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AMAZON 1 DAY Prime Shipping is HERE!!

Published on: December 10 2022 by RockstarFlipper

- Amazon has launched a new service called 1 Day Prime Shipping

- This service promises to deliver products within one day for Prime members

- It is available in select cities in the US

- This article will discuss the benefits of this service and its impact on the retail industry

Benefits of 1 Day Prime Shipping:

- Convenience: Customers can receive their products in a shorter amount of time, making online shopping even more convenient

- Competitive advantage: Amazon now has an advantage over other retailers who do not offer such a fast delivery service

- Increased customer loyalty: Prime members are more likely to continue using Amazon due to the added benefit of 1 Day Prime Shipping

- Potential increase in sales: Customers may be more likely to purchase from Amazon knowing they will receive their products quickly

Impact on the Retail Industry:

- Pressure on other retailers: Amazon's 1 Day Prime Shipping puts pressure on other retailers to offer similar delivery services

- Increased shipping costs: Retailers who choose to offer fast delivery may face increased shipping costs, potentially affecting profits

- Potential shift towards online shopping: Customers may be more inclined to shop online due to the convenience of 1 Day Prime Shipping, potentially causing a shift away from brick and mortar stores

Overall, Amazon's 1 Day Prime Shipping is a game changer in the retail industry. It offers convenience and a competitive advantage for Amazon, while putting pressure on other retailers to adapt. It remains to be seen how this service will impact the industry in the long run, but for now, it is a major development for online shopping.

AMAZON 1 DAY Prime Shipping is HERE!!

- Amazon has announced an update to their Prime feature, cutting shipping time in half for Prime members.

- This update means that Prime members can now receive their deliveries in one day instead of the usual two.

- The change is expected to take a little while to roll out, but Amazon is ambitiously aiming to improve delivery times for customers who sign up for the Prime subscription program.


- Amazon expects to spend $800 million in the second quarter to make this change happen.

- The increased spending will cause profit to take a hit in the second quarter, as the company ramps up the change to its prime program.

- The standard free two-day shipping program will be improved to a free one-day shipping program, cutting free deliveries in half.

- Amazon shares gained one percent after the announcement, and the stock was up 0.9 percent pre-market on Friday.

- The increase in Prime membership to $119 a year has already happened, which is the first time Amazon has increased its prices in four years.

- Netflix has more members than Amazon Prime, but Netflix has also recently increased its prices.


- Shipping a webcam overnight to someone in Texas or Colorado would cost about $30-35, which is two to three times the cost of standard shipping.

- Amazon must have negotiated some kind of ridiculous deal with the USPS to make this one-day shipping possible.

- Amazon's update to its Prime feature is a significant step, and it will take time to achieve.

- Amazon has already been offering faster than today's shipping for Prime members for years, including one-day, same-day, and even two-hour delivery in some areas.

- The update to one-day Prime shipping is expected to be rolled out globally, and Amazon expects to make steady progress quickly through the year.

- This update will likely increase Amazon's membership price in the future, but for now, it is a welcome change for Prime members who rely on quick deliveries.

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