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alibaba private label dropshipping

Published on: January 30 2023 by pipiads

How to do Alibaba Private Label Products & Contact Dropshipping Suppliers in 2022

how to do alibaba, private label products and how you can contact suppliers. hi guys, in this video, i'm going to be telling you how you can contact suppliers and sell your own products. so, without wasting any more of your time, let's just jump into the video. so the first thing that i want you guys to do is come over to alibabacom and, once you're over here, just simply search for different products. so, basically, what you want to do is just search for a product that you want to sell and you want to contact that supplier as well. so search for a product that you want. so let's just search for watches. we're gonna search for some watches over here. so, as you can see, these are some wristwatches over here. these are watches as well. what i want is a cool tactikal wristwatch. so i'm gonna type in tactikal watch, tactikal military watches, so let's just see what comes up. so these are the products that's come up when i search for it. so these are pretty cool watches, but i think this one looks more tactikal, more military, stylish, the one that we want. so i think this is pretty cool. and another thing that i want you guys to notike is just simply check out the prices that the supplier has listed on, and also, what i want you guys to do is search for the verified supplier, so you can just choose the verified supplier, so that you can find a supplier that is trustworthy and that has been working on ali baba for a long time. so check this box over here on the left side and once you do that, all the suppliers that come up over here are going to be verified. so simply just choose the product that you want. so i'm gonna choose this product right here. i think this one looks pretty cool, but remember, you also have to check out the pieces as well, basically check out how many they have in stoks. so i'm gonna simply choose this product over here and once i choose that, as you can see, this is how it looks like- we can see that we have different colors. we have a red color, we have a blue color one as well, and we have a black colored one. i think the black one looks pretty good, not gonna lie. so next thing that i want you guys to do is just simply come down over here and what i want you guys to do is take a look at the details so that you guys can know what type of product. it is so, as you can see over here the quantity slash pieces. so one to 500, and they have to have a greater number- more than 500. so estimated time is seven days if you order one to 500 pieces. but if you order more than 500 pieces, then the time will be negotiated. so you have to take a look at that one as well. and if we scroll down below, we will see all the functionalities of the watch and stuff like that, and we can see how these are produced. over here are some images: the warehouse and how they are produced, and it all looks pretty legit. i'm not gonna lie. so now all that's left for us to do is just simply contact the supplier. so what you want to do is just come over here on the right side and you want to contact the supplier, but before that, first you have to sign in onto alibabacom. so if you have an account, simply sign in, but if you don't, you can just simply continue with google. so i'm gonna go ahead and sign in and then i will see you guys in a little bit. so now that i have signed in, now i can go ahead and contact my supplier. so i'm gonna click on contact supplier. so what i want you guys to do is just simply fill out this form page over here so you can choose which type of case material you want. so you have alloy, acrylic, bamboo, brass, plastik, rubber and titanium, tungsten steel, and customizable as well. so if you want to go fully custom and original, you can just go ahead and choose the customize option. let's just choose tungsten steel as of right now, and then, for the features you can see, we have alarm, ansi, magnet, auto date and compass, complete calendar, diver and stuff like that. so we have a lot of different options over here that we can choose from. so let's just choose a function. that is pretty easy and useful. so let's just choose a tachymeter, because that's pretty cool, i think. and then we have the movement band. so now over here we can choose the movement of this watch. so again, a beijing casio, eta, miyoto or seiko and other chinese or asian companies. i'm going to choose casio for now because i think casual is pretty cool. have a cast your watch as well. it's pretty nice, actually, not gonna lie. so next thing that i want you guys to do is just enter the details, such as the color, material and other type of stuff. so what you can do right here is just simply write in all the details that you want to write that you want to get from your supplier. so i've already prepared a template for that, as as you can see over here. so i'm just simply going to copy this and, over here back over at the inquiry section, just simply going to go ahead and paste it over here and then i'm going to enter in my name over here and then what i want you guys to do is just simply enter in the name of your company, if you have one. so i'm just gonna write a random name over here and i'm interested in this product you are supplying and want to learn more about manufacturing this product for my business. i am looking forward to placing an order and establishing a