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all black friday ads 2021

Published on: January 26 2023 by pipiads

Facebook Ads Black Friday Strategy Ideas 2022

As the Black Friday season approaches, it is essential to have a solid strategy in place to make the most of this busy shopping period. In this article, we will provide you with some great ideas and tips to help you crush it this year.


- People are spending a lot of money during the holiday season, so it's important to have the right offer.

- Wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to make a purchase.

- Your creatives can be simple, with multiple ways of calling out the sale.


- Build brand awareness and explain what the product is before Black Friday.

- Use your best performing videos from the previous year with a stiker added that says what your Black Friday sale is.

- Have a simple GIF slideshow showcasing your products with a stiker that says what the sale is.

- Use a price slash single image to show the before and after prices.


- Be clear and concise with your copy.

- Put the sale in capitalized letters and use emojis to make it obvious.

- Make sure the primary text and headline are clear about what the sale is.

Building assets:

- Start building your customer base and email list a few weeks before Black Friday.

- Use a lead campaign instead of a conversions purchase campaign.

- Include what the sale will be or build hype for the sale on your landing page.

- Use a call to action to sign up for exclusive access to your sale.

Email marketing:

- Use drip email campaigns to keep your customers engaged leading up to Black Friday.

- Include reviews from last year's sale or how great the sale will be this year.

- Warm up your customers at least two to three weeks before Black Friday.

By using these ideas and tips, you can have a successful Black Friday sale. Remember to focus on building your assets and warm up your customers before the big day. With the right strategy in place, you can crush it this year.

Top 10 Target Black Friday Deals 2021

Top 10 Black Friday Deals at Target in 2021

Black Friday is around the corner and Target is offering some amazing deals this year. From kitchen appliances to electronic gadgets, toys to gift cards, Target has something for everyone. Here are the top 10 Black Friday deals at Target that you don't want to miss.

1. KitchenAid Stand Mixer:

- Target exclusive color

- $220 (Epic price drop)

2. Laptops:

- ASUS laptop for $130 (Misprint on catalog)

- 14-inch laptop for $269 (Good beginner laptop)

- MSI Pulse for $1,000 (High-end laptop)

3. Shark Pro Steam Mop:

- $60 (List price: $109)

- Shark Rocket for $99 (Ultra-light stick vac)

- Dyson for $250 (Reduced from list price: $380)

- iRobot Roomba for $175 (Wi-Fi connected robot vacuum)

4. Televisions:

- 70-inch LG 4K TV for $649 (Equipped with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice service)

- 75-inch Ultra High Def LG TV for $850 (List price: $970)

5. Toys:

- 40% off select LEGO sets

- Mario Kart Live for $60 (List price: $100)

- Buy one, get one 50% off on Disney Frozen toys

- Up to 50% off on L.O.L. Surprise toys

6. Headphones:

- Sony noise-canceling headphones for $80 (Reduced by $100)

- Bose QuietComfort headphones for $180

- Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for $99.99 (Reduced by $70)

- Beats Solo wireless headphones for $99.99 (Reduced by $100)

- Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless headphones for $150 (Reduced by $100)

7. Gift Cards:

- Free $15 Target gift card when you buy $100 or more in Apple gift cards

- $20 off all reloadable pay-as-you-go smartphone cards

- Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus cards for $20 off

8. Video Games:

- Prices starting at $10

- Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS5, and more

9. Soundbars:

- Vizio soundbar for $49.99 (Reduced by $50)

- Vizio home theater soundbar four-piece set for $50 off

10. Google Nest Hub and Video Doorbell:

- Google Nest Hub for $49.99 (Reduced by $50)

- Google Nest Video Doorbell for $130 (Reduced by $50)

These are the top 10 Black Friday deals at Target in 2021. Make sure to grab the deals before they run out. Happy shopping!

Black Friday 2021 FINAL Walmart Ad! All The Gaming Deals & More!

Black Friday Deals for Days: A Serious Discussion on Walmart's Deals

Get ready for the ultimate Black Friday deals from Walmart! From gaming to TVs and more, we’ve got you covered with all the specials and surprises. And, if you’re here for a serious discussion on Black Friday deals, you’ve come to the right place.


While there will be some crazy special buys on TVs, keep in mind that Black Friday is often the time when manufacturers make lower-end models specifically for this event. The 70 inch 4k Onn TV is priced at $400, but keep in mind that it has a 60Hz refresh rate, and only composite and three HDMI inputs. It may suit some people's needs, but keep these specs in mind when making your purchase.

Xbox and PS5:

The Xbox Series S will be available in stores, but the Series X and PS5 will only be available online while supplies last. Early access to these deals can be obtained by paying for memberships.


Walmart's Black Friday deals include 14 games for $14, but they are not impressive, as they consist of typical games that are always at this price point. The real deals start at 20 dollars, with Resident Evil Village being one of the standout hits. Other games on sale include Spyro, Spider-Man, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and Tony Hawk Pro Skater.

Walmart's Black Friday deals have some great offers, but be sure to keep in mind the specs of the products you are purchasing, as some lower-end models are made specifically for this event. Additionally, memberships can give you early access to deals, but keep in mind that this may not always beat scalpers. Overall, it's a great time to snag some deals on gaming and entertainment products.

Google presents the #BlackOwnedFriday film feat. T-Pain and Normani

Black Friday is a day where people get excited to shop for new clothes and shoes. However, this year, we want to encourage everyone to shop at black-owned businesses and support their communities. In this article, we will explore the importance of shopping black-owned businesses and how easy it is to find them.

