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ads search

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

Google Ads Search Campaign Structure - How To Create Successful Campaigns

what's up everyone welcome to the,Surfside PPC YouTube channel today I,want to go over your Google ads search,campaign structure along with some best,practikes to make sure that you're,setting up your campaigns for Success so,we're here in my Google ads account so,when you're within your account you can,obviously create campaigns so when,you're creating campaigns one of the,options when you're creating a new,campaign is a search campaign so today,I'm going to be specifically going over,search campaign structure you can see,right here I have my sample campaign,running now keep in mind you can run,multiple search campaigns so what I,recommend a lot of times is separating,out your keywords for example I'm,targeting keywords related to some of,these different product categories on my,website so they're not going to perform,as well as specific branded keywords so,what you may want to do within your,Google ads account is create a,completely separate search campaign all,just geared around your brand all you're,doing is targeting your brand keywords,and the main reason you may want to,separate out campaigns if we come in,here and we go go to our settings we go,to our bidding strategy right now I'm,telling Google ads I want to spend two,dollars on a conversion if I'm running a,branded campaign my target CPA should be,a lot lower for the entire campaign if,I'm running a campaign where I'm going,after keywords that aren't nearly as,relevant as some of the keywords to my,website so maybe I'm trying to find,people who are searching for really,broad keywords and trying to drive them,to my website then my target CPA may be,much higher so what you want to do is,basically group together your campaigns,based on the results you expect from,them the more targeted your campaign is,the lower you're probably expecting a,cost per conversion and the less,targeted obviously the higher your cost,per conversion so let's click on cancel,here let's come back out to all of our,campaigns and you can see here so we're,going to look at our structure real,quick we have our search campaign so we,click on our search campaign here and,within our search campaign are all of,our different ad groups as you can see,here all of my ad groups are grouped,together by theme so if you look at the,name of each ad group that that's going,to guide basically the landing page,where I'm sending traffic to the,keywords that I'm bidding on and what my,advertisements are going to look like so,if I come into this ad group here for,Farmhouse curtains it's going to pull up,my keywords and I'm targeting the,keyword Farmhouse curtains as a phrase,match keyword there are quotes around,this keyword I have found the best,possible performance by using phrase,match keywords recently and generally,what I'm doing is using one keyword per,ad group so when I come into the Search,terms for this one ad group just by,targeting one phrase match keyword we're,going to scroll all the way to the,bottom here for Search terms Google ad,is showing my one phrase match keyword,has matched 638 different Search terms,so it's not like you're going to have,any issue with volume or targeting or,relevancy if you're using phrase match,keywords so keep your one keyword in,your ad group keep it all grouped,together by theme,and then within each ad group you should,have at least two advertisements running,so I recently updated these ads so their,ad strength is pending but what you want,to look for here is an excellent ad,strength either good or excellent and,now last but not least within our,structure is where we're sending traffic,to so if I click on edit here and I'm,looking at my responsive search ad you,can see right here so it's my product,category page for Farmhouse curtains,that is where I'm sending traffic to so,what you want to do when you're coming,up with your account structure is I,would recommend structuring it something,like this so you have your campaign at,the very top within your campaign or ad,groups now I put the ad group and the,landing page the same color because the,way I decide to create different ad,groups is based on the landing pages,where I'm sending traffic to now you,also want to keep in mind you want to,group together your keywords to make,sure they are relevant to your,advertisements enter your landing pages,so what you're doing here is you're,saying in Android one I'm going to be,targeting relevant keywords creating,multiple ads in that ad group and both,of these ads are going to the same,landing page so when I come back over,here to my website to give you an,example I'm on my farmhouse Christmas,decor shop page these are all,subcategory pages garlands ornaments,pillows signs stokings tree skirts some,of them have subcategories within the,subcategory so looking at these six,different subcategories what I would do,is create a separate ad group for each,of them because they all have their own,unique landing page I'm not going to bid,on a keyword related to Farmhouse,Christmas ornaments and send people to a,page with Farmhouse Christmas pillows so,when you are structuring your search,campaign you really need to be cognizant,of the Search keywords that you're,targeting the advertisements that people,are seeing based on the search terms,that they are entering