business relationship with you if this product meets my criteria. can you please provide me with some additional information regarding this product? so, as you can see, we're kind of toking with the person and telling them that we are interested and we want to buy this product, and then, down below, i have also added some questions. do you provide custom packaging and logos? am i able to customize this product, such as color size material? do you print labels and insert cards as well, and do you increase moq for customization? mlq is basically the rates that you want, that the supplier is asking you for, and what is the price per unit of the following moqs? and over here we are asking for prices of 100 pcs, 500 pcs and thousand pieces and the down below we are also asking it: and do you do airs she shipping or are you able to ship my product directly at my address? and many, many more. and then, down below, this is optional if you want to have it. so what this is basically: have also attached a provided image below to demonstrate what customization i would need for this product. please let me know if this customizations are possible. so what i want you guys to do: if you have a image of your customization of you, the images that you want, you can just go ahead and simply attach that image over here. but, as you can see, i don't have one, so i'm just gonna go ahead and remove this section right over here. i'm gonna go ahead and remove it and then, down below, what i want you guys to do is just simply enter in your name and then enter in the name of your business from continuum. so that is basically it. so this is the wechat. so over here you can add in your contact information. so if you want, you can just simply add in your email over here, your whatsapp number over here and your wechat, if you have one, because china uses wechat. that's their only a social media account. it's basically an all in one application where you got all the messaging and services available in just single application. so if you have a wechat, go ahead and contact them over there. i think that would be pretty good, because that's what they do- and then, once you have written everything that you want, then you can just simply go ahead and send the inquiry and once you have sent that, then that you just have to wait for the seller to contact you and tell you all the details that you have asked them for. so now what i want you guys to do is come over back to alibaba. so another tip that i have for you guys is that you have to contact as many suppliers as you want. don't just limit yourself to just a single supplier or a supplier from a single country. contact as many suppliers as you can, because if you have more suppliers, you have a higher chance of being successful than just with a single supplier. so make sure you.

AliExpress Dropshipping Packaging Alternatives – CHEAP & EASY Custom Packages!

Have you ever wondered how eCommerce stores or dropshippers send their Aliexpress products in packaging like this or this? by the end of this video, you're going to know how to send your products in beautiful packaging rather than the standard boring a packet, and that's going to help you build a powerful econ brand. so in last week's video, I spoke about how to white label your brand and white label your products, and that is a very important part of creating a very powerful econ brand. so if you haven't seen that video already, be sure to check out that video here. and on top of that, part of that powerful branding exercise is packaging. so I'm going to show you a custom packaging supplier that I have used in the past, but before then I'm going to show you a store that is currently using beautiful custom packaging. first things first, let's check out a white label store with a great example of custom packaging. this store, funnily enough, I found while being targeted by their ads for a bag product, and it's maverick & Co. let's scroll down and find that product that I was targeted with. it was this backpack here. their backpacks actually seem quite nice, but for 202 dollars this is a premium. so scrolling through the images, that Bank is quite nice, but what I wanted to show you is the last image, which is this image here, and it's their packaging. it's a packaging that you received this bag in and you get a simply me zoom in here. actually, you get a drawstring bag and then a simple package for the bag itself, along with some probably what is their business card and social media cards here and just a welcome card. so this is a very great example of custom packaging beyond just very boring a packet packaging that you get from, you know, drop shipping products from Aliexpress. now, will this packaging cost you more? yes, it will, but in terms of branding and the long term exercise of branding, this will be more beneficial and profitable in the long-term. it's all part of the branding aesthetik and I love brand marketing and the branding aesthetik. so this is extremely important if you're looking at, thinking about looking at or thinking about white labeling in the long term. so that is the example wanted to show you. it's a great product and it's a great brand and they're clearly doing very well. but, going beyond this, how exactly are you going to get packaging like this, beyond just boring a pack he packets? well, this is relatively simple. I'll give you the two options. the first option is something that I've used in the past and it's called Woodroof and Co. this is an Australian company, but