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amazon dropshipping fiverr

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

I PAID EXPERTS On FIVERR To Run My WHOLE Shopify Dropshipping Business

so in today's shopify dropshipping video challenge experiment, i'm gonna be going to a website called fiverrcom to see if i can fully automate one of my brand new shopify dropshipping websites in 2022. to see if i can make a great profit by just sitting back, relaxing and hiring different freelancers. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille sutton as the ecom king, and in today's video, i'm gonna be going to fiverrcom, which is where you hire loads of different freelancers that are expertise in their different industries, to see if i can fully automate all the processes needed in a brand new shopify drop shipping website. that ranges from product research, building a shopify store, making some video ads for my product and running facebook ads by a facebook expert. to see if i can sit back, relax and watch these different freelancers run my dropshipping store. to see if i can make a great profit. so in today's video experiment, i'm gonna be doing a massive giveaway by giving one of you lucky viewers the chance to win this whole drop shipping business that i got made from fiverr and that's gonna contain the cheat sheet of winning products that i got sent. it's going to contain the shopify store that was made. it's also going to contain all the video ads that i got made, and it's also going to contain the ad account and the pixel that i got used to actually run the ads for this store. now this giveaway is worth between 2500 and three thousand dollars, and all you have to do to enter the giveaway is we need to hit 5 000 likes on this video, you need to subscribe to the channel and leave a comment on why you want to want to win this shopify store, and once we've hit 5 000 likes, i'll be picking one lucky winner from the comment section by replying to your comment asking you to prove your instagram account by dming me, and once we've done that, i'll transfer all the assets over to you. so, before we get into the juicy part of this video, i want to go over two quick things. number one: massive thank you to fiverr for sponsoring this video, because they did pay for all of the five gigs that i used in today's video. the one thing i do want to make sure that you guys know is the money that i spent on the facebook ads did come out of my own pocket. so the second thing i want to go over is a quick disclaimer: all of the gigs i've used on fiverr. in today's video experiment, i'm gonna be giving you guys my honest, constructive feedback on each and one of them. so if i say anything, please don't let it offend you. this is just my honest feedback. i'd also appreciate it if everybody that's watching this video shows some respect towards the people that did the gigs for me, and i'd hope that you guys don't send any hate towards these people, because that's not what we're about on this channel. we're all about love and respect. so this is how day one of the shopify dropshipping fiverr challenge would have looked like, and for the last 21 days roughly, i have been doing this challenge in real life, and what i'm gonna be doing with you guys now is i'm gonna be showing you exactly what i was doing on each day of the challenge for the last 21 days. so what i did on day one of this challenge is i went to try and find a fiver freelancer that can find me winning drop shipping products, and this is probably the most important part of the process, because if you don't have a good product, then you're probably not gonna sell anything. so, as you guys can see on my computer screen, i'm on five and you can see, i've searched for drop shipping winning products and i did filter the search down by seller details and i made the seller details with top rated seller, level two seller and the actual language, english. now what does this mean? on fiverr, as a freelancer seller, you can range from level one, level two and top rated, and this is based on your reviews and your feedback on what fiverr thinks of your gig. so i only wanted to go for the premium option and actually, to be honest with you, i actually went for the option that fiverr recommended and there's something called fiverr choice and this is the one that fiverr would recommend that you choose and throughout this whole challenge, i went for the fiverr choice. when filtering down by those options. there's loads of different gigs offering to find you winning products. so take a look at this one. i will find you a winning product for your drop shipping or amazon business. they've got 4.9 star reviews and it's based on a thousand people and the gig starting at around about 40 dollars. so if we take a look at the description of this gig, you can see they're saying you're winning product. i will provide a niche product with a high demand on low competition for your amazon or shopify drop shipping business. you might be asking: how can you be sure that he can provide a winning product that can do more than ten thousand dollars a month? reasons: i do my research based on numbers, of statistiks. none of my results. decisions are made by emotion and gut feelings. i do detailed analysis with results that will be well thought out through. my research includes a detailed depth of report- about 20 pages: product choice based on analysis, competitor analysis, industry analysis, determination on market volume, trend forecast, potential revenue, list of substantial supplies and 50 high relevant keywords. now that is some substantial information that they're saying. so you're paying for them to do all of this work. so, to be honest with you, that does sound quite impressive. now, if we look to the right hand side, there's three different packages: basic, standard and premium. so the basic one offers you a product to success, one product worth five thousand dollars a month, and this is all based on data. if you look at the standard package, you're going to be getting one product list up to ten thousand dollars a month. if we go the premium package, you're getting one