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affiliate marketing ads on facebook

Published on: July 5 2023 by pipiads

Are you struggling to get traffic for your affiliate marketing business using Facebook ads? Have you been slapped by Mark Zuckerberg and found it difficult to promote other people's products on Facebook? Fear not, because I have a new and improved method that works extremely well and slides under the radar. In this article, I will walk you through the steps to set up this strategy and show you how to use Facebook ads to scale quickly, with a low ad spend of just $2-$5 a day.

In this article, I will show you a new and improved method to get traffic for your affiliate marketing business using Facebook ads. I will explain how this method slides under the radar and works extremely well, with a low ad spend of just $2-$5 a day.

Setting up the Facebook ad:

- Start with a traffic campaign, not a conversion campaign

- Set a daily budget of $2-$5

- Target one group of people with one similar interest

- Create an ad with a simple message to join a Facebook group

- Send traffic to a landing page to collect email addresses

- Use a call-to-action button to join the Facebook group

The Facebook group strategy:

- Use the Facebook group as a new email list

- Nurture leads over time with engaging content

- Sell affiliate products to warm leads in the group

- Use ads to pump up your Facebook group and attract warm leads

Using Facebook ads for affiliate marketing doesn't have to be difficult. By using this new and improved method, you can scale quickly with a low ad spend and build a warm audience in your Facebook group. The key is to focus on one group of people with one similar interest and use engaging content to nurture leads over time. If you're interested in learning more about this strategy, consider joining the Affiliate Franchise program, where we will guide you through the process and help you set up and manage your ad campaign.

How To Sell AFFILIATE Products With Facebook Ads

Don't Directly Sell Products: Instead of directly selling products, it is better to have an intermediary step and build your audience as an affiliate marketer. This way, you can generate commission on every sale generated and build a customer relationship with a business that can help you generate more revenue in the long run.

Audience Building: Building an email list and a Facebook group is a great way to generate revenue as an affiliate marketer. You can use similar strategies to get people to an affiliate offer and use welcome posts or follow-up emails to encourage people to purchase the affiliate product.

Campaign Structure: Facebook Ads can't usually track conversions within your Facebook Ad account when you're directly sending people to an affiliate sales page. However, if you go with an audience-building approach, you can run a conversions campaign that optimizes for people joining your email list.

$200/day Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing | Affiliate Marketing With Facebook Ads

Hey guys, it's Frank Lemanohere and today I want to share with you my step-by-step formula for making $200 per day using Facebook advertisements for affiliate marketing. Whether you're an athlete or in any other niche, this strategy can help you get better results from your Facebook ads and increase your income.

- Sharing step-by-step formula for making $200 per day using Facebook ads for affiliate marketing

- Can be applied to any niche, not just for athletes


1. Find a product to promote:

- Look for a product on Clickbank, Digital 24, or other affiliate sites

- Choose a product you're familiar with and understand well

2. Create a bridge page:

- A page that comes before the sales page to help you avoid getting banned by Facebook

- Use Google Sites to create a free bridge page

- Include before-and-after photos of people who have used the product

- Use real-life photos if possible

- Add text, such as Start your body transformation journey today

- Create a call-to-action button with your affiliate link

3. Set up Facebook ads:

- Choose a traffic campaign and set a budget

- Target your audience by location, age, gender, and interests

- Use interests related to weight loss, fitness, and diets

- Use Facebook's suggestions for more specific interests

- Following these steps can help you make $200 per day with Facebook ads for affiliate marketing

- Remember to choose a product you understand well and create a bridge page to avoid getting banned

- Target your audience carefully and use interests related to your niche

- Good luck with your affiliate marketing business!

"NEW" Proven "FB ADS" Method To Make Upto +$320.00/DAY || Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads

In this article, we will be discussing how to use Facebook ads to promote a product and generate your first sale online. We will be using the example of promoting a vegan recipe cookbook, and will guide you through the process step-by-step.

1. Selecting a Product:

- Go to Digital24 and select a product to promote.

- Choose a low-ticket offer, such as the 300 Wigan plant-based recipe cookbook.

- This offer gives you a 60% commission and has a good conversion rate of 10%.

- Avoid high-ticket offers in the beginning.

2. Creating a Landing Page:

- Use a simple, clean layout.

- Include a headline and subheadline.

- Add an image of the product.

- Include a call to action button.

- Keep the design minimal and easy to read.

3. Setting Up a Facebook Ad:

- Choose the sales objective if your Facebook pixel is active.

- Name your campaign and ad set to identify them easily.

- Select a budget of $5-10/day.

- Choose the location, age, gender, and interests of your target audience.

- Only run your ad on Facebook news feeds.

- Choose a page to promote and name your ad.

Using Facebook ads is a fast and effective way to promote products and generate sales online. By following these simple steps, even beginners can start making money with affiliate marketing. Remember to choose a low-ticket offer, create a simple landing page, and target your audience carefully. Happy promoting!

