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alibaba dropshipping plugin

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

AliDropship Review & Tutorial - Best Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress?

Hey guys, it's Hogan here and in this video,I'm gonna be giving you a brief review of the ollie dropship plug-in,Which is a wordpress plugin to add a drop shipping store to your website,Okay,and I'll be showing you briefly how to use it because I know a lot of you might be on the fence whether or not,You could just stik with your WordPress store or you want to switch over to Shopify and oberlin for dropshipping?,So personally, I think Shopify is a great platform to use for beginners to build out a drop shipping or e-commerce store,But it can get a little bit expensive. So I want to show you a another alternative and you can basically,Determine whether or not it's good fit for you or not. Right? So when I was actually researching,for a plugin for,WordPress to build out my drop shipping store. I came across all a dropship and,Also a plug-in called. Whoo dropship,So my first impression of ollie dropship, wasn't that great,I think everything looked pretty good. But the designer that just didn't really,Stand out compared to a birla which is the main drop shipping app for Shopify,So as you can see, it's a little bit more modern and Aliexpress doesn't look that modern in my opinion,So I actually looked for another alternative which was blue dropship now with route dropship,It looked a little bit more similar to the Oboro app,So they also have a free trial so I actually started off with the free trial and everything worked fine,everything was really good, especially the,in-app image editing software which is included and,After the free trial I decided you know,Should I switch to a like dropship or should I stay with the dropship with Roo dropship as you can see it's $14 per month,For orders less than a hundred. Ok, and then if it's more than a hundred orders up to five hundred orders,It's $29 per month,So I was reading reviews for Olly dropship and all of them seemed really really good,So I decided to actually get the plug-in,ok, so the main difference here is the pricing on a dropship is a one payment of,$89. It doesn't matter sort of you know, how many products you sell or how many products you import?,It's $89 for free updates and support. So I think that's why you know, it's got so many good reviews,So I decided to get it and what I also realized is that they do have the image,Editing app as well, which is really important. But another really important feature is that you actually get to import reviews,So import reviews from aliexpress website to your WordPress website,So I think that's really important for your dropshipping store because it adds a lot of social proof,okay, and I also realized that the community was a lot bigger than,The word dropship plug-in so they have this forum support area and it overall it just seemed a lot more active,Okay, and they also have the option where you can purchase add-ons?,so,For Shopify stores. You probably are familiar with the recent sales pop-up, like for example when you go to a Shopify store,There's a pop-up saying let's say John bought you know this item two hours ago,So you have the option to buy these additional add-ons and also add-on countdown timers,They have some free ones as well, which I think is really really awesome,So I decided to get the plugin and I really really liked it. So I want to show you,how it works because,Yeah, you might be on the fence and you can decide whether or not it's a good alternative,So below this video there's a link that will take you to a lead rock ship and you can click on buy a plug-in,I'm gonna show you a tutorial on how it actually worked before you actually buy, but I'll show you the,Process that you need to go through click on Buy Now only for $89 and as you can see here, there's two different plugins,I'll a dropship plug-in and Ally dropship blue version,So the main difference here is the ally dropship plug-in is it only works with the ally dropship?,Specific themes which they've created. All right, that's gonna include the e-commerce functionality,so you're gonna be able to set up the payment gateways through this plug-in and,Also, everything like that,With the ally dropship version is compatible with WooCommerce,so it integrates with it and it also works well with any of your,WordPress themes that you might be using so I prefer this one because,I want to be using my themes. Okay, if you don't have hosting you can select hosting,So you actually get both of those plugins. All right, so you don't have to worry,So I also have a coupon code which you can enter for 10% discount,So after when you've actually added the coupon code you'll see that it saves 10% and after when you've actually paid,The credit card or PayPal and once you've completed the order,You will get a confirmation email which looks something like this,Okay, and what you'll need to do is you need to download the group plug into your computer,Okay,Because you have to install that onto your WordPress website and what you want to do is you want to copy over the license key,because we also need