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aliexpress dropshipping reddit

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

How to Find a FAST Dropshipping Agent: No More Aliexpress! Best Aliexpress Alternatives 2021

in this video i'm going to show you how,to find a drop,shipping sourcing agent a person that,you build a relationship with,so they can source your orders whether,it's from china or the us,for your shopify store and ship them,extremely quickly,to your customers you can scale with,them they can give you discounts on your,products,all the strategies that you can use to,find that perfect agent,for your business a lot of people ask me,what do i use,to dropship what do i use to send,products from china,to the us if we're not using aliexpress,or let's say alibaba,what you do use even though there's,companies that i'm going to tok about,in this video,that are great they're tiknically,agents shipping for you,from china to the us you can also find,your own independent agent,that's not a company that you pay,monthly and they treat you just like,every other customer,they treat you very personal on a,personal level they build your business,with you,they give you product ideas one of our,students recently scaled up to,20k a month from a product that his,agent,suggested to him so i'm gonna show you,how to find that type of agent,right now the first place where we start,is on aliexpress we want to search on,aliexpress even though it's not the best,place to find suppliers to find,people that are selling products we can,at least reach out,to these people on aliexpress and build,a relationship with them so let's say,that,let's find a product on the homepage so,let's say that you want to sell,dresses like these or let's see if we,can find something else so let's say you,want to,sell coffee machines for example you're,in the coffee niche and you find this,partikular product and you want to sell,something like it or products just like,it you can go to the shop that is,actually selling this product so here we,have,highbrew official store i don't think,hybru is a giant brand we can also,google them just to make sure,that it's not a brand in the us or a,brand in any other country so let's just,do,high brew hybrid amazon 301,okay so they show up on banggood,it's probably a chinese brand but what,we can do is we can go and reach out to,this partikular person,or to this partikular store called,hybrid official store,in china the store has been open since,august 29 2019 so almost two years now,and you can contact them directly here,and you can also if i take this,sales source out it's almost made half a,million dollars take this out,you can check on the actual seller,rating so this is a great way to,start narrowing down who you're going to,reach out to so you can go to aliexpress,find the product that you want to sell,in this case the coffee machine find,multiple suppliers,and start reaching out to them depending,on the item as described rating the,communication rating the shipping speed,now if you go and reach out to these,people and you say,hey i'm a newbie i don't have any sales,can you please be my agent,they're going to absolutely ignore you,so if you don't have any sales,you at least want to have some maybe 5,or ten if you are getting multiple sales,the more sales are better if you're,getting 20 30 sales per day that's,perfect you can reach out to them,tell them that you're getting 30 sales,per day and that if they're willing,to actually build an agent relationship,but you can ask them it's just,are you willing to build a relationship,with me as my agent,i need somebody in china that is my,agent to ship my orders to my customers,in the u.s i'm getting 20 orders per day,and i need one,as soon as possible and you'll see a lot,of different replies,from these different stores some of them,will ignore you some of them will reply,no i'm not interested but when you find,two to three,this is a great way to find some agents,that are already selling on aliexpress,they're gonna build that relationship,with you one on one and they're gonna,help you build,your business the same thing applies for,alibaba.com so these are the first,places,that i go aliexpress first then alibaba,for example let's say,we want to go for a coffee machine again,and even though,a lot of suppliers overlap from,aliexpress they're also on alibaba,you'll find some all,some new suppliers here for example this,one shenzhen,high up science tiknology shuhai,electric appliances code two years,verified and ignore the currency,i'm in ukraine right now uh shuhai,youngsen electric appliances ko,hai young cena like okay so the same,same,same same okay unisec,electric tiknologies these people have,been in for four years so,how you analyze all these people on,aliexpress you can go to the name,right here then you see where they're,from in this case china how many years,they've been on the platform the more,the better if they've been there for,more than two three years that's awesome,verified great and this one it basically,measures their performance online if,they have five,of those diamonds that's awesome if they,have one it's not an indicator that,they're a bad supplier but you want to,be careful with them so the more,diamonds they have,the better so this one has two diamonds,that's awesome,let's see if we can find one with,multiple diamonds or more diamonds than,two,these all have two two three three four,that's awesome so 13 years in the,business it says coffee machine,it is a very expensive coffee machine,they made 480 000,in 33 transactions but a person like,this or store like this,would definitely be a good one to start,reaching out to you can see what they're,doing you can see how many years they've,been in the business,you can call them up you can contact,them and i would definitely create an,account on alibaba,start reaching out to these suppliers,that have been in this for more than 10,years,they have on-site inspections on-site,video so it's