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amazon ads for authors 2021

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

- Introducing Bethany Stahl as a full-time author and illustrator who covers all things self-publishing on her channel.

- Encouraging viewers to subscribe for tips and tricks about their self-publishing journey.

- Mentioning additional help and information available on Patreon.

Day 1 of the Course: Setting Up Amazon Advertising

- Advising viewers to pick their book and create an Amazon advertising account if they haven't already.

- Walking viewers through creating a sponsored products campaign.

- Suggesting labeling the campaign with the book name and including a manual advertising campaign.

- Recommending creating a portfolio for each book to track performance.

- Setting a daily budget of $5 and choosing dynamic bids down only.

- Explaining custom ad text and recommending using something compelling.

- Recommending keyword targeting over product targeting and suggesting browsing best sellers in relevant categories.

- Advising viewers to find three categories, take the top 100 titles and authors, and use those as keywords.

- Recommending using broad match type and setting a custom bid of 25 cents.

- Suggesting comparing custom text with other popular books to find something catchy.

- Encouraging viewers to launch the campaign and duplicate it to test different custom text.

- Ending with a reminder to subscribe and check out Bethany Stahl's website and Patreon for more information and help.

Amazon Ads for Authors - Step by Step Tutorial

How to Set Up Amazon Ads for Your Book Sales

Amazon ads can be a great way to increase book sales, but if you've never used them before, it can be overwhelming. In this article, we'll walk you through setting up ads in the Amazon Ads dashboard, what to pay attention to, and what to ignore.

Setting Up Your Dashboard:

- Create an account at advertising.amazon.com

- Customize your dashboard

- Use portfolios to organize ads for each book

Metrics to Track:

- Spend

- Impressions

- Clicks



- Customize columns to track additional metrics if desired

Creating Sponsored Products Ads:

- Choose an ad format (with or without text)

- Decide on automatic or manual targeting

- Set a bid for your ad

- Use negative keyword targeting to exclude irrelevant keywords

Experiment with different ad formats and targeting strategies to find what works best for your book. Keep track of your metrics and adjust your strategy accordingly. With practice, you can use Amazon ads to boost your book sales and increase your visibility on the platform.

Ultimate Guide to AMAZON AMS Ads for Authors| Simple Step By Step AMAZON Ads Tutorial

Hi everyone, April Cox here! Today's topic is all about Amazon Ads, specifically for those who are new to publishing their books and are wondering how to get their book in front of people on Amazon. Marketing can be a lot of work, especially if you have a full-time job and don't have many opportunities to attend physical events due to the current situation in the world. This is where Amazon Ads come in as a great opportunity to supplement your marketing efforts.

- Amazon Ads as an opportunity for authors to supplement their marketing efforts

- Target audience: new authors looking to promote their book on Amazon

Benefits of Amazon Ads:

- Continues marketing efforts even after launch team

- Great supplement for authors who don't have time for extensive marketing

- More opportunities to reach potential readers due to lack of physical events

Getting started with Amazon Ads:

- Log in to KDP and go to Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

- Create a campaign in the Campaign Management Area

- Understand the terminology used in Amazon Ads, such as impressions, clicks, and ACoS

- Use the dashboard to track your ad performance and sales

Tips for creating successful Amazon Ads:

- Use a naming convention for easy identification of campaigns

- Start with automatic campaigns to allow Amazon to find the best keywords for your book

- Set a daily budget and adjust bids accordingly

- Continuously monitor and tweak campaigns for optimal performance

Amazon Ads are a great opportunity for authors to supplement their marketing efforts and reach potential readers on Amazon. By understanding the terminology and using the dashboard to track performance, authors can create successful campaigns that lead to increased sales. Remember to continuously monitor and tweak campaigns for optimal performance.

Amazon Advertising Overview for Authors and Publishers (2021)

Hi everybody, my name is Ian Lamont, and I am the founder of i30 media corp and the author of Lean Media. Today I will be talking about Amazon advertising, and I've been using various Amazon programs for a long time, including Amazon advertising. So, I have a lot of information to share. But just be aware, I don't work for Amazon. What I'm describing to you now may be different for you when you try to use the program, or Amazon may change its program. It's up to you to be aware of current Amazon terms and conditions and to follow them and to evaluate risk because while it's possible to make money on Amazon, it's also possible to lose a lot of money, particularly with advertising because you're actually paying something, and there's no guarantee of results. So, let's get started.

Types of Search Results on Amazon:

Amazon really has two types of search results when you're researching on Amazon. The first two results in red are paid results, and they're actually my results. I paid for those ads to show up there at the top of the results. Below the paid results are the organic results. Organic means Amazon is using a mathematical formula to determine what books to show customers based on their preferences or other factors like what's selling well.

Paid Ads Dominating Amazon:

Right now, paid ads actually dominate Amazon search results, and they also dominate every other part of the Amazon ecosystem. For instance, if you look at a detail page, there's an advertisement for somebody else's book right below the description. I didn't put that there, but somebody else is paying for it to show up there.

Types of Advertisements:

You'll see different types of advertisements in the search results. The top one is called a sponsored brand, and you can only use that if you have a registered brand on Amazon. The one below it, which is more common for many publishers, is called the sponsored product. It just shows the book cover and maybe a brief description that can show up in search as well as in the carousel sponsored product carousel ad.

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon advertising is a self-serve CPC ad platform. CPC means cost per click, and you're paying for each click no matter whether the person buys the book or not. You can access Amazon advertising via different programs like Amazon KDP, Vendor Central, or Advantage.

Why Use Amazon Advertising?

The obvious reason to use Amazon advertising is that you go to the head of the line. You're targeting people who have an intent to buy, which is good because, unlike Facebook or Google, people on Amazon are usually there to buy something. You don't need to hire anyone to set up an Amazon advertising campaign, and you can measure the results of campaigns, which is another huge thing.


