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aliexpress dropshipping center not showing

Published on: February 7 2023 by pipiads

Do NOT Use Aliexpress for Dropshipping (NEW 2023 Method)

okay. so it's no secret that using AliExpress for your Drop Shipping business can be a pain, unless your beginner and didn't know that information. well, it can be a pain. not only does using AliExpress mean longer shipping times- and when I say longer, I ain't toking about mine, you know what I'm saying I'm toking about. your customer will wait up to one month to receive their product. Oh, and you can also get scammed more on that shortly. so let me show you how you can not only get fast shipping but also better quality products to. your customers are happy. now you can't compete with Amazon by fulfilling your orders using AliExpress. what people have to wait literally over four weeks to receive their order? I mean you can't compete with Amazon in general. now you may or you may not know that wet on aliexpresscom, you can actually select ships from and select the United States, so that way you can get faster shipping. and I did this because most USA suppliers on AliExpress will still take weeks on average to get your product out to the customers. and also selecting that option means the product will cost much higher than if you are shipping directly from China, meaning your margins are gonna- you know what I'm saying- disappear. now remember, when I say you can get scammed, let's not forget that you're trusting complete strangers all the way in China and giving them money to send products to customers that in most cases, they won't even send. me personally, I lost over twenty thousand dollars back in 2019 when I found my first big winner and was scaling it. as you can see, these orders say: canceled, because I literally had to cancel all of them because they didn't receive the product that I had to, you know, dispute it. as you can see right here, it says: appeal status: finished, appeal accepted. not a single one of those customers within that you know order list received their product, even though the supplies sent me tracking numbers, which I then obviously sent to the customers thinking: here's your tracking number, you can track your products here, and they didn't receive a damn thing. I'm laughing because it hurt, not because it's funny. long story short, but it's only the amount of money I had to spend refunding those customers that did not receive their products and the 20 plus thousand that the supplier took away from me. let's just say I lost about over fifty thousand dollars. for sure, if you do the math based on how long I'm scrolling, I was selling this product for over 60 bucks. so, as you can see, yeah, I had to refund a lot of people and lose the money I paid them to ship these products. I'm still going now. if you're still testing products and you haven't found that winning product yet, here's a great tip on how to handle orders. before I show you how to get fast shipping when you're scaling, so when you're still testing products, you might get two sales, maybe even 10 plus sales, but then, for some reason- why you try scaling, it doesn't work and you have to, you know, turn off the product and test something else. so, instead of shipping those two to ten orders that you got when you were testing that first product, I advise you to just refund those customers. and here's why: because then they're gonna have to wait months to receive their order, which will then result in a bad customer experience, which can then result in Shopify, whatever platform you use to drop ship, to terminate your account, meaning your payment processor, PayPal and everything- will not allow you to collect payments, meaning you can't drop ship anymore. there's so many issues with using AliExpress. man, I can go on forever. you should literally only use AliExpress to, you know, check the price on the product and nothing else. with that being said, here's how you actually get fast shipping: an agent who will be able to Source Products for you and also take care of everything shipping. I'm gonna hop on my computer to show you how you can find that agent like this, but first let me tell you the pros of why you should use an agent. obviously you get fast shipping, but they also do quality control, meaning they make sure the products that they're sending out to people is actually working, it's actually good quality, it's not broken and stuff like that, because that can make a customer literally angry as hell, ask for a refund, complain, all sorts of stuff. to where you lose money. now, when I say fast shipping, I'm not toking about two-day shipping, three-day shipping. the only way you can do that is if you order in bulk and ship directly from a warehouse by yourself or with a team, but that literally defeats the whole purpose of Drop Shipping. but with my agent I'm able to get 8 to 12 day shipping times, which is so much better than literally waiting