definitely,somebody to trust with your products you,can start building a relationship,tok to them again the more orders you,have the easier it is to communicate,with them,just a quick note i just want to,congratulate jorge from san francisco,for winning our zero to three hundred,thousand dollar case study that i do,with my student johnny i'm sure that,adds a strategy,everything behind it if you wanna win it,all you gotta do is comment down below,whether it's where you're from in the,world where you're watching me from or,question that you have about drop,shipping or drop shipping agent make,sure to subscribe,hit that notification bell and hit that,like button down below and i'll pick a,winner from this video the next step,that you can follow is try to look for,companies that,act as drop shipping agents they're not,one person being your agent,with a relationship with you but they,are a company that has a bunch of,customers that they're being an agent,for one of those companies,sourcing box they've been pretty good,even though they have some issues just,like every other supplier out there,they're still pretty high quality their,products ship out pretty quickly,and even though it was chinese new year,they're still dealing with a lot of,orders,that now it's doing very well so,definitely a good supplier to trust,and to keep in mind they basically do,everything for you they source the,product,if you want a product that you want them,to sell but you can't really find it,anywhere they can source it they can,check if it's a quality product,they can fulfill it and they can also,brand your products the more orders you,have,the more ability they have to brand your,packages custom package everything,and make it look much better for you so,definitely would recommend,to go for a company like this and,there's also other companies like,hyper sku it says one stop drop shipping,solution or,eprolo eprolo is a little bit more hands,on like you actually need to do a lot of,the work,for getting those orders and getting,those products,processed and fulfilled to your,customers but it's also one that you,should consider,and should look into so there's many of,these suppliers there's also like,fulfillme

How To Dropship For $0 With TikTok... (TikTok Organic Dropshipping)

the most common struggle when it comes,to drop shipping is ads most people,really struggle to understand facebook,ads snapchat ads tiktok ads and,recently over the last couple of months,i have been focusing in on something,that really has changed my opinion on,ads and that main thing being is that,you can spend zero dollars and make it,just as an effective store paying tens,of thousands of dollars every single day,testing and running different ad sets,which the fact that this is true and is,an opportunity that literally every,single person can do like there's no,reason why you should not be drop,shipping right now so today i'm gonna,show you exactly how you can find a,product be able to market it completely,for free and be able to achieve your,first ten thousand dollar day pretty,simply it's really not that difficult,once you kind of step back and take a,look at it but i do have a great example,in this video and show you exactly why,this person is succeeding and how,they're doing it correctly all right,guys so right now you will see my screen,and this right now is basically the,product research method that you could,go ahead and do so basically what you're,going to do is at the top of tiktok,you're going to go ahead and search up,amazon must-haves you could even search,up something along the lines of like,must-haves like something like this,would work just as effectively and well,now what you're gonna do once you have,this is you're gonna use the little,little uh filter setting in the top,right and once you go ahead and click on,that the number one thing i highly,recommend is go to more right here and,you want to select videos posted within,the last three months so that this is,showing you relevant content that's,going viral right now and you can also,filter in between sorting by relevance,and most liked you can kind of just,switch between them and let's see if,that increases some new products you,might find but i do recommend products,within the last three months even if,it's within the last month is even,better if you can find something because,the less competition you have now the,better because that opens up such a big,market for you so really once you're,here you're just gonna scroll down and,take a look at all these videos and just,keep going through them and the number,one thing i highly recommend like let's,say this video right here with the kiwi,what you're going to do is click on the,comment section because the comment,sections actually give you such an idea,of how the people that are viewing this,content react to it and so if people are,saying like where can i find this this,looks so cool that is something that you,want to hop on immediately especially if,it's people saying where can i find this,if you see a ton of people saying where,can i get this then you're in for a,really good time but right now like for,this example it doesn't really look like,there's that many comments regarding,like where can i find this that's the,general product research method that you,can do it's the most effective one i,recommend doing for organic tik-tok,drop shipping and it's pretty simple now,basically right here we have ourselves a,uh a store right now on tiktok that i,came across the other day another,alternative you guys could do is if you,actually have a like separate tiktok,account i recommend you make a separate,tiktok account and just engage with,products in the amazon must-have section,you'll start getting it on your fyp page,and then also you'll tiktok will,start servicing you a ton of similar,stuff like product related tiktoks,and just see ones that go viral could,work so right here we found one this is,a company called everlock this is,clearly a drop shipping store right here,and