I will give you a couple more options in a second, in a moment, but I want to give you couple options and show you what this all looks like. so this is a cheap option for the most part. essentially, you get your own stamp with your company's logo and you get supplies and you manually process this, obviously by stamping the supplies. so, with the stamps, let's go and check out the pricing here. so pretty standard stuff. here you get a custom small, medium or large stamp with the ink pad itself and they will set you back 3959- $79, see, in terms of business expenses. that's absolutely nothing and you can see here the examples of their application. so you know you can use them coffee cups, you can use it on tags, you can use it on, you know, wrapping paper, etc. but it's pretty simple stuff. you just submit your vector logo in and they'll create this stamp for you within a couple weeks. so this specific Bishop's within seven to ten days, and obviously you have to pay the shipping and if you go back, what you're going to purchase from them as well is whatever other samples that you need, or suppliers. I should say so with that bag, for example. you know, going back to this, you know this is a custom printed bag, so this is going to set you back some more, but if you're on a budget, this is a great alternative. by getting that stamp and getting a straw string- you know cotton bag- and clicking into that. that's $35 for a pack of 50, so that's not. that's not very expensive at all, and then you're gonna get the stamp itself going back. you can also get a sample pack if you're unsure about it, sample back for 2 bucks. you get a whole bunch of different bags and tags so you can test out the sizing and whatnot. so this is a great alternative when it comes to cheap packaging, yet branded packaging, and this is going to cost you manual labor though, so this will be on you. of course, you can outsource this to a supply company, but that will add on an additional cost. so that's wood roughen Co. the next potential option is custom labor stiker mill. this is again a very cheap option, so you can simply get your stik, your logo, printed out on stikers and then placed on buttons, magnets packaging, whatever it is, as you can see from a picture here above. this is another great solution when it comes to cheap custom branded packaging. you can also just simply place this on, you know, traditional eat packets- and I'll tell you how to do that in a second. but again, just looking at this, let's take a look at the die-cut labels and so you've got a ruff-ruff pricing chart here and I should say this is: this is a global company, so this is great. it is based in the US, but they do ship globally. I'm on the Australian website at the moment, so this is an Australia pricing, Australian pricing, but again, not that expensive. really, all you need is a 50 by 50 and you can get, you know, a thousand stikers for 200 bucks. that works out to be not much at all and to get your brand on packaging. this is, this is pretty powerful stuff. so you know, go ahead and grab some stikers. you can also go into the packaging option. you can get packaging tape as well, and this is great for custom packaging if you have larger products and you want to easily brand it without getting huge cardboard boxes with manually or automatikally printed out gobble with your logo on it, because that's obviously a more expensive option. but with this here you essentially get, you know, obviously, stikers itself. so go, let's go ahead and check out the pricing here. I haven't done this before, but you know plenty of meters. you can get almost, you know literally- a kilometers worth of tape for $385. so how do you get this onto your products? well, obviously there's the option of like wood roofing Co. the option of sending is direct to your third party, logistiks company, so three PL or you can also, if you've got in- most people don't know this, but you know that's gone to Aliexpress here and take a look at you know. let's just run you through an example. let's say you're selling these sunglasses here that I just looked under, looking at right now. all you have to do, okay, if you've got a whole bunch of options and suppliers to go with, go ahead and hit contact, go and contact these guys. okay, all you have to do is simply hit contact and contact these guys and ask them if they do custom packaging and that you do have the supplies, am I able to ship this custom label to you so you're able to fulfill my orders? now they might charge a little bit more and they may not. it really depends on your relationship with the supplier, but it's as simple as that. so, instead of getting them to quote you a full custom package, which is going to cost you a lot, simply go through things like stik a mule of wood, rough and Co and send these over to the drop shipper, or send these over to the 3pl and get them to manually complete these orders for you with the custom packaging. so this is how most companies do it now. obviously, once you scale up and you create your own brand to the point where you've got a whole team, then you can bring it in-house, and they can. your team can manage that all for you, and I'm sure at this point maverick & Co has got to that point. but also, looking at this site, you know one of the questions you might already already have, or you're probably wondering: how exactly do I find relevant winning products or white-label? well, tune in to next week's video, where I'll be going through an extremely use.

