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aldis ads this week

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

ALDI * FULL AD PREVIEW FOR 12/21/2022 - 12/27/2022

foreign. thank you so much for clicking on the video. if you're new to my channel, my name is Amy. starting off with pineapple for a dollar 69 each. I live in New England. just for reference, regarding the flyer, California Naval oranges for 3.99 per four pound bag. zucchinis are going to be a dollar 39 per pound. if you wouldn't mind giving this video a thumbs up, I would greatly appreciate. it helps my channel grow. us grade number one: round white potatoes: 4.49 per 10 pound bag. brussels sprouts are going to be 2.29 per one pound bag. celery is a dollar 29 per Bunch. if you've tried any of the products in this video, please let us know in the comments if you liked it or not. us grade number one: sweet potatoes: 79 cents per pound. mini cucumbers are going to be a dollar 89 per 16 ounce bag. the thing I've notiked about cucumbers is you have to eat them quite quickly. from Aldi Appleton Farms spiral sliced half ham: 95 cents per pound. limit of two. Appleton Farms: boneless spiral sliced ham: 3.99 per pound. fresh Bap. certified farmed coho salmon for 10.99 per pound. Thomas Farms. fresh grass-fed chuck roast: 6.49 per pound. Fremont Fish Market jumbo cooked shrimp: 8.69. Italian dried cured meat: three dollars and 49 cents. Emporium selection: havarti cheese: two dollars and 69 cents. Berman's cocktail sauce for a dollar nineteen. if you guys didn't know, I have a Facebook page and a Facebook group if you'd like to join us over there. Park Street Deli assorted Tzatziki dips: 3.39 each. I am active on Facebook every single day. they have the vegetable or wheat round crackers at 219. I've tried the vegetable crackers. I like them. I think they're good, especially selected salamini: 2.99, 8 grams of protein. that's pretty good. Emporium selection: cranberry white cheddar cheese: 2.49. a lot of people like this cheese, good feedback. Southern Grove dried cranberries: a dollar 95 each. simply nature organic broth. they have chicken or beef a dollar 79 each. chest covered condensed cream of mushroom soup for just 68 cents. Chef's cupboard french fried onions for a dollar 85. as you can tell, lots of ingredients for the holiday meals. happy harvest french green beans for just 49 cents a can. Aldi has the cheapest vegetables in my area right now, canned at least. bake shop cheesecake sampler are 5.89. I was not a fan of this cheesecake. bake shop apple pie: five dollars and 89 cents. if you like a denser cheesecake, you will like it. I tend to like a fluffier, creamy cheesecake. dark chocolate ore covered cherries- oh and cranberries- 4.99 each. specially selected milk or dark chocolate covered butter cookies- two dollars and 19 cents- those are so good with coffee or tea. Huntington home- 24 by 72 utility Runners- these are 14.99. Auto XS: 600 amp. portable jump starter for 59.99. [Music]. Auto XS: four piece all-weather car mats- 14.99. you can see this ad directly on aldicom if you'd like to view it up close and personal. Auto access car organizer: 7.99. I always find it more fun if we go over it together. hot hands, hand warmers. value pack: five dollars and 49 cents. easy home folding step stool for 8.99. I have two of these. I like them. they are very sturdy. they have the work. Zone 2x3 Mega scraper mats for 12.99. that's a very good price if you do comprise comparison. Amazon or Walmart- all of their rugs are always a good price at Aldi. Huntington home: 18 by 30 absorb at 6.99 each, just in case. Deluxe travel safety kit: 19.99. I actually own this. easy home shoe and boot tray for 9.99. Huntington home: robotik floor duster- I was gonna say Buster- 19.99. nobody's giving me feedback if this thing actually works or not yet, so if you've tried it or have it, let us know. easy home portable vacuum cleaner- 24.99. Huntington home Spin Mop- these are 19.99. I don't love it, but a lot of you do so I'd go with the masses and say it's a good mop. Huntington home a tree storage bag- 24.99. Huntington home large or two pack small woven totes: 9.99. Huntington home large storage bin for 4.99 and for 8.99 you can get the Sterilite latching storage box and that's a good price. they're more expensive at Walmart. I've just gotten a couple recently: Pembroke premium planners- these are 6.99. such a good deal for the planners. Huntington home wreath storage bag for just four dollars and 99 Cents. those usually go on clearance. that's when I've grabbed mine in the past. Huntington home holiday light organizer: 6.99. Huntington home ornament or gift wrap storage for 9.99. I have one subscriber who absolutely despises these. Huntington home double rod garment rack- 49.99. she feels like they're just not made well so I don't know. has anybody else has some feedback? I need to know. I'm 60 by 70 feather soft throw- 14.99 and they have the king size heating pad. that's such a good price at just 16.99. Huntington home door insulator for 6.99 as well. easy home a fan forced heater- 14.99. I got this on clearance last year. I haven't used it yet this year. Huntington home two pack of the memory fiber bed pillows- 19.99.. Huntington home a flannel sheet sets. depending on the size, they're going to be 14.99, in the range 229.99. and then the Huntington home alternative comforter: 24.99. there's been some good feedback on the comforter. thank you so much for watching. I greatly appreciate it. please make sure to subscribe if you haven't already hit that thumbs up and the Bell so you're notified the next time I upload a video and I will tok to you guys down in the comments.

