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aliexpress dropshipping plugin wordpress

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

AliDropship Review & Tutorial - Best Dropshipping Plugin for WordPress?

Hey guys, it's Hogan here, and in this video I'm gonna be giving you a brief review of the ollie dropship plug-in, Which is a wordpress plugin to add a drop shipping store to your website. Okay, and I'll be showing you briefly how to use it, because I know a lot of you might be on the fence whether or not You could just stik with your WordPress store or you want to switch over to Shopify and oberlin for dropshipping. So personally, I think Shopify is a great platform to use for beginners to build out a drop shipping or e-commerce store, But it can get a little bit expensive. So I want to show you a another alternative and you can basically Determine whether or not it's good fit for you or not, Right? So when I was actually researching for a plugin for WordPress to build out my drop shipping store, I came across all a dropship and Also a plug-in called Whoo dropship. So my first impression of ollie dropship wasn't that great. I think everything looked pretty good, But the designer that just didn't really Stand out compared to a birla, which is the main drop shipping app for Shopify. So, as you can see, it's a little bit more modern and Aliexpress doesn't look that modern in my opinion. So I actually looked for another alternative, which was blue dropship. now with route dropship, It looked a little bit more similar to the Oboro app. So they also have a free trial. so I actually started off with the free trial and everything worked fine. everything was really good, especially the in-app image editing software which is included. and After the free trial I decided: you know, Should I switch to a like dropship or should I stay with the dropship? with Roo dropship, as you can see, it's $14 per month For orders less than a hundred- Ok. and then if it's more than a hundred orders, up to five hundred orders, It's $29 per month. So I was reading reviews for Olly dropship and all of them seemed really, really good. So I decided to actually get the plug-in, ok. so the main difference here is the pricing. on a dropship is a one payment of $89.. It doesn't matter, sort of you know, how many products you sell or how many products you import. It's $89 for free updates and support. So I think that's why you know it's got so many good reviews. So I decided to get it. and what I also realized is that they do have the image Editing app as well, which is really important. But another really important feature is that you actually get to import reviews, So import reviews from aliexpress website to your WordPress website. So I think that's really important for your dropshipping store because it adds a lot of social proof. okay, and I also realized that the community was a lot bigger than The word dropship plug-in. so they have this forum support area and it overall it just seemed a lot more active, Okay. and they also have the option where you can purchase add-ons. so, For Shopify stores, You probably are familiar with the recent sales pop-up like, for example, when you go to a Shopify store, There's a pop-up saying, let's say, John bought, you know, this item two hours ago. So you have the option to buy these additional add-ons and also add-on countdown timers. They have some free ones as well, which I think is really, really awesome. So I decided to get the plugin and I really really liked it. So I want to show you how it works because, Yeah, you might be on the fence and you can decide whether or not it's a good alternative. So below this video, there's a link that will take you to a lead rock ship and you can click on buy a plug-in. I'm gonna show you a tutorial on how it actually worked before you actually buy, but I'll show you the Process that you need to go through. click on Buy Now only for $89. and, as you can see here, there's two different plugins: I'll a dropship plug-in and Ally dropship blue version. So the main difference here is the ally dropship plug-in is it only works with the ally dropship Specific themes which they've created. All right, that's gonna include the e-commerce functionality, so you're gonna be able to set up the payment gateways through this plug-in and Also everything like that With the ally dropship version is compatible with WooCommerce, so it integrates with it, and it also works well with any of your WordPress themes that you might be using. so I prefer this one because I want to be using my themes. Okay, if you don't have hosting, you can select hosting, So you actually get both of those plugins, All right, so you don't have to worry. So I also have a coupon code which you can enter for 10% discount. So after when you've actually added the coupon code, you'll see that it saves 10%, and after when you've actually paid The credit card or PayPal and once you've completed the order, You will get a confirmation email which looks something like this: Okay, and what you'll need to do is you need to download the group plug into your computer. Okay, Because you have to install that onto your WordPress website, and what you want to do is you want to copy over the license key, because we also need to activate it. right, then you'll need to login to your WordPress website and you'll