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Ads Subscriptions Profit

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

- Reoccurring revenue from a successful subscription box company can provide a stable and predictable income.

- Choosing the right niche and sourcing products are important factors in creating a successful subscription box business.

- In this article, we will discuss the subscription model, niche ideas, product selection, sourcing, and costs associated with starting a subscription box business.

Subscription Model:

- Customers receive packages on a recurring basis, such as monthly, every few months, or annually.

- Recurring revenue can lead to higher overall revenues over time.

- Bold Subscription is a popular app for creating recurring products on Shopify.

Niche Ideas:

- Choose a niche that interests you and solves a consumer problem.

- Popular niches include fitness, food, beauty, and consumables that need to be replaced regularly.

- Mix in reusable items that add value to the consumer's life and make them remember your brand.

Product Selection:

- Start with three to five items that fall under your niche and are small enough to fit in your box.

- Include consumables and items that can be reused.

- Capitalize on trending products by looking at publications and Google Trends.

- Include a card with product information and retail prices to make customers feel like they're getting a good value.


- Reach out to companies via email, Instagram DMs, and LinkedIn.

- Introduce yourself and explain why it would be beneficial for their product to be in your box.

- Be prepared to knock on a lot of doors and consider using a shipping brokerage like eShipper to cut costs.

- Crowdfunding with Kickstarter or Indiegogo can help you get subscribers before launching.


- Expenses include products, website, shipping, marketing, and fulfillment.

- Shopify starts at $30/month plus app costs.

- Consider shipping costs and the products themselves when figuring out what to charge customers.

- As you grow, consider hiring a student to manage your fulfillment.

- Avoid budget fulfillment companies.

Successful Subscription Boxes:

- Birchbox is a beauty subscription box with over a million subscribers and valued at $485 million.

- Dollar Shave Club broke into the subscription box scene with a viral video ad and offers men's grooming products.

- Popular subscription boxes for men include Bespoke Post, Style Plan by Frank and Oak, and Society Socks.

- Starting a successful subscription box business requires choosing the right niche, sourcing the right products, and managing costs effectively.

- While it takes time and effort to start and grow a subscription box business, the potential for stable and predictable revenue makes it an attractive option for entrepreneurs.

3 Hack To Increase Your Subscription Revenue With Facebook Ads [Profitably]

How to Sell Subscriptions with Facebook Ads

Selling subscriptions with Facebook ads can be challenging, especially for businesses working on a subscription-based model. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know to profitably and sustainably scale your subscription-based company using Facebook ads.


1. Sell to Existing Audiences and Customers:

- Prioritize your existing customers and engaged audiences to decrease your cost per acquisition and increase customer loyalty.

2. Push Higher Subscriptions:

- Offer higher subscription plans with discounts to incentivize customers to buy. This will help you realize revenue faster and have more working capital at hand.

3. Sell to Churn Subscribers:

- Advertise to customers who have churned to showcase the value of your product and entice them to come back.

By implementing these tactics, you can increase revenue and profitability while also scaling sustainably. Make sure to prioritize your existing customers, offer higher subscriptions, and sell to churn subscribers to see the best results. Book a free 20-minute discovery call with us to discuss your growth hurdles and how we can help you overcome them.

📈 Whats the Best Subscription Term Strategy for Max Profits?

- The best subscription term to maximize new subscriber conversion, member retention, and recurring revenue is a topic of interest.

- The different subscription terms are annual, monthly, quarterly, or something else.

- In this episode, we will discuss the pros and cons of different subscription terms and how to choose the best strategy to maximize conversion rates, retention rates, and cash flows.

Different Subscription Terms:

- Discounted trial subscriptions bring in the most new members but also have the highest churn rates.

- Monthly subscriptions have higher new member conversion than annual plans but usually retain more members after 12 months from annual plans.

- Quarterly plans fall somewhere in between the pros and cons of the others.

Choosing the Best Subscription Term:

- Offer a variety of different term offers that appeal to different segments within your target market.

- Test several new offers, including different terms, even if conversion suffers a little.

- Model four different subscription terms - trial monthly subscription, monthly subscription, annual subscription, and quarterly subscription - to compare the conversion rates and retention rates.

- Use discounted trial subscriptions to scale quickly if you are well financed to handle the cash flow challenges or have a choreographed upsell as part of your new subscriber onboarding to maximize cash flow after subscribers join.

- Use monthly subscriptions to have a higher conversion rate than annual subscription offers and usually end up with more subscribers after 12 months.

- Use annual subscriptions to have your highest lifetime value subscribers that retain well and buy other products and services that you offer.

- Choose a subscription plan that balances your cash flow needs with your ambitions to scale and recurring revenue.

- Mix it up and test different terms from time to time to appeal to unique segments within your target market.

- Share your thoughts and experiences with different subscription terms in the comments section below.

- Check out the resources available to help increase retention on your trial subscription offers.

3 Easy Ways to 3x Your Revenue with Subscriptions

Hey guys, Alex Rodriguez here. In this video, I want to share with you three unique subscription ideas. Subscriptions are awesome because they provide predictable cash flow and make your business more attractive to investors. So, let's jump right into it.

- Subscription models provide predictable cash flow and make your business more attractive to investors.

Unique Subscription Ideas:

1. Amazon Prime-Like Membership:

- This subscription model offers faster shipping, exclusive access to community, and exclusive product offers.

- Example communities include Posh Peanuts and LadyBoss, which have active engagement and provide great benefits to customers.

- Businesses can use this model to move products quicker and increase profit margins.