When you're launching a campaign, you should know your margins before you launch a campaign. If your margin for a book is $3, and it's costing you $4 to sell a single copy of your book, Amazon advertising won't make sense because you'll be spending more money on the advertisement than it's possible to make through the sale of books.


Amazon throws a lot of metrics at you, but some of them are useful, and some of them are completely useless. CTR is actually a good metric to know. A conversion rate is another one that's pretty important. Spend per sale, how much it costs to make one sale, and the profit levels that you're making are all important metrics to understand.

Optimizing Detail Page:

No matter how good an advertising campaign you're running, if your detail page looks bad, that is people come to your detail page, and you have an amateur cover, the description is a giant wall of text, you have plot spoilers, the book is not available, the book costs too much, the reviews are all two-star, a great advertisement won't save a bad book or a bad detail page.

Competing Against Other Publishers:

It's great that you can compete against other publishers, but they can compete against you too. Some people ask me a lot about how Amazon advertising compares with Facebook advertising. Amazon is a place where people have the intent to buy, whereas Facebook is a place where people have the intent to talk about things or share stuff with friends.

In conclusion, Amazon advertising is a powerful tool for authors and publishers to promote their books. It's a self-serve CPC ad platform that allows you to target people who have an intent to buy. However, before launching a campaign, it's important to know your margins and understand the metrics that Amazon presents. It's also crucial to optimize your detail page to convert visitors into buyers. Remember, a great advertisement won't save a bad book or a bad detail page.

How One Book Has Sold Over $44,000+ Using Amazon Ads For KDP Publishing

Hey everybody, welcome back to my channel! I am Jenny Hanson Lane, a digital marketer and gamification consultant. In this video, I am going to show you how to use Amazon ads for KDP publishing to sell a book for over $44,000 in just over 200 days.

The Power of Ads:

- Ads can be a powerful tool for generating sales and passive income.

- Even with a small budget, you can see success with ads.

- Keyword research is crucial for success with ads.

- It's important to scale appropriately and be mindful of your advertising costs.

The Success of One Book:

- Jenny sold over 1,600 copies of her book through ads alone, generating over $44,000 in sales.

- By targeting specific niches and using automatic ads, she was able to achieve profitability within 217 days.

- Jenny emphasizes the importance of testing different strategies and listening to your intuition when it comes to advertising.

Using Amazon ads for KDP publishing can be a powerful way to generate passive income and sell your books. With careful keyword research and strategic targeting, it's possible to achieve profitability and even significant sales. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new strategies to see what works best for you.

Amazon Ads Tutorial KDP 2022 - Keyword Targeting for Beginners for Authors & Low Content Books

Hey guys, in today's video, I'm going to teach you how to set up manual keyword campaigns on Amazon. While manual campaigns may seem intimidating at first, I'll show you how to set them up in easy steps that won't take long. This is episode two of my Amazon ad series, so if you haven't seen the first video, I recommend watching it before continuing.

- Manual keyword campaigns on Amazon

- Episode two of Amazon ad series

- Easy steps to set up campaigns

Steps to Create a Profitable Manual Keyword Campaign:

1. Click on the Create Campaign button

2. Enter campaign name and specific details

3. Select start and end dates for campaign

4. Set daily budget (start low if new to running ads)

5. Choose manual targeting

6. Select bidding strategy (start with down only for lower budgets)

7. Search and select book to advertise

8. Enter custom bid for keywords

9. Choose keyword targeting

10. Add suggested keywords and expand with own list

11. Leave negative keyword targeting blank for now

12. Launch campaign and wait for review

Tips for Better Performance:

- Add at least 30 more keywords for more choices

- Increase cost per click to get more impressions and clicks

- Lower bids for targets with high ACOS

- Pause targets with no sales or high spend with no sales

- Lower bids for targets with clicks but no sales

- Add negative keywords for poorly performing targets

Creating manual keyword campaigns on Amazon can be a great way to increase exposure and sales for your book. By following these easy steps and implementing these tips, you can set up profitable campaigns and manage them effectively for optimal performance.

Introduction to Amazon Ads for Authors

In today's article, we will be discussing Amazon ads and how they can help you promote your book on their platform. Amazon ads are a great way to drive sales and get your book in front of potential customers. We will walk you through the process of creating an ad campaign and share some tips on how to make the most of your ads.

1. Understanding Amazon Ads:

- Amazon ads are similar to Google ads or Facebook ads in that they allow you to create an ad and capture people's attention while they are scrolling.

- The goal of Amazon ads is to drive people to your listing and sell your product.

- When you sign up for Amazon ads, you are putting together a listing, and Amazon's goal is to make a great experience for their customers.

2. Creating an Ad Campaign:

- To create an ad campaign, go to the campaign listing on your KDP account and click on Promote and Advertise.

- You can also go directly to the Amazon advertising console by logging into your KDP account and clicking on the New Tab and then selecting AMS.

- Choose the type of ad you want to create, such as sponsored products or sponsored brands.

- Set a daily budget, a custom bid, and select the keywords or products you want to target.

- Ensure that you have a beautiful cover and an attractive listing to make the most of your ad.

3. Tips for Making the Most of Amazon Ads:

- Use tools like Publisher Rocket or Helium to come up with keywords for your ad.

- Look for less competitive keywords to pay less money for your ad and target a smaller audience.

- Use custom text ads to test out different ad text and hooks that will capture people's attention.

- Ensure that you have a professional-looking cover and an attractive listing to make the most of your ad.

Amazon ads are an excellent way to promote your book and drive sales on their platform. By following the steps outlined in this article and using the tips provided, you can create a successful ad campaign that will get your book in front of potential customers and help you achieve your sales goals.

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