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aldi ads for the week

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

Welcome to the Aldi Ad Preview for 11/27/2022-12/3/2022! In this article, we will be discussing the items that will be available at Aldi during this time period. We hope this information helps you with your holiday shopping!


- Five-inch Christmas cactus (assorted colors) for $4.99 each

- Ten-inch premium poinsettias for $19.89 (not available at all locations)

- Five-inch winter centerpieces for $10.99 each (not available at all locations)

- Huntington Home Ponderful candles for $4.99 each

- Easy Home Wall Outlet Ceramic Space Heater in white or black for $17.99

- Weighted king-size heated pad for $24.99

- 50x62 heated micro-plush throw for $24.99 (not available at all locations)

- Children's watches for $5.99 each

- Ladies fleece-lined leggings for $9.99

- Sierra Ladies suede boots for $19.99 (going up to size 10)

- Lily and Dan children's cozy boots for $11.99

- Royal Class Men's micro-plush bathrobes for $16.99

- Crane Men's or Ladies Hybrid Gloves for $8.99

- Royal Class or Sierra Faux Fur Lined Footbed Sandals for $14.99

- Merry Moment's Men's three-pack of boxers for $9.99

- Men's sleep sets for $14.99

- Cuddle Crew Children's Cuddle Cruisers for $14.99

- Sierra Cozy Boots for $14.99 (for kids and ladies, they match)

- Royal Class Men's Dress Belts for $9.99

- Monster Jam remote control cars for $14.79

- Huntington Home Children's 8lb Weighted Blankets for $29.99

- Huntington Home 5-pack Makeup Removing Cloths for $4.99

- Pembroke 4-piece scissor sets for $7.99

- Burt's Bees Lip Balm and Hand Salve for $4.99

- Clancy's Pretzel Rods or Holiday Shapes for $5.59

- Chobani Flip a Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt for $1.18

- Emporium Selection Festive Cheese Truckle Assortment for $4.29

- Emporium Selection Gouda Holiday Trees for $4.49

- Specially Selected Lamb Leg Roast (Rosemary and Garlic or Unseasoned) for $7.49/lb

- Wahlburgers Hickory Smoked Bacon for $5.99

- Pillsbury Snowman Sugar Cookie Dough Cookies for $2.74

- Fusion Asian Inspirations Mini Wontons (Pork or Chicken) for $6.29

- Specially Selected Authentik Italian Pizza for $3.99

- Specially Selected Pear and Gorgonzola or Mushroom Truffle Ravioli for $3.99

- Sunday Shop Vanilla Ornament Christmas Tree Ice Cream Bars for $2.99

- Mama Kazi's Pizza Kitchen Holiday Tree or Star Pizzas for $5.49

- Specially Selected Stuffed Gnocchi or Truffle Alfredo Fusilli for $7.49

- Sunday Shop Peppermint or Hot Chocolate Ice Cream for $1.99

- Yummy Alpha Buddies for $7.99

- Mango Mawa Ice Cream for $5.99 (not available in all locations)

- Diamond Pecan or Chocolate Pie Crust for $3.48

- Berryhill Lemon Curd for $2.99

- Chef's Cupboard Julian or Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes for $0.99

- Betty Crocker Salted Caramel or Gingerbread Cookie Mix for $2.48

- Licensed Kids Skateboards for $14.99

- Hinkler Activity Books (various titles) for $4.99 each (see next screen for details)

We hope this Aldi Ad Preview for 11/27/2022-12/3/2022 has been helpful in planning your holiday shopping. Don't forget to check out our social media pages for more information and updates. Happy holidays!

ALDI * FULL AD FOR 12/14/2022 - 12/20/2022

In this video, Amy shares the latest Aldi ad with her viewers, highlighting some of the best deals of the week. She mentions various products, including shredded cheese, ricotta cheese, mascarpone, crackers, deli selection, pasta sauce, eclairs, mixed nuts, chocolate mousse cups, cheesecake bites, pecan pie, eggnog, ginger beer, grape juice cocktail, asparagus, pineapple slices, brussels sprouts, green beans, beef, salmon, ham, seafood mix, rack of lamb, blueberries, apples, potatoes, squash, mandarins, grapes, floor pillow, party games, drinkware, neck pillow, smart watch, planner, pajama sets, sweatshirt dress, slipper socks, sleepwear set, candles, bath rug, toothbrush, facial steamer, humidifiers, hot/cold therapy wrap, vacuum food sealer, and more.

