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Published on: January 31 2023 by pipiads

Ad Inserter Wordpress Plugin Tutorial 2022 | Adsense Ad Code Setup (Step by Step)

today we will try ad inserter wordpress plugin on our website. this is a great as well as most popular ad management plugin with many advanced advertising features to insert add codes at optimal positions. this plugin supports all kinds of ads, including google adsense, ad manager, media net, etc. almost 200 000 people are using this plug-in. also, this is the leading plug-in by the ratting. almost 2000 people gave 5 stars. you can insert ads before and after paragraphs or anywhere you want. insert add after paragraph means that when you write content or artikle, this makes many paragraphs. when you insert an ad after two paragraph, this plugin will show ads after each two paragraphs. there are many ways too. we will insert an ad on this demo website. let's jump to the dashboard to install the plugin. under the plugin section, click add new search ad inserter. the expected plugin will appear. first click install now. then activate it. under the setting menu you will find the add inserter option. just click on it to set adsense codes to your site. you will see a black box there. here we will place to adsense code. there have some settings below too. to get the adsense code. click this ads button under ad unit. we can generate a new ad code. click the appropriate ad type by your choice. you will see a demo of what this will look like, whether it will be square. the horizontal or vertikal choice is yours. select and create an ad unit name. on the next page you will be given an ad code. just copy it and paste it to the add inserter box. after pasting the code, some small settings need to be set. here i want to show ads only after a partikular number of paragraphs. you see there have many paragraphs in my content. here i want to show ads after every two paragraphs. to set this, write a percentage in two select center in alignment. everything is fine now save settings. see the blank spaces. actually this website is getting ready for adsense setup. at least half an hour is needed to start showing ads. your ads will be live within an hour. if it is an old site, then it will live instantly. so that's all from me today. if you face any issues, then feel free to ask me in the comment section. please like and subscribe. [Music].

How to Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Website | STEP-BY-STEP 2020