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How to Alibaba Private label Products and Contact Suppliers Step by Step (Free Template)

hello everyone, welcome back to my channel. so i wanted to make today's video about how to buy from alibaba and how to find the right supplier on alibaba. so basically, once you're done with the product research phase, it's now time to manufacture your products, and often people who um want to manufacture the products they often resort to alibaba. so basically, i'm gonna be toking about you know how to find the right supplier so that you get quality products, but also you know how to contact a supplier, how to communicate with the supplier and basically you know how to go about the negotiation process as well. so i'm going to give my tips and tricks and also be providing some templates below. basically, the template will be: you know how to communicate with a supplier and basically a supplier checklist, so that the whole process can be a little more easier and efficient for you guys. so before i get started with this video, i want you guys to know that i make fa content on a weekly basis. so if you're interested in that, please subscribe to my channel and let's begin and get started with this video. let me go ahead and shrink myself and let's go on alibaba to source out a product and tok to a supplier. alright. so let me pull out alibaba. all right, let me just exit these tabs because we do not need them for our video. okay, cool. all right, so we're on alibabacom and now we're, you know, sourcing out a product. so let's say, for today's example, let's just use a heart necklace. okay, so let's source out a heart necklace for our example. so basically, we're gonna do, you're gonna go in the search bar, you're gonna type in heart necklace, because we're trying to find some heart necklaces to sell on amazon. all right, cool. and, as you can see, a heart necklaces have popped up. all right. so you know, in order to, you know, filter out, you know bad suppliers and really find the most, you know quality and you know the most trusted suppliers we are going to click on, as you guys can see, supplier types in this section. we are going to click on trade assurance systems clicks- okay, cool. and we're also going to click on verified supplier and i will explain those two terms just after this click goes through. all right, perfect. so basically, what trade assurance is? it's basically going to protect your order from beginning to end. so, once you know, put in that order and then you know delivery of that order, basically, you know it's just, it's a free service provided by alibaba. they just want to make sure you know that supplier you know has stayed true to their words in regards to your order. so highly recommend you do want to. you know, um, uh, do business with a supplier that provides trade assurance, because you know why not all right. and then verified supplier just means that alibaba has verified the supplier as legitimate. so you know that's going to really filter out some, you know, kind of like sketchy suppliers. um, compared to you know actually legitimate supplies. highly recommend working with various verified suppliers. all right. so now we have um for our results. we, you know, filtered those people out. let's go ahead and find a heart necklace that you know we think will be the best for our business, all right, so i'm gonna try to find a supplier. let me go ahead and shrink myself so that you guys can see what else i'm doing on my screen. alright, cool. um, i'm not sure which heart necklace to go with [Music]. i mean, this is just an example, so i'll just pick out any. all right, but before i pick out my heart necklace, i've notiked- i want you guys to notike- that these prices that the suppliers have listed on their listings. i would not take these prices um accurately, because some of these suppliers put these prices um on their listing simply because they want to attract buyers and you know they might not be 100 accurate- accurate most of the time- simply because you know they want you to contact them and then see how much you're ordering and then they would give you the exact quotation from there. so please do not take these prices for what you see on screen, um, you would have to just, you know, contact the supplier and see how much they are charging per unit in regards to how much you want to order in regards to your um business. all right, so we're going to choose a supplier. it's saying at 6.99 to 759 a piece. that's probably not accurate. so i'm going to contact the supplier because i'm interested in this necklace. all right, cool. so now that i picked out a supplier, i'm going to go ahead and click on this contact supplier button and if you guys are unsure of you know what to say or what to you know say in regards to contacting the supplier, i have included my template below and i'm just gonna copy and paste that within this message. i am not sure why my computer is going so slow, but let's click on again. this necklace is actually really pretty. okay, it's finally popping up. all right, perfect. so i'm going to erase this automatik reply and i'm going to get my template and i'm going to copy and paste my template. copy this, paste it within the chat box and go from there. all right, and now i'm going to enter my information. so my name is twinkle, i am the purchasing manager for i'm just gonna make up some random company name- crystalline. it's just an example and that was the only thing that came to my mind at the moment. all right, let me move myself over so you guys can see what i'm doing. all right, guys, my name is twinkle and i am the owner and purchasing manager for crystalline. i am interested in this partikular product you're supplying and i want to learn more about manufacturing this product for my business. all right, i'm looking forward to placing an order and establishing a business relationship with you if this product meets my criteria. can you please provide me with an additional information regarding this product? so i want to ask these really important questions, such as: do you provide custom packaging and logos? you know, when you're private labeling a product, you want to make sure you get custom packaging. i mean, it's not necessary, but, you know, in order to make your brand stand out and, you know, basically distinguish your brand from other sellers, you want to have custom packaging and logos because it's just going to provide the legitimacy of your brand and you know they're that. it's also fun, you know, coming up with the design and whatnot and just make your brand stand out as much as possible. um, you want to also ask them if they make customizations to the product. so, for example, if you want this necklace in other colors- like, let's say, you want it in green or yellow- then you want to make sure you know they can customize this product according to color, size or even material. you also want to ask them: do you print labels and insert cards? so, basically, you know you're going to have to have, you know, a barcode on your product and you want to ask them if they can print those out for you. and if you want to do insert cards, you want to ask if they also print that out. most suppliers they tend to print out little labels and insert cards. um, i've yet to meet its flyer, that doesn't, um, but yeah. so you want to ask these questions because you know it's just going to help you out in the end and you know it's just less work on your end. most of these suppliers- some suppliers do it for free: printing out labels and stiking them on your product, um, but sometimes they will charge a fee. but even when they charge your fee, it's still really cheap and that's why i recommend, you know, doing the late, getting your supplier to stik those labels onto your product, because it's just really cheap. also, do you you want to ask them, do you increase minimum order quantity for customizations? so if you guys are confused as to what moq is, it's basically you know, let's say, the suppliers- mlq was 200. it basically means that you need to order 200 units in order to complete this transaction with them. they will not let you order less. you can order more if you want, but their minimum would at least be ordering 200 un.

