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Advantages and Disadvantages of Drop Shipping In the United States

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drop Shipping In the United States

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drop Shipping In the United States

okay mark Carlos here they
make a drop shipper but he has some
clothes today someone sent me a message
asking me to do a video about the
advantages and disadvantages about
dropping drop shipping inside and
outside the US now oh I hope I
understand the question properly right
we live yeah we live in Nicaragua and
Carlos lives in Nicaragua Costa Rica
right we both drop ship in the US but
live outside the U that is about to rain
oh anyway so sky so my first
question is which disadvantage with Y
would be considered a disadvantage if
you are in the u.s. you have the US
paper US banking I don't see a
disadvantage to be honest right so so I
think I don't really see there is a
really a disadvantage if you base in EU
if you drop shipping in the u.s. right
now I think we are lucky in the sense
are like we drop ship in the US we have
US Bank and PayPal and eBay and we live
in the crab right because rent is cheap
as yeah the only issue that comes
up sometimes is that like it's very
difficult to buy gift cards even if you
have US bank yet raised and those other
guys don't like you to buy from these IP
addresses yeah and most VPNs they have
on a list like have you ever tried you
couldn't so the only way I've found to
buy gift cards from here over there is I
bought a company I bought a laptop a
cheap laptop in the u.s. sent it to my
friend's house it's connected to the
yeah and I have a remote control machine
that's always on right but it's an
actual machine at my friend's house it's
not that something like silver farm I
like a million people share this IP
address yeah so that's the owner is only
way I found to buy yeah today yeah I was
toking to a guy asking about hey you
need to be in the u.s. to do
this and I'm like hey so I could get a
computer and remotely like access
like oh you're toking about same stuff
so yeah so that's it so that's it
disadvantage of being physically being
outside of you also for people that are
outside of the US like yeah it's example
but they're they don't have a u.s. paper
or US banking they wouldn't be able to
take advantage of this right it'll be
yes for some reasons one they can't buy
gift cards because don't you have US
banking yeah so these are for the
international dropshippers yeah like
there are ton of disadvantages most
international dropshippers have a higher
paper yeah yes nyebern method becomes
hard yeah oh
so Becky's method is better for
that's what I'm working on I'm trying to
help Latin America people to do dropship
and successfully sorry no sniper method
won't be the best option so I know a guy
a Mexican guy that's successfully doing
SP oh yeah and I will teach the Latin
America people how to use you
international paper paper suppliers
right learn SEO so they don't have to
worry about the Commission's papal fees
it's gonna be a little bit slower of
course and they also don't speak English
as a first language so that's oh yeah
you can use mommy you can try to figure
it out but the way to make money it's
doing SEO international papers flyers
yeah I mean right so that's those are so
many disadvantages you have a higher
rate you have less suppliers to use and
pbn people have you ever had as a
high-risk account yeah so when you skill
a lot it is you have a higher risk of
getting your eBay and PayPal shut down
Jesus Christ I'm not getting it back
like a lot of times you could get your
eBay and PayPal gonna shut down as a
u.s. account but you can get it back
once you verify the information when you
get em c001
outside of US you pretty much
yeah yeah I mean because you can't
reform or subject please outside of us
so that's why I guess diversifying
getting two or three accounts with
separate like Matt gambrel did yeah
with his Amazon accounts in the u.s.
he's in the US and he was trying to
protect his business right so if you're
international I guess you can diversify
get two or three accounts with different
IPS so they don't link each other and
try to reduce the risk if you get a
restriction or something well you have
other two accounts yeah so yeah so
that's just some of the those are some
of the advantages and disadvantages I
could have thought about I can't really
think you guys well as guys who have us
beyond payable accounts luckily sounds
like they're doing look at them as
high-risk and like with sutures and
stuff you get them really know also the
tax exemption thing I mean it's a lot
harder outside but you can make it work
so that's also did you guys figure out a
bishop return from a stik not so yeah
even with tax exemption um that's a
little difficult well anyway have a good
one guys my dog is losers for your mine
come subscribe to channel looking
description for the free and
our link to colors channel
yeah let's manual

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