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Ads R Us Books: Your One-Stop Shop for Literary Treasures

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, indie author and graphic artist Vanessa, also known as Sage, shares tips on running Facebook ads for book promotion. She advises authors to advertise the first book in a series, research and narrow down target audiences, and test creatives and copy before running ads. Vanessa walks viewers through setting up a campaign, ad set, and ad, including choosing a campaign objective, optimizing delivery, setting a budget, selecting placements, and creating a primary text and headline. She also shares examples of audiences, interests, and ad creatives she has used for her paranormal mystery series, Shadowhurst Mysteries. Ultimately, Vanessa stresses the importance of tracking ad performance and adjusting strategies accordingly to achieve the lowest cost per click and increase book sales.

CHRISTMAS DAY🎄 So GLAD We Are NOT in Siargao Right Now 😨

The family is spending Christmas at the Sofitel hotel and enjoying the day opening presents and having room service breakfast. They have a lot of gifts to unwrap and are taking it slowly. They play a game with a big wrapped ball and wear gloves to make it more difficult. The family also watches a movie and eats Christmas donuts.


- Poppy, the dog, is part of the family and they enjoy watching her open presents

- The family is glad they avoided bad weather in their hometown and are enjoying their time at the hotel

- They are still producing daily videos until the end of the year and have a playlist for viewers to follow

- The family plans to go on a nostalgia tour in Cavite City and explore on the way back to their hometown

The family is having a lazy Christmas day and enjoying their time together. They are grateful for their experiences and look forward to more adventures. Merry Christmas from the family!

These vintage ads are CURSED (witness my trauma)

In this article, we will be discussing an interesting topic of vintage ads that are unsettling to watch. We will analyze the ads and try to understand why they were so popular back then. Let's dive into the world of vintage ads!

Unsettling Vintage Ads:

- The series Watching Blank Drunk is bringing back unsettling vintage ads.

- Old commercials can be horrifying, especially when you see how much has changed over time.

Some Examples of Vintage Ads:

- Soup man: The soup man's head is an onion, and his nose is a carrot. He makes soup from his brother and sister.

- Coca Cola: The 60s lady takes four whole seconds for half a sip of coke. The ad claims that coke is low in calories and provides quick energy between meals.

- Sugar Rice Crinkles: The ad claims that every grain of rice in the cereal is crinkled with honey and sugar.

- McDonald's: The old Ronald McDonald had a cup as a nose. The burger looks pathetic, but it is actual food, unlike the literal Styrofoam on TV today.

Vintage ads can be unsettling to watch, but they provide a unique perspective on how advertising has evolved over time. These ads were designed to be memorable, and they certainly succeeded in that regard. It's interesting to see how much has changed in the advertising industry since then, and how much more sophisticated and targeted ads have become.

Facebook Ads - "You NEED To Read THIS Book" in 2023

Ogilvy on Advertising: A Game-Changing Read for Digital Advertisers

In this article, we will discuss the impact of David Ogilvy's book, Ogilvy on Advertising, on e-commerce success and Facebook ads. We will also cover the most important factors for increasing click-through rates, strategies for global digital marketing, and tips for effective Facebook ads for fashion clothing stores.

Ogilvy on Advertising: A Game-Changer for E-commerce

The author shared his experience of launching 15-20 different brands in 2017-2018 that failed despite having good products, offers, and copywriting. After reading Ogilvy on Advertising, he realized that his marketing skills needed improvement, specifically in direct response advertising. Using the principles from the book, his e-commerce brand went from losing money to making $15,000 in the first month and reaching $180,000 a month at its peak. Ogilvy's book, published in the 1940s and 1950s, is still relevant and useful for digital advertisers today.

Increasing Click-Through Rates: The Importance of Scroll Stoppers and Benefits

The author emphasized that the number one factor for increasing click-through rates is scroll stoppers. If viewers don't stop scrolling, they won't click. Thumbnails are important but are usually not as influential as scroll stoppers. After a scroll stopper, introduce the product, and then focus on presenting its benefits and value to the consumer. Find ways to break down objections and provide an offer that creates urgency. Finally, add a clear call to action that tells viewers exactly what to do.

Global Digital Marketing: Riding the Trend and Analyzing Google Trends

The author suggested that trends in digital marketing may vary between countries. For example, he noticed a year or so delay between trends in the USA and Brazil. He recommended using Google Trends to analyze trends in different countries and ride the trend. He also recommended taking successful products from the USA and testing them in other countries to see if they will be successful there as well.

Effective Facebook Ads for Fashion Clothing Stores: Focus on the Hero's Journey Concept

When it comes to effective Facebook ads for fashion clothing stores, the author suggested focusing on the hero's journey concept. This concept involves creating ads that allow the customer demographic to see themselves as the hero in the ad. By creating ads that showcase the target lifestyle, viewers can picture themselves achieving that lifestyle. The author recommended showing people in the image wearing the clothes in the environment of the target lifestyle.

In conclusion, Ogilvy on Advertising is a must-read for digital advertisers seeking e-commerce success. To increase click-through rates, use scroll stoppers, benefits, and a clear call to action. When it comes to global digital marketing, ride the trend and analyze Google Trends. For effective Facebook ads for fashion clothing stores, focus on the hero's journey concept and showcase people wearing the clothes in the target lifestyle.

Kindle Ads Quick Intro (KDP Advertising Campaign for Amazon Book Ads)

This article provides a brief introduction to Amazon Kindle ads and the three different types of campaigns that can be run: sponsored products, sponsored brands, and lock screen ads. Each campaign type is explained in detail, along with tips and strategies for optimizing ad performance.