to activate it right then you'll need to login to your,WordPress website and you'll need to go to plugins and,Then you'll need to add new and you need to upload the plug-in and also install and activate it,So once you've done that then you should appear up here. I'll a dropship whoo and,What you can do is you can click it. Ok, that will take you to the ally dropship menu, basically,alright,So you need to click on license and you need to paste in the license key that they gave you,So paste it in here and activate,so this license Keys only available for one website, but if you want to switch,Your drops you may store to another domain then you can contact the ally dropship support and tell them to,Deactivate it on this website and then you can move it to another website,Okay, so you can't have two stores at once with one license. Ok?,after when you've done that then what you'll need to do is you need to go to Google and just,Search up ally dropship Chrome extension and you can add that to your chrome. Okay?,Then what you'll need to do is you'll need to make sure that you are logged in to your website here,Ok, so you need to add your website and make sure to connect it to?,Once you've actually done that then what you can do to import the products, which is really really easy,You can click on Aliexpress,so to import the products you can just click on use direct import and,That's going to take you to the Aliexpress website,okay, if you don't have an account with Aliexpress yet then what I recommend you do is to create your,Account first, okay,But after when you've done that then to import a product you can simply just hover over,The categories here and you can browse through and select the product. So for example, I might select maybe a hoodie,Okay, and I'll show you how easy it is to add in,So we're gonna search here. We're going to scroll through,Okay, this one doesn't look too bad so let's say I like this hoodie you can also click on this button here,Okay, and that's gonna import to your WordPress store?,But what I like to do is obviously click into it because you want to check the reviews,And you want to check the products and things like that to see whether or not you want to import it,What I like is you can also check,Check if it's cheaper on other sellers,Okay,Let's say if you like it you like what you see you like the feedback,Then what you do is on the top here, you'll see a light drop ship on the toolbar and you can click on edit,Ok, so what's that doing is it's gonna sort of import all the images and all the product information to the Chrome extension,Okay. So this is the Chrome extension and what it enables you to do is actually to edit the images,Edit the variations and also the titles and everything before you import it to your WordPress website,So I think this is really handy because you can filter everything down. So for example, I'm going to,just remove everything here just like that plus-sized men's woody a

7 Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins

hey what is up guys it's brennan here,and today we're going to be going over,the best,woocommerce drop shipping plugins and,when it comes to picking an ecommerce,platform for dropshipping woocommerce is,really one of the best platforms because,they have a lot of different,dropshipping plugins available so what,are the best ones that's what we're,going to cover in this video in just a,second we're going to jump in the,computer and take a look at those,plugins and before we begin i have links,to all the various plugins down in the,description box below,so go ahead and check those out as we,follow along through the video,alrighty guys we are now in the computer,and jumping right into the very first,woocommerce drop shipping plugin we have,alidropship,and more specifically ali dropship woo,so ally dropship wu,is a plug-in designed by the team at,alidropship and is a,woocommerce dropshipping plugin so the,thing is with alidropship woo,can take seconds to import products from,aliexpress into your woocommerce,dropshipping store process clients,orders and track business performance so,the reason why i put alidropship here at,the top of the list is because they,really are one of the best woocommerce,drop shipping plugins because,they handle everything that you need to,have done with your store and they allow,you to import those aliexpress products,and they also are only a one-time,payment so you can get it for 89.,like i said links down in the,description box below if you want to,check them out,and you can also order a custom store,with them but more specifically with,just the woocommerce dropshipping plugin,for alidropship woo the great thing with,going with woocommerce,is that you can also import other,woocommerce,products if you want to run woocommerce,products you can do that and you can,utilize,the aliexpress products through the,alidropship wu plugin,so they allow you to choose from,unlimited products send orders directly,to aliexpress suppliers,uh you can save time it's a one-time,payment for the plug-in which is really,nice because a lot of the different,plugins you see with even,shopify or other alternative e-commerce,platforms they charge you that monthly,fee,whereas ali dropship is