over a month. with AliExpress like 8 to 12 days is not bad at all, especially because my brand is in the custom jewelry. so my website. I tell people it takes two to five days to, you know, custom make the product because we pay attention to detail. so I build value on my website while letting them know, hey, it's going to take 8 to 12 days to get your order. you know what I'm saying because I ain't Amazon. so if you do choose to use an agent, even though 12 days is better than you know over four weeks with AliExpress, still try to build value on your website and, you know, convince them that 12 day is well worth the wait. now let me hop my computer and show you how you can find an agent today. I found mine back in 2019 through relationships, but here's how you can do it today. okay, so all you're gonna do is come here- I'll have the link to this in the description box down below. you're just gonna enter your full name, email, phone number, WhatsApp number, if you have that, and then number of orders you're doing per day. now, as you can see right here, it says we require a minimum of five orders per day. that's it. like. I have never seen any you know agent or any of that that only requires five orders per day. usually it's 50 plus orders per day for them to you know, work with you, but with this they're able to do it with only five orders per day, and then you just send them the AliExpress link, um to the product, click submit and then they'll be able to go ahead and Source the products for you. give you a cheaper price, faster shipping, obviously and literally. it's insane that all you need to do is five orders per day to get the benefits of this. now I tried making one million dollars in one year from scratch as a beginner with Drop Shipping. watch this video to see how that went. watch it now. peace, get out of here.

Do NOT Use Aliexpress to Dropship (NEW 2022 Method)

Drop Shipping is dead. this is a phrase that I've heard countless times over the past few years. it has caught so much confusion and it's time for me to clear this out. selling things on the Internet isn't going away. what's popping YouTube? my name is Nathan Nazareth. welcome back to the channel. I've been doing e-commerce and drop spring for over three and a half years doing multiple seven figures in online sales, but, like I said, there's a whole host of problems doing things this way. the reason people have this common misconception About Drop Shipping is due to scammy looking websites, low product quality, long shipping times and all the other major hassles that you have to deal with when you're working directly through a product page on AliExpress to fulfill your orders. and one of the most important, if not the most important, things that I learned along my journey was to establish a private supplier right from the job. establishing a relationship with a private supplier has never been easier, yet people are still doing it in very, very incorrect ways, so I'm going to be clearing all that up and showing you guys exactly how to get a private supplier in this video to Jump Right In. AliExpress sucks, as a supplier. using AliExpress simply limits your growth and will not satisfy your customers. two main reasons why AliExpress fails to be good supplier is won the long shipping times and two, the poor product quality. customers just don't want to wait three to five weeks for their product to arrive at their house anymore. I don't blame them. we're in the era of Amazon Prime, where things are literally showing up the day. people order them now. not only will these long shipping times overcomplicate the process, causing you more money, since customers will constantly be emailing and you'll have to respond, taking your time or hiring somebody to respond to all these issues- but they'll refund orders along the way. they'll open chargeback requests, which will not only charge you fees, but they'll also hurt your payment processors, which means that they'll essentially start holding all the money in, which will really start to inhibit your scaling potential. another main issue about going through AliExpress is that there's pretty much no reliability. you're using this one product page and you'll be left never knowing if your orders went out on time, if the boxes were all damaged, if the products were broken, if the consumers actually received the product that they paid for. this is exactly why Drop Shipping gets a bad name. when I first started dropshipping, I ran into countless issues. on multiple occasions I found out the supplier actually shipped the product to the wrong address and when I would reach out to them about it, they would either deny it or not answer me altogether. punch you on the face- so bad right now. another common issue these suppliers will get you on is actually sending lower quality products to your consumers. they have little incentive to communicate with the people who buy from them, so, in other words, they're kind of just sending out whatever