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alibaba vs aliexpress for dropshipping

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

Alibaba vs AliExpress: Which Is Best for Dropshipping?

hey what is up guys it's brennan here,and today we're going to be comparing,alibaba versus aliexpress what's the,difference between the two and which one,is best for drop shipping so,taking a look here at alibaba and,aliexpress,the main difference between the two,platforms well for one,they're both owned by the alibaba group,now alibaba is primarily a,b2b platform or business to business,whereas aliexpress is primarily a,b2c platform which also means business,to,consumer if you're not familiar with the,terminology there so that's the basic,difference between,the two platforms whereas one is meant,more for,wholesale transactions with alibaba,being the,more designed for wholesale transactions,and aliexpress is more designed for,ordinary customers just buying one-off,products now we're gonna be taking a,look and doing a deep dive on both of,them really what suits best for you,and what your specific scenario is so,like i said before alibaba more for,wholesale aliexpress more for individual,customers,another key difference too as well is,that aliexpress because they sell,primarily the manufactured products that,you can buy one off,is the shipping generally doesn't take,as long,whereas alibaba has more manufacturing,and takes quite a bit more time because,you're ordering,more in bulk more wholesale so the,shipping times are going to be a little,bit longer,we're going to be getting into the,specifics in just a little bit here,now does alibaba own aliexpress,so like i said before as well alibaba,group,owns both alibaba.com as well as,aliexpress although they do have a,little bits of differences between the,two and things you should definitely,know about,before deciding on which platform you,want to use especially,if you're going to be getting into drop,shipping so the next thing,as well is that the products you sell,will primarily,drive the decision between the two we're,going to be looking at specific product,examples,as well so hold tight if you're wanting,to see well what type of products are on,aliexpress versus what types of products,are in alibaba,we're going to get to that in just a,little bit so that is,the key differences right off the bat,especially with the pricing as well so,the other thing,to consider as well is the minimum order,requirements which we're going to go,ahead and pull up a couple of example,products as well just,as a quick look so you can kind of get,an idea of,what i mean so let's go ahead and look,at,uh let's just say well women's fashion,is right here so let's go ahead and just,take a look at that,so women's clothing uh let's say,uh floral black well actually let's go,ahead and try a different category let's,just go to jewelry,uh men's watches okay something simple,pretty simple right men's watches,and then comparative to alibaba uh some,of the most popular,items let's say a sofa set so maybe,furniture,something like that those are two good,examples to that really demonstrate each,of the platforms so,alibaba more the wholesale side of,things more larger more bulk,items that you can order uh so the,minimum order quantities,uh for some of these larger items are,going to be just one piece you can do a,minimum order for,larger products uh such as luxury uh,furniture designs,and but typically with some of the other,smaller items say if you were to,to search for jewelry on,on alibaba you're typically going to,have to order,a higher minimum order so you can see,this one has six,some of them are only one but see this,one is 50.,so that's their minimum order,requirement for,for this item right here for this design,pendant,so it really just depends on what types,of products that you're looking at,as to what the minimum order quantities,would be within alibaba now if you take,a look at aliexpress,it's designed for consumers so you can,order just a one-off item and you're not,having to order in bulk,if you're ordering from aliexpress which,depending on what type of drop shipping,you're doing,uh then it could be good for you if you,just want to order a one-off item,you don't have to order any kind of bulk,orders and you could ship it directly to,the customer,and we're going to be getting into,exactly how you can drop ship with,aliexpress and how to drop ship with,alibaba,later on in the video so if you're,curious on how exactly to do that,i'm going to be showing you an example,software that can help you get started,with that,so with aliexpress you can do these,one-off orders which is,nice and it's more consumer-friendly you,don't have to,necessarily commit to doing more of a,wholesale bulk order,which is typically what you're gonna,need to do within alibaba now of course,if you were to scale up over time maybe,let's say for example you find a piece,of jewelry that you could sell on your,drop shipping store in aliexpress,it does well for you then of course over,time you could always scale up and try,and find a manufacturer,for a similar product or more or less,the same thing on alibaba,and then get a better amount of orders,as well,some sort of uh song playing for the,jewelry thing there,so it's just a comparison there between,the two platforms if you if you need,necessarily certain products uh then you,might need to go,to