Watch This Before Stepping Foot Inside Aldi Again

[Music]. shopping it all day may not seem like a rite of passage, but isn't part of being an adult having a favorite grocery store? even if you already love aldi, you may not know all about its secrets, so before you step foot in there again, this is what you should know. if you've ever been to aldi, you know it has a small selection compared to larger grocery chains, but that doesn't mean they don't cater to a wide variety of diets. the chain has its own gluten-free line called live g-free, as well as an organic line called simply nature. the store brand- never any- consists of meat that's free of all steroids, added hormones and antibiotiks. and for those of you who don't eat meat or are just looking for more plant-based options, there's a vegetarian and vegan line called earth grown. aldi also has a large selection of protein bars and powders under the brand elevation, and its fit and active line has many low calorie options. it's entirely possible to build a balanced and diverse meal plan with groceries all purchased from aldi. and, yes, the food tastes good. aldi spokesperson liz ruggles told pop sugar. in 2018, we have in-house taste testers, aka our aldi test kitchen chefs. our chefs hit pause on developing recipes at least twice a year to taste the quality of our products before they hit the shelves- every single aldi product, in other words. aldi doesn't just want to give you cheaper options, it also wants them to be appealing. aldi has an attractive return policy which has surely attracted some loyalty. it's called the twice as nice guarantee. this policy allows you to return an item, get your money back and receive a replacement product. all these guarantee is that its products are the best quality out there, so the company isn't afraid to offer such a generous return policy. if you need to make a return, you just need to bring your receipt and whatever remains of the product back to the store. however, this policy only applies to food, as you can't return alcohol or non-food products. larger retailers aren't as liberal with their returns. walmart and costco, for instance, will refund money for returns, but they don't offer replacement products like aldi does. that said, there is a downside to making returns at aldi. the chain doesn't have a dedicated customer service desk like the big supermarkets, so you'll have to wait in the checkout line. their twice as nice guarantee means if you're not happy for any reason, they'll give you a refund and replace that. well, fine, why don't you just return me, then you didn't come from aldi. aldi is famous for its speedy checkout, which is estimated to be about 40 faster than other grocery stores. cashiers scan items at such lightning speed that it may be tricky to load your groceries onto the conveyor belt as quickly as they're taken off. this system is very much by design. aldi products have several barcodes on them so that cashiers don't have to look for one before scanning. even produce is already packaged with a barcode to prevent pausing to look up an item in the system. another unique aspect of checkout is that groceries are put into an empty cart beside the cashier rather than back into the customer's original cart. the customer's cart will move to the spot next to the cashier to be used for the groceries of the next person waiting and so on down the line. aldi cashiers also don't bag groceries, which also saves time. instead, customers bag their own groceries in an area away from the checkout line. it makes the checkout process a breeze, though it does make for a little more work for the customer. the speed of shopping at aldi compared to other grocery stores isn't just about the checkout process. one reason for this speed is the store's smaller floor plan. aldi stores are usually about 12 000 square feet, and there aren't many aisles either, as most stores feature just four or five. unlike some grocery stores, each and every aldi is laid out in the same way, so that you can always find what you need, even when you're not at your usual location. aldi stores also feature a small selection of the same type of product, which makes it faster for customers to grab something and go. the company knows that customers don't want to spend a lifetime shopping for groceries, so they keep them happy with these time-saving strategies. you may not realize that aldi is more than just a grocery store. it also sells a wide range of home goods, ranging from decor to furniture to tools. you can also find clothing and shoes, as well as pet products. there's often seasonal items like christmas wreaths in winter and garden accessories in the warmer months. for many, these aisles are the best part of shopping at aldi. but there is a catch. this section is known as aldi fines and its items aren't available for very long. if you see something you