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aesthetic bridge shopify

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

Hey, what's up? My name is Rich and in this video, we're going to talk about using Shopify for your clone brand website. While this won't be a step-by-step tutorial, we'll cover some of the important steps to get started.


1. Purchase Your Domain: Go to Godaddy or Namecheap to purchase your website domain. Both platforms are compatible with Shopify. This will give you your own domain name instead of using a My Shopify domain.

2. Set Up Your Shopify Website: Sign up for Shopify and choose the cheapest plan for now. It comes with a 14-day free trial. Enter your credit card information to make your website go live.

3. Select Your Theme: Go to the Themes section and choose the Debut theme, a stock free theme from Shopify. Click on Explore Free Themes and select Debut, then Default. Customize the theme to your liking.

4. Add Your Logo: Upload your logo to the header section of your website.

5. Navigation: Create different menus, such as the main menu and footer menu, to navigate your website. Click on Navigation and add menu items.

6. Add Content: Add images, text, and testimonials to your website. Play around with the Image with Text Overlay section.

7. Colors and Typography: Choose the font and colors that match your brand. Click on Theme Settings to change colors and typography.

8. Icon: Choose a unique icon for your website to appear on the browser tab.

9. Remove Powered by Shopify: Click on Actions and Edit Code. Find the footer.liquid file and remove the line of code that says Powered by Shopify.

Using Shopify for your clone brand website is easy and affordable. Remember to purchase your domain, choose a theme, add your logo, create navigation menus, add content, choose your colors and typography, select a unique icon, and remove Powered by Shopify. With these steps, you'll have a professional-looking website up and running in no time.

How to create a Shopify app (2023)

Are you looking to create a Shopify app but feeling overwhelmed by the documentation and outdated information? Fear not, because by the end of this video, you'll know exactly how to create your own Shopify app. Welcome to Web3 Made, where we build the future together through web3 technologies in e-commerce. My name is Keane, and let's get started.

Shopify is the leading e-commerce site that allows store owners or merchants to create and customize their stores and sell their products and services. Shopify also enables developers to build applications or apps that merchants can install to enhance the user experience.

Types of Apps:

There are two types of apps: embedded apps and standalone apps. Embedded apps are embedded into the Shopify admin area and provide some utility to the store, while standalone apps exist outside of the Shopify admin area and are not the focus of this tutorial.

App Templates:

Shopify provides app templates that speed up the development process by providing pre-built code. In this tutorial, we'll be focusing on the node.js template.


Before starting, make sure to have a partner account set up, a development store created, an Engrock account, node.js installed, npm installed, git installed, and the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox.

Setting up the App:

To set up the app, install the template and the Shopify CLI, choose a folder for where the app will be created, and then select the node.js template. Once the template is downloaded, access it in the code editor of your choice, such as Visual Studio Code.

Understanding the Template:

The template consists of various folders and files, such as the assets folder, components folder, hooks folder, and pages folder. Each folder and file has a specific purpose in the app's development.

Starting the Local Development Server:

To start the local development server, run the command npm run Dev in the terminal. Then, log in to your Shopify Partners account when prompted by the CLI and follow the instructions to set up the app in your partner dashboard.

Installing the App:

Once the app is set up in your partner dashboard, you can install it onto your development store. From the app's homepage, click on the shareable URL to open it in your browser and install the app onto your development store.

By following this tutorial, you now know how to create a Shopify app using the latest guidelines from Shopify, including the CLI version 3 and the new OAuth flow. If you successfully create a Shopify app, post mission complete in the comments below. If unsuccessful, let me know what happened, and I'll help you as soon as possible. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you soon.

How To Increase Shopify Conversion Rate With the Promo Video Making App

Hey everybody, Justin here. In this video, I'm going to show you a free tool that will allow you to make high-quality, high-converting Shopify videos in just a matter of minutes. But before we dive into the tool, let's talk about why you should be using video on your ecommerce site.

- Over 50% of consumers look for a video before making a purchasing decision.

- Video helps bridge the gap between buying a physical product and actually seeing it on the screen.

- Video can increase your conversion rate up to 85% and can help with SEO.

- Using video in your Facebook and Instagram ads can lead to cheaper CPM than photo ads.

Now that we know why video is important, let's take a look at the free tool, Promo Video Maker App. This app is totally free and can work with any type of product, whether it's dropshipping, print on demand, custom products, or warehouse products.

You can choose from a variety of templates and customize every part of the video, from text to media to music. You can also choose the size of your ad based on where you want to use it, such as square for product pages or landscape for YouTube.

Once you've created your video, you can publish it to your store or social media with just a click of a button. And the best part? This app is completely free. So why not give it a try and see how it can increase your conversion rate and save you money in your marketing efforts?