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How I Find My Wholesale Candle Suppliers On Alibaba: Answering Your Questions

so what i'm going to do with you all today is i'm going to go into the alibaba website with you all and we're going to walk through together on how to effectively find a vendor for your company, for anything that you want, because giving you the answers will not help you. hola mi gente vega canal. my name is sandra, if this is your first time here, and welcome to my channel. in this channel, i'll be speaking and you'll be learning about everything: high-end and luxury candle making business tips. so, without any further ado, let's get into the let's video. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. so, as you can tell by the title of this video, this video will be focusing primarily on how and where to find high-end and luxury candle making supplies for your candle making business, using the alibaba website for your wholesale candle making supply. this video was inspired by my previous video, which was titled the my candle uh haul, and in that video i got a lot of questions in regards to where i get my products boxes from, uh. also, who specifically, is the china supplier that provided me with the boxes? uh? what stiker label company that i use? what was the name of the sales rep? what did i eat? what? i'm just kidding about the last part. but, yes, um, this video is to answer all of those questions and to make sure that you know exactly what i did. but before i get to answering those questions, i want you to give you a little bit of background into my journey. so, when i started making candles, or when i wanted to start making candles, i did research. i looked into youtube, google, any any search engine that possibly will give me some sort of information, either via video or via reading, and i you know, because i was looking into candle making and i wanted to make sure that i was doing the right thing. however, i never put two, two together. i never put the luxury side and the candle making side together, um, because i always thought that they both came together. i didn't think they were two separate entities in which i supposed to put research luxury and then research candle making, and then together they'll become one prosperous, one, coherent business. so i did not understand that. so, in the process of me going through my business and through opening and through going through everything, i realized what i had to do. but, um, when i was looking at those other, uh, candlemaker creators, uh, youtube and google's information on those search engines. i realized that all those candle makers was telling me what they knew, what their process was, what they were going through and what, um, the specific content that they wanted to put out and whatever else they did not put out. i researched myself- although i may get some comments or probably, you might think- maybe you might not type it in the comment box- that why am i putting out videos? well, is so that to let you guys know that there is, uh, a journey that might be similar to yours, that you could follow, that my journey could be your journey, and that if i'm making it, you can make it too, and if you put a lot of effort and work into it, you also could do the same thing. i'm also putting out videos on marketing and business tips so that you'll know a lot of the things that you probably might not think about. but i put it out there so that you do have the opportunity to go ahead and do that. for example, if you go into any department store, such as macy's, jcpenney, sears, any big department stores or whatever department store that you go to, even the dollar store, you don't go to the sales rep and ask them: you're looking at a, you know a dress or shoes or any type of equipment that you're looking for, you don't ask them where was this originated from. you don't ask them what kind of material uh they where? what kind of material is this? or where do they get this material from? you don't ask them that you just go ahead to the counter. if you like it, you purchase it. if you don't, you leave it alone. so another example could be when my son comes to me and asks me for anything. let's say, for example, he asks me how to spell something, i don't go out and give him the, the exact spelling of the word. i guide him onto how to actually spell the word. i don't give him the answers right away because i am not helping him. i am just giving him the answers. when i used to be a teacher, i always ingrained that in my students. i always said to, i always said to them that i will not give you the answers, i will guide you to the answers. i paved the way to give you, to give you the answer, so that you could find it yourself. so when i went into those other websites to look for, uh, how to incorporate luxury into my candle making business, i didn't go in there asking them how to do it. i looked at their websites. i looked at their products. i purchased their products to see, to feel, to make sure that this is what i wanted and to make sure that this is exactly what i envisioned my stuff to look like. so i did the research, i went into and did the legwork. um, i didn't go in there copying them. i just did it for inspiration, because i wanted to make sure that what i knew about candle making, i could incorporate it into my luxury line and make it one seamless business. so that's what i want to do for you guys. i want to guide you into finding uh