we're gonna kind of break it down,right here so kind of first thing off,the bat um their actual bio and all that,like everlock.com um i personally i i,like this though i will say i've been,following this account for the last few,days just kind of watching it see what,they're doing and on tiktok you,actually cannot add a link into your bio,until you have achieved 1 000 followers,on the the account you want it in your,bio so this person just got access to,have this right here um now i will say,if you guys can't put your link in your,bio which sometimes is understandable,doing something like this putting this,at the top free us shipping and buy here,is the best thing um you can do now,before this they actually had buy it or,link in my instagram and you could,actually attach your instagram account,to your company instagram to your tiktok,account that's what they did and i,highly highly recommend it actually,right here is their company instagram,and something that they're also doing,that i want to do a little plus one is,they're actually re-uploading all their,tiktok content right here on to,instagram reels and i just wanted to say,that some of their instagram reels,content actually has been going viral,not like relatively viral like 500 likes,a thousand likes um and it's instagram,you get the link in the description,immediately so that's another,opportunity it's it's potential free,conversions right there but this tok,account was initially pushing to their,instagram to get to the link now they,have the link in their actual tiktok,page but what is actual content and what,are they selling so right here um let me,pull up their video that i came across,that i thought was great i will say this,account like spam uploads which i'm not,the biggest fan i'm really about quality,over quantity um they're really just,going for a crazy quantity amount of,uploads right here and just hoping that,one hits the algorithm basically every,single video they upload is pretty much,identikal i mean you guys are seeing all,the thumbnails right here they're pretty,much the same thing every time they,upload them but right here this video,actually ended up hitting 1.3 million,views it's basically a very simple it's,like mom why are you always in your room,um and then it shows them showcasing off,the product which is like a door handle,that has a fingerprint lock id on it um,and it's just really shareable and you,guys are going to notike in the comments,right here like does it work on any door,where can i get them you have a lot of,people saying i want this now if this,was me i'm not going to compete with,this product because i'm using it as an,example but this product right here i,see a video with 1 million views it's,very very simple marketing this is,nothing crazy it's really got to put,this on a door you could go ahead and,you know do something similar to this,product right here everyone wants one in,the comment section so um you know you,already know there's a demand for this,product and they basically just kept,running the same ads they did another,one like the next week that got 600 000,views they have another one recently got,like 60 000 um but not a lot of their,videos are popping off recently i would,just recommend really really quality,uploads i'm again i'm not the biggest,fan of this crazy quantity push of,uploads right here i would add some more,variety to the actual content but,basically what they're doing is they're,getting just a ton of views on tiktok,getting people interested and then,pushing them to their site right here,now if we go ahead and take a look at,their site right here this is their,website this is the landing page i will,say that obviously this is desktop,version on mobile this looks a lot,better and a lot optimized with tik,tok organic,99.9,of your traffic is going to be mobile,that is just 100 facts desktop you,should not even optimize for uh yeah i,mean you should you can if you want to,and i always recommend it but your,number one priority should be mobile and,mobile conversions here so this looks,really good on mobile that's why like,this blank space right here on mobile is,not there and all that um but yeah they,have some good photos the only thing i,notiked with th

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🤩Aliexpress Alternatives For Shopify Dropshipping 2020

in today's video I'm going to be giving,you the top 2 alternatives to Aliexpress,for q4 and 2020 that you're going to,want to be using for your logistiks,going forward now I'm also going to be,toking a little bit about why I don't,recommend Express anymore the pros and,the cons of them when to use out Express,because unexpressed can still be a good,option for some people I'm not saying,all people but for some people it might,be a good option but I'm gonna be giving,you my top two alternatives but you can,start using up front today you don't,need no minimum order quantity you can,use them like at Express but you're,going to get yourself 5 to 15 day,shipping times with these top two,alternatives I'm also going to be,debunking a lot of the alternatives out,there because there is a lot of,alternatives to I'll Express today but,there is a lot of bad ones and I'm going,to be toking about the bad ones in the,current time we're in which is October,things might change down the line,but for now I want to make you guys,aware of the ones that you want to avoid,and the reasons why and I'm also going,to be showing you my top two and how to,use these top two so if you enjoy the,content make sure you leave a like that,would just be a really really highly,appreciate if you're new to the channel,as well make sure you subscribe and I,just want to say a massive thank you to,absolutely everybody we're growing super,fast so I can't say thank you enough now,let's just get straight to that content,so let's get straight into the best,alternatives to Aliexpress in 2020 but,before I move on to the best,alternatives it's good to know the pros,and the cons of Aliexpress