday deal shop in store. okay, they're just making sure. you know, I feel like that's like on almost every page. a little kid clothes- look at that. so cute. my kids are growing up and they're not being so little anymore. oh my gosh, I absolutely hate these. I feel like my mother-in-law would like that, though like that's just her style. if they also were glittery, she would like that. top. sparkling gifts, all pretty, so many pretties. I like that one that looks really c.

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Top 5 Coolest BLACK FRIDAY Commercials

[Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. so [Music] dodge power dollars to all and to all. out of my way, you better watch out. power dollars are coming to town at the dodge black friday sales event. yo, i'm going to macy's black friday sale. yeah, i know it's pretty cool. it starts at midnight. is this the right way? i'll take that as a yes. i guess you're excited too. get justin bieber's sunday gift set and we'll donate two dollars to the make-a-wish foundation. only at macy's. the black friday sale starts at midnight. this black friday deals week, let the deals come to you. here it comes, the deal that called out to you from amongst thousands of others with amazon's deal notifications. you knew right when it was ready to feel your warm embrace: it's black friday deals week at amazon. let the deals come to you. rated rp2m now, starting at 199..

Get Black Friday Ready with Google Ads in 2022

every single year. the level of success that many businesses see rely on the core two to three month period leading up to the end of the year, and this is because in that period, there's a lot of different sales and holiday periods that greatly increase the amount of spending in the e-commerce and retail area, including black friday, cyber monday, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas and new year, just to name a few. and if you don't know of and use all of the different tools that you can in your google ads campaigns, you can be severely limiting the level of profit and success that you're seeing with your google ads campaigns. so to make sure that you're prepared for the upcoming silly season this year, i want to share with you the top four tools that you can use in your google ads campaigns so that you can see the highest level of success- and, as always, by success i mean highest level of money and profits- and to make sure that you're not missing out on any of these important steps or extensions or tools that you can use in your google ads campaign, and so that you can go about optimizing your e-commerce campaigns in google ads the right way. why don't you go through right now and grab my checklist for e-commerce campaigns in google ads, and this is a checklist which not only lists all the different options that you can use for your google ads e-commerce campaigns, but it also lets you know how often you need to optimize your campaigns, including whether you need to complete actions every 72 hours, every week, every month or every 90 days. and if you want to get your free copy right now, all you need to do is follow that link in the description below. but right now, without wasting any more time, let's get into those top four things that you need to be adding to your google campaigns, and the first one is the countdown timer, and this is something that can be added to your responsive search ads for your search campaigns, and the reason for why i love the countdown timer is because it allows you to bring some really high levels of urgency to your ad copies, because you're creating a fear of missing out or fomo amongst your users, and it speeds up the decision process, because with the countdown timer, you can let people know very clearly how many days or hours are left for your current sale or promotion, because what the countdown timer does is it dynamically and automatikally updates to let the searcher know exactly how many days are left in the sale, and then when you get to the last day or that last 24 hours, it counts down and lets them know how many hours they have left. so if you're not aware, let me right now show you how to add these to your campaign. now, when you're in the edit section for your responsive search ads, when you go into the individual headlines, you just need to type in that squiggly bracket or the brace, and then this brings up some different options: keyword insertion, countdown or location insertion- and obviously right now we want to use this countdown timer. and then from there, you need to add in when you want this countdown timer to end. so let's put this in for the end of the month, and then we say how long before we want this to start. so let's put three days before. and then we click apply. now i'm going to pin this