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ads with a message

Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

3/6 Ads That Click to Message: Messenger

hi, many Chatters, this is here, with manychat and meta, to teach you our second class in this module: how to create ads that click to messenger with automations. if you come from our previous class, we learned all about the ads manager, how to use it. maybe you already knew how to use it, but we also saw some incredible new tricks and tips that I love to use for my own advertisements. so if you skip that one, I highly recommend you go and watch it really quickly so you can just know that you know everything. know that you didn't skip a single thing. so in this class, we're going to be learning, as I mentioned, how to connect your Facebook ads to your Facebook Messenger automations on manychat. so let's get started. okay, so let's get to the actual fun part. I know a lot of you already knew how to create your ads, how to create audiences, and I know, I know you know that. but now we're going to learn how to integrate your automations into your ads using click to Messenger. so in this lesson, I'm going to teach you about the two super cool ways to do it. we call them Json and visual Jason. but first let's tok about the question: why do messenger ads? why do we want to do? advertisement that sends people over to Messenger. why send them over to chat? well, it's actually the popular go-to channel for contacting businesses. a lot of people want to know more information about you, your company and your product before they purchase. personally, when I am going to buy something, I love to start a conversation with an agent that can guide me, and this makes it so much easier, especially since what happened with iOS 14 going forward. when you do ads that lead to messenger, using manychat for your automations, you own your data. every single bit of that data is yours to use to retarget, even if they have IOS 14 or or further. you can qualify your leads and offer personalized content. for example, let's imagine I go into your store- remember the ad that we were doing before drive to my store. what if I asked you, hey, do you live in place A or B? so I can give you the Google Maps link to the store closest to where you live? I can ask you, hey, do you live in this partikular region? if you don't, I can tell you: I'm so sorry, I don't have any stores anywhere near you. plus, let's be honest, landing pages only have a three to five percent click-through rate. that's really not good. meanwhile, with click to messenger, you get first party data that you can use to retarget your audience. that means that you can contact them in the future. you can offer buttons that click to purchase or, like our example, click here to drive to the near store. you can follow up on abandoned carts and that is basically the coolest thing. you can say: hey, you didn't purchase this. um, want a coupon? do you want a discount? and you can personalize your content based on actions. so imagine the person is striving to the store for a second time and they go on an ad because they want to go there again. you can check. you can check with manychat. like: oh, this person has engaged with this partikular content before I'm going to say: we would love to see you again. so let's see an example of a messenger lead generation flow. the first piece that we have is the entry point. so we want to generate interest and capture their attention prior to a launch. this partikular ad says: put a little spring in your step with pieces personalized to your style, size and budget, tell us what you need. and if you see, the headline says: chat with stylist. chat with a stylist, someone that is going to help you find the best outfit, the