to your customers because they don't care. they've already made the money terrible business. now that I've gone over why AliExpress is just not sustainable in the long run and it's potentially holding back your business from getting to the next level, I think we should tok about some of the key benefits that come along with having a private supplier and why you literally need one right now. so, starting off with a private supplier, you can achieve shipping times much, much faster. in many cases, you can actually get two to five day shipping, which is typical for domestik suppliers, in other words, suppliers that hold your inventory in the United States, if that's where you're selling to, or in Europe or in Canada, and so on and so forth. another bonus of working with these private suppliers is usually the potential for white labeling, for custom packaging, logo, those and just creating an overall, more unique and branded customer experience. a private supplier would also be willing to negotiate with you for lower prices, for faster shipping, for cheaper shipping, depending on how many units you are actually selling. that way, the more successful that you become and the more volume you start pushing through the supplier, the more likely they are to reduce some of the costs per unit, thus increasing your profit margins over time. you're going to need it now. at this point, you're probably saying, okay, I'm sold, but how do I actually find these private suppliers to work with now? this can be a tricky task if you don't know where to look and there's lots of misinformation on it, and also many suppliers are reluctant to work with drop shippers, especially relatively inexperienced drop shippers that aren't pushing a lot of volume. however, there are a few crucial methods and things that you can do to increase your chances in working with a top tier supplier right off the bat. firstly, you can try reaching out to suppliers that specialize in a product that you're already selling. these suppliers are more likely to be familiar with the niche, the industry that you're selling my products in and you can immediately start toking with them and asking them questions, which makes you seem more experienced and makes you seem like you're already pushing units or you're ready to start selling thousands of these things. and remember they're going to get excited about that because they want to make money just as bad as you do. you can also try contacting some smaller suppliers. they might not be as reputable yet, but typically they'll be more flexible with their terms and willing to take on new partners, as they are trying to seek out as many new clients as possible because they're just getting their business going. also, if you urgently need private suppliers and you want to shortcut some of the time involved with actually going out there and finding a list yourself, you can click the first link down below, which will be an application link to my mentorship program inside of my education company. in here we have lists of vetted suppliers that I've worked with for years and built up amazing relationships with. on top of that, you'll be seeing a holistik picture into how I do Drop Shipping in 2022.. we only have a few spots left, so hurry down there and see if you can pick one. know now, when you're just starting Drop Shipping, it can be difficult to go straight into finding a private supplier. the easiest way for people just starting out is to actually go ahead and get their hands on an agent. an agent essentially works as a middleman and has experience working directly with all these different manufacturers and suppliers. this will save you a ton of money and hassle in the long run, because the agent will be able to get the best quotes for you for tons of different suppliers and they'll essentially do all that work that is really time consuming on your end. oftentimes, these agents, or even third-party platforms that do this service for you, will actually try to drop ship on top of that and add more additional costs along the way. so it is vital to speak with multiple agents and making sure you're not getting drop shipped or further ripped off along the process, if that makes sense now, when trying to find one of these agents, there are a few different websites, for example Alibaba, where you can start going and just messaging every single supplier, though more often than not, that's how you're going to find the actual suppliers and manufacturers. so my preference is to use Auto DS, which will actually connect you with an agent associated with the supplier themselves, or you can go to an agent directly, who will go to their suppliers and find you the best deal for your product. now, autods actually aims to be a full service automation dropshipping platform but, like I said, one of the best things about using the platform Auto DS is that they can easily integrate and connect you with some of their top suppliers and get you the best quotes. I've.