need to go to plugins, and Then you'll need to add new and you need to upload the plug-in and also install and activate it. So once you've done that, then you should appear up here I'll a dropship whoo, and What you can do is you can click it. Ok, that will take you to the ally dropship menu, basically, alright. So you need to click on license and you need to paste in the license key that they gave you. So paste it in here and activate. so this license Keys only available for one website, but if you want to switch Your drops you may store to another domain. then you can contact the ally dropship support and tell them to Deactivate it on this website and then you can move it to another website. Okay, so you can't have two stores at once with one license, Ok, after when you've done that, then what you'll need to do is you need to go to Google and just Search up ally dropship Chrome extension and you can add that to your chrome. Okay, Then what you'll need to do is you'll need to make sure that you are logged in to your website here. Ok, so you need to add your website and make sure to connect it to. Once you've actually done that, then what you can do to import the products, which is really really easy- You can click on Aliexpress. so, to import the products, you can just click on use direct import and That's going to take you to the Aliexpress website. okay, if you don't have an account with Aliexpress yet, then what I recommend you do is to create your Account first, okay, But after, when you've done that, then to import a product, you can simply just hover over The categories here and you can browse through and select the product. So, for example, I might select maybe a hoodie, Okay, and I'll show you how easy it is to add in. So we're gonna search here, We're going to scroll through, Okay, this one doesn't look too bad, so let's say, I like this hoodie. you can also click on this button here, Okay, and that's gonna import to your WordPress store, But what I like to do is obviously click into it because you want to check the reviews And you want to check the products and things like that to see whether or not you want to import it. What I like is you can also check- Check if it's cheaper on other sellers. Okay, Let's say, if you like it, you like what you see, you like the feedback, Then what you do is on the top here you'll see a light drop ship on the toolbar and you can click on edit. Ok, so what's that doing is it's gonna sort of import all the images and all the product information to the Chrome extension. Okay, So this is the Chrome extension and what it enables you to do is actually to edit the images, Edit the variations and also the titles and everything before you import it to your WordPress website. So I think this is really handy because you can filter everything down. So, for example, I'm going to just remove everything here, just like that plus-sized men's woody a.

How to install and use Aliexpress Dropshipping and Fulfillment for WooCommerce

you are looking for a method to import aliexpress products to your woocommerce store, then automatikally fulfill aliexpress orders rapidly and effectively. aliexpress dropshipping and fulfillment for woocommerce will help you a hand. with this plugin, you can import unlimited products on aliexpress, manage aliexpress products orders wisely and do fulfill order automatikally. install plugin. download and install the plugin from the zip file. [Music]. [Music]- how to connect woocommerce and aliexpress. [Music]. to connect between woocommerce and aliexpress [Music]. you need to install the plug-in [Music] extension. the plug-in is supporting with two ways to connect woocommerce and aliexpress: buy, secret key or woocommerce rest api. we also link these two ways in the description of this video below. [Music]- how to import aliexpress products. [Music]. after connecting two platforms. now it is ready for you to import unlimited aliexpress products to your woocommerce [Music] store. [Music]. all aliexpress price and attributes of products can be imported and there are sufficient options for you to customize these values. [Music]. [Music]- how to manage aliexpress products. [Music]. after importing imported products now are on the import list, where allows you to manage all product attributes before migrating to woocommerce. [Music]. [Music] products. [Music]. in the import list, you can customize for individual products in detail, including for name, school, product status, categories, tags and so on [Music], [Music] to description, attribute terms, variations and gallery. [Music], [Music], [Music]. then click on import button if you see it is eligible to import this product. [Music] to set global rules for bulk products, including product, product attributes, products, price, all can be said in dropshipping and fulfill settings. for example, said all imported products are in winter category. [Music], so all products will be placed in the winter category. similarly, if you want to set global price rules for all imported products, go to the product price tab. aliexpress product price are defined in united states dollars. if you want to convert to your country currency or another currency, let configure these settings. [Music]. the plugin supports you to convert exchange rate. an update set rule for making beauty price, such as 0.99 or 1.99 or so on [Music]. this