best choice for you. if the person clicks on that send message button, we're going to open our Legion flow, build a 10 question quiz as a legion flow to qualify lead. so, for example, here we have. what kind of outfits are you looking for? oh, dinner, how do you describe your style? casual, fashion, forward, formal. and let's imagine that my dogs started barking, they started running and I had to run to get them and I forgot to finish the quiz. look how cool. the third one is a reminder from original Coast clothing. hey, you only have a few questions left to answer. come back over and let's finish this now so you can send automatik reminders for everyone who didn't complete the flow within the 24 hours from their first Contact and, of course, 24 hours after their last interaction. and last but not least, you can follow up so you can set up an automated message that says the name of the sales agent, like: hey, Mohit, I'm Pam and I'll be helping you with your order. do you have any questions before we get started? so let's say Mohit comes in, answers to that question in five minutes. Pam comes in, sees all of the answers and now she can provide personalized assistance without having to ask any of those questions herself. of course, the coolest thing about Facebook Messenger is that it connects directly to your Facebook business account so you can start building relationships that are personal and convenient. and they are all living in the exact same place, which is Facebook Messenger. so they're toking to their friends, they're toking to their family and they're toking to your business and, of course, that you can just change accounts with thin Facebook messenger and start toking back to them as your company out of. if you pair this with manychat, you can increase your sales by adding buttons, quizzes, FAQs. you can have so many cool things, like a smart delay. imagine your automation saying: hmm, let let me think about that for 10 seconds, can you count down for me? and then it waits 10 seconds exactly to send a next message. remember that automations are not just about optimizing your time. they're about making the experience fun and enjoyable. automations are made to be fun and, of course, to provide valuable information that helps us sell more. together, we can help you have conversations with your customers that deliver more for your business. and this is the cool part that I was toking about: how do you connect your manychat automations to your click to Messenger app. we're going to have the Json code or the visual Json, and you're thinking three to say that Jason thing looks a lot like code. and I am not a programmer. I have no idea how to write a code- well, I do, but we don't need to know how to do it. manychat does it for us in visual Jason. well, that's just a really nice way of saying keywords. so we're going to build one together right now. in our previous lesson we were creating this ad campaign to drive traffic to a store. so if we go back just to check on these for a little bit, we can see that this one was set for engagement. we said that we have a lifetime budget of 300 for all of our ads. we have two different groups of people- people who toked to me before and those who are similar to the people who toked to me before- and we have different ads that are going to drive people to tok to us. in this partikular case, the tip that I gave you is that we are going to try and have one campaign per Channel. this way, we can optimize and make decisions based on the channel That is driving the best results. in this case, I selected messenger because we're going to be tying our messenger automations to the ad and we don't want to drive people from Instagram to Facebook or from Facebook to Instagram. the best idea is always to