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ads sights

Published on: August 7 2023 by pipiads

Aim down sights (ADS) has become a common feature in first-person shooter games, but is it really a good addition? Let's explore why ADS may not be as beneficial as it seems.

- ADS is a popular feature in modern first-person shooter games.

- It involves narrowing the field of view and centering the weapon on the screen.

- ADS often includes increased accuracy, reduced recoil, and a stronger aim assist.

Why is ADS so popular?

- ADS adds a sense of realism and immersion to the game.

- It removes barriers between the player and the game world.

- Developers aim to make games fun and compelling, and ADS seems to enhance the experience.

The slow rise of ADS:

- ADS started with early FPS games where the perspective was similar to looking down the sights of a gun.

- Scopes and iron sights were gradually introduced in games like Team Fortress and Quake.

- Games like America's Army and Call of Duty embraced ADS as a tactical choice for accuracy and reduced recoil.

ADS in Call of Duty:

- Call of Duty popularized ADS as a feature in cinematic, realistic gameplay.

- ADS became the standard in the FPS genre, with Call of Duty leading the way.

- However, it contradicts the fast-paced, run-and-gun nature of the game.

Multitasking and player empowerment:

- ADS separates shooting and aiming from movement, reducing the need for multitasking.

- It creates a lower barrier to entry for new and less skilled players.

- Players can focus on one task at a time, making the game easier to pick up.

The downside of ADS:

- ADS contradicts the power fantasy and player empowerment that many games aim for.

- Many games achieve empowerment through speed and spectacle, not slow, precise aiming.

- Developers often mistake in-game movement speed for actual speed, leading to a lack of true fast-paced gameplay.

While ADS may add a sense of realism and immersion to first-person shooter games, it may not be the best addition for player empowerment and fast-paced gameplay. Developers should consider alternative ways to create a power fantasy and challenge players without sacrificing the speed and excitement that many gamers enjoy.

Valorant When to ADS || When to Aim Down Sights

- Many players in Valorant are accustomed to using aim down sights (ADS) from other games.

- Is it a good idea to use ADS in Valorant?

Disadvantages of ADS:

- Decreases firing speed of weapon.

- Takes time to ADS.

- Decreases movement speed.

Benefits of ADS:

- Provides accuracy bonus.

- Some players feel more comfortable and have better reaction time while scoped in.

- Helps with better visibility of targets.

Exception to ADS rule: the Operator.

- The Operator is an exception as it is not accurate unless scoped in.

Simple answer: If you don't feel any benefit from scoping in, then don't use ADS.

When to use ADS:

- Long-range engagements, where hitting shots becomes more important.

- Holding angles, as movement debuff becomes irrelevant.

- Tap firing, as firing speed debuff is irrelevant.

- ADS before a fight, as it takes time to ADS.

When not to use ADS:

- Close quarters engagements, as it slows down movement and decreases firing speed.

- Peeking slowly while ADSing tends to end badly.

- Spraying, as lower firing speed decreases damage output.

Negative implications of ADS:

- ADSing is less efficient than hip firing.

- The player who doesn't ADS in a fight has a higher chance of winning.

- ADSing may hurt more than it helps most of the time.

Transitioning to hip firing:

- Consider transitioning to center gameplay around hip firing for quicker eliminations.

- Hip firing should feel as natural as ADSing but with the added bonus of more frags.

- It's important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of ADS in Valorant.

- Players should determine when ADSing is beneficial and when it may hinder their gameplay.

- Transitioning to hip firing can lead to quicker eliminations and improved performance. Good luck!

Why Aim Down Sights Is STILL A Bad Mechanic

Dude, I can't believe this video is real. I can't tell if he's trolling or not, but I think he genuinely believes it. Literally nobody agrees with what they're saying. If you don't like Ed's music, guess you're wondering how I got here, huh? Well, it's a long story. Actually, it's not that long. Basically, I criticized aim down sights.

- Most of your rage clicked, disliked, left a comment, and didn't even listen.

- You're about to do it again. Try me, I'm not scared of a ratio.

- I got a higher like percentage on this than on my pre-launch Halo Infinite criticism.

- Games have to make the player powerful, goes contrast against milsim games.

- Ads is a feature you can't half-assedly accept.