section will be represented in a new video for more detail. [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music]. besides, plugin supports you to display all variations in product attributes, then allows you to edit or replace current variation terms to any you want. [Music]. if all products are fine to migrate to woocommerce store, go to the import list and import all or remove some. you no longer need [Music], [Music]. now all imported products have been migrated to woocommerce product. you can go to imported section to quickly observe aliexpress products. do product overriding and update [Music]- [Music] products. [Music]. [Music]. update product price and quantity to keep track of product changes on aliexpress [Music], [Music]. and yet the emails informing about the changes. for more product customizations, please go to product edit page in woocommerce to manage aliexpress products, the same as other woocommerce products [Music]. [Music]. managealia express orders: [Music]. let's take a test order with aliexpress products. [Music]. let's take note the order details and order information that'll be automatikally fulfilled by plugin [Music]- [Music]. there are two places where you can do aliexpress order managements. firstly, in the ali orders section and plugin. this section allows you to quickly observe and vivilia express orders. you can see all aliexpress order details, including item details, income, cost, quantity, shipping method, shipping number, order id [Music]. secondly, go to woocommerce orders to manage aliexpress orders, the same as other woocommerce orders [Music]. go to each order to edit in details: [Music], [Music]. [Music]. fulville aliexpress orders [Music]. fulfilling options in the plug-in allow you to set up global rules for fulfilling orders automatikally on aliexpress [Music]. there are two ways to fulfill orders: using the plugins extension or aliexpress api in the ali order section [Music]. to order by extension, just click on the order with extension button to fulfill orders [Music] to order by aliexpress api- [Music]. you need to get access token. access token will be appeared when you enter a valid update key of the plugin in the update tab [Music]. then go to ali orders section to fulfill orders by aliexpress api [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music]. thank you for watching our video and subscribe to get our new videos.

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WooCommerce Dropshipping Tutorial (Free Method) - List AliExpress products on WordPress 2020

[Music]. hey, how's it going? Alex here from idea spot, and today we are going to have a tutorial on WooCommerce drop shipping. so we've already built this WooCommerce data site. check out one of my earlier videos where we do that. in this tutorial, you're going to take an item from Aliexpress and you are going to learn how to import that item into your own store, like I've done right here. so if that sounds good, stik around. we're going to be using a tool called shop master. it is totally free to use. you can have up to 800 items, and that will let you take items from Aliexpress and link them straight into your store. so let's get started now. the things you'll need to start are an online store, like I toked about before. check out the description. I'll show you how to build your online store. you'll need payment processing that is really quick- only a couple of minutes, using PayPal or stripe or both. I've got videos on those as well. you'll need an hourly Express account. that's really easy. Aliexpress calm, and you can sign in with a Google account. that doesn't take any time at all. you'll need a shop master account that's really quick to set up to you. I'm going to cover that in this video and you'll need a credit card to order products to your customers. so you'll order the- like I said, the three or four dollar product. sell it for twenty or thirty dollars on your WooCommerce store and you'll make a nice, tidy profit. okay, first thing we'll do is check out the drop shipping Center on Aliexpress. you can just google drop shipping Center, Aliexpress, click that first link and it'll ask you to sign in. I've just signed in with a Google account, but any method will do. once you're in, you'll get a little bit of information about drop shipping. now it'll have some suggested products and apps to boost your business. now we're gonna use this one called shop master, so go ahead and click that it'll. you'll head over to shop master. this is a great way of linking your WooCommerce store to Aliexpress and it'll allow you to automatikally order your products. so click sign up. today for free. you'll get a basic signup page. I've already signed up, but that's all you need to do. log in and you'll get to your dashboard now. from here, you can run the setup wizard. so you can click run setup wizard or if if you've done something earlier and that's not there anymore, you can click help and click setup wizard here. so shop master works with all these different platforms. in partikular, we're going to be using WooCommerce, but it works with. you can sell things on ebay, wish, Shopify, 3d cart, but go ahead and use WooCommerce. now what we'll need to do is put in the name of our store. it's not that important, but I'm just gonna call it the same as what I've called it on the website and the