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ads winter garden

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Inside Sienna Miller's Secluded Country Cottage | Open Door | Architectural Digest

hello ad, i'm sienna miller. welcome to my cottage. [Music]. i'm going to start in the kitchen, because that's where everybody always ends up. in the last year i've redecorated the house with my great friend, gabby dalau, who is a film director but has the best taste of anyone i've ever met. so in lockdown, when she was panicking about what to do because her film was pushed, i said: you can do up my cottage and she did. i bought this house when i was 25 in a moment of real panic. i was sort of in london and life was very intense and i just was dreaming about having a place to get away to. and i saw this place online. it's about 45 minutes from london and it was on to rent or buy and i thought i'll rent it for a year and i came to see it and fell completely in love and bought it. it's really my sanctuary. it's where i come to do nothing. 1920s crittle doors bring me a lot of joy. i mean, the new ones just don't look like that. so i'm thrilled with them and i think that having such an old house is a magical thing, but having contemporary touches in it really work. this is probably my favorite thing because it's just the most beautiful lacon stove. i have dreamt about having a big stove and i've never, ever had one before and i love to cook. so if i'm in a city or in the country or anywhere and there is a sunday, there will be food being cooked and it's magical to have this much space and christmas dinners. before we had a tiny oven and it was hell, so that's been wonderful. i bought it off this couple that had done it up and they sold me the house with all the furniture and it was lovely. it was very traditional english cottage. it's now much more sophistikated and evolved and, i think, much more how my taste actually is. i'd sort of inherited somebody else's vision and made it my own, but it was never quite right. so we've done a complete refurb in here. [Music]. thatch is funny. it's like the biggest tiny house you've ever seen. somehow it keeps on going. it's like a rabbit warren and and it can. it's got five bedrooms so it can sleep. i said it's got six bedrooms, it can sleep 12 people, but it's little. so i realized that we needed a big space for lots of people and so when we've got a lot of people, this is where we would have dinner. i love that we've got the height of that balcony there, because it is low otherwise, but this is all part of the extension that was done in the 1970s and obviously we've got this enormous fireplace. at christmas time we put the tree here and we move this armchair and decorate all of this with foliage and lights and a roaring fire and some tipsy person will get on the piano bash out a tune. this was a gift from my first boyfriend, which i've still got and i'm very attached to, and i love all the colors in this space because, although it's old, it's got a kind of contemporary feel. it's funny because it's such a cozy house, but it really does work in the summer as well. in lots of areas of the house we've added mirrors just to kind of create the illusion of more space than there is, and there's a beautiful one there which is fun for kids to look at and perform in, and the design of this was done, as i said, by gabby dalal, who is really my other mother. i love colors and different textures. this is a corduroy armchair. we actually recovered this because it was my mum's from when she and my dad lived in hong kong. it was a big white armchair that's completely falling apart but has sentimental value, so it's recovered with kind of clashing prints. the art is from all over the place. this was a gift from my godmother, christine. this is a new artist who i met recently, freda jones, and she's brilliant. but i love the details of the stained glass, for example because of the light that it creates and i think gabby, being a film director, is very intensely focused on light and playing with that. this used to be an unstable door and we've replaced it with a beautiful old door and lovely painted glass. that's where we stok the booze. you have to be quite creative with the little house of where you keep things. well, i can see a few spider webs, but that's the countryside and wine essential at a country cottage. this is the snuggly room where we all watch tv. this is the old old part of the house and it used to be the kitchen, so it's very, very low but magical and cozy, and in winter we light the fire and it's a beautiful old roaring fire and watch old movies at christmas and it's about as dreamy as it can be. the color on the walls it's a cream color, but it's also got a tiny hint of pink and gabby actually had this pigment made up so that it's got a real warmth but it's not too heavy. this is by my godmother, carol davis, who's an extraordinary artist. that was a christmas present from mum and i love mixing old style of painting with contemporary painting, and there are all sorts of bits around the house that you'll see, but she's pretty cool, this lady. all this part of the house from the 70s extension part is original and 16th century, which is extraordinary- that families in 1550 were living in this house. and i really haven't touched anything- not that i could, because it's all landmark trusted, but