product worth twenty thousand dollars on. so i'm guessing he knows that the product's making 20 000, so i reckon he's coming up with these numbers because the product is actually generating 20 000 a month in revenue. i don't know how he's working this out. so this is the official gig that i've ordered from fiverr for my product research for my drop shipping store and unfortunately, this isn't the same gig that i showed you before when i showed you the description. this is actually the fiverr choice gig, so this is the one that fiver actually recommends. now, unfortunately, this salad isn't doing this gig anymore, so i wasn't able to show you there a gig page, so i showed you something very similar. but if we take a look at the gig details, you can see i ordered it on the 30th of january and i got delivered it on the second, so it took three to four days. so you can see i went with the small startup package, which was the basic package for 35, and you can see this includes five winning products: facebook video ad competitors, competitors, drop shipping stores and the aliexpress direct supplier. so you can see, when i ordered the package, the seller messaged me saying thanks for your order, i'll get this done as soon as possible. and i put: hello, thanks, i look forward to working with you. and a few days later he did send me the google sheets link to the products. so, as you guys can see on the screen, i've got the google sheets open that he sent me and you can see he's actually given me six products. and the reason why he gave me six products is because one of the products didn't come with a facebook video ad, so he actually gave me an extra product for free, which was quite nice. so these are the different products and he sent me the aliexpress urls, the facebook video ads and the store competitors. so these are the different products that he sent me. the first one was this new four ports fast charger, and the reason why i didn't go for this product was because, look at the actual reviews, these are bad reviews. i do not go for products under 4.5 star reviews because it's too risky. and then the next product:

I Paid FIVERR $750 To Make $12,000 (No Skill Required)

I paid Freelancers on five or seven hundred fifty dollars to make an expected twelve thousand dollars in passive income and one of these jobs. I have the potential to make over nine thousand dollars across the next 12 to 16 weeks, and not only could anyone start these now, but they don't require any overhead or thousands of dollars to get going, and I truly think that if someone wanted to, they could take any of these four ways and create a six-figure business out of them, and in this video I'm going to cover the details of these four passive income streams, how much I plan on making, and be sure to stik around until the end, because I'm saving the highest return one for last. but if you're new here, my name is Chris and on this channel I cover different ways on making passive income online, and if this video does get 2 000 likes, I will drop another video on five other ways to make passive income on Fiverr that I'm currently using, but only if it gets 2 000 likes, because I want to make sure that you guys actually like this kind of content. so let's get into it now. if you aren't familiar with fiber, it's a site that's been around for over a decade that became known for five dollar jobs, or gigs as they call them, and on this site, you can do anything for five dollars: you can get a logo, build a website or even get a customized message from Jesus himself. but these five dollar gigs now are more or less just placeholders to entike customers to get into these higher dollar gigs, and some of these gigs can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, and this is something I've used since 2016 to help build every business I've ever created. now, passive income stream number one is I had someone create a News website, specifically a crypto News website, to create passive income, and this website- feel free to check it out- it's cryptogram247.com, and this is something I've announced live on my YouTube channel already, where I plan on this being a staple with crypto news, where you can get up-to-date crypto information that updates in real time, on the hour, and in total, I paid 190 dollars for this, and that includes the domain, the search engine optimization, the actual website being built, as well as what is needed to pull live news feed. but the way this actually makes money is through affiliate marketing, and it's promoting things on this crypto News website that people would be interested in, and so what happens is if someone actually uses something on this site, I will get a commission for it. affiliate marketing is the lifeblood for YouTube channels, podcasts and news agencies, and what's cool about this is is that the Fiverr gig will tell you, on whatever Niche you're in, what is a good affiliate offer. now, the biggest challenge with this offer is one getting a good domain and getting enough traffic to your actual site. good domains are like real estate, and it needs to be not only one that people will remember, but having a good domain helps decide, get ranked on Google to help get external traffic to it, and what I use to find a good domain was expiredomainnet, where you can see a list of domains that have expired, and then you can go over to namecheapcom to buy that domain. I also made an ebook on the site, so four ways to create passive income in the metaverse, and there will be Weekly News updates of all of the main highlights as well. so if you are interested in crypto information, I'll leave a link down below so you can sign up for that as well. now the exact amount I'm going to make from this site is going to be hard to say, but I've had really good luck with affiliate marketing in the past and I don't really look at 190 as a big investment to get going. so I encourage people, if there's already something that you're doing in a partikular Niche that you might have exposure, to think about what you can do with that and then create a site around that for affiliate marketing. it doesn't have to be crypto related. I