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amazon dropshipping program supplier

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How to Find Profitable Suppliers to Dropship on Amazon (Dropshipping in 2020)

in this video we're going to look at my top suppliers for drop shipping on Amazon. I've been dropped shipping on Amazon now for over a year and I've worked with a variety of different suppliers, so I wanted to break down in this video my favorite suppliers and also show you some suppliers that I really don't suggest anyone to use, and I'll show you why now. I've made videos like this in the past, but I like to do one these videos every six months or so so that I can update you guys on where I currently am with the different suppliers that I use. so if you don't want to miss any future updates, then I would consider subscribing to the channel. that way you get alerted the next time I make a video like this. but let's go into my computer now. so I want to start by showing you this program. it's called web scraper app, and this is what I use to manage my amazon drop shipping business. what this does is, if the price or stok changes on any of my suppliers websites, this will help to make sure that the price and stok also changes on Amazon for us automatikally, so that we don't lose money or sell items that are out of stok. now the reason I'm bringing this up now web scraper app is because this works with about at this time, 75 or 76 different suppliers. so that's where we're going to start. we're gonna look at this huge list so you can get an idea of the huge variety of different stores you can drop ship from and within those stores, a ton of different products. so, for instance, here we have some stores I've never even heard of besides seeing them on this list, like a II wholesale. Aliexpress is, of course, one I know Amazon is. obviously. we know that one Bed, Bath and Beyond is a pretty popular one: BJ's, Wholesale Club, clean it supply, cost, sway shop, Disney, Dollar General, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Harbor Freight- we're gonna be toking about some of these for sure, but no way I've been able to try all of these: Lowe's, Newegg, overstok, Petco, Sears- let's see what else think- geek- Vitacost, Walgreens, Walmart and Zoro. so there's a whole bunch of them, and the reason I bring this up is because this shows you that you can use these different suppliers and very often you'll see people are always drop shipping from the same suppliers, and I'm certainly guilty of that myself, but if you're able to tap into one of these suppliers, that, not a lot of other people use. that is a huge opportunity for you. you're going to be selling products that has very low competition, and I know a lot of you might not like this answer as to what supplier you should use for Amazon, but really the truth is that there is no golden supplier. it's whatever supplier works best for you, and a lot of times it's not about the supplier themselves. it's about how well you learn to work with that supplier right. there are going to be some suppliers- I'm going to show you some of them right now- that people say you should never use, but that I use them anyway. or there are other people that use them anyway and have a lot of success with them. well, how does that compute? how does one person say it's a terrible supplier to use but someone else says it's a really good supplier to use? the reason for that is because the person who said it's terrible to use started to use them, try to use them, and ran into a roadblock with them. but the person who then went on to continue to use them, push through that roadblock, found a solution and is now using a supplier that at least one other person and probably several other people aren't using because they couldn't get around that roadblock or just refuse to kind of find a solution for that. so there's plenty of opportunity out there for new sellers to tap into some of these more unknown websites. all right, but what suppliers do I use? now, with what I just said, I still use primarily Home Depot and Walmart. yes, they are big websites that a lot of people already dropship from. yes, you can say that they are sort of already saturated, but they are working for me and I'll explain why I love them so much. so, starting with Walmart, because it's one of the most popular ones to start with, and even though I do suggest you eventually branch out into some of these other suppliers- Walmart is still a really good place to start just to kind of figure things out and get your feet wet, and the reason for that is because they have a huge variety of different products that you can sell and the products tend to do really well on Amazon. they also have fast shipping on a lot of their items, sometimes as fast as two days, and they have free shipping on all orders over $35. that was the dog shaking, if you heard it. that means that a lot of the items will get free shipping, or you can bundle them together into a two pack that qualifies for free shipping. lots of little small kind of hack things you can do there with that $35 a threshold. they also do things like price match, which is useful. they always have really good competitive pricing and really good customer service, easy return- so a big win all around with Walmart, and that's obviously why it's one of the more popular websites to drop ship from and why it still works really well for us. the second site I want to tok about here is Home Depot, and Home Depot has been one of my favorite sites to work with for years. now, much of the same that applies to Walmart also applies to Home Depot. they have a huge variety of items, free shipping on all orders over $45. they have a lot of sales. there's a lot of ways to save money with things like cashback and discounted gift cards. they do some price matching- fash shipping as well- and we have found that their customer service is really really good, in fact, with both Walmart and Home Depot. what I