keep the person on the channel they are contacting us from. so let's go into our manychat account and see how can we actually tie this and have it fully automated. okay, so here I have created a very, very simple flow. the starting step, which we have not defined yet, is going to open up the following message: hi there, could you tell me which of these cities is closest to where you are right now? San Diego, Los Angeles, none of those. if the person says San Diego, it is going to say: perfect, click the bottom below to see our location on Google Maps, and this is a link that says drive. now all I have to do is input the link right here. if the person says Los Angeles, they're going to get the same message, but the link is going to be different and of co.

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कर दो. [संगीत] कि अ हुआ है. कर दो और तुम कैसे हो हुआ है. हुआ है, कि अ हुआ है. हुआ है. हुआ है अजय को कि के जरूरत थी थोड़े से इतना गुस्सा. कारण: कि अ है जो राशि बात तो थी ही एक ₹10 के लिए छोरे ने भूख मारेगी. क्या है कि ऐसा क्या कर दिया इसने जो प्लेट उठाकर ले जा रही है. एक ₹10 तो लिए तेरे पर से कि पड़ोस तो लगाया था ना कि मेरे पैसे लिए थे इसमें अ मैं तेरे बाप के नहीं है. हाउ टो टेक घर की है ना अ हां, तेरी मां कुछ सिखाया नहीं है. हो जांडे यह तो तुझे खाना देगी ना तू मेरी प्लेट तक काले अ हुआ है. मैं तुम्हें अपने खाने की चिंता कर दो. हुआ है मैं इसमें ₹10 लिए ना है को चुराए हैं कि आज चोरी की है. कल न जाने क्या करेगा हैं और अगर मैं इसकी मां की जगह होता ना हैं, दो दिन तक इसको खाना नहीं देता था. और बहू, अच्छा, ठीक है, तूने हुआ है. [संगीत] कि अ को खा ले ले. [संगीत] कि अ हुआ है. ए सनम रे आधारित अपनी मनमानी करनी है. दूसरे के सुननी है. क्यों क्या हुआ. अरे यार पेमेंट और क्या है है तो क्या डिसाइड. क्या देवयानी को कि रेड्डी साइड क्या करना है. शादी के बाद आपने भी जॉब छोड़ दिया था, मैं उसे छोड़ना पड़ेगा. अच्छा, यह एक मसाले मैरिटल के बनाना है. कि अ तो यह हो गया है. मैं पहले जैसा ही करते रहेंगे. तो पहले से बेहतर कैसे होगा ना? [संगीत]. MP3 कि रेसिपीज कहीं नहीं. पृष्ठों का स्वाद भी बदल रहा है. कुकिंग के बाद सड़क, यह मैगी मसाला, इनमें से इसकी दसरू सब्सक्राइब, रोड से बेहतर कुछ पक रहा है, सब्सक्राइब. और सुनो, आज कुछ खास बनाना, बेटी का पहले पगार है. पता है ना कि मैं, मैं इसे, हां, मैं कर लें, हंसरे, तू रहने दे, बेटा, मैं आपको बताती हूं, ना दीदी, आधा मेरे लिए नए जूते, पक्का, यह देख, बेटा, तेरा पहले पा रहा है. तू अपने पर ही कर सक करना है. हुआ था, कि आ रहा हूं. अब मैं कि भावना और तीर्व कि बाय, संभल के बैठो ए [संगीत]. हां, बेटा, हां, थे फर्स्ट मंथ सैलरी. थैंक यू तो दो में आ गई आजा बेटा, अरे, तेरी अम्मा ने तेरे लिए क्या, क्या स्पेशल बनाया है. हुआ है [संगीत] कि आपका हक बंटा नहीं सकती हूं है, लेकिन बचा सकती हूं. कर दो, कर दो. [प्रशंसा]. जो पीढ़ी-दर-पीढ़ी, हाथ बंटाते हुए निशान, क्वेश्चन, अप्लायंसेज, है ही सुंदर पंक्तियां, आदत अभी तक अपने बचपन के. जो दुनियां आदि मैया हे मुख्या अतिथि. [संगीत]. और सुन महान डिजिट इन क्वालिटी पैक पुलिस, हमेशा सीधे लुट-लुट. और होने दो बार हिलोरे सुनना डोरे जरूर खराब. खराब इनवर्टर भी चलता है कौन सी बहुत टेस्टी बनती है, मां, इन लोगों ने अफीम रुकावट है. इसलिए सैमसंग लाया है नया डिजिटल इन थे रेफ्रिजरेटर. चलिए, आपके घर के इनवर्टर भी विमान में रखे सकती है अब तक उनका रसूल लड्डू रे कि 80 के मिल एवं 19 को याद आती है [संगीत] कि अब तो ब्रांडेड कपड़े पहनते हैं, पर स्वेटर मिल ही जाती है उसको अ मैं. जब भी बात होती है, कैसा है मां, घर के खाने की बहुत याद आती है कर दो, कर दो. [संगीत], कर दो. आज भी रब्बी तो इतनी पूरी था. तय है, कि मुझे दोबारा ट लगाना पड़ता है अ अजय को कि घर आता है, तो मेरे रज्जर को थ्रो टाइम राजमा-चावल चाहिए कि मेरे हाथ का मानचित्र, तो पुष्प अपने ब्रिटिश पद्धति से मिलूंगी और उसे अपने हाथ कथा खिलाओगी है कर दो, कर दो, जय हो. हुआ है कि अ [संगीत]. कि अ [संगीत] कर दो. अजय को कर दो MP3. सच्ची कोशिश थी, बेटों को माह से मिलवाने की घर से दूर, घर का खाना पहुंचाने की पहुंचने घर का खाना, घर का. होता है कि बैंक यू फॉर वाचिंग, तो प्लीज [संगीत], कर दो. [संगीत].