just have a crypto audience here on YouTube and, speaking of affiliate marketing, I have a fiber link down below where, if you use that link, not only do I get a commission, but you'll get 10 off your order, which, if you used what I did, that was twenty dollars back in your pocket. number two is setting up a Drop Shipping Store. Drop Shipping is a way of selling e-commerce that bypasses having to buy a lot of bulk inventory at once, and it also eliminates having to store the inventory as well, which can get timely and costly, and I found someone on Fiverr where you can create a Drop Shipping website for a 105 bucks and they even advertise on the gig, where someone used their offer and in three months they were generating six figures in Revenue. now I definitely do not expect for this to happen. however, I can attest for making two thousand dollars in profit every month Drop Shipping on Facebook, so I know there's definitely potential here. so first, what you need to do is you need to pick a niche or category to hone in on, and I went ahead and I picked the pet Niche, and over the last two years, I've had a podcast centered around animal rescue and I've been working on my own private label brand over the last seven months on Amazon and it's about to go live. so my plan here is not only offer my product that I'll physically be storing on Amazon on my website, but I'm also going to be Drop Shipping products as well on my own website to not only generate extra Revenue, but to drive extra traffic to the product I'm selling on Amazon and from different influencers. I've toked to doing this type of Drop Shipping. I'm expecting about 1K profit per month after about month two, which means that on a 100 investment, that's 10x after the second month. now, once again, the main problem here is driving traffic to your actual site, and I already have an audience built up around this, so this is something that you may need to think about. there are actually gigs on Fiverr that will help you drive traffic to your website, whether it's externally or for them running ads for you. there's a multitude of ways to do this, but I'm just relying on the core audience that I've already built up. while you're at it, if you are interested on different ways to make money online, I have a newsletter on my Chris mccauleycom website, so be sure to sign up for that as well. passive income stream number three is creating a job agency website. I tok with dozens of business owners in my area in California, and not only are people having a hard time finding reliable work, but when there is work, they're paying a premium for it. so by creating a job agency website, it allows you to offer those services to these business owners, such as logo or concept design. you can design menus for restaurants, bookkeeping, creating email lists and so much more. and the thing is is that you don't even have to know how to do any of this. you just need a website that says you can do it and then from there, you'll find the reliable, affordable work here on Fiverr and then sell it to them for an upsell- and this isn't anything new. I have friends who've been doing this for a few years that make five figures per month doing this and to get a site like this up and running. I found a gig that's costing 350 dollars, so essentially, this is just work Arbitrage: you're Outsourcing the work for them and getting them high quality results, so they don't have to worry about it, and it's saving them money and time. now, in terms of how much money you can make from this, I currently am offering twenty five hundred dollar packages on my website and I'm currently working on something special here, so I don't want to share it just yet, but it's really, really cool and I know it's going to make for a cool video. I'm going gonna do a whole video on it, but for now, I can't share it just yet. and if you wanted to start this, I think the best way to start is just networking in your area, which could mean going to business meetups, asking friends or family and for warm introductions if you've been in the community a while, or even just walking up to b.


How I Outsource My 7 Figure Dropshipping Business with Fiverr

what's up, beautiful people, thank you so much for coming back to my youtube channel. in this video, we're going to tok about how you can literally outsource your whole drop shipping business from fiverr, upwork, all that stuff. uh, basically just teaching you how to build a team, and you probably seen all these platforms advertising that, hey, we're gonna outsource all your business, you don't need to do anything, and all that stuff, even though i don't really believe in outsourcing everything, every single thing. but there are certain things that you can do to not be so involved in your business. you want to work on your business, not in your business. so i'm going to walk you through the things that you need to do in order to be successful in your drop shipping business before we get started. i put the whole document together on how to outsource. so if you want to get that at the, you know in a little bit, uh, make sure that you like this video. once this video hits 500 likes, i'm gonna put it in the bio and kind of like helping you out how to outsource everything from video editing and all that stuff. so let's tok about what you need to do when you get started with drop shipping. so, first of all, if you're just getting started with drop shipping, i don't really recommend you outsourcing anything in the beginning. just because most people are getting started, they're starting with a limited amount of- you know, limited- budget, unless you have a lot of money that you can just throw out there. and it's not just only that either. is is like learning things before you outsource those tasks, because if you don't know how to do it yourself, it's kind of hard to say if that person is doing a good job or not. but, that being said, if you already found your first winning product, you probably already know. the first thing. first thing that i highly recommend everybody should outsource is a customer service, and customer service is one of those things that