really like about them is that you can open up chats on their website, just like this, so you never have to call them or your VA never has to call them. everything can be done right online- things like returns, for instance. so it really makes it much easier to outsource these two websites. they're just very, very reputable brands- Walmart and Home Depot- reputable sites, so they've- they want to maintain that reputation, so they do have good customer service that do ship their items out quickly. now another one that we use- not as much as the other two, but we do like the to one a lot- is overstokcom, and what we use overstok for is a lot of furniture items. so Walmart- I should probably say this is good for like a lot of home goods. we use it for. Home Depot's, obviously really good for tools and things like that, and overstok, we really like their furniture selection. now, the great thing about those items on overstok is that those types of items don't have any sort of intrinsic value. you can look at a couch and one person could could say it's worth one price and another person could say it's worth much more. it's all about how you position the product and the brand that it is around it. so that's why those items do really well on Amazon while you're able to mark them up so much in price, and we do find that their customer service is really good. their shipping is really reliable. returns haven't been an issue. they also have this thing called the club Oh overstok loyalty program. it cost $20 a year but with this you get free shipping on all orders. you get 5% rewards on every purchase, free returns and some other rewards as well as- and it says- price match guarantee there. now, generally with these types of programs, I advise dropshippers not to use them, because I used to be a member of one of these programs for Bed Bath & Beyond and it got me in trouble. with Bed Bath & Beyond they said, hey, you can't be using this as a reseller and they kind of shut down my whole Bed Bath & Beyond account. so I'm always very hesitant to join one of these programmers programs as a drop shipper. but I don't do a ton from overstok. we just do a few really high price, high tiket items that do really well and it hasn't been an issue so far. but we are closely monitoring it in case it is a problem now, even if they do shut us out of the program, it's

How I STILL Use Amazon as a Dropship Supplier

in this video we're gonna cover how you can still use amazon as a supplier for your drop shipping business, even if you've been getting all your prime accounts suspended. recently, amazon started cracking down on drop shipping accounts. what used to be a smart move, by leveraging free prime shipping to all of your customers, is now risky to build a store around. but in today's video, i'm going to explain to you how you can still safely use amazon as your supplier and not run the risk of ever getting banned again. the trick is that you don't need amazon prime. all right, the only actual benefit of amazon prime is really that your customers will receive their items a lot faster, which- yeah, don't get me wrong- is great and they'll be happy. but most of the items that you buy on a normal account will still get to your customers in just a few days to maybe potentially a week max, and if the shipping time is longer than that on the item, then chances are it wasn't prime eligible for buying in the first place. so to reiterate, don't use amazon prime, all right. sign up for a normal amazon buyer account and don't add prime to it. the key here is you want to list products that are simply more than 25 on amazon. see, amazon's 25 threshold is the threshold that gets you free shipping on all your purchases, meaning any order of 25 more already gets free shipping, whether it's prime or not. now, if you do want to list products under 25, keep in mind that your margins will be razer thin, probably because you'll need to pay the shipping cost on amazon for those. so if that's your case, then simply mark your products up an extra five to seven dollars on top of what you're already doing to account for that shipping charge. if you already have products like this in your store, i'm not saying go and remove them or that you have to go find those hundreds of thousands of products. just kind of mark them up as you find them and mark them up as you go. that's what i've been doing to obviously ensure that they're profitable going forward. but in the future you should simply list products that are more than 25 on amazon and then you'll be in the clear. now, another issue that a lot of people worry about is not having access to amazon prime for themselves or for their families personally. now, if you lose an amazon prime buyer account due to a drop shipping violation, it's honestly no big deal. simply move forward with two separate accounts: one normal buyer account without amazon prime to obviously use for your drop ship purchases- okay, and you should obviously be using an amazon store card on this account as well to get an extra five percent- uh, on all your purchases. that's a no-brainer, that will increase your margins. and the second account is a prime buyer account for you and your family and only place orders on this prime buyer account for you and your family to your current house, all right. the only reason that amazon continuously spent suspends prime accounts is when you open up a brand new prime account and then continue to just resort back to drop shipping on it, they're going to shut that account down fast, okay. i personally got the drop ship suspension on one of my accounts about a month or so ago. i opened up a brand new prime account for me to actually use for me and my wife and have had no issues whatsoever with it, the reason being: both of those accounts are still being used within amazon's actual terms of service, right. so if you have a prime buyer account for you personally and another buyer account without prime that you drop ship with, you'll be fine.