what's up guys? my name is Dale from creator pro website, and in this video, I'm gonna show you how to add Google Adsense to your WordPress website. in a nutshell, Google Adsense is what you use to show ads to your viewers on your website, and why would you want to do this? well, the main reason is because you can make a lot of money with your website, especially if you've got tons of viewers every month, because each time somebody clicks on one of those ads on your website, you get paid. okay, so I'm going to show you how to do it right now in just a few easy steps. okay, so step number one is to sign up for Google Adsense. so if you don't already have a Google Adsense account, you can just click on the very first link in the description, or you can just go to googlecom- slash Adsense, slash start, and then from here we'll just go ahead and click on get started. now I already have a Google Adsense account, and you can only have one per person or one per business, but I'm gonna walk through some of the first setup with you. so for the URL, I'm gonna put in a secondary site that I have called to create a pro-business com, but you would want to put in your main URL here, and then you can put in your email and then we'll scroll down and you can get helpful info from Adsense if you'd like. I recommend this because they'll send you some really awesome tips for putting ads on your website and it'll hopefully increase the amount of money that you can make. and then just go ahead and click Save and continue. and again, I already have an account set up for Google Adsense, so I'm not going to click it. but once you get your account set up, then we can go ahead and sign in. so again, back to this main Google Adsense page. we're gonna go ahead and click on sign in and then I'm just gonna select my account password. cool, and here we are, inside of our Google Adsense dashboard. now, step number two is to create a new ad unit. so to do this, just go on over to ads over here in the left-hand menu and then just click on buy ad unit right here, and then we're gonna go with display ads right here. this is the recommended one, and here you can see an example of what a typical ad would look like. so now we're just gonna name it. so I'm just gonna call this ad, unit 1, and then we're gonna keep this as a square and then, for ad size, we're gonna keep this as responsive. that way they'll resize to fit any space on your website. okay, so now just go ahead and click on create, and now we're gonna be needing this code. so go ahead and click on a copy code snippet and now we can move on to step number three, which is to display the ad on your website. so I'm just gonna go over to my WordPress website and I'm inside the dashboard, and the easiest way to show you how to display an ad on your website is to do it in the widget area of the sidebar. so I'm gonna go over to appearance and then go to widgets and then I'm just gonna scroll down and select custom HTML right here and I'm just gonna drag that to the top of my sidebar and inside the content window right here, I'm just gonna paste that code, just like that, and now just click on save, and then we can just close this window and we're gonna go up and view a post. so I'm just gonna go over to post and then go to all posts and then I'll just select a post and go over to view. and now, as you can see, there's no ad displaying right here, which is where it should be. this is my sidebar, but it actually is an ad displaying here. it's got a placement if I hover over it or, sorry, highlight, this is where the actual ad will be. but Google needs about an hour so to determine what type of ads it's going to put on your website. it basically has to read your website and determine what content to serve. so don't be alarmed if you just see an empty space. in fact, if I just click over here and inspect, you can see right up here Google ads, frame 1. this is where our Google ad is going to be. so now I'll show you how to insert ads into your actual posts, as well as how to automate them. so step