really can drain your energy and takes your attention away from working on your business and staying positive, just because most of the emails that you're gonna ever get when it comes to drop shipping are people asking: hey, where's my product, where's my tracking number? they never check their spam or they forget about the email or you know it's just people just basically complaining about stuff that can affect, you know, your mood and mental health and all that stuff. finding someone to answer your emails and doing customer service actually is pretty easy. if you go on fiverr, like i'm gonna show you, you can go literally on fiverr, type in fiverrcom and, uh, just type in drop shipping, customer service, customer service. and one thing that i like to do: i prefer actually hiring people on upwork just because i can post a job, uh, rather than on fiverr that i can kind of like search for people. fiber could be also good. i kind of switch back and forth between fiverr and upwork. whatever that you know works for you. but drop shipping customer service is like very common and you find a lot of people that have been doing this for years, so you don't really even need to train them. they know how to do this, these tasks. one thing that i highly recommend again is not using someone in the us, since, uh, you know, everything is basically virtual, so they're not really toking to someone in person. if you find someone in philippines, india, pakistan, they're gonna be way cheaper than if you were about to find people in the us. so make sure whenever you're looking at these stuff, uh, you do that. one thing that i highly also recommend: if you're, if you're, doing all an upwork, i always put someone that has an experience. i don't like to go with level one or level two- i think that's what it's called- on um up work, but i wanna go with someone who has the experience. you know, even if you have to pay a little bit more, that's actually gonna save you money in long term because they know exactly what they're doing. but let's say you're on fiverr, you just like type in, let's say, dropshipping customer service. you kind of scroll down. i look at the reviews. i like to go at least 4.9, like i don't do you know 4.7, uh, customer service, because i don't know exactly what 105 is, for how long or you know what. but what i recommend is usually, usually you pay anything between seven to ten dollars an hour and, uh, you don't have to necessarily and you're gonna have to track their work. there's different platforms that you can see when they're logging in. you can use platforms like zendesk to connect everything in one place. so it would make it so much easier for your person to um answer questions and do customer service. number two: another thing that i highly recommend you guys figure it out early on in drop shipping is who's gonna make your creatives. on tiktok, facebook, instagram, whatever platform you use, your creatives are the most important thing. products are important, but creatives are also just as important- even more important, because you could have a best product in the world but if you don't know how to market it and you just hired someone that is not that good on fiverr or upwork and they're just making you videos but they're not really putting enough effort or they know, don't know what they're doing, that's not gonna find you a winning product. so there are three ways when it comes to uh making the creative. either either you can do it yourself. that's the cheapest way. i'm just gonna go kind of go through like pricing, how you can go through your creatives. you can do it yourself. you can literally go to amazon, find any products that you find on aliexpress, order them, make their products yourself. it definitely helps you uh be become better in making the creatives and figure out what actually converts and what doesn't. you could use influencers- that's the next thing that you could do. or you can use you know uh platforms that help you build those videos professionally, like ecom edits. i put the information down below also if you guys want to check it out. these two things are the first things that i recommend you guys outsource when you figure things out, even if you know how to make the videos yourself- is very time consuming. so once you find a platform or a person who, or you know whatever it works for you and you know that it's converting, you want to stik with that and you kind of want to do that yourself. making creative is very time consuming and it can be very difficult for people if you've never done any editing or any kind of content creation or any of that. so it's really up to you what route you want to go. um, i have a list of influencers i work with. if i'm gonna plug it in here, i have a weekly mastermind. if you guys join in the next couple days, i'm actually giving out 150 people- influencers that you can work with. if you're interested, go ahead, dme mastermind. so let's move on to the next one, uh, product page. so this one is not not the most time-consuming one. you can definitely figure out yourself what i like to do if i was about to put the product page together. i like to reverse search, see what other people are doing. never steal other people's product page, but get inspiration of how they're doing their product page. let's say you find a winning product page. they're getting sales. what do you want to do? you want to get inspiration on what, how they wrote their, how they're doing their copywriting. if you don't want to do that, you can easily find a product page person on fiverr, on upwork. i found one on upwork. i pay him eight dollars a product page and if i actually buy and book, it's gonna be cheaper. i think it's like six to seven dollars, which is, you know, pretty good for just eliminating so much time. so i put all the products on a google doc sheet and then they like he goes on my google docs sheet and then, whenever it's completed, he puts complete in the in the front. i do the same thing with my product testing. so that's that. um, next thing is, like i said, it's kind of like i'm going from what's important first and going to what's less important. a.