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How to avoid bans using Amazon as a supplier for dropshipping

hey everybody, welcome back to my channel. today i'm going to discuss how i use amazon on supply as a supplier for different marketplaces such as facebook and ebay, how i can continuously do so without having to deal with consistent suspensions. so for those of you who are new to my channel, there i discuss on how to drop ship on different marketplaces such as facebook and recovery, etc. um, you know, if you guys aren't familiar with what drop shipping is, drop shipping is, you know, selling an item without having to hold any inventory and stok, making it a very low business model. so i'm going to just dive right into it, exactly what i do and how i get around these facebook, these amazon suspensions. so i'm in something called dot com. comateracom is a website that is used to make virtual monitors, which i'm. i might refer to it also when this as vms, which is, you know, for short, which means like, basically, you're creating a mini computer with a different ip address and then you're therefore able to, um, make more amazon accounts. so what i do is i make a ton of these as soon as one is, you know, like now, make like three at a time, as soon as i see one gets like that suspension, like email coming through, i'll go ahead and just make another one, or you know, etc. or even just wait till it gets banned all together or whatever if i, if i have you know the time, and whatever the case may be, but either way, i'm able to consistently make amazon accounts. i know this works business because i do it, i make a ton and i can and i still use amazon as a supplier. i do think that you guys should use amazon suppliers because i think a lot of people are stirring away and it makes less competition and facebook marketplace is especially basic marketplace. um, they are, you know what's called. a lot of competition is building and you know they're gonna. a lot of people are still. a lot of people use ebay. ebay is a great supplier. i still use ebay and you should. but you also want to diversify and i think if people are staying clear of amazon, that gives you the leverage over other people. so i'm going to just dive right into it, um, for secure, for just like privacy reasons, i just i dived right into, basically i came into commentarycom. i think you could do a free trial for 30 days. i'm not exactly sure how much it costs, um, to be honest with you. i i don't know. it's not that much compared to, like, what you're getting. like it's it's pretty little and i'm not sure if it pays per month or you even pay per vm. i'm actually going to get right into it, like i'm actually going to get into it at the end, like how they bill you um, how you could also make it as likely, as less as possible, um, so you just sign them for up, sign up and you go to, um my cloud and create a new server. it's gonna- that's what it's called- it's gonna be creating a new server, um. so i'm going to show you how i create a new server right here, um. i am here, um, and first i'm going to choose a time zone. so i choose new york. you could do miami, chicago, whichever it is. i don't know why i always just choose new york. it doesn't really make a difference. the next one is: this is more the important stuff. so i do desktop os images, um, and i press windows. okay, i then choose which version. i would choose the 8.1 um, and then now chooses server specs. so i do b, general, computer, 2, 2 and 30. okay, um, i then go down. go down now, um, i have to make up a password, so i'm just going to make one. i'm for this. i'm not going to exactly, i'm not going to make the server per se, i'm just going to show you how i do it, because i have plenty, um, but i'm going to show you how i do make it. i'm going to show you one of the servers that i do have and exactly how it looks like. you know a computer, um, so let me make up a password here. i don't even know, it's probably not the same, because i just totally forgot. um, i just wanted to show you. hold on, let me do it again. yeah, she should keep your passport, you know? okay, great, it matches. so, um, now i'm gonna just name the server. i'm just gonna do tests: one, zero, two, any four, until it's not taken, just just as a test. okay, here's exactly what i want to show you. here's the how, the billing and the pricing. so you're going to press hourly billing cycle, uh, hourly building cycle is you know it'll. it'll charge you for just the amount of time you're using it and you're not using it as much as you think you are, especially when you're done, you're going to end up closing it. it will cost you less money to do hourly billing cycle. it will not. you know whatever it's saying. it'll cost this much harambe. it's not true, because that's when it's on all the time 24: 7, which it won't be um. you're only using it for when you're placing orders or et cetera, whatever the case may be um. so you don't need it as much and i highly recommend you do out of the business cycle. that's how you're going to save the money, um. so then we're going to just press create servers. then i'm going to create server and it's going to take a little bit to download and afterwards you have your new server. it's completely like made um. you're then now here. for those of you guys i'm i'm not familiar so much with the um, with the, with the