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How to Use LinkedIn Message Ads to Get Into People's Inboxes

- It's the most expensive ad type on LinkedIn. Could your investment in Sponsor InMail be worth it? Stay tuned and we'll dive into how to create the perfect sponsored messaging ad (bright music), All of the other ad formats. on LinkedIn, you pay only when someone clicks, But with Sponsored Inmail you actually pay just to send it to someone, with no guarantee that they will see that they got it or open it or click on the link inside. Because there are so many steps between the recipient and clicking on your offer. it really can get expensive very quickly. If you happen to have an offer that gets incredibly high engagement, it can actually bring your overall cost per click way down. The secret, then, is to have an offer that feels like a personal invitation, Because if you send this out just saying, hey, here's this white paper we want you to download, You will have the highest cost per conversion on LinkedIn possible. So instead, we're going to give them an offer that really puffs up their ego and makes them feel important. The types of offers that tend to work really well with Sponsored InMail are things like: hey, because of who you are in the industry, we want to give you early access or a sneak peek at something, Or we want to invite you as a VIP to this event we're putting on, where you get to network with your peers and there'll be drinks and things. If you have an offer like that, LinkedIn Sponsored Messaging will be amazing for you. And if you do wanna advertise an offer that wouldn't work well for Sponsored InMail, stik around to the end and I will share with you my recommendations for the right ad formats to do those. Sponsored messaging can really feel personal because you can include someone's name dynamically- First name, last name, their company name, their job title- It feels like someone is personally reaching out to you. Put yourself in the recipients shoes. If you were to get your own message from someone that you didn't know, would you classify it as spam email and just ignore it, Or would you be excited and call it a cool opportunity? if it's the cool opportunity, then this is the perfect kind of message for sponsored messaging. If it would be regarded as a spam message, definitely don't send it out. it will become your most expensive mistake on LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn Sponsored InMail are the most complex ad to set up. So let's jump in and I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that From your ads dashboard. and if you're not already there, check the link down below to get there. Go ahead and click into one of the campaign groups, because every account has default campaign group. I'll start in there And then we're going to click Create campaign And if I want to use LinkedIn lead gen forms, I'll select lead generation. But if I'm gonna send this traffic to my website, to a landing page, then I'll go with website visits. Let's try website visits for now. Then we get to select our audience. So, because Sponsored InMail takes a pretty special kind of offer, we're gonna come up with a hypothetikal event. So this is going to be a pre conference mixer for maybe some of the largest companies out there. So let's start out with job experience and skills And we'll just look at social media and see what's here. And we have a social media marketing skill, a social media advertising skill, a paid social media advertising skill, Paid social media skill- great. So that gives us 8.4 million people in our audience, which is pretty large. We wanna get a lot more specific here. So let's narrow our audience further and let's go for company size, because we want the largest corporates here. So let's look at 10,000 and above employees. So that still gets us to 1.2 million. Let's narrow this audience a little bit further And let's say they have to be of a certain seniority. So if I do job experience, seniority and let's say VP or C level, That takes us down to 84,000.. Let's lay one more piece on here and I wanna go to job experience and job function and that's going to give us marketers. So they have to be in a marketing department And that takes us to 17,000 people total. This is pretty good. This is 17,000 total people who are in a marketing department at a large company and have a social media marketing type of skill. When you're looking at the ad formats here, you'll see a single image ad, carousel image ad and video ad. All three of those are sponsored content. they're ads in your newsfeed. Text ad and spotlight ad appear over in the right rail only on desktop, And then there's messaging ad. this is what we want to start out with. This is Sponsored InMail right now, But depending on when you're watching this, there may be another version coming up. That's a little teaser for you And as you get to the bidding and budgeting section, you'll set your daily budget wherever you want it. The only bid type we have here is a cost per cent. LinkedIn's recommending an 80 cents. I'm curious where the floor is if I do like a point one. Yep, 80 cents is our minimum, So I have to put in 80 cents. At this point. I want to name this campaign really thoughtfully so that I recognize exactly who it's targeting and what it is right from the dashboard. So come up here to the pencil in the upper left. let's name this after the ad type, the objective as well as the audience we're going after. So I'm going to name this campaign SM for sponsored messaging- it's the ad type. And then my objective is website visits, So WV. and then this is all of our targeting facets in my code: SMM skills, so Social Media Marketing skills, Plus VP, plus seniority, so VP and above seniority, Plus marketing job function, So this is their department. Company sizes of 10,000 and above in the United States. So that's a very complete description of exactly who we're going after. Now we can go on to the next screen And this is where we actually get to design our ad- the fun part. So start by clicking Create new ad, And before you do this, you need to understand who it is, that who's going to be sending this sponsored message out Because these originate from a personal profile. In this case, I'm just going to have it sent as me. But let's say you were the marketer and you wanted this to come on behalf of your CEO or on behalf of someone in your customer success team. You would need to click Add sender here. You'd need to be connected to them. I'm gonna look for Mike Stelzner here. there we go. I could grant that to Michael Stelzner, the CEO, and send that request to him. He would get that in his email box and approve being a sender on one of our ads. Just to start out with, I'm gonna send it as myself. We do need to select an ad name. On most ads, your ad name is an optional field, but on sponsored InMail we actually have to name this. I'm going to just put January A move down to message. So your subject line is super important because this is what dictates what your open rate is. And remember, you've already paid to send it to someone, So if not very many people open it, it inflates your costs. So LinkedIn says we have 60 characters here. This really needs to be short and punchy, because people don't have a whole lot of time when they're scrolling through their messages And you really need to catch their attention, whether they're on a mobile device, where it's very small, or on desktop, where it's large. So for the subject line, I want this to be attention grabbing and make them feel special. So I'm gonna put VIP invite to Influencer Dinner question mark. We can't do anything dynamic here to make it personal, But here in the message text we sure can. I'm going to do insert custom field. it's gonna feel really personal if I use just their first name. Now, because this is a fictional event. we took some liberties here in making it just a really boujee kind of event, Which certainly is not the case, but some of the same principles will still apply as you're thinking about how you might offer an event or an.

