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Affiliate Marketing Website Build - Month 3... Problems Stack Up In The Messy Middle!

Published on: December 5 2022 by Miles Beckler

Affiliate Marketing Website Build - Month 3... Problems Stack Up In The Messy Middle!

Affiliate Marketing Website Build - Month 3... Problems Stack Up In The Messy Middle!

hey miles here miles Becker calm this
video is month three of my affiliate
marketing website build case study where
I'm updating every month the progress
and process in growing a website an
affiliate marketing website from zero to
three thousand dollars per month with a
target timeframe of being in one year
some three months in at this point and
that means the first quarter is done and
my approach to business and my approach
to everything online is really fire
ready aim it's all about getting into
motion is all about taking action
starting is the most difficult part and
so many people stay stuck in research
mode and they'll just research forever
they won't take any action and of course
they're never going to make any money so
I just pulled the trigger and bought a
site to get things going and now at
month three we are just stuck in the aim
phase so we are just aim aim aim we're
gonna learn in this video some of the
content challenges I've been dealing
with some of the HR challenges I've been
dealing with you're gonna get the
specific data some data insights from
within the analytiks and the search
console about how I'm starting to get
picked up on the search engines and then
ultimately how much I've spent on the
site and how much I've earned on the
site so first at this phase right the
aim aim aim phase we're still dealing
with the backlash from a poor decision
on my part to buy twelve posts from one
content team now I've used this first
content team for other types of content
projects and it worked this affiliate
site is a different type of content
review content is simply different so I
bought a batch of twelve posts from them
months ago and they came out terrible
they did not work they they missed the
boat so the big key is when you're
testing new teams and when you're
testing new service providers start with
small projects even if you've used those
service providers for other types of
tasks and this is a new task for a
current service provider that you've
been using for a while be sure to start
with a small amount of content or a
small job at first because what's
happening is my main editor is actually
having to rewrite each and every one of
these so it's doubling my cost on this
first batch of content and it's over
doubling the amount of time to get these
things live so that's a mistake that
I've learned at this point I think next
time I do a site like this I'll be able
to condense the first three months down
into one month because I kind of get an
of what the mistakes I made and this is
why the fire ready aim approach works is
I didn't know how to build this or do
this from where I was three months ago
I now know hindsight looking back based
off the mistakes that I've made I now
have a really clear understanding of a
better way to do it
I didn't learn the better way before I
started I learned the better way by
trying the best and giving it my best
and looking back and thinking oh man if
I would have done that then that and
then that and then that we probably
would already be a lot farther along
than we are this is how we actually
learn right you don't learn from courses
you learn from doing so that's really
the the first key last month we were
able to publish two blog posts per week
for two consecutive weeks now this is a
big momentum shift for us that we're
we're getting that consistent publishing
machine going our goal for this next
month is three posts per week each and
every week for this next month that's a
lofty goal since we've only done two
posts per week twice we have 15 posts on
the website total so now I'm at week 12
will give or take right
with 15 posts that's a little bit over
an average of one post per week on
average if you're doing this all
yourself you should easily be able to
mimic that approach you probably could
do two posts per week my goal is to
build systems and teammates that'll
allow me to publish five posts per week
and possibly build out two or three
sites like this so I'm looking at it
from a little bit different perspective
I'm looking at it from the perspective
of an investor who's willing to invest
money on teammates and systems but if
you're building your first site your
first affiliate site on your own just
know stay in the trenches keep putting
out the content we had some HR issues
some challenges with some teammates I
had brought on an individual who has a
lot of domain knowledge in the space of
the niche of this website and he was
doing our reviews for us he wasn't
writing the reviews but he was going
through and choosing all of the
different products because he knew these
products and he was able to compare
which ones were best and which ones was
the best budget option which one was the
second best third best etc he
disappeared right he's busy he had a
couple jobs this was an extra side thing
and he just has not kept up the pace at