it's all original beams and the sense of history is really magical. so these two pictures on the wall are by my friend, an amazing director called john mabry, and he came over to my flat when i was living in london and we had a late night and i woke up in the morning and there were these pictures. oh look, 2006, john mayberry. yeah, those are two of my favorite things i own and they're just on scrappy bits of cardboard, but i think they really make the room magical because he's pretty magical. so this is, yeah, this is where we relax. this is it the snug: not very big but very cozy. [Music]. this is the original staircase that we kind of scrubbed and painted there and we exposed this and made it into a bookshelf. it's a funny amalgamation of kids books: my copy from my classics class of the odyssey of homer with some notes in it- very impressive, some shakespeare history of england which i've pilfered from someone since stanislavski. i went to the strasbourg school of acting and lee strasberg's inspiration was constantine stanislavski, so this is called an actor's handbook. that is well-thumbed. i can't remember reading it but i must have done because that's dog-eared. maybe i gave up lots of history and memories there. this is marlo's room. there's marlo on the bed reading. we love that book. it's a greek mythology book. we sound like a bunch of classicists and we aren't, but i like what that says. this room is really sweet. it feels like something out of jane austen. the beds are quite little for somebody who's growing quite fast. but gabby was brilliant. she found these, this amazing linen, and then it's actually wool, and then she found sheepskins and she got them sewn onto the headboard. so that's just a cozy detail for little girls going to sleep. and again, the windows are so small that it's hard to get curtains. you don't want little crop curtains, so we've got these sheepy bits of fabric that hook up and come down at night. yeah, this room is pretty much what it would have been. we haven't done anything to it except paint it and move furniture around, but it's got a really magical feel. did you not manage to get that back up? and we've hidden loads of the toys. it's. none of this house ever looks this tidy. but that's the beauty of making a film [Music]. leaving marlo's room, this is the hallway. this is the stairs we came up and i didn't show you that, but that's a 1930s french, london parisian lantern that i love. there's a guest room, again in lovely space, and then this is the hallway. we created this reading nook for marlo because there's not much space in this hobbity little house, but we've got lots of her toys and books and in homeschooling there was a little desk there so she could look out at the meadow. so this is my bedroom. this has been completely changed and we could do that because it's the 1970s part of the house and it's not listed, but this bedroom before kind of en.

A Japanese-Inspired Home That Experiments with Interior Design, Space and Usability (House Tour)

My name's Chris Gilbert and I was a project lead for harry house Coburg's in the north of Melbourne, bound by Sydney Road and Lygon Street, so you have lots of amenity around this area and fantastik access to things like Merry Creek um, great food on Sydney road and it was only 10 minutes from our studio. so it was really fantastik working in the local context. the site was originally home to a double front head pre-war weatherboard cottage. the client wished to maintain as much of the warmth of the entry through that cottage as possible but really wanted to produce a new lens to this amazing kind of ram shackle garden that existed out the back, which was a mix of fig trees and like overgrown kind of multi-generational um foliage. really it was super interesting, super deep, but the old house didn't connect with it at all. so the brief was to really reorientate the living space to create a frame to that lush garden. i grew up in country Victoria, spending a lot of my time building cubbies and tree houses in our small little bush block and there's something kind of primal and childish about that element of play that you really want to replicate when you grow up like you want. you want the best parts of that to come through into your everyday life, and we had a client that was interested in pursuing that as well. so the outcome is something that is quite unique to the standard kind of Melbourne. like box on the back of a pre-war cottage, you end up with something that's much more playful, much more dynamic. it's like you're living inside a textural object. the front part of the house retained the original cottage and it's not obvious that there's been a big renovation done. when you first arrive, the sight line from the front door takes you straight through the extension to the garden and the fig tree and people are immediately drawn to that. i'm Tanya. i'm one of the homeowners here i live with my husband, Pete, and our three boys, who range in age from 6 up to 16.. Harry is our dog and the house is named after him by our youngest son, who used to ask if we were visiting the harry house when we were doing site visits. the material selection in this building was quite important. we really wanted materials that would age well, be robust and be quite honest, like honest carpentry and you know, materials and textures that had a life and had like errors