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advance auto parts weekly ads

Published on: January 19 2023 by pipiads

The 2022 Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Presented by Advance Auto Parts is the second event of the IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship for 2022. The race takes place at Sebring International Raceway, a 3.75-mile circuit with 17 corners, in central Florida's highlands region.

Key Points:

- The event is truly international, with drivers from Colombia and the USA, among other countries.

- The field includes five classes: DPI, LMP2, LMP3, GTD Pro, and GTD.

- The defending champions in the GTD class are Zachary Robichon and his team, who won the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

- Alec Udel, the 2019 European GT4 champion, is making a comeback and racing in the LMP3 class for the first time.

- Traffic and staying on the lead lap are critical factors for success in this race.

- The heat and humidity are also challenges, not just for drivers but for crew members who must wear heavy equipment.

- Porsche keys to the race include avoiding mistakes and having a quick car in the darkness hours.

The Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring Presented by Advance Auto Parts is a highly competitive international event that challenges drivers, teams, and crew members to overcome various obstacles, including traffic, heat, and humidity. Success requires skill, strategy, and teamwork, and avoiding mistakes is critical to winning.

2009 Advance Auto Parts Store battery testing process

Testing and Charging Used Car Batteries at Advance Auto: A Quick Guide

Hi, my name is John, and I work for Advance Auto. In this article, I'll be discussing the process of testing and charging a used car battery. I thought this might be useful for those who are interested in knowing more about it.

The Process:

- We have a dedicated batteries charging and testing area, complete with a tester and a 10-unit battery charger.

- Often, customers bring in used batteries for testing, but sometimes these batteries don't have an adequate charge.

- In such cases, we explain to the customers that we need to charge the battery, which might take anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight. We also offer to call them later when the battery is ready for testing.

- However, some customers don't want to wait and opt for a battery replacement instead. From my experience, about a third of the batteries that customers bring in end up passing the test after a proper charge.

- If your battery requires charging, I recommend leaving it with the store. We'll do the charging and testing for free and call you when it's done.

The Testing:

- Once the battery is charged, we use a tester to check its capacity and performance.

- After putting the battery on the tester, we wait for the light for the particular battery to turn solid green, indicating that it's ready for testing.

- If the battery passes the test, we call the customer and inform them that their battery is good to go. If it fails, we look up the warranty information or swap it out for another one, depending on the situation.

- We also offer free installation on most vehicles, as well as free alternator testing.

If you're unsure about the condition of your car battery, I encourage you to call your local Advance Auto and get it tested. We offer free testing and charging, as well as great deals on replacement batteries if needed. Don't get stranded with a dead battery - visit Advance Auto today!

😎First Advance Auto Parts Spark Delivery Offer Experience Compared To Frayt

- The importance of having a good credit score for financial opportunities

- Offering links for credit score checks, entrepreneurship, cashback sites, and music subscription

First Advanced Auto Parts Order with Spark:

- Screenshots of the order and payment

- Comparison to freight and business-to-business benefits

- Short fee and wasted time for canceled delivery

- Double payment from freight for the same order

- Further links for credit monitoring, wealth dasher and hire car, and property investment

- Encouragement to like, share, and subscribe for more content and financial opportunities.

$20 Frayt Trips Still A Thing Advance Auto Parts Dealership Service Shops Delivery Driver Questions

In this article, we will discuss a comment left by a viewer about Freight and the current state of pay rates in different areas.

Main points:

- Wanting nice things but needing a good credit score

- Link to check credit score for free

- Link to become financially independent through entrepreneurship

- Link to favorite cashback sites

- Comment left by H Town devil about low pay rates in Houston

- Noticing low pay rates in certain areas

- Small orders from Advanced Auto Parts paying well

- Seeing 20-21 dollars for 1-4 miles

- Refusing to do orders that are too heavy or require too many miles for the pay

- Hoping Freight doesn't follow Roadie's pay rates

- Thanks for watching and leaving comments and questions

It's important to be aware of the pay rates in different areas before accepting orders. It's also important to prioritize your safety and well-being when considering an order. Stay informed and make smart decisions to reach your financial goals.