Sponsored Products:

- This is the simplest way to start advertising on Amazon.

- Allows advertisers to promote individual products.

- Automatic targeting is recommended for beginners.

- Manual targeting offers more control over keyword selection and bidding.

- Results can be analyzed in the Amazon Ads Manager.

Sponsored Brands:

- Allows advertisers to create a mini eCommerce landing page.

- Ideal for promoting a variety of products or a brand portfolio.

- Offers more control over landing page design and product selection.

- Can be used in combination with sponsored products for maximum impact.

Lock Screen Ads:

- Large ads that target individual interests rather than search terms.

- Ideal for promoting a single product.

- Targeting is based on topics rather than keywords.

- Offers the potential for high visibility and engagement.

Tips and Strategies:

- Consider your goals when creating a campaign.

- Understand your target audience and their interests.

- Experiment with different targeting options and bidding strategies.

- Monitor and analyze results in the Amazon Ads Manager.

- Optimize ad text and landing page design for maximum impact.

Amazon Kindle ads offer a powerful way to promote products and brands on the world's largest online marketplace. By understanding the three different campaign types and following best practices for targeting and bidding, advertisers can achieve their goals and drive sales and revenue on Amazon.


Do you want to increase your book sales on Amazon? In this video, you will learn the exact system to create profitable Amazon book ads that drive readers to your books on autopilot. Let's get started!

- Amazon book ads are a great opportunity to make more money with your books and scale up your sales.

- You can set them up once and let Amazon do the marketing for you.

Using Keywords:

- Focus on books related to your niche, authors new releases, and titles in your also bought section.

- Use a tool like Publisher Rocket to find keywords quickly and easily.

Optimizing Your Book:

- Reviews are essential to show social proof and indicate the value of your book.

- Write a great description that focuses on the transformation your book offers and includes key takeaways.

- Use bullet points and bold font for emphasis.

Managing Your Ads:

- Review your ads regularly to identify profitable and unprofitable keywords.

- Turn off ads that aren't selling enough copies of your book within two weeks or a month.

- Keep your ACoS (advertising cost of sale) under 70% and know your numbers to make sure your ads are profitable.

- Using Amazon book ads can be an effective way to increase your book sales.

- Focus on keywords that make sense, optimize your book description, and manage your ads regularly.

- Knowing your numbers and monitoring your ACoS is key to making sure your ads are profitable.

EASY Amazon Ads for KDP Authors & Low Content Books 2022 - Sponsored Ad Campaign Strategy Tutorial

Hey guys, I'm really excited today. I'm making my first video for the Amazon ads video series. Over the last few years, my wife and I have spent over $100,000 on Amazon ads, including both Amazon FBA and Kindle Direct Publishing. So we have gained a lot of experience and we've learned so many tips and tricks. And I'm going to share it all with you. I'm not going to keep any secrets. I'm not going to hold anything back. I'm going to teach you everything I know about ads. This is going to be a 10 video series, so make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss a single video. Also, please let me know in the comments below everything you want to learn about Amazon ads, and I will include all that data for you in the next upcoming videos. Okay, so let's dive right into it.

Creating a Proper Campaign:

- To create your Amazon ads, you have two options: you can either go to advertising.amazon.com or you can go to the campaign manager through your KDP bookshelf.

- Create a proper campaign with all the right settings and without mistakes so you can get the best results possible.

- Having bad settings or doing ads incorrectly can be a really big money-waster and can also be really sad to see no results.

- If you do it right from the beginning, your chances of success are just that much higher.

Understanding Basic Terms:

- Impression: When your ad shows up on a search result page or on a product page.

- Click: When a person sees your ad and then clicks on it to go to your product page.

- Click-Through Rate (CTR): The total clicks divided by the total impressions.

Overview of Amazon Ads Platform:

- The Amazon ads platform can seem really complicated and confusing, but it's only as long as you don't know how to navigate your way around the Amazon ads platform and you don't understand old terms.

- The Amazon ads platform has many settings, different menu items, and different tabs that can get very confusing, overwhelming, and just complicated.

- I'm going to break it down really simply and easily for you so it all makes sense.

- I would recommend taking lots of notes or if you want to, I'm going to leave a download link where you can download this entire slideshow with all my notes for your future reference points.

Bidding Strategies:

- You can choose between three different bidding strategies: dynamic bids down only, up and down, and fixed bids.

- Dynamic bids down only means if a customer is browsing on Amazon that Amazon feels like could buy your product, it will decrease the bid for that click so you're going to spend less money.

- Up and down can be good, but I prefer starting with down only just because I've had overall better results with most of my campaigns.

- Fixed bids mean that if you decide you want to bid 50 cents per click, that's exactly what your bid will be every time.


- There are two different types of targeting: automatic targeting and manual targeting.

- Automatic targeting can be called an automatic campaign or auto campaign, and Amazon will do all the targeting for you.

- Once that has run for two weeks, you can see what keywords and what products are converting for your book or your product, and then you can take those keywords and put them in a manually targeted campaign.

- I'll show you how to easily do that in the next video.

- I recommend only targeting one product per campaign so you can see exactly for that one product which keywords and targets are performing well and which are not.

Managing Amazon ads can seem overwhelming, but with the right strategy and understanding of basic terms and the Amazon ads platform, you can create a successful campaign and see results. Remember to start with a proper campaign with all the right settings and without mistakes, understand your bidding strategies and targeting options, and only target one product per campaign for better management and profitability.

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