and mistakes in them, because that that's what kind of makes the tree house. it's not this perfect, polished thing. the concrete, obviously, is never going to go anywhere, but also the INAX board. it's indestructible, it's actually fireproof. so i've got Japanese heritage. the house has deliberately incorporated Japanese style design elements. archer already used those in prior projects and it was one of the things that attracted me to work with them. we have an old mizuya tansu, an old Japanese piece of furniture which is quite large, and we wanted to make sure there was space for that to be incorporated into the project. the challenge of a long, narrow site, of course, is how to get light into all rooms of the house. so for this building we kept the original pre-world cottage and inserted a courtyard between the new and old building, and what this does is allow natural light straight into the rumpus room and like deep into it the main kids living space, while also allowing the landscape to wrap all the way around the building. so no matter where you are in this space, you're looking out into the garden. the floor area of this building is quite tight. we're toking just a little a bit over 200 square meters. so in order to get the maximum amount of amenity within that frame or that envelope we needed to look for alternate solutions, one of which is providing soft netted areas in the voids rather than additional rumpus rooms. and what the nets do, which is pretty interesting, is allow you to occupy an entire space without needing furniture. so, rather than a room needing to be four by four to have a couch in the corner, you can just have a two and a half by three meter space and occupy that entire zone. obviously, we use a lot of glass in our projects and, in partikular, this project, and we find it really helps connect the user with the landscape. um ends the sky like. these boxes are pretty unique. really. you have the opportunity to see garden and get this really great sky view factor. so the full height glass really captures both of those elements. another very Japanese element was the design of the bathrooms, and that was having a separate, separate spaces for the toilet, a separate space for the basin and a separate space for bathing, which is how Japanese bathrooms are configured. lots of people tok about kitchens being the heart of the home and in that respect, this project's no different. the step down kitchen is really fantastik because it allows the person who's using the kitchen to for their workspace to be at 900 mils and just perfect for preparing food, where the people on the other side of the bench space are interacting with an object that's much more like a piece of furniture at table height. the house has been incredible to raise a young family in. i love the light, i love being in the garden, seeing the seasons and the weather change. i love relaxing in it. the project has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. it's incredible. i'm most proud that tanya's happy with the outcome. you know it's her house that was designed for her and her family and if she's happy we're happy. you know it's a family house for living, not for filming, ironically.

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ADS TV: HOME & AWAY: Tips To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

hey everyone, welcome to this week's home and away episode of an Okie daily spotlight TV. now the winter season is upon us and we know that the colder climates can work a number on our Gardens. so today we're at the toronto botanical gardens, but we'll be speaking to gardening expert connie hunter from the Toronto master gardeners and she'll be showing as tips that can help prepare our gardens for the cold weather. Connie, thank you so much for joining us on the show today. thank you. now, before we actually start toking about what we can do to prepare our gardens to go from the summer to the colder climates, tell me about the Toronto master gardeners. well, we're a group of gardening enthusiasts, we're a volunteer organization and we're all people who not only are enthusiastik gardening but we have certain level of knowledge and our mandate is to share our level of knowledge with the public. okay, and what is the knowledge that you're going to be sharing with opportunity? well, I'm going to tok about how the gardening season doesn't end on Labor Day. okay, it carries on through the fall until winter sets. a lot of us tend to think that once summer is gone, once a friend goes away, we just stop gardening altogether. this is actually my one of my busier times in the garden, mmm, and what i do now prepares my garden for next season, but i also do things that will let me garden indoors during the winter, okay, and that's gonna be really key for us, because we get to bring some of that sort of gardening culture into our homes as well. absolutely, what I'm going to be showing you is the garlic bulb, and I'm going to take the bulb apart so that each clove is separate. the garden is already being worked out, so the soil is nice and loose. I'm going to dig a trench that is about six centimeters deep and I'm going to plant each clove individually in that trench, based about three centimeter of six centimeters apart. then I will cover it with the soil, smooth it off, and I've got some straw that I used to mulch it for the winter. now, if