number four: automate your ads. so let's just go up to our dashboard and then I'm just gonna go down to plugins and then go over to add new and then, over on the search bar on the right, I'm just gonna type in adsense plug-in- WP quad and then you'll see Adsense plug-in- WP quads right here. so we're just going to go ahead and install now and then click activate- cool, and then it's going to promote the WP quads Pro to you, but really you can get by with just the free version, just fine. so we're just gonna skip and go to Settings, cool, so now just scroll down and here's where we can assign where we want our ads to show up. so if I were to click on the first one for assign random ads to the beginning of the post, then the ad would show up at the very top of our posts and you can change this to ad number one. and then you would want to go into ads and actually add an ad in there, which I will show you how to do in just a second. but for the sake of explaining this section, let's just say you want to display random ads because you've made a bunch of them inside of your Google Adsense dashboard. you can also display them in the middle of your post and it will do its best guess to determine where the middle of your post is and put one there, and then you can display them at the end of your post as well as display them after the more tag. so more is, when somebody were to click on the read more tag, it will put that just underneath that, and that's if you have that on your post and then down below, in these last four, you can determine if you want to display them after certain paragraph numbers. so let's say that you have around 50 paragraphs. well, then you can display one after the fiftieth paragraph. so you want to use these settings at the bottom - exactly target where to display the ads on your posts. so I'm just gonna uncheck these and I'm just gonna leave one set at the beginning of the post and I'm gonna change it to add one, because I'm gonna go in and make ad one. okay, scrolling down, okay, and here you can determine the visibility of where you want your ads. so on the home page, categories and tags, and then, if you check on this, hide ads when user is logged in, then whenever you're logged into WordPress, you're not going to be able to see your ads, which I don't recommend because then you can't see where they're gonna be placed. so I highly recommend making sure that this is unchecked and then from here you're going to determine where these ads are, whether it's on posts and pages, or so right now I'd select it as both, or you can just do individuals. so in this case I'm just gonna do posts, because my homepage is tiknically a page and I don't want it to show up on my homepage, so I'm gonna make sure that this says post, and then you can just skip the rest of these settings and click on Save Changes, and then we're just gonna scroll back up and we're gonna create ad number one. so let's go ahead and click on ads and then we're gonna click on add one, and then here is where we're gonna put in that code that we copied from earlier from our Adsense dashboard. so with plain text, HTML and JavaScript, this is where you could put in any sort of commission based code. it's so it doesn't have to just be from Adsense, it could be from any other site or any other ads server. but in this case we're doing Adsense, so we're gonna click on the Adsense button and then I'm gonna click on a copy-paste Adsense code and then I'm just gonna enter that in here and then I'm just gonna say get code. and now, in order to do a responsive ad, then you'll need the pro version of WP quads. but I've found that if you just go to fixed size, you can just type in a square value like, say, 200 by 200, and that will work perfectly fine, and then you can determine where you want it to be aligned in your post, whether it's on the left, the right or in the middle. in this case I'll just say in the middle and then margin is the amount of pixels of space around the ad. so I'm just gonna say 10 and now just go down to Save. Changes down h.

