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ADS Security Cameras: Protection Made Easy

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Hey folks, this is Gabe from Security Org, and I'm coming to you from beautiful, but rainy, Seattle to talk to you about the ADT home security system. ADT is iconic, probably the most famous name in the home security game. You've seen their yard signs everywhere across the country, just ubiquitous. Now, I want to talk to you about the ADT experience, from the professional installation to the professional monitoring, to the outdoor cameras, to controlling it on your mobile device. So let's go ahead and dive into ADT home security.

Security Elements:

- Touchscreen keypad

- Entry sensors

- Motion detector

- Glass break sensors

- Outdoor cameras

- Smoke detectors

- Carbon monoxide detectors


- Secure Home

- Smart Home

- Video and Smart Home


- Touchscreen panel

- ADT Control mobile application

- Integration with smart assistants

Outdoor Camera:

- Tripwire

- Ground zone

- Ability to distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles

- Automations

ADT Control Mobile Application:

- Arming and disarming system

- Activity log

- Live view for cameras

- Automations

Final Thoughts:

- Custom installation

- Peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring

- Service and repair included

- Trusted and time-tested home security system

ADT home security system provides a complete security solution, from professional installation to 24/7 professional monitoring. The system includes a touchscreen keypad, entry sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, outdoor cameras, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. ADT offers three plans, which include Secure Home, Smart Home, and Video and Smart Home. The system can be controlled through a touchscreen panel, ADT Control mobile application, and integration with smart assistants. The outdoor camera features tripwire, ground zone, and automations. The ADT Control mobile application allows for arming and disarming the system, viewing activity logs, and live view for cameras. ADT provides a custom installation, peace of mind, service, and repair included. If you're looking for a trusted and time-tested home security system, ADT is a great option to consider.

Vivint vs. ADT: Comparing Security Systems 2022

Hey guys, it's Steve from Trim That Weed, and in this video, we'll be comparing Vivint versus ADT to determine which security system is better. Let's get started!

The main difference between Vivint and ADT is that Vivint gives its users options to choose between self-monitoring or professional monitoring, whereas ADT requires homeowners to do 24/7 professional monitoring with all its systems installation.

Bullet Points:

- Vivint offers free professional installation service upon the purchase of a security system, while ADT does not.

- ADT offers a six-month money-back guarantee, whereas Vivint offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

- Vivint offers homeowners two camera options, while ADT offers clients two options for camera placement.

- ADT is 100% wireless and can integrate with cellular devices, while Vivint is not entirely wireless.

- ADT provides its clients with a touch screen control panel, while Vivint uses traditional wireless keypads.

- Vivint offers its clients up to four door and window sensors, while ADT does not offer many door or window sensors.

- Vivint allows its clients to pay for the security system in monthly installments, while ADT requires clients to pay for the equipment upfront.

In conclusion, ADT is the better security system because the company allows its clients to use its products and services for up to six months and still offers them a money-back guarantee if the products and services do not meet their needs. ADT also retails the latest technology, providing homeowners with an intuitive touch screen control panel.

If you enjoyed this video, please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to our channel. Let us know which comparisons you would like to see next!

Before You Buy a Home Security System... WATCH THIS!

- George from Silver Hammer Surveillance is here to talk about securing your home

- Today's topic: old-fashioned burglar alarms and perimeter security alarms

- Are they effective or outdated?

Burglar Alarm System:

- Keypad, window and door contacts, glass break, loud siren

- George's personal belief: not effective

- Criminals no longer worry about them

- Reactive way to secure your home

- Monitoring service costs monthly fee and can lead to false alarm fees

- George prefers proactive measures like camera systems

Camera Systems:

- Alerts and facial recognition can detect potential threats before they enter your home

- Two-way audio allows you to scare off intruders or call the police yourself

- No monthly fee and can prevent false alarms

- Reactive measures like burglar alarms are outdated and not effective

- Proactive measures like camera systems are the way to go

- Choose surveillance over burglar alarms to secure your home.


ADS is a national distributor based in Dubai that specializes in distributing high-quality products. They have a wide range of products, including project series, channel products, physical security products, and the latest products available in the market. They have a team of technical experts who explain the features and specifications of each product to their customers.