Easiest $1750/Week Affiliate Marketing Method (2022)

In this video, Matthew Sabia shows viewers how to make a predictable $250 a day with affiliate marketing using Facebook ads, starting from scratch. He emphasizes that affiliate marketing is a substantial part of his online income and he wants to help others succeed as well. Sabia compares his own success to that of Daniel DeSilva, who made around $450 promoting an offer. Sabia then goes on to explain how to choose a winning offer, set up bridge pages, email campaigns, and share his Facebook ad strategy.

To begin, Sabia recommends starting with ClickBank and promoting the best-selling and best-converting offers in a niche. He then discusses the importance of using a bridge page or opt-in funnel as a barrier between Facebook and the offer, and to collect email leads for follow-up campaigns. He provides two types of bridge pages in the description for viewers to use and customize.

Sabia emphasizes the importance of using illustrated graphics on ads and opt-in pages to drive curiosity and interest. He recommends using A F Illustrations for custom designs. He also highlights the importance of setting up email follow-ups using platforms such as Aweber and rebranding or cloaking affiliate links with tools such as short io and Rebrandly.

In conclusion, Sabia provides a step-by-step guide for viewers to start their own affiliate marketing campaigns with Facebook ads, emphasizing the potential for predictable income with the right strategy and tools.

Facebook Ads Tutorial: How To Create Affiliate Marketing Facebook Ads For Beginners 2020

In this article, we will be discussing how to run Facebook Ads for your affiliate marketing business and why it is crucial for your success. We will cover topics such as setting up a bridge page, creating a bait, and designing an ad on Canva. We will also go through the process of setting up a Facebook ad account and choosing the right objective for your campaign. Additionally, we will discuss the importance of tracking your ads using Facebook Pixels and how to install them on your funnel or website. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how to effectively use Facebook Ads to grow your online business. So, let's get started!

- Facebook Ads can be a game-changer for your affiliate marketing business

- By using Facebook Ads, you can reach a targeted audience and increase your ROI

- In this article, we will take you through the step-by-step process of running successful Facebook Ads for your business

Setting Up Your Bridge Page:

- A bridge page is crucial for promoting your affiliate marketing offer

- It helps you track leads and prevents Facebook from banning your ad

- We will show you how to set up a simple funnel that includes a landing page, email capture, and thank you page

Creating Your Bait:

- Bait is something you offer for free in exchange for an email address

- Examples of bait include free ebooks, courses, or cheat sheets

- We will show you some examples of effective bait and how to create your own

Designing Your Ad:

- Canva is a user-friendly platform for designing Facebook Ads

- We will show you how to create a simple yet effective ad using Canva

- Keeping it simple and using high-quality images will increase your conversion rate

Setting Up Your Facebook Ad Account:

- We will walk you through the process of setting up your Facebook Ad account

- Choosing the right objective for your campaign is crucial for success

- We will show you which objectives work best for affiliate marketing and how to choose them

Tracking Your Ads Using Facebook Pixels:

- Facebook Pixels allow you to track your ads' success and retarget visitors

- We will show you how to install Facebook Pixels on your funnel or website

- Tracking your ads is crucial for optimizing your campaigns and increasing your ROI

- Facebook Ads can be a powerful tool for growing your affiliate marketing business

- By setting up a bridge page, creating effective bait, designing an eye-catching ad, and tracking your ads using Facebook Pixels, you can increase your success and revenue

- Follow our step-by-step guide to running successful Facebook Ads and take your online business to the next level.

Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing | Grow Your Affiliate Marketing Sales With Facebook Ads

Welcome to my channel, where I will show you how to set up Facebook adverts for your affiliate marketing business in the right way. I will share the correct steps and also the mistakes that some affiliate marketers make that affect their business.


1. Go to your ads manager and click on create ad.

2. Choose conversion as the action you want people to take.

3. Select the conversion event you want to optimize for, such as lead.

4. Set your daily budget.

5. Choose detailed targeting, including location and age.

6. Use manual placement and select where you want your ads to appear.

7. Use devices, and uncheck desktop and select mobile devices.

8. Select the page where you want the adverts to run and choose single image or video.

9. Enter your own funnel link instead of the affiliate link in the website URL section.

10. Collect information such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses to follow up and retarget.

Passive Selling:

To be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to focus on passive selling. This means building your audience first before selling to them. Do not send traffic from Facebook directly to the affiliate link. Instead, create your own sales page or opt-in page with enough information to convince people to take action. Collect leads and use the data to retarget them in the future. Make your own personal offer to convince people to take up the main offer.

This is the best and most profitable way to run affiliate marketing using Facebook ads. Build your audience first and have your own list of contacts. Do not rush to sell, do it the right way to avoid losing money on adverts. Collect information and retarget your audience for long-term success.

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