- Amy welcomes viewers to her channel and shares her love for Aldi and the Isle of Shame.

- She encourages viewers to check out Aldi's website, Instagram, and YouTube channel for more information.

- Amy informs viewers that it is her birthday and she will be doing a full ad review in this video.

- She also mentions her plan to do weekly ad reviews every Tuesday.

Products mentioned:

- Happy Farms shredded cheese and ricotta cheese

- Mascarpone

- Clubhouse crackers

- Appleton Farms deli selection

- Simply Nature pasta sauce

- Specially Selected eclairs and cream puffs

- Southern Grove dried berries and mixed nuts

- Specially Selected chocolate and caramel mousse cups

- Belmont chocolate cream pie and whipped cheesecake

- Bake Shop pecan pie and Dutch apple or cherry pie

- Promised Land Dairy eggnog

- Summit ginger beer and root beer

- Nature's Nectar grape juice cocktail

- Simply Nature arugula and spinach mix

- Coca-Cola

- Season's Choice asparagus spears

- Sweet Harvest pineapple slices

- Specially Selected brussels sprouts and green beans

- Chef's Cupboard stuffing mix and turkey gravy

- Park Street Deli scalloped potatoes and macaroni and cheese

- Love and Fresh Hawaiian sweet rolls

- Fresh Black Angus beef and Norwegian salmon

- Appleton Farms spiral sliced and boneless spiral sliced ham

- Fremont Fish Market seafood mix

- Specially Selected beef tenderloin, bone-in ribeye roast, and rack of lamb

- Blueberries

- Washington Cosmic crisp apples and yellow potatoes

- Spaghetti and butternut squash

- Duck Trap smoked salmon portions

- Honeysuckle White turkey breast and ham

- Mandy's mandarins and red grapes

Other products:

- Huntington Home floor pillow, candles, bath rug, microfiber body/hair wrap towels

- Spin Master party games, licensed blanket, game blanket

- Crofton Agate print marble coasters, marble serving tray, assorted drinkware

- Licensed neck pillow, travel blanket, toted throw

- I Touch Play Zoom kids smart watch with earbuds

- Pembroke personal planner, premium wall calendars, two-piece fleece pajama sets, duster, sweatshirt dress, plush lounge set, slipper socks, men's sleepwear set

- Naturals eyeshadow palettes and mascara

- Ionic facial steamer, cool/warm mist humidifiers, hot/cold therapy wrap, vacuum food sealer and bags.

- Amy thanks viewers for watching and encourages them to leave comments about their favorite products or any questions they may have.

- She reminds viewers to subscribe to her channel and join her on Sundays and Wednesdays for more Aldi ad reviews.

- Amy signs off and wishes everyone a happy shopping experience at Aldi.

ALDI * AD PREVIEW FOR 7/31/2022 - 8/6/2022

- Welcome to the video

- Introduce self as Amy and describe channel

Grocery Items:

- Snyder's of Hanover Season Twisted Pretzels ($3.38)

- Season's Choice Hashbrown Stiks ($2.99)

- Nabisco Pokemon 12 Pack Cookie Assortment ($5.29)

- Manicotti or Stuffed Shells ($3.49)

- Angie's Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn or Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn ($3 each)

- Mamikaze Pizza Kitchen Biscuit Crust Pizza Assorted Varieties ($5.49)

- Gluten-free Cream-filled Cupcakes Assorted Varieties ($5.29)

- Good Food Made Simple Original Pancake Puffs ($3.99 each)

- Cheetos Flamin' Hot Crunchy Cheese Snacks ($3.98)

- Peanut Delight No Sugar Added Peanut Butter ($2.25 for 16-ounce bottle)

- Earth Grown Chick and Maple Waffle Sandwich ($4.99)

- Kohl's Pub Style Cheese Pretzel Stiks ($3.99)

- Loaded Baked Potato Perogies ($2.49 for 16 ounces)

- Simply Nature Organic 1% Chocolate Milk Multi-Pack ($10.99)

- Cattleman's Ranch Prime Rib or Pub Style Beef Patties ($8.49)

- Organic Banana Milk ($3.99)