How to Find Winning Products on AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Hi guys, welcome back to our channel. in today's video, we are going to tok about a dropshipping boost tool: AliExpress Dropshipping Center. With AliExpress dropshipping center, even if you don't necessarily do your dropshipping from AliExpress, many things will still become much more easy, such as finding new products, understanding the trend, finding reliable suppliers, analyzing the product data. If you don't know how to take advantage of it yet, today's video will help you a lot. I'm Bella from CJdropshipping. in this new channel, we will update this kind of useful dropshipping information on a weekly basis. So if you'd like to grow your dropshipping business with us, don't forget to subscribe our channel and turn on the notification bell. Enough introduction, let's get started. If you don't have an AliExpress account yet, you can sign up for one first, which is free and very easy. just need to fill in some information. If you have an account already, log in first. You will find the account section on the right side of the landing page. click here and it will bring you to this "My AliExpress" page, And here's something that I feel like need to be mentioned. tiknically speaking, you can find the entrance of dropshipping center right here, but if you've never used AliExpress or dropshipping center before, there's gonna be an extra step for you to launch this function. Google "AliExpress dropshipping center" or put in the address. you will see an agreement like this. just scroll down and click agree with all the terms. so when you log in AliExpress again, you will see the entrance. right here On the dash board there are "Find Products to Sell" and "Products Analysis". Let's now explore these two tools. There are three features on find products to sell. 1. Hot selling: As the name implies, this feature allows you to find trending products in AliExpress. You can search for items by typing their names. If you are not sure about what to sell, you can browse the list and find the ideal product. It is a good way to discover your dropshipping niche. Here also has the product category. you can filter the results by price, shipping places, shipping methods, delivery time. Let's try it out. say we want some product shipped from China to the United States. delivery time: less than 10 days. price ranged from 5 to 40. by the way, I set limitations like this is because this is almost the most common situation lots of dropshippers will run into and now click "ok". now you will see products that fit all the standards you set listed below here. 2. Search by image. If you find a specific product that you want to sell but have no idea what the name of it should be or how to describe, you can just upload the image and search, which can save you a lot of time. You can also use feature whenever you see something cool in your competitor's store and want to find out how much you could get that item for your own store. 3. Sponsored products. In this section you can see sponsored products from the AliExpress suppliers, Which is not very useful if your dropshipping resource does not include AliExpress, so I'm not going to spend too much time on this feature. This is the second tool that you can find on the AliExpress Dropshipping Center. There are two ways how you can use it. First, you can see the "analyze" button on the right section of "Find Products to Sell" page, Or you can also click straight on the Product Analysis tab in your dashboard. How can this tool help? I'll demonstrate with an URL I prepared beforehand. Now put this URL in the box and click "Analyze". This graph here shows the Sales Volume over a period of time ranging between 0 and 100. You'll be able to tell how popular the product is and make a data-based decision before you go for it. Additionally, you should make sure to check the Sales Volume data from more than one supplier. It's very common for many different suppliers to be selling the same product. Thus, to have an accurate view of a partikular product's popularity, you need to compare the data from multiple suppliers. In this page, you can also check this supplier's logistiks reliability. In other words, you can see whether the products will be delivered on time or not. No matter how great the product is, if products cannot be shipped and delivered on time, you may lose some customers, who may further ruin your store-image by leaving negative reviews. So it is important to check here (logistiks reliability) to see if this supplier is trustworthy. Okay, that's all for today's tips on AliExpress Dropshipping Center. AliExpress Dropshipping Center is really a good tool for product research and hunting. it can be very powerful when you take full advantage of it. Make it a habit to check every product before starting to sell. It only takes a few seconds, but can make a huge difference in your business. If this video helped you, please hit the likes. if you still have questions about how to use it, feel free to leave your questions in the comment below. Your likes and comments will be really encouraging to us Any questions about CJdropshipping. please tweet them with the hashtag #AskCJdropshippingAnything. Thanks for watching. see you guys next week.