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AdSense Setup WordPress 2022 - Ad Inserter WordPress Plugin

hello and welcome back. today. in this video, i will show you how to display google ads on your wordpress website for free, and i'll show you both the methods of how to put ads manually and how to display ads automatikally using an ad inserter plugin. so if you don't have a wordpress website, then go to my channel and watch one of these videos, in which you will be able to have a wordpress website within minutes. and after you have a wordpress website like this one, then you can sign up for google headset and then you can make some revenue using your blog, post your videos and so on. so to sign up for google, let's just search for google adsense, go to the first link and here you can click on get started and use your gmail account and you can sign up easily. the signup process is really simple, so you can do it easily, and once you sign up, you will see a dashboard like this. this is a google adsense dashboard where you can see your revenue, your ads, your websites and so on, and the first tip would be to add your website to google adsense for approval. so to do this, just go to google headset account and go to sites and here click on add site and here write your website url. so just copy your domain name and then paste it over here. then click save and continue. your website will be submitted. google will check it and will improve it after a few days. i already have submitted my website and this is ready to show ads. so once your website is ready, then you can display ads on your website. the first method is to display errors manually. for that, just go back to your dashboard and you can decide any place on your website to show your ads. for example, i want to display ads in sidebar right here, so i can get an air code and can put that inside the sidebar. so to do that, we will go back to dashboard, to google adsense. here we will click ads and here we can create an ad unit. so go to head unit. here you can choose any type of air that you like. the recommended one is displayed, so click on this and here you can choose the size in the shape. so this is in square. you can choose horizontal or vertikal. now in most cases for the sidebar you will need to have vertikal head, but i need the square red, so i'll choose this one. we'll write an add name and we'll click create. this will create a net code for me. i have one, so let me show you. this is for my sidebar. i'll just edit this to show you the code. this is the ad that i have chosen, so i'll close this and i will click this to get the code. so after creating an ad, you will get a code like this: just copy this, go back to your website and you can put the code inside the sidebar. so for that we will go to customization, just to edit this widget. you can also do this in the dashboard to go to appearance widgets, and this is the main sidebar, so you can create a new widget here with html code. i'll do this here in the customization. so i'll go to widgets, main sidebar and i can add a new code here. so just click plus icon here, search for code or html, or you can click this ad block and here you can search for html. this is custom html and i'll paste that code now. i want that to be on the top, so i'll bring this to the top and we'll publish this now. if i close customization, i'll be able to see there right here. so this is how you can display add memory on your website. you can also paste this code in elementor page builder using custom html, and you can display ad everywhere on your website. now, in case you have many artikles and you want to display artworks, for example, let's open this. and here, for example, you want to display airs after a photograph, after an image, and so on, then you can do it easily by using a free plugin. let me show you quickly. we will go back to our dashboard here. we will go to plugins and we'll add new and we'll search for ad inserter and you will see this plugin a resulter here. manager in adsense ads. this is a free plugin which is really far cool. just install this and once you create the plugin, you will see this popup. you can allow or don't allow this. scroll down, go to settings and you will see a result. click on this and here you will get 16 tabs where you can display your ads automatikally on your website. you can also add more tabs if you want, but these are more than enough and you just need to write your edit code here, then write a condition for that, and that's it. so for this i'll choose a horizontal net just to display them between the text. so let's go back to the adsense. this time we will display a horizontal add. so let me quickly show you [Music]. we will display this type of head and i can resize this to see the desktop view. as you can see, this is completely responsive. and if you want to make further changes to this- for example you want to change the font family, the color of the button, just to match your website- you can do it easily here in the style tab. but this is fine for me. i'll just get its codes and click save and get bored. and again, this is code for me, so i'll copy this and we'll go back to that plugin. we'll paste that code and here i can decide that where i want to display this partikular ad. so you can display this inside post, home page, category page and so on, but this is for the first, so i'll select post and inside insertion you can decide that where you want to display this, for example, before, forced, before content, before paragraph, after paragraph and so on. you can also display this before an image, after an image and before exact and so on, and let's choose paragraph for this. so after paragraph. and this is the number of pre-graphs. i'll change this to two, just to display it. after two paragraphs. the alignment will be default or you can make the center align and that's it. if you want to see the preview, you can preview this or just save settings. and now let's refresh this and scroll down. then this is the head unit here. you can't see the head, but this will appear soon. if i right click and inspect, you can see this. there is an html block with that add code. let's open this in cognitive window. so, as you can see, this is the head that i just put and this is the sidebar head, and this was how you can display auto ads on your website. and in case you want more ads on your page, then what you can do is just go back and instead of two, you can write something like percent two. so after each two paragraphs, you will see the add. now let's make this three. we'll save changes and we will refresh this. so this is the first one and i think we don't have any more data. let's open another one. let's search for a partikular one and, as you can see, this is the sidebar head. this is another one. scroll down, you will see another, another one and so on. so this is how you can display airs manually on your website or you can display auto ads on your website. you can also decide this for a specific post or for posts like the archive page. here you can do. if you want to display ads here on your archive page, you can do it easily with this plugin and this will need a more detailed video. if you want to know more about this plugin, then you can comment down below and i'll create another video about this plugin. for now, this was it, and this is how you can display ads in your sidebar manually, or you can display auto ads on your website. i hope you have learned something new in this video. if you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section. thanks for watching and i'll see you in the next. [Applause]. [Music] you.