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I Paid Fiverr To Create A Dropshipping Business

I was scrolling on Fiverr the other day and came across an interesting listing where a guy was saying he could make hundreds of video ads for really cheap. so it got me thinking: what if I made a tiktok account, tried my hardest to go viral with these videos that I just again pay someone on Fiverr to do? pay someone to build out a website and then sell whatever product I'm making videos for? it would literally be the ultimate, infinite money glitch. so for a fun little experiment, I'm gonna pay someone on Fiverr to set up the website, also pay someone to actually build out probably around 100 videos that I can then go ahead and post on a tiktok account, trying to go viral, to then drive that traffic to my website to make sales. and if, for some reason, I can't accomplish that goal, I will be sending someone who likes the video, comments below and subscribes a hundred bucks. and let's get into this interesting challenge. what's the game plan? well, it's actually pretty simple. you just smash the like button or this monkey will hunt you in your sleep. now- serious note though- I'm pretty much gonna hire someone on Fiverr, make me those tons of videos, and then I'll also hire someone to build out a pretty quality website. fingers crossed that it's actually good- and then I'm going to be posting these videos periodically for a few days to try and go pretty viral on tiktok, to then drive traffic to the website to make money. in order for this challenge to actually work, I will need a pretty good product to go viral on tiktok with, and it also needs to have tons of content already available. so I need to get to work. I'm gonna hop on my phone, do some product research and see if I can find a banger. now, my main way for finding good products that are already sold on tiktok- I'm pretty much going to just hop on my phone, go on The tik tok app and see what's already going viral. so I'll type in stuff like free shipping, 50 off, get yours now, Lincoln bio- tons of different terms that Brands would actually use on their posts to potentially Drive viewers to then go and purchase the product. so I'm gonna quickly eat some lunch. I got some lasagna and then after that it is product research time. for the next 20 minutes I scrolled through these Search terms trying to find a good product that has already gone viral that I can hop on and ride the wave to make tons of money or lose money, who knows? all right, we actually found a really good product. I'll show you guys on the screen. it is this toking Cactus toy. so essentially you can set it up in front of pets, in front of babies, in front of random people, and then if you tok and say something, it will repeat what you say. and it is awesome because the video that I've seen online of the product looks really cool. it's going viral and the product has tons of content on tiktok, which is perfect for our scenario, because we will need an excessive amount of content so that this editor on Fiverr can go on tiktok, download these videos, tweak them a bit, make them my own, and then I'll be able to post them myself. so now it's time to hire someone on Fiverr to actually make these videos. so I found this one listing for 175 bucks or 100 videos. I'm gonna pay him, get the product sent over, let him know the details, and I want the videos at least like six to eight seconds to maybe 20 seconds, so that way I can have a few different time ranges. and then I'm going to pay him get that set up and then we will also get someone to build building out our store, because this is going to be a complete fiber challenge. like I'm hands off on this, this is passive income essentially, so let's see what happens. I found someone who only charges 100 bucks to build out a good one product store, so I'm gonna hire him on Fiverr, get that all rolling, and this all should take around a few days, avoiding time to actually get all of this stuff done, to get the 100 videos done and then the website completed. in the meantime, I'm going to do something called warming up a tiktok account. so I'm going to essentially create an account for this specific product and this store and I'm going to use it for the next day or two, following various people liking the posts that I see on my for you page, just doing tons of stuff to make tiktok understand I'm not a bot page, I'm a legit page. those usually have higher chances of actually going viral rather than just creating a page and launching videos right off the bat, from what I've seen. so hopefully the tiktok Gods will bless me with an account that ends up going viral, but time will tell. a few more days have passed and the Fiverr seller actually finished all the videos, so I have a huge folder here with all the videos for the cactus toy and it began. I started liking all the videos on my feed for the next hour or so, so trying my best to convince tiktok I was not a bot page so that they could bless me with millions of views and tons of sales. now that my tiktok account is warmed up, it's time to start posting videos on this account and hopefully go viral. for the next hour or so, I'm gonna post a video every five to ten minutes to just get content on the accounts, and I'll keep doing this until I have all the videos posted. now I do have 100 videos, which is quite a bit, so let's just get into posting these videos on tiktok. I've been uploading videos all day to this account and I have some good news. I now have seven followers, as you guys can see, which is way more than zero, and some of the videos actually have some good views- way more than I antikipated, considering someone just made these videos on Fiverr. so for the next few days I'm gonna keep posting these videos and hopefully going viral on tiktok so that we can send them to our Shopify store and make some money. I just woke up and checked my phone and I actually have some good news. so I posted three videos yesterday. honestly should have posted a lot more, but only posted three, and one of them, if you guys can see, has 500 views, which it's not an insane amount, but it definitely is giving me a little bit of confidence that if I just keep posting I will get a video to go viral. so today my goal is to post 15 of these videos throughout the day and hopefully one can go viral, and we'll just keep doing this until this account blows up. we just got our first sale, which is absolutely insane, considering I've only got like one semi-viral video. the only thing I've been doing is just replying to every comment, telling them to go to my website, since I don't yet have a thousand followers now we are nowhere near profitable, but this is a great sign that if I just keep doing this, maybe I can come out in the positive, in the green, at the end of this challenge. I just got back from the gym and I checked my tik tok to see how the videos were doing. one of these videos actually has over 20 000 views, so this one's got almost a thousand likes, it's got a lot of comments and people are loving the videos. I've also got 91 followers now, which is not nearly enough to actually add the link in my bio, so I'm going to keep posting these videos. hopefully one really goes viral and then maybe we can make some money. ladies and gentlemen, we have ran into our first big issue with this challenge. I started to go through the videos to post more and some of these videos are bad. like I looked through it after I had realized that I made a mistake and probably 40 to 50 of these videos are just not entiking enough, have really bad audio, wasn't really showing off the product being used, and having a baby react to the actual Cactus replying to what they were saying- and which is kind of what we needed for the videos to go viral- definitely bummed me out. but what I'm going to do is message the Fiverr seller, see if he can actually redo maybe 20 to 50 of these videos, because I got a hundred- see if he could send me them in maybe a day or so so that way I can complete this Challenge and hopefully go pretty viral. like I mentioned, it's already been like five or six days and I'm honestly not really sure if I'm going to.