Why Shop Black-Owned Businesses?

- Support black-owned businesses and their communities

- Promote economic growth and stability in black communities

- Encourage entrepreneurship and job creation

- Foster a sense of pride and empowerment in black culture

How to Find Black-Owned Businesses:

- Do a simple online search for black-owned businesses near me

- Look for the black-owned badge on websites and products

- Ask friends and family for recommendations

- Check out local farmer's markets and fairs for black-owned vendors

Examples of Black-Owned Businesses:

- Hair care products for black hair

- Clothing and accessories

- Furniture and home decor

- Food and beverages

- Pet supplies

By supporting black-owned businesses, we can make a positive impact on our communities and promote economic growth. It is important to do our research and make a conscious effort to shop at these businesses. Let's make Black Friday a day to celebrate and uplift black culture. Wake up and shop black!


Hey y'all, we're back with the final Walmart Black Friday deals for Days at 2021! Are you excited to see what they have in store? Let's dive right in!

- Walmart surprised us with a bigger ad that combines Deals for Days and the traditional Black Friday ad

- You can shop on Monday, November 22nd at 7:00 PM EST, and in-store on Black Friday at 5 AM

- No Thanksgiving Day sales to let employees enjoy their holiday


- Samsung phones come with up to $750 in e-gift cards

- 70-inch Onn brand 4K Smart TV with Roku for $398

- Power XL 12 quart six-in-one air fryer oven for $69

- Apple Watch for $109 (saving $90)

- Xbox Series S console for $299, Xbox Series X and Playstation SR5 consoles for $499

- Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for $299

- Video games ranging from $14 to $39, with some titles included in the $25 range

- Gaming accessories, including controllers, headsets, and monitors, ranging from $23 to $499

- Fitbit Versa 2 for $119 (saving $60), Fitbit Charge for $69 (saving $60)

- Vizio 70-inch TV for $548, Bluetooth soundbar for $148, wireless subwoofer

- Laptops ranging from $149 to $179

- Portable tablet DVD player for $79

- Google Nest Hub 2nd generation for $49.98 (saving $50)

- Otterbox Defender case for $19, Popsockets for $5 (saving $5)

- Ring light for $20 (saving 50%), Otterbox options for $12

- Walmart has a great selection of deals for Black Friday, from electronics to houseware

- Make sure to check out the details and shop early for gaming systems

- Don't forget about the gift card deals and accessories for cell phones

- Happy shopping and saving!

How To Prepare Your Google Ads Campaigns for Black Friday 2021

1. Manage your expectations by analyzing last year's numbers and identifying the strategies that worked. This will help you get a feel for what you can do this year and communicate with your clients about budget and goals.

2. Plan your promotions and emails ahead of time, using spreadsheets to organize start and end dates, and share them with your team or clients to ensure everyone is on the same page.

3. Set budget limits with your boss or client to avoid cash flow problems, as happened with one of our clients last year.

4. Ensure your product feed is in good shape by fixing any disapproved products in Google Merchant Center. This will prevent products from getting stuck in review and ensure your deals are visible to customers.

5. Review your Google Ads campaigns and settings to ensure everything is in order and avoid last-minute adjustments.

6. Use ad extensions and callouts to highlight promotions and deals, making them more visible to potential customers.

7. Implement remarketing campaigns to target customers who have visited your site but haven't made a purchase yet. This can be an effective way to increase conversions during the holiday season.

8. Finally, track your results and analyze your data to identify areas for improvement and optimize your campaigns for the rest of the season.

BLACK FRIDAY VIDEO ADS - The 4 Types You MUST Have to Win in 2021!

Hi everyone, I'm Matt Johnston, the CEO and Creative Director of Guide Social Company. We create killer video ads for businesses, and with Black Friday coming up, there's never been a better time to talk about video ads. In this article, I'll explain why video ads are crucial, how to make them engaging, and the four types of video ads you need for Black Friday.

Why Video Ads Are Crucial:

CPMs (cost of advertising) have been up this year, and they always spike in November and December. The competition for ad space is high, driving up the cost of advertising. However, the price of ad space is not fixed, and the engagement of your ad is the biggest factor that impacts its price. Engaging video content sends a signal back to the algorithm that your content is relevant, and algorithms aim to show the most relevant content possible. Thus, you need to have engaging video ads that people will engage with to get cheaper ad space.

How to Make Engaging Video Ads:

Video ads that are well-shot and demonstrate value and excitement are the most engaging. People buy experiences, not just products, so videos that showcase the experience of using your product are powerful. Text on screen videos that meet people where they are in the Facebook feed are also effective. However, you need to have multiple ways of doing this, and your video ads need to speak to the 80% of people who watch ads without sound.

The Four Types of Video Ads You Need for Black Friday:

1. Sizzle video: a short, well-shot video that demonstrates the value and excitement of using your product.

2. Centerpiece video: a powerful prospecting ad that features one actor to the camera and a compelling script.

3. Simple text on screen video: a straightforward video that meets people where they are in the Facebook feed.

4. How-to video: a video that shows how to use your product or demonstrates its features and benefits.

Video ads are crucial for Black Friday, but they need to be engaging to be effective. Well-shot videos that showcase the experience of using your product, simple text on screen videos, and how-to videos are all effective types of video ads. However, the centerpiece video is the most powerful prospecting ad, and you must have it. By creating engaging video ads, you can reduce the cost of advertising and drive more qualified clicks to your website.

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