- Go-Go Squeeze Yogurt Strawberry and Banana ($7.44)

- Overnight Oats ($3.99)

- Mrs. Freshly's Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcakes ($3.28)

- Mini Hawaiian Bagels ($2.79)

- General Mills Almond Butter or Peanut Butter Biscuits ($2.73 for 5 of them)

- Powerade Berry Blast or Mixed Berry Zero ($0.98 for 28 ounces)

- Nature's Nectar Single Serve Apple Juice Six Pack ($3.29 for six 8-ounce bottles)

Household Items:

- Huntington Home LED Novelty Lamp ($9.99)

- Huntington Home LED Curtain Lights ($6.99)

- Easy Home Collapsible Laundry Basket ($14.99)

- Honeychome 20 by 39 Comfort Mats ($9.99)

- Huntington Home 5 Pack Makeup Removing Class ($4.99)

- Huntington Home 50 by 70 Royal Plush Throw ($9.99)

- Huntington Home Wardrobe or Shoe Organizer ($29.99)

- Easy Home Compactor Strainer ($9.99)

- Huntington Home Decorative Glass Candle ($4.99)

- Huntington Home Layered Stone Candles ($6.99)

- Huntington Home Ceramic Desk Decor ($4.99)

- Four-inch Foliage Assorted Varieties ($3.49)

- Easy Home Mini Humidifier ($9.99)

- Pure Being Whole or Split Antler ($7.99)

- Heart to Tail Three in One Pet Shower Sprayer ($19.99)

- Heart to Tail Dual Sifting Litter Mat ($8.99)

- Hair Elastiks and Accessories ($2.99)

- Crane Men's Four Pack Boxer Briefs ($9.99)

- Crane Men's or Lady Six Pack Fitness Socks ($6.99)

- Thank viewers for watching and encourage them to subscribe and hit the thumbs up button

- Say goodbye and sign off.

ALDI * AD SNEAK PEEK 9/11/2022 - 9/17/2022

In this article, we will be discussing the latest products and deals available at the Huntington Home store. From fall gnomes to furniture covers, we will be covering a wide range of products that are worth checking out.

Products and Deals:

- Fall Gnomes: At just $8.99 each, these adorable gnomes are a great way to decorate your home for the fall season.

- Candle Warmers: The Huntington Home candle warmer lantern is available for $14.99, and single wick candles can be purchased for $2.49.

- Core Mats: The new core mats are finally here, and they are priced at just $8.99. These mats are perfect for a quick refresh of your home.

- LED Lanterns: The fall and Halloween LED lanterns are available for just $6.99 each. They add the perfect touch to any fall-themed decor.

- Hand-Woven Layering Rugs: These beautiful rugs are priced at $8.99 and are perfect for layering in your home.

- Premium Resin Planter: The 16-inch premium resin planter is priced at $12.99 and is available in more than just white.

- Cinnamon Broom: The 36-inch cinnamon broom is priced at $3.99 and adds a delightful scent to any room.

- Boho Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug: This rug is priced at $49.99 and is perfect for adding a bohemian touch to any space.

- Potting Soil: The Old Castle all-purpose potting soil is priced at $4.99 and is perfect for gardening.

- Sherpa Throws: The Huntington Home Sherpa throws are priced at just $9.99, which is a great deal compared to other stores.

- Woven Baskets: The decorative woven baskets are priced at $9.99 each and are perfect for storing items in your home.

- Corvettes: The 20 by 46 Corvettes are priced at $14.99 and add an interesting shape to any room.

- Skylight Rolling Duffel Bags: Priced at $19.99, these duffel bags are a great deal and are usually of good quality.

- Folding Step: The easy home folding step is priced at $8.99 and is big girl approved.

- Cordless Screwdriver: The four-volt cordless screwdriver is priced at $24.99 and is a great tool for any DIY project.

- Vacuum Insulated Mug: The Crofton 14 ounce stainless steel vacuum insulated mug with lid is priced at $6.99 each.

- Pantry Container Sets: The Crofton plastic pantry container sets are priced at $8.99 and are a great deal.

- Cool Mist Humidifier: The Safety First cool mist humidifier is priced at $27.99 and has received positive feedback from customers.

- Furniture Cover: The Huntington Home furniture cover is priced at $19.99 and is a great way to protect your furniture.