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AliExpress Dropshipping Center | NEW & Improved To Find Trending Products! 🤩

the AliExpress Drop Shipping Center is back and it's bigger and better than before. so if you're looking for a good way to add trending products to your stores and make more sales and profit, in this video, that's exactly what I'm going to show you: how to do quick intro and let's go alright. so let's check out the new in revised, AliExpress Drop Shipping Center, but one second before we get to it. if you haven't done so yet, don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to always learn about the next step in your Ecommerce business, as well as join our Facebook community and our new Discord Channel, where thousands of dropshippers just like you and I help each other succeed. that being said, let's dive inside and see what the new AliExpress Drop Shipping Center has to offer. first off, where do we find this new AliExpress Drop Shipping Center? so what you need to do is simply head over to the AliExpress website, log into your account on the top right side and then hover over it and click on my orders, so they hit it here in the order screen. what you're going to do now is, on the left menu, you're going to click on DS Center, which we see right here on the left side. if you do not see the Drop Shipping Center. first make some purchases with your new AliExpress account, reach out to their support and let them know that you're a drop shipper and you'd like to see their Drop Shipping Center. I didn't have to do that, but I do know k cases where new accounts do not see it right away, and that is what you're going to have to do in order to see it. so I clicked on the DS Center and this is what we're seeing: find products to sell. so here we're on the fine products section and we can also click on top selection to see the top selling products. but we're also going to see them here. now, what else do we have here? we have fine products to sell and we also have product analysis. this is where we can analyze products by just entering their URL right here, seeing their sales history as well as similar products to them. but right now, let's keep it simple: find products to sell. let's see what options we have here. so first you're going to choose whatever category you're interested in. so what category would you like to brainstorm? for example, you can go with computer in office, Home Improvement, Home and Garden. all of the Drop Shipping categories here. all of the categories here are Drop Shipping categories, Drop Shipping friendly categories. so all of the products here you can obviously drop ship them and you don't have to worry much about it being a drop shippable product or not. then you've got your ship from. so if you want to ship domestikally to your audience and you want to have fast shipping times, what you're going to do is ship from the same place that you want to ship to. so, for example, if you're Drop Shipping to the United Kingdom- so you're targeting the UK audience- then you're also going to look for products that ship from the United Kingdom, because AliExpress has warehouses today all around the world and this way, when you're shipping from into the same country, you're going to have really fast shipping times, really happy customers who will repeat their purchases on your website. so that's the first thing. you want to try: a ship from the same country that you want to ship to. then you have other filters, for example G. you have a discount code available. do you offer free shipping in this listing? does this listing have a video that I can showcase to my audience? and do you have local stok, which you can pretty much find that out when you're drop shipping from the warehouse that you want to Target. then you've got a minimum and maximum price setting and you can search for a product, okay. so if you already know what product you want to look for, like, for example, pet supplies, then you're going to search for that. okay, let me just clear the rest of the filters and let's just search for pet supplies. okay, I want to see how well that's doing. then I'm going to click on submit and here I can analyze the best pet supplies products. so what's the difference between doing this and simply going to AliExpress and searching for pet supplies? I mean, we can, we can just do that right and see the results. well, the difference is not only are you going to see the best sellers right here, okay, which you can also see in the regular search results if you look for the ones that have a lot of orders, right, but here in the Drop Shipping Center, you're also going to get this chart right here showing you how well this product is selling, the selling history, okay, and you're going to get more things like the items described, communication and shipping speed, so information that you would get only after entering these product listings from the regular search field and even on the regular search field, you're not going to get the best product results on page one. you are going to get those that are selling well, but you're gonna find the best ones through the Drop Shipping Center and with this chart. here you're also going to get historical data on how well this product has been performing recently, and not just in all of its time since it was created. so when you're searching for a product, you don't know if this listing was created five years ago and you know in the last year it's not really trending anymore. that is what you're going to see by simply hovering over the products in the Drop Shipping Center. okay, so here, for example, you can see this terrarium reptiles product which is starting to Trend pretty well, and