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Google Ads Conversion Tracking Tutorial for Beginners | WordPress Guide [2022]

google ads is a powerful advertising platform that allows you to simply display your business right in front of where your potential customers are looking. google ads also offers a dedicated conversion tracking feature that allows you to simply track any action or conversion that is considered valuable to your business. hey guys, stuart here, welcome back to this channel, and if it's your first time here, then thanks for joining me now in this google ads conversion tracking tutorial for beginners. i'm going to gently take your hand and walk you through the step-by-step process of how to set up google ads conversion tracking using the dedicated conversion tracking tag. okay, so before we launch into our google ads account, consider subscribing if you haven't done so already or if you're new to this channel, and that way you'll stay updated with actionable videos and tutorials designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge and tools to help your small business thrive online and without the way, let's go ahead and set up google ads conversion tracking. [Music]. okay, so, first things first, guys. what we need to do is log into our google ads account now. if you're completely new to google ads, what i'll do is link a beginner's tutorial up above and down below in the description. that will take you through the process of setting up, getting started and creating your first google ads campaign. so go ahead and check out that google ads tutorial if you're completely new to google ads, okay. so to set up a conversion, first we need to create a conversion action. to do that, simply navigate up to tools and settings. then, below measurement, locate conversions, click here. then simply navigate across to new conversion action and click here and then down here. what you want to do is select the kind of conversion that you want to track. for us, what we're going to do is navigate over to website and track a website conversion for the purpose of today's tutorial. so the business i'm going to use in today's example is a service based business and what i want to do is send traffic using google ads to our website, to our booking form, and i want to track the conversions happening on our booking form. so the conversion that i want to track that is valuable to this business is when a booking form submission has been successful and that individual is taken to the thank you page. that is considered a conversion, and i'm going to walk you through the process of setting up that kind of conversion tracking and by understanding this process, you'll also be able to track sales. so go ahead and click website conversions. then navigate over to select next to goal and action: optimization. we're going to come down and select submit lead form. then go ahead and name your conversion- and i'm going to call this conversion booking form lead. so this name is completely up to you and this is for your own reference within your account. then navigate down to value and select the first option: use the same value for each conversion. and for the purpose of this new conversion, what i want to do is add the average value of each lead that this business generates. so, for example, i'm going to add 300. however, you also have the options to select: use different values for each conversion or don't use a value for this conversion action. now, this is not recommended. so for the purpose of today's beginners tutorial, we're just going to keep use the same value for each conversion, because we want to track leads that are generated from the booking form and then, once you've added your conversion value, simply navigate down to count. this is where we want to select how many conversions to count per click interaction. so, for example, if you're tracking sales as a conversion, then you want to keep every selected. this is recommended for purchases, because every purchase is valuable. so, for example, let's say that a customer clicked on your google ad and then they made a purchase on your website. then maybe later on they came back to your website- not by clicking a google ad- and then they made another purchase. so those two purchase will be recorded under that single click. so basically, from that one ad click, that customer has made two purchases. in other words, that customer clicked on your ad once and then made two purchases, which are then recorded as two conversions. however, if we navigate over to one- and this option is recommended- if only the first interaction is valuable and should be recorded- for example, if someone clicks on your google ad and then arrives on your sign up form- they sign up to your newsletter- then that is considered one conversion, even if they come back and add their details again. so only one conversion is recorded per click with this option. so we're gonna keep one selected because we're generating leads. then simply scroll down and click on click through conversion window and this is where you want to essentially add the maximum time after an ad has been clicked on that you then can measure as a conversion. so, for example, if someone clicked on my ad and then landed on my booking form. however, they did not complete the booking form and after 30 days they came back to my website and then completed the booking form. that would not be counted as a conversion because it's over 30 days. however, if that visitor clicked on our ad, landed on our booking form and left, but then came back to the website within 30 days and they completed the conversion- in our case that's the booking form- then that would be counted as a conversion and you can simply click here and change that duration if you like. we're going to keep 30 days selected. then simply scroll down and click on engaged view conversion window. this is essentially the same, however, after a video engagement. so, for example, if you're running video ads and a visitor has engaged with your video and they complete the conversion within three days, then that will be counted as a conversion and again, you can go ahead and change that duration if you like. then simply scroll down and click on view through conversion window. and this type of conversion is when a person may see your ad and not interact with it. so not click your ad or not view your video ad, then convert later. this is called a view through conversion. so basically, if someone views my ad but they don't interact with the ad and then later they end up on my website and convert within one day, then that is recorded as a conversion again. if you like, you can change the time duration over here. then simply scroll down and click on attribution model and this essentially allows us to allocate how much credit an ad interaction gets for your conversion. so, for example, if we click on last click- basically the last click of your google ad that then ends up turning into a conversion gets all the credit- then we have first click gets all the credit. then we have linear, which means all the credit is distributed fairly among all the different clicks that end up turning into a conversion. then we have time decay and position based. however, we recommend selecting last click, especially if it's your first time creating a conversion. then once you start generating data within your account, the data driven option is the best option and basically google ads will distribute credit for the conversion based on the pass data for this partikular conversion action. so what we're going to do is keep last click selected and then come down and click create and continue. now this part can be quite daunting for most people, especially for beginners and those that are non-tiky or have no coding experience, but don't worry, i'm going to take your hand and gently walk you through this process. so what we're going to do is go ahead and install this tag on our website so we can start tracking conversions, and i'm going to show you how to do this on a wordpress website. however, if you have a developer and you want your developer to do this for you, simply click on email the tag and then simply scroll down and enter the email addre.

