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Ads wipe out Facebook videos

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

Why Do Facebook Ad Results Drop Off?

- Many Facebook advertisers experience a drop in results after a few days of running a new ad campaign.

- This article will explain why this happens and how to combat it.

The Example Campaign:

- The author shares an example campaign from their own Facebook ad account.

- The campaign started off with a high cost per conversion, but gradually decreased over a few days.

- However, on day 9 and 10, the cost per conversion spiked dramatically, leading the author to turn off the campaign.

Why Does This Happen?

- The author explains that Facebook initially puts ads in front of warm audiences, or people who have interacted with the business before.

- Once those warm audiences are exhausted, the ads are shown to truly cold audiences, leading to a spike in costs.

- To combat this, the author recommends building up warm audiences and improving the offer to appeal to cold audiences.

Free Resource:

- The author offers a free webinar on three killer Facebook advertising strategies to double or more revenue.

- This webinar breaks down proven sales funnels that have generated over a million dollars from Facebook ads.

- The author encourages viewers to check out the webinar and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more advertising-related content.

- By building up warm audiences and improving the offer to appeal to cold audiences, Facebook advertisers can combat the drop in results after a few days.

- The author's example campaign and free webinar offer valuable insights into how to achieve better results with Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ad Campaigns Stuck?!! Do This...

- In this video, Ben Heath from Lead Guru talks about what to do if your Facebook ads get stuck.

- He explains how to diagnose whether your campaign has gotten stuck and what to do about it.

- This is a common issue for Facebook advertisers, so the video is expected to be very useful.

What is a Facebook ad campaign getting stuck?

- There are two ways a Facebook ad campaign can get stuck.

- The first way is when your ad campaign stops running for some reason, even when there's budget and large audiences.

- This can happen at the asset level or ad level, and it won't generate any impressions or conversions.

- The second way is when your ad campaign's performance drops off, and you can't get it to perform at the same level as before.

- This is different from ad fatigue, which requires a different solution.

Diagnosing the issue:

- To diagnose whether your campaign has gotten stuck or has ad fatigue, you need to look at your frequency number.

- If your frequency is 2.5 or higher when advertising to a cold audience, this can indicate ad fatigue.

- If your campaign has been stuck for a long time or is affected by a news cycle, it's more likely to be a stuck campaign.

What to do about it:

- If your campaign is stuck, the best solution is to pause it and duplicate it to create a new version.

- This will allow the new campaign to learn under new conditions and kickstart the system.

- If you have ad fatigue, changing your ad creative, offer, or audiences can help combat it.

- Be aware of external factors like news cycles or events that can affect your campaign's performance.

Additional resources:

- Ben Heath offers a free webinar called Three Killer Facebook Advertising Strategies that breaks down proven sales funnels for different types of businesses.

- He also has a Facebook Ads Mastermind group with nearly 50,000 members where people can ask questions and get help with their campaigns.

- Don't forget to like the video, subscribe to the channel, and click the notification bell to be notified of new videos.

What if Facebook Disappeared? + more videos | #aumsum #kids #science #education #children

In today's digital age, Facebook has become an integral part of our daily lives. We use it to connect with our friends and family, share our thoughts and ideas, and even conduct business transactions. But what if one day, Facebook disappears? What would be the impact on our lives? In this article, we will explore the possible consequences of Facebook's disappearance.

Impact of Facebook's Disappearance:

1. Difficulty in Meeting Friends: Facebook has made it easier for people to connect with friends virtually. If Facebook disappears, people may have to go out and meet their friends in person.

2. Addiction Withdrawals: People who are addicted to Facebook notifications may start praying to hear them again.

3. Letter Writing May Make a Comeback: If Facebook disappears, WhatsApp may become the king of instant communication, and letter writing may make a comeback.

4. Selfies Out of Fashion: Billions of photos are uploaded on Instagram daily. If Facebook disappears, selfies may actually go out of fashion.

5. World May Get a Little Lonely: More than 2.7 billion people are actively using Facebook. If Facebook disappears, the world may suddenly get a little lonely.

In conclusion, Facebook has become an essential part of our lives, and its disappearance would have a significant impact on our daily routines. From reconnecting with old friends to conducting business, Facebook has made our lives easier. However, life will go on without Facebook, and we will adapt to the changes. One thing is for sure, Mark Zuckerberg will lose his billionaire tag.

CRAZY Facebook Settings - Turn off IMMEDIATELY!!! - Off Facebook Activity

Hey guys, I have a brand new video for you all today. Over the last couple of days, a lot of people on Facebook got kicked off and had to re-enter their password, possibly change it, to get back into the app. There's been a story going around Facebook about turning off some settings, and that's what this video is about. We are letting Facebook and other apps track everything we do, from passwords to the pages we visit to our bank accounts. In this video, I'm going to show you how to turn off what is known as off-Facebook activity.

