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amazon dropshipping reddit 2020

Published on: January 13 2023 by pipiads

Jack_s Ebay Dropshipping Ep 43 :Amazon

hello everyone all right. now i'm going to tok to you about amazon and using amazon as a source. i personally don't use amazon very much, but i do use it as a backup source. amazon is the most used source for drop shippers, so there's lots of competition, but there's reasons for that. it has a ton of items and tons of traffic. amazