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ads popping up on home screen

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

How REMOVE Annoying Pop-Up Ad Bottom Right Corner SCREEN Chrome Windows 10 11 Stop News Notification

greetings. in this video, we want to show you how to remove these annoying notifications that'll pop up, usually on the bottom right of your screen. a lot of times it's from like news organizations or something. so what's happened is you inadvertently gave permission to a website to start advertising to you or popping up notifications. now you think that they would, you know, not abuse the system and maybe do it once a day, but you find out that they want to do it every other five minutes. it'll make that annoying noise right here on the bottom right. so I want to show you how to do it on Google Chrome, and primarily, it's the same on the other browsers like Firefox and Opera and all those others. what you want to do on Google Chrome is you want to go on the upper right here where you see the three dots, go ahead and click the three dots, and then what you want to do is go to settings and then, from here, what you want to do is you want to go all the way where it says privacy and settings, and then, from here, what you want to do is go all the way down to where it says site settings, and then, from here, it shows like the recent activity and it shows permissions. so if you scroll down here and go to Notifications right here, go ahead and click it, it's going to show you what's allowed and what's disallowed. now, if you go right here on notifications, you can actually prevent them asking you by, say, don't allow sites to send notifications. so you could literally just click that and that will end your issue. um, if they can, you give them permission to ask, that's fine, but if you don't want that, you can just click on that now to stop that specific, annoying one. go all the way down here to where it says allow to send notifications. I got three of them and this is my culprit here- the news 18.. they've really, really took advantage. so I want to click on the three dots and I'm going to remove, and that fixed my issue. all right, thanks for watching you. you come here, you, yes, you. I need your help. come here. you see this right here. this Wall's empty. I need a YouTube play button. in order for me to get a YouTube play button, I need 100 000 subscribers. I got what? 20, 30 000. right now I need a hundred. I need you, please you, to subscribe. you think my subscription doesn't help? yes, it does. I need a hundred thousand. I need, I visualize. I visualize what I want in this world and what I want is a YouTube play button. I want a YouTube play button and I need you to subscribe. you can help me. you can make your dreams come true. just visualize it. whatever you want in this world, you can have. you can have all your dreams come true. I want you to help me make my dreams come true. all right, so please subscribe.

How to Remove the full screen pop-up ads from android phones! Android 8.0.0! 2018/2019! FREE

hello Android users. so about a week ago ads started to pop up on my friend's phone so I kinda laughed at him, but yesterday it happened to me too. I'm toking about this kind of ads, a full screen pop-up ads that comes out of nowhere. you don't have to be in an app, you don't have to be on your browser, you just need to unlock your phone and you just pop up out of nowhere. and I've searched online for a solution and I got to a youtube channel called tik virus and he offered the solution that resolves the problem, but it was meant for an older version of Android and to get to those settings that he shows on his videos. there's a different way to get to those settings on a newer version of Android, and I have the Android 8.0 point. Oh, as you can see, if you already searched online, they probably told you to go to settings, go to account and go to your Google account and then you need to see some options down below. but, as you can see, on the newer version of Android we don't have those options. so what you need to do is to go to settings, press Google and then you go to Google accounts, go to the data and personalization. scroll down until you get to add personalization- personalization, I love this word, personalization- click on it, it will open up the browser and, as you can see, add personalization is on. oh, and, if you want to know what Google learned about you so far- I mean, what topics you interested in and stuff- you just scroll down and you have a long list of those things. so, going back to our subject, add personalization, you need to turn it off. data personalization. turn it off and then go to visit your online choices. it will take a half a minute, a couple of seconds. it's checking your internet connection and stuff and it's loading the list of companies that allows allowed to publish on your phone. so let's just wait a couple of seconds, click on continue and, as you can see, there's a long list of markers. mine already says no, because I already did this procedure, but if you first, if you see this page for the first time, you probably say something else. so all you need to do, as you can see, at the top right of the screen there's a button set that says select all. you just press it, select all, and on the bottom right you can see submit choices. I'm sorry for the water stamp, but on the bottom right of the screen you see some big choices. just click on it for the first time, as it will take longer, then- I don't know- a couple of seconds, because you have about 120 for companies to disable, you know, and I only have three left. I don't know why they don't allow me to leave those companies, but I don't care. the ads are gone. and then you go to view update results. you scroll down and now yours is probably saying no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. and that's basically it. and I did another thing. another two things go to settings and then I got. I got through my Samsung Account, press on privacy and you see on the top of the screen marketing information. I turn it off. and then I went to the settings again. I went to Google and, as you can see, you have the ads right here. click on it and I turned them off also. I don't know, it's probably for the best. I don't want no ads on my phone. anyway, guys, I hope I helped. I did this procedure about two days ago and I haven't seen the pop-up ads since then, since then, and I'm hoping it will stay like that and hope I helped. good luck.

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How to Remove the full screen pop-up ads from android phones | 2020

all right. so you want to be deleting all the notifications or the pop-up ad pop-ups that you get on your screen. so it's pretty easy and you can do this with any Samsung phone or tablet. now, the notification that I'm toking about are the ones that pop up every now and then, so it's like a big screen is covering all the screen, and then you can just press on the back arrow and then I'll just go away. mmm, now to do that, it's pretty easy. hi, what's up? this is the tiknology, row zero 7 here, teaching you all about the tap, whether they're tik issues, reviews, tutorials, unboxing and much more, and that all-in-one right here on this channel. this tutorial I'm just using the Samsung Note 9, but it's the same for all the other ones as well. so what you want to do is you drag down the screen, you go on to the settings and then you want to go down to where it says Google, select that icon that you're signing into and then go on to data and personalization. now in here, you want to go down to us his address analyzation. now, what this really means is that you have money. you must have clicked either by purpose or you know just unknowingly that you wanted to like say, for example, I personalized ad on your phone. or say like foot notifications and this, this is why you always get in those notifications. so to turn that off because of C by this time it must have got really annoying for you, which has for me as well. then let's go and see how we actually do this. go to so, first of all, when you got to add personalization. you're going to go to add settings and then here it says: add personalization is on. you want to really turn this off. so basically, before we do that, I just want to show you guys at the bottom of all the sort of things that you can get in the ad for, so like it could be anything to do with auto and vehicles, cars and greetings, like if this is obviously this is now like the Christmas period, flowers, say if you're interested, flowers, paid search runs and everything that you're actually interested on, right, right. so to turn that off, you just press on this button here and then you should get this page and you just do if you wanted to keep it on. you can still keep it on if you wanted to or not want to turn it off, because maybe there are some as D you would like to come up, but in this case we'll just turn it off. they say turn off and this. it says it may take some time before they, before the change is reflected across our system. so what this really means: it's like you could turn this off but you may still get some ads on. it's just for a couple of maybe minutes or hours, but later on over turned off. it says that at the bottom you can also turn off as personalized in from for the Google ads that you see when you're signed out and one hundreds plus other online ad, whatever. let's just leave that for now and then this goes to got it. now this has been turned off, so let's go at the bottom right. so on the previous page we saw this ad choices that we left off. I want to actually point up to you guys of when you actually deliberately or an only have pressed on okay to some of these services, but if you press on ad choices, this is one of the samples that I'm going to show you guys. so this says that this website uses cookies. so basically, what the cookies is is basically saving all your search habits. wherever your searching ever websites using cookies, it will. actually, if you've actually implied for and then using that saved habits of yours, I will tailor the ads to your needs so that way. say that, for example, if you did have an ad that's popping up and maybe something that you wanted, but then- but then you wouldn't preferably want it to pay to be popping up on your screen when you don't want it to. you'd rather go on to a website and like search for it. okay, so if you say accept to any of these cookies, that's when you're gonna get all those ads popping up later on which you may not realize. but then that's basically why is, if you say reject, then you're not going to be getting any notifications on that or any ads on that. but then there are some websites. when you say reject, then it will not allow you to maybe visit that website. so then you don't have any choice, right? so in here you can see all of the websites that will actually show you all the ads that you've got. so this is all in here. so you just want to say turn off all companies. really scroll down and just say turn off all companies, and this way you're turning off everything. there will be some that you may not be able to turn off. just because it's by default, you may not be able to turn it off, so that's fine. at least we can turn off some of them. and that's where the notes come up and it says in here: if you choose to turn off online behavioral advertising, you will still see advertising on the internet. so that's probably when you're actually visiting their website. so that's fine, because you've actually visited that website. it's not like it's just popping out of nowhere. so you see where, now that everything is red, that means these ones have been turned off. but then there are some darcel green. you can just go individually and turn them off. so there's basically some meaning of these icons in here as well. so now you see this green. if you want to turn that off, turn it off, but it's not going to turn off because that's just something that's set by default which we can't do anything about. you see this one? okay, we see, because it says Microsoft, so it's probably something to do with the phone itself. now, that's it for this part of the video. some of them have obviously failed. that's fine, is because of those that's got issues and like the ones that can't be turned off. now let's go and see some other tips. you see some notifications. so, like this website, modern ASA or modernist, however you want to call it- has brought up. for me, it's like this is one of the advertisements. this is the app that I've actually downloaded on my phone, so if I didn't want any notification from the app, then what I could really do is long press on it, go to detail and then just turn this off, but that way I'm not gonna be getting any notifications from them in the future. okay, and it goes the same for all the other apps. so say that, for example, Groupon, and sometimes one Groupon to show me you know some ads because of the, because they usually have some nice offers which I won. then I can go ahead and purchase them. so those are the two ways in which you could actually remove your pop-up ads from your phone. all right, guys. so I hope you liked this video. don't forget to subscribe, like and share. last but not least, don't forget to follow me on some of my other social media platforms. so first, in that luxury is my at my cooking channel, which is called cooking town: natural remedies, or have the links on the description box. and also don't forget to follow me on platforms such as Facebook, which is also called the tiknical 2:07, where I'll be bringing you all sort of different things that are to do with tik and also some other funny videos that you may see. so follow me on other platforms such as Facebook. follow me on Twitter, Instagram. that's it. I do have a snapchat. come back. don't go on it usually, cuz I have my personal one. but yeah, I'll wrap it up there and I hope you like this video. don't forget to subscribe, like and share it and I will see you on the next one.

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How to Stop Full screen Ads On Android Phones? Feat. Nokia 6.1 Plus and Asus Max Pro M2

[Music]. this time it is about how to get rid of these annoying full screen ads. but before that, hey guys, I'm availing in with another video. this time it is about how to get rid of these annoying full screen ads that we really don't like on a stok Android phones or other Android phones. so before we start, if you're new to my channel, then to hit the subscribe button, and if you have already subscribed, then a big thank you to all of you guys. now let's get started. now, first thing is that we should know what is the reason for this. the reason is that you must have installed apps. which is actually causing this. so, first of all, you have to know which app is the culprit. it may be, you know, possible- that you may have installed two, three apps which are actually causing this. you know full screen ads, right. so what do you have to do? you have to find out the culprit, that app that is causing this. you know full screen ads, right? so how to do it? there are two methods that I'm going to show you today. the funny first thing, very first thing, is that whenever you get this kind of ad, you don't have to cancel it. what do you have to do? let me show you here: suppose this ad is already there, you don't have to cancel it. what do you have to do? go to play stone- there you can see this, your options. then go to my apps and games. there you can find the list of all the apps and you know, games or whatever the applications that you have installed. now sort those applications like the installed, then short last used. okay, so this will sort all the applications, they know, based on the used when you have used them. now, if you find that something, any app which is actually not being used by you but still there, that means that app is the culprit. in my case, when I checked it, I found that this app intro maker that you know, this app, was causing that kind of problem and I, when I checked it, that if I open this- suppose now I've already opened it, like I'm closing it now- okay, that's not opened. now, if an, even if I open it again, okay, simply, it will show me another red. okay, let me show you that. look, so it is the culprit here. so what I have to do? simply, I have to install this app, okay, so in my case it was very straightforward and I knew that that must be the app which is causing the problem in your case. what do you have to do? suppose you have, you know, open some applications and suddenly you you see that you know fullscreen ad. then what you have to do, you just have to minimize that and go to play store and then installed and sort all the application like this last used, and after that you have to check whether any application which is actually not used by you at that moment, but still it is being shown here. so what do you have to do? you just have to install that partikular app, okay, and it should, you know, fix your problem. and if it does, then do let me know in the comment section now. sometimes, now nowadays, the developers, the app developers, are really smart and sometimes it may not be, you know, you know it's not shown here. so what happens in that case? there is another method to check that. what you have to do, you have to go to developers option. okay, what I have to do: go to developers options, settings, then advanced and then developer options. so if we have not activated this option, what do you have to do? you just have to go about phone, then build a number. here you have to tap okay three to four times, then it will be activated, right? in my case it is already activated, so I don't have to do it. I just have to go developer options and then you have to go to memory. okay, memory, where is it? memory? okay, instead of searching it like this, you just have to type you're running services. what you have to do- running services. you can see that it is there. okay, then you have to go there: this one running services. ok, now, this will show you all the you know apps which are running or which we're running. now, if you can find that any partikular, partikular app which was not used by you, but still it is there, that means that F is the culprit. so this is another way to check which app is actually causing that kind of unnecessary or unwanted full screen ads, right? so I believe that this will help you to find out the culprit, the app that is causing this problem. so, if it does, then do let me know in the comment section. and you know, I believe that this will help, right, and, as I always say, you know, help me to build my channel by sharing my videos with others. and till the next video, guys, Cheers.