of course, we're right before Christmas. so anything that has to do with Christmas is going to sell like crazy right now, but maybe by the time you're watching this video it's not Christmas anymore, but that doesn't really matter. you got that product idea from the Drop Shipping Center. let's see if we've got Christmas ideas on the regular search results. okay, because if you're right before a certain holiday, you really want to sell those products, but because these products here under regular search results are not products that are trending right now. they're just products that are trending in general or maybe trended in the past. we're not going to see that right here in the search results. so that's another good reason to use the AliExpress dropkeeping center to see what's trending now and not what trended a year back. okay, what other information do we have here? let's hover over this one. another Christmas product. okay, so this one. as you can see, of course, the cells are going to start trending. it's going to start going up because we're about a month and a half away from Christmas. but if I click on this product- okay, let's click on it- then, of course, you're going to get go over to the product page. now what I could do is I could copy the URL. okay, then I'm going to head back to the Drop Shipping Center and I'm going to click on go to analyze. okay, it's the same as clicking on the product analysis up here here. now, what it did is it's looking for similar products to the one that I just clicked on. so I was on these bandanas, on these Christmas bandanas right here. I clicked on go to analyze and what it's showing me now is other pet Christmas bandanas that are trending right now. so this is a good way to find all of these trending products and add them to your stores while it's trending, while it's hot now. one quick way to do it: if you're using Auto DS and you've got the auto DS Chrome extension installed, you can simply hover over the product and click on this icon right here. then it will automatikally move to the draft section of your store where you can publish the product or optimize it before publishing. and that's it: one click Imports. as easy as that. but if you don't want the one click import option, if you want to import all these products without having to click on them one by one, another way to do it is by once again using the auto DS Chrome extension. I'm going to click on the circle icon right here. then I'm going to click on extract. now all of the product IDs.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center - How To Find The Top Trending Products In AliExpress?

aliexpress dropship center is a perfect method to find products, not only for dropshippers who do drop shipping from aliexpress. it's also a perfect method for products research and market research and to find the best products to sell right now for your drop shipping store. in this video, i will show you exactly how to register for aliexpress dropship center, what can you do using this aliexpress dropship center and some other interesting tips and tricks that you can use to save time for yourself and find the best and the hot selling drop shipping products right now. short intro and well starting: hello everybody. so, as you saw in the intro, don't forget to subscribe to this youtube channel. we release at least two dropshipping videos every week, we do live events and we share a lot of knowledge that we find interesting for dropshippers from autods. so let's start. before we get started, what is the aliexpress dropship center? the aliexpress dropship center is the dropshipping center of aliexpress, where they help you to find top selling products. what can they help you with? with many different criterias. the first one is just to recommend you some products that they see that selling the best way right now, but also accept the trending products. you can also just put a link to one of the products that you are thinking about. maybe you should sell this product and see if this product really gets sales right now, or maybe the trend already finished. so before we get started, let's see how to register to aliexpress dropship center. so to do that, we first need to create an aliexpress account, regular account in aliexpress. how to do that? so i will go to aliexpress. i will open an email. just for the example. it's really quick process, as you can see. create account. the account was created. now the second step that i need to go is to go to the dropship center. i will touch a link to the center below this video. but let's find the link in the easiest way. i will go to google and write aliexpress dropship center. you will see here kind of agreement. so just scroll down, check this checkbox here, click next again. next, here you should put your first and last name, submit and boom, go to the drop ship center. now, as you can see, you're already inside the dropship center. it was very quick and very easy process. the second step- and i want first to show you how you get there in the next time- so you go to your account, my orders and then in the top here we'll see the drop ship center. so after we registered to the dropship center, let's see what type of information can we get using this center. that will help us to save time and make our products much better, and then i will also explain how you can expand your store using this type of products. now something important: i'm using this tool not only to sell from aliexpress, because after i found the product, i can go and list this type of product from any of other supported suppliers in autodesk and they shouldn't really stik only with aliexpress. so let's see the first section that we have here called