only a one-time,payment which is really nice,and it is something common more common,to see within the woocommerce space just,because of the way that wordpress,which is what woocommerce is built off,of really operates and how wordpress,works,so it's a really nice feature there as,well as the fact that you get all the,different features such as the importing,automatik updates so you do still get,updates as well,if you purchase their plugin you still,get those the updates that they release,they also give you the chrome extension,you have the image editor,you have pricing automation automatik,order tracking,epacket shipping filter so you can,filter by epacket if you're looking for,that,they also have the product reviews the,product selection like i said the free,updates so you get those lifelong,free updates with the additional,features and options as they,release those so yeah it's the,alidropship woo plugin and,it's also compatible with woocommerce,themes so maybe you already have a,woocommerce store you can use all your,different woocommerce themes that you,already have,and just add in these dropshipping,products through the alidropship blue,plugin so you can keep the same style,and design,and really make it how you want it to,look without limitations on themes,because you have all the different,uh compatible woocommerce themes as well,as the,specific alley dropship wu themes which,we're not going to be taking a look at,too much in this video,but they do have their own alidropship,wu themes as well that you can look at,so they have some free ones available in,there so really that's the,option here with the alidropship woo i,really recommend it it's,it's a pretty nice plug-in in general,and you get all the features in in one,setup if you're really just looking for,aliexpress products,but you still have the flexibility of,other woocommerce products because,you're not locked into just a drop,shipping store you also have the,woocommerce side of things so,continuing along with this video at,number two we have,spock it and spock it is an awesome,drop shipping platform they're kind of a,newcomer in the space and they offer a,ton of different integrations,one of those being woocommerce so you,can do woocommerce drop shipping with,spocket,the thing that differentiates spock it,from an alley dropship is that they,actually give you,other products and alternative uh,products that you can import,into your store that aren't even just,from aliexpress they have their own,suppliers,that they manage that setup there so you,can import us and eu,products and ship them through,woocommerce with the spock it,integration like i said links down below,of course if you want to check out spock,it,then feel free to do so so as you can,see you can add the high quality,products to your store,they have customer support and browse,and add winning drop shipping products,and they also have a sorting feature in,their plugin which i'm not going to,get into the plug-in too much in this,video but,they allow you to also sort by products,that have high sales which is kind of,nice so you can kind of see like okay,the other people if this product sells,obviously so it has some sort of merit,to it,so you can actually sort by products,which is really nice that they allow you,to do that,it works with the wordpress woocommerce,store and so you can start drop shipping,so as you can see us and eu products,it's not just aliexpress,now you can import aliexpress products,with spocket,if you use their ali scraper integration,so they do have that as well that you,can utilize,uh but you also have their different us,and europe,products globally so you can find,winning products,to woo your viewers which is kind of,funny because it's wooing with,woocommerce,nice wordplay there so they have these,various pre-vetted drop shipping,suppliers,that you can import from different parts,of,the worlds as you can see shipped from,us shipped from greece depending on,where your customers are,you can select suppliers that really,match what your customers needs are as,far as where,you need to supply products from so it's,better shipping times which is,very nice to see and they have a ton in,there they and they say thousands of,reliable drop shipping suppliers,they really do mean a lot of suppliers i,mean they have a lot more even than some,of the other plugins that i've tested,in other drop shipping apps spock it,continues to have,quite a bit of different integrations,and suppliers to choose from,within their platform so you're really,not limited whatsoever with them,the only downside here if you're,comparing the pricing is that,spock it while they do have a free,version they do charge a monthly fee,which is something to consider but given,the fact that you get,uh premium suppliers i'd say it's worth,it if you want those premium suppliers,and,and just to get access to that is well,worth it within itself so you have,something that differentiates you from,just the typical,aliexpress suppliers and aliexpress,products you have something a little bit,different with spock it which is,very nice to see and as you can see they,have the fast shipping,so spock and woocommerce integration,as i kind of already mentioned all these,different factors here they have a,couple of different case studies that,you can look at,of course and as you can see you can,start using spock it for free so,you can test them out and kind of look,at the products that they have you can,set up a free account,so you don't have to pay to get started,with them but then they do have their,monthly fees later on,if you do choose to start using them,they have the branded invoicing as well,as the us and eu products,and they have various different,discounts exclusive to spock it,on their