this point so where he get again
building another system around how do we
get the ax
tool reviews because this is the value I
or you as an affiliate offer your
audience is really taking the time to
actually do a quality review it's not
good enough to just go choose five
random things and say cool here they are
there should be actually some helpful
information and insight for your
audience member because that's what they
want right your income is a byproduct of
helping other people get what they want
so our goal is not just to publish
reviews on anything we actually do want
to know what's good and what's not we
want to help steer our audience in the
right direction so that's another
challenge right and you probably have
notiked me as someone who's leveraging
my money and my income for my other
businesses to build this right this is
an investment for me there's all kinds
of HR challenges left and right if
you're doing all of the work yourself
you bypass that 100% and that's what my
wife and I did in the beginning that's
what I did with this channel in this
brand right all of the work was done by
me and my wife on her site as well in
the early days and it's actually easier
in many senses because you can just do
the work it's not a scalable but you can
just do the work so now let's go into
some data at this point in Google
Analytiks we are showing our first
visitors coming in from the search
engines and they're coming in from three
separate search engines so Google is
driving traffic Bing is driving traffic
and DuckDuckGo is driving traffic if you
don't know about DuckDuckGo it's a
privacy based browser on your phone and
it's a privacy based search engine that
doesn't track everything you do like all
the scary other ones so we're seeing
that we're getting traffic which is
great so then I went and looked in
search console and we're definitely
seeing spikes in our impressions now
impressions precede clicks right so when
you're seeing impressions from Google
search console this means that Google is
indexing your site and it's starting
just to display you as relevant search
results so in the last week week over
week the impressions are up 46% on
Google which is awesome in the last
month month over month our impressions
are up 59% on Google and clicks are up
on Google a hundred percent
month-over-month now the numbers are
small right momentum is slow to build
but the power of compounding is real and
I have a video on the power of
compounding if you haven't seen it you
watch it I'll have the link pop-up above
my head on a card the link will be in
the description because it really helps
you understand that as your compounding
grows as your content grows as your
impressions growing your cliques grow
and you keep adding new content that's
really how you build a website or even a
cash flow that can reach very very high
levels it's not one big thing it's a lot
of little things that all add up and
compound on each other so that's the
path that we're on and then another data
point that's very exciting is I'm seeing
my first clicks to Amazon so we haven't
seen note purchase yet so I've made $0
with this site at this point I'm gonna
tell you how much I've spent on it this
month in total but we're seeing the
clicks over to Amazon haven't reached
100% clicks yet or 100 clicks yet which
means that you know one in a hundred
buys that's a one percent conversion
I'd expect somewhere around there as an
ongoing conversion rate so I'm not
earning the income yet but all of these
signs these little data points are
proving that the model is working and I
really just need to compound my efforts
to get more exposure for more keyword
phrases relevant to my audience members
and I do that through more content at
this point in this month I've already
purchased another 8 posts from the
second team I'm gonna purchase another 4
from them and I'm hopeful we're gonna
purchase a second run of 8 this month
which means in the fourth month that I'm
toking about now this is my plan kind
of moving forward my goal is to get 20
new posts published which would be an
average of about 5 per week if we can
get that all done that's what I'm saying
I'm hopeful that we hit the 3 per week
mark and I'm buying enough content to
get to hopefully 25 per week giving us
some wiggle room if something goes awry
in there
so what are the cost actually before the
cost and I'll get into them and again I
have this month and the total I want to
share a conversation that I have with my
project manager on this again I'm not
the point person on this my wife and my
main site is is my number-one priority
this channel and my inner circle
membership here is my other number one
priority and then this this kind of case
study is something that literally I'm
completely outsourcing and I was toking
to my project manager and he's like man
this it's just boring at this point it's
it's rju
to keep going at this point so we're
three months in the honeymoon phase is
over right there's a moment when you get
started that you're filled with
excitement you're like yeah I'm gonna do
this and fire it up but boy month three
that excitement is completely gone and
the numbers are tiny right the