like, you'll want to grab it while you're there. items are changed weekly, so you may not find the same thing twice. there are about a hundred featured items per week if a partikular all defined is popular enough, it may become part of the permanent selection, but you may not want to rely on that possibility if you're afraid of missing out on these often elusive items. you can visit the chain's website to see the current aldi fines and preview the following week's items. you can find aldi circulars as soon as you walk into the store and, if you didn't notike them when you came in, there are also circulars to grab on your way out. the ad on the way in tells you that week's deals, while the one on the way out is for the next week. there's even another circular called aldi insider that features the current aldi fines. to save as much money as possible, you'll want to make sure you're staying on top of these circulars. if you happen to forget to grab a current or upcoming weekly ad in store, don't fret. you can also find them on aldi's website, which means you can even pull up the ad on your phone while you're shopping. it's immediately apparent when you step into an aldi that the chain keeps things super simple, which helps to keep prices as low as possible. aldi spokesperson liz ruggles told pop sugar in 2018. we don't have hidden expenses because we choose to save shoppers money rather than have non-essential grocery store services like in-store banking, pharmacies and check cashing. simply put, aldi's emphasis isn't on all the extras. instead, it's on having rock bottom prices. this approach has won over a lot of shoppers, who want simplicity and affordable groceries. ruggles also told pop sugar that aldi keeps prices low by putting products on the shelf while they're still in the box. that way, workers don't take nearly as much time stoking the shelves. other store's displays may look slightly neater, but to many shoppers, the savings are well worth the sacrifice of keeping things pretty. if you're in the mood to get a little buzz, you should know that aldi has an impressive wine selection. the chain offers at least 37 wines for less than 10 dollars per bottle. this includes reds, whites, rose, sparkling wines and even specialty flavors like the petite chocolate, and aldi's wine has even won awards from several different organizations. as of 2020, there are nearly 30 award-winning kinds of wine listed on aldi's website. keep in mind, though, that not all stores have the same selection, so you may not always be able to find the specific wine you're looking for, especially if it's a specialty bottle. prices differ between locations as well. either way, it's bound to be cheap. after all you found it at aldi. what they've picked has been pared down to sort of give you a really good sense of here's the world of wine right now and here's what's relevant. aldi works hard to keep its prices low, but the company also cares about the way its stores affect the environment. there's a bring your own bag roll, which doesn't just get you through checkout faster, it also prevents the use of plastik bags. as aldi spokesperson liz ruggles told pop sugar, we are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment, so we ask our shoppers to bring th.

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ALDI * AD PREVIEW 12/18/2022 - 12/24/2022

foreign. thank you so much for clicking on the video. if you're new to my channel, my name is Amy jar jar cheesecake jar desserts209 Park Street Deli. Mediterranean tapa trays- 10.59. imported strudel, assorted varieties, a 2.99. if you guys wouldn't mind giving this video a thumbs up, it helps my channel grow, especially selected German mousse cake, assorted varieties. 7.99. Black Angus premium beef meatballs, original or Italian, 13.99. Kirkwood family size chicken breast nuggets: 6.79. Fusia Asian inspiration: sweet Teriyaki or Sesame ginger chicken Skillet: 5.99. chicken marsala or chicken parmigiana: 5.79. cabbage Blend or warm potato salad: 2.99. Fusion Asian Inspirations- chicken or beef. Mandu: 6- 29.. season's Choice quick fries: 2.69. extra crispy Cattlemen's Ranch country fried steak: five dollars and 49 cents. breakfast best blueberry waffles for 4.99. if you're new to my channel, my ads run Sunday through Saturday. yours may start on Wednesday. if it does, I'm three days ahead. multi-pack stuffed chicken: cordon bleu: 629. Stone Mill large spices- value size, assorted varieties for 3.49. specially selected tall salt grinder, assorted varieties. 