Product Range:

- Thermal camera used for perimeter protection

- Anti-corrosion camera mainly used in oil and gas industries

- AMPR cam and AMPL cameras mainly used for number plates and can be integrated into battery gates

- Project line series cameras commonly used in Seerah regulations

- Box cameras with dark fighter series lenses used for IDS

- Underwater cameras installed beneath ships and vessels for 24/7 color with a white light

- VMS from Hikvision called Hexcentral Professional with all analytics and recognition cameras with face recognition

- Occasions cameras and Colorway cameras mainly used in channels

- Alarm cameras that alert the user if there is any interference

- Wireless cameras recommended for small home purposes

- Indoor PTZ camera suitable for small areas

- Solar cameras with built-in 4G module and local recording

- Project series PTZs or high-end PTZs mainly used in ports and large areas

- Access control systems with multi-door access control systems and standalone controllers

- Face recognition terminals

- Multi-apartment and villa type video intercoms

- Alarm systems mainly for home purpose

- LED panels

ADS is a reliable and trustworthy distributor that provides high-quality products in Dubai. Their range of products is vast and includes the latest technology available in the market. Their team of technical experts ensures that the customers understand the features and specifications of each product. With their excellent customer service and product range, ADS has become a leading distributor in Dubai.

ADT Security HONEST Review

Hey everyone, welcome to JustMy Two Cents. Today, I'm excited to give you an honest review of ADT home security system. As someone who believes in being a good steward of my time, money, and security, I think it's important to protect our homes with a reliable security system. In this review, I will provide you with the pros and cons of ADT, including some things to be aware of when considering this service.


1. Trusted Company - ADT has been a trusted name in the industry for many years. I grew up with my parents and grandparents using ADT, and they always felt secure and protected.

2. App Accessibility - With ADT, I can access all the security features on my phone app, making it easy to monitor my home security no matter where I am.

3. 24/7 Monitoring - ADT offers 24/7 monitoring, and in case of a power outage, their cellular towers provide backup.

4. Professional Installation - ADT offers professional installation services, ensuring that everything is wired correctly and working efficiently.


1. Authorized Dealers - One of the cons of ADT is that some of their representatives may not work directly for ADT but may be authorized dealers or vendors. It's essential to ask upfront if the representative you're speaking to works for ADT or a third-party vendor.

2. Upfront Costs - ADT can be a bit expensive, but it's important to consider the added security features that


Hey guys, welcome to Day 23 of our lead generation challenge where we're creating 30 different lead gen campaigns for 30 different industries using Facebook, YouTube, and the stealth method. Today's industry is alarm security, so let's get started!

In this article, we'll be discussing how to create a successful lead generation campaign for an alarm security company using Facebook, YouTube, and the stealth method.


1. Clean your business: Make sure you have a review strategy in place and contact your clients after servicing them to ask for a review.

2. Google My Business: Add photos and videos to your listing and state what you do above the fold.

3. Explainer videos: Use explainer videos to explain what you do and how your services work.

4. Locations: List the areas that you serve to set yourself apart from the competition.

5. Review page: Use proper schema to let Google know about your great reviews.

6. Facebook: Use the housing category to target homeowners and capture leads on Facebook's platform.

7. YouTube: Create a video campaign without any video tech skills using PowerPoint and images.

8. Stealth method: Create a Gmail campaign to get inside people's inboxes without having to opt in.

By following these steps, you'll be able to create a successful lead generation campaign for an alarm security company using Facebook, YouTube, and the stealth method. Don't forget to test and optimize your campaigns to get the best results!

ADS Security Review

In this article, we will be discussing ABS Security, a company that provides sales, installation, and monitoring services for security systems. Our home security expert, Mike, will be sharing his insights on ABS Security based on his 20 years of industry experience.

Key Points:

- ABS Security is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee and operates in the southeast region.

- They have an A Better Business Bureau rating, but have had 16 complaints registered against them in the past three years.

- One of the most common complaints is that ABS requires a 60-month monitoring contract for their UL listed and 5 diamond certified services.

- Monitoring rates run from $43 to $60 a month, which is on the more expensive end of the pricing spectrum.

- There is little online transparency regarding equipment and pricing, and upfront costs for Honeywell equipment are substantial.

- ABS locks you into a 5-year contract with a $75 early termination fee if you move beyond their service area or need to cancel.

- Online complaints center around failure to disclose lengthy contract terms, high costs, and expensive early termination fees.

Before signing a 5-year contract with ABS Security, make sure you understand the terms and costs involved. It's important to compare with other top-rated companies before making a decision. While ABS Security provides good service, it may not be the best fit for everyone.

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