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How to import Products from Aliexpress to WooCommerce - WordPress Dropshipping 2022

hello and welcome back today in this,video i will show you how to import,aliexpress products to your wordpress,website for free,so if you have a wordpress website with,woocommerce and you want to import,aliexpress products to it then this,video is for you,and why this is important is because if,you don't have any product to sell then,what you can do is you can import,aliexpress products to your woocommerce,website,then you can sell them in someone order,that then you can order their product to,aliexpress and you can deliver that to,that specific person and you will get a,commission on that and if you don't have,any website then you can watch my,previous video about how to create a,website within few minutes,so once you have a website then you can,watch this video to import the products,now to import a product we will add a,plugin in an extension which will help,us to import products from aliexpress,and to wordpress,so let's see how we can do this so this,is a wordpress website as you can see,and let's go to its dashboard,and let me show you the products first,and here as you can see we already have,1926 products so let's see how we can,import more products to this and to do,this we will add a new free plugin,so let's go to plugins and add new,and here we will search for early2,and this is the plugin that we will use,for importing the products,so you will see this plugin aliexpress,dropshipping with only to light,let's install this,and once you create the plugin you will,see a new menu here which is only too,light,so you can click on this,let's open aliexpress also,and here as you can see we can search,for a specific product in a specific,category and then we can import it,for example i need,hijab and woman dresses,let's search for this,and here as you can see this is the,woman dress which i need,so i can click on this and then i can,import this directly to my product,which is the easiest way,and if you don't want to search over,here and you want to import them,directly from aliexpress then you will,need an extension which is this one as,you can see,save time by adding,ordering products to my aliexpress,dropship chrome extension,so you can get this chrome extension and,then you can import products directly,from here,which i'll show you later in this video,so let's for example i want this product,i can view this,and this will open the product inside,aliexpress which we can view we can zoom,it and,if we like this then we can import this,so let's go back,and i'll click here to import list,now this has been added to our import,list which we can see over here which is,this one import list,and here as you can see we have that,product inside our import list this is,the name which you can change if you,want this is sku,this is the product status you can,publish this product directly and you,can keep this as a drop product,and this is the type of product so if,you need this to be a variable or simple,product then you can choose this one or,if you want to have this as an affiliate,or external product then you can choose,this one,the difference between them is,if you choose a simple and variable,product then this will import the,product to your website and people will,buy it from you,and if you keep this as an external,product then if someone click add to,cart or buy now then this will take them,to aliexpress to buy this specific,product so this is dependent on you that,which one you want to choose for example,let's keep this a simple product,and here you can choose a category for,this so as i have these categories if i,want i can keep this product in a,specific category,and i can also write some tags for this,for example woman dress hijab and so on,so this is how you can import the,product let's push this to shaft,your product and post listen empty which,means that we have,pushed that product to shop let's go to,products,and here as you can see we have that,product over here,this is the pricing as you can see let's,check this,and here we have this price which is in,pkr,and here we have an usd now if you want,to change the price then you can simply,edit this product,let's change the currency over here,and here the price is this one we will,also change its price,now let's scroll down as you can see we,have all those images,in the description,which is very,nice,and here we can change the product type,which is a variable product which means,that that product has a variation inside,colors and so on,which you can check here in variation,and here you can change the pricing for,all of these which means that this is,light gray mustard