alibaba now the other thing to,consider as well,is obviously the shipping cost so the,shipping will vary,quite a bit from seller to seller on,alibaba because,as you saw before especially with some,of these home products,uh some of the couches it might be kind,of expensive to ship some of these,products because they are,large and more bulky uh despite the fact,that they only need one uh one piece,minimum order,whereas things dali express typically a,little bit smaller more consumer,friendly so the shipping costs are,typically free,on aliexpress where with alibaba you,typically do have to pay,additional money for shipping the other,comparison too,is is uh business to business only,alibaba is more designed for business to,business use,whereas aliexpress it can be open to,consumers so,anyone who wants to look for a single,one-off product then they could get,something on,aliexpress as far as the buyer,protections,there's a level of buyer protections on,both platforms,but generally you're gonna run into less,of those type of issues on aliexpress,because it is more consumer-facing,whereas with alibaba,you are more interacting directly with,manufacturers and wholesalers so,it's a little bit more due diligence as,far as finding the right kind of,suppliers within alibaba,that you want to screen for when you're,looking for specific,suppliers along with the production time,what what the shipping time you could,expect,sometimes and this really varies a lot,from supplier to supplier,typically the lead times are going to be,a little bit longer on,alibaba maybe even well over a month,whereas with aliexpress same thing could,happen as well as the over a month,period,but sometimes it can be as low as just a,week it really just depends on the,supplier you can get stuff pretty fast,actually on aliexpress with some of the,suppliers that even have,a us fulfillment uh if you're shipping,within the us there are some of those,available within aliexpress but it is a,little bit more limited of course even,if you compare it directly to alibaba,but you can generally expect a little,bit faster shipping times with,aliexpress than what you,could expect in general with alibaba,because,it's more bulk order more wholesale so,moving along of course the list as well,now the easy use between the two,i'd say they're not too bad although i,would say that aliexpress is a little,bit easier to use,uh compared to alibaba alibaba is a,little bit more tricky to use you kind,of have to communicate directly with the,manufacturers,so there's a little bit more of a,learning curve if you're getting into,drop shipping with alibaba versus,aliexpress drop shipping,so much easier just even using,aliexpress in general it's a super easy,process it's just as,similar as buying any

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping (3-5 Day Shipping)

in this video i'll be revealing exactly,how i'm drop shipping with less than 10,day shipping times from china without,using aliexpress that have allowed me to,hit results like this so as you can see,i'm right around that 275 000 in sales,right around in the last six months i'm,gonna go ahead and refresh my screen,because we already know it's no cap so,right around 275 000 in sales 102 000,store sessions nine percent customer,returning rate and a great conversion,rate of around 2.7 so this store's been,going absolutely crazy and i would not,have been able to accomplish this,without the supplier that i'm using,today there's many options out there to,speed up the shipping process so not,only will i be showing you what i'm,doing to get fast shipping times but,i'll also be giving you some viable,options that you can be using today on,your store this is to make sure that,your customers aren't waiting decades,for their product like most people who,are drop shipping or just officially,getting started so let's get that,competitive advantage without further,ado let's go ahead and jump right into,it,i need to know everything who in the,world and where i need everything,what's going on everyone my name is ac,hampton and i'm an eight figure marketer,and coach that teaches people how to,test build and scale profitable,e-commerce brands if you're new here,welcome in and make sure that you have,your notebooks ready because the value,in this video is going to be limitless,if you're a part of my supreme family,who comes back each and every week for,this value then thank you so much for,tuning in and always showing love now,before we get into exactly how you can,be getting a 7 to 10 day shipping on,your drop shipping store today for,cheaper than aliexpress you all know,that each and every week i hand out an,absolute free consulting call to one,lucky winner to streamline their success,with e-commerce if you want the chance,to win this giveaway and you want to get,all of your questions answered all you,have to do is three simple things the,first thing you must do is in the,comment section below comment the word,supplier and what your biggest take away,from this video was the second thing you,must do is head over to my instagram ac,underscore hampton and go ahead and give,me a follow and the third thing you must,do is smash that like button below and,subscribe to my channel as i have never,missed a single week on this platform,make sure you follow and do all three,instructions as i'll be checking and,make sure that they're all done to enter,you in the