store URL. I'm just using the demo URL. I can grab that, pop that in there and click connect. you'll get a pop-up. it allows you to connect your store. so this is all pretty easy. click approve and this will allow the shop master app to communicate with your store. so you can import things from Aliexpress, like like these, these cheap t-shirts. you can import them straight into your WooCommerce store and start selling them. so I'm gonna show you how to do that in just a second. okay, now, before we start importing products, we've got a few more setup steps to do. we'll go to settings here and we're going to manage our suppliers. so we're going to need to connect our Aliexpress account to shop master. so we just do that. we click connect. if you've already joined Aliexpress, we have join. we did this earlier in the video. so just say join, go to connect, and this as long as you're logged into Aliexpress already. it will connect up your store and you'll need to reconnect every once per month just to make sure that connection is still maintained. manage channels: here you'll have your store connected. we already did that earlier in the video. that was fairly easy. so that all looks good. just make sure, before you connect with your Aliexpress, just make sure your WooCommerce is set to US dollars. in your dashboard we're commerce settings under the general tab. scroll down to currency. I recommend using United States Dollars for dropshipping. the biggest market is the US and the other ones the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. we're all used to dealing US dollars as well. so there are WordPress plugins to use multiple currencies. but just as you're starting out, set it to US dollars anyway. so back to our settings here. that all looks good. let's go to dropship settings here. general settings here: default store. we want to setup playful print. that was the one we set up when we linked the store. SKU can stay as that description preference can be original. you can change up the images only if you don't like the Aliexpress descriptions at all. you're gonna end up deleting. most of those are the Express descriptions. images only can save you a little bit of time. up to you. the original description might give you some hints about what you might write in your description, but you're probably going to delete it. but let's leave a floor original for now. but just be aware that can save you some time. that all looks good. listing settings: let's check with commerce. that's fine company. we want to fill those out with our details: name, contact, email, phone, web site. that's all good. advanced default currency: that should be in US dollars. my country- that's fine, that's fine. dropship settings has a few more things we want to do. pricing rules: now, this is important. pricing rules on. by default there's a simple 150% percent markup I like using a formula. you can get a better price formula done. that includes the price of the shipping. include that in your product price and use free shipping. so this is a good way of managing it. so we go price formulas and manage formulas. now I set one up called playful print formula. I'll show you how to do that. I'll delete that for now. I can't do that yet, but I can add a new formula. okay, let's call it playful print v2. so for cheap products we're going to use a hundred percent markup with shipping cost. for the more expensive products, 22 $99 we're going to use- you can just use maybe, maybe put it as a 60 percent markup- post shipping cost. and the rest of the range is, if it's over $100, just make it maybe a 50% markup plus shipping cost. and so now we can sort of see if we've got a $5 product with $2 shipping, it's gonna ship for $14 out of our store and we can add 99 cents or 95 cents onto that. I'll show you how to do that in a minute. but that's sort of our the methods we use for drop shipping. we want to find products around that 2, 3, 4, 5 dollar range and ship them out for maybe $14.99 to 1999. that's sort of the business model for drop shipping. let's hit save. so I've got playful print v2. we're gonna use pricing formulas, we're gonna assign cents here and we're going to make 95 cents on the end of all of our prices. we'll leave that unchecked. leave that unchecked and we can save and apply. it's going to say missing required fields because we're going to need to put this on all the suppliers. let's click bulk change and go playful print v2 and here apply. that will put our pricing formula on all of our suppliers, most importantly Ali expresses the we're using for the moment, but lots of different suppliers you can use on this shop master. that'll looks pretty good. I think we can go ahead, save and apply. so we want to apply to everything. just click everything for now to be sure, even though I don't have any products yet. um, it will go ahead and apply our pricing formula. so that looks all good. now I'll dropship your settings. we've done general verdun pricing rules. products monitor- we want to turn these on. inventory monitor- that looks all good. and price monitor: that will automatikally update pricing. if Aliexpress puts their prices up, your prices go up. if Aliexpress puts their prices down, their prices on your week on my store go down. so that'll do it automatikally for you. this all looks pretty good. we can hit Save Changes d.