and then,ultimately what landing page where,you're sending traffic to one of the,easiest examples that I ever show is a,shoe company with red shoes black shoes,White Shoes Green shoes what they can do,is separate out each individual color,into separate ad groups because you want,to send people to if somebody is looking,for green shoes you want to send them to,a page that is filled with green shoes,so that's the basic look at a Google ad,search campaign is understanding your ad,groups need to match up with the landing,pages where you're sending traffic to so,if we come back over here to my campaign,we're going to come out of the,responsive search ad part and we're,going to come back to our ad groups for,this campaign but we're in all campaigns,right now but I only have one campaign,running so let's open our campaign go to,the ad groups so curtains now this one I,actually showed the match type because I,did a test with the broad match keyword,I did a test with an exact match keyword,so you can also incorporate the match,type that you're using within that,specific ad group but each of these ad,groups so this ad group right here is,targeting keywords related to Farmhouse,surveillances the advertisements are all,geared unbalances there are two,advertisements in the ad group and the,traffic is going to a product category,page on my website where there is a huge,list of Farmhouse valances for sale,so let's say I want to add some new ad,groups to this campaign and I want them,geared around Christmas so what we would,do is create and I just showed two,examples here a new ad group for,Farmhouse Christmas garlands I'm going,to Target one keyword within this ad,group a phrase match keyword Farmhouse,Christmas garlands I'm going to create,two responsive search ads and then my,traffic is going to be sent directly to,this page my two ads are all going to be,geared around Farmhouse Christmas,garlands now when it's time to Target,the keyword Farmhouse Christmas pillows,that becomes a new ad group so you don't,want to put all of your Christmas,keywords for example into one single ad,group because you're saying okay the,theme in this ad group is Christmas the,theme in this ad group is actually,Christmas garlands it's Christmas,pillows you want to make sure people are,seeing exactly what they are looking for,so what I would do in this scenario if,we come back over to my Google ads,account we create a new ad group and I'm,just going to do this for one of these,ad groups here okay so we're creating a,new standard ad group we want to name,our ad group first so let's say,Farmhouse Christmas pillows now what you,can do is search for more keywords here,you could also enter a URL to sc

Apple Search Ads Search Tab Ads

in may of 2021 apple search ads gave us,a new campaign format these are called,search tab campaigns and to use apple's,words it's a way for your app to be seen,before users are searching for it so,we're definitely going to cover the,search tab campaign format but before we,do i want to go over their original,format and that was for search result,campaigns so we're going to go over that,one first so you can see what the,differences are between the original,search results campaign and the new,search tab campaign if you're not,familiar with search tab campaigns,that's okay i'm going to cover both the,original app store placements to be more,specific i'm toking about the app store,search results pretty much the original,apple search ads format and then when we,go into the app store search tab,campaign creation we're going to be able,to see the difference between those two,campaign formats so no matter what let's,go down and create a campaign then,you'll have to search for your app you,can just start typing in the name the,app id or if you already know where,exists in the itunes store you can copy,and paste that url first we will go over,the search results format after we've,chosen where our ads will be run we just,have to pick our country or region and,then after i scroll down we can continue,and as you scroll down i already entered,in just a basic ad group name and for,now i just applied the suggested cost,per tap that is the max cpt bid it's,cost per tap because you have to think,people are downloading these apps on,their mobile or tablet devices so when,they see your ad they will tap it,literally within definition with their,finger to open up and see if they,actually want to download your app to,their devices typically after i go ahead,and start adding in keywords or,audiences i will go back and adjust my,cpt bid but before you can start adding,any keywords you're forced to at least,put something there but underneath the,ad group settings we see search match,this is essentially dsa for apple search,ads if you're unfamiliar with dsa we,already have a couple videos the one up,above right now you're seeing is for,google ads dynamic search ads but then,we also have a video for microsoft,dynamic search ads and you can find that,one right here as well pretty much what,this means when you submit your app to,the itunes store your app clearly has a,name and then you have to fill in a,description about what your app is the,features and so on and so on well all,that content you're filling in about,your app when you're submitting it to,the itunes store can be matched with,user search queries when they open up,the app store to try to find a relevant,app that will just meet their needs,apple can take the