2. Niche Consumable Products:

- This subscription model offers replenishable products after a set duration, such as every week or month.

- It can be used as the main offer or as a complement to a main product offer, serving as a back-end LTV booster or upsell.

- Examples include Blanjet, which partnered with other protein brands to sell products and increase profit margins.

3. Digital Products Library Membership:

- This subscription model offers digital products, such as ebooks and courses, which can be produced once and sold multiple times.

- Combining this model with physical products can create a more well-rounded business and increase subscription revenue.

- Example businesses include Spotify and Netflix, which offer digital products to subscribers.

- Implementing a subscription model can make your business more valuable and sustainable, eliminating stress and increasing profit margins.

- Testing out different subscription models, such as Amazon Prime-Like Membership, Niche Consumable Products, and Digital Products Library Membership, can help you find the right fit for your business.

- Join the Brand Hyper Growth community on Facebook to network and connect with other successful entrepreneurs.

Subscription Revenue Model: How to Forecast Subscription Sales

If you're running an e-commerce and subscription business, you'll need to create sales projections to keep track of your revenue. Lucky for you, we've created a free sales projection template specifically for subscription e-commerce businesses. In this article, we'll walk you through how to fill out this template.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Start with Visitor Acquisition:

- Enter the number of paid ads that drive visitors to your website.

- Enter the cost per click for those ads.

- Enter the number of organic visitors from search engine optimization.

- Add the two numbers to get the total number of website visitors for the month.

2. Calculate Conversion Rates:

- Enter the conversion rate from website visitor to one-time order. Keep it realistic, around 1% for e-commerce.

- Multiply the conversion rate by the total number of website visitors to get the total number of one-time orders for the month.

- Enter the number of items per order.

- Fill out the different product categories, including price points and quantity sold.

- Add an annual price growth rate.

3. Subscription Revenue:

- Enter the percentage of website visitors that convert into subscribers, usually around 3%.

- Launch the subscription level in different months and add different price points and relative popularity.

- Calculate projected subscription revenue.

- Add one-time e-commerce sales and subscription revenue to get total revenue projections.

4. Premium Template:

- We also offer a premium template that includes charts, graphs, and tables.

- The template has a five-year income statement summary, cash flow summary, and balance sheet summary.

- You can also enter other expenses, operating expenses, salaried positions, and other assets and liabilities.

Creating sales projections for an e-commerce and subscription business is crucial to keep track of your revenue. Our free sales projection template and premium template can help you make informed decisions about your business. Don't hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

5 Tips To Run Profitable YouTube Ads In 2022: More Subscribers, Leads, and Sales

In this article, we will discuss strategies to optimize your YouTube ads campaigns to get better quality views. We will provide tips on how to fix campaigns with zero views, how to target the right audience, and how to scale your campaigns.

Strategies to fix campaigns with zero views:

- Double your bids: If you are getting zero views and impressions, try doubling your bids. For in-feed ads, bring your bid up to 10-15 cents, and for in-stream ads, you could go up to 30-50 cents or more.

- Check your targeting options: Some combinations of targeting options may not work no matter how much money you try to give Google. If you are not getting any impressions, it's just straight up not going to work.

- Use in-market audiences, custom intent audiences, and affinity audiences: These types of audiences are virtually guaranteed to work with any type of ads that you run, and custom intent audiences are the one that we recommend you start with.

Tips to avoid overspending:

- Set an end date for your campaigns: Make sure that you always have an end date on your campaign so it never continuously runs without you knowing about it.

- Use cost per view bidding: When you are first setting up your campaign, use maximum cost per view bidding to protect yourself from spending more money than you need to.

- Use one targeting option per ad group: Make sure that you only have one targeting option per ad group, so it's easy to analyze your data.

Scaling your campaigns:

- Check your display rank lost and display lost is budget: These two columns will tell you whether or not you have room to grow with your budget.

- Improve your ad: Display rank lost is supposed to tell you how good or bad your ad is in relation to who you're targeting, so try to improve your ad to lower this number.

- Find another audience source: If you want to continue to grow, you may need to find another audience source.

Optimizing your YouTube ads campaigns is crucial to getting better quality views. By following these strategies, you can fix campaigns with zero views, avoid overspending, and scale your campaigns. Remember to double your bids, use the right targeting options, and set an end date for your campaigns. Good luck!

Win and Keep More Subscription Revenue (Omar Nawaz, Chargebee)

- Chargebee overview and success

- Purpose of the article: sharing learnings on growing revenue for subscription-based businesses

Organizational Design:

- Dynamic nature of subscription-based businesses

- Importance of proper alignment and empowerment of teams for all stages of customer life cycle

- Need for flexible and scalable processes and systems to accommodate real-time changes

- Importance of measuring changes and their impact on business metrics

Business Levers:

- Adoption, expansion, and retention as key levers for growth

- Focus on maximizing customer lifetime value (LTV) to maintain revenue growth

- Importance of measuring adoption, expansion, and retention collectively

- Impact on revenue from activities for expansion and retention is higher than acquisition

Pricing and Packaging:

- Customers buy what they find value in, not what is being sold

- Need to shift thinking from selling products to delivering outcomes

- Importance of creating packages with mass appeal and add-ons for advanced users

- Continual measurement and messaging aligned with customer value and market conditions

- Importance of building sales teams ahead of time to hit revenue targets

- Need for ongoing measurement and adjustment of organizational design, business levers, and pricing strategies to maintain growth and profitability in subscription-based businesses.

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