I Paid Fiverr To Create An ENTIRE Affiliate Marketing Business For Me!

hey guys, chad here. so the other day i was on fiverr to get a graphic done for my facebook group and i notiked a new category of services called affiliate marketing. so i thought to myself: hmm, i wonder if i can create an entire affiliate marketing business using nothing but fiverr gigs. i'm toking about the landing page, the funnel, the email sequence and, yes, even the traffic. so that's exactly what you're gonna see me do in this video, is i'm gonna try to create an entire affiliate marketing business using nothing but fiverr gigs. but first, before we start ordering the fiber gates, before we start building the business, we need to pick a niche and product that we can do this for. so i think i'm going to go with a clickbank product, since pretty much everyone watching this video probably has a clickbank account, or you can create one for free, so if this does end up working, you can model this business for yourself. anyways, what i'm going to do is i'm going to go in clickbank right here and i'm going to go to a certain category i picked out, and this is going to be the e-business and e-marketing niche. now, if i come to the top right here, there's two products i'm thinking about promoting. it's either this one: get paid to use facebook, twitter and youtube. other one i'm considering promoting is a similar one. it's called writeappreviewscom. this is kind of the same product where you get paid 20 to 35 dollars per hour to test, to beta test, apps and software. so these are the two products i'm thinking about promoting. both of them pays around forty dollars per sale. my goal is to bring this business to a hundred dollars per day, so i need a couple sales per day with one of these products. i think i'm gonna go with the rightappreviewscom- this product you're seeing right here. so i've got the niche and product that we want to promote. now i'm gonna go and order my landing page on fiverr. so the first step of this is we need some type of landing page to collect emails with, to build our email list up. so what i'm gonna do is i can either type in landing page to fiverr or i think i'm gonna go in this new category, digital marketing, and then, as we can see, if we go down here, we can see an affiliate marketing category. i'm gonna click on this, okay. so, taking a look at some of these gigs we got: um, i will build clickbank affiliate marketing system with hi. okay, so this one has 61 reviews, all five star. that's pretty compelling. um, i'll be affiliate marketing consultant. i will build your affiliate marketing system with follow-up. okay, so this one includes the email sequence. let's just go with this one right here. i'm gonna click on this and let's kind of check out what he has to share on here. okay, so he's gonna create a high converting opt-in squeeze page, this facebook captors. okay, name an email. that's what we want to do. and then he's going to set up professionally written email follow-ups. and right here it's saying he's only going to do this in the health and fitness niche. i might have to message him to see if he will do this for the niche and product i chose, which is more like the work from home niche. so i'm gonna go and message this guy and see if we can do this in the niche that i'm promoting it. in the meantime, let's go ahead and start ordering the traffic, right, so, obviously, on fiverr, if we go to this category of digital marketing and then we go down to affiliate marketing, right, there's not really like sure, there's a category for link promotion. now, this is basically. i will do organic affiliate promotion for clickbank. i will affiliate promotion, real traffic. so a lot of these guys- i feel like they don't really know english and they're kind of just here to, you know, get you some fake clicks that never turn into sales. so, personally, guys, i would not recommend ordering these gigs where they just do like link promotion for you. we have no idea if that traffic is just coming from a bot and they're pretty much just scamming people, or where they're getting their traffic from, and it also makes you wonder: if they're gonna do link promotion for you, why wouldn't they just do it for themselves, so they can earn clickbank commissions themselves? so it kind of makes you wonder there. so what i'm going to do is i'm going to put a little bit different spin on how we're going to get traffic using nothing but fiverr gigs. i had to get a little creative for this, so i think i got it down. i'm going to type in tiktok into the fiverr search bar. now, there's no question about it. tiktok is one of the fastest ways to get traffic for completely free in 2021, so i think that's what we're gonna go with. i'm gonna hire someone on fiverr who's a video marketer and, as you can see, we have all kinds of people right here who will basically make your tiktoks. like this girl, i will make a tiktok ad or tiktok video and basically she's gonna make the tiktok for me. i'm gonna post it on my own page that i have. so she's gonna make the video, she's gonna send it to me and i'm gonna post that video on this tiktok page. but before we do that, i want to make sure i have the funnel and the email sequence ready to go. like i said, if this does end up working out, this can kind of turn into a passive business model for me. so let's see, 15 seconds is 15, 30 seconds 25.. okay, so, wow, 35 dollars for one minute if we do