you're in the city, you may not have access to straw, in which case you might want to use leaves from your garden, so you would chop them up and you would spread them over the area of your garden where you've planted your garlic bulbs. it gives it a nice cozy blanket. so we're going to tok about your second tip now, which is cutting the perennials. that's right. I also go through my garden and I cut back certain herbaceous perennials. and just to explain what herbaceous perennial is, it's a plant that comes back every year, but during the winter it dies back to the ground, so you don't see any of it, okay, and if I didn't cut it back I'd have a mess, okay, okay, i choose to cut back any perennial that is unattractive in the fall. mouthful. the second degree, aliza believe it isn't. it is what garden maintenance, if they'll keep your garden tidy- and a tidy garden is going to have a fewer pests in it, fewer diseases in it. in my garden are going through it methodically and I am cleaning out every weed that's there, because if i leave the weeds, they're going to continue to use up nutrients that i want to save for my perennials. so it's important to get rid of them in the fall, because when i'm taking the weeds- that- let's take a dandelion as an example- i am pulling it out the complete route before it frees up, and that way, when the spring comes, my is i'm waking up to a nice, clean garden. it's wonderful to bring your garden indoors. the first thing i want to tok about is bringing some mint indoors and growing some coriander indoors. yes, now, those are two herbs very popular in the south asian community. that's why i thought we toked about huh o'connor. you were telling you that not only can we go through the traditional method of growing mint indoors, but there's a quick one too. that's right. we can take cuttings off our mint plant that's in the garden and you tear off the bottom few leaves and then you immerse the stems in a glass of water, okay, and the roots will develop and then you can pop them up. coriander tends to get a little weak and floppy indoors, so you want to put it in a bright spot, like an east-facing window. the east sun is nice and bright, but it's not as hot as the West. fun, okay, it would grow better at 70 degrees in your house, in at 75. thank you to Connie hunter for showing us these tips and thank you for joining us. for more on Toronto Master Gardeners, you can visit Toronto Master Gardeners, CA, and for more of our show, you can catch us at anoka mediacom and our youtube channel. and don't forget to share your gardening tips with us on facebook and twitter.


Zero Carbon |solar panels winter garden

hey, andrew, over at zero carbon. this is chris with j3 innovation. thank you for joining the group and also accepting the custom video offer. i'm sure you're very busy, so i'm gonna try to make this short and sweet for you. andrew, as you can see, we're on the home page of your site is xerocarbonsola. gotta say, nice site overall. i do have a few suggestions for you. number one is: i seen that this was better on wix. you're definitely going to want to move that to a more seo friendly builder platform. uh, our go-to with snaps is just like wordpress, but not as expensive, and it has just all the capabilities to help you make your site beneficial and be able to rank for that in your area. so i definitely suggest that. number two is: i see that you don't have an actual phone number here listed at the top. we implement that on every site that we build and on every page, and that helps with accessibility purposes so the customer can get in contact you with in contact with you with just a click- google us to see that and you gain a little bit of google up from that, which helps authority and rankings. so i do suggest that. number two is: i see you only have a home and careers tab, usually on every single layout that we've ever built or ever seen. there always have a home, a service tab, contact us and about us as well. you definitely want to have those on there because if you have other services that you can rank for, you definitely want to be trying to rank for those. that's going to bring you more traffic and leads to your site ranking for those other services in google search and that's going to help make your site much more beneficial for you. so you definitely want to do that. going down below, i see that you have a little bit of content here and we'll speak on that in just a second. but also the third thing, or the fourth thing that i wanted to suggest is that i don't see an actual contact form here on anywhere on your home page. we implement these on every single site that we build. place them on every single page. that's also to help with accessibility purposes. google loves to see that you give the customer multiple options to contact you, whether it's a click to your phone number or enter all the information. just give them, giving them options to do what they want, and google rewards you points for that as well. so back to the content highlighting your overall command content, everything that google's going to read on your site or your homepage. for this example, came out to 289 words, and you definitely want to up your content and we found 1500 to 2 000 words on the home page alone and 500 to 750 words on your service pages is right around the sweet spot you want to be targeting when it comes to google. unless