4.49. Bavarian soft pretzels or pretzel stiks. these are quite popular from the comments that I've read: 449 Ben's original, ready to serve. jasmine rice: two dollars and 12 cents. if you've tried any of the products in this video, let us know down in the comments. OxiClean odor blasters: 10.19, 57 loads. will a multi-pack facial tissue: 4.29. Boulder Flex drawstring kitchen bags: 12.99. disinfectant wipes: a lemon and fresh- multi-pack- 4.69. I buy these often. I like them. Arm and Hammer: clean burst laundry detergent: 5.49. Lysol toilet bowl cleaner- it's actually the one I'm using right now- 1.92 each Lysol all-purpose cleaner: two dollars and 44 cents- 45 more. all original laundry detergent for 100 loads- 11.97. Arm and Hammer scent booster, odor blaster or purifying waters for 5.49. Dawn antibacterial dish detergent. apple or orange for three dollars and 24 cents, 19.4 ounces. they have the German bread assorted varieties: 2.49. coffee varieties- these are 14.98. I think it's so great to have a Christmas gift if you're a coffee lover. and then they have the Gatorade g08 pack assorted varieties: 6.48. Gatorade has gotten expensive so that's a good price. they have the auto access telescope, snow brush, ice scraper: 5.99, or the snow broom for 9.99. different car organizers are going to be available for 7.99. if you didn't see Sunday's video, I did include those in there as well. protein: 20. protein water assorted varieties: two dollars and eight cents. they have the frost snow windshield covers- not available at all locations: 9.99. Huntington home door insulator: 6.99. it's that time of year. I live in New England. it gets pretty chilly here. Nabisco 12-pack single serve cookie assortment 529.. they have the Clancy's potato chip combos. these are 4.99. these are super cheap compared to other name brand. and they have the Clancy sea salt veggie straw multi-pack- three dollars and 49 cents. Nabisco party size Ritz: 5.49 for eight packs. Welch's mixed fruit: 40 count fruit snacks- I almost said 448. I wish 8, 48.. and the Frito-Lay classic mix variety pack: C 1498.. it's like a 10 difference. crazy. Dutch crunch rip L cattle chips. never tried these. 3.18. I like a good Kettle chip and they have the Jaffa cage orange or strawberry: 2.99. General Mills Lucky Charms or Reese's peanut butter Puffs: 4.90. that's the big box. and General Mills cinnamon or honey vanilla Cheerios for 4.48.. thank you guys so much for watching. I greatly appreciate it. if you wouldn't mind subscribing, that'd be awesome. I will definitely tok to you guys down in the comments. I read every single comment.

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ALDI * AD PREVIEW FOR 7/31/2022 - 8/6/2022

[Music]. thank you so much for clicking on the video. if you're new to my channel, my name is amy. on sundays i do a sneak peek of the ad. on wednesday i come back and complete the ads to make sure to watch both videos every week. snyder's of hanover season twisted pretzels- three dollars and 38 cents. if you give this video a thumbs up, i would greatly appreciate it. season's choice hashbrown stiks: 2.99. i have purchased these. they come out really good in the airfryer. not a ton of flavor, but they're very crispy. nabisco pokemon 12-pack cookie assortment- 5.29. manicotti or stuffed shells: 3.49. if you didn't know, i do have a second channel called bonus bargain beauty. check it out. angie's boom, chicka pop: sea salt popcorn or sweet and salty kettle corn: three dollars each. mamikaze pizza: kitchen biscuit crust pizza, assorted varieties- 5.49. has anybody tried that? is it good? and they have the gluten-free cream-filled cupcakes, assorted varieties. that's cool. five dollars and 29 cents. good food made simple. original pancake puffs. i've not tried these but i'm interested. 3.99 each. cheetos. flamin hot crunchy cheese snacks: 3.98. i've never tried a flaming hot cheetos. i'm so basic. peanut delight: no sugar added peanut butter: two dollars and 25 cents for 16 ounce bottle. container bottle tomato, tomato, earth grown chick and maple waffle sandwich: 4.99. chicken maple, chicken maple, yeah. kohl's pub style cheese pretzel stiks- these are going to be 3.99. the feedback on these before spend that everybody liked them loaded baked potato perogies: two: 2.49 for 16 ounces. simply nature organic one percent chocolate milk multi-pack. i don't believe i've ever seen these at aldi. 10.99. cattleman's ranch prime rib or pub style beef patties- these we have seen. eight dollars and forty nine cents. organic banana milk- not available at all locations. 3.99. go go squeeze yogurt, strawberry and banana. 