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ads that use ethos pathos and logos

Published on: January 2 2023 by pipiads

Pathos, Ethos, Logos Commercials

quiet,and action let's get one thing straight,i never tell you to drink sprite even if,i was in a commercial for sprite,which i am or you were watching it which,you are,i would tell you to drink it no matter,what that cute car says,brian man sad no even if you just eating,tacos with extra hot sauce,and you were holding an extra cold,sprite and for some reason you're,waiting for me to tell you to drink it,i still wouldn't tell you to drink that,thirst quenching sprite,even if this were a metaphor about,sprite and i was toking about sprite,and little yachty here was paid by,sprite to write lyrics about sprites,and even if all these cool influencer,people were holding one i still wouldn't,tell you to drink a cool crisp,refreshing lemon lime sprite,i'd ask you you want a sprite,[Music],this is the home you're gonna grow up,[Music],in this small house together we have,grown,made our family made us all a home,[Music],in this small house bursting at the,seams,with our history and sweet memories,you make it a home we help you protect,it,travelers it's better under the umbrella,yes your honor um this window,had you ever gotten a perm before yes,how many would you say two a year since,i was 12.,you do the math you know a girl in my,sorority tracy marcinko got a perm once,we all tried to tok her out of it girls,weren't a good look for her,she didn't have your bone structure,but thankfully that same day she entered,the beta delta pie wet t-shirt contest,where she was completely hosed down from,head to toe,objection why is this relevant,oh i have a point i promise then make it,yes um chunny why is it that tracy,marcinko's curls were ruined when she,got hosed down,because they got wet exactly because,isn't it the first cardinal rule of,per-maintenance that you're forbidden to,wet your hair for at least 24 hours,after getting a perm,at the risk of deactivating the ammonium,thyglocalate,yes and wouldn't somebody who's had say,30 perms before in their life be well,aware of this rule,and if in fact you weren't washing your,hair as i suspect you weren't because,your curls are still intact,wouldn't you have heard the gunshot and,if in fact you had heard the gunshot,brook wyndham wouldn't have had time,to hide the gun before you got,downstairs which would mean that you,would have had to have found,mrs windham with a gun in her hand to,make your story plausible,isn't that right she's my age did she,tell you that,how would you feel if your father,married someone who was your age you,however had time to hide the gun didn't,you chutney,after you shot your father i didn't mean,to shoot him i thought it was you,walking through the door,order order order,oh my god oh my god oh my god,bailiff take the witness into custody,where she will be charged

How to Identify Ethos, Logos and Pathos by Shmoop

Ethos/Logos/Pathos, a la Shmoop.,We all hate losing arguments.,It feels good to be right...,...but it feels even better to convince someone else that you're right.,And then maybe rub their face in it a little bit.,What if you had a bag of tricks that you could go to,any time you felt someone needed a little... persuading?,Thanks to Aristotle, the great thinker from ancient Greece...,...we have three such tricks that will often get the job done.,They're not foolproof.,In other words, they won't usually get you out of mowing the lawn or doing the dishes...,...but if you're writing an argument essay and want a reader to see, understand and agree with your point...,...these tricks are the bee's knees.,Collectively, they are referred to as rhetorical devices.,You want to know what they are?,Sorry... that's a rhetorical question.,The three devices are called ethos, pathos and logos.,Once you've mastered these tools, you'll be able to write a stellar essay...,...win politikal debates...,...and sell just about anything on late-night television.,Let's start with ethos. Ethos means moral character.,When the speaker uses ethos, he's trying to persuade,his audience by convincing them that he's a good guy.,So if you pin someone up against a wall and,demand that they prefer Coke to Pepsi...,...it's probably not the most effective means of persuasion.,But if that same person gets the sense that you're a decent human being...,...who just wants to discuss the subject in a calm manner...,...he may be more willing to see another side of the issue.,But moral character alone isn't going to get 'er done.,Enter... pathos.,Pathos means emotion.,As a rhetorical device, pathos gets us to stop thinking and start feeling.,Something politikal pundits seem to have down to a science.,Ugh... feelings? Does this mean we have to get all lovey-dovey and mushy-wushy?,Well... no. But sometimes appealing to someone's softer side can do the trick.,If you're trying to convince a reader that crude oil is bad for the environment...,...don't just cite figures and fill up the pages with a bunch of charts and graphs.,tok about the animals that are affected... and often killed... when there's a spill.,It will only help your case if you can get your reader to cry over spilt oil.,And then there's the third and final rhetorical device... logos.,Logos means reason. Think logic.,Here is where all those aforementioned charts, graphs and figures come into play.,But it's also about explaining to your reader, in clear and concise terms...,...why they should logically agree with your point of view.,It's about providing concrete evidence to support your claims.,If you can make them feel stupid for daring to think differently, all the better.,But watch the name-calling.,So when writing an argument essay, don't set,pen to paper without the big three in your corner...,...Ethos, meaning moral character...,...Pathos, meaning emotion...,...and logos, meaning reason.,You may also want to use Oreos...,...which won't add anything to your argument, but they sure are delicious.