your top competitor has a lot more, then you definitely want to beat them out in that. you definitely want to have more thoughts up and quality content. so when google crosses your site and reads your content, they want to see you educating the customer on everything that you do and everything about you, all your services. they want you to educate the customer about those services, how they work, how you implement them, and also you want to want it to be entertaining- entertaining as well. so if google's entertained by, they know the customer is going to be, so that's definitely one thing that you want to do. you also want to target top buyer intent keywords in your content on your site and that's called. that's part of on-site seo and that's going to help google index a lot faster. each page or section is about and that's going to help you rank a lot faster for those- as opposed to, is just throwing links to your site and google having to take time to figure out where they are supposed to be going. you know their destination, so that's definitely what you want to do. you want to be beating your top competitor out and all these many factors as well, and let's go check out who they actually are. while we're on that subject, as you can see, solar panels- wintery, winter garden- sorry- is the top biotik keyword that i found. it only gets 20 searches. there is a couple more searches that i did find. that would help be beneficial to you and help you rank in this area. i don't know if you uh do are subjective to uh servicing other areas, but if you do, i would suggest that as well. that's going to help make your site much more beneficial. targeting other areas, for example, like orlando, let me show you this right here. as you can see, they get uh for this keyword right here. it gets 250 searches a month. so i definitely would suggest targeting other areas like orlando, because here, uh, let me show you this: as you can see, solar panel is winter garden. as you can see, it only has a 20 volume search a month. and down here, below, as you can see, we can find other keywords to help you out, but, as you can see, there's a big difference in this. see all the search right here: search opportunity. so i would suggest you definitely want to rank for your area. you can, but i would suggest targeting other areas as well that has better search volume. that's going to give you more opportunity to bring in traffic and bring in more leads, to land more deals for your business. so, going down below, as you can see, this is the map pack area. this is where citations go and the citation is just your name. you're addressing your phone number that you implement to as many local directories as you can and that's going to help boost your google business profile to the top and that's definitely what you want to do. and down below is the organic section. this is where all your content, your backlinks and citations all go into play. as you can see, this is basically a directory directory and momentum solar is your number one organic ranking competitor. so, as you can see, as we're going to their page, how they have these up here. coverage areas: florida wintergreen winter garden. i keep saying that winter garden. but, as you can see, this is a location page and they're doing just like i suggest you. they're targeting other areas because this area right here also doesn't have that much volume, so they're targeting other areas to up their volume count to make it more beneficial to your, their business. so, as you can see, these guys have a little bit of all their tabs here, free quote. they don't have their phone number implemented, so that would definitely help you out. as you can see, they have a pretty good amount of content. they have 989, so they're beating you at least by 700 words. implementing what i suggest is definitely going to help you crush these guys and, as you can see, they have a content form, like i suggested to you. so you definitely want to do that. and in the backlink factor, let me show you this: as you can see, you guys aren't really. you aren't really on the board. you have four websites to send it back, five backlinks. it's not powerful enough to bring you any trust or power. and you're targeting two organic keywords is only bringing you four searches a month. but same thing with- uh, these guys right here. i really didn't think it was necessary to bring it up because they're not doing no better and that's because in on this page, in the area, there's not much search. so, again, i do suggest targeting other areas so you can get your search volume up as well and start making it more beneficial to your business. so that's basically it in a nutshell. you definitely want to um move your site to a better, seo friendly builder. you want to target more keywords and up your content count. you definitely want to start trying to rank for your google business profile, adding more citations to that, and you definitely want to start targeting other areas, as you, as i've shown, you like orlando, so you can definitely start getting backlinks for those and start ranking in those areas as well. because, uh, you definitely it's not going to be hard to rank here and take over this place, because there's not a lot in a lot of these other areas and other- sorry, not other areas- but other- competitors. they're not targeting the keywords that i could fi.