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How to Set up AliExpress Dropshipping Store in 15 EASY STEPS (WordPress+AliDropship)

Hi everybody, Welcome to our channel. Today, we will show you how to start your own dropshipping business with Alidropship Plugin, which, for certain, will help you to get good sales without making much effort. Right now, we are going to give you 15 easy steps on how to launch your own online store and get your first sales. For the tutorial, we have already installed wordpress and plugin to our hosting. Let’s start the process from theme selection. Once you have installed AliDropship plugin, you can proceed with theme setup. AliDropship original plugin is only compatible with the built-in themes which you can check and upload from our website. Choose the one you like. most of all, You can easily switch between the built-in themes without losing any of your settings. We recommend you to install Davinci theme. It has a flat Design Style and can be easily customised. According to our insights, most of the successful stores use this theme. Our stores are not an exception. Enter your WordPress panel and go to Appearance => Themes =>. Then click Add New. We have already downloaded ONE from the AliDropship site. Open them, click “Install now”. Your theme installed successfully. Now click “activate”. Let’s take a look at our store now. Go to your site. Great, We have already prepared and loaded all the necessary design elements. so we have them in the WordPress media library. So can do you - create pictures, then add them to WordPress so you can use them anytime you need. Now we can make some changes to our theme. Let’s go to Customization. Here you can change colors, pictures, texts and add default pages and menus. Click “Create”. Let’s start with this option and get back to our site. Click Visit site. Great, now we have new pages in the header and footer and several categories in the main menu. Let’s check the tracking page. On this page, our customers will be able to check their order status. This page is activated automatikally. Go back to settings. Scroll down. You can make other changes any time you want. We decide to upload our favicon Upload. Choose your favicon Select. Then you can upload your banner. Don’t forget to save your settings. Great, In the Header section we’ll add our website logo. Click Upload and upload your logo. Save your settings. Now we will make some changes in the Home page. Let’s add images and short descriptions: Main image, Then top right image And them bottom right image. Ok, Let’s put some descriptions. That’s not so difficult And here Save your settings. Great, Now you can go to About us Page and upload your background image. Save your settings And do the same on the Thank you Page. Upload, Select and Save. Go to Social Media In the Social Media section. enter links in the required fields. Add your Facebook, Instagram and others to the Social pages links fields. These links will be connected to the social media buttons placed in the footer of your site. Your clients will be able to keep updated with your products and news from your social media platforms. Paste and save settings. To be sure, visit your website again. You can see your logo, your pictures, Your favicon and your links. You can easily find lots of tutorial: how to create a facebook page and how to start an instagram account. We have created them beforehand and now we can just paste links we have. On a scheduled basis. we create our categories For that. we go to Products-Product Categories. Here we have an opportunity to add new categories, edit them or use a quick edit function to change our slug or category name. Well, the most promising category is Best Sellers. Let’s edit To shuffle your categories in the order you like. continue with Appearance. - Menus. Select a menu to edit. - Main Menu. - Select - Product Categories - View All. - select Best sellers and add to your menu. It appears in the bottom. You can move it to the top. Check the website, Look - bestsellers are on the top. Now it’s high time to start your work with Alidropship plugin. Go to settings and click General. Here you can change your site currency. AliDropship Plugin uses US Dollars as a primary currency, set by default, But you can choose any currency you want. It depends on your target audience. Here you can also activate additional currencies that will be shown on your site for your customers. Save your changes. Next section is Pricing: Select it. AliDropship Plugin features a profound formula for pricing markup – the amount added to the cost price of goods to cover overhead and profit. In the beginning we advise you to Add Recommended. On the left side. choose either Rounding or Tails. Plugin will round the prices up or down to the nearest integer. if you tap on rounding, You can set a specific cent value for your retail price. Let’s check 49 and 99. Then you need to save changes. In this case the Plugin will apply these values randomly to add it to the final price. In this step we will set up PayPal gateway. Anable your payment option. then choose your currency. Then you need to put API username. You can find it on your PayPall account. Then put your password, copy your Signature, put your e-mail brand name and your logo. Paste it here. Save your changes. You can also add more payment gateways. The ability to pay using credit cards will lead to more website orders. Don’t forget to save your changes. We recommend to use SEO tools available with AliDropship plugin To apply SEO settings. go to AliDropship => Settings and shoose SEO. Then you need to cctivate this option to generate sitemapxml and robotstxt files. Sitemap is important because it tells search engines about the content that you have on your site and how often it’s updated. It makes it easier for Google to index your site and show it on search results. A robotstxt is a file at the root of your site that indicates those parts of the site you don’t want accessed by search engine crawlers. Enable SEO meta data fields and SEO meta data generator. It will make your site more SEO friendly. Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions are hidden text elements on your page that are used to describe your site on search engines. These elements are meant to give a small taste of what your site is about for people who have come across your page by way of a search engines. Try to put SEO texts also on the main page and to all of your main categories. Let’s do this right now. Our title, then we put our description and Keywords. Save changes. Now we need to go to Home page Customization - Home, And we need to put artikle right here. Save your settings. Now go to Products and Product categories. Edit your bestsellers category. Put your artikle right here. We skipped the process of creating texts and have written some descriptions in advance. They are optimised for search engines and describe what customers can get in this store. Offering discounts can be a powerful marketing tool for your dropshipping online store. If you want to create a discount, please go to AliDropship ->Coupons, tap Activate Coupons and click Add new button. You can enable this coupon and name it, For example: SALE15. Discount type - choose your type. Discount value - 15.. Usage limit is probably 100.. You can select some of these options. You can set end date and start date, Or also you can apply it to products or specific categories or only shipping. Now save your changes. Let’s take a look at your website Now. you have all these cute pictures, texts and categories, but you don’t actually have your products. Ok, we know how to solve your problem. Let’s go to AliExpress in our AliDropship category and click this link: - Install AliDropship Extension. Click Install. - Addd Extension. Your extension is now right here. With the help of Chrome Extension, it is possible not only to import products directly from AliExpress, but also to update them, collect tracking IDs and process your orders automatikally. Right now we are going to experience our extension. Once Extension is installed, go to Ali.