vendors, because if i give you the answers, if i give you the names, if i give you the company, you will not know how to figure out anything else in your business, because that vendor might not- might not uh- have any other items that you want, because that vendor only does one thing. so what i'm going to do with you all today is i'm going to go into the alibaba website with you all and we're going to walk through together on how to effectively find a vendor for your company, for anything that you want, because giving you the answers will not help you. you and i realize that when you know how to do something, you would repeat the process so you could be effective at it, so you could be better at it and so that you could make your company grow. also, i realized that when you do work and you do do the research, you appreciate that process that much more because you did the legwork, you did the work. so, um, that's why i'm not gonna give you the answers, but i'm going to guide you through the answers. so now let's go into my computer and we're going to go together through the alibaba website and we're going to go ahead and find a product. let's say, for example, we're going to be finding a dropper bottle. let's get to my computer and let's get to knowing how to actually and effectively search for a product on alibabacom. so now you guys are on my computer. so now you're looking at the alibabacom website and this is what the website looked like. this right here is my actual account, so you'll see my favorites, your connections and all of that good stuff. my name obviously sandra, and if you have messages, you have messages there. if you have pending uh, payments or anything like that, you have it there, um, if you put anything in your cart, you'll have it here. obviously, all these things in my car i'm not purchasing, i just put it there so that i could, um, so that i could go back to it if i need to go back to it to see what it was that i was looking at, because sometimes i do get, i do forget the sites that i seen, um, so that's why i do it that way. so, first and foremost, you need to create an account on the site. i'm not gonna go through making how to do a, a website on this account, but, um, i am going to open up mines, which is already open, like i said earlier. you also need to know what exactly that you need when you're searching for the items. when you are searching for the items on this website, don't think as a business owner, but think rather as the consumer. uh, how a consumer will search for the right items, because we have a language barrier with the people that are on this uh platform and their- their english is not the same as ours. so, as, as you speak to a, to a child, that is how you're supposed to describe your items to- to, not to them, but to the actual site because they're very.

How to Start a BRANDED Dropshipping Business Using AliBaba (2023)

i recently launched my dropshipping e-commerce brand and managed to generate over four thousand dollars in a few days using influencer marketing. in today's video, i'm going to be showing you the exact supplier that i used. that will allow you to set up your own dropshipping ecommerce brand with your logo printed on the product, with a minimum order quantity of one or two. so if you've got a kind of tight budget but you want to start your very own drop shipping e-commerce brand, then this is going to be the video for you. so let's get straight into it. so here is the exact supplier that i used for my drop shipping e-commerce brand: ringcast, which is a wrinkle removal device. so i did find them on alibaba and it literally took me days and days of trailing through supplies to actually come across them. but i'm really happy i have because, like i say, they've got some really amazing products that you can drop ship with your logo on, with a minimum order quantity of one or two, so you don't have to invest loads up front in purchasing lots of inventory. so if we go and scroll down, i will leave a link in the description to bji tiknology and we can go and have a look at some of their products. now they are better if you want to create a one product store around one partikular product. so, like i've done exactly here with wincast, you can see this is the wrinkle removal device and you can see that they have it exactly here. so for this product i had to start with a minimum order quantity of two pieces, but for a lot of their products they will allow you to start with one piece. so you can see, this is my one product store. like i say it, they are best used when you are trying to create a brand around one single product. and if you're interested in how i actually created this, i did use the sweet funnels theme, which is the best theme for creating one product stores. so if we go back to the bji supply, you can see they literally have hundreds of products in loads of different niches. mostly- well, all of them- are in the tiknology nice niche, but they are mostly sort of related to beauty. some are related to health and things like that. so you can go on here. like i said, i'll leave a link in the description. you can go and have a look at all of the different products that they have. now if we scroll up to the top we can click on products and we can click on see all categories. now you don't have to click on drop shipping, because sometimes it does filter out some of their products. so i recommend just to leave it on all products and just ignore the products where you need to order