Bullet Points:

- Facebook and other apps are tracking everything we do

- Instagram is the worst offender

- This video shows you how to turn off off-Facebook activity

- It's attached to apps like Spotify and has no business being there

- These apps talk to each other, which is not what we want as a society

- I'll be doing tech videos occasionally on helpful topics

- There's no reason why they need to be tracking this stuff

- Turn these Facebook settings off to take back your privacy

Steps to Turn off Off-Facebook Activity:

1. Open your Facebook app

2. Click on the three lines in the top right corner

3. Scroll down to Settings and Privacy

4. Click on Settings

5. Look for Off-Facebook Activity at the bottom

6. Clear your history

7. Click on Manage Future Activity

8. Turn off the activity

Thanks for watching the video! Please turn off these Facebook settings, and take back as much of your privacy as you possibly can. I hope you found this video useful. If you did, please hit the like button, subscribe, and hit the notification bell to be notified when I have new videos go up. Every single subscription and every single like on my videos helps tremendously, and this one could help a lot of people. So, please pass this video on.

How to Fix a Restricted FB Business Page and Restore your Ad Account In 2022! UPDATED!

Have you ever had your Facebook ads rejected or your ad account restricted? Don't panic! There are multiple reasons why this happens, and in this article, we'll show you how to get your ads from a rejected status to an approved status, your ad account from a restricted or disabled status back to an active status, and how to figure out what happened if your business page has been restricted.

Tips for Getting Approved Status:

- Make sure you're familiar with Facebook's advertising policies

- Verify your Facebook business manager and complete all security options

- Follow the step-by-step process to speak with a Facebook representative

Step-by-Step Process:

1. Go to Facebook's Business Help Center page

2. Click Still Need Help to find answers and contact support

3. Choose the option that applies to your issue (business page, specific ads, ad account restriction)

4. Click Chat with a Representative

5. Fill out the required information and pre-write a brief summary of your issue

6. Wait for a Facebook representative to become available

7. Copy and paste your pre-written message to the representative

8. Provide any additional information they may need

9. Complete an appeal if necessary

10. Wait for a manual review and resolution of your issue

Don't let rejected or restricted Facebook ads, ad accounts, or business pages bring you down. Follow these steps to get the help you need and get back to running profitable Facebook ads. Remember, Facebook's Business Help Center is a valuable resource, and their representatives are there to assist you.

How to recover deleted Facebook Ads. Don't stress out.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Facebook Campaigns

Have you ever accidentally deleted a Facebook campaign and freaked out? Don't worry, it's a common mistake that can happen to anyone. In this article, we will go through the steps to recover your deleted campaign.


1. Go to the top left search bar in Ads Manager and filter by delivery.

2. Select the campaign delivery and filter by deleted and hit apply.

3. Type in deleted and filter by ad set deleted and add delivery is deleted as well.

4. Duplicate the original campaign and rename it.

5. Duplicate the ad set and select the existing campaign you just generated.

6. Duplicate the ad and duplicate it into the ad set you just created.

7. Turn on all engagement and turn on the campaign, ad set, and ad.

By following these simple steps, you can easily recover your accidentally deleted Facebook campaign. While you may lose some learning data, this hack is a quick and simple solution that can save you time and effort. Don't forget to duplicate all of your engagement and turn on all levels of the campaign, ad set, and ad. If you have a better solution, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks for watching!

The Dos & Don'ts Of Duplicating Facebook Ad Campaigns

Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Ad Campaign Duplication

In this video, Ben Heath discusses the pros and cons of duplicating Facebook ad campaigns. He covers the scenarios where it's beneficial and those where it's not. Before diving in, he reminds viewers to like and subscribe to his channel.

When to Duplicate:

1. Scaling: When you have a well-performing campaign and want to increase the budget, some people will duplicate the existing campaign and create a new version with a higher budget. Ben doesn't recommend this, as you miss out on the learnings from the original campaign.

2. Results Drop-Off: If your campaign's performance decreases due to ad fatigue, duplicating the campaign won't help. Instead, focus on new ad creative, target audiences, or making adjustments to freshen it up.

3. Pocket Theory: Some people think duplicating campaigns and targeting different pockets of the audience will yield better results. However, Ben doesn't believe this is a real thing and recommends looking for other factors that may be affecting performance.

When to Duplicate:

1. Technical Glitches: Sometimes campaigns get stuck, ads get no impressions, or there are issues with the

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