and when to,use Aliexpress so I'm not going to,completely say look don't use Aliexpress,that it in today's video like most other,people do now Aliexpress like I said at,the start of the video can be good for,some people so that's what I want to,highlight right now and then after this,guys we're gonna get straight into the,alternatives that you can use so let's,tok about the pros of Aliexpress easy,to use so basically I'd expresses the,go-to place if you're a beginner super,easy to use lots of integrations like,uber lo des is there just so many things,like integrate with Aliexpress because,it is the biggest platform that dropship,is use which means lots of software,companies and developers developed for,that company it's easy because it's,cheaper to buy as well so basically,Aliexpress is a lot cheaper than a lot,of the alternatives out there now a lot,of the alternatives charge a little bit,more and,sometimes can be a lot more than,Aliexpress or if you're looking for the,cheap right cheapest prices on one,product dropship in which basically,means ordering one product at a time,our Express is normally the cheapest and,doing that now the cons of Aliexpress,slow delivery times as we know now if,you can find a supplier and Express that,offers United States shipping or Europe,shipping the napkin on to make things a,lot better so if our Express does offer,that alternative on the supplier so if,you go on the suppliers profile like,page it will say ships from China United,States Europe Russia wherever if it has,those options then obviously it's going,to be quite a good option now poor,communication as we know people in hi,Express have poor English they're not,very good so a lot of things can go,wrong because of that that communication,barrier now poor quality products now,I'm not saying it's all the time but the,majority of the time the quality of the,products are a lot worse than most cases,and the quality control of I'll Express,isn't as good as these alternatives that,I'll be giving you today now there's a,lot of prone to errors now the reason,why there's a lot of prone to errors is,because obvious that communication,barrier so I know a lot of people that,are going to watch this today I've seen,pictures of people when they received,their package from Aliexpress and it,says please do not drop ship this,package and whatnot you know when you,well you know when you tell the supplier,not to basically pour it ships from and,all this kind of stuff and they leave on,the package you and the customer sees,that they're thinking what are they are,they drop shipping me so that can always,happen too sometimes now again it's,because of that communication barrier,which is obviously something that can be,very very bad for human errors now when,to use Aliexpress when starting out if,you if you're not into complicated,things and you want something very,simple and you're not very let's say,online tiky kind of person at express,is probably the easiest option for you,if you looking for the cheapest one,product drop ship and then Aliexpress is,by far the cheapest in that not for,every single product but in terms of the,whole general kind of mass appeal to,products it is the cheapest and then,your product isn't available so a lot of,products are not available on these,alternative platforms I'll be mentioning,later all the products are available on,how to express but a lot of these,alternatives that try and do I'll,Express but with faster shipping times,in what,they can sometimes miss out a lot of the,products on Aliexpress because obviously,it's not as big as a network so that's,something else that to take into,consideration now the best app you can,use for Aliexpress please guys if you,are using al Express use D SS freak it's,going to be a free app and you can bulk,for fill with ds's it's like uber low,but it's completely free you got so much,more customization instead of doing one,product fulfillment if for example you,get 10 orders on one day you click one,button and it'll fulfill all 10 orders,now Oboro do have this option but,they're asking people to pay for it so,that's the reason why I'm saying use the,S is by far the best app that integrates,with al Express at this current time now,guys these are the current alternatives,to ad express that you want to avoid now,it's not because these companies are bad,but companies have ups and downs and,currently these companies on the screen,right now are currently going down and,they're not good options to use as of,October 2009 teen now don't worry I'm,gonna keep you guys updated on the best,alternatives but for now these ones,ought to be avoided so the first one is,weeoo,now I know a lot of people I know a lot,of people in the industry one to one,have used weeoo,I personally haven't used them so I,can't tok on my behalf but on their,behalf they've said Camille they're not,as reliable as they once we're they're,having a lot of issues with them so,that's the reason why it's on today's,list and these are all coming from,credible people in the industry now,DHgate something that i recommended at,the start of the year i used to use them,and don't use them anymore again they're,on the downtrend they're not as good as,they used to be a pillow or EP Rolo,whatever you want to call them something,that I recommended a few months ago they,were amazing to start with the shipping,times were insanely gray and then ever,since all the youtubers have been,promoting them on their channel because,I believe was the first person to,promote a Pirlo on YouTube since,everybody else jumped on the bandwagon,he couldn't rip the guy who owns it,couldn't fulfill everything he's gone,downhill he hasn't reinvested in the,company which he should have he should,have got the infrastructure a lot better,it's currently having a lot of problems,so I do recommend to avoid eeper low or,EP roller whatever you want to call it,at this current time because it's not as,as it once was now Silk Road something,that was highly highly highly hype be,stood in the last two three months is,the same as EP Rollo it's basically the,same thing,you can request products it looks the,exact same it works exact same but the,Silk Road off you have to pay for some,of the features on their EP rolo y para,offer it completely free the dashboard,just looks diffe