- The video did well, I'd rather make a video that causes people to think than 99% of the boring crap on YouTube.

- Ads is just as fundamental as being able to move.

- Ads has made first-person shooters more homogeneous.

- Ads is a core concept of FPS that evolved.

- I want more diverse gameplay experiences, which is why I'm against ads.

- Ads has become such a staple in the industry.

- It's a small mechanic that hasn't hurt any game it's been placed in.

- If we had more games like Doom and Quake, the FPS category wouldn't be so diverse and fun.

- Ads is a mechanic that appears in too many games and shouldn't be as ubiquitous as it is.

- Aim assist is not a huge point in the video.

- Aim assist serves as an aim assist enable function.

- Ads not affecting default movement speed in Titanfall is pointless.

- Ads in most games actually has less aim assist than games like Halo.

- Having to multitask is essential in gaming.

- Ads makes it easier for those who suck at games by reducing the necessity of multitasking.

In conclusion, aim down sights (ads) is a mechanic that has become a staple in the industry but shouldn't be as ubiquitous as it is. It has made first-person shooters more homogeneous and has reduced the necessity of multitasking in games. While it can be a useful feature for new and casual players, its pervasiveness in the industry limits diversity in gameplay experiences.

UE4 Procedural Aim Down Sights Tutorial

Hey everyone, my name is Outrage and I'm here to show you how to implement a procedural aim down sight system into your project. Instead of using the normal first person example project, I'll be using a modified third person example project because the ads code doesn't work in the first person example project for some reason. Let's get started!

In this article, I will guide you through the process of implementing a procedural aim down sight system into your project. We will be using a modified third person example project as the basis for this tutorial. So, let's dive right in!


1. Save the default transform of the arms:

- Get the relative transform and promote it to a variable called default_arms_transform.

2. Create an input for aiming:

- Add a right mouse button input and set up a new timeline called aim_open.

- Create a float track and set keyframes at 0 and 1 with corresponding values.

- Set up the update function to set the relative transform on the arms using a lerp alpha.

3. Set up the ADS code:

- Create a function called calculate_ads_transform to calculate the transform for aiming.

- Get the weapon's skeletal mesh and the socket transform for the aim point.

- Make the socket transform relative to the arms' transform and invert it.

- Return the transformed value.

4. Set up the A and B pins:

- Call the calculate_ads_transform function for the B pin.

- Use a boolean variable called is_aiming to determine the condition for the A pin.

- If aiming, get the relative transform of the arms. Otherwise, get the default transform.

5. Adjust the sight position:

- Open the calculate_ads_transform function and modify the transform.

- Adjust the values according to your weapon's specifications.

6. Optics sight and hybrid sights:

- Create an input for cycling optics.

- Use a boolean variable called cycled_sights to toggle between iron sights and optics.

- Implement a flip flop function to cycle between the two options.

Congratulations! You have successfully implemented a procedural aim down sight system into your project. This system allows for a more immersive gameplay experience and enhances the overall feel of your game. Experiment with different sight positions and options to find what works best for your project. Thank you for following along, and I hope to see you in the next tutorial!


What's up, YouTube? It's your boy Pump back again with another video. Today, I have some pretty crazy stuff that I want to share with you guys that I think could potentially help you if you're struggling in Modern Warfare 2. This is something that helped me out tremendously throughout the game.

In this video, I am in a private match right now with Bots, and I'm gonna be testing this out with you guys and showing you how I feel about this setting that I changed. I feel like it drastically improved my gameplay. So before we go ahead and hop into anything, if you guys enjoy the video, make sure you like, comment, and subscribe. It helps me out tremendously. Now, let's go ahead and get into it.

The setting that I'm talking about is going to be for both controller and Mouse and key players. We are going to be going into our controller settings because I play on a controller. Scroll down to the very bottom. This is what I changed yesterday, and it has made such a drastic change in my gameplay. I just feel like I'm ready for enemies so much more than when I was using automatic tactical Sprint, which is what I was using.

For those who don't know, automatic tactical Sprint means that you do not have to move your left stick at all except for forward in order to get that automatic attack. Once it's out, you have to wait until it regenerates to use it again. But that's what that means on auto tactical Sprints. Now, let's go ahead and go back into that setting and change it to automatic Sprint.