Navigating Change at Advance Auto Parts with Liping Wu | Mining Your Own Business Podcast

The Mining Your Own Business podcast is a platform where data and analytics experts from around the world come together to share their experiences and insights on how to turn data into actionable insights. In this episode, Evan Wimpey, the host of the show, interviews Lee Ping Wu, the Senior Manager for Data Science at Advanced Auto Parts.

Background on Lee Ping Wu:

Lee Ping Wu has a master's degree in analytics from the Institute for Advanced Analytics at North Carolina State University. Before managing the data science team at Advanced Auto Parts, she served as a senior data scientist there for four years. Her projects have included customer lifetime value analysis, finance forecasting, voice of the customer using natural language processing techniques, and supply chain labor forecasting.

Background on Advanced Auto Parts:

Advanced Auto Parts is an automotive aftermarket parts retailer that serves both DIY customers and professional mechanics. With roughly 5,000 stores and more than 40 distribution centers in the United States and Canada, they offer a wide range of products and services to their customers.

Vetting Projects:

When it comes to selecting projects to work on, Lee Ping Wu and her team use a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches. They align their team's projects with the company's key initiatives and also brainstorm ideas with business partners. They then rank these projects based on priority and available resources.

The Mining Your Own Business podcast provides a platform for experts to share their insights on data analytics. Lee Ping Wu, the Senior Manager for Data Science at Advanced Auto Parts, explains how her team vets projects using a combination of top-down and bottom-up approaches. Advanced Auto Parts is a leading automotive aftermarket parts retailer with a wide range of products and services for both DIY customers and professional mechanics.

Diecast Weekly Ep. 341 - Lambo Super Treasure Hunt, MiniGT, Ultra Reds, Majorette ... etc.

Champion djk is back with another weekly episode, and he's got a lot of cool stuff to share with us! He starts off by showing us his latest acquisition, a Super Treasure Hunt Lamborghini. He also found the blue Lamborghini Mira and shows us both. At his monthly Die Cast meet, he picked up a Boulevard 77 Pontiac Firebird and two Ultra Reds, the Corvette and Toyota Supra.

In a box from his buddy die castrum in Romania, he got a Lamborghini Countach and some Majorette cars. He also received some chocolate! From Todd, he picked up a Porsche 959 and a Matchbox collectors Lamborghini Diablo. He also got some basic Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars, including a Toyota Land Cruiser fj40 and a 2020 Corvette.

Champion djk is considering doing a year-end recap episode, but for now, he's going to show us all the cars he's got. He starts by looking at the Hot Wheels kit concept cars, which have a drone technology and bulletproof glass. He thinks they might be licensed as Knight Rider cars.

Champion djk also shows us a Honda Super Cub motorcycle and an Audi Sport Quattro in blue and yellow. He's got a lot of cars to look at, so stay tuned!

Spark Delivery Driver Advance Auto Parts Orders Showing Walmart Drivers Questions Answers Explained

Welcome back to Community Wealth, where we discuss ways to become financially independent through entrepreneurship. Today, we have an update on the Spark Advanced Auto Parts situation.

Before we begin, let's check out the links in the description for free credit scores, cashback sites, and more ways to earn money on your own time.

Update on Spark Advanced Auto Parts:

According to a commenter named Ayana Reseller Queen 16, she saw an Advanced Auto Parts order from Spark in Washington state. However, the host of the video has not seen one yet.

If you have seen an Advanced Auto Parts order from Spark, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you have received one, let us know how much they paid you.

Comparison to Other Gig Jobs:

The host of the video also discusses how Spark compares to other gig jobs like Roadie and Freight. With Roadie, he was paid $12 for a two-mile order, while with Freight, he was paid $20 for a two-and-a-half-mile order.

Spark, on the other hand, gives out round-robin orders every hour, which can't be cherry-picked. However, there are also express orders and GMD orders that were not completed, which can be completed by drivers.

Tips for Spark Drivers:

The host of the video also shares some tips for Spark drivers, such as the 13-mile threshold for orders. If an order is over 13 miles, drivers can cancel it without penalty.

In conclusion, while Spark may not be as lucrative as other gig jobs, it still offers a way for drivers to earn money on their own time. If you have any tips or experiences with Spark, feel free to share them in the comments below. And don't forget to check out the links in the description for more ways to earn money and become financially independent.

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