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Aliexpress ALTERNATIVES in 2019 | Faster Shipping For Dropshipping

hey guys what's crackin in this video,I'm gonna be toking about Aliexpress,alternatives in 2019 that you can use as,we know that I expressed sometimes no,they have like very long shipping times,and we lost a lot of my schedule,suppliers and overall I know when I'm,scaling it takes a lot of time to,process on express orders one by one and,I've gotten my many video requests of,you guys asking me to make a video,toking about the alternatives besides,you know Aliexpress so today I'm gonna,be toking about what are the,alternatives that I use which is,essentially a sourcing agent and I'm,Tommy diving right into it,[Music],so what to expect from this video,firstly I'm gonna go through how,Aliexpress supplies operate I'm gonna be,toking about what I learn about how,they actually run their whole business,as well because you know just like,Aliexpress suppliers we are top shippers,and we have the way we do takes an,unexpressed implies also at their way,ways of doing things so I'm gonna have a,breakdown as well and the process of,using Aliexpress,here's obviously not everything has the,curb Banyon like Aliexpress half its own,good as well and I'm gonna be going,through the cons of using Aliexpress,what I found there was wasn't as,efficient on the platform my personal,experience with unexpressed what I what,I went through with Aliexpress and what,I learned from using how to express when,and why you should move on aliexpress,drop shipping with a trusted agent and,how can I start that if you are new and,you don't really know how to find a new,supplier,so how Aliexpress supplies operate so if,you don't really know most of Aliexpress,supplies I actually drop shipping,themselves from Taobao or 168 so top or,168 if you go and see it right now,actually I'm gonna show you guys see if,I can see tokOM nice taking everyone so,taupo is basically like a like a chinese,on website and i and i believe it's,mainly for the kind of the china chinese,market,and if you see that most of the products,right they can get it for like a lot,cheaper than on Aliexpress so this is,just how the website looks like it's,basically like I know like a Chinese,version of Aliexpress only for like the,China market and the prices are a little,bit cheaper than Aliexpress and some you,know they buy ball and then you know,they store in their warehouse but most,of them you know they just wait for the,orders to power up before they order,stuff from like top or one six eight one,six eight is something similar to on top,obviously I'm gonna shoot guys so that,you know how it looks like so it's a,little bit like it's loading koala let's,see yes so it is like it's like,basically like a Chinese version of you,know like um I expressed and I'm not,sure if this sound but well you know it,looks kind of I don't really Chinese but,I don't even even read this some Chinese,words so and then let's get right to it,so the process of using Aliexpress you,know it's really good for Alexa it's,really good if you are just starting out,because on Aliexpress you can source all,kind of products and it's really really,really simple and actually you know what,I've found with Aliexpress or do it it,seems like the general consensus,consensus is you know how to express it,take a look like time to ship our,products and stuff like that my father,you know they are actually like a lot,like good surprise or Aliexpress as well,especially if you see like you know this,I couldn't sign above you can actually,look through the Aliexpress stores and,some stores they have like a codon,meadow a wall or something like that,those that shows that sorry dude that,partikular stall but it takes good care,of the customers,so it's not entirely bad because if,you're just starting out of course the,one who just saw contact like in age and,in buying power you know you wanna come,to I take it slow you know it's okay to,drop your file Express it's not bad but,you just have to understand that you,know because of the way of the business,model they are drop shippers themselves,or sometimes nothing longer and what I,like about platform is you know you can,source like really like oh come for a,season unexpressive like literally or,camp rocks and then you can really so in,English so that's also like the process,of using Aliexpress is definitely like a,really good platform if you are just,starting on and if you're currently just,testing products when you're testing,products it's not necessary to you know,find power you know if you're testing of,course you're gonna still use Aliexpress,platform to validate but it's open you,put out before you kind of like move,into seeing how you can decrease the,price of all you know increased like,them decrease the shipping times and,stuff i there and i'm gonna be going to,the concept using Aliexpress so what a,fun Aliexpress is you know there are,definitely a lot of scamming supplies so,I am trying to team back to our,experience where I have been so what I,find our expression especially with some,supplies because they just sometimes,they take AI really long to ship by off,ship or your orders because it's,completely dependent on whether the,supplier has stok on on this sometimes,a girl shipping and then then then they,don't have strong and then it just,continue putting your listing they're,just powering the autos up and then they,take that one mother ship out of orders,so sometimes you know I love skinny,supplies like I said and what I really,don't know about the platform is the two,to seven days and process processing,time so actually when you purchase,something on Aliexpress