DropshipMe Tutorial - Add AliExpress Products to WordPress Website (FREE!)

hey guys, it's Hogan here, and today I've got a really cool video for you guys, so make sure to stik to the very end. so basically, I'm going to show you how you can actually import Aliexpress products onto your WordPress website for free, so you can start drop shipping today. so, basically, you can click the link down below and that's going to take you to dropship me. now, dropship me is a standalone plug-in created by the ally dropship people as well. okay, so they've created a plug-in and what you can basically do is you can install it onto your WordPress and WooCommerce website and you can import Aliexpress products. but what's different about this plug-in is they've actually handpicked 50,000 of the top-selling drop shipping products for you, and then you can just one click and import it onto your website. ok, you can also import the reviews as well. so what it doesn't do is it doesn't actually do the semi-automated fulfillment process. okay, so you can't actually one click it and then it doesn't actually take you to the Aliexpress website to make that order. you have to do that manually. but you know, what's good about this plug-in is, you know, they've already hand-picked the products, they've edited the titles, they've edited the images and they've also checked these suppliers as well, see, saving a lot of time and it's free. so, basically, you know, for people who don't, who are not really sure whether or not you know, you you actually want to pay $89 for the Ahly dropship plug-in, which is the complete solution. then you can use this plug-in to import the products, because otherwise you have to import it, you know, manually, by screenshotting the images, and then, you know, adding in the variations and all that stuff yourself. this saves you a lot of time, so you can get started for free and see how it goes first. you know, anyways, we're gonna get started and I'm gonna show you exactly how to use it. so you want to click the link down below and that's gonna take you to this website here. okay, you can watch the product video as well and you can have a look at the page. but click on start now. it's free and what you need to do here, you think you need to enter in your email and click on get my plugin now. so that's gonna get your plug-in sent to your email address. alright, so your email should look something like this: thank you for choosing dropship me. and you want to download that plug-in onto your computer? okay, because we're going to install that onto our WordPress website. right, and here is your API key, so you must activate it. so we're gonna copy that to our clipboard and then we want to go to the WordPress website. okay, so here I'm in my WordPress website and you want to make sure you have WooCommerce installed, which is the e-commerce plug-in that adds the e-commerce functionality to your WordPress website. and then you want to go to plugins and then you want to click on add new and you want to upload the plug-in choose file and you want to look for the dropship - me dip. so it has to be the dot zip. okay, if it's in a folder, you might need to right-click and compress it back into the zip file before you open and import it. okay, and then click on Install Now, and then what you want to do is: you want to activate it. so I've already installed and activated it. okay, then you should get a dropship me here. and then you want to click on activation and then you want to click on API key and you want to make sure you paste in your API key here and click on activate. okay, so each API key is for just one domain, alright, so you want to activate that, and then, basically, what you want to do is you want to click on import products? ok, so this is where you actually browse and import the products directly onto your website. ok, that's pretty cool. so let's go to search. okay, so let's just, for example, we can search by category as well, so I'm gonna try and search for, maybe teapot. ok, so, as you can see, here they've have the results. here they have, I think, over 51,000 products and they're also adding more products as well. so here are all the ones here. ok, so when you actually I'm selecting a product, you do want to get a product which has a lot of orders and also some reviews as well. so let's, you say: we want this lovely glass teapot and I'm gonna click on View details to see if there's any reviews. let's click on reviews, okay, okay, that's pretty good, but I think some of them are four-star, so let's just go back and let's have a look at other ones. yep, heat-resistant glass teapot. let's just click on View details. so anything above 4.5 is generally pretty good. click on reviews first. okay, product which, as described, very nice. ok, so that's pretty good. alright, so let's just say we want to import this product here, this teapot, ok, you'll just click on import and that's gonna take a few minutes because that's gonna import the images and it's going to import the description and all the variations as well. okay, so you got to be patient and I think it should have a sort of progress bar up here, the blue line there, and I'm just gonna wait for that. alright, okay, so once that is imported, then it should come up with a notification up here and it should say imported here. right, so once that is imported, we actually need to go to the products section. okay, so click on products and we need to actually