A Winter wonderland and vintage treasures, cosy vlog

[Music]. good morning. would you like to come on a festive day out to the garden centers with me and Karen? yes, that's what I hear you say. so we were actually supposed to go tomorrow but there's a risk of snow. Irish people, we don't get the snow often, but if you're up in the mountains you probably get the snow a lot, but we're currently having a cold snap. I think I normally have a festive like a Christmas day where, like years ago, we would go to the garden centers and we'd be looking for like Christmas decor pieces. but now that we've got lots of Decor pieces and we love the gardens, we just go to garden center for the apple cake and the tea and the chats and. but we're going to two garden centers that I've never been to. Karen's been torn one of them. they're both in the Wicklow Direction. so we're going to the Arboretum and kill Quaid. I've never been to that. I think they have a deer and a calf like in the field or something and I'm like I just want to cuddle them. and then we're going to another one that I don't actually know the name of yet, but it's supposed to be all the worldly really quirky, fun Decor, vintagey. so I think you guys will like that one. that is the plan for today and current temperature. there was a tiny bit of ground for us last night, but it's actually tomorrow that's to be the frosty day. so because we're heading Wicklow Direction, some of the backgrounds might not be like. they might have black ice and stuff on them. so we decided to change it to go today because it's currently two degrees and it's to be nice and sunny for the day. chance of snow: from five o'clock tonight: it's only 40 chance, although 70 chance of snow six o'clock. if you're wondering why I'm excited for a bit of snow is because it's a novelty and, aside from the beast from the East that hit a couple of years ago and actually I think 2009, when a Schnauzer only lasts for like a day, two days, it doesn't really stik. so if you ever see a snowy picture that I've posted, it melted the next day. so tomorrow I was thinking if it does snow, the woods that are not far from my house will be absolutely beautiful. so I want to get some lovely winter, pretty shop, because I know I'm not a fan of winter, but I am a fan of the beauty of winter and I think when it's frosty and all that. it's ugly, but anyway, let's go. [Music]. the first Garden Center that we visited was called Jolie's and it's based in Glen Ellie, which is not far off the n11, so it's really easy to find. I think it took us about 30-40 minutes from Dublin, so it's not too far. there was the cutest little dog with a matching jumper to mine. when we arrived. at first she was a little wary of us, but when we were getting a hot chocolate later we got her a puppuccino and she was on side. the one thing I loved about this Garden Center was all of the cute displays and loads of old pieces of furniture was used to display plants and things like that, and there looked like there was kind of a second hand section out the back with lots of Trinkets and treasure. there were some secondhand pieces of furniture that you could buy, there was some lamps, there was some old record players. there was lots of treasure to have a Rummage in foreign [Music], foreign [Music], foreign, foreign [Music]. so this is our new friend. did you get her name? oh, hi, there she's having a puppuccino. is it a puppuccino? she's now our friend. oh, does she want a little Rob? no, this place is the cutest. so we've got some mochas and we thought we would just have a coffee. this is just the cutest place ever and this is called Jody's. but you've- you've been here before. no, no, oh no. they came here and probably towards the end of the summer and they're like, oh, the two of us would love that. yeah, they were saying about like the coffee shop. yeah, we were like, let's do it, and they have a Christmas Market on Saturday as well. we hold some stuff and Crafters. so, yeah, very pretty loved this place and it's super quiet. it's just the two of us. the next Garden Center that we've popped into was the Arboretum, but this is the one that's in Kill Quaid. the one we normally go to is the one in Carlow and we didn't know. actually, this one existed and I had seen on their Instagram that they had a deer and a calf and I wanted to see them. this Arboretum, we have loads of plants, but they also have a really nice Garden at the back that you can walk around and get some inspiration. I know it's winter so there's not as much to say, but we were thinking that definitely this is somewhere that we would love to come back in summer time to see the garden out the back foreign [Music]. foreign, foreign home. it's only like four o'clock, I put boost on the heat, but I want to show you what I got. it's so cute. so all I actually bought today was fleece for today he is, and I got a little Stone statue, because I'll show it to you, hang on. so I got this Stone statue and I think I might paint it white and it could be like a little tribute, um to Blondie, and I was thinking of putting it near the pond because, um, Blondie, like I have the bird bath there, poplandi, her little routine was she would drink from the pond and she would Potter her bow and she had like a, she had a roux that she took around the garden. so I was thinking, um, I could pop this in, but I think I might paint it and I can give it like a little pink button nose. I don't know, would it look a bit weird