- Cat Scratch Post: The hard-to-tell scratch cat scratch post is priced at $14.99 and is a great way to keep your cat entertained.

- Cuddler Pet Beds: The hard-to-tell cuddler pet beds are priced at $29.99 and are perfect for your furry friend.

- Travel Bucket Pet Beds: The travel bucket pet beds are priced at $19.99 and are perfect for on-the-go.

- Fresh Meats: The fresh whole boneless pork butt roast is priced at $1.99 per pound, and the organic grass-fed ground beef and marinated carne asada are priced at $6.99 each.

The Huntington Home store offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. From fall gnomes to fresh meats, there is something for everyone. Be sure to check out these deals before they're gone!

Ghania | Switch and Save | ALDI Australia

In this article, we will explore the idea of switching shoppers and sending an Aldi lover to live with a family of Aldi avoiders. We will follow Galia, a big Aldi fan, as she takes on the challenge of converting the Aldi avoiders into Aldi lovers.

Challenge Accepted:

Galia believes that she can convince the Aldi avoiders to become Aldi lovers. She thinks her odds are pretty good and decides to meet the family. The family is skeptical, but Galia has brought some of her famous Aldi cupcakes to butter them up.

Shopping Challenge:

Galia challenges the Aldi avoiders to shop at Aldi and see how much they would spend on their usual grocery list. They are surprised to see the quality and variety of products at Aldi. Dennis, one of the Aldi avoiders, is impressed by the taste of the products and becomes more open to the idea of shopping at Aldi.

Blind Tasting:

To test their perceptions of quality, Galia conducts a blind tasting with the family. They are surprised to find that they couldn't tell the difference between their beloved brands and Aldi products. They realized that cheaper products do not always mean inferior quality.

Through this experiment, we learned that Aldi offers good value for money and quality products. The family is now more open to the idea of shopping at Aldi, and savings from shopping at Aldi can lead to more experiences and adventures. Galia's mission to convert the Aldi avoiders was a success, and she hopes that others will give Aldi a chance too.

ALDI * AD PREVIEW 10/30/2022 - 11/5/2022

Welcome to this article on foreign music. In this article, we will be discussing the latest items available at Aldi for the coming week. From oversized baskets to delicious food items, we will cover it all. So, let's dive right in!

Items available at Aldi:

- Huntington home oversized basket for $49.99

- Sole Furniture decorative ottoman for $24.99

- Cordless hand mixture for $24.99 in black or white

- Electric s'mores maker for a fun Christmas gift at $34.99

- Meat thermometer or kitchen scale for $9.99

- Meal prep tools for $5.99 just in time for Thanksgiving

- Oven liners or two-pack rack protectors for $4.99

- Rattan bed tray for $24.99

- Easy home dish drying racks for $9.99

- Sierra ladies winter wedge boots for $24.99 in two different colors

- Ladies two-pair fuzzy slipper socks for $4.99

- Willow 3 pack facial tissue for $3.49

- Glade holiday automatiks auto spray holder for $5.49

- Gain dish detergent for $1.94/21.6 ounces

- Cascade complete tubs for $18.67 for a 78 pack

- Boulder heavy-duty aluminum foil for $2.99

- Huntington home waste bin or toilet brush for $9.99

- Simply Nature gluten-free organic french fried onions for $3.49

- Pepperidge Farm herb season stuffing for $3.12/12 ounces

- Live G free gluten-free turkey or chicken stuffing for $3.49

- Flavored mashed potatoes for $2.23 for the family size

- Chef's cupboard Hawaiian stuffing classic or sage and onion for $1.39

- Chef covered cornbread bag stuffing for $2.29

- Chef's cupboard unsalted chicken or beef broth (price varies)

- Chef Scarborough heard Julian or cheesy scalloped potatoes for $0.99 each

- Campbell's family size condensed cream of mushroom soup for $2.84

- Campbell's family size condensed cream of chicken soup for $2.84

- True rip original or keto whipped topping for $2.99

- Barilla pasta for $1.84 each

- Specially selected eggplant Grana, spicy pepperoni flatbread, brioche stuffing lemon and herb or garlic and butter, assorted premium flatbreads, sweet potato casserole, shrimp scampi or chicken Florentine, and beef and broccoli or beef a lo mein for $5.39- $4.99