a minimum of 100 pieces, let's say. but what you can do is you can go and filter by new and you will see all of the new products that bji are releasing, and they release new products every month. so this will help to keep you ahead of the curve of your competition, because you can come on here and you can start launching some of their new products as soon as they release them, with your own logo on, and build a proper brand around the product, like i said, exactly how i have done here, and i do have a full case study video on how i actually launched this brand and generated over four thousand dollars with influencer marketing. now i also have a feeling that some massive brands are using this supplier, or at least have used it when they first started out. so if we have a look at this product here, this ipl hair removal device, if we go over to this store, which is hey, silky skin, and these are a massive ecommerce, e-commerce shopify brand and they're generating hundreds of thousands every month with their brand and you can see it's the exact same product that we can see on the bji tiknology supplier. so i reckon, now that they probably have, now they're generating so much in revenue and making so many sales, they probably have purchased a bulk inventory, maybe from a cheaper supplier, but when they first started out, they probably just started using one at a time to make it a lot cheaper. and if we go and have a look at their instagram, they literally have hundreds of influencers promoting their product. so that is an example of how you can use this supplier to build a one product store just like this and build your very own e-commerce brand around it. now you're probably wondering: are there any setup fees or anything like that? well, when i first started my ringcast e-commerce brand, i had to pay a 25 setup fee. this was last year. so they create a mold of your logo and they use that mode to print it on all of the products. so you do have to pay that 25 setup fee. i'm not exactly sure how much it is now. like i said, this was last year it was 25. it might be a little bit more now, but it shouldn't be anything too expensive. and then for my partikular product i had to purchase two, but let's just say for one of these cheaper products. so let's go and have a look at one. that's only one. so, for example, this one you can get for one piece. so twenty dollars plus a twenty five dollar setup fee. you're looking at around fifty dollars to start your very own e-commerce plan. so it's super cheap to get started with them. you can just click on the product or you can just click on contact supplier. so if we do click on the partikular product and then from here you can click on contact supplier and you can say: i want to start printing my logo on this product, you send them an adobe illustrator file of your logo and they will go and print it for you on the product. and then you just have to simply pay through alibaba, and paying through alibaba is super secure, so you're not going to get ripped off or anything like that, and i've used this supplier quite extensively so i can verify that they are a reliable supplier. now you're probably wondering about how do you actually fulfill orders as well with bji, seeing as it's not like connecting to a shopify store with oberlo back in the days or de-esses or something like that. well, it's actually very simple to go and fulfill orders with them. all you have to do from your shopify dashboard: you just go and click on export on your orders and then you can go and export orders by date, or you can just go and select all orders. for example, i'm just going to go for a plain csv file, so this is like an excel file, and then all you need to do is click on export orders. once your orders have been exported, they will be exported to an excel file that looks like this. now, what you're going to want to then do is just go and get rid of any columns that aren't necessary for the supplier. so all the suppliers really going to want to see is the shipping details. so you'll see up the top here we have the name, the email, the financial status, when it was paid, all of this stuff. you can just go and get rid of this. so what you can do is you can go and select all of the columns that you don't need. so i'm just going to go and select all of these columns up until we see shipping address and shipping name, then you can just click on right click and you can just click on hide and then, once again, you will see the ones after this. so, just after notes, i'm going to go and select all of these and, once again, once we have selected all of these columns that aren't necessary for the supplier to see, then we can right click and we can just hit hide. so once you have done that, you will see all of the shipping details. so we can just double click to make them a bit bigger. so now we have shipping name, shipping street shipping address one, shipping address two. so all of these details have been taken from the shopify orders that we exported. so now let's just make these a bit bigger and then we can scroll across and what we can do is we can add an extra column. so i'm just going to go and add another column so instead of notes, we can just go and put in this column tracking number. so once you've added that tracking number column to your excel sheet of all of your shopify orders, then you can just go over to alibaba and go to the message center and then you can go and message your contact from bji. so once you purc.