744. then the overnight oats are back. these are going to be 3.99. not available at all locations. keep an eye out, mrs freshly's. reese's peanut butter cupcakes: 3.28 cents. a lot of you guys like these cupcakes. another favorite: mini hawaiian bagels: 2.79. general mills almond butter or peanut butter biscuits: 2.73 for five of them. powerade berry blast or mixed berry zero, 98 cents for 28 ounces. nature's nectar single serve apple juice: six pack: three dollars and twenty nine cents. six, eight ounce bottles: all right, lacroix. i tell you guys, every time i see the kroy yuck sparkling flavored water- not available at all those stores- and see the price in the store gold peak assorted varieties: two dollars and 38 cents. wicked grove. green apple hard cider cans: 5.99. four cans not available at all locations. pure being, pure cat treats, assorted varieties- 1.69 each. huntington home led novelty lamp: 9.99. i put this in this video on sunday as well, but they only had one available. now they have four huntington home led curtain lights for 6.99. that's still such a really good price. i see them all the other stores at like 12 or more. easy home collapsible laundry basket: 14.99. i just like the black and white stripe. i think that's pretty sharp looking for a laundry basket. and then they have the honeychome 20 by 39 comfort mats: 9.99. is anybody else kind of over the words on things? uh, movement or no? are we still doing that? huntington home five pack makeup removing class- 4.99. i love these, i have them and i love them like one of my favorite products from aldi. huntington home 50 by 70 royal plush throw: 9.99. i showed a throw on sunday but they had more designs. so huntington home wardrobe or shoe organizer: 29.99. if you hear any noise in the background, it's my fan. you guys staying cool. it's been hot literally everywhere this time of year. easy home compactor strainer: 9.99. i feel like my dishes would fall out of that so easily. huntington home decorative glass candle- these are pretty- 4.99. here on the next screen i'm going to show you guys the scents that are going to be available. they're 10 ounces. these look nice. right too better, wasn't closer to easter, that'd make a nice little gift. huntington home layered stone candles for 6.99. again on the next screen you're gonna see, uh, the different scents that are gonna be available. another 10 ounce candle. they have so many candles now at the aldi right, so many. huntington homes ceramic desk decor: 4.99. now in the community tab on my youtube channel i asked you guys if you would purchase those, so go take that survey. four inch foliage, assorted varieties- 349. not available at all locations. easy home mini humidifier: 9.99. pure being whole or split antler: 7.99. i know some of you guys get upset when i post these types of things. don't blame me, blame oldie. heart-to-tail three-in-one pet shower sprayer: 19.99. i just show you guys what they put in the ad. you know what i'm saying. heart to tail dual sifting litter mat: 8.99. some kitty stuff next week. that's nice, instead of just always for dogs, hair elastiks and accessories- 2.99. i know you guys are like hey, finally a cat thing when i when i post some cat stuff. i bought this for my daughter a couple years ago. she likes it- 18.99 did go up a little bit in price, but yeah it's. it's a good, solid product. crane men's four pack boxer briefs: 9.99. and the last items are the crane men's or lady six-pack fitness socks for 6.99. i'll tok to you guys down in the comments and thank you so much for watching. make sure to subscribe if you haven't already hit that thumbs up button and the bell to be notified the next time i upload a video. have a great day.

ALDI * AD PREVIEW PLUS BONUS AD 12/11/2022 - 12/17/2022

foreign [Music]. hi, if you're new to my channel, my name is Amy, starting off with the Crofton Agate print. Marvel coasters: 8.99. I did show coaster in Sunday's ad, so make sure to go back and check that video out as well. Kimberly's bake shop: filled cupcakes- red velvet or vanilla- 4.39. their cupcakes are always so good. Naturals eyeshadow palettes- they brought them back this year- 5.99. great Christmas gift item: stoking stuffer: Bloody Mary mix by Zing Zang for eight dollars and 48 cents. if you guys wouldn't mind giving this video a thumbs up, I would greatly appreciate. it helps my channel grow. Welch's sparkling cocktail- assorted varieties- three dollars and 48 cents. I actually am including two flyers today. they had like kind of a cool little holiday flyer. I'm gonna put at the end. Swiss Miss: milk chocolate or salted caramel K-Cups- 6.99. Mr and Mrs T Margarita or strawberry margarita Daiquiri- 6.28 cents for the mixes. Keurig coffee: K-Cups, assorted varieties- 7.99. salted caramel or toasted coconut ground coffee: 4.89. that's for 12 ounces. bake shop macaroon party tray: 5.99. Artisan Bakery: everything. Artisan rolls from izzo's: 3.29. those look yummy. love and fresh, keto friendly dinner rolls- 3.99. I am working on a gluten-free video as well, so that'll be probably tomorrow. Danish kringles: almond or raspberry crinkle six dollars and 49 cents. Stan's Donuts, chocolate peppermint bark Donuts. I've never had these 3.99. if there's anything you guys have tried in the video, let us know in the comments. Cheetos, Flamin, Hot crunchy cheese snacks: 3.98. good or bad, we love the feedback. Ritz Crispers for cheese or cheddar: 3.25 for 7 ounces. I love these hot buffalo wing or honey mustard and honey Mustard's my favorite. or onion pretzel pieces: 249.. specially selected cookies: double chocolate or mint: 2.99. Southern Grove candied pecans- that sounds yummy. 