chance to win this free,consulting call but if you are looking,for more one-on-one help to help you,through starting and scaling up your,online brand make sure you dm me the,word mentorship on instagram at ac,underscore hampton so i can reach out to,see if you'd be a good fit for the four,limited spots that i have for all of,january now without further ado let's go,ahead and jump right into it as i'm sure,you all know aliexpress is not the most,sustainable way to scale your online,business especially with the fact that,it's taking 30 to 60 days in order to,get the product to your customer in my,opinion one of the only benefits of,using aliexpress is when you're testing,products this is because there's a ton,of sellers with all kinds of products,that you're able to find and add to your,store to quickly test and find out if,it's going to be a winning product for,you or not but when it comes to finding,that winning product and scaling using,this platform will not be sustainable,for your business at all there is a,couple other things that play into the,reason of aliexpress not being the best,platform to use for scaling a product,outside of just the shipping times a,couple of those reasons is product and,quality and communication there are,major variations between the suppliers,shipping times and product quality so,what that basically means is that it is,a random game of product quality and how,well your supplier is going to do when,sourcing and shipping your product and,as that is not enough of a hassle it can,take days to have a conversation with,the suppliers as they are likely in a,different time zone as you depending on,wherever you live so with that being,said my one suggestion during this,testing phase and using aliexpress is,make sure that you're doing supplier,validation heavily you should be looking,for a 98,or a higher store rating with a 4.7,rating or higher for the communication,product as described and the shipping,times along with that you want to make,sure that they have a couple hundred,reviews and orders and have been in,business for at least over a year to,know that this is a supplier that you,can at least test with and regardless of,the fact that it can take days to hear a,response when you find a supplier that,has what you're looking for make sure,that you still message them start,communication and make sure that it is,someone that wants to help you grow now,i just want to reiterate that aliexpress,is used solely for testing and once,you've found a product that is selling,well for you it's time to move on to get,those faster shipping times so that you,can continue to grow and scale your,business so with that being said i'm,going to recommend you two different,sites that you can be using today to,make sure that your customers are,satisfied with your service and you're,not getting angry emails and low,feedback ratings that can ultimately,give you a restriction very quickly,efficiency is everything for your,customers today especially with,competing with platforms like amazon and,other drop shippers in the space,customers like to have their product in,a hurry and these two suppliers can help,you with exactly that now the first site,that you can be using is cj drop,shipping cj drop shipping is just one of,the top picks due to the fact that they,have warehouses all around the world to,ship to other countries this is the,ideal situation for local and worldwide,drop shipping so that you can make sure,that those shipping times are,competitive and something that your,customers are satisfied with so if,you're someone who is currently,struggling with chargebacks and refunds,because customers are unhappy with the,shipping times then cj dropshipping can,really help you with these issues many,of you have heard of cj dropship and you,may know their fulfillment center for,any products that you might want to be,selling but you may not know all the,benefits that can come from using them,as a supplier so let's go ahead and jump,right into it so here we are on cj drop,shipping and you can see they have a lot,of products that you can sell and a lot,of products that they can fulfill as,well and honestly this is just great,because just like aliexpress they have,almost everything that you can think of,so you could even start off with testing,products with cj drop shipping and use,that same supplier to scale up the,products with even faster and better,shipping now one of my favorite parts,about cj drop shipping is that you're,able to get faster shipping times at a,lower cost so let me just go ahead and,show you an example of this now i'm just,going to pull up a product on aliexpress,and as you guys can see i went ahead and,chose a dog harness if you guys have,been drop shipping for a while you know,that this dog harness has been going,absolutely crazy year after year and,it's always a product that you can sell,on aliexpress you can see that we're,going to get this item for 11.95,this is for the large variant with free,shipping being estimated delivery of,march 5th now today is january 18 so,this is almost 45 to 50 day shipping on,this product if i go ahead and source it,from aliexpress but if we head over to,cj drop shipping and we look for that,exact same product you can see that is,three dollars and 81 cents for the large,variant as well with the shipping cost,of six dollars and 23 cents which gives,us a total drop shipping price