into position three so you can see this appear here and you can see that it says two days. now what we also want to do is we want to add in some text beforehand. so we want to say sale ends and you can see from here: sale ends in two days. and then if we were to change that so that we're saying that this is actually going to end today. you can see that this has changed and now it says sale ends in nine hours. so by using that countdown timer, you're giving a really clear and strong message to your users of how long you've got that sale lasting- whether it be a couple of days or a couple of hours left- so they can cash in and save on your products. and now let's move on to those next two tools that i want to let you know about that you can use across your google ads, ecommerce campaigns, and these are two different types of ad extensions that can be used in your search and your performance max campaigns, and they are promotion extensions and price extensions. and let me show you how both of these work and how you can set them up. so you want to be going into ad and extensions and then go into extensions and then, from here, use this blue plus button and add promotion extension. we then go through and select whether you want this to be set at the account campaign or ad group level, and let's just set this at the account level, and what that means is it will automatikally be displayed across all of our individual campaigns and ad groups in this account. if you want to, you can actually add in the occasion. and because we've mentioned black friday, you can see that there is a black friday option, and then we have to go through and choose of whether this is going to be a monetary discount or a percentage discount. and let's just add in a percentage discount of, say, 30, and then from there we've got 20 different characters where we can say whether this is for partikular products or we can just say site wide, and then you can see it's displaying black friday, 30 off site-wide. from there we then go through and add in the url. now there's two options: you can send them to your home page or a sales page or even the individual product page, and then from there we go down and add in some extra details. now, one thing that i do like to add in is that if we're starting this, say, for example, for black friday, we can select a date of when this is going to start, and we know that this year black friday is on november 25th. so we can say that this is going to start on the 25th and we're also going to say when it ends, and we're going to end this one on the sunday the 4th, and what you're seeing in here is that this black friday is now valid from november the 25th to the 4th of december, and then also what you can add in here when it comes to the promotion details. you can also add in whether there is an on order is over, so let's just say you want it to be on orders over 100, or if there's a promotion code where you could write black 30 to communicate that this is a black friday sale and they're saving 30, and then we can go down into these advanced options. if we want to take it a little bit further now for these advanced options, it's important to note all of this section up here. this is visible to the user, but when we go to these advanced options, these are things that only you see. so if we wanted to set this up now but not have it display until the monday before black friday starts- so the 21st of november- this doesn't change anything in this promotional bar. but what it does do is that it means that this promotion bar won't appear on your ads until this date, the 21st of november, and this is a great tool for your black friday planning in that you can go through, set this up a week or two before and it can automatikally start on the given date and the given time, and that's how it looks in your mobile ad. the other reason why i do like this is that it increases your ad real estate, so it increases the size of your ad, and this is especially powerful for mobile ads because it pushes the second and third position ads further down the page. and then for your desktop ads it also appears in a highlighted section underneath the main section of the ad. and then the second extension which is great to use through sale periods for e-commerce campaigns is our price extensions, and these ones take a little bit longer to set up, but they are very easy process and by this you just need to go through and select your currency. for this example, we'll keep it in usd, and then on each individual product you just need to type in and for here we might say we just put in the price and if this is for a service, so it's not for a fixed price. you can even add in whether this is per hour, per day, per week or per night. we then type in an extra description and t.