4.99. Southern Grove bar makes sweet and savory or sweetened Cajun: 7.99. specially selected Security Board kits for 12.99. specially selected classic cookies, assorted varieties for 3.49. lots of Bakery items: General Mills checks cereal, assorted varieties for 2.98. Buffalo or jalapeno cream cheese dip: 3, 29.. just roll pie crust: 2.98. I don't think I've seen this at Aldi before, so that's interesting. I think it's a new item. Park Street Deli pretzel tray with dip, Savory or sweets: 8.99. specially selected cold smoked salmon: the value pack for 12.99. specially selected fruit or classic variety macaroons: 5.99. and then they have the Fremont Fish Market wild caught Argentine shrimp skewers for 6.99. Fremont Fish Market toss and serve shrimp, assorted varieties, 6.99. home run in classic 12-inch cheese pizza for 7.99. Chicago's Home Run Inn: mad Binny's peppermint ice cream cookie sandwiches- 4.29. season's Choice squash and sweet potato or potato squash and truffle Groton- 4.99. Rosita's crispy thin crust pepperoni pizza for six dollars and 99 cents. Pizza Kitchen: cauliflower crust roasted vegetable pizza for 5.35. specially selected spinach and ricotta or mushroom flatbread for 5.99. specially selected- which is their brand- bacon wrapped scallops- 7.49. the premium shrimp ring is going to be 8.99. I don't remember them having this either. the special selected Frozen spaghetti with two different flavors: 3.99. do you guys remember any of these items I've mentioned as being new? Pepperidge Farm herb season stuffing: three dollars and 12 cents, but you guys know I am a bit forgetful, so maybe I'm just not remembering. Betty Crocker Cropper- what the heck? oh. gratin or scalloped potatoes- a dollar 48. love and fresh brown and serve rolls for just 99 cents. and if you're new here, we always roll with the mistakes. we just keep going. license neck pillow or travel blanket: 9.99. because we're just friends chatting it up about the flyer. they have the assorted mascaras back. they brought these during Christmas last year, 3.99.. I tried them. they weren't that bad, especially at that price point. and then the Huntington home microfiber body wrap towel or two pack hair wrap towels: 8.99. that's very good price point. easy home warm mist humidifier- they're going to have a few different ones to choose from- for 24.99. heated neck, back or foot massager for 19.99. and then the next item- they don't have a price on it, usually it's a little less than five dollars- the dental guard licensed children's electric toothbrush- I think these bottles are so pretty. the Crofton wine or whiskey decanters: 12.99. some of the decanters I did put in Sunday's video, but they added more, so I added it to this video. craft and assorted four pack drinkware: 12.99. I love the short ones on the screen. I love those, and they have the vacuum food sealer refills that go with the actual vacuum sealer. that's in your next clip here in the next part of the screen that I showed you guys on Sunday. I do have both. I did tell you it is kind of loud for me personally, but does it work? yeah, absolutely it works. it just takes a little finagling to get used to. Huntington home: 24 by 36 microfiber spa bath rug: 12.19. and they added more pillows so I included it in this video. Huntington home: round or Square floor pillows: 19.99. and if you want to pause, I'll give you a chance to see. uh, the colors were asked about so I did include it in this video. what colors will be available? Easy Home Comfort cushion for 19.99. I have a bunch of clothes coming up towards the end of the video and I did include the sizes with that as well, so you guys get all the information. holiday nope. assorted colors- 8.99. I really bug some people when I cannot pronounce things correctly. Huntington home three pack mini candle tins. again, you're going to be able to pause your screen in the next slide and you'll be able to see all the different ones that will be available. these make such a nice gift for inexpensive price and I do believe some of them smell very good. the Donnington home winter cities candle: on Sunday they showed us one for 6.99, so on the next screen you're going to be able to see the sense: 16 ounce, that's a good sized candle. nice Christmas gift. I will say that a million times from now until the 25th. they had the ropes and you guys were asking about sizes in the comments and on Facebook. so 12.99 for the robes and pause your screen if you want to read for the sizing. and it's silky Fabric or waffle satin made of 100 polyester. waffles made of six percent cotton, 40 polyester. so it's got all that info on there. Sierra ladies plush Lounge set- these are so nice, they look so soft- for 