challenges that we're facing on what
teammates and who do we hire to do the
reviews and all those HR challenges and
getting content back that's terrible
asking them to rewrite it they said no
they told us no we won't rewrite it
that's just what you get
so then having to hire an editor to work
on a second one and to feel behind the
ball and like we don't have enough time
we don't have enough content going out
it's like it's not just like there's a
pile of manure here that we need a
shovel it's like an entire mountain of
manure that we need to shovel and it's
it's feeling daunting right because the
struggles feel heavier than the
victories do at this point in time and
he was honest with me my project
managers like dude like if I was on my
own on this and I wasn't earning you
know hourly like he is to actually keep
this on track he's like this is the
moment when I would give up and this is
probably the moment when I would jump to
something else and go to some other
shiny object or start watching other
webinars thinking there's an easier way
but there's not an easier way the path
to create a successful business online
is filled with challenges you need to
have a really big y-you need have a huge
reason why you're doing this and my Y is
very strong publicly to show you that
it's possible publicly to detail these
parts of the process right these
emotional challenges no one's selling
you a course on how to make money online
or how to do this or that online selling
you a thousand two thousand dollar
course from the webinar no one's gonna
tell you the real tok that you just got
that this stuff is tough it will push
you and make you think man why am I
doing this well you really need to have
a big why that's going to get you to
persevere my hats over the fence with
this 12 month case study so I can't stop
right I'm committed and I'm rocking and
rolling on this so um you know you gotta
build the willingness and the capability
to persevere in the face of challenges
and as an entrepreneur that's what we do
we seek out problems to go solve them
okay so with an affiliate site the
problem is my audience members want to
get a thing they don't know which one
and they don't have time to do all that
research so my team and I are spending
all of our
time money energy and resources to do
all of that comprehensive research to
create the absolute best post to show
them here are the best ones here's the
absolute best here's the runner up
here's the best budget option here are
some other ones for you to consider and
they can read our posts make a feel the
trust and make it be like wow I'm so
glad I found this post that did all that
research for me I'm just gonna click and
buy and that's what I earn my income is
when they click and buy on the other
side but for us to be able to build this
out to a real machine that's gonna get
thousands of visits per month tens of
thousands of visits per month you know
sell hundreds and hundreds if not
thousands of individual products each
every month it is an incredibly long and
challenging path so with that said just
if you're on the path yourself if you're
feeling low if you're feeling like man
this is boring
it's very arduous it's the same work
over and over it's keyword research it's
content it's keywords it's content
layout keyword content layout it's just
it's not fun and exciting it's not
hammocks and mai-tais there's no fancy
supercars going on behind us but this is
the truth of entrepreneurship right it's
dirty we're in the messy middle right
now it's very messy it's kind of chaotik
but we're again we're focusing on
building systems so we're not just
putting out the content we're building
systems that ultimately should be able
to be leveraged to build an entire
portfolio of sites which is my ultimate
goal as a investor who knows a lot about
this world of digital marketing so costs
cost this month um fixing the bad
content we're still doing that and we
still have more to do so this is not the
first fixing bad content cost four
hundred and eighty nine dollars last
research from a research guy he did show
up he got a few posts done but not
nearly as many as we had hoped or wanted
a hundred and sixty-eight dollars from
the researcher seven hundred fifty
dollars for my project manager who is
just keeping it all on track and moving
the keywords between the content teams
and the editors and the layout designers
and double-checking all of everything
right so he was seven hundred fifty
bucks eighty dollars in the month to lay
out our blog posts all of the different
blog posts and then we bought four new
blog post which is five hundred and
ninety eight dollars total expense in
month three was two thousand and eighty
five dollars my total overall expense at
this point including buying the site and
the activity that we've done to this
point is seven thousand six hundred and
eleven dollars my budget I didn't
mention that in the beginning I'm
comfortable spending fifty thousand
dollars to build this out over the
course of the year with the goal of
getting a three thousand dollar per
month cash flow positive cash flow for
that $50,000 investment I've done real
estate investing and those numbers are