mac settings. this is like i have a um. sorry, i have a windows and i continuously use windows um, i just like it better. so, but you have to download something called remote desktop. i'm going to show you guys, right here it's. it's right here, um. it's a remote desktop connection. this is also- this is for um, apple and for mac, but i think for mac. this is how i'm going to show you how to log on um and what you're going to do once your computer is created. when it is created, you're then going to get the ip address of the computer, um that it's going to be listed on your server. okay, so this is the ip address, so i copied, and then the username. it's going to tell you what the username is. it's actually administrator. i don't know why it has this extra stuff in there. that's just them, um. and then what you're going to do is you're going to press connect. okay, there, you go there. then i'm literally in a different computer. so you know it doesn't have chrome right away. like i, usually i download chrome and then i make an amazon. you know, i'll just go here and i'll. you know, exactly, literally, exactly. as you can see, i have amp. you know i have amazon right here, um, and that's basically. that's basically the gist of it. like, so i'll just make a ton um of amazon accounts consistently and soon as i get that email i will just go ahead and i'll make a new one, um, not a problem at all. and then i'll just end this server. so i'm done paying for that when it's not like i'm going to be like holding on still paying for this server. each amazon account has a different ip address. um, i like to keep like two in like in the running, basically, as i like- i don't know how to else i would say that i like to keep like whatever, basically, um, i like to keep that just in case. basically, just in case i don't like this one closes, i have like two more ready, like i'll have, like i'll pre-do it and do like five orders on each, so it's not super brand new and i will keep that and i'll have them tax exempt etc. so, um, this is how i do this. so i keep amazon as a supplier. um, if you guys like this video, if you have any questions, please consider liking it and commenting down below. if you're not already subscribed to my channel, please consider subscribing. if you have any ideas or any questions that you would like me to do to you know and uh, for a video, please comment below. i'm more than happy to you know, share my knowledge the best of my ability. so thank you guys very much. until next time.

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How to Find HYPER Profitable Suppliers to Dropship on Amazon + LIVE TRAINING (Free)

and that's exactly why it's so, so, so important to vet the supplier before you go and build a relationship with them, before you list you know lots of products with them. [Music]. what is up, guys? i'm back for another amazon drop shipping video. so you loved my experiment that i did for a week, so much. then you asked: how did i actually find those hyper profitable products that i did that made me that money? well, i made a video on that too. if you haven't seen, it's in my recent video, you can click the banner right now in the description to view that. that will help you out exactly how and what research i did to find those profitable products. so you guys now have asked: what supplies did i exactly use while trying to use this product research to find it? well, guys, i have made this video to help you to find, figure out, which websites you can use as a profitable and also reliable drop shipping supplier. i'm going to be going through in this video how you can exactly vet a supplier, so what that means. i'm going to go through basically what you need to look for when you're picking a supplier to choose from. there are so many bad and good supplies out there. you can use the checklist that i'm about to go through so you can figure out, yes, if this is a good supply that you want to use, or know if this is going to give you problems down the road. so i'm going to go through how to exactly better supply and before i get into this video, guys, please make sure to give this video a thumbs up. makes me know that you like this sort of content that i have bringing out recently. my goal for this video is to get a thousand likes and that would be absolutely amazing if you could get that also, guys. i've been inundated with questions from you guys, which i love to answer. i've been trying to answer as many as i can, but i'd be getting so many every single day. so what i've come up with. if you would like to work on me with one-on-one so i can help you out personally, make sure to comment amazon drop shipping in the comments below. i'm going to pick one of you guys randomly, like i used to do in the old days, and help you guys one-on-one with me for free, for no charge at whatsoever. all right, guys, let's get in this video. the first thing that i want to address in this video is the question: what is the best supply? and i know, guys, you're probably going to get angry what i'm about to say, but the golden rule really is that there isn't just one best supplier. there are many good and bad, and you know, okay, suppliers. it's whether you do your research is what gonna help you find which is the best supplier for you. every drop ship is different. your needs are different. what products you pick from different niches is