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Forget AliExpress! Alibaba Dropshipping Is A Much Better Sourcing Model

in this video you'll learn how to get,started in e-commerce with practikally,no money at all by drop shipping through,alibaba now normally i'm not a big fan,of drop shipping but this method will,allow you to test products online to see,if they will sell before you invest a,lot of money on inventory,now alibaba drop shipping is one of the,best ways to sell high quality products,without carrying inventory yet few,sellers know that they can actually,dropship through alibaba for most,starting an e-commerce business on a,budget is challenging but thanks to,alibaba's drop shipping solution finding,products and wholesale suppliers is,simple and easy now this step-by-step,guide will teach you how to get started,with alibaba drop shipping explain its,pros and cons and share tips to help you,start a successful drop shipping,business that you will eventually,convert into a private label store,now does alibaba do drop shipping now,alibaba is the go-to marketplace for,foreign businesses that buy low-cost,products in bulk the labor manufacturing,and electricity costs in china among the,cheapest globally making it beneficial,for sellers and buyers now when most,people think about alibaba they think,about shipping containers of products,from china however alibaba has a drop,shipping solution that makes it easy for,store owners to sell products without,keeping stok on hand however it can be,a bit challenging to find drop shipping,suppliers on alibaba and alibaba sellers,generally avoid fulfilling small orders,however there are suppliers on alibaba,that cater to drop shipping sellers,now why use alibaba for drop shipping,versus aliexpress although aliexpress,drop shipping is the easier way to start,an e-commerce business using alibaba is,the better choice for drop shipping for,the following reasons,there's cheaper product pricing product,pricing is higher in aliexpress as it's,set up for retailers and individuals on,the other hand alibaba has wholesale,pricing where buyers can have margins as,high as 70 percent it also helps that,alibaba charges almost no commission on,sales in contrast aliexpress charges its,suppliers anywhere between five and,eight percent per sale,you also get to directly interact with,manufacturers buyers can deal with,manufacturers directly on alibaba unlike,aliexpress where there are more,retailers and middlemen than,manufacturers now working with factories,enables buyers to build relationships,that can help them get bigger discounts,when buying in bulk,can also customize private labeling,allows buyers to rebrand products under,their own brand name thus they can,develop their brand position and inspire,customer loyalty without investing in,product manufacturing now most suppliers,in aliexpress generally don't allow,customization on the other hand alibaba,suppliers provide buyers with various,customization options such as custom,labels and designs,now alibaba also has a request for,quotation feature where buyers can,request quotes by filling out a form,detailing the products or services,they're interested in and relevant,manufacturers then reach out directly to,you with pricing and delivery terms now,rfq is convenient because it saves time,finding suppliers aliexpress doesn't,have this feature,alright so here's how alibaba drop,shipping works you connect your store to,alibaba you find products to sell you,import these products directly into your,online store and then when an order,comes in the drop shipper fulfills the,order,all right so here's a step-by-step guide,on how to dropship with alibaba to,dropship from alibaba you need to find a,niche and validate the product with your,target audience so start out by checking,out online marketplaces like amazon to,understand the average selling price of,the product you plan on selling and then,once you figure something out it's time,to open an account with alibaba,all right so here's a step-by-step,tutorial on how to get started step one,you've got to search for suppliers so,head over to the search box on alibaba,to find the product use the products,drop down to find products and suppliers,and avoid using the suppliers drop down,as that will limit your filtering,options,narrow down the suppliers by using the,filters available on the left hand side,make sure you check the trade assurance,supplier type even if you don't wish to,use that service suppliers that accept,the buyer protection terms in the trade,assurance program are much more likely,to be authentik,now make sure you check out the ready to,ship and paid samples check boxes to,narrow down the list further,now using these two filters increases,the likelihood of finding suppliers who,dropship skip these two filters if you,want to customize the products as,suppliers offering fast dispatch are,unlikely to offer customization,next type 1 in the minimum order filter,as suppliers in alibaba generally have,higher minimum order quantities or moqs,step two check the product details now,on the product page review the pricing,in moq if you see one piece minimum,order the supplier will probably,dropship for you now the pricing will be,expensive for quantities up to 25 or 50,after which you'll see a considerable,price drop now this pricing does not,include shipping costs unless specified,step 3 make a list of potential,suppliers