far superior plus there's the the asset
is liquid right I could sell it for 30 X
the monthly cash flow on average of six
months um the one other thing that I'm
gonna my goal to step up and start next
month is backlink building it's time so
I'm probably just gonna go buy some
backlinks I'm gonna buy some white hat
backlinks if you've seen my other
content about it I've used the team
reach creator they're out of the UK
Steven Brownlee is his name so if you
reach out to them if you want backlinks
built reach out to them tell him I'll
said what's up I sent you I'm not an
affiliate I'm just I really like their
service it's expensive its twenty five
hundred dollars for ten links I don't
know if I'm gonna jump on that my team
we've been trying to ramp up getting my
team competent in building backlinks
with the same methodology which drive
our costs down but my project manager is
so busy getting the kinks out of the
content side of things it might be worth
it for me just to go spend more upfront
now than I would getting it done by my
team to kick the ball into motion
because that's the one thing we can do
to build more authority to our site to
really help our site get to that point
where Google is gonna rank all of our
posts better right so I build a great
post that is a lead magnet or a link
magnet post and then we do outreach and
we get other people to link back to that
link magnet post we get all of the
domain Authority pointed our way to that
one specific page we use some internal
linking to essentially move that domain
authority that page authority around it
increases the the page authority of our
whole site the domain authority of our
whole site and theoretikally all of our
different posts rank better so I'm
probably gonna wait till mid month to
launch that I'm I want to have you know
20 25 posts on the site before turning
that on but that's where I'm at and if
that doesn't happen this month it's
absolutely gonna happen next month
still just dialing in this content
machine and that's that's the key to it
also that's my update for you I'm I'm
and confident where we're at right now
I've built my wife and I built our first
business from scratch we started with a
$95 and 40 cent hosting and domain
package and we built it with 100% brute
force content we've made millions of
dollars with that site at this point in
time it's been running for ten years
then on this channel through YouTube
which is also a search engine right I
spent three years building just a ton of
content here on the YouTube platform and
that has got me a hundred and ten
thousand subscribers I've taken 200 of
those videos turning in a blog post I
got fifty thousand visits per month to
my website but none of that happened
quickly right it was multiple years
getting that going and that's generating
like 30 thousand dollars a month from
this brand so I know this path is proven
and I know this is gonna work so I'm
confident enough to keep paying my
virtual my teammate not my virtual
assistant my project manager and to keep
him on track moving forward he's happy
to have consistent income while building
this out and I do appreciate his honesty
that this was this was a trying time in
the phase it's now boring is now
monotonous it's now feeling like a ton
of work it feels like we're getting this
much result for that much work welcome
to the world of being an entrepreneur
this is what it actually is this is the
messy middle this is the part the fake
gurus don't tell you about because they
can't sell you the two thousand dollar
secret system when you know it's just a
lot of work and you actually don't need
their system you just need to do the
work for a few years straight cool part
is as you do it once or twice you can
look back and you get better at it so my
wife and I took four or five years to
get to that $10,000 month mark the miles
back to brand did it in under eighteen
months right so so I've been able to
speed up the process of growing
audiences growing email lists of driving
affiliate sales etc etc so you get
better at it the more times you do it
over and I guarantee my next affiliate
site that's a pure affiliate site will
be even faster than this one
not because I'm going through a fancy
course that teaches me how but because
I'm doing the work and I'm observing
what I'm doing and what order what
worked what didn't I'm adapting on the
fly so when I go do it again I will know
the fastest path for me and my team to
get the result that we want so I really
encourage you to get started if you
haven't already I thank you very much
for your time you have questions about
this site you can
me in the comments thumbs up like
subscribe do what you do I appreciate
any sort of engagement here on the
channel feel free to share this if you
want but I'll keep these coming on keep
these coming out they come out around
the 8th or so each month is when they
come out and I'll have a correlated blog
post linked in the description if you
want more info you can go to the blog
post in the description and all-in-all I
thank you very much for time and I look
forward to connecting with you whole
next video so meet again be well Cheers

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