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Emotional and Loving Anouk TV Ads with Powerful Social Message

[Music] blue benriya. hmm, I thought your mother like sergeant, like, oh, she loves orange. I used to look like a damn marigold in all my childhood pictures. you know what my culture is? I'm using yours, don't break it on, by the way. hmm, it's four o clock on. kobbari must be on the way. Oh, ciao, no, until a coffee burro back us out. induce de, they would like your coffee to eben Ali. I tell you soon. hmm, which one? mm-hmm, this one. okay, I'm taking a shower. they Appa young Gilligan, good seddie, seddie Genaro, DJ Colburn and GABA amoeba, you're wearing my kurta. I want your mom to like me. Omar doesn't like her than shorter. you really asked me to cut my hair. I like you even shorter. what you sure about this? I'm sure about us and I don't want to hide it anymore. [Music] you reached, say you just calm down. [Music], [Music], [Music]. I know what a name become, but Bahat, cutie, I'm mrs Columbia. block to 3c, Namrata 3. welcome here. Thanks, listen, I'm starting this family yoga class this weekend. oh nice, come up me. husband Kobe Southlake, Jana, I'm watching. [Music], [Music]. okay, that is at one committee that. [Music]: Chad Kaoru husband case on us. Mahina, NATO case. oh sorry, confusable gaming, divorce boats, people may. Prada has a cockney job. jeopardy marriage, marriage. Peter, value near him. you know, whenever I come to a new society breaking news, when charity, yeah, hmm, I'm was fine, toady, moody here, ha, she, she needs time to make friends. the society is nice otherwise, but you know how it is a Mahoney, I let me mo isolate. Papago. Yahoo, na Jie, Hanna, yay, oh, here it is, mrs ko, some beer ammu, self mary bt job. cevapi Dahua, topsails killing me. Horace, I kiss your kiss. Rodney, coming beta, just coming. [Music]. [Music]. they loved it. well done. it's a nice jacket, lovely color. it almost hides your pump. [Music]. we have a problem with my bump. no, but you've assign Live Aid to all my clients and, I believe, is also getting promoted over me. look, it's a management decision. right, I wanted to tell you sooner, but it's a bit too late. but this is no reflection on your performance. okay, shy. then what is it? our clients need a senior architect who's around and you handicap because I'm pregnant. you're taking this the wrong way. Am I, whom I have worked nights on this project, and you, judging me by my pregnancy, not align my work? yeah, left Lili, Maggie Shahin, I think that you should just focus on your baby now and next year. if you want to come back, of course we consider you for a promotion. I think I can manage both. you've got a new place. that's my new office. I'm starting off on my own, Alma, thanks for everything I designed it. do you like it? don't do this shine. you're the best we have. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music] you.