approve that so we can actually see that it says draft here. okay, so that's not published on to our store yet. so you want to click on edit and you want to manually check it as well. so you wanna, you know, add some more to that description. you might add a video or you might add some other stuff. okay, so you want to scroll down and here is the description. okay, I think that's the long description. here is a short description which can add more to the products which I recommend and, as you can see, this is a variable product and they've actually imported everything that you need as well. so this is a variable product. you know they have the SKU, also the stok quantity, and you know they've added all the things that you know is needed as well. okay, so if you click on variations here, they've added all the variations as well, along with the images and also the price and yeah, basically everything that you need. so I think is really cool. what's important is you want to click on supplier information and here it's actually going to take you to the supplier product as well. so once a customer actually places an order, you'll have to go to the suppliers product URL and place that water manually with the customers shipping details and stuff like that. okay, with the early dropship plugin, this plug-in actually semi automates the process. so you can actually click one button and that will actually direct you to the Aliexpress website and it will. it will automatikally sort of take the customers shipping information and paste it into the early Express website and then all you need to do is pay. okay, so let's go back here and I think you know everything's all good. you can add in your categories and product tags. so this one is the teapot, so let's just add the teapot and then we can click on publish- all right. so what's really cool about this plug-in is you can actually add the reviews as well. so you probably want to add some social proof to show that people- you know people- actually buying this, this teapot, right? you don't want to just, you know, import it without reviews and, you know, adding more to the to the description as well, okay. so let's go to the dropship me plug-in and click on import reviews and here you can apply the filters for the reviews you want to import, so you can do only five stars or four stars and higher, up to 20 reviews, and we want to send reviews to draft because you sort of want to look through the reviews as well. and then you want to import reviews with images only- okay, and then click on import- okay, so that's gonna take a few seconds as well. okay, the progress should show 100% and should say the reviews have been imported, cessful e. so once you've done that, then click on comments and you w

AliDropship Review & Setup Tutorial AliExpress DropShipping Wordpress Plugin

hello and welcome to how to webmaster. today i will be reviewing alidropship. this is a wordpress plugin to set up your own drop shipping site and for those that don't know what aliexpress is all about, it is pretty much the amazon of cheap chinese products. so here's their website. aliexpress and alidropship will make it easy to set up your website. so here's the sales page for aliexpress. i'll also leave a link down below for you guys check it out. they have a lot of store demos and examples of other successful drop shippers, so let me show you guys. so here is a demo of the plugin so you can set up something like this and you can pretty much make any kind of niche store you want selling any kind of products. and let me just click on one of these to show you what it looks like. it's very professional looking and you can set up unlimited number of themes. it is based on wordpress and look how beautiful it looks right here: big images, very professional looking, and here's product details and all those other things, reviews and again, you can test out alidropship- either the woocommerce version or just the regular wordpress plugin version. you get both versions to test out and i'll leave the link down below you can start the demo and see how it all works. and now let's take a look at some examples of established drop shipping sites that are actually for sale at alidropship. so here's an example of a website right here: the auto merch- 500 000 in sales per month and it's actually for sale here. if you want to check it out, they have other stores for sale as well. these are established stores and you can also buy a copycat store of a successful store. so, for example, here this one is selling mom and baby essentials store and this store is making 50 000 monthly revenue and you can actually copy the exact store. or you can buy an exact cookie cutter website of a store that's actually making 50 000 per month and here's their price and basically they will send you the exact store and then you can set it up yourself. so in this example today i am installing the woocommerce plugin. and let's take a look at my wordpress admin dashboard right here and now. you can head to plugins and then add new and then click on upload plugin and then choose the plugin file. so either the woocommerce or the regular wordpress plugin is the same way. you upload the plugin from here. so once you have it, the plugin uploaded and activated. here is the new sidebar menu right here for alidropship for woocommerce, so let's take a look at that, click there. and now the first thing you want to do is click on license and then enter your license, and