painted? I don't know. I might even stik it outside in the garden and then I can always paint it in springtime. but that's what I was thinking. I think I will paint it and but they didn't have two types, so instead of getting two of the same, like one for Blondie and one for Pepsi. I was thinking I could get like a smaller or a different shaped one, and and then that could be for a blondie, because I actually got her ashes back. but I don't want to put ashes in the garden because I don't think Blondie would like to be out in the cold. um, she was mainly indoor and she went outside when the conditions suited her, so that's what I picked up. so no, oh, my God, it's so cool. it wasn't Sugarloaf, I thought might have had some snow on it, but I think I'm a bit early. I think tomorrow. where's my phone? I don't know where I left it. um, oh, itchy hats, that's the thing we're wearing- hats. I think the snow is coming this evening, but the weather girl said it'll just be like a light dusting, known to get too excited about. but in the morning, if there is a lovely, pretty snowy backdrop, I know the exact place to bring you to give you some winter prettiness. so yeah, in the morning I will check back in and I will bring you to a nice snowy Woodland if God gives us some frosty snow, and it'll be nice and cozy and winter and festive, but I'll definitely have to get the thermal layer on because I am absolutely freezing. um, oh, I might even like the fire this evening. actually, it's such a lovely sunset as well. oh, the stone Blondie behind me. anyway, I will check in with you tomorrow. good morning, I'm so excited. it's like a kid of Christmas. I opened the window and I was like: is there snow? is there snow? there's a tiny bit of snow, which means I think it must have just been like a little light dusting and then I froze over. but me and my camera, I'm gonna bring you to the woods also. lastly, hang on, I'm actually in my slippers. let's change over into the Crocs. I'm in my fluffy jumper, but I might get the frostbite, so we can't stay out for long. but so I love this because, like snow on the roof, beautiful sky, here's how everything is looking. the birds are saying: good morning, I actually put out. I put out that Blondie statue. oh, oh, is the oh, that's the bird's ice bath is frozen over. I better actually might just defrost after the birds so they have something to drink. but, um, actually, the pond, the pond has them frozen over. but I put the little Blondie statue out in the garden last night and because I'll probably paint it in springtime in case the paint cracks on it and anything with the cold. but um, here's how a [ __ ] kind of Frosty. the greenhouse does have some Frost. I put all the dahlias and

Inside Seth Rogen's Houseplant Headquarters | Open Door | Architectural Digest

hello ad, i'm seth rogen. welcome to houseplant. this is a front yard. we've been operating a lot throughout covid so we've had a lot of meetings and get-togethers out here outdoors- uh, we're finally returning to the indoors. but people love cornhole. uh, in america- that's what i've learned- we have house plant, corn hole and a hammock. it's lovely out here. i've never napped out here. i'm not a big napper. in general, i'll say napping ruins my whole day. i don't recover from a nap. shall we head in? [Music]? welcome to the inside of the house plant house. i'll be honest, we did not set out to base house plant out of a house, which is as i say. it was something you would assume we would have wanted from the get-go. we created a weed and home goods company called house plant and we needed somewhere to base our operations out of, kind of like a workspace for people to come hang out. we tok about our products a lot. a lot of our products are home goods so we found to be able to like see them in a home type setting was invaluable. we have actual like an office type setting as well. that would be a very boring tour for architectural digest, but this space we've conceived of a lot of our products in this space. i mean, it was really started out of two things: we sell weed and we sell home goods. so, on the weed side, we really just want to sell a incredibly good, strong weed that, uh, is beautiful and the exact type of weed that i, as someone who smokes a lot of weed is- is looking for. we wanted it to come in innovative and interesting packaging, and, as someone who, uh, you know, smokes weed all day, every day, and has a home that they like to reflect their sensibilities and who they are and and their tastes, i found myself really struggling to furnish my home in a way that complemented the fact that i smoke weed all day, every day, and also the fact that i wanted to, uh, have nice things around, and so we started making those things. this is a vase i made. i do ceramics as well. i've been making these gloopy glazes for a long time. that was like a really early example of them, and we've been trying to find a way to produce, at some sort of scale, a gloopy glazed ash tray, and these are our first ones, and they're really beautiful. that's something i'm psyched about, you know. it's just fun, because we would brainstorm all sorts of just ways we could kind of express our love of weed in as many creative ways we possibly could, and one of the ideas that we came up with was to make these record. they're essentially mix tapes that are designed to match the moods of the different strains. so the sativa record is all like really upbeat music and the