mint and these are,the colors the sizes and so on,so this is how you can import product,from aliexpress with one method,and if you want to have the extension,then you can go back,and you can click on this to get the,chrome extension,and this is aliexpress dropship plugin i,already have installed this,if you want to install this then you can,click on it to chrome,i'll just enable this,and now i can use this,and here as you can see we have this,button import all products and if i,hover over mouse here then as you can,see we have the import button,but if i click this then we will have,this error this is because we have not,connected this yet so to connect this to,our website we will go back to the,dashboard,and here we will go to this,setting,and we will go to api keys,and here i'll add a key,so this is the key name you can write,any name you want this is new key which,is fine this is the url that we need so,let's copy this,now let's go to aliexpress,and if i click this and as you can see,the extension will be active when we,search for a specific category rf,product so let's search for,that product again,and now if i click this,then you can see this menu now the first,option is for the ep card so make sure,you choose epicket,here you can choose the country,the currency,and through the delivery time and so on,you can click on update setting,and then we will have to connect this to,our wordpress website so to connect this,right click here,and go to options,and here you can see the chrome external,settings here you can add your store,and as you can see your api key from,only 2 settings so just paste your api,key here,click on add store,and here you can add another store if,you want and then you can switch between,them,and we love this just click on this and,you will get this message then click on,allow,and as you can see authentikation is,successful now let's go back and if i,refresh this,now we can add this,to import list as you can see get,and send,now this is sent successfully and i can,go back,and i can go to import list,and here we have that product with the,name variation status and so on,so that is how you can use the extension,method to import a specific product,now why the extension is important,because you can simply use this on,aliexpress directly you don't have to,search for that,inside your dashboard you can browse or,any category you can click on import,import and so on,then you can go to your import list and,you can,select all of your products and you can,push them to shop,which you can do for multiple products,at once,so this was how you can import products,with these two methods and the only,problem in this lab version is you can,import only up 200 products and if you,want to import unlimited products then,you will have to buy its pro version and,if you want to buy its provision then,the link will be down in the description,which will take you to this page,here as you can see aliexpress,dropshipping business plugin for,woocommerce,and you will see in here to cart button,here you can buy this plugin and once,you buy this plugin then you can go to,your downloads,here you can click on download and can,download the wordpress installation file,and then you can download its license,key and once you download this then you,will get a file like,like this one which you can open,and this is the plugin that you will,need,now you can uploa

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How To Dropship On Shopify Using Alibaba.com In 2022 (Step By Step)

i've been able to generate sales like,this from my shopify store by finding,suppliers on alibaba.com either drop,shipping or import in stok and that's,exactly what i'm going to be showing you,in today's video let's go,[Music],what's going on people welcome back to,my channel if you're new my name is sam,and what i do here is break down various,different tips and tricks when it comes,to making money online but in today's,video what i'm going to be doing is,jumping into the laptop and going,through a couple things that you need to,know when it comes to finding suppliers,to use on alibaba.com if you want to,start drop shipping but if you don't,necessarily want to do drop shipping and,you want to import the stok and ship it,out yourself i'm also going to be,touching on some things that you need to,know if you want to go down that route,as always i don't want to waste any more,time i want to jump straight into it so,if you find any value in the video at,any point don't forget to press the like,button don't forget to subscribe hit the,bell notification let's get right into,the video so if you're thinking about,starting an e-commerce business this,year i believe that alibaba.com is one,of the best places to go to reason being,is because you're going to be able to,connect with thousands of different,suppliers all around the world i've been,using alibaba.com to find suppliers for,the products that i've been selling,through my e-commerce store for the past,eight years now and not only are you,going to be able to connect with various,different suppliers all around the world,you're also going to be able to build up,a long-term relationship with whatever,supply that you find some of the,manufacturers and the suppliers