there's this,thing called at the post a same time,between like things like one two five,two two two 70s or something and it's,like really like just an extra delay for,like for like no reason feels like no,Somali Express supplies they don't have,like power they don't they do have stok,in the inventory so they are pretty much,a part in your orders before you know,they like bomb order and ship them out,and the third thing is the Aliexpress,peace peace with Aliexpress so I found,on is of course you know the fees um if,I'm not wrong cellulose on Aliexpress,they pay an extra at least two or five,two percent if I'm not wrong some,unexpressed sellers they have to pay an,extra like two percent to the platform,because that's what my supplier charge,me an extra when I tok him you know I,wanna do son express fought for payment,so it's it's my story but I'm gonna,contour that later and then the for,fleece the trouble with the platform and,this is that power and it's just like,really really frustrating when you're,scaling because what happened when,you're scaling on Aliexpress you know,sometimes have fun with it they just,closed your orders for no reason so you,might have like you know place like,hundreds and hundreds of orders and then,you've made a payment for everything the,next day you wake up and I walk all,this orders actually didn't venture to,take a close and I don't know what's,happening what's happening exactly not,two containers appointment bus but he,was just like comes like peace and then,you know it was just like not it wasn't,that it wasn't helpful at all so what,I've found is you know this like,definitely some troubles you the,platform you know the clothes the orders,and just things which make like drop,shipping ha and know sometimes they also,ask for a very very vacation and things,like that which just delay the whole,process and it's just you know,troublesome and also one thing that I,didn't really mention in this,presentation slides about Alex prices it,takes a lot of time to fulfill the order,because you know many when you drop,shipping you have to go in choppy file,and if I want and then if you are doing,like say when I was doing like 200 or,400 orders a day my she hit like one by,one and that's literally like your,full-time job so you're paying extra,money to your team members for no reason,at all when you could have just you know,a few of them true Lyc

Jack_s Ebay Dropshipping Ep 43 :Amazon

hello everyone all right now i'm going,to tok to you about,amazon and using amazon as a source,i personally don't use amazon very much,but i do use it as a backup source,amazon is the most used source for drop,shippers so,there's lots of competition but there's,reasons for that it has a ton of items,and,tons of traffic amazon like is,the go-to place to find stuff to buy,online,right and with their prime program you,can deliver,items sometimes the same or the next day,and that is incredibly useful as a drop,shipper,because the biggest problem that most,sources have,is the amount of time it takes them to,send an item out,but before we get into that we need to,establish that okay,there's a bunch of items for sale on,amazon.com,they are not all sold by amazon,so if you want to get that kind of prime,experience where you can always get the,item shipped quickly,you have to make sure that you're only,selling amazon prime items,the trouble here is that um,using amazon prime for business is,against the terms of use so,you're not going to get in any legal,trouble for it but over time,they will eventually catch that you're,using it for drop shipping and terminate,your account,so you can work around this by just,making new accounts every month right,there there are ways to get around it,it's not the end of the world and,anytime that there's an inconvenience,you have to think about it it's like,okay,yeah this is a little bit of an,inconvenience but that inconvenience,is going to stop other people from using,it as well so if,i can learn to do this properly then i,can get an edge on people right,just kind of a mentality to have but so,you can see that,like this item for example you could,sell this item,and you probably wouldn't have any,issues with it,because this isn't a amazon prime,item so that's the safe way to go the,trouble is that the shipping dates,tend to take a while and that's actually,why i,stopped using amazon because it was one,of the sources i was looking into,because you can get a um,a five percent cash back card for amazon,which is amazing,but look at this free economy shipping,standard shipping october 6,to the 13th the 13th is,two weeks from now that's quite a long,time,generally the longer that it takes for,the buyer to receive the item,the more likely you are to encounter,issues,okay so that's just something to keep in,mind,um and yeah you can't really you're not,supposed to use prime for business,if you do you have to use some,workarounds because they're inevitably,gonna catch you and ban your account,okay so again that doesn't mean you,can't and i'm not saying that you should,personally i don't i use amazon as a,backup source,so when something goes wrong or when an,item is out of stok or something,then i'll try and find it on amazon and,then fulfill the order that way,but i usually don't source items from,amazon,but it can be very profitable like you,can get an amazon store card if you're a,us resident,and you get five percent back on your,purchases,which is a lot of money like that really,really adds up you could make a business,on that alone,it's crazy so let's let's explore amazon,a little bit,so we're gonna go here this is the home,page of amazon right,and i think they have yeah they have,like a new and interesting,finds feed which is kind of cool because,you could make a whole drop shipping,business based off of these items,like i can literally just click here,open a new tab,it makes it really easy to find items,these tend to be kind of,cheap right so we're just gonna look,kind of see what's going