defined products to sell. if i go to this section, i can see here some interesting things. first of all, the interesting category for us is the hot selling, because the search by image or sponsored products not interesting for us right now. so, product category: if you prefer a specific category, you can go and choose the category that you want here. i will not show in this video a specific category, but usually home improvement, for example, is a very safe category when you work with any suppliers and this is something that for beginners, i would go and work using this one- electronics sometimes also, you can find very trending products there, so it's also interesting. but if the category is not relevant for you- and you are not- you don't care about which type of products to sell in your store. so i wouldn't really focus on that and i would continue without the category and search here. the second thing that i recommend you to do is to choose here the ship from china, because that's where we usually do drop shipping from the products that are cheaper and we have a good shipping from these countries, especially now in this period of the year. other countries are struggling with shipping, while china already fine, so i will choose this one. then i will go here to the price. so for beginners, i wouldn't work with products that are higher than 40 dollars. so i will write here 40 just to decrease the risk of the products that we are working with. but again, if you plan just to do a research here and then go and based from other us suppliers, like amazon, for example, so it's not a problem to put here even higher amount. but in this case i will just put here 40 and the minimum price. i will write five dollars because i don't want to work with products of one or two dollars. it's too cheap for me, so i will click here, okay, after we set the price range. the second thing that we will do here is that we will um filter by a pocket. if you're a beginner, e packet will be the easiest way for you to go, so just to choose a pocket here. by the way, below this video we will attach a link to aliexpress full a to z guide that we created in our autodesk dropshipping blog so we can go there, find what are the right policies to work with and some other interesting tips about dropshipping from aliexpress. so i choose here e packet and let's see what we see here. we see two types of columns. here we see the orders and we see the drop shipping holders. the dropshipping orders are orders that aliexpress decided that it's not to the address of the user and they see that this user is a dropshipper and that's why if someone has here a high amount of dropshipping orders, you can understand that there is a huge amount of successful sales using this product from aliexpress. but it's not always good and you should go and confirm on ebay if the competition is not too high, because sometimes i would even prefer products with high amount of olders but low amount of drop shipping orders. but again, it really depends on the product and in these type of cases i i would recommend to go to ebay and check if this type of products is really of product is really not too without too many competitors. so let's go first of all, we can see here many different products, many different type of products, and let's see- let's take a random product, for example, this led light- and see what happens if we click on the analyze here. so you have here a a graph which goes between 1: 200 and, as you can see, the trend here is pretty stable, which means that people really still selling this product and it's still trendy. because sometimes you will see a graph that goes really high and then it crashes and for this type of products i wouldn't even try to sell because they will see from aliexpress that this product doesn't really have a demand right now. so in these cases, just skip to the next product. but this product we can check here and see that it's pretty stable and we see a little drop here in the last day, but it's just because it's one day. i wouldn't really stop researching this type of product. by the way, if you want to optimize your titles or something like that. we will attach links below this video so you can check these links and see there how to find more profitable products in some other methods and how to optimize your titles. so check the description for more details. so we see a product here and what we can do from here. first we can open the product and we can see what we have here. first of all, we can see that this seller is really sold a lot from this product. the reviews are good, the seller is good. i can even download the ali tools extension to check if this product is really a good selling product. let's go to another tab where it's not incognito a little. okay, so i will download the ali tools extension so then i can really make easier research for this product and i can see here some points about this product. i wouldn't really upload this product because, as you can see here, we have

Do NOT Use Aliexpress to Dropship (NEW 2023 Method)

