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Ads run short on YouTube

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, the speaker teaches how to create a YouTube short ad. The tutorial starts with creating a video campaign using Google Ads. The speaker shares step-by-step guidance to create a successful YouTube short ad.

Steps to Create a YouTube Short Ad:

1. Go to AdWords campaign and select video campaigns or start a new campaign.

2. Choose the custom video campaign option and hit continue.

3. Name the campaign and set the budget (the speaker puts $20).

4. Target the audience (the speaker chooses Arizona and English language).

5. Exclude inventory type (the speaker takes off the display network).

6. Set target devices (the speaker emphasizes targeting mobile phones only).

7. Choose demographics (the speaker selects female).

8. Add a landing page with UTMs for tracking.

9. Select a short ad video.

10. Make the ad skippable and set the budget (the speaker puts 20 cents).

11. Create the campaign and launch the ad.

Creating a YouTube short ad requires targeting mobile phones and setting specific demographics. It's important to exclude certain inventory types and set a budget to maximize the ad's reach. By following these steps, anyone can create a successful YouTube short ad campaign.

💣 Google Ads UPDATE: Run Ads on YouTube Shorts

There's a new beta that allows ads to be shown in YouTube shorts.

It's not a beta that's changed within the interface of Google, but rather within Google's placements.

To qualify for shorts, you need to be running a video action campaign that's targeted for either leads or sales as the goal and using an automated conversion-based bidding strategy.

The video also needs to be uploaded as a vertical video and have shorts in the URL.

Targeting only mobile users will also help qualify for shorts.

This campaign is not currently qualified for shorts, but changes will be made to test and target frequency.

NEW YouTube Shorts MONETIZATION Policy for 2023

YouTube shorts monetization is changing forever, and it's essential to know how to get paid on your YouTube shorts. The YouTube shorts Creator Fund will end in Spring 2023, and it will be replaced with YouTube ads for shorts and YouTube super thanks. This article will provide a detailed guide on how to monetize your YouTube shorts.

Key Points:

- YouTube shorts Creator Fund will be replaced with YouTube ads for shorts and YouTube super thanks.

- YouTube super thanks are donations from your fans, similar to YouTube super chats during live streams, and have a 70-30 revenue split between YouTube and content creators.

- YouTube shorts ads will be rolled out to everyone in the YouTube Partner program who qualifies.

- Shorts content creators have an alternative path to monetization, either through the traditional route of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time or through the shorts creator route of 1,000 subscribers and 10 million shorts views in 90 days.

- YouTube is creating a lower tier of YouTube monetization called YouTube and funding, which includes YouTube super thanks, super chats, super stickers, and YouTube channel memberships.

- YouTube shorts ad revenue will have a 45-55 split, with the creators getting 45 percent, and it will be a pool among all creators viewed in a shorts viewing scroll session.

- Music playing on YouTube shorts will still allow these videos to be monetized with ads, and music in YouTube's music library can be used up to 60 seconds.

Monetizing your YouTube shorts is now easier than ever with YouTube ads for shorts, YouTube super thanks, and YouTube and funding. Whether you choose the traditional route or the shorts creator route, it's crucial to meet the requirements to start making money from your content. Stay tuned for more updates on YouTube monetization.

Can Youtube Shorts ACTUALLY kill or promote any channel?

There has been a debate on whether YouTube Shorts have killed or promoted channels. In this article, we will explore the purpose of YouTube Shorts, why they were created, and how to use them effectively. My name is Otto Weiner, and this is the Mobile Vlog.

Why some say YouTube Shorts will kill their channel:

- Subscribers will only watch YouTube Shorts.

- Videos will be recommended only to new subscribers.

- Long videos will not be recommended to those who watch short videos.

Why this is not the case:

- Short videos and long videos are two separate segments on YouTube.

- Uploading short videos does not affect the views on long videos.

- Short video viewers do not necessarily become subscribers.

- Short video views do not count as views from YouTube.

How to use YouTube Shorts effectively:

- Short videos should have the same purpose as long videos.

- Short videos can be used to increase brand awareness and generate leads.

- It is difficult to make money directly from short videos.

- Use YouTube Shorts to supplement long videos, not replace them.