What this is gonna do is ready your gun so much faster. I'm dead serious. This is what it looks like just sprinting. You're not going to get that automatic tactical Sprint that you're typically used to. For me, this was a pretty big change. I'm a guy that has used automatic tactical Sprint ever since the release of Modern Warfare 2019. So this was a big change for me, but the thing that's gonna make you guys so much better at this game and the reason why I'm even sharing this with you is because this is going to drastically decrease your ads or Sprint to fire time.

If you are tactical sprinting, your gun is up in the air. You have to go through kind of an animation, but I feel like I'm able to get my gun ready so much faster around corners. I am ready to aim and shoot so much faster than if I was to be tactical sprinting like this. So this is just a setting I recommend you guys take off.

Now you may be asking, well, what about the Tactical Sprint? How are you activating the Tactical Sprint with that setting only on automatic Sprint? Well, I'm glad you asked. The setting that you're going to want to change on top of doing automatic Sprint is in your Advanced controller settings. Scroll all the way down to movement behaviors. Here, you see single tap Sprint. If you do not have this setting changed, you are going to have to double press your left stick. Nobody wants that. Your controller doesn't want that. I know for a fact. Just change it to single tap to Sprint.

What that's going to do is I honestly feel like that gives you scenarios to be able to use your Tactical Sprint a little bit better. Since there is really no movement in this game, let's say, for instance, I'm right here. I'm sprinting, but if I spawn here, I'm already tactical sprinting. And I would be out by tactical sprint by somewhere maybe right around there if I start getting shot from maybe over here to the right by this guy.

If I have my tactical Sprint but I do not have it on auto tactical Sprint, I can kind of get that burst of speed to get around the corner. You just have your gun ready so much faster. I just wanted to share this with you guys because this is something that I changed and my gameplay has taken a pretty big leap from the first couple of days that I played.

I felt like I could never shoot my gun. I felt like I was kind of stuck in sand as far as shooting my gun went. Like shooting my gun was even like a task. If you guys are feeling the same way and you're feeling like maybe you're moving a little bit slow on the map, or not even that you're moving slow, just that your gun is getting ready slow, or you just don't feel like your gun is shooting whenever you're ready to shoot your gun, try switching to this setting. I promise you all it's gonna feel better. Give it a go.

If you guys like it, let me know down in the comment section below. Also, let me know if you're trying out what you're using. Are you using double tap to Tactical Sprint? Are you using Auto attack Sprint and having great success? Let me know down in the comment section below. I hope you guys have a great rest of your day. Thank you so much. And please don't forget to leave a like, comment, and subscribe. Peace.

How To Aim Down Sights (ADS) In Godot

How to Aim Down Sights (ADS) in Godot

## Introduction ##

In this tutorial, we will learn how to implement the aim down sights (ADS) feature in Godot using the first person character controller. We will create a gun model, define its normal and ADS positions, and smoothly transition between them. Additionally, we will implement a zoom effect by adjusting the camera's field of view (FOV).

## Steps ##

1. Start by creating a first person character controller. If you need help with this, refer to my tutorial on how to create one.

2. Right click on the camera node and add a spatial node as a child. Rename it to hand and move it forward to a position where a hand would be when holding a gun.

3. Create the gun model by right clicking on the hand node and adding a mesh instance node. Adjust its size and shape to resemble a gun. Feel free to use your own gun model if you have one.

4. Attach a new script to the hand node. This script will keep track of the gun's normal and ADS positions. Define the export variables default_position and ads_position to store these positions. Export variables can be changed in the editor.

5. Set the default gun position by adjusting the hand node's position in the 3D view. Copy the x, y, and z coordinates to the default_position parameter in the script.

6. Create the ADS position by adjusting the hand node's position in the 3D view. Set the x coordinate to zero to center the gun, and adjust the y and z values until it's in a good spot. Copy these coordinates to the ads_position parameter in the script.

7. In the script, create a new process function to handle the gun's movement. Make sure you have a key binding called fire2 in the input map.

8. Write code to smoothly transition the gun to the ADS position when the fire2 button is pressed. Use the lerp function to interpolate between the gun's current position and the ADS position. Adjust the speed of the transition with the ads_lerp variable.

9. Write code to return the gun to the default position when the fire2 button is released. Use the lerp function again, but this time interpolate between the gun's current position and the default position.