that i,found on alibaba.com i actually found,them many many years ago more than six,seven eight years ago and i'm still,using them too today so i believe that,it's a great website to go to if you are,looking to find a long-term supplier but,if you're looking to start a drop,shipping business in 2022 what you're,going to do is go into the homepage just,like this so i'm on alibaba.com and then,you're going to scroll down to this,section here where it says drop shipping,and then once you're on this page what,you can do if you already know the,product that you want to drop ship is,that you can type it in this section,here but if you don't necessarily know,what product to sell you can also come,to this section here where it says top,ranked products and then from here you,can click on whatever category you want,to so we've got apparel consumer,electronics home and gardens using,accessories but when it comes to the,products that i like to sell i like to,focus on consumer electronics so what,i'm going to do is click on it right,here and then once you're on this page,you're gonna see that all the products,are ranked from number one number two,number three so on and so forth so what,i personally like to do if i'm not sure,what product to sell is i like to look,for a product that i know that i'm going,to be able to sell and make a decent,profit so that means that the product,needs to sell for at least minimum 15,because i know that i'm going to be able,to mark up the price and there's going,to be a decent profit margin there so,i'm just going to scroll through and see,if i can find a product that meets this,criteria all right so i found this,product right here that looks like a,three in one wireless charger for,iphones and things like that and i've,notiked over the past couple months that,this partikular item has been trending,i've been seeing a lot of sellers making,a lot of money from it so let me just,click into it and get a little bit more,information all right so as you can see,this is how it works you basically put,your iphone there and it charges that,and it can also charge your airpods and,it charges iphone watches too or i watch,it sorry so it's definitely a useful,product and it's definitely an item that,a lot of people are going to be,searching for so what i'm going to do,now is go over to google shopping and,double check whether or not there's,other sellers and other companies that,are selling this exact same item that,can be found on alibaba.com so i'm going,to go over there now and show you,exactly what i look out for because it's,very important when it comes to me,deciding on what products i should be,drop shipping all right so we can see,all of these different wireless chargers,that are being advertised and this one,looks very similar to the one that we're,looking at on alibaba.com so let me just,jump back over there to make sure that,it's the exact same one because if it is,there's going to be a lot of money to be,made because this seller is selling it,for 45 pounds yeah more or less it's,basically looking like the same item and,we can actually buy it from the supplier,on alibaba.com for 13.50,so let me just jump back over to google,shopping and do a little bit more,research i'm just going to click into,the actual website so this is the,website that's currently selling the,same charger that we can find on,alibaba.com and they're selling it for,59,however on alibaba.com as you've already,seen we can actually buy it for 13. so,there's a decent profit margin there to,be made if we did want to sell this,partikular product now by the way guys,i'm using this as an example i'm not,saying that you should go away and sell,wireless three-in-one chargers you can,do so if you want to because there's no,way that a seller is going to pay for,google shopping ads if they're not,making any money because the way that,google shopping ads work is that,whenever a customer is searching for any,item on google all of these different,images that you can see right here all,of these different sellers are paying,for their product to be promoted on,google and once a customer clicks on any,one of these images automatikally the,seller is going to get charged an ad fee,and there's no way that any of these,sellers are going to be paying all of,this money for them to be promoted on,google shopping if they're not making,money which means that there's an,opportunity for us to also make money,and advertise the same product that we,found on alibaba.com so there's two,things that you need to double check,before you decide on selling any product,you need to double check the processing,time in terms of how long the supplier,is going to take to ship out the order,and you also need to double check the,delivery time as well these are the two,most important things that you need to,double check when deciding on any one of,the suppliers that alibaba.com has,available so the way that you check that,is by looking at this section right here,as we can see this supplier that we're,looking at right now is currently,offering a processing time of four days,which is not too bad because there's,other sellers that are offering 15 days,you know 20 days so four days is,definitely decent and they may do it,within that