now not all suppliers will,meet your standards or be willing to,dropship so compile a list of potential,suppliers to give yourself more options,as you negotiate pricing do a background,search on all the suppliers and check if,they meet the following criteria they,partikipate in the trade assurance,program they offer a moq of one they,have reasonable pricing and they have,good reviews and ratings,step four contact your suppliers,contact suppliers by clicking on the,contact supplier button and you'll be,using alibaba's messaging platform that,works just like email you can also ask,for the supplier's wechat id china's top,instant messaging app where you're more,likely to get faster responses now it's,also worth noting that there's a 14 to,16 hour time difference between the us,and china so some suppliers may reply,slower should also be prepared for,communication challenges now to minimize,them use language translation tools such,as google translate now even if the,supplier speaks english it's best to,avoid lengthy sentences with complex,words so stik to short sentences with,simple words now your first message,shouldn't be too long and your goal,should be to find out if they drop ship,their products to the countries you plan,on selling here's an email template that,you can use to inquire about drop,shipping hi my name is steve chu i'm,from xyz company and we're based in,california we're interested in,partnering with you to drop ship this,product,our customers are in the us and the uk,could you please answer the following,questions what is your moq cost per unit,and the shipping time to the u.s and,what are your payment terms for new,customers i would also like to order a,sample please send me the cost for the,sample and shipping to the following,address thank you steve,now keep in mind that you should also,avoid using links to gmail whatsapp,facebook and dropbox in your email as,these services are banned in china also,avoid attaching large files to the email,or message as the internet speed in,china isn't necessarily the best,step 5 decide on the payment method now,alibaba supports multiple payment,channels such as credit cards online,transfers and paypal but here are the,four standard payment methods rated from,safest to least safe,alibaba trade assurance is an escrow,service where the funds are released as,a supplier only when the buyer receives,the goods as per the agreed terms,alibaba's trade assurance provides buyer,protection from faulty products and,fraud it also gives buyers confidence in,knowing if their money is handled,through a third-party escrow service,however trade assurance does cost the,supplier money and delays the rec

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Do NOT Use Aliexpress to Dropship (NEW 2022 Method)

Drop Shipping is dead,this is a phrase that I've heard,countless times over the past few years,it has caught so much confusion and it's,time for me to clear this out selling,things on the Internet isn't going away,what's popping YouTube my name is Nathan,Nazareth welcome back to the channel,I've been doing e-commerce and drop,spring for over three and a half years,doing multiple seven figures in online,sales but like I said there's a whole,host of problems doing things this way,the reason people have this common,misconception About Drop Shipping is due,to scammy looking websites low product,quality long shipping times and all the,other major hassles that you have to,deal with when you're working directly,through a product page on AliExpress to,fulfill your orders and one of the most,important if not the most important,things that I learned along my journey,was to establish a private supplier,right from the job establishing a,relationship with a private supplier has,never been easier yet people are still,doing it in very very incorrect ways so,I'm going to be clearing all that up and,showing you guys exactly how to get a,private supplier in this video to Jump,Right In AliExpress sucks as a supplier,using AliExpress simply limits your,growth and will not satisfy your,customers two main reasons why,AliExpress fails to be good supplier is,won the long shipping times and two the,poor product quality customers just,don't want to wait three to five weeks,for their product to arrive at their,house anymore I don't blame them we're,in the era of Amazon Prime where things,are literally showing up the day people,order them now not only will these long,shipping times overcomplicate the,process causing you more money since,customers will constantly be emailing,and you'll have to respond taking your,time or hiring somebody to respond to,all these issues but they'll refund,orders along the way they'll open,chargeback requests which will not only,charge you fees but they'll also hurt,your payment processors which means that,they'll essentially start holding all,the money in which will really start to,inhibit your scaling potential another,main issue about going through,AliExpress is that there's pretty much,no reliability you're using this one,product page and you'll be left never,knowing if your orders went out on time,if the boxes were all damaged if the,products were broken if the consumers,actually received the product that they,paid for this is exactly why Drop,Shipping gets a bad name when I first,started dropshipping I ran into,countless issues on multiple occasions I,found out the supplier actually