16.99. I think that's a good deal. here are the sizes. here's what they're made of: drawstring, weighs, soft, cozy, feel. so what a nice little gift. or even for yourself, wouldn't that be nice? royal class men's two-piece sleepwear set: 12.99. again, get ready, you're gonna pause your screen, because usually with their clothing for men it always goes to excel, so you can kind of just Bank on that pretty much. but I did include it. and they have to see our ladies: two pack slipper socks for 8.99, so cozy and fun. Sierra ladies two-piece fleece pajama sets for 12.99. get ready to pause your screen. all the information, nice, it's a relaxed fist, fit, fixed fit. again, they don't have plus, they have extra large, but no 2x, 3x, Etc. Sierra ladies sweatshirt dress: 14.99. and here you go with the sizing and all of the information. see our ladies duster, and these are going to be 14.99. the colors will be on your next screen with the sizing. I like when they show them on a Model. I think that's super helpful. long sleeve, mid thigh length, front patch pockets. and now here is the other flyer they had. they had like a little holiday treat flyer so I figured why not? it wasn't really enough to put in its own video, but why not include it in this video? and they've got the Belgian chocolate boxes for 7.99, so pretty and already gift wrapped, that's perfect. The Gourmet stolen, simply um, specially selected 6.99. I'm probably saying that I know. I'm saying I know I love you, I'm sorry, love me back. Hershey's York Peppermint snowflakes: 3.48. and they have the queen and cordial cherries for 1.98. they'r.

10 Things You SHOULD Be Buying at Aldi in November 2022

these are the top 10 things you should be buying at Aldi this November 2022, and this month has some amazing and unexpected finds you are going to love. point one begins with some pre-thanksgiving pandemonium, and that's a result of whole Butterball turkeys that range in weight from 16 to 22 pounds are at an incredible price of only a dollar. oh, nine per pound, which is the lowest price I've been able to find anywhere. even at Walmart, where it's on rollback, the price is around a buck: 18 per pound. Shoppers were practikally lined up at my local Aldi to buy turkeys at this price. moving on to this five quart classic stand mixer at seventy dollars, which is a decent size, complete with a tilt head and a striking resemblance to the coveted KitchenAid one. it doesn't bring that same power, but it's a fraction of the price and perfectly time with Thanksgiving. there are now two sizes of Dutch ovens available in blue or white. a two quart cast iron Dutch oven is 19 and it's 4.6 quart larger sibling is 30. for 0.2. I was both bewildered and impressed by the number of Advent calendars available at Aldi. there's apparently an advent calendar for every person in your family, so if your budget permits and you're feeling festive, buckle up here it goes. this beer Advent calendar was in so many different shopping carts when I visited my local store. it's fifty dollars. this hardest Seltzer Advent calendar is forty dollars. the wine Advent calendar- you see right here is 60 bucks, building upon many of those already popular wine Brands available at Aldi at a much more affordable 17. the cheese Advent calendar- you see right here, could go a long way. my wife, Daria, is a huge fan of candles, so I bought her the candle Advent calendar for forty dollars, which includes 24 different candles and could be a great gift idea. awesome for a kid, a teen or any Lego lover in your life. the Lego Advent calendar, also at Aldi for 40 bucks and includes many different themes like Harry Potter or Lego City. Coco melon, one of the biggest kids YouTube channels, has a 30 Advent calendar, which is also the price. if someone else prefers Pokemon, Minecraft Advent calendars- 25 bucks. is there anyone we haven't covered yet? oh, the chocolate lover. a 24 chocolate and truffle Advent calendar is nine dollars. and for your four-legged family members, dog Advent calendars are 7.99 and super cute. before I showcase one of the best deals on this entire list: it's 0.3 and some glorious food. if you are looking for a different turkey variation of what I highlighted earlier. the Butterball smoked cooked turkeys- 219 per pound. smoked bone-in ham- a personal favorite of mine- is a dollar seventy nine per pound, and that is a buck 79 well spent. trust me, on that I'm already salivating while I am speaking. clearly I have personal problems. spirals, sliced half hams are 249 per pound. Mama Cosi garlic bread loafs are a buck 95, which is also a good price. creamy tomato soup is 6.59 and that same price also applies to the very hearty looking homemade chicken noodle soup. you see right here, halloumi-style cheese fries that you can Grill flat or fry are 349. eggplant and cheese flatbreads are 5.49. there's also a spicy