Starting a clothing brand: Tips for success

Starting a clothing brand is a dream for many young entrepreneurs. However, it takes more than just a good idea to make it successful. In this article, we will discuss three key factors to consider when starting a clothing brand: designs, quality, and vision.


- Avoid copying other people's artwork and changing it slightly

- Be creative and push the boundaries of design

- Don't be afraid to keep it simple and clean

- Have a consistent theme or direction for your designs


- Don't charge a crazy amount of money for low-quality clothing

- Use high-quality materials and printing techniques

- Don't compromise on quality to save costs

- Be realistic about the price point for your clothing


- Have a clear direction for your brand

- Consider the deeper meaning or motive behind your designs

- Be authentic and true to yourself

- Don't force your vision on others

Starting a clothing brand takes hard work, creativity, and a clear vision. By considering these three factors, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to stay true to yourself and your brand, and always strive to improve and innovate. Good luck!

A Booming Niche Idea On Shopify (Copy This)

In this video, we will explore the potential business opportunities that simple trends can create. We will focus on the body bag trend, which is currently booming, and analyze a successful Shopify store that has earned over 10 million dollars in this niche. We will also examine the store's branding, design, and advertising strategies.

Body Bag Trend:

- The body bag trend is simple yet powerful and is currently rising in popularity.

- Bags, in general, have a massive total addressable market, and the potential for growth in this niche is immense.

- The bagu.com store is capitalizing on this trend while also promoting sustainability.

Bagu.com Store:

- Bagu.com offers a variety of bags, including tote bags, fanny packs, and lunch bags.

- The store's website is simple but well-designed, with excellent product photography and a fast loading speed.

- Bagu.com's social media accounts, particularly Instagram, are active, with a lot of user-generated content and short-form videos.

- The store's branding is bright and aesthetically pleasing, with a strong focus on the color scheme.

Advertising Strategies:

- Bagu.com relies heavily on slideshow ads for their Facebook and Instagram ads.

- The store could benefit from adding more user-generated content and authentic videos to their advertising mix.

- Short-form content is vital for advertising on various social media platforms.

The body bag trend and the potential for growth in the bag niche are enormous. Bagu.com is a successful example of how a store can capitalize on these trends by focusing on branding, design, and advertising strategies. By creating authentic content and promoting sustainability, businesses can differentiate themselves and stand out in this market.

Step by step Shopify Store Setup Tutorial 2021

In this article, we will be discussing the creation of a brand new Shopify store using the Wolf of Shopify theme. We will be focusing on the importance of having a theme with a variety of features to maximize conversions and create a visually appealing website.

Main Points:

- Uploading the Wolf of Shopify theme and its various demos.

- Adding products and creating variations for each product.

- Utilizing the theme's features such as slideshows, about us sections, and product detail pages.

- Understanding the difference between leads and customers and the importance of converting leads to customers.

- Testing and comparing various Shopify themes to find the best fit for your store.

By following these steps and utilizing the Wolf of Shopify theme, you can create a visually appealing and high-converting Shopify store. Remember to test and compare different themes to find the best fit for your specific store and constantly work on converting leads to customers.

How To Start Shopify Dropshipping in 2022 (FOR BEGINNERS)

How to Build a Shopify Dropshipping Store from Scratch with Debutify Theme

Are you looking to build a Shopify dropshipping store but don't know where to start? Look no further than this step-by-step guide with the Debutify theme. In this video, Jeremy Ray walks you through the process of building a successful online store, from choosing a store name to customizing the aesthetics to importing products.

Here are the key takeaways from this guide:

- Jeremy Ray introduces the video and highlights the main points of the guide, such as the Debutify theme and other useful apps for building a successful online store.

Choosing a Store Name:

- Jeremy chooses a store name, The Mixie, and explains why it's relevant to the product he's selling.

Shopify Themes:

- Jeremy discusses the importance of choosing a theme that fits your store's aesthetic and functionality, and recommends the Debutify theme for its versatility and pre-installed apps.

Debutify Theme Features:

- Jeremy explains how Debutify can replace several separate apps with its pre-installed features, such as age checks, automatic language and pricing updates, and cart discounts.

Product Importation:

- Jeremy demonstrates how to use the Deezers app to import products from AliExpress and customize them for your store.

Customizing the Store Aesthetics:

- Jeremy walks through the process of customizing the store's colors and layout to fit his store's theme and product.

Adding Additional Pages:

- Jeremy adds pages for a gallery, FAQs, and a newsletter sign-up to provide customers with more information and opportunities to engage with the store.

Footer Menu:

- Jeremy explains how to create a footer menu with links to important pages, such as support and help.

- Jeremy summarizes the main points of the guide and encourages viewers to start building their own Shopify dropshipping stores with the Debutify theme.

Overall, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the steps required to build a successful Shopify dropshipping store with the Debutify theme. Whether you're new to ecommerce or a seasoned pro, this guide has valuable insights and tips for creating an online store that stands out and drives sales.

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