shipped,the product to the wrong address and,when I would reach out to them about it,they would either deny it or not answer,me altogether,punch you on the face so bad right now,another common issue these suppliers,will get you on is actually sending,lower quality products to your consumers,they have little incentive to,communicate with the people who buy from,them so in other words they're kind of,just sending out whatever to your,customers because they don't care,they've already made the money terrible,business now that I've gone over why,AliExpress is just not sustainable in,the long run and it's potentially,holding back your business from getting,to the next level I think we should tok,about some of the key benefits that come,along with having a private supplier and,why you literally need one right now so,starting off with a private supplier you,can achieve shipping times much much,faster in many cases you can actually,get two to five day shipping which is,typical for domestik suppliers in other,words suppliers that hold your inventory,in the United States if that's where,you're selling to or in Europe or in,Canada and so on and so forth another,bonus of working with these private,suppliers is usually the potential for,white labeling for custom packaging logo,those and just creating an overall more,unique and branded customer experience a,private supplier would also be willing,to negotiate with you for lower prices,for faster shipping for cheaper shipping,depending on how many units you are,actually selling that way the more,successful that you become and the more,volume you start pushing through the,supplier the more likely they are to,reduce some of the costs per unit thus,increasing your profit margins over time,you're going to need it now at this,point you're probably saying okay I'm,sold but how do I actually find these,private suppliers to work with now this,can be a tricky task if you don't know,where to look and there's lots of,misinformation on it and also many,suppliers are reluctant to work with,drop shippers especially relatively,inexperienced drop shippers that aren't,pushing a lot of volume however there,are a few crucial methods and things,that you can do to increase your chances,in working with a top tier supplier,right off the bat firstly you can try,reaching out to suppliers that,specialize in a product that you're,already selling these suppliers are more,likely to be familiar with the niche the,industry that you're selling my products,in and you can immediately start toking,with them and asking them questions,which makes you seem more experienced,and makes you seem like you're already,pushing units or you're ready to start,selling thousands of these things and,remember they're going to get excited,about that because they want to make,money just as bad as you do you can also,try contacting some smaller suppliers,they might not be as reputable yet but,typically they'll be more flexible with,their terms and willing to take on new,partners as they are trying to seek out,as many new clients as possible because,they're just getting their business,going also if you urgently need private,suppliers and you want to shortcut some,of the time involved with actually going,out there and finding a list yourself,you can click the first link down below,which will be an application link to my,mentorship program inside of my,education company in here we have lists,of vetted suppliers that I've worked,with for years and built up amazing,relationships with on top of that you'll,be seeing a holistik picture into how I,do Drop Shipping in 2022. we only have a,few spots left so hurry down there and,see if you can pick one know now when,you're just starting Drop Shipping it,can be difficult to go straight into,finding a private supplier the easiest,way for people just starting out is to,actually go ahead and get their hands on,an agent an agent essentially works as a,middleman and has experience working,directly with all these different,manufacturers and suppliers this will,save you a ton of money and hassle in,the long run because the agent will be,able to get the best quotes for you for,tons of different suppliers and they'll,essentially do all that work that is,really time consuming on your end,oftentimes these agents or even,third-party platforms that do this,service for you will actually try to,drop ship on top of that and add more,additional costs along the way so it is,vital to speak with multiple agents and,making sure you're not getting drop,shipped or further ripped off along the,process if that makes sense now when,trying to find one of these agents there,are a few different websites for example,Alibaba where you can start going and,just messaging every single supplier,though more often than not that's how,you're going to find the actual,suppliers and manufacturers so my,preference is to use Auto DS which will,actually connect you with an agent,associated with the supplier themselves,or you can go to an agent directly who,will go to their suppliers and find you,the best deal for your product now,autods actually aims to be a full,service automation dropshipping platform,but like I said one of the best things,about using the platform Auto DS is that,they can easily integrate and connect,you with some of their top suppliers and,get you the best quotes I've

AliExpress vs Alibaba — Which Is Best for Importing & Dropshipping?