- Earth grown plant-based herb or oven-roasted turkey breast for $4.99

- Beef schnitzel for $8.99

- Pork schnitzel (price varies)

- Butterball smoked whole turkey for $2.19 per pound

- Turkey cranberry or Bourbon sweet potato ravioli for $3.39

- Cheddar broccoli or Lorraine quiche for $8.99

- Hero batch Greek yogurt from Chobani for $1.22 each

- Aha sparkling water for $3.88

- Bake shop seven-layer bars for $4.95

- Bake shop mini tarts pumpkin or pecan for $5.89

- Big shop pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies for $3.69

- Advent calendar sparkly magic sparkling wine variety pack (price varies)

- Crane posture push up bar hand grips or weights for $9.99 each

- Pembroke all-occasion cards for $1.49

- Knockoff of the Revlon hot airbrush for $24.99

- Vitamin D plus zinc four-pack for $10.56 for four 2-ounce bottles

- Kids travel bed set for $39.99

- Manual be happy mag tiles for $14.99

- Be happy pop-up playhouses for $14.99

- Children's cozy slipper socks for $3.99

- Ladies two-pack relax long sleeve T-shirts for $12.99

- Ladies two-piece thermal sleepwear set for $12.99

- Ladies Jenkins for $9.99

- Ladies two-piece thermal sleeper set for $12.99

- Ladies cardigan wrap for $9.99

- Royal class or Sierra men's or ladies genuine suede slippers for $12.99

- World class or Sierra men's or ladies Sherpa quarter zip for $14.99

- Kids insulated boots for $19.99

- Toddler six-pair of socks for $4.99

- Venus flytrap (price varies)

- Circle of life candle for $14.00

- Huntington home 48 by 72 faux fur rugs for $49.99

- Garment rack and shelves for $16.99

- Sherpa comfort set for $39.99

- Huntington home children's cloud pillow for $14.99

- Huntington home six-piece towel set (price varies)

These are some of the latest items available at Aldi for the coming week. From household items to delicious food, Aldi has it all. So, hurry up and grab these amazing items before they run out!

ALDI * AD PREVIEW FOR 9/4/2022 - 9/10/2022

In this video, Amy from These Are the Days showcases various products available at Aldi, including food items, clothing, home decor, and more.

Product Highlights:

- Ramen bowl in assorted varieties

- Season's Choice pumpkin or butternut squash risotto

- Home-style beef or chicken and dumpling skillet

- Butternut squash or smoked gouda and poblano ravioli

- Chicken of the Sea crispy stuffed shrimp in assorted varieties

- Caramel macchiato or caramel apple coffee cups

- Maple breakfast bread

- Caramel or apple crisp ground coffee

- Flip salted caramel Greek yogurt

- Egg Life Italian egg white wrap

- Mamikaze Pizza Kitchen harvest supreme Hawaiian style pizza

- Fremont Fish Market pub style shrimp or lobster bites

- Yummy panko chicken patties or tenders

- Belmont maple brown sugar or pumpkin pecan mini bundt cake

- Clancy's original or cheddar and sour cream ripple baked potato chips

- Cinnamon brown sugar sweet potato chips

- Roasted sweet corn popcorn

- Especially selected hazelnut or coconut quinoa chocolate bites

- Assorted varieties of RX bars

- Oreo pumpkin spice

- Nabisco Belveda assorted varieties

- Simply Nature spiced almond, apple, or pumpkin spice fruit strips

- Werther's Original fall harvest flavor

- Tate's Bake Shop pumpkin spice cookies

- Baker's Treat indulgent brownies in assorted varieties

- Big Shops cinnamon and double chocolate muffins

Clothing and Home Decor:

- Men's or ladies hiking boots

- Sierra ladies open toe slippers

- Ladies faux fur lined mules

- Squish metal children's slippers

- Ladies maternity sleepwear

- Coffee plants

- Easy Home fabric power strips or extension cords

- Huntington Home tabletop easel signs

- Huntington Home fall reversible wall signs

- Children's cooling weighted blanket

Amy provides a comprehensive overview of various products available at Aldi, including food items, clothing, and home decor. She also encourages viewers to subscribe to her channel and provide their feedback on the products showcased in the video.

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