Mountain Oddities Museum - Bizarre and Terrifying Artifacts - Knoxville, TN

hey, you all carpetbagger here coming to you live from the south. more specifically, we are in Knoxville, Tennessee, and, even more specifically than that, we are standing outside of mountain Oddities. this is a wonderful, uh Oddity shop that's been here for some time now and uh, but recently they've, uh they've undergone a transformation. uh, they used to split the store in half between an oddity shop and a collectible shop, but the collectible shop has has left the building and the museum. the shop has been extended into a full Museum, so I definitely wanted to come by and check out this newly Museum. fight uh out of these shop. so with that kind of gone from a shop to being a full-fledged Museum. so please follow me. [Music]. thank you. as you can see now, Mountain Oddities has dubbed themselves the strangest Museum on Earth, says. there's his Mountain Oddities. we're ghosts, have nightmares. the window- there you see the sideshow Banner. it's a strange Safari, odd animals and weird animals of the band KISS, or a miniature version of Kiss playing on a piece of Driftwood, and then we have a little hearse down there being driven by a ghoul. yes, various strange, unusual things. as WE peer through the window here we see this swinging boy from The Natural Bridge wax museum. I actually remember back when he was hanging, used to be hanging from a rope out in front of the Natural Bridge back to him, which we sadly lost some time ago. out there looks like maybe a piece of a wrecked race car. giant Asian Dragon there. oh, look at this little little ghoul here in the wheelchair. [Music]. oh, somewhat ominous torture chair there you can see it's got the shackles and, uh, the neck shackle and a little head cage. oh, dear, greeted here at the door by the velociraptor. you can see quite a few things have changed here. I love this werewolf style creature here, all dressed up and Dabber, it's top hat and his monochial. he only got using a rattlesnake as a cane on the ladder Lantern there as well. just look how, despite the, despite how dappery is. just look how vicious he is as well vicious and dapper. here is the donation box. donations to help build the museum bigger seems like a good cause there. you can see it's a skeleton with a head that's assigned to sign. you'll see one of our favorites here on this channel, the creature from the Black Lagoon. now, this here is very, very intriguing. you see a gorilla, very lifelike gorilla, there, and he's actually got his, his chest cut open. apparently this is a screen used prop from a movie called buddy. I'm not necessarily familiar with the movie, but, uh, apparently it is a a movie called buddy about a gorilla put out by Disney and uh, of course, this version of Buddy is, I guess, being dissected. so, yeah, that is a that's from a Disney movie. Disney movies may have been a little, a little rougher back in the day, but uh, yeah, really amazing likeness of a gorilla. yeah, you can see these production photos here where they created the dissected uh gorilla. there, the special effects team working on a another screen used prop. this is the mugwump alien used in the 1991 Naked Lunch film directed by David Cronenberg, and that is a weird and twisted creature there. I've never, never, seen Naked Lunch. I may need to, uh, I need to look into it this year is a 16 foot King Cobra? yeah, look how tall he is. he's taller than me just standing there on uh, on his tail. see how long he is. yeah, yeah, I, I wouldn't even know what to do. I came face to face with a live King Cobra that big or any king cobra really Beaver here very hard at work. my, my mom's recently had a feud with a beaver. it chewed down her prized apple tree because apparently they like the taste of apple trees. but then it also started knocking down other huge trees in the neighborhood and she is doing whatever she can to hunt down and eliminate the beaver. the gator there on the log, big old, big old alligator, some jars of fun here, all sorts of weird preserved creatures and body parts. down here we have a deformed pig for sale. that's uh 200. it's a good price for a deformed Pig. and then uh, malformed Pig here with is: uh, his name is Harry porker. it says that he has tiny