in this video we'll compare alibaba,versus aliexpress explaining each,difference between the two marketplaces,and which one is best for business needs,like drop shipping and importing i'm,katie j simmons with fit small business,the first thing to know about alibaba,and aliexpress is that they're actually,owned by the same company the alibaba,group because of this the two platforms,have a lot of similarities and at a high,level they're both online product,sources that specialize in global,trading through third-party sellers but,the primary difference between the two,is that alibaba is designed exclusively,for b2b transactions or business to,business so it's a marketplace that's,meant for importing large quantities of,wholesale goods,alibaba is typically used by retailers,and other businesses who purchase,products in bulk to resell online or in,brick and mortar stores,aliexpress on the other hand is a b2c,platform or business to consumer,this means that you can buy and import,products individually which makes it,ideal to use for drop shipping,it can also be helpful for retailers to,test certain products or test new,markets before committing to an,inventory,additionally some consumers even use,aliexpress to purchase products directly,at discounted prices,looking at the other key differences a,big one is the amount of time that each,order takes from purchase to delivery,this includes the supplier's lead time,which accounts for processing production,and fulfillment as well as shipping of,the order,both marketplaces tend to be somewhat,time consuming largely because the,majority of sellers are located in asia,but alibaba averages 15 to 45 days while,aliexpress can take as little as seven,days to learn everything involved in,importing from china click the link in,the description,the price of products on alibaba is,going to be extremely low as well as,negotiable and that's because their,wholesale rates which is the price of a,product before any retail markup is,added,a lot of the time these costs will also,vary depending on the size of your order,buying at wholesale prices like this is,typically the best way for businesses to,make a high profit margin on their sales,especially for amazon sellers who need,to stay competitive,aliexpress prices are slightly higher,and they're non-negotiable this is,because they're retail rates so they're,already marked up and they don't have,that economy pricing,that being said they're still typically,well below what you could find on any,us-based retail site,here's a look at that pricing in action,this thumb drive goes for as little as,150 when purchased in bulk on alibaba,and that exact same product sells for,525 on aliexpress,even though that's a retail price it's,still way lower than the same thumb,drive selling elsewhere like this,listing which has it going for over ten,dollars,another consistent difference is the,cost of shipping,on alibaba it varies based on the,individual seller and there are,typically many options to choose from in,terms of freight mode cost and speed,aliexpress shipping is often free and,usually there are some expedited,shipping options available for pretty,cheap,for helpful info on e-commerce shipping,check out the link down in the,description,moq or minimum order quantity is the,smallest number of a specific product,that you can buy from a seller on,alibaba all products have an mlq,associated with them which is part of,the b2b design and it varies a lot,depending on the product and the seller,some goods especially large or expensive,items have an mlq of just one to two,pieces,whereas cheaper products may have an mlq,of multiple hundreds,or even upwards of a thousand pieces,aliexpress product listings won't ever,have minimum order quantities you can,place orders of just a single item with,any supplier and that's part of its,designation as a b2c marketplace like,amazon or ebay it's also partly why the,prices are consistently higher than on,alibaba,some buyers may want customization on,their products like if you sell white,label goods or if you want to design a,truly unique product that other sellers,don't have,alibaba is the better choice for custom,products and private label goods whereas,aliexpress doesn't have customization,options on most of its products,you can see on this alibaba listing that,the seller offers lots of custom stuff,like packaging and inscription,whereas that same item on aliexpress,doesn't give you any of those choices,lastly ease of use is a little different,between the two sites,alibaba is moderately easy to use and,that's because it isn't a regular,ecommerce store with a simple shopping,cart in checkout,the ordering process involves lots of,back and forth with the supplier and the,following processes can be a little bit,confusing if you're an experienced,wholesale buyer it's all very,straightforward but otherwise there's,definitely a learning curve involved,we'll show you more on it later,aliexpress on the other hand is very,easy to use it's just like shopping on,any ecommerce site and has significantly,fewer steps involved than shopping on,alibaba,now that we've gone over the differences,between the two marketplaces let's,explore how they work starting with,alibaba,the site has lots of features to,facilitate wholesale buying such as a,secure payment portal which is powered,by alipay alipay is one of the largest,third-party online payment service,providers in the world and this service,provides protection for both buyers and,suppliers in any transaction,60-day interest-free purchase financing,is available which makes placing bulk,wholesale orders much more accessible,for many people,there's also a trade assurance program,that protects your orders so if either,the product quality or the ship date,differs from your purchase agreement,alibaba offers assistance in resolving,the issue including getting your money,back,product inspection services can be,purchased through alibaba which is a,huge resource for wholesale buyers for,as little as 48 dollars a member of the,alibaba service team will conduct an,on-site check of a manufacturing,facility to check for product conformity,quality issues and some monitor,production status,one of alibaba's most notable features,is its massive pool of sellers which,creates a vast product inventory to,choose from the marketplace hosts,millions of sellers and nearly six,thousand product categories,additionally alibaba is equipped with,global sourcing tools that can help new,buyers get started as well as simplify,the workflow of experienced customers,these include alibaba freight which lets,you compare pricing,book manage and track freight shipping,for all of your bulk orders as well as a,one-click request for quotation tool,the site includes multi-language support,with 18 language options and over 150,currencies,and lastly alibaba launched its own,dropshipping program in 2018 it provides,a free marketplace to source certain,products without any minimum order,quantity that being said it is,significantly weaker than aliexpress's,dropshipping capabilities,to purchase wholesale products from,alibaba you'll first need to make an,account,which requires entering your info as,well as the name of your legally,registered business,once you're signed in use the site's,search function to find products that,you're looking for,since the selection is so vast it's,important to use very specific search,terms,as you browse through listings consider,each item's price as well as the,suppliers attributes,always check for trade assurance,partikipation as well as verification,status,verified suppliers have had their,factories inspected by alibaba's third,party service so it helps ensure,reliability,you can filter search results,to only show suppliers who have these,qualifications,also check out the supplier page that's,linked on each item page,here you can find reviews and other,helpful metrics that can assist you in,your evaluation of the supplier,pick a few suppliers th

Alibaba vs Aliexpress | Who is Best for Dropshipping?