on,these are really pretty like you can,find some really cool items here,because this section tends to be where,uh,they kind of place things that look kind,of cool and interesting in the first,place,and those tend to be items that kind of,sell fairly well drop shipping,so look at that we just in like a couple,minutes like,less than a minute we just found like,six items,that are kind of unique that we might,want to try selling so it's really easy,to have a variety of items when you,are using amazon right unlike home depot,where it's easier to post a whole bunch,of items to the same category right it's,easier to niche with home depot,harder with amazon you can still do it,either way but i figured i'd show you,guys this,and so let's look at these different,items so we can kind of understand,some of the different things that amazon,offers and the kind of caveats,so you can see that most of these items,are,amazon prime items but this one isn't,and neither is this one the others,though,this is amazon prime this is amazon,prime this is amazon prime,these are all pretty cool items right so,it's very easy to find them,keep in mind sometimes,let's see if we can find an example,sometimes amazon doesn't have an item in,stok,but it knows when it's getting the item,so it'll,show it and it'll look like it's,available but then if you look in like,the finer print,you'll see that it won't ship for like a,week or here we go,here's an example in stok on october,1st 2017.,so this item isn't in stok right now,but theoretikally will come in stok on,the first so i could just order it and,you know it'll ship a tiny bit later but,it's all bueno so that's something to,pay attention to,um you'll also find that some items say,like,usually takes a month to ship or,something crazy like that,um but items,tend to like it's it's a it's really,easy to find items to sell,if you're you know optimizing so you,only find one item at a time,because amazon shows you the item and,then it also shows you,tons and tons and tons of,other similar items like look at all,this,it's crazy pages and pages and pages of,knives just,straight away instantly accessible super,awesome,so um,let's see what else can i tell you about,amazon,so we've toked about okay okay gift,cards you can get amazon gift cards,and that's that are there amazon gift,cards are actually readily available,um,what else so the caveat is that only,certain categories in amazon have cash,back,but like i said it is possible to get,cash back cards,like store cards with amazon and then,get cash back on those,so it's not impossible to earn the cash,back it's just a little bit unique to,amazon right,so it's very easy to find items because,amazon just it's really good about just,kind of like,amazon presents itself in a way that's,like oh,i'm going to walk into this store and,browse i don't really know what i want,but i want to,find something cool amazon is like the,digital version of that,like it's so easy to just browse amazon,and be like oh look at all this kind of,stuff,wow okay this item's kind of cool i like,this,wow it's only 30 bucks wow neat nifty,look at all these,colors they make it so easy to,to just kind of it's almost fun to just,browse through their products they're,really smart company and they're really,ahead of the curb in that sense,um so there are reasons that most drop,shippers use amazon right,look at that look at that little is a,kissing vampire oh that's cute,all right guys so that's pretty much all,i know with uh oh amazon does have a,gift,option so unlike walmart walmart's gift,option is kind of inconvenient but,amazon you can click,a button and it takes away the price so,the buyer will still get the item in an,amazon box,but they're not going to see the price,of the item so that's kind of a la press,my bueno cool,all right anyway sorry i got distracted,there,so that was the video about amazon hope,that was useful guys i'll see you in,further videos,ciao

The Best Aliexpress Dropshipping Alternatives in 2019 *MUST SEE* | Beginner Friendly Alternatives

hey everybody Mac here and in today's,video I'm gonna be showing you five,Aliexpress alternatives that you can,start using today as a beginner drop,shipper and before I get into that guys,remember I give away free mentorship,call every single video and the winner,from the last video is right here,congratulations message me on Facebook,and if you'd like to win my next,giveaway all you got to do is like,subscribe and comment a video idea down,below and you'll be entered to win all,right guys let's jump into the video but,first let's tok about some of the,benefits of using Aliexpress so it's,obviously very conveniently integrated,with Shopify there's no doubt about that,when you use over low or Luc's or Ally,reviews it's all very easy to import all,the information reviews you name it all,to your Shopify store it's very simple,there's thousands of suppliers and any,product Under the Sun is available there,you can literally search anything even,Nike shoes are on Aliexpress so it's,very easy to find the parts you're,looking for there's absolutely no,barrier to entry so this is a good thing,and a bad thing however here I'm just,gonna put it as a benefit because you,don't have to pay $50 a month for the,access to the suppliers or anything like,that it's totally free they all drop,ship now obviously with all these,benefits there are also downsides,vendors aren't always trustworthy so,they lie about shipping times processing,time images the quality of the actual,product that's something to be careful,of and that's why I always recommend,that you order the product to your own,home and act like it's for a customer,say don't include drop shipping,information and that way you don't get,scammed by maybe them sending you like a,higher quality you want just in case,many of them are dropshippers themselves,so you know in China they'll just buy,from each other and dropship it,themselves maybe one company is better,at marketing and that's why you have one,of