uh indica record is all like, uh, really really really mellow music, and we pick all the songs and they're amazing and i listen to them all the time and, uh, they're actually fantastik mixes of music that do genuinely match the different types of weeds [Music]. we start our creative process from a very personal place. even if you don't smoke weed, your friends will, and when they come over, you'll want to host them. and if you're the type of person that wants to have things that speak to your taste, then this is the kind of stuff that we think, hopefully, people will like. this is one of the first things we made. it was a very simple, lighter ashtray combo. beyonce took a picture with this. it was very thrilling moment for all of us at houseplant. this is a rolling tray, which is we're really psyched about. this is something that, like, i've had for years actually, because we were working on prototypes of it. but this is like so utilitarian if you smoke a lot of weed, but it's also very pretty and kind of nothing like it really exists, uh. so, yeah, we were really psyched about this. these sold out very quickly and this is an orb i made [Laughter]. this is based on my dog, zelda. she's a cavalier king, charles spaniel, and i always lose my lighters and it's like a real problem and me and my wife- we don't fight about much. she really is mad that i i will take lighters from her and lose them. i don't know where they go. it's uh. i won't pretend it's not a real problem, but we made a incredibly heavy, uh little lighter caddy in the shape of my sweet dog, zelda. this is one of my favorite things also. you know, i started collecting a lot of vintage ash trays and these standing ashtrays are something that i started to notike were very big in, like the. i mean there's ones from the 50s and 60s and 70s and it's great because you don't always have a side table to put an ashtray on. and something we tok so much about is cleanability, because i actually use my ashtrays all the time and like having them be cleanable is something that we probably tok about like more than almost anything, like ad nauseam. we tok about how you would clean these products if you use them all the time, so this thing just comes out and you can clean it and then put it back in there. there's more things here: marble oil lamp. this is a car lighter in a block of marble, which is one of our best products. there you go, there you go. these are ashtrays built based on ashtrays that i made, and one of the first things i made was ashtrays- because they're not that complicated, but also because i felt like this was a design that would be good and didn't really exist- like a little cup with a little notch in it, essentially- and so i started making them. then we started producing them, and thousands of people now own them, and it's lovely. [Music] our conference room. do i look funny standing in here alone? probably this, though: if you want to tok vintage ashtrays, this is one of the best features: ashtrays, walter, boss, bossy, i'm not right. it's one of those things i've only seen. i've never heard someone say it. not a word being said a lot, but uh, b-o-s-s-e the guy who made this ashtray. it's a stacking hedgehog ashtray and it's perfect if you're having like a dinner party or something like that and there's a bunch of people smoking weed and they're absolutely adorable. yeah, there used to be a time- i mean, everyone used to smoke cigarettes because they literally thought it was good for you and that was a bad time. but the good thing about that time is a lot of brilliant minds shamelessly funneled their creative efforts into making ashtrays. thankfully, smoking cigarettes fell out of fashion, but unfortunately with it, ashtray ingenuity fell on fashion as well, and i think with the rise of weed becoming more acceptable and people smoking it more, ashtray ingenuity is on the rise once again. this is a lamp ash tray. this, again, was something that was very intuitive. for years and years i would look at an ashtray and a lamp sitting on my desk side by side- two different things. we thought what if it was one thing? yeah, and we like to kind of we test them out in our own offices for large periods of time to make sure they work. i take everything home with me for like months and months and months and i use it like to death to make sure that they work properly. this i had for like almost a year before we sold it, just making sure the grinder thing worked properly, a little dispenser thing, adding a little notch for the filters, reorienting it. yeah, we spend a lot of time making sure that they're good. [Music]. we spend an insanely large amount of time on our packaging, making sure. it's a nice experience. everything comes with instructions, because i come from a time when things had instructions. there's little zelda sitting in there. she has no idea. that's what i always say to her. you don't know. you don't know how much effort i put into you, zelda, you just take it. these are just some more offices. this is more example of our packaging. marketing is a thing that we- yeah, we've had a real journey on it. this was one of our more simple, kind of like vintage ads. we would kind of refer to them internally as it's. it's. it's challenging stuff to market sometimes because it is not something that it's kind of new like. it's kind of old in a lot of ways, but it is kind of new in a lot of ways and it is one of the things you sit down. you're like cars, people ar.