gonna be different. so it's really, you know, an objective statement, and that's exactly why it's so, so, so important to vet the supplier before you go and build a relationship with them. before you list. you know lots of products with them. you need to know a bit more about them before you're willing to build this relationship with them. so, vetting the supplier: what do you need to look out for? well, i've broken down this short little list so you can write this down. i highly highly advise you keep this list with you at all times so that you can figure out if this is a good supplier for you or not. the first thing to look out for is: is this website legit? and what do i mean by that? well, i mean, is this a trustworthy supplier. you know, a lot of times we try to pick up other suppliers that are not mainstream, like walmart, to see if we can beat the competition. well, you need to do you do. you need to do your due diligence. at the same time, you need to figure out: well, is this a legitimate supplier that i'm using, or is this someone's shopify- you know, drop shipping store- or is this some other thing you're going to get scanned by? you need to figure out first: is this a legitimate website? maybe do some research on that exact website so that you know it's a trustworthy supplier. the second thing you need to look out for- and probably i would say, in the long run, one of the most important things you need to look out for- is: what is the quality like of the customer service. you know, what do they offer on their website? do they offer, maybe, a online live web chat? do they offer their own phone number or an email address? this is something that you need to know because with this type of business model, you always run into problems with customers. that's just the nature of it and you need to figure out. for example, if you get a return that's damaged, you need to go and see. do you have to tok to them on the live chat? can you just simply request it, or will you have to send an email to them that will maybe take a week to come back? that's what you need to figure out. the quality of customer service plays a huge part in your overall productivity and fluidity. in this drop shipping model. best at case scenarios they have a web chat or second best case scenario is that they have a number, something that you can use immediately to get into contact with them. email's also good as well. just make sure it doesn't take them five to seven days, or something that takes really long for them to get back to you. the third thing to look out for is what is the shipping time? you obviously don't want to go with a supplier when you list on amazon that you're taking three to five days to send it to them and then figure out the supply. we'll set it in a week or week and a half or two weeks, you know, at the worst case scenario, because we do not want to get in trouble with our shipping metrics on amazon. so make sure if this is three to five days, make sure that is the case you don't want to say it's estimated, you've got to make sure it's definitely three to five days. a lot of times they say oh, three to five days and then small. you know italics below it says oh, can take longer. these are just estimated. so make sure they're faster shipping and, if you really really need it, if they have a priority service, if you need to get something out fast in maybe one to two days, make sure they have that as well, because that is definitely a plus. the fourth thing to look out for is their return policy. do they obviously first accept returns if they don't move on straight away? because you need a supply that will accept returns? the next thing: what is the nature of their return policy like? do they just, like walmart, just quickly accept it, send you the shipping label? it makes it so easy, like that- or do you have to contact them, explain why, send a picture? you know you need to figure out exactly what their return shipping policy is, if you have to pay for it yourself or if they just automatikally send your shipping label. that's another thing to look out for. you know, when you're doing a return is often a kind of a- you know, a complicated process in general, unless you're using a website like walmart. so you want to make it as smooth as possible for that customer. so that means you know you want something that you can literally take to the company itself, to the website, and say, hey, i need to return this because of this reason and make it as easy as possible. and the last thing to look out for, which is a bit more complicated and i would suggest maybe call them up or at least message them to figure out a bit more uh about this, and that's: do they have a order limit? you know a lot of websites like, for example, i get into late, like target, or sometimes cancel orders if you make too much orders or if they think you're reselling items. so you want to make sure that this website does not have a purchase limit, so you're not going to sell. you know 10 products from your amazon store. then try to hold five of it and they say you can't order anymore and you get into. you know a lot of problems like that. you also want to make sure that how reliable they are on do they keep items in stok? um, you don't want to obviously go through the process again of selling an item and then figure out it's out of stok. and now you're trying to, you know, search f.