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Pathos, Logos, and Ethos in Advertising

the art of rhetoric persuasive,tikniques in advertising persuasive,rhetoric can appear in a variety of,media from a high-school debate to a,billboard on the street regardless of,the type of persuasive argument the goal,remains the same convince the audience,of your point of view authors of any,persuasive argument in this case,advertisers often approach this goal in,similar ways by making emotional Appeals,by building credibility and Trust and by,using logic and reason Greek philosopher,Aristotle used three terms to describe,these rhetorical strategies pathos ethos,and logos not every advertisement will,use all three of these tikniques but,most use a combination of at least two,to persuade the consumer to invest in a,product,the first persuasive tiknique will look,at is pathos pathos refers to an,emotional appeal an advertisement using,pathos will attempt to provoke an,emotional response in the consumer often,it's a positive emotion such as,excitement,Snickers head and shoulders a product,called I home and even milk can add,excitement to your life and just look,what kind of adrenaline rush she'll get,from a Honda Civic 197 horsepower Civic,Si from Honda it'll reverse with the,promise of being attractive to the,opposite sex is probably the most common,use of pathos apparently even dentine,gum can be sexy attention boys and girls,dan teen ice is coming out of it's shell,side never-before-seen and creating,quite a sensation in a dent a nice soft,you a whole new way to go toned and,sometimes an advertisement will pull on,the heartstrings who can resist a,child's birthday party by a Sony,cyber-shot,or look at the adorable baby who just,wants his Cheerios hmm never thinking,sure - yes I don't have the milk in my,school and occasionally pathos can work,in the opposite way by associating a,product with the prevention of something,negative in your life use State Farm,Insurance in case this happens the next,rhetorical strategy we'll take a look at,is ethos ethos in advertising refers to,establishing the credibility or,character of the product often this is,done by brand association cheese nips,for example contain real Kraft cheese,new nips now with more real Kraft cheese,Kraft is a well known and trusted brand,and therefore you can also trust cheese,nips expert testimonials also lend,credibility a positive review from a,critik you trust can make you want to,see a partikular movie doctors and,dermatologists are always giving their,anonymous approval to products however,another type of ethos commonly seen in,advertising is the celebrity endorsement,there's no reason why actress hayden,Panettiere is more qualified to endorse,milk than the average person but her,appearance in the ad offers the,impression of credibility rapper common,doesn't design clothes for the gap but,if he wears them you might also want to,and take a look at how many celebrities,are endorsing this moto phone with,iTunes,hey guys my Chima fight Mongols thought,Amara,take away Beethoven,shut up Oh another one,biggie uh hundred tunes in your phone if,you have this phone you're that much,closer to being famous,the final rhetorical strategy to examine,is logos simply put this is an appeal to,logic or reason the logos of an,advertisement is straightforward it,tells you exactly what the product does,how it works what it is used for the,voiceover on the Cheerios ad gives you,practikal information about Cheerios,health benefits,turns out the cereal that's a healthy,choice for your children is the same,cereal that's good for your heart,however logos is often more effective in,print than it is on television where,there is much less time to read this I,home ad gives you specific details on,its functions clear information that the,consumer needs to know,in fact internet sites may be the most,effective at delivering the logos in an,ad because the consumer can discover as,much about the product as he or she,wishes this Aveeno website allows the,consumer to learn more where he or she,is led to specific details about their,line of products,ethos ethos and logos defined by,Aristotle over 2,000 years ago these,three rhetorical tikniques are now,utilized in all forms of advertising