LinkedIn Advertising Guide: How To Use LinkedIn Message Ads

linkedin is the best place to advertise to businesses and professionals, but it's still a neglected platform by most small and medium-sized businesses. linkedin's sponsored messaging ads can return higher click and engagement rates than traditional email marketing. it's a powerful direct marketing tool. let me show you how to use them to grow your business. [Music]. hi, i'm morgan with life marketing and i'm a digital marketing professional. i love to use linkedin ads for my b2b clients in partikular and i want to show you how you can capture the power of linkedin messaging ads. these can be especially helpful and powerful for people who have tried facebook or twitter ads and didn't see great success. in today's video, i'll be covering who should use linkedin messaging ads and what your options are: how to set up a campaign manager if you don't have one already. how to create a campaign, information on targeting options on linkedin. i'll tok specifically about messaging ads and how to set them up step by step. i'll also share some tips and best practikes and teach you how to measure and optimize your campaign. let's get started. so: who should use linkedin sponsored message ads and what are your options? linkedin sponsored message ads are a great way to market directly to your audience and cut through the noise and competition in the feed. you have two options for sponsored message ads. the first is message ads. these deliver a targeted message featuring a single call to action. the second is conversation ads. these deliver multiple offers and types of content in one image to create a highly engaging experience. you can drive prospects to multiple landing pages or lead generation forms and see how many people click on your content and each offer and how engaged they are in the conversation. so who should use sponsored message ads? sponsored message ads are for you if you know who your audience is and where they are in their customer journey. that means you have enough information to craft a targeted message that will make them act. you don't want to waste a sponsored message opportunity. this ad type can work well for any business in any industry, as long as you know your message and your audience. let's tok a little bit about your targeting options on linkedin. getting your targeting right leads to higher engagement and, ultimately, higher conversion rates. on linkedin, you can choose from over 20 different audience attribute categories, including company size, company name, schools, attended skills, job title, etc. most businesses can find their audience on linkedin. linkedin has a few recommendations when it comes to targeting for your ads. since linkedin wants you to be successful on the app so that you keep advertising, they're sharing their tips for targeting your ads and i found them to be pretty helpful. their first tip is to avoid hyper targeting. you'll limit your reach and the insights you would be able to get with a larger audience if you go too small. the second tip is that you need to a- b test your ad so that you can find the best creative and targeting options. and the third tip is to analyze and optimize your ads. of course, now i'll go over optimization a little bit later, so first let's tok about messaging ads. message ads help you connect with your audience directly in their inboxes. i like message ads because they get people to act quickly, because you're right in front of them in their inbox, front and center. they also get more engagement and responses than traditional email marketing. plus, they can help you gain insight into who in your audience is engaging and with what they're engaging. message ads include a custom greeting, a call to action button, body text, the ability to add a link in the message body, a custom footer to disclose any legal terms, promotion rules, contact info or anything else you need. and if you selected lead generation as your campaign objective, you'll also need to attach a lead generation form. this way, you can collect contact information for these people without them even having to leave their message. before you can set up and use message ads, you need to have an ad account. here's how to create an ad account on linkedin. if you don't know how to do that, first sign in to your personal linkedin account and select advertise. add an account name and select the billing currency and associate a linkedin page. on the welcome screen, click create account. now you can create an ad. let's walk through creating a messaging ad. it takes a little bit of time, but it's worth waiting through because i've got some great tips and best practikes after the tutorial. before i show you how to create a message ad, though, here's a message from one of our co-founders about our new online classes: hey, we just helped a small business make over 1.5 million dollars through facebook advertising and, after managing millions of dollars in ad spend for thousands of different small businesses, we have