i have already done that. this is actually my first time installing and using this plugin and normally i first go to the settings just to check it out, see what that's all about, before i do anything else. so here under the general settings, let's take a look. and we have here the default phone number. this is for when making drop shipping orders or order fulfillment, and then you can click here to learn how it all works with aliexpress, how to make the drop shipping process easy, and basically, here it has a custom note telling the- the sellers that you are buying from for drop shipping that you are a drop shipper and to not include any invoices or promo materials when they ship out the products to your customers. so that's pretty important. you probably want to keep that there. and next part is product images, and i will probably select all of these to upload all the images to my server when importing. and next is tracking service options, and then again. you can click here to learn how that all works. i'm not going to mess with the shipping for now. and then aliexpress cashback and this help you save some money in the long run. all right. next let's click on pricing. this is where you set up your pricing markup formula and you can select one of these defaults. right here you can add your own formula or add the recommended pricing markup formula. so here's the example right here. so pretty much anything about 99 cents or lower, your price will be 9.95, and here, from two dollars to five dollars, your price will be thirteen dollars and ninety five cents. and again, you can customize these uh formula any way you want. and let's do the example down here. so, hundred dollars, the cost times one point three, five. so that's that's your markup: 1.35 times the price, right here. and you can also choose to round the price if you want to. now next is currency. you can offer prices in your own country currency if you want. just check out updates. this is for product updates, so we don't have any products right now, so we can't use this feature. so later on, when you have a bunch of products, you can quickly come here to update your product list details. now let's go to the next one: manage attributes. these are shipped from attributes and you will likely not have to deal with this. let's check our appearance and here you can customize some of the appearance details, like display review images in pop-ups, and these are enabled by defaults and likely you don't need to do anything here. so let's get on to the importing of products. by default, you can only import 50 products, so these are products that are edited from alidropship and you can actually add as many products as you want, unlimited amounts, directly to your woocommerce store. but if you want to use the import products, you're allowed only 50 imports for this feature and you can actually import more by upgrading right here. get more imports and they will actually provide you with the best products to your store imported and here are the prices if you want to upgrade. so that was a hidden feature that i did not expect. i did not expect a 50 import limit. so, anyways, let's go down here and you can select categories from things like toys, hoodies, and then, once you find a product, for example, let's do this one right here: trendy waterproof wireless bluetooth earphones- you click here and it will start importing to your products your product list directly to woocommerce and you can actually select multiple items at a time and then click on import and you can see: here it is importing. alrighty, let's go check out the new imported products. i have here three products imported and, by the way, you can click on any of these products to see more details of what you're going to be importing. so here's the example here. so i like that they actually vetted and edited these products, because not every aliexpress products are good and clean, because some of the aliexpress products have, like foreign characters, foreign languages, and you don't want to be importing those into your store and for your customers to see. so these 50 000 products are basically good to go. and now let's check out, import reviews real quick to see what that's all about. and basically, here you import the reviews for your products. let's go ahead and check that off, send reviews to draft and instead of doing that, it will publish the reviews. i think let's go to import and see how that works. so here for one of my products, i just imported the bluetooth earphones. it is now importing whatever reviews and here's the progress. okay, while that's importing, let's go back to my main menu here. so here under the woocommerce menu, there's the products. let's go to all products and here are the three products that i've imported. and now let's check out how they look under my store. so this is my default woocommerce setup with a free theme- green- and it works for any wordpress theme or woocommerce theme. so here is my new product, all the images, that's the zoom feature. this is from woocommerce- and then compatibility with these phone models: right here, these are imported directly from the alidropship and here is the nicely done description and additional images. and here's another example: this three piece glass for iphone, pretty nice, and then your customer can select their version and then click here, add to cart, and there it is, and then view card and check out. okay, so in a nutshell that