How To Find US Dropshipping Suppliers For Your Business (eBay, Amazon, Shopify)

so a while back, I made a video about how to find drop shipping suppliers that are based in the United States, and since making that video, it's become the most viewed video on my channel, and underneath that video, I got a lot of comments and different questions asking about things that I failed to address in in the video. so in this video, I'm going to be answering all of those questions. I'm gonna be taking the most popular questions as well as the things that I think are going to help you grow your business and that are going to fill in the gaps. so in this video, I'm going to show you the complete breakdown of how you're going to find suppliers and then how you can contact them and then start working with them. in the previous video, I showed how to find suppliers using retail sites like Etsy, Wayfarer and House, and still a method that I use myself and I think it's actually a really good method because you're going on to these retail sites and you're finally products that these companies sell and then you're going in and contacting these companies to see if you can actually start working with them. another reason that I like contacting companies on retail sites mainly that our sites selling in the us, like house and Wayfarer, is that these companies are catering to a mainly us customer base, and I drop ship on Amazon, eBay and I also have my own website and most of my customers are located in the US, which means I need fast shipping times, high quality items and I really, most importantly, need to be able to reach out to the company, discuss if something's going on, maybe return, whatever it is. I need to make sure that they're able to understand me and that it's going to happen effectively. also, in the previous video, I showed how you can find us suppliers on Alibaba and on Aliexpress. now those are not exclusively us suppliers. most of those suppliers are actually Chinese manufacturing companies, international manufacturing companies, and they just happen to have factories and warehouses in the US that they can go out and ship from. still, the shipping times are relatively long and the quality is not all that great. so, just to reiterate what I went over in the last video, the way that I find suppliers is I either use Google or, if I really do want to use these retail sites, what I'll do is is I'll go on the sites and I'll just search for whatever selling best. so Etsy will typically show you what's a best seller. you can also search by category and also a lot of Etsy sellers do sell on Houzz, so you might see some of the same products and some of the same sellers. but typically I'll just go and I'll find an item and they'll just contact the supplier and message them asking if I can actually sell their products. so on etsy what I'll normally do is I'll go to a product, I'll go to the store page of this seller and then on the store page, either it's going to give me their website- if they might also link their email- or the. also you have the contact feature, which you'll see right here at the top of the page, and if you scroll down you'll see contact shop owner and typically I'll just do that and I'll shoot them a message and sometimes they will reply it. sometimes they won't. a lot of times they'll say that they can't do it and sometimes you might be able to find a new drop shipping supplier that is located in the United States. now the process is very similar on a lot of other retail sites, but just to show you it on house, typically I'll just go ahead and I'll find an item. you could always go ahead and google the company if you can't find it or if they don't really have a contact feature. another thing that you can also do is on house underneath product specifications, you just go and you'll see who it's manufactured by, and then you go ahead and you open this link in another tab and that will bring you up and then you can just basically go ahead, contact them and follow them, or you might even be able to google them, find their email or find their website and contact them using that method. now, this is a question that I was asked a lot underneath that last video. this was probably the most requested question that I got asked, and the question was: how do you go ahead and contact them once you actually find them? how do you actually start working with them? so the answer to this is actually relatively simple. I have a template that I use that I will send to prospective suppliers, and the template is actually relatively simple and it's mainly just this: what you see on the screen it's hello, and then you put their contact name and then my name is, and then your business name- we are- and then you can either put in home decor, you could put in a games, whatever type of business that you are then mainly sells on eBay and Amazon. again, you can switch those out for Shopify, or you can put your website or you can just put whatever platform that you want to sell. on working with wholesale companies, I am contacting you to inquire about drop shipping and selling your items. we work with a few other Etsy sellers. or you can say house, or you can just say we work with a few other companies as well as other wholesalers. we would only put the items on the marketplace, or, again, we would like to start selling your products. looking forward to working with you. thank you. now, these are just a simple template. I use anything like this. I might even switch it up a little bit depending on the supplier, but this is the initial message that I will always send out to a supplier that I find on a retail site. if I find them on Google, if I find them using Facebook, if I find them using a different method, then I might send them a different message. so this is mainly just if I find them off of Etsy, if I find them on house or if I find them on a retail site that other customers are going to be able to go on. so just to show you an example of sending a supplier a message. this was a supplier that I found on Etsy who was selling planters, and I actually really wanted to start working with them. I thought their items would do well on eBay and Etsy, especially since I do already sell a lot of planters. so I contacted them, I shot them a message and ultimately it actually didn't work. I heard back from them, but they told me that their items were too expensive, that they just started and that they weren't really interested in drop shipping. so ultimately they said that they would get back to me, but they never did, and that was in April and it never actually started working. now to put that into contrast with a message that I sent on October 31st, which was not too long ago, and in this message I just contacted another supplier. I wanted to see if I could start selling their items, and then they actually got back to me about three hours ago, before filming this video, and they said that they were interested, but they wanted to know more about how they were going to do everything. what were the logistiks? and that brings us up to the next question, because that was the second most common request that I actually got is: how do you place orders? what do you do? how do you work it out? what are the logistiks of actually working with a supplier? now the next step for actually starting to work with different suppliers, as well as what you do after the initial message, is going to completely differ upon the different suppliers that you are contacting. some suppliers are actually going to be bigger companies that might already have a wholesale website that they'll just basically let you create an account. then you can go ahead and place orders, and that is extremely simple and that is basically the easiest way that you can do this. another way is that they might just be a small company, they might only sell on Etsy, or they might sell on Etsy in-house, and then you contact them and they're actually interested and they're going to let you sell on eBay and Amazon, but they have no idea how to do this. they're asking you all the questions because they've never done this. you've never done this. so how do you co?