the math on this one. so if you do 35 times four tiktok videos per week, right, it's 140 per week times four, this is going to be 560 per month- 560, it's not bad. you know, i can't tell you how many people have spent 560 on google ads or on facebook ads and it kind of just went completely down the drain. so i think you know, investing 516, something like this, where someone's going to create the tiktok videos for you, i think it might be a good idea. we're going to go and roll with her and hire her to create some tik-tok videos for us 24 hours later, okay. so welcome back to day number two. i got a quick update for you. so the first guy message on fiverr to create a funnel and email sequence for me. he got back to me i had to see if he would do this in the work from home niche and basically he sent me to another listing where he actually does do this. um, the only problem i had was, um, he actually sent me this link and this link kind of just shows how he does his work and basically the funnel that he would create for us. anyways, the problem i had is like you can actually see what all these funnels he's going to make for us look like. so i could easily go recreate this inside a builder out on my own in less than 30 minutes. now the only problem with this is he actually uses another software called weebly for his funnels and email setup. me personally, i've never used weebly. i don't really want to use weebly. i like to use a platform called builder all. so i decided: screw it, i'm just going to go create the landing page on build raw using my own skills. so if i go to my builder account. as you can see, these are my websites on here. this is the website i created, so i'm just going to go to edit site right here. and, um, this is the opt-in page that i created for the product we're promoting, right, so, to do app reviews. so basically it's the same thing as one of the sales pages. i kind of just recreate this and, instead of like the vendor collecting emails, i just set it up so i collect the emails and then, if they click here, right as you can see, uh, create your account to get started, to start this position, register an account, so they'll put in their name and email right here. and, as you can see, when they put in their name and email and press get started, they're going to be redirected to my affiliate link, right? so this link right here is my affiliate link and if they buy from this page, right, i'm going to make commission of that sale. so that's the funnel, that's the opt-in page. as far as the emails goes, i actually realized that i don't actually have to create these emails. if i go onto the affiliate page for this product i'm promoting, they actually have a full email swipes for me. so if i go down here, you ca.

I Paid Fiverr to Create a Dropshipping Business

in this video. I'm gonna pay different people on Harvard to create different parts of a drop shipping business. I'm then gonna put it all together, launch it and see what happens. I'm gonna be paying somebody to create an advertisement at the web site, a logo, the whole shebang. I'm really excited about this. I'm personally curious to see what happens when I actually launch the store. so let's just get right into this one. [Music]. yo, what's good, guys, it's your boy. be heads up back with another video. now the first thing I want to address is: let's go ahead and get the elephant out of the room here. what's going on with my lips? I was out in the cold last weekend. it was windy and I ended up with this. I hope it's not gonna be too notikeable distracting on camera. I guess we'll just see, but as you've read in title and in the little intro, just did you already know we're gonna be doing in this video? but for the two people watching this video who are not sure what Fiverr is, it's basically a website where people can put up freelance services and charge anywhere from five dollars to a couple thousand dollars for them, and the variety of different services you can purchase on this website is pretty crazy. I mean you can get anything from website design to somebody managing your tinder profile. to this guy saying that he's gonna say anything you want a thousand times for five dollars. or this guy from a previous video that I did on Fiverr is saying this for $7.00. I mean, this website has everything on it and in this video we're gonna try to use it to build a full on aliexpress drop shipping business with it. and, by the way, that's when you take a product from China and that cost like four dollars, you build a website around it, sell it on there for $15 and someone purchased it from you. you keep the difference in the middle and just ship this product directly to the end customer. almost forgot, but I have a really good meme to explain this. I just saw this online the other day I had to share with you guys. I mean, you guys get the point. it's a fairly easy to understand business model. however, it is a lot more challenging and difficult in practike, so I'm very curious to see what the people are fiber are gonna come up with for me here. that said, let's go ahead and dive into the computer here and I'll explain what product I chose for this video and that is this posture correction brace right here. views Facebook or Instagram. chances are you've probably already been advertising this product before. there are multiple stores that use this product to hit six, even seven figures earlier in 2019. I mean, this product was selling