decided to give away everything we learned to you in a special program if you want to learn the blueprint to success, the best practikes from some of the fastest growing companies in the world and all the different tools you will need, then sign up for our social ads training program today. you should definitely check out those classes if you're interested in digital marketing. but let's get into installing your insight tag. so that you can track ad performance. need to install your insight tag. this is linkedin's version of a pixel. this will track the people who clicked on your ad to your website and collect their information on the actions that they take there. here's how to install your insight tag. navigate to account assets and insight tag. click to create a tag. copy the entire insight tag code from the window in the top section, or you can use one of the drop down options below. click i'm done. add the javascript code to every page on your domain, preferably right before the end of the body tag in the global footer. once linkedin receives a signal from the tag you've placed on your website, your domain will appear under insight tag. you'll need to trigger the insight tag on your website. then your tag will be listed as active and can be used in your ad campaigns. it will take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours for your domain to be verified after you trigger the tag on your website. after your insight tag is active, you can use it in your ads. let me show you how to set up your sponsored messaging ads now. now these ads aren't complicated, but it's helpful to walk through them with someone for the first time, so i'll do that with you. sign in to your campaign manager and click the correct account name and campaign group. if you don't have an account or you want to create a new account with new billing information, click create an account. if you don't have a campaign group, you can create a campaign group here. click the create campaign button below the accounts tab. add a campaign name by clicking the edit icon, confirm your selected campaign group. you can also use a different group or create a new group if you need to at this stage, click next. select from the following objectives for your campaign: website visits, lead generation or website conversions. next, you'll define your target audience in the audience section. you'll create your target audience by selecting your targeting facets. here. you also can use previously created and saved audiences by clicking the saved audience drop down in the audience section. you can also apply matched audiences, which allows you to upload your company or contact list to retarget based on website visits or ad engagement. if you want a detailed video on matched audiences for linkedin, let me know in the comments. next you'll select your ad format. here i chose message. complete the budget and schedule and bid selections. add your conversion tracking, which i highly recommend but is optional. click next and save from the confirm save pop-up. now you'll add your creatives. let's walk through that together: choose, create, ne.

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Nhưng vợ chồng, anh chị bên phải làm cho 30.000. Ok, tôi mới cho, tôi liền đem cái rổ Điền ờ và lại. nhưng zodian đây trong Long Môn máu nó vậy nè cổ điển trang nhã. Okay 2, Nếu yifei anh sinh lý hay và chọn màu vải voan cho mỗi năm lại nhé. Ai đã thi nữa mà phải là được thi nó cứ vì cho dương khí xs vô tâm or và quyền Âu Dương thuốc ca cho nên thư cho cô đang ở dương lộc book loạn vì Mochi Nhấn như are Used in oriente lại. nhưng bà Chấn Huy trong Chuyện đó chồng sẽ ok, rất là trong một lần trả lời Đang cư bị qua một lancement t64 vip ở Hải Dương karaoke tiếng chrisman bulge khi nào mới. 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Chắc đó thì việc làm. mà bạn có máu cứ. [âm nhạc]: ôtô Việt Nam, máy lạnh, family hay nhất của dân khác, hạ tháng đại dương, bạn copy mà nhất và diễn tha món đồ mời việc hơi những lên iphone Messenger hack like vẫn cứ như đã ấy đã tới bà xinh đẹp Song Thư cách. [âm nhạc] làm lightstik tâm lại bị xe xong rạch ngay xung quanh rất là một chút nháy trung bình mà à. [âm nhạc]. À, hôm nay Vietjet cho mặt này trung bình nè nhấn sung đạm phân Đăng, Thế bà phải cho con cho môn szczesny, và anh biết nhưng sự trôi dưới Houston, Houston quần áo vest, Ừ chứ dân vô Anh ơi, thế bạn ấy còn phù hợp nhất anh ấy tôi bị chạm, dù mới không đi luôn. Thế giê-xu trợ lực thủy Sơn hay là nét Phi Nhung chạm vô full ế. mà hôm nay mới an tâm áo cưới cho CRV này vẫn đang ấy muốn mua đâu biết cứ ở trong mỗi dung dịch Tablet và cho nên uống bia con N2O. bài hát rồi aziz Facebook, đấy, mẹ phải cho Bin trong lĩnh vực viễn thông. Long Bruce Doan tran viện Âu Dương, đãi của từ xa này có thể khiến cư việc son Zealand tại trên mạng zombie gì, khoai mì cao hơn tôi một cái rương dịch hợp lý do tạm đâu. anh ấy gọi major, đấy, bạn nó cứ khó bridgewater em đâu. ok à, Ừ, để cho cái gì tôi kịp máu và ok, không biết thơ ca family, tay hái bạn ấy à. [âm nhạc].