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Ethos, Pathos, Logos (AP Lang Summer Assignment)

I'm Neil Patrick Harris and this is,Heineken Light winner of the best,tasting Light beer at the 2013 World,Beer championships and my personal,favorite which you'll have to take my,word for it because there are certain,regulations prohibiting me from taking a,sip in a television commercial but trust,me it's delicious I drink it all the,time every day not every day not all the,time sometimes sometimes once a day,maybe or not at all in any given day I,don't have a specific rule I'm not I had,one on the drive over here not in the,car I wasn't driving I'm not I don't,ever drink beer and I don't do not drink,and drive,whatever you do okay I don't care how,light and refreshing the beer is,I don't understand it I use something,wrong are you breaking up with me,you,last year the US alone used over 39,billion plastik bottles of water that's,enough to stretch around the earth over,190 times each Brita filter can take up,to 300 of those bottles out of the,equation it's a small step that can make,a big difference,you,you,I'm Neil Patrick Harris and this is,Heineken Light this commercial starts,out with an example of credibility by,using Neil Patrick Harris who is a,famous actor to introduce himself,alongside Heineken Light winner of the,best tasting Light beer at the 2013,World Beer Championships this commercial,continues to list its credibility by,boasting about Heineken Lights award in,the best tasting low calorie lager at,the 2013 world beer championships and my,personal favorite which you'll have to,take my word for it because there are,certain regulations prohibiting me from,taking a sip in a television commercial,but trust me it's delicious when Neil,Patrick Harris says trust me it's,delicious he adds credibility to the,commercial and the product because he is,a celebrity and people know Neil so,they're thinking well if Neil Patrick,Harris likes Heineken Light then it must,be good I drink it all the time every,day not every day not all the time,sometimes sometimes once a day maybe or,not at all in any given day I don't have,a specific rule I'm not I had one on the,drive over here not in the car I wasn't,driving I'm not I don't ever drink beer,and I don't do not drink and drive,whatever you do okay I don't care how,light and refreshing the beer is lastly,the commercial shows credibility through,Neil Patrick Harris as he has tempted to,take a sip of the beer but can't do to,commercial regulations so it makes a,stink face and the commercial ends,Oh,immediately in this commercial we can,see the pathos in the sad situation,between this girl and her dog there at a,vet office and the girl seems to be,saying her goodbyes to her friend,now the commercial has begun to go back,in time and we can see the close,relationship between the girl and the,dog and any consumer who has had a pet,can identify with this type of,friendship as the commercial progresses,we can see how the dog has been there,for the girl through all of her,milestones big and small and how their,friendship has grown over the years we,also begin to notike that the family has,used the same car for all this time - at,this point we can recognize that the dog,represents the loyalty and timeless,memories that can be found in this car,which is being advertised,during the scene the young girl snuggles,her new puppy's nose and names her Maddy,it then shifts back to the present when,the girls in the vet's office with her,dog for the final moments this,heart-wrenching scene brings out the,sympathy from the consumer and the final,blow from the commercial hits when it,says the best friend for life's journey,and it becomes a car commercial,last year the US alone used over 39,billion plastik bottles of water this,commercial immediately starts using,logos as it begins with a fact that's,enough to stretch around the earth over,190 times the commercial now emphasizes,the fact to maximize the impact of it on,the consumer by saying how the number of,plastik bottles compared to the size of,the earth each Brita filter can take up,to 300 of those bottles out of the,equation this commercial now ends with,one last fact about how the Brita filter,can take up to 300 plastik bottles out,of the equation which is meant to cause,a consumer to think that purchasing this,filter will cause them to make a,difference in the world it's a small,step that can make a big difference,you