#1 Strategy For Black Friday 2022 (BFCM Shopify eCommerce)

thank you. who here has started preparing for Black Friday? a show of hands and actually has a plan and everything ready to roll out to start executing on? okay, great people who didn't raise your hands, this will be exactly for you. um, just a little heads up. I'm very, very tactikal with everything I do, so if you watch my YouTube channel, it's same level of quality, so it'll be really great game plan for all of your clients and stuff like that. I had my first Black Friday encounter in 2019 when I closed my first like Ecom clients and we took this account from literally like negative on ads. they spent like 30k and made back 25k in revenue and we came into their business. we helped them do 100K in the first 90 days, like a 3X return on ad spend, and that was my first ever Black Friday and the time was spending roughly 500 a day, making them back like 1500 a day and you know, for their first Black Friday, we made it back like 13- 14 Grand in the weekend- nothing crazy. but a lot of people thought I was looking around other mentors and things like that. they had all we're toking about since, like September 1st, prepare for Black Friday, prepare for Black Friday and it's I'm like what the you got to prepare for it's literally just waiting till Black Friday starts. launch some ads and say 30 off and you're good to go. so I basically did that and my first Black Friday ever- you know nothing- crazy at the time- entry-level marketer- it felt great. so next year, over 2019 to 2020, I spent a lot of time preparation, toking to mentors and figuring out exactly what makes a great Black Friday. and well, that same exact client we helped them do roughly 69 000 in two days, um, with let's see 13 000 announcement and I'll get. i'll get why we only are able to do that in two days and a little bit, um, but can anyone take a guess? while we have to stop scaling foreign- okay, cool, and we'll get that a little bit too, because that is a huge mistake that I've made is not having enough inventory to hit the numbers you want to hit now. 2021 was my next Black Friday event and went a lot bigger, and we did 734 thousand dollars in seven days, full transparency. there was a completely different brand. this brand was roughly doing, you know, 200 300K a month at the time when we came on board and we did that with roughly eighty three thousand dollars in spend, so just under a 10x return on ad spend. now, what all goes into this? there's three core Parts. the first part is list building, and that's something I'm going to start doing now. teal Black Friday, Cyber Monday. your list is your profit for Black Friday, Cyber Monday. the next thing is teasing, which we start roughly 10 to 14 days out from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and that is teasing the event, getting people ready for the event, and then Black Friday, Cyber Monday launch, and there's four things that you need to prepare to make sure that you have a really amazing event. the first one is your goal. how much money do you want to make? have some clients ask that and they're like whatever's profitable. it's not really a clear goal there. we can spend 30 bucks making back 90 bucks and cool. that's a good job, well done on our side. next thing is offers. what are the type of different offers you're going to offer? and I'm not just toking about the standard of 20 off, 30 off. are you launching any new products, new product lines? are you doing a discount? you doing a bonus, gift items like that? that's very important right. there are types of offers you'll be running, not just doing Black Friday, Cyber Monday, but Q4 in general. next thing is inventory. like I said, that first client- it's 69 000 in two days and a rent of inventory and they couldn't scale Sunday and Monday. and lastly is execution, which will be probably roughly three parts, three quarters discomfort um this presentation, which is all the Tactikal side of a type of ads. you need to run campaign structures and things like that. so number one goal: how much money do you want to make in Q4? and again, this is very important right here because this is going to determine the inventory you need, the offers you need to run and also the ad spend you need. last year for one of that account- the account that it's like 737 thousand dollars in seven days. the problem we ran into was add um spin limits. so we have to literally message Facebook in the middle of it: hey, we need more money. like our daily spin limit was getting capped. so very vital to be able to have all that prepared now so that way you can message Q um Facebook in advance to: hey, we need ad spend limits, we plan on spending this much, as well as like credit cards, things like that cash in the bank, um, so that's all important to be able to work backwards on. next thing is offers. now, this is a little bit different than you probably normally see. we split Q4 and Black Friday, summer Monday to four core offers right here. so Black Friday this year is on Friday November 25th and it's gonna go all the way to Monday, November the 28th for Cyber Monday, and that's when we run our Black Friday. Cyber Monday. we don't start any earlier than at least the Monday before Cyber Monday. we have some people that like to start November 1st for their Black Friday and honestly, I don't really care for it too much. it's, quite frankly, it's like you're just blowing your load early because you have a really amazing Sales Event starting off and then you see a dip mid November and then you see subpar results at a discount rate. so I like to catch the momentum of everyone else and launch it either that week or that Friday for our Black Friday cyber event. now, Tuesday November 29th, that is the day after Cyber Monday. one of the highest converting ways to get people to purchase from you- who has already just purchased and spent a lot of money with you- is offer a new line of products. so hey, you just purchase from us. you spend a lot of money from us at a discounted rate. thank you so much for your support this weekend. here's a limited drop of new items that you've never seen before and it recaptures that attention and gets them to come back in the store and you're giving them a normal rate, no discounts or anything like that. next thing is Christmas, so we like to start our Christmas offer Monday, December 5th and run it all the way up to Christmas. um, this is your buy now, get before Christmas, and just your standard. hey, here's our Christmas offer. and then, lastly, is your New Year offer, um, which we like. to same way for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, we like to do a new drop right after Christmas- best way to get people to convert again from you who just spent a lot of money with you. now you do want to look back at your previous compelling offers. so look at previous sales events- previous you know items you've dropped- and look for best sellers, High converting products and, um, just other, like you know, offers and incentives that you've offered that's worth the best. Black Friday is not a time to test. it's figuring out what's worked well for you and increasing on that. next thing is the type of offers you run is very important. okay, if you do something complicated like this- spend fifty dollars, get ten percent off. spend 100 bucks, get 15 off. who has seen stores like that where it's like this big, long, like list of different discounts and offers and stuff like that? it's too confusing. I can, infused mind will always say no. we like to be very direct with what we're offering, so we just go straight with: hey, get a free bonus item for spending 100 bucks, or free shipping over fifty dollars, or you know, just up to 20 off site wide on the site, whatever the easiest offer is, and we only offer one. next thing: do not use discount codes. that's a big thing that we've seen year over year where, with Shopify, like people have trouble typing in the discount code. you know sometimes you might put like a little space either before you type the code in or something like that, and like it doesn't work. so then, like now, you have an angry customer in your comments: hey, I tried the code, it didn't work, so we just recommend.