10. Run the game and test the ADS feature. The gun should smoothly transition to the ADS position when you press the fire2 button, and return to the default position when you release the button.

## Implementing Zoom ##

1. Open the character controller scene and select the camera node. Adjust the fov parameter in the inspector to change the camera's field of view. A higher value widens the field of view, while a lower value narrows it.

2. In the script, create a reference to the camera node by adding the camera_path export variable and the camera variable. Use the get_node function to assign the camera node to the camera variable.

3. Define the different FOV values for the default and ADS positions using a dictionary. Create a variable called f_view and use curly brackets to define the default and ADS FOVs. Adjust the FOV values according to your preferences.

4. In the process function, write code to interpolate between the camera's current FOV and the ADS FOV when the fire2 button is pressed. Use the lerp function and the ADS FOV value from the dictionary. Adjust the speed of the interpolation with the ads_lerp variable.

5. Write code to interpolate the FOV back to the default value when the fire2 button is released. Use the lerp function again, but this time interpolate between the current FOV and the default FOV.

6. Run the game and test the zoom effect. The camera should zoom in when aiming down sights and zoom out when returning to the normal position.

## Conclusion ##

Congratulations! You have successfully implemented the aim down sights feature in Godot. By smoothly transitioning the gun's position and adjusting the camera's FOV, you have created a realistic ADS experience. Keep exploring and experimenting with Godot to enhance your game development skills. If you found this tutorial helpful, consider supporting the channel by using the Amazon affiliate links in the description or by buying me a coffee. Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

How To Aim A Pistol Using Iron Sights Or A Red Dot?

Hey, how's it going? Miles here at Tactical Hive. We've noticed that with a lot of our videos, we've been trying to add on top of what we've already created. So if you've been following us for the past year or so, we're always trying to do more. But what we realized over time is that a lot of our viewers are new gun owners or beginners, so not a lot of them can appreciate everything we're putting out because the fundamentals are not there for them.

So, we've decided to create a number of different videos, how-to's, so to speak, where we start from the basics. In this video, we're going to talk about how to aim your pistol, both with an iron sight and with a red dot. This video, and future videos that revolve around the fundamentals, are going to give you enough information so that you can use it right away without feeling overwhelmed. In other words, we're not going to throw everything at you at once. Instead, we'll give you bite-sized pieces of information that you can implement immediately.

Let's get started! I'm holding my P365, clearly an iron sight gun. It's important to learn how to aim your pistol so you can get your shots on target. To do that, you need to understand sight alignment and sight picture. Sight alignment refers to aligning your rear sight and front sight so that you can get an accurate shot on target. To align the two sights, the front sight needs to be in the middle of the rear sight and level with it. This is referred to as equal height and equal light.

When aiming your gun, you're going to see some space on the left and right of your front sight. You want to ensure that the space between your front sight and your rear sight, when viewed from the rear, is equal. This is why it's called equal height and equal light.

Once you know how to align your sights, you also need to know how to place those properly aligned sights on top of your target. This is where sight picture comes in. There are two common holds: center hold and combat hold.

With center hold, you want the front edge of your front sight to cut through the center of your target. This means that if you want to hit the bullseye, the front edge of your sight would cut right through the center of the bullseye.

Combat hold, on the other hand, requires you to put the bright circle on your front sight on top of your target. This means that your front sight will cover what you want to hit. Different pistols may have different default holds, so it's important to know what hold your gun has.

Just because you align your sights and place them on your target doesn't guarantee a hit. You also need to have good mechanics with your trigger control and a stable grip. Your sights need to be exactly where you want to shoot when you pull the trigger.

At close range, the hold you use doesn't matter as much. But as you shoot further back, knowing your hold becomes more important. There are different holds out there, and it's good to be aware of them.

For red dot shooters, it's much simpler. All you have to do is put the red dot on what you want to shoot and make sure you don't disturb the dot when you pull the trigger. You keep your focus on the target and let the red dot guide your aim.

In conclusion, aiming your pistol involves sight alignment, sight picture, and proper hold. Whether you're using iron sights or a red dot, the goal is to align your sights and place them on your target. With practice and experience, you'll become more proficient in aiming and hitting your target. So keep practicing and stay safe out there!

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