time as well and the way,that you check how long it's going to,take for the customer to actually,receive the item is by clicking on this,option right here where it says change,so the key things to do once you're on,this page is to make sure that you've,selected the right location in terms of,the ship to location and you also need,to make sure that you're happy with the,estimated delivery date by looking at,this section right here so if you don't,necessarily want to dropship the item,because you don't want your customer to,have to wait a lot of days to receive,the item what you can do in that case is,go back over to the main alibaba.com,homepage and from this point you're,going to have two different options,option number one is that you're going,to be able to find a supplier that will,be able to ship you the goods in bulk by,doing it this way you're going to be,able to send out the orders to your,customers by yourself and you're going,to be able to offer your customers one,to two day ship

How to Dropship With Alibaba using Woocommerce

[Music],e-commerce store using the WordPress and,Astra team in our last video I uh,installed on,[Music],wordpressing homepage,page and categories at foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],Please Subscribe and give it a thumbs up,and let's dive into it,so let's go to our website,or WordPress dashboard,see the look of our,e-commerce store,this site open link in new tab,s,categories,we can add as many categories,Elementary,so I leave it as is for now,you get as a home page,[Music],once you're in the Elementor page,uh,[Music],designs,heading,but before that uh,slider images,five images,[Music],[Music],update,[Music],slider images the home page,so let's see,[Music],timing,next images,oh it's working fine and it's good,so now we will edit this three columns,so that long images so there's this,three columns,it is,[Music],anyway uh you can change the image uh,according to what,it's good,yeah,just copy and then,delete change it into a,whatever you like,[Music],enjoy discounts when you're women's uh,let's try this on the top all right,tabs,and then the second image,we will edit also the,subheading,latest,eyewear for men and women let's try our,trending,I wear for men and women let's find,only here at but by two card,and the third image we will edit also,the subheading,and also the heading we need to edit all,sorts Let's uh,[Music],check our latest,suits for you,daily,where,is,but this is only for our tutorial,and the link I,think hashtag and then shop page,in the network,[Music],is no,[Music],store,let's try to see if that will work young,button,take nothing in button chat now,traditional works,so he did nothing yeah,page,for women for women,categories,[Music],then the same with the third button,accessories category,foreign,click update,okay let's try if it is working,let's click some links,[Music],it's good,[Music],bots in a man check out okay sorry,and then for first category,okay it's all working fine it's all good,now we will go to,[Music],um,product categories categories,[Music],so this store,we're going to launch like,um,maybe in August,and then,promote in an online store,Facebook ads and Google ads,so in your product category name just,name your category,men's shoes,then upload an image,click on your category is,[Music],selection image,click edit,upload,or add an image so since this is men's,shoes,we're gonna apply this stack photos long,shoes,online among shoes,and just uh click just update,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],let's use this image,add new category,that these women ladies wear,foreign,[Music],let's use the image and just click add,new category,[Music],[Music],foreign,so since this is latest,which is women's,[Music],wearing category is,for,women,then just update,foreign,[Music],[Music],category,[Music],[Music],Okay so,our side is looking good now,[Music],together,[Music],items,because,some of the,uh,store page settings that is a,woocommerce,then under the product catalog,so sharp page display for any show on,categories and products,show subcategories and products,or if you want whatever you like,this publish,[Music],it's a single product here we,store notike we don't need to enable,store notike,[Music],product images,okay let's leave it as is,this is what I like in Astra team,because,[Music],[Music],I just want to say things here,the last 13 is very good team so here's,the address line to set it to required,to say,deliver on products and address so,that was address as required,all right so I think we are finished,let's look the home,header Builder so,um,set up in our previous video,let's leave it as is now set logo card,finish the title,the sidebar we don't need a sidebar no,sidebar,and the black,tutorial about the blog website,only for blogging,but we can add the blog to this store to,enable us to gain traffic Libre so,Google you had nothing new black nothing,John,foreign,Builder,let's try to see,look,copyright 2022 and it's okay,margin and partying,footer,then now we will go to,Alibaba Drop Shipping Young,I think store Alibaba is,from Alibaba direct to our store and,then put in nothing ebenta,this is so exciting in this part,it has,I think a million,install,so foreign,[Music],this