Drop Shipping is dead. this is a phrase that I've heard countless times over the years, so it's about time I clear something like this up. selling things on the internet is not going away. hey, Joshua Ricardo here, welcome back to the channel [Music]. I've been in the e-commerce and Drop Shipping space for three years and crossed seven figures in sales, but, like I said, there's a whole host of problems doing Drop Shipping this way: scammy looking websites, low product costs, long shipping times, even when using AliExpress to fulfill your order. the most important things that I learned is that establishing a reliable supplier from the get-go- and also, in 2022 and 2023, moving forward- establishing a relationship with the supplier has never been easier. yet people still do it the wrong way. so I want to be clearing all this up, and the first question that could probably come to your mind is that: how do I get a private supplier now? AliExpress sucks. it limits your growth and will not satisfy your customers, and there's two main reasons why AliExpress has failed to be a good supplier. number one, long shipping times. and number two, poor product quality. no one wants to wait three to five weeks for their products when people in Amazon Prime are getting their products within a few days by using AliExpress. there's so much hassle, with people wanting refunds, people complaining about the product costs, people complaining about the product quality, people complaining about the long shipping times. there's customers that will open chargeback requests. your payment process is getting hurt by so many people wanting refunds. your payment processes are holding all your money. there's just no reliability. and on AliExpress you know you have that one product page and you left actually never knowing if the product has actually been delivered to the right address, to the right customer and everything like that. you would never actually know if their products are broken, if their products are damaged, and this is why Drop Shipping gets a bad name. when I first started, I did this and one of my products actually got sent to the wrong address and when I told my supplier about it I heard no response. they didn't want to cooperate and it was just an overall terrible experience. now that I've gone and toked about how AliExpress is holding back your business from reaching its full potential and taking it to the next level, let's tok about the benefits of having a private supplier and why you need one. coming in at number one: faster shipping times. number two is that they have two to five day domestik shipping. number three: they allow private labeling, white labeling, getting customer logo packaging on your products to build more customer trust. coming in at number four: they're always willing and able to, you know, negotiate the product costs, the shipping times, for your own personal benefit. and coming in at number five: the more successful you are, the more chance that they're going to reduce the cost per unit, thus increasing your profit margins. and at this point you're probably saying I'm sold, but how do you actually find private suppliers? now, this can be tricky on how to find private supplies, but here's basically how to increase your chances of finding and Landing your own private supplier. number one is reaching out to existing suppliers that already carry the product that you want to sell now. these suppliers will be likely to be familiar with the products that you're selling within that niche. and number two: you can try contact smaller suppliers that are doing it at a much lower sale as they want to build their client base. so they're going to be open to messaging you and negotiating with you now. are you in need of urgent suppliers? now, if you want to shortcut, save yourself some time. don't worry about supplies ever again. you can click the first link below. it's going to be an application link for my mentorship program inside of our education company now, in that we have a list of vetted suppliers that I've used and built my relationships with them over the years. they're amazing and you'll also see inside how, in 2023, I'm actually doing Drop Shipping to better success my Brands. we only have a few spots left, so click the link below and pick one up now. another thing I want to tok about is by getting an agent. the best thing is with Asians, agents can actually get the best quotes for you for product costs and shipping times. now these ages not only save you time, but they do even save you money in the long term. so now what you could do to find agents is by using Alibaba. you can also use Auto DS, which automatikally integrate, you know, agents and supplies together, so they're already communicating and you don't have to do that now. by having an agent, they're going to have the network to get your product at a cheaper price. another way to go is to go to AliExpress, Alibaba- and just start messaging a bunch of the supplies and I'm sure they're going to respond to you. now you could use Alibaba, but they do have a minimum order quantity now. the biggest advantage of this is that they're already reputable. they're already successful in the space and they already have a good client base. now, by doing this, you can quickly build up your supply list, negotiate prices and get faster shipping times. now I urge you- and I can't stress this enough- build reputable relationships with suppliers. in some instances, people have been scammed. they've lost money. they've sent inventory to the supplies and never heard from them again. so don't be that guy. so my Pro tip and my Golden Nugget is: be very cautious on who you work with as a supplier in 2022 and 2023 and moving forward now. with that I mean I believe that you have all the resources and tools to land your very first private supplier or private agent, but if you want to cut the learning curve, get access to all my veter supplies that are working right below. as I said, you can click the first link in the description and get access to it right away, if not. thanks so much for tuning in. I hope you gained value from the video. if you did Smash the like button below, subscribe to the channel. we are posting weekly content. if you have any video suggestions, drop them down below and I'll see you guys in the next video. peace [Music]. foreign [Music].