How To Easily Add Google Adsense To Your Wordpress Website [Google Adsense Tutorial]

what's up party people? my name is daryl wilson, and today in this video, i'm going to be showing you all how to add google adsense to your website. now, google adsense allows you to make passive income through your website by enabling advertisements. these ads can be placed anywhere on your website and today in this video, i'm going to show you how to put them on your website today, step by step, so i'll be walking you all through the process of start to finish. so we're going to take a website with no ads and by the end of this video, this new website will have advertisements, just like my website. so we're gonna put ads on your website in three simple steps. step one: we will sign up for a google adsense account now. this is a hundred percent free, does not cost anything to get started. step two, we will connect your website with google and google adsense. and step three, i'll show you how you can insert ads pretty much anywhere you want on your website. [Music]. so this is my current wordpress website and this is something that you can expect to have on your website. on the right side, we have this advertisement and if we scroll down, we have another one, and if we keep scrolling down. we have another one. now you can place these ads anywhere you want. you can limit the ads, you can you all have full control and flexibility over the advertisements on your website. that'll help you generate money. so, with that said, let's go to step one. so step one: we will sign up for a free adsense account. you can click on get started now. i want to bring you to this page where you're going to insert your website url. so this is going to be your domain, your email address. you can choose to get emails from adsense if you want to, and once you're done with this page, you will click on save and continue. okay, so next i'll need to verify that it's actually me, so i will click on next. now i'll go ahead and put in my password. now, if you don't have a gmail account, you will need to make a free gmail account, and this is required for adsense, so you cannot be using other email addresses. you must be using a free gmail account. once you have put in your password, you will click on next. all right, awesome. so right now we are signing up for adsense. just go ahead and make sure that this is correct. so your domain is correct. you can change this information. you can go ahead and put in your country. i am in the united states, so i will go ahead and scroll down to united states and, of course, you have to agree to their terms of service, which i'm sure you're all going to read this- and once you're done reading that, you will click on yes, i have read and accepted the agreements, and click on create accounts. okay, cool. so this is the current home page and this is kind of like a wizard, so i clicked on get started. so what you'll do is you'll go ahead and put in your name and your personal information. you'll put the account type- if this is yourself or a specific business- and you'll go ahead and put in all this information right here and then click on submit once you're done. all right, cool. so this is the adsense page. now google wants us to take this code and put it into our theme. however, we are going to use a plugin that was created by google. that'll make this process a lot easier. so you'll go back to your wordpress website and you will log into your dashboard. so you'll go to your dashboard plugins and add new sites as these sites there. it is scikit by google, so you can just type in google and this is the plugin that you'll need and it was created by google. so this makes things a lot easier. so you'll click on install now and then you'll click on activate. once this is done, you can click on go to dashboard. alright, so once you have google site kit installed, on the left side you'll click on settings. in the middle part you'll see connect more services. now these are a few of google services so you can connect the google analytiks, you can connect page speed, insights, tag manager and the left side we see adsense. so right here it says set up adsense. click on that, all right. so once you've installed the plugin, it'll take you to this page here where it wants you to sign in with google. so click on sign in with google. and now we're going to connect our website with google adsense, so click on sign in with google. next it's going to say grant site permission. i will say allow, allow and allow. next google wants to know what we can have access to. so view your adsense data, view and manage search console for your data and manage the list of websites and domains you control for this. so i will click on allow, all right. next it's saying proceed, so i will click on proceed, okay. next it wants access to our information so we can store it on our dashboard so we don't have to keep going to google adsense to look at our revenue. so click on allow. and we can also add this search console to make things a lot easier. so i'll go ahead and add my website and congratulations, you are all done. your website is now fully integrated with adsense. pretty simple. right before you have to do a lot of code, but now, with this plugin, it's pretty simple. so click on go to my dashboard. alright, so our website is now connected with search console. so, on the adsense, just click on connect service. so everything's pretty much done at this point. you now have google adsense setting up on your website right here, where it says: go to your assets account to check on your site status. click on that right there and it should take you to this page and we're going to go ahead and say: i have pasted the code into my website and click on done so, the code was found. and here i will click on got it awesome. now, again, this is reviewing your websites and this can take maybe a few days, but i'm gonna go ahead and step further and show you how to place ads on your website once it gets approved. [Music]. okay, so once you log into your adsense account, everything is approved, this will be your new dashboard, so it'll show you how much money you've made, the impressions, which is how many times people have saw the ad, it'll show you the cost per click and it'll also show you the click, so you can see my balance is pretty high, because i do have a lot of people clicking on ads, which is a good thing. i'm making money. so on the left side, you'll see ads and you'll also see sites. so click on ads, and this is going to be the site that i have listed. so your site should appear right here. if it doesn't appear, just go ahead and go through the process again of trying to get your domain verified. it might take a few days, guys, so that's really out of my control. nothing i can do about that. also, what you'll need to do before you actually place ads is you will need to go ahead and put in your bank account information. so you'll need to put in your bank account information because they need to pay you. so go ahead and make sure that you add your bank account information so google adsense can pay you. now there is a hundred dollar threshold, so what that means is they will not pay you until you reach a hundred dollars worth of ads. so you want to get more traffic? and if you do want to get more traffic, i have a video in the description below on how to get more traffic to your website. now let's go ahead and go back to sites. so we have our sites listed here, so whenever you add your domains, they'll be listed right here where you can run advertisements on your websites. on the left side again, we will see ads. now google always updates this and they always add things. so if this tutorial looks out of date, it's really not. it's just that google constantly changes stuff. so you'll click on buy add unit. so we have four different type of ads. we have display ads in feed ads in artikle ads and matched content. now i'm going to show you each of these, just so you understand what these are, because i actually have all of them on my website. i know i'm awesome, so i will click on one of my blog posts and we have ad number one. so this, this right here, would be something of an in artikle ad s.

6 Wordpress Plugins to Manage Advertising

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