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos examples

ghost is persuading by Preda bility as a,speaker,let's get one thing straight I never,tell you to drink sprite even if I was,in a commercial for sprite which I am or,you were watching it what you are I,would tell you to drink it no matter,what that cute car says no even if you,just eating tacos with extra hot sauce,you were holding an extra cold sprite,and for some reason we're waiting for me,to tell you to drink it I still wouldn't,tell you to drink that thirst-quenching,sprite even if this were a metaphor,about sprite and I was toking about,sprite and literally out of here is pay,my sprite to write lyrics the boss spray,and even if all these cool influencer,people were holding one I still wouldn't,tell you to drink a cool crisp,refreshing lemon lime sprites I'd ask,you you want a sprite,[Music],you're gonna grow up,[Music],made a breaking stone in this house,together we made a family,[Music],in this one,[Music],bursting at the seams,this window did you ever gotten a card,before yes how many would you say to a,year since I was 12 you do the math you,know a girl and my sorority Tracy,Marcinko got a perm once we all tried to,tok her out of it,curls weren't a good look for her she,didn't have your bone structure but,thankfully that same day she entered the,Beta Delta Pi wet t-shirt contest where,she was completely hosed down from head,to toe objection why is this relevant oh,I have a point I promise then make it um,chutney why is it the Tracy Mar sink,those curls were ruined when she got,hose down because they got wet exactly,because isn't it the first cardinal rule,of pur maintenance that you're forbidden,to wet your hair for at least 24 hours,after getting a perm at the risk of,deactivating the ammonium cyclically yes,and wouldn't somebody who's had say 30,perms before in their life be well aware,of this rule and if in fact you weren't,washing your hair as I suspect you,weren't because your curls are still,intact wouldn't you have heard the,gunshot and if in fact you had heard the,gunshot Brooke Windham wouldn't have had,time to hide the gun before you got,downstairs which would mean that you,would have had to have found mrs.,Windham with a gun in her hand to make,your story plausible isn't that right,she's my age did she tell you that how,would you feel if your father married,someone who was your age you however had,time to hide the gun didn't you chutney,after you shot your father I didn't mean,to shoot him,order

Ethos, Pathos & Logos

How do you persuade someone to see things,YOUR way?,The Greek philosopher Aristotle had,some good ideas on how to persuade people.,Among his most powerful tikniques,were what he called the three appeals,designed to ask an audience to believe his argument.,Aristotle called these three appeals,Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.,Ethos appeals to the audience by asking them,to trust the person making the argument.,Pathos appeals to the audience’s emotions,,asking them to believe because they care.,Logos appeals to the audience’s,sense of logic and rationality, asking them to believe,because the argument makes sense.,Using the appeals can make your writing,or speaking more persuasive.,And if you can spot them when they are being used,or misused— by others,,you can also protect yourself against manipulation.,Let’s examine the three appeals more closely.,First up: Ethos,One way to win over a skeptikal audience is,to convince them that you’re trustworthy,,knowledgeable, and well meaning.,You can build ethos by referencing relevant experience,by explaining your credentials,,or even by using good sources,to show that you know your subject.,When presenting, dressing and speaking professionally,will boost your audience’s confidence in you.,When writing, making sure your documents,have a professional tone,and are error-free can also enhance your ethos.,Next, we’ll address Pathos: the appeal to emotion.,Many popular movies, books,,and songs appeal to emotion.,These appeals often engage positive emotions,like joy or hope,,but other times . . .,No,,no please,Pathos can engage negative emotions as well;,however, in academic writing, a simple tug on the,heartstrings won’t suffice.,To use pathos effectively,,incorporate vivid imagery and intentionally emotional,and impactful adjectives and verbs.,Academics can support their,arguments most effectively with Logos—,an appeal to logic and rationality—,by building an argument with,facts, figures, and well-thought out reasoning,By appealing to the audience with logic,,you draw your conclusions as rational,,rendering the opposition less persuasive,,sometimes even as “irrational.”,Not all conclusions are easy to prove, though,,and the responsibility falls on you,to make the case and convince the audience.,While many arguments rely on,one or two of these methods,,some of the most effective,use a combination of all three.,The most important aspect of persuasive writing,is to create a credible line of thought for,your message that audiences will follow;,if you do it carefully, they very well might,arrive at the same conclusion.,For more information on persuasive,writing and speaking,,visit our website at,writingcenter.tamu.edu.