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ads on vimeo

Published on: February 23 2023 by pipiads

How to Make Money on Vimeo in 2022 for Beginners

- Explanation of video topic

- Invitation to sign up for free workshop

- Personal success story with Vimeo

Difference between Vimeo and YouTube:

- YouTube as a marketing machine

- Vimeo for selling products and courses

- Professional feel of Vimeo for course creators

Making Money with Vimeo:

1. Creating courses on Vimeo:

- Researching popular niches

- Ranking videos on YouTube

- Building an audience before selling courses

2. Promoting Vimeo's affiliate program:

- Recommending Vimeo to course creators

- Earning commission on subscriptions

- Explanation of potential earnings with Vimeo

- Encouragement to take action and try Vimeo for making money online.

Vimeo Create Video Editor (Review and Demo)

In this video, we will explore the Vimeo video editor, a tool for creating marketing videos and video ads for your online business.

Features of the Vimeo video editor:

- Vimeo is known for its top-notch video hosting and now offers a video editor

- Free to use but a pro account is needed to remove watermarks and access all features

- Professional-looking templates available, searchable by keyword or category

- Can start from scratch or edit existing templates

- Timeline allows for easy scene rearrangement, addition, deletion, and trimming

- Video scene editing options include layouts, media replacement, and scaling

- Text editing options include animation, font, alignment, drop shadow, color, and background

- Can add highlight to text

- Branding feature available with a business account

The Vimeo video editor offers a range of features for creating professional-looking marketing videos and video ads. With its user-friendly interface and customizable templates, it's a great tool for businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

Why I don't recommend Vimeo in 2022 | Youtube vs. Vimeo - For Business

YouTube vs Vimeo: Why YouTube is the clear winner for businesses

A few years ago, a comparison video was done on YouTube versus Vimeo for businesses. Vimeo was recommended for certain situations, but fast forward to today, and YouTube is the clear winner. Here's why:

1. Search and Discoverability:

- YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, making it crucial for businesses to have their videos on the platform for potential exposure.

- The YouTube algorithm suggests videos on the side, in search results, and at the end of videos, increasing discoverability.

- YouTube videos can also rank in Google search, giving businesses even more exposure.

2. Vertical Video:

- Vertical video is here to stay, and YouTube has a separate section called Shorts for under 60-second vertical videos.

- Vimeo supports vertical video in their players, but lacks search and discoverability.

3. Cost and Storage:

- YouTube is still free with no caps on how many videos can be uploaded.

- Vimeo has increased their prices and has caps on monthly and total upgrades.

4. Ads on Videos:

- Vimeo does not have ads at the beginning or end of videos, but YouTube does.

- However, most people are used to ads before videos, and when embedded on a website, ads are not seen at the start.

5. Analytics:

- YouTube has a robust analytics system that is easy to use and understand.

- Vimeo analytics are difficult to navigate and understand.

6. User Interface and Ease of Use:

- Vimeo recently made changes to their video player that make it difficult to navigate and understand.

- YouTube's user interface is more intuitive and easy to use.

7. Replacing a Video:

- Vimeo allows for easy replacement of a video file without breaking the link, making it a huge time-saver.

8. Quality:

- Vimeo has a slight edge in video quality, but it is irrelevant for most businesses since most people watch videos on their phone or laptop.

9. Monetization:

- Vimeo is the clear choice for businesses selling online courses and offers an On Demand service with customization options.

- Monetization is not a factor for most businesses.

10. Webinar:

- Vimeo has a separate webinar service in some of their higher-end plans with great functionality for businesses that do webinars.

Every business should have a YouTube channel for its powerful search and discovery capabilities. Vimeo is still a good choice for businesses that need player customization, frequently replace videos, sell online courses, or host webinars. However, even with those reasons, having a YouTube channel on top of a Vimeo channel is still recommended.