Proper UK dropshipping Suppliers for eBay Amazon Shopify

in this video I'm gonna tok about UK based Drop Shipping suppliers. these are not retailers. they don't sell to customer directly, or these are not Market places as well, so not everybody can go there and buy the items from them. these are proper Drop Shipping suppliers who only deal with the eBay and Amazon and Shopify salads who are interested in Drop Shipping. so let's get started. please watch this video all the way through, because I need to explain you how to work with them and how to select the products from them as well. otherwise, you will not be making any sales and you will not be making any money. my name is Zen cha. on this channel, I tok about how to make money online as an e-commerce seller, and I'm based in UK. so if you're somebody who is looking to sell online and you want to make money online realistikally from the platform like eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and if your first time here, consider subscribing, that will be a massive help. let's jump to the suppliers now. so the first supplier that we have is called Manchester wholesale. they are able to offer fast next day shipping as well. and the other service which I really like about: if somebody is interested to sell on Amazon, they have a lot of products right here and the prices for them is a really, really wholesale price. but you can order them for Drop Shipping purpose as well. but if you, let's say, you like some product and you say, okay, well, I really like this product and you sold it, he was doing Drop Shipping on Amazon. now you want to say, okay, I wanna buy in bulk and I want to send it to Amazon. so they actually take care of fulfillment and all that kind of stuff as well, so they are able to offer the prime Services. you know where the customer actually got next day delivery, even if they would like seven o'clock at night as well, so they can actually do this for you. so this is, uh, their Amazon FBA prep service. you can pick the product. you know the one you have tested with the Drop Shipping and even a move on to doing Amazon FBA at the scale. you can do that as well. a lot of a lot of products like loads of loads of product that they have and the good thing about them, the price is, for these products are really, really good, so you can actually drop ship and make some profit out of it as well. the next supplier that I want to tok about is called CLC- the thing about salesy- that they have Avail house at different different positions. so if you're somebody who is in UK, they have a section called best sellers and these are the products on a salesy website which are proven to sell a lot of time. so they have this data where they provide it to us, make it easier for us to actually start Drop Shipping. all of these supplier account is going to be absolutely free. it doesn't really cost you any money to get started with them. same with the sales e as well. so once you click on bestseller, you can choose their UK invade house right here. so these are all the item which are available in their UK Warehouse to see the prices. all you have to do is to create a account, which is absolutely free. it doesn't really cost you anything to create account as well, and you will be able to see the prices as well. so loads of loads of really really good products right here as well. like this cattle, I personally sold it. it does really really well. a lot of, a lot of other products divided into different, different categories, as you can see. all of these start Drop Shipping. you can do it: Amazon, eBay, Shopify, wherever you want to do your Drop Shipping. the next one we have is called clothes to order- c2o, and this is a great company is it's in UK as well, where you can actually do print and demand, not just print and demand, you can actually do Drop Shipping at the same time. so if you wanna sell, let's say, highways, even a cell like a custom bag, you want to create your own logo as well. this is really really good. good for that. if somebody is really interested in personalized clothing, that's a really really good uh way to work with these uh c201. so this is, especially if somebody is interested in clothing. it's a really really good Drop Shipping supplier for this one as well. the next one that we have is called TB trade- tbtradecouk. again, this is not the retailer as well. you can just simply- I mean, you can come here about their information right here and you can click on Drop Shipping and you will be able to see that they actually work with eBay, Amazon and Shopify seller. so this is where they will be able to fulfill the order. the thing is there is no minimum order- all that kind of stuff with the TB to read as well. TB trade do all kind of items. so you know Sports and gym phone cases, computer DIY tool, bicycles, all that kind of stuff as well. this is a really really good Drop Shipping supplier. if you're looking, somebody who is is in UK piece. the next supplier that we have is called go drop ship. so go drop ship is another great supplier: go dropshipcouk. they have variety of different, different item and the thing about these one: they always like the time I'm recording this video the Halloween is coming up as well, so they always, let's say, you want to sell the Christmas items, you want to sell other kind of items which are seasonal kind of item as well. it's really really good way to work with go drop shipping as well. so this is again a good Drop Shipping supplier. so I'm gonna list one video right here which gonna tok about 10 UK Drop Shipping supplier. click here to know about 10 more UK drop shipping supplies right here, right here.