like hotcakes when it was new. however, at this point it is pretty saturated. but I mean, depending on how the advertisement that we get made turns out and how the website looks, I think it's possible that we can still get some sales out of this. it's three dollars and sixty nine cents, and then it's another three dollars forty eight cents for shipping, and the cool thing is this actually ships from the US. so, shipped from the US, it's gonna be around $7, and if you're confused as to what this product actually is, the seller provides a video for it. so, as you can see, it's a little thing that you put around your shoulders that pulls them back and it's supposed to correct your posture. now that we have a product in mind, let's go ahead and hop- it's a fiber- and, first up, find somebody who can design a website for it. so I'm gonna go ahead and search up drop shipping here. see what we can find. okay, so it looks like there's quite a few people designing website and the prices range anywhere from $35 to. this guy says that he's starting at 385. I know let's go ahead and try this first one, starting at $55 here, five-star rating, which looks promising. I will build six-figure Shopify drop shipping store. that's what we're looking for here, and he got the basic package for 55 up to the $400 premium one and he's got some reviews here. all 5 stars for $55, I think. I think I'm gonna go ahead and just go with this guy. see what happens. let's go ahead and go with a basic plan, since we are only getting one product- drop shipping stores. so I feel like the basic is gonna be just fine. but I am gonna go ahead and dish out an extra $30 to get the website delivered in one day rather than four, because I need this video up by Friday. if I choose four days, I'm not gonna have time to test it, so that's gonna cost an extra $30, bringing our total to 85. but remember, if I wouldn't have a time constraint, this would only cost 55, so let's go ahead and continue with 85, though I mean it's a tax write-off, so it's fine, after checking out at to answer a couple of questions for the seller, such as what the name of the store is gonna be. I didn't think this far ahead, but I figured I wanted to do something with posture. I thought about posture fix. I don't really like it and I figured that was taken, so I put fixed inserts, thesaurus foundry map and got posture revamp. felt like that sounded pretty good and it was available, so went with it and now asked for how the person was gonna build the website. I first had to go out and create a shout buy count. once I did that, the person gave me his email. I then went into the Shopify count and created a new staff account and invited that purged the fiber seller through that email. he got the invitation, accepted it and then he had access to go ahead and design my website. now that we have a website being done and on the way, let's go ahead and try to find somebody to create a drop shipping out for us, because that's what we need. Nags to drop shipping ad, ok, so there's a ton of options for that as well. let's see what we can find here. found this guy right here: $25 for the basic package. he's got 70 reviews, a five-star rating, so it's pretty promising and based on the slow price. so what I'm guessing he's gonna do is go ahead and compile a ton of different videos from around the web, put it into like a 30 second video and then send that back to me so we'll see what he comes up with. but again, I'm gonna have to dish out another extra $20 to get the one-day delivery, because I want to have enough time to go ahead and test out this little project this week. so that's gonna bring our price to $45. let's go ahead and hit select. so now we got a website and an advertisement in progress. now, as you can see here, I'm actually on a logo listing. I don't think we really need to do it for the purpose of this video, but I think I'm going to go ahead and purchase it, as it makes for a good example, because fiber is actually a pretty good website for buying logos. if you're getting into drop shipping and you're not experienced with Photoshop or illustrator, it might be a good idea to buy a logo- a fiver- because it's very affordable. so this thing has over a thousand reviews and it's 4.6 stars- only costs $15 for their pages a package. I'm gonna go ahead and upgrade to the $25 option just so I can get the one-day delivery, because, again, I needed ASAP and I'll just go ahead and buy this to show you guys that what kind of logos you can get on Fiverr. actually, now that I think about it, I'm gonna have a use for this logo, since I'm gonna create a company Facebook page, since I'm gonna be advertising this website through Facebook, so I'm gonna probably use this logo as the little icon that the profile picture for the Facebook page. okay, so we chose a product. where you have a website in progress, we have an advertisement in progress. the last missing part is the marketing which people do provide on Fiverr. but here's the thing: somebody creating a website on Fiverr I can understand, because I mean, maybe this person is really good at designing websites, but they're not good at marketing, they're not good at finding products and creating advertisement, so they just sell their website designing purposes on this platform turn money. same thing applies for logo design and advertisement. maybe they're not good with other aspects of dropshipping, so they stik to this part and try to earn mo.