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ae black friday ads

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Video Marketing for Black Friday Ads

Black Friday is a shopping extravaganza that starts the day after Thanksgiving. Video marketing around an offer is the best approach to Black Friday marketing campaigns and can be highly effective at getting more sales.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing has the best channels for Black Friday marketing campaigns. They have relatively low cost per clicks and can be hyper-targeted using big data.

Get Extra Creative:

Because of the number of deals available for shoppers this Black Friday, you need to get extra creative. You need to really think about how you want to show people that you're there for them and don't forget you need to make sure people are seeing your ads and talking about your product.

Why You Should Hire a Video Marketing Agency:

The time, learning, and investment needed to make high-quality video ads may be more expensive than you realize. Most people don't have access to video marketing professionals, making the task even harder to succeed at.

Choosing the Right Digital Marketing Agency:

The right choice will be the one that matches up with you well and the one that can deliver the best results possible for your brand. Here at Vizcap Media, we specialize in providing video and display creative assets.

Creating Visually Driven Ads:

The process of creating visually driven ads isn't easy. It's even worse if your visually driven ads are being made by less experienced individuals. That's why it's best practice to find a really great creative video marketing agency to do the heavy lifting.

We want you to get the best results possible with your visually driven ads campaign. We're here to help, and to learn more about us, check us out on the web at VizcapMedia.com. When you're ready to reach out to us, we'll be happy to set up a video call and consultation to see how we can best help your brand succeed.

How Black Friday Deals Saved People Lots Of Money For Xmas USA🤑

Black Friday Madness at the Parks Mall in Arlington, Texas

The Parks Mall in Arlington, Texas was bustling with activity on Black Friday, with people flocking in to grab the best deals. As a music enthusiast, I decided to capture the madness on camera and show everyone what it's like to be in the middle of it all.


- Huge crowds, with packed parking lots and long lines

- Discounts of up to 60% on various items

- People lining up patiently for their turn to shop

- Deals on everything from cookware to winter jackets

- Stores like JCPenney and Daylights offering plenty of options

- The author's personal experience of shopping for Christmas-themed t-shirts

Black Friday at the Parks Mall in Arlington, Texas was an intense experience, with people rushing to grab the best deals and enjoy the holiday shopping season. Despite the crowds and long lines, shoppers were patient and eager to take advantage of the discounts. If you're a fan of shopping and looking for great deals, Black Friday at the Parks Mall is definitely worth a visit.

American Eagle Outfitters Black Friday 2019 Sale & Ad Preview

Hey folks, it's Eric from blackerfriday.com, and we're only 29 days away from Black Friday. Time flies when it comes to deals, and we'll start seeing a ton of different offers coming out soon. Today, we'll let you know what you can expect to see from American Eagle Outfitters this Black Friday.

American Eagle Outfitters has been offering the same deal for the last five years, and it's 40% off storewide and site-wide at all American Eagle and Aerie stores. They also throw in a few doorbuster offers, such as flannels on sale for $25 and a free gift with purchase.

What to Expect:

- 40% off storewide and site-wide

- Doorbuster offers

- Free shipping for online shoppers

- Exclusions may apply

- Freebie offer

Start and End Dates:

The sale typically starts on the Monday before Thanksgiving, and if they follow the same trend, it will start on November 25th, 2019. The sale will last through Sunday over Thanksgiving weekend, ending at 1:00 am on Sunday morning.

Return Policy:

American Eagle Outfitters has a good return policy, and as long as the item is in new condition and wasn't worn or tags are still on it, you should be okay with sending anything back.

Store Hours:

Stores should be open at 6:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day, and usually, they're open all day on Black Friday, starting early in the morning.

Join our newsletter or check our homepage for updates on the best Black Friday news for 2019. After Black Friday, there's Cyber Monday and Green Monday, where you can still get fantastic deals. Bookmark our page and stay updated with the top stores' inventory clearance. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and good luck bargain hunting this year!

Black Friday 2019 - Target Ads

Black Friday Deals at Target: A Quick Overview

David AE Qua gives us a sneak peek into the Black Friday ads at Target.

Main Points:

- Nintendo Switches priced at $300, which is the regular price.

- TV prices starting from $169 for a 4K TV.

- iPhone Elevens and other smartphones on sale.

- Video games such as Mortal Kombat 11, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Fallout 76 priced at $29.99.

- Select Disney DVDs and Blu-rays priced at $9 and $6 respectively.

- Hot Wheels and Nerf guns on sale.

- World Heavyweight Championship collectible belt priced at $69.99.

- Xbox One games like NBA 2k and Madden priced at $29.99.