[Music],what's going on you guys welcome back to,business buzz where we focus on business,entrepreneurship and investing today,we're going to be looking at the subtle,differences between Aliexpress and,Alibaba many people consider utilizing,these businesses whether it be for,dropshipping or private labeling things,like that but what's best for your,business let's get into that first off,let's tok about Alibaba Alibaba is one,of the biggest companies in the world in,this a marketplace for manufacturers and,resellers Alibaba is mainly used for b2b,transactions business-to-business and if,you want to buy things in large,quantities it's a place to go,Alibaba is also a great site to,customize a product if you're interested,in doing any private labeling for your,business if you're unsure of what,private labeling is and how it can help,your business out basically you would go,on to Alibaba get in contact with the,manufacturer and say hey I want my logo,on let's say you're buying yo-yos and,then they can ship you the yo-yos with,your logo on it where you can then,resell it wherever you want now let's,tok a little bit about Aliexpress,Aliexpress is actually owned by Alibaba,as you may have guessed,however Aliexpress is more b2c business,to customer it's more retail than,Alibaba is this is we're on Alibaba,where they usually have sales in the,hundreds and thousands of quantities on,Aliexpress you'll see a lot of times,people just ordering one quantity of a,product because they're just customers,looking for a product keep in mind you,can still buy in bulk on Aliexpress so,if you find a better deal then why not,however keep in mind that private,labeling usually is not an option and,you really can't customize on there,while Alibaba is more so manufacturers,selling Aliexpress is mostly resellers,middlemen trying to make a quick buck,they pick up these products from,factories for very cheap and then sell,them on the site for also pretty cheap,if you have a drop shipping business or,if you're looking to start one which one,should you choose before we get into,that make sure you guys go down and real,quick hit that like button hit that,subscribe and notifications on,first off if you don't even know what,dropshipping is or how the business,model works basically it's usually you,opening up a site selling a product on,that site and then once that product is,sold,you have the product from the,manufacturer ship directly to the,customer so you never touch the product,and you only buy the product once it's,been sold you're the middleman with low,startup cost it's a great business model,just hard to get rule keeping that in,mind Aliexpress is a much better option,for dropshipping considering they have,much more one quantity options so if a,customer buys one yo-yo,you can simply contact Aliexpress and,have them ship that one yo-yo once you,buy it from there,an important thing to keep in mind with,drop shipping and one of the biggest,drawbacks to using a site from China,like Aliexpress or Alibaba is the,shipping shipping can take a long time,from China especially the standard rates,where you're not paying much it can take,sometimes up to a month for your product,to arrive and obviously your customer,might not be too happy about that that's,why you want to find a good reliable,fast shipping manufacturer on a site,like Aliexpress or Alibaba if you're,looking to get into private labeling,well who should you go with with that it,turns out that Alibaba is usually the,better choice when it comes to private,labeling considering the fact that,they're just usually a lot cheaper in,the higher quantities it's also,important to keep in mind that Alibaba,is much more professional and meant for,business-to-business transactions make,sure that when you're on Alibaba you,look for gold star sellers to make sure,you don't get scammed so that about,wraps up this video I really hope you,guys took something of value here if you,did make sure you go down hit that like,and definitely subscribe to our channel,because we come out with great content,every day so we'll see you next time