the suppliers just reaching an insane,at number of orders just because there's,such a good marketing firm they take,really good pictures and people just,think the best pictures best product and,done and it's just spirals out of,control so these drop shippers and they,Pat the top and you're paying really big,markups for that payment processing is,limited although this isn't that big of,a concern anymore because more and more,suppliers are taking PayPal credit card,all that stuff so and attention is being,brought to your product so if you are,using overload to fulfill your orders or,if you're just buying from Aliexpress,people will see the orders climbing and,if you actually click on the first link,you'll see the video where I show you,how to find the products that people are,drop shipping it directly from,Aliexpress using seller pulse and,finally the last downside of Aliexpress,is the fact that scaling is difficult,you need V ace you might get scanned and,it's very time consuming gonna put,everything into a CSV,Matt and uploaded to them right you,don't know when they're actually gonna,ship it all out and when you are,shipping out 50 or 60 orders you really,need to make sure everything is going to,plan otherwise you can really suffer,from huge chargebacks,so now let's actually tok about the,five alternatives i'll be bringing up in,this video number one is gonna be,overload and overall is great because,overload does all the work for you they,find trusted suppliers you have more,shipping options and it's really easy to,fulfill bulk orders it's one click and,you can fulfill 50 orders so it's really,simple to use overload let me show you,guys what I mean by that so guys you,obviously know this over love interface,all you got to do is go on it click up,here search your product or you can just,hit on you know mother and kids for,example right here we can click verified,suppliers and these are gonna be,suppliers that have fulfilled over a,thousand orders with overload and have,also been known to fulfill 95 percent of,their orders in their date range for,processing times so they're giving,products in on time they're shipping out,products on time and this is all there,which is very good for us so as you can,see right here verified verified,verified meaning that there's just that,extra level of security so Oberlin's,just doing that vetting for us and it's,in their best interest to not lie to us,now in this video I'm going to be,showing you guys this example right here,of this dog water bottle and if you go,click on the one that I found from,Aliexpress we click here and the EPAct,is gonna be 25 days but if I go to this,over lo verified supplier it's three,dollars and 40 cents for you packing at,seven to twenty days worst case scenario,it's five days faster best-case it's,like a third faster so that's insane and,if we look at the price difference this,is nine ninety two plus here we're,looking at you know just about $11 so,you're paying a dollar or two dollars,more for a way faster service so that's,why I like overload and it's very simple,to use and on top of everything if you,just go to search products here over,those actually a great place to do some,product research on so they'll do,products to sell in 2019 products with,video so if I click on this one for,example they actually provide us with a,really good video all right guys the,second alternative is going to be DHgate,they got really good prices however it's,more difficult to find single order,suppliers now the H gate is kind of,known for bulk fulfillment so they'll,sell you like five or twenty mu doing,nice bulk discount much better than what,Aliexpress is offering so if you are,selling multiple units a day but you,haven't necessarily found a drop,shipping agent yet DHgate is a good,place to go to and i'll show you guys,the age,right now alright guys so here's DHgate,it obviously looks a lot like Aliexpress,I guess you want to copy the big boy no,matter what you're doing if you're doing,any kind of e-commerce in China with,DHgate if I show you guys an example of,a product let's do like phone case over,here they're gonna show you a minimum,order quantity so here it's gonna be,like a hundred pieces a hundred pieces,so what you're gonna want to do if,you're looking for a single unit you're,gonna go up here and just click single,piece and obviously the prices are gonna,go up that's just how it is so now if we,go to this pet dog products the pet,water bottle ten dollars and seven cents,nine eighteen eighty six right for a lot,of Units but again if we do more,research we can probably find guys who,are giving us bigger bulk discounts but,if you're not worried about that if,you're not doing bulk discounts yet let,me just show you guys again so with a,packet here it's free and it's eight to,thirty days so again worst case scenario,is gonna be five days longer but chances,are it's gonna be quicker than the,Aliexpress one which is a guaranteed,twenty five days all right guys so next,is gonna be Tom top comm they got great,prices competitive shipping and more,payment options so this is a really nice,website it looks really really good and,as you saw with the openal that's,actually where over lo pulled their,video from so let's go check it out and,i'll show you guys so right here the,product is $11 and $0.19 fifteen to,twenty five days but duty free shipping,here is seven to twelve days so it's,only you know fifteen cents more or,whatever twenty five cents more and you,get seven to twelve days shipping which,is much faster than Aliexpress and a,really great way to get your product to,a customer real quick no problems right,duty free shipping amazing so much,better than Aliexpress so much better,than the product that we're looking for,at Aliexpress however one thing that I,do want to say guys is remember that,sometimes Aliexpress is gonna have the,better supplier so when you are finding,your first product when you are adding,it to your store what I would recommend,doing is going to