pepperoni variation which looked very delicious and could serve as a lovely holiday appetizer. and finally, on the food front, bacon wrapped shrimp are 8.99 or bacon stuffed jalapeno with cream cheese. shrimp are an additional option for that same nine dollar price. and the number four spot. we begin with a price that had me doing a double take tide to this Buffet server with warming tray- 39.99, which is actually a really good price for this heated Buffet system that incorporates four serving trays. it's easy to clean and the removable trays are dishwasher safe. no one wants their mac and cheese to get cold in front of their in-laws, and I learned that the hard way. if you have a smaller backyard or you live in an apartment, this electric s'mores maker at 35 is a cute little game changer. you can situate all of your ingredients along the side and use the toaster-like contraption you see right here to get that job done in style. this professional Duo blender for seventy dollars includes a regular blending jug with handle and these separate smoothie attachment. that's actually a good price for a two-in-one series. this vintage style two quart tea kettle at 18 is another competitive price and possibly a nice conversation piece and unique in terms of design. these stoneware designed storage container sets with bamboo Lids are 15 and well timed for all that holiday baking. if you're counting down to Christmas the way I'm counting down to Black Friday, say hello to 0.5. and this led holiday countdown sign for ten dollars it comes in green or red said. I bought this for my family mainly because I don't want my kids counting down to Black Friday, where Christmas is a much more festive occasion. these cakes and cookie stands that fully demonstrate the strength of Santa are twenty dollars and these are conveniently located beside these cookie jars which have LED lights on the lid. nostalgic gnomes for twenty dollars are ceramic and equipped with a Christmas tree or a Santa hat. and if you're really into gnomes, like my Aunt Merle, oversized gnomes are available for twenty five dollars and these are plush, so they could sit on a shelf or a mantel or you could cradle them in your arms at night if you don't want to use it as a Decor piece. LED ceramic gingerbread houses are fifteen dollars, and I love whoever took over all of all these Christmas products and is randomly selecting items that just have LEDs tied to them for no apparent reason. it makes me happy. vintage metal holiday vehicles at 12.99: 9 might remind some of you of your childhood. I partikularly like the station wagon with the Christmas tree on top. it might be worthy of a grab. and finally, from the Christmas section, these four piece holiday bathroom sets are 18 and they could make a lovely gift. you get two Christmas themed towels, a bath rug and a soap dispenser. before things take a seriously cozy turn, it's 0.6. and the vanilla or chocolate biscotti gelato sandwiches at 269 were basically built for the back of my car, and I mean that in a good way, for those of you who watch me regularly, my trunk is my sweet spot for enjoying delicious desserts just like this, because I can't wait to try them before I get home. these were delicious and amazing. if you prefer your gelato in a more traditional preparation, the assorted gelato flavors you see right here at 429 include flavors like caramel cookie crunch and triple chocolate. protein Cinnamon French toast stiks are 449 and these are great, as I figure. since the product marketing includes the word protein, this is basically health food, or you can work out and then eat your protein Cinnamon French toast. afterwards, and for further evidence that this is not a Health Food Channel, I picked up this tub of mini eclairs for 5.89, and this is a dessert I certainly do not regret sampling. I experienced a heightened form of bliss with every bite. if you're expecting unwanted holiday guests, you won't want to miss the later part of this video, but first, for 0.7, if you want to be comfortable while still appearing put together for any type of holiday gathering, jeggings are available in a classic blue or black Jean color, as well as this lovely green for 9.99. at that same palatable price point, these cardigan wraps are also 9.99. to the touch, the fabric feels high quality and, while you may look like you are wearing a cape, if you buy this, you can feel like a superhero. so for finding such a plush, comfortable product to wear for under ten dollars, go you. a two pack of soft, fuzzy slipper socks are 4.99. again, two pairs four socks total for five dollars, available in two style variations. genuine suede slippers with an ugg-like lining are 12.99. I almost picked these up, but my local Aldi did not carry my size. cable knit throws that not only looked really nice close-up but were also displayed beautifully in Aldi, to the point where t.