YouTube Shorts were created to supplement the platform with a new form of content, not to promote long videos. They can be used effectively to increase brand awareness and generate leads, but they should not be used to replace long videos. Use YouTube Shorts as a tool, not a strategy.

Can you ACTUALLY boost your channel with YOUTUBE SHORTS?

YouTube shorts have become a popular tool for gaining views and subscribers, but how can they be used to drive traffic to longer videos? Is it a good strategy for overall channel development? Who should create shorts and who should avoid them? In this article, we will explore these questions by sharing our experience with creating short videos.

Benefits of YouTube Shorts:

- Quick and easy to create

- Can help you gain a lot of views and subscribers

- Can be used to promote longer videos

Tips for Creating Successful Shorts:

- Use a catchy title

- Utilize the time trigger

- Include infographics at the beginning

- Use dynamic editing

- Create a question and answer format

- Keep the audience engaged

- Use intentional typos

- Utilize text that disappears quickly

Matching Long and Short Content:

- The core content of long and short videos should match

- Short videos can highlight funny or interesting moments from long videos

- Short videos can be used to create compilations or challenges from long videos

- Don't create short content that is irrelevant or imbalanced

Potential Drawbacks of Shorts:

- Shorts can harm or prevent the promotion of long videos

- YouTube may steer creators towards shorts

- Short videos may have poor views on long videos and vice versa

YouTube shorts can be a useful tool for creators to gain views and subscribers, but it's important to match the content of long and short videos. Creating a separate channel for shorts can prevent interference with the promotion of long videos. Additionally, hours of views from short videos do not count towards the 4,000 watch time hours needed for monetization. By following these tips and strategies, creators can effectively use shorts to grow their channels.

Why Small Channels Should Start Posting YouTube Shorts Immediately!

Why You Should Start Posting YouTube Shorts Now

- YouTube shorts are the new trend for creators

- YouTube is going all in on shorts, with new monetization options, features, and a music library

- Shorts have insane discoverability and can lead to rapid growth for creators

Reasons to Start Posting YouTube Shorts Today:

- Low competition and high discoverability

- Posting shorts can benefit your long-form videos and increase views

- YouTube is strengthening the bridge between short-form and long-form videos, leading to even more exposure for creators

Tips for Getting Started with YouTube Shorts:

- Look for interesting moments in your videos using the retention graph or comment section

- Repurpose these moments as shorts for maximum impact

- By starting now, you'll be setting yourself up for future success when competition and exposure increase

- YouTube shorts are the future for creators and can lead to rapid growth

- By starting now, you'll have an advantage over other creators who are still learning how to swim in the shorts market.

The Algorithm Flaw That's Breaking YouTube Shorts (and costing you views)

Why Your YouTube Shorts Aren't Transferring to Long Form Videos

As a YouTube creator, you may have noticed that while your shorts are getting a good amount of views and subscribers, your long form videos seem unaffected by all the success happening around them. So, what's going on?

YouTube's Algorithm Change:

Since 2005, YouTube's data scientists have been working on perfecting algorithms that can find and surface the best content for each user. When YouTube shorts showed up, there was a big problem. The algorithm wasn't used to seeing viewers watching a bunch of short videos and then going back to watching long videos. Therefore, the algorithm stopped recommending those viewers long form content in the main YouTube.

Splitting off Watch History:

To fix this problem, YouTube split off the history for the viewers. When a viewer goes into the main YouTube, YouTube will recommend more videos based on their long form watch history. If they're browsing in the YouTube shorts tab, they'll recommend shorts based on their short form watch history. This solution makes total sense, but it also has one major downside.

No Connection Between Shorts and Long Form Videos:

If you're a hybrid creator meaning you post both YouTube short and long form videos on your channel, this solution sucks for you. Viewers who discover you from YouTube shorts are not more likely to be recommended your long form videos in the eyes of the current YouTube algorithm. There's no connection between them.

Solution in the Works:

YouTube's team is aware of the problem and they're actively developing a solution that makes sense for both creators and viewers. However, the solution could take a while as bridging that gap is no small feat.

While the solution isn't ideal, it's not exactly what creators want, and it kind of hurts, it makes sense for the viewer. But don't worry, you don't even need YouTube shorts to help your long form videos get views. There are three things you can do to 10x the amount of views you're getting on your YouTube videos without using shorts. Keep creating and stay tuned for a solution from YouTube.

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