Target offers a wide range of deals on Black Friday, including discounts on electronics, video games, and other items. Customers can make use of the offers to buy items at a lower price than usual.

Christmas Gift Guide & Black Friday Deals! | Dollybowbow ad

Hey guys, welcome back! Can you believe it's already time for my Christmas gift guide? This year has flown by! I'm doing it a bit earlier than usual because of Black Friday, so I want to make sure you can take advantage of all the amazing sales.

- Christmas gift guide

- Doing it earlier this year because of Black Friday

- Sharing amazing sales

1. Oral B Genius 9000 Rose Gold Edition:

- Beautiful toothbrush for the fashionista

- Comes with different heads and a travel case that charges the toothbrush and iPhone

- Practikal present that looks good

- Available at Boots with a discount

2. Oral B 3D White Luxe Perfection:

- Perfect addition to go with the toothbrush

- Removes up to 100% of stains within three days

- Great stoking filler

3. Lush Stardust Gift:

- Six products inside, including fairy dust dusting powder and snow fairy shower gel

- Sweet scents, perfect for those who like pretty smells

- Something for everyone in Lush's gift sets

4. The White Company Winter Candle:

- Cinnamon clove and orange scent

- Perfect for Christmas

- Comes in a jar or a three wick candle

- The plate that sits under the candle is available

5. Zara Chunky Knit Scarf:

- Beautiful caramel color

- Goes well with everything

- Perfect for someone who loves fashion but difficult to buy for

- Christmas gift guide with a variety of options

- Take advantage of the sales during Black Friday

- Practical gifts that look good are perfect for the fashionista in your life.

Amazon PPC - Black Friday Strategies

Hi guys, this is Elena from Amazonia PPC. Today I wanted to share a quick update with you regarding Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the rest of Q4. As we are all deep into Q4 already, I am sure that you are exploring a lot of ideas. I hope that you can find a couple of these ideas useful.

Promotion for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

- Use holiday-specific campaigns.

- Use keywords like Black Friday deals.

- Use long-tail keywords that are all around Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

- Value shoppers are looking for good offers.

- Funnel traffic that is ready to buy.

Product Targeting:

- Use product targeting to keep customers focused on your own listing.

- Use defensive or aggressive type of product targeting.

- Bidding on your own products.

- Appear on your competitors' listings through product targeting.

Increase Budgets Around Holidays:

- Increase budgets one week before and one week after.

- Focus on generating engagement and brand awareness.

- Use discounts and coupons to generate loyal customers.

- Use competitive pricing if you can afford it.

External Traffic:

- Create backlinks from authority websites or influencers from social media.

- Drive traffic directly to your Amazon listing.

- Use external traffic to showcase your discounts.

Amazon Posts:

- Use frequent Amazon posts that are holiday specific.

- Use emotional notes in your copywriting.

- Write custom ad copy for holiday-specific ad copy in all the categories.

These are some of the ideas that we are applying in one of the accounts that we manage. You can explore these ideas and see which ones work best for your business. Remember to use holiday-specific campaigns, product targeting, increase budgets around holidays, external traffic, and Amazon posts.

AeJuice BLACK FRIDAY SALE! I Want it ALL Bundle Review! | Film Learnin

Did you hear about the amazing Black Friday deal from AE Juice? In this special review, we'll be checking out their I Want It All bundle, which now includes even more content than before. Let's dive into After Effects and explore three of their newest packs: the Instagram Stories Pack, the Cartoon Pack, and the Epic Trailers Pack.

But first, let's talk about the AE Juice Pack Manager. Even if you don't purchase anything during their sale, make sure to download their free stuff. They have sound effects, text animations, and more available for free. Now, onto the main event.

Epic Trailers Pack:

- 20 animated titles that are completely customizable

- Easy to update and adjust to fit your needs

- Control color balance, noise, motion blur, letterboxing, opacity, and more

- Each title has its own level of customization

Cartoon Comics Pack:

- A plethora of elements, including titles, backgrounds, freeze frames, info bars, logo types, and more

- Energetic and fun animations that are perfect for adding some pizzazz to your project

- Customize background color, text color, and more to make it your own

- Each element can be personalized to your liking

Instagram Stories Pack:

- Great for those who love Instagram and want to add some flair to their stories

- Includes various animations and elements that can be easily customized

- Not as extensive as the other packs, but still a fun addition to your toolkit

Overall, the I Want It All bundle from AE Juice is a fantastic deal that just got even better. With so much content to choose from and the ability to customize each element, it's a must-have for any After Effects user. Don't miss out on this Black Friday deal!

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