back legs and he traveled the country as part of the Museum of mysteries and is now looking for his next Big Show. and you can take home Harry porker there for 250 dollars. see a modified raccoon up there. you know these, these types of mummies, are really fascinating. they're not like the traditional mummies and that you're not involved, they're not wrapped in cloth. but uh, this is a raccoon. it would have probably died of natural causes and then, just whatever conditions he were he was in, uh, unique conditions that would allow his body to be preserved instead of break down, probably like dry, cool conditions I would imagine being good for this uh type of mummification. that way his snowy starts to become solid and rock-like and is preserved. and yeah, it's a very fascinating and you can find a naturally mummified animal like that. this is pretty fascinating here. this is a Yuri, a Sim Pagan Soldier. according to the sign here says he fought and lost against the Knights Templar at the siege of ascalon, died 1099 AD, starved to death in the desert sands, and the Templars used him as a trophy. so that's crazy, almost a thousand years old. I guess he was preserved by uh by being in the desert where it was dry. look at that. you can see his feet there, his arms bound next to his face. see this dollhouse here. let's get dollhouse, for some bad things have happened. oh, yeah, there's uh, there's been someone murdered in the bathtub. looks like there's body parts shoved in the toilet. that's pretty horrible. oh man, look at that row. that's a lot of, that's a lot of blood. a severed head in the hallway there and then, yeah, what happened to make all that blood Splinter everywhere in the kitchen? you know kitchen table just piled up with separate body parts. it's a 150 pound rubber band ball. so this was used as a as part of a charity to raise money for a children's hospital and now it is donated to this Museum where it is on display, a prosthetik leg right there. some uh, interesting masks. I don't know if these would be like Odd Fellow masks or used in some sort of ceremony, but they kind of have that either Odd Fellow or Mason used kind of like ghoulish. look to the mask. I mean, look at that one. there is a two-headed baby, so it's actually a traveled with PT Barnum's traveling Sideshow. so yeah, that's amazing, actual artifact displayed by PT Barnum, a two-headed baby there. and, um, yeah, a lot of times the, the babies in jars, were called pickled punks. most of them, you know, were not real. they were, they were, you know, fake babies. and it was funny. they actually had the issues with different states laws because some states I made it illegal to display live babies and some states made it illegal to display fake babies because it was, you know, a scam. so they had to change their explanation depending on what state they were in. some, you know, sometimes they had to uh, have a real baby in the jar and claim it was fake just to get around state laws. an adorable little two-headed lamb there and that's actually also belonged to PD Barnum's traveling sideshow- the two-headed animals, always always a big draw in the sideshow and yeah, we continue to be amazed and and to gawk at these mutants uh to this day, so that's very sad. there there's uh children's shoes from Holocaust. it says: don't let history repeat. yeah, very scary. I think that uh, human beings can be as awful as they became during that time period. here is a piece of work done by Homer Tate which is he's basically known as the king of Sideshow gaffes, or you know, fake Sideshow artifacts. it's like some sort of um mummy remains here and yeah, and to have a real Homer tape piece, it's pretty amazing. he created, you know, some very famous gaffs, including the, the thing in Arizona, the, the legendary Roadside Attraction, the thing he created that mummy- and then uh also created Jake the alligator man out in Washington, two of the most famous guests of all tim.

How to stop Android phone home screen pop ups Ads

bad for us to the piece of you. I'm a journal victim, backwash so far, so open. a mean piece about the kitchen. we are perhaps not at all. so what's so fun about? because it has no stop. every time she was earning RS time or polymer for her - Oh, Tommy. [Music]. [Music].