How To Use Alibaba.com To Build A Custom Product Brand On Shopify

what's up, guys? this is jake, and in this video, i'm going to be showing you how you can use alibabacom to go ahead and create your own custom branded products that you can use to sell on your shopify store. so, with that said, if you do enjoy this video, be sure to leave it a thumbs up, subscribe to this channel for more videos and let's dive right into it, guys. so we're gonna go ahead and get started by taking a look at a company that is actually doing this right now. so, right here, this site is mvmtcom movement watches, and we can see here that they offer men's and women's watches, and if i were to go ahead and open up men's here, we can take a look at the different watches they have and keep these price points here in mind. and then, if we go ahead and jump over to alibabacom real quick and we were to search men's quartz watch, we can go ahead, and if we scroll down a little bit, we can see watches right here that are the minimal style right here, which is very similar to what movement is selling right here. so what movement is actually doing here is they are ordering custom branded products and they are creating a brand around it on their shopify store and doing this allows them to go ahead and have very huge markups on these products. so if we were to just take a quick example here, let's go ahead and use this watch right here, because this looks very similar to this one right here. so let's say we will use this watch, which varies between eleven dollars and around fifteen dollars per piece. so let's say, if we would use even the upper end of the price here, this cost fifteen, 15. they're selling this watch for 115. so if we were to bring up the calculator here and we did 115 minus 15, that's a 100 gross margin. and if we were to subtract a little bit more here for, let's say, um, shipping and transaction fees and everything on their end, even if we were to subtract another 20, that's still leaving them with around 80 worth of profit margin. and let's say, even if you subtracted another 30 for marketing, they could spend 30 dollars per customer acquiring a customer and they'd still make 50 bottom line profit after all expenses. so you can see how creating a custom branded product here will allow you to have very big markups and have very big profit margins. and this is what you can do with alibabacom, which is what i'm going to show you in this video. and before we get started here, i wanted to mention right here that alibabacom is actually having their march expo 2021 right now, until march 31st, and with this event, there's going to be over 1 million new products with limited time discounts, there's going to be a bunch of different hand selected suppliers that are partikipating in this event, and there's going to be free shipping for all new buyers. so this is definitely a good time to go ahead and get started with looking for products. the source on alibabacom. so i'll leave a link to this exact page in the description down below. so let's go ahead and get started here. so this video is going to be going over three different parts. so the first thing we're going to do here is figure out how we can actually choose a product to sell, and the second thing we're going to do is we're going to take a look at how we can actually browse through these products to figure out what exactly we're looking for and figure out which products to pick. and then the third part: we're gonna take a look at how we can actually go about contacting these uh suppliers and ordering the products. so we're gonna go ahead and get started with how to actually choose a product to sell. so, just like we saw with the watch example, here you pretty much just want to make sure that you have a product that is brandable. so you want to make sure that whatever product you select is something that you can create a brand around, because that's going to allow you to have the really good margins that we took a look at look at earlier. some other suggestions that might help you out is having a product that is consumable, because if the product is consumable, then it's something that would need to be ordered on a recurring basis. so this can help you with recurring, getting recurring revenue. and also, if you select a product that you are personally interested in or a product that you use, it'll probably be a lot easier for you to go ahead and create a brand around that product because you're already going to be very familiar with it and interested in it. so i would say, definitely focus on these things when you're deciding on a product to pick. and if you're still having trouble with coming up with ideas, you can actually use this page right here called trend hunter, which i'll also link in the description, which is a page on alibabacom where they go ahead and show you some of the top selling products on their site and a bunch of different categories here so we can see, like fashion, home and consumer electronics. so you don't have to sell these partikular products, but what you can do is you can just look through these different categories and you can go ahead and just try and get some ideas or inspiration from here. that hopefully gives you a couple of product ideas that you want to go ahead and look for yourself. so, with that said, once you've gone ahead and selected a product or a couple products that you want to go ahead and start looking into, at this point you want to go ahead and actually start browsing products themselves. so in this video i'm going to go ahead and use the example of matcha tea as a product example. here what you want to do is head over to the search bar here on top and just make sure that you have products selected and you're going to just type in the name of your product here. so if i just type in matcha for matcha t, we can see that we're going to get search results here of a bunch of different suppliers offering this product. so when it comes to looking for your product, there's a couple of things you really want to look for. so the main thing is you want to find a supplier that offers a private labeling or custom packaging service, because this is going to allow you to go ahead and create a custom brand around this product because, like we said, the whole point of this is to create a custom branded product versus selling self-image generic. so what you could go ahead and do is scroll through these results and go ahead and open up a few of them and once you open them up, you can just go ahead and scroll down through the description, and what we're pretty much looking for is to see if this specific supplier offers private labeling or custom packaging or branding of products- anything of the sort, because that is what we are trying to do here. we are looking for products that are customizable. so in this specific instance, i don't really see anything of that sort here. so what i would go ahead and do is just go ahead and keep scrolling and look for another one. so if i were to keep scrolling down here, this product in partikular looks like one that would offer custom packaging right here, because if we just look at these bags. this definitely looks like something that we could go ahead and put our own branded on right here. so i would go ahead and open this one up and if we go ahead and scroll down, we can go ahead and take a look if they do offer that. so if we come down, even more so once we scroll down here, we can see the private labels are welcome here. so we can see that they have a couple of different styles that they offer here that are oem. but since they do offer private labeling, what this means is that we could go ahead and send our own designs into this supplier and they would go ahead and print them on- in this case, these tins or these bags right here. and you can see here they offer the customized logos with the bags. so this would be one supplier that would definitely be worth looking at for the private labeling right here. so you would want to just keep this tab up. so what you want to go ahead and do is continue searching through all of these different