year only 2022,just activate the plugin so the plugin,is I know a plugin,functionality website Alibaba,be sure to check the verified supplier,or trade Assurance,items Alibaba is,ready to ship meaning,seven days processing or ready to ship,items I own hand and then red to ship,much less on time now delivery the,entire shipping so we need to deliver,items in,uh at most three weeks to one month,but let's go to Alibaba in our,dashboards I think website because it's,mask it's must,convenience,stores Alibaba,just click connect now,then you need to,sign up an account,just sign in your account,[Music],a better finally if you are really,my account NASA alibaba.com,[Music],once you have the account,[Music],it will redirect you to approve the,woocommerce connect,[Music],go to Alibaba .com dropshipping okay,connected successfully in a tile then,put in the name of push them products,starting online store all right so,[Music],um,full tutorial only for dropshipping,Alibaba watch out for our next tutorial,tutorial from ordering and then,[Music],for this,[Music],initial set up now Drop Shipping plugins,store,foreign,[Music],[Music],so let's try to add this items to our,import list,and then we will,push it into our store and see what,wrong successful,important,e-commerce store so,that's shipping,profit and then per item,so,[Music],Naga,estimate now,profit mode but you can eat it,so that is just this is for,tutorial purposes for this now and later,on I will,make a full tutorial,Alibaba Drop Shipping,okay,items then let's go to the products or,products let's see,[Music],in stok,category,[Music],um,[Music],items,foreign,[Music],[Music],category,[Music],[Music],ladies bags all right and then just uh,click update is,[Music],bugs,foreign,[Music],but for now we're just starting out,again,the downloading item,you know,so let's try,choose an option Brown,items all right,okay let's see let's try to see,I think I,very nice,looking right,foreign,also just click select your store,buytokar.com post to store,okay in the next video I we will,continue to set up our Alibaba Drop,Shipping and then I'll teach you how,the full tutorial about dropshipping in,Alibaba,[Music],items,I think,[Music],nothing simulation,okay guys so thank you for watching and,see you in the next video

import products in bulk from AliExpress to woocommerce

hello and welcome to this video tutorial,in this video I will show you how you,can import products in bulk from,Aliexpress to WooCommerce using woosh,Arc you can find the link to the,extension in the description below,once your washer extension is installed,and you are connected successfully to,your shop go to the Aliexpress website,and search for a product Moo shark,offers you different solutions to import,products you can import all products at,once or select which product you want to,import if you only want to import some,specific products you can do that by,clicking the added to waiting list,button you can add as many products as,you want if you want to import old,products at once click the import old,products button the extension will start,collecting all the details of the,products and then will be added to the,waiting list this operation can take up,to one or two minutes you can see how,many products are added to the wedding,list once all products are added to the,wedding list you can import them to shop,by clicking the import waiting list,button this operation can take several,minutes depending on the number of,variations of each product and your,website capacity you might ask what,about customization can I customize some,details before import the answer is yes,there is bulk configuration that allows,you to define the bulk update,preferences click the bulk preference,button this will take you to new page on,this page you can select which,categories you want to import the,products to choose whether or not you,want to import descriptions choose,whether or not you want to import,reviews you can also decide whether or,not you want to import specifications,other options might be applied such as,saving products as draft copy or publish,them to your store you can choose,whether to apply a price formula I have,defined or you want to import the,original price choose whether or not you,want to import the sale price additional,configuration options will be added,according to your customers needs the,idea is to build a customer base product,now we can go back to check if our,products have been important,successfully or not we can check the,remaining items to import from here for,each in,a product you will see a notification,success or error notification we wait,until the operation is finished let's,check on WooCommerce if the products are,imported successfully note that we might,have some products that are not yet,available or out of stok but that,should be ok when all variations are,inserted we can see here that products,are getting inserted we can choose a,random product from the list we open the,product and as you can see all product,details are imported successfully I hope,you enjoy woo shark extension this video,belongs to series of videos on how to,use aliexpress drop shipping woo shark,solution you can find the link to all,the videos in the description below help