How To Make Money On Vimeo in 2022 (For Beginners)

How to Make Money on Vimeo: A Step-by-Step Guide

- This tutorial will show you how to make money using Vimeo

- By the end of this video, you'll know how to monetize your videos and potentially start earning money today

- Before we begin, my mentor is offering a free workshop that helped me earn my first $7,000 online - check the link in the description to sign up

How to Make Money on Vimeo:

1. Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)

- Similar to Netflix

- Charge subscribers to access your content

2. Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD)

- Similar to iTunes

- Consumers pay per video or series

3. Ad-Supported Video on Demand (AVOD)

- Similar to YouTube

- Your audience doesn't pay, but you earn money from ads on your videos

Advantages of Vimeo:

- One platform for all your video needs

- Can earn more money than on YouTube

- More monetization options

- Vimeo OTT allows you to create your own VOD platform for free

Steps to Monetize Your Videos on Vimeo:

1. Create your own VOD platform using Vimeo OTT

2. Choose a video monetization model (SVOD, TVOD, AVOD)

3. Grow your business with OTT apps

- Vimeo offers a great opportunity to make money with your videos

- Consider which monetization model is best for you

- While Vimeo may offer more monetization options, YouTube has more traffic so it's important to weigh the pros and cons of each platform.

Vimeo Stock Research | The next YouTube?

Vimeo is a video hosting website that has evolved to become a video provider for businesses. Recently, Vimeo went public through a spin-off from their parent company IAC, which makes them an exciting company to talk about. In this article, we will go through how to research the company and see if it's worth adding to your watch list or portfolio.

What is Vimeo and how do they make money?

- Vimeo is a subscription-based video hosting website that allows users to upload videos to share with friends, family, and colleagues.

- Their core business is helping other businesses produce content through video, such as training videos or online courses.

- Vimeo's revenue model is based on a monthly or annual subscription service rather than ads, allowing businesses to send out proposals, videos, or instructions without distractions.

- Vimeo offers customizable templates and features such as TV apps with Roku and Amazon Fire, as well as the ability to monetize content.

Researching Vimeo:

- When researching Vimeo, it's important to look at their financial data, growth targets, and objectives.

- One reason a company might do a spin-off is to keep metrics and measurements in line together, or to focus on core brands.

- Other factors to consider when researching a company include industry trends, competition, and management.

Vimeo is an exciting company to watch, especially for those interested in video production and content creation. As a subscription-based service, Vimeo's business model is unique in comparison to other video hosting websites like YouTube. When researching a company like Vimeo, it's important to consider their financial data, growth targets, objectives, and industry trends.

Google Analytics Video Tracking using GTM (YouTube & Vimeo)

In this tutorial, Carl from Pat's course teaches us how to implement video tracking on our website using Google Tag Manager. By doing so, we can analyze how users interact with our videos, including how often they play them or how much content they watch.

Solution for YouTube embed videos:

1. Go to the variables section in Google Tag Manager and ensure that all the video variables are selected.

2. Create a new tag named Google Analytics event YouTube video tag and select event as the track type.

3. Name the event category as video or YouTube video and select the video status and percentage as the event action.

4. Select the video title and URL as the event label.

5. Select your Google Analytics settings variable ID and create a trigger named YouTube video trigger.

6. Select the pal seeking and buffering and progress option to track the percentage of video content people watch.

7. Hit the preview or submit button to publish the changes.

Solution for Vimeo embed videos:

1. Import the file with all the settings from the admin section of Google Tag Manager.

2. Select the merge option to ensure that none of your existing tags, triggers, or variables are deleted.

3. Create a new tag with the new variables.

4. Hit the preview or submit button to publish the changes.

By following these simple steps, we can implement video tracking on our website and gain valuable insights into how users interact with our videos. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, and don't forget to subscribe to Pat's course for more digital marketing tutorials.

04 Lesson 4 How to Create Ads from Dan Henry on Vimeo

In this article, we will learn how to create different types of Facebook ads, such as image, carousel, slideshow, and video ads. We will go through the power editor and create mockups to show you step by step how to create these ads.

Creating an Image Ad:

1. Open the Power Editor and click Create Campaign

2. Choose Website Conversions as your objective

3. Name your ad set and click Create

4. Select your audience and conversion event

5. Set your budget and schedule

6. Choose your Facebook page and select an image

7. Enter your website URL and adjust your display URL

8. Review and publish your ad

Creating Facebook ads may seem intimidating at first, but by following these simple steps, you can easily create effective ads that will drive conversions and increase your ROI. Remember to target the right audience, use eye-catching images, and include a clear call-to-action to maximize your results.

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