content from your,description and of course the app name,and tie it into user search queries just,like dsa within the search platforms,this can be really helpful if you've,either run out of keyword ideas or,you're looking for ways to expand and,you're not seeing any new ideas that,have verified search volume you do have,the option to turn this off and then it,can run purely on a keyword or audience,focus search campaign or if i go ahead,and turn it back on you can run the,search match feature concurrently with,your other targeting options so if i,scroll back down here we can look at,adding our keywords,so i already added certain terms like,fitness i can go ahead and start adding,those,so if anyone typed in fitness we can try,to have our ad show up there we have our,default max cpt bid that was the one,that was recommended but i can adjust it,here as well and then we can choose the,match type no phrase match even if i had,a keyword with more than two words it is,just broad and exact so if i add in a,few more i do have the option to x these,out if i want to remove them but it's,fairly easy to just start searching for,specific keywords so now i'm just going,to save it and then you can hone in on,your audience a little bit more,specifically so we have devices this app,that i'm using right now for the demo is,only available on the iphone but if you,do have apps that fit both iphone and an,ipad you will be able to select between,the two and you will also have the,option to choose both then we can look,at customer types,and here's where you can kind of segment,the audience do you only want to reach,new users who've never downloaded the,app if you're a brand that has multiple,apps all within the same account you can,try to use the activity on your other,established apps to drive new traffic to,your new app and then returning users of,whatever apps are within your account,this can be great to promote new,features app updates that sort of thing,and then of course the first option,choosing all users but in this case i,want to do new users then the next three,options i'm not going to get deep into,they're pretty self-explanatory genders,and ages choosing your locations and,then ad scheduling maybe i should hop,into this one and a few examples i just,clicked and dragged just to show you you,can set specifically what days of the,week and times of day you would like to,run and i love when the platforms give,you the warning that your ad scheduling,is based on the users time zone and not,your ad accounts time timezone so,definitely different than what google,does and if i scroll down unfortunately,i had to blur out this portion so you,can't see who it is but if you look at,the highlighted options right here it's,pretty much mimicking the ad preview you,can see off to the side these are the,creative sets you're gonna see the main,app logo and then those three long,rectangles that are part of the ad are,the creative sets they're pretty much,screenshots and app previews so people,get an idea of what the app is about and,what it looks like now if you look down,below we can see that you can add,specific creative sets for ads and you,can control what users are going to see,for the ad experience since it is an,optional element if you don't add those,the users will see the three options,that you used when you uploaded your app,to the store so this can be beneficial,and we've used creative sets to,differentiate the experience when we are,segmenting the audience people who have,never seen the app before or potentially,have never heard of your brand before,what images or previews would you want,to show them compared to someone else,who may know your brand already or,already has the app on their device,think about that experience because you,do have the option to control it and,then if i scroll down we can just create,the campaign,now when we're running specific,placements on the apple store search,results you can do that from the apple,search ads basic account or advanced,account and we can see if we're looking,in the top left here i am in the,advanced account and i'm purposely in,the advanced account because the other,ad placements which are going to tok,about now the search tab campaigns they,are only available as of right now as,part of apple search ads advanced so i'm,going to go and click and create a new,campaign i've already gone ahead and,chosen my app and then instead of search,results we want to pick the second,option the newer search tab option and,looking at the description we're saying,it's promoting the app at the top of,suggested apps list when users visit the,search tab so we're gonna proactively,show it without users specifically,looking for something related to your,app again we're gonna have to choose our,country and then we can move on i just,went in and added my group name but,already we see some clear differences,right off the bat there is not a,recommended cpt or cost per tap i can,only add a max cpm i just pasted,something in there for now cpm bidding,and apple search ads is just like any,other platform so a maximum cpm bid in,apple search ads is going to be the most,you're willing to pay for every 1000 ad,impressions just on the itunes app store,for apple search ads

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Google Ads Tutorial 2023 : How to Setup a Google Search Ads Campaign in 2023

foreign,of people uh search online before even buying  offline or before even going to physical shop  ,they prefer to search about your brand product  or service online so it is very important to  ,have your brand presets online and even you  know with a huge uprise in online buying and  ,people are preferring to buy online directly from  their home or from wherever their location is it  ,is now becoming more and more essential  to have your brand online presence with  ,uh Google uh search Network because you know  Google is the world's largest search engine  ,Network it is now very important to to have  your brand uh products or services available  ,online and for that this video is going to  be a detailed tutorial on how you can create  ,your search campaign uh on Google ads so let's  get started with me on how you can create your  ,own search campaign on Google ads so this is  your Google ads account and now we are going  ,to create our first uh Google Search complete  so you have to select over here new campaign,foreign,videos is a little away from the family also you  can see the family over here uh but it has a slow  ,connection so you guys have to bear with me on  this okay so you can see that this is another  ,dashboard over here so let's say in case if you  want to have our sales goal we have been given the  ,option of search campaign performance Max display  shopping video discovery we can create in case if  ,you wanna our campaign goal is to get maximum sale  we can create a search clip and yes we can create  ,in case if you want to obtain leads then we  are going to create the leads campaign and in  ,case if you want to have website traffic we can  again create a search campaign over here we are  ,being given six options again so in case if you  want more traffic we can also create a search  ,campaign in case if we want a product branding  conservation we won't be able to create our search  ,campaign uh we neither add brand awareness or uh  Reach campaign so or we can create on our search  ,commit internet through performance Max or logo  Source but let's say our goal is either to get a  ,more website traffic or either to get sales so  let's say we were right now we are looking for  ,more sales so we are going to create this search  company over here okay now they are asking on  ,what is our actually actual goal either our goal  is to get a conversion on a website and we are  ,going to select this one in case if we want the  conversion on phone calls like the deal is going  ,to be matured on the food then we are going  to check the phone call in case if our goal  ,is to get more store visits we want people to  come to our store offline and again I know that  ,a campaign can run with multiple goals as well  that we want to sell online as well as we want  ,to suggest people to visit our store offline as  well we can select both as well and we can do that  ,by adding extensions and if you want to add have  more app downloads in case if you are running our  ,app online we can select this one so we want more  website visits now let's see our website name is,okay,so now it's a search campaign uh with a  sale as a campaign objective and we want uh  ,our goal is to get more visitors on our website  so we can convert them mature them on our website  ,so now uh you can see that we are not being  mean given the option of selecting the bidding  ,in the process of bidding we are going to  select on basis and clicks and the campaign  ,will use the maximum maximize click bit strategy  to help you get the most clicks and we can set  ,a cost over here as well for instance if I  want it to be uh for 2.21 is my maximum bit  ,yeah you can even create the paints with manual  CPC and in acpc as well so there are multiple  ,bidding options available and I have discussed in  my other videos regarding the bidding strategies  ,you are have usually available which you can use  so now I have been given the option that I want  ,to Target search Network search partner Display  Network display okay I'm going to remove Display  ,Network so now I've been given with search  Network and search net Partners so who are  ,such Partners whose search partners are those  Partners who are using Google search on their  ,website so for instance let me show you uh  let's say if I open this website because I  ,know that they are also search button because  they are using Google search on their website  ,so for instance if this is a search button  okay so let's say if I search on web hosted,okay you can see that they are showing  results also from their own artikles but  ,above these artikles you can see the ads from  Google so these are Google search partners  ,and anyone who has a Google AdSense account  activated is also on the Google search partner  ,so we are going to remove this as well because  we are just want to Target Google search Network  ,so now it comes to our location what locations we  want to Target let's say if I want to Target USA,okay I can also exclude locations as well for  instance foli Target whole us except few States  ,I can do that as well if I'm on a Target just  few States I can do that if I want to Target  ,a partikular city as well I can do that so for  instance if I want to Target whole us plus uh uh  ,Toronto in Canada so now I'm gonna Target Toronto  Canada City and whole us now for instance for  ,India let's say if I want to Target whole India  but I will exclude Kolkata what I'm gonna do is  ,I'm gonna Target India whole country but let's say,okay but I want to exclude this city so  I'm going to exclude this and include  ,whole India so my ad will be shown in  whole India except Kolkata and I want  ,to remove for instance Washington  in United States I can also do that,so now I'm going to exclude Washington uh but  targeting whole us I can do that as well and  ,I can even do pinpoint targeting like let's say  map radius targeting on advanced search in case  ,if I wanna Target or let's say I want to Target  a partikular area or even locations because in  ,a city there are multiple areas in multiple  locations so in case if I want to Target even  ,a specific City or specific portions I can do  that from here for instance in New York let's say,I can even Target nearby areas as well that  I want to Target on basis on 10 meter above  ,this area so you can you can see that  I can do radius targeting over here,you can see the location here in case  if I want to Target only Manhattan area  ,or queen area I can do a Brookline  area I can do it as do that as well,you can see now I can even reduce the location  size even as well to make it a small one  ,okay you can see now,I can do so now it's not targeting you New York  but only Brooklyn the only area you can see  ,over here so now once I'm done with my section of  location okay now I've been given option presents  ,your interest people in regularly in or who who  have shown interest in your Target location in  ,case if you are not a bigger in case if you're  not an advanced person I do not suggest you to  ,do any change but if you ask me personally I would  rather select this process that only people who  ,are present in the location I do not select People  based on interest or who have been there but not  ,right you know over there or who are living in  some other city but searching on Google New York  ,so I will Target only people those who are  specifically exist in that location I'm going  ,to select my second location second option but  Google select the first one so in case if you are  ,a beginner or newbie go with the first option this  is only for advanced one okay now it comes to the  ,exclude people in your external locations yes we  are not going we are going to explode those people  ,who are in our exclude location now let's move on  to the languages languages we are going to Target  ,okay so in case if I wanna Target what is based  on my some specific interest I can do that as well  ,but idea

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11 Easy Steps to set up a Google Ads Search Campaign [2023 Google Ads Tutorial]

welcome to my new Google ads tutorial,teaching series called get Google ready,in 2023 and in this 10 part teaching,series I'm going to be taking you,through how to set up every single type,of Google ads campaign you need to be,using in 2023 plus we're going to take,it a step further and I'm also going to,show you the correct way of how you need,to be going about and optimizing each of,those campaigns but right now I'm going,to be taking you through the,step-by-step process and how to set up a,Google search campaign and the exciting,news is that the process and the,strategy and the structure that I'm,going to be taking you through in this,video is the exact same strategy that I,use on my Google ad search campaigns,right now regardless of whether they're,a small campaign or a large campaign so,I use this structure and strategy for,campaigns that are spending only 300 a,month all the way up to campaigns you're,spending up to and over 200 000 every,single month on Google search ads and,that is one of the best things about,Google ads in that when you initially,set up your campaign if you set it up,with the correct structure and the,correct strategy you can easily scale,and grow your campaign as your business,grows so with Google ads you don't,always have to be on the hunt for the,latest new trend because success with,Google ads is all about understanding,how the Google ads platform works and,then using the correct strategies and,structures in order to get the best,results if we haven't met yet my name is,Aaron Young for defined Digital Academy,and I'm your 15 000 hour Google ads,master and if you want to see all of,these teaching videos in my get Google,ready in 2023 teaching series I want you,to make sure that you've not only,subscribed to my channel but you've also,turned on that notification button so,that you get notified every single time,I release a new video in this series but,with all that said let's get straight,into it now before we get into that,step-by-step process of how you need to,go through it and set up your Google,search campaign I do want to take you,through a little bit of a screen share,to show you how you need to structure,your Google search campaigns and this is,an important note because if you just,rush in and then quickly set up your,Google search campaign without giving a,thought or making sure that you're using,the correct structure you're going to be,losing a lot of money in Google ads,really really quickly because by using,the correct structure in your Google ads,search campaigns you can really quickly,see which parts of your campaign to be,successful and which parts are not being,successful and if you're not using that,correct structure it becomes a lot,harder to do the really important things,that we need to be doing like going,through and checking our search term,audits to limit out any unwanted traffic,being able to add in really clear split,tests and then also going through and,making sure that we're reviewing our,audiences and our locations and our,devices and all of those high level,optimizations that you do need for,success in Google ads so let me go,through and show you this structure,right now and the structure that we want,to be using is what we call the one,keyword theme method now you need to,understand that with Google search,campaigns it's built on search but it's,also built on the goal of Google wanting,to achieve and what Google wants to,achieve is that it wants to match highly,relevant ads with highly relevant Search,terms which are then taking people,through to highly relevant landing pages,so when you've got your Google ads,account is that you would break in your,account into different campaigns now I'm,using the example of a Villa Resort in,Bali so we would have one campaign built,around one bedroom Villas we'd have a,second campaign built around two bedroom,Villas and then a Third campaign built,around General barley Villas and luxury,Bali Villa keywords and then underneath,each of these campaigns you would have,your individual ad groups and I've got,an ad group around one bedroom Villas,and this is where we're targeting all of,our one bedroom Villa keywords which,would then take people through to our,one bedroom Villa page same with the two,bedroom Villa it's got an ad group,around two bedroom Villas which has got,the keywords around two bedroom Bali,Villas and two bedroom semiac Villas,which is then taking people through to,these relevant landing pages so the,reason why we set it up this way because,if someone was to complete a search for,one bedroom Villa it would take them,through to a relevant one-bedroom Villa,landing page whereas if they were doing,a search for a two-bedroom Villa it,would take them through this relevant,page so so for example if you're an,electrician and you offer air,conditioning installation services and,then also Services about installing new,lights or new smoke alarms you would,have different campaigns so one for air,conditioning one for General electricity,and lights and then one for smoke alarms,or if you're an e-commerce store and you,had a men's and women's clothing brand,you could even break it down like this,where you would have your men's clothes,with the different ad groups around,shirts t-shirts and jumpers same for,women's you would have your women's,clothes and have different ad groups,based around some addresses t-shirts and,shorts and then this would all take them,through to those relevant landing pages,targeting those relevant keywords so now,that I've taken you through how you need,to go about and structure your Google,search campaign let's now go through,that step-by-step process of setting up,your very own search campaign with,Google ads now I do need to stress that,I do run through these steps quite,quickly but never fear because if you,stik around to the end of this video,I'm going to share a link with you so,that you can download my Google ads,search campaign setup guide and this has,screenshots of all of these individual,steps which I'm about to take you,through so as I said we will be moving,through it quite quickly but never fear,because you can download that guide if,you stik around to the end let's get,straight into it so to start setting up,your Google ads campaign you want to go,into your Google ads dashboard if you,don't have a Google ads account yet all,you need to do is you need to go to,ads.google.com follow this link and then,it'll take you through the process of,getting started this is quite an easy,process so we're not going to focus on,that today and once you've got that set,up you'll see a dashboard like this and,what we need to do is we need to go,through and click on new campaign now,the other thing that I do want to,mention that when I get to the process,of setting up my Google ads campaign,I've already gone through and completed,my keyword research and I also go,through it and I've completed my ad copy,now in the description of this video I,will put through how I go through and,complete my keyword research and also,create my ad copy and what that does is,that just saves time that when we come,to that stage of adding in our keyword,research and also ad copy we can just,cut and copy that across and the benefit,of that is that it also means that we've,gone through and already correctly,structured our campaign so once you,click on new campaign you want to be,selecting either sales or leads now the,difference between these that if you're,a service based industry and you're,looking to generate phone calls or form,inquiries I would use leads if you're an,e-commerce you're looking at doing,online sales through your search,campaign I would use the sales objective,and now I know some people just say,don't worry about this and create a,campaign without a goals guidance but,the reason for why one of these two are,the one that you should be using is,because this does gives Google an early,indication that you are wanting your,Google ads to be focuse

How To Optimize Responsive Search Ads in Google Ads (2022)

in this video i'm going to show you how,to make the best use of google ads,responsive search ads format,and i'll also show you how i plan and,write ad copy to fit the responsive,search ad format and test ads and if you,watch through to the end of this video,i'll share a free template that i use to,copy and paste entire responsive search,ads into google ads in just a few clicks,so stik around after this and we'll get,started,first of all what are responsive search,ads they are the new text ad format for,google ads as of june 2022 you can no,longer make the expanded text ad which,just had three headlines and two,descriptions,responsive search ads have 15 headline,options and four description options uh,responsive search ads are not for,shopping or display these are just,limited to the text ads that you'll see,if you look at the search results page,on a google.com search,i'll show you now an example,of a responsive search ad,this is the responsive search ad editing,interface in the google ads online,platform,and,these are,a couple previews of responsive search,ads right here i'm using this device the,plugable usb docking station as,an example i don't work with this,company but i have this product what we,have here are a lot of headlines so,there's 15 headline options and then,four descriptions and beyond that these,are just the same as expanded text ads,or the regular text ads in google ads so,there's,a display path 1 display path 2,there's the final url,and then there's some other options,down here that we won't get into,but what makes a responsive search ad,responsive is that google will take up,to three of these headlines and,dynamically insert that into your ad at,auction time so the idea is that,google can,take any of the 15 headlines that seem,the most appropriate from google's,perspective for the search user who's,searching on google.com so for example,in this ad i have plugable ud 3900,laptop dock from 99,if i click through some more this one,has,the same headline one but now headline,two is different that's a call to action,that i've written down in one of the ad,examples and so you could imagine that,if google receives a search for the,plugable 3900 docking station so let's,say i go to google.com and i type in,plugable 3900,station that search would correspond,quite nicely with this ad because this,ad uses plugable 3900 and then the words,docking station so this might be an,option that google chooses to use to,serve to somebody making that search and,for another example let's say in another,search someone might include um a dvi,port so let's say instead of docking,station or laptop docking station let's,say i searched,one dvi port so then google might opt to,show this combination of headlines to,that search user because this headline,includes a keyword from their search so,that's essentially what a responsive,search ad does for the headlines and,then for the descriptions and so this is,a great option the problem for,advertisers is that it takes quite a bit,of thought and planning to come up with,15 relevant and useful headlines i find,that by the time i've written maybe 10,headlines i'm running out of creative,steam and so i'll start typing in rather,useless ad copy so like buy now or,shop here stuff like that so i would say,that's ad writing fatigue and that's,not a great way to use responsive search,ads i have a much better way of using,responsive search ads now after you,working with them for about a year here,and so i'll share that with you in a,couple steps just three steps actually,so we'll get started using this as an,example so let's get to step one in my,process which is to go to the landing,page of the product or service that,you're advertising i'm doing an,e-commerce store as an example but this,would apply if you are advertising legal,services or or something else that's not,e-commerce related the first step i'm,just writing ad copy and i want to make,the ad copy,really tailored to the product and,really useful for someone who is using,google's search engine what i want to do,is take a bunch of features and benefits,from this product page and write them,down in a spreadsheet so i'll start,writing those here and so for example i,could take features a hybrid two in one,usb 3.0,so let's just take that,and i'm actually going to categorize,these in features and benefits of the,product a good example of a feature,would be a,a specification a tiknical,specification so this is a tiknical,specification in fact i'm going to,shorten it features,hybrid two in one usb 3.0 ports dual hd,monitors that would be a good feature,supports dual hd,and then i'm going to take this one,compatible with,mac os 10.14 so i'll go ahead and finish,these and then i'll explain a little bit,about why i'm separating them into,features and benefits once i'm done,okay so now i have,plenty of ad copy written and i've,divided it up into features benefits and,then i also have some general statements,or headlines about what the product is,and then finally some calls to action,because it's good to include calls to,action ads as well my features are all,tiknical specifications so,something about the product which could,be anything from the price,to the fact that it comes with a,warranty the number of ports so you,could imagine if we were selling a tv a,television it could be something like,the resolution of the television or if,it was a pair of shoes it could be,something like the size of the shoes but,for us in this example it's for this,laptop docking station so these are all,the relevant features that i want to,include about it features that i took,right from the product page the next,thing that i have are benefits and,benefits are distinct from features in,that a benefit explains how the product,or service will benefit your life for,benefit some outcome that the consumer,is looking for when they're shopping for,the product or service so in this case,um being able to dock your laptop with,ease this first headline that's a,benefit or saving valuable desk space,that's a benefit and the reason i want,to separate these is that i want to test,which type of ad copy works better for,people who are shopping for this and so,i've got also features and benefits also,divided in descriptions so i've got one,description or two descriptions that,include features two descriptions that,include benefits and then these are not,really describing what the product is,these are just general descriptions that,i can use in all my ads which will be,useful shortly when i show you how i'm,putting the ads together and then last,my calls to action and if you want to,get a better understanding of the,difference between features and benefits,and how to use them in ads i'll,recommend to you this book by brad,gettys which is advanced google adwords,chapter four has a great discussion on,features and benefits and how to use,them in ads but for this example today,we'll call it good with this list of,features and benefits and then,last for our calls to action i just want,to quickly point out that i'm not using,bland calls to action like shop now or,get a quote sometimes yet a quote might,make sense but generally calls to action,should be more convincing than just shop,here or browse selection things like,that are not very helpful so,i've included a benefit or i should say,a feature of ordering the product in,this call to action so it comes with,free shipping,this one i said find your docking,station i just use that as an,opportunity to include the keyword,stoking station again and then find,compatible docking stations letting,people know they can find different,compatible types of stations now at this,point what i can do is start pasting,these into my ads in the google ads,interface or you can use this template,which is what i which is what i use and,what i'll use right now so i've already,made this template this saves a lot of,time and if you'd like to use this,template i'll put it in the description,be

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برامج تعليمية من "إعلانات Google",سلسلة فيديوهات عن الجهوزية أساسيات استخدام "شبكة البحث",متى كانت آخر مرة أجريت فيها بحثًا على Google؟,منذ شهر، أم أسبوع، أم صباح اليوم؟,يُتيح "بحث Google" للمستخدمين البحث عن أيّ سلعة يريدونها,ولكن ما علاقة ذلك بنشاطك التجاري؟,تخيّل أنك تبيع ملابس أطفال,عندما يبحث عميل محتمَل عن "بدلة رضيع",تريد بالتأكيد أن يظهر منتجك لهذا العميل,يشمل "بحث Google" نتائج بحث مجانية وإعلانات على "شبكة البحث",النتائج المجانية عبارة عن بيانات مجانية تظهر عندما تكون مهمة ومرتبطة بعبارة البحث,وتظهر الإعلانات على شبكة البحث عادة أعلى النتائج المجانية,وتحتوي على مربع إعلان صغير وتوفّر معلومات مفيدة تتطابق مع عبارة البحث,كما تُتيح لك إمكانية التحكم في الرسالة التي تريد إيصالها وتخصيصها,نتناول في هذا الفيديو "الإعلانات على شبكة البحث" ونشرح المقاييس,التي تمثّل أهمية بالغة للحملات على "شبكة البحث",تساعد الحملات على "شبكة البحث" الأنشطة التجارية,في جذب انتباه العملاء المحتملين إليها عند بحثهم عن منتجات توفرها لهم,بما أنّ هذه الحملات تعرض إعلانات على جمهور لديه نية قوية للشراء,سيزيد احتمال اهتمامه بإعلانك وسينقر عليه وبذلك تحقّق أهداف نشاطك التجاري,وعند إدارة حملة على "شبكة البحث" من المهم الاطّلاع على بعض المقاييس الأساسية:,التكلفة، أي المبلغ المدفوع مقابل حملة أو مجموعة إعلانية معيّنة,أو كلمة رئيسية معيّنة,مرّات الظهور، أي عدد مرات مشاهدة الجمهور لإعلانك,النقرات، أي عدد نقرات الجمهور على إعلانك,ويمكن الاستفادة من هذه المقاييس الثلاثة فقط بهدف مقارنة الأداء,بين حملات وكلمات رئيسية وإعلانات مختلفة,نسبة النقر إلى الظهور، أي عدد الأشخاص الذين نقروا على إعلانك,من إجمالي الأشخاص الذين شاهدوه,يُشير ارتفاع نسبة النقر إلى الظهور أن إعلانك مرتبط بالبحث الذي أجراه المستخدم أو جذبه,أما متوسط تكلفة النقرة، فيعني التكلفة مقسومة على عدد النقرات على إعلانك,ويُشير ارتفاع متوسط تكلفة النقرة على كلمة رئيسية معيّنة,أنها تزيد نسبة المنافسة نسبيًا وأن عدد كبير من المعلنين يقدمون عروض أسعار عليها,لا تنسَ أن الحملات على "شبكة البحث" تركّز على حثّ الجمهور على اتخاذ إجراء,تُعرف هذه الإجراءات باسم "الإحالات الناجحة",والإحالة الناجحة هي نشاط معيّن يجريه العميل يمثّل أهمية لنشاطك التجاري,مثل الشراء على الإنترنت أو إجراء مكالمة هاتفية,إنّ معدّل الإحالات الناجحة هو عدد الإحالات الناجحة مقسومًا على عدد النقرات,أي عدد الأشخاص الذين أكملوا الأهداف المهمة لنشاطك التجاري,من إجمالي الأشخاص الذين نقروا على إعلانك,وباختبار صفحات مقصودة مختلفة والمقارنة بين معدلات الإحالات الناجحة التي تحقّقها,يمكن تحديد تجارب المستخدمين السهلة أو الأكثر جذبًا للعملاء,ويمكن الاعتماد على البيانات الناتجة وتكرارها في صفحات مقصودة أخرى,إنّ تكلفة الإحالة الناجحة هي التكلفة مقسومة على عدد الإحالات الناجحة,عند الاطّلاع على متوسط تكلفة الإحالة الناجحة، يمكنك تحديد عائد الاستثمار,من "إعلانات Google",ولا تنسَ أن مقاييسك الأساسية تعتمد على أهدافك التسويقية والإعلامية,لزيادة التفاعل مع موقعك الإلكتروني، يجب التركيز على النقرات ونسبة النقر إلى الظهور,ومتوسط تكلفة النقرة باعتبارها مقاييس ضرورية,ولزيادة عدد الإحالات الناجحة، يجب التركيز على مقاييس الإحالات الناجحة,وتكلفة الإحالة الناجحة ومعدل الإحالة الناجحة,وتذكّر أنّ تحقيق إحالات ناجحة أصعب عادة من الحصول على نقرات,وتختلف معدلات الإحالة الناجحة بناءً على المنتجات أو الخدمات التي تبيعها,وبناءً على نوع لإجراء الذي يتم تحديد على أنّه إحالة ناجحة,من الضروري فهم هذه المقاييس,لقياس مستوى أداء حسابك على "إعلانات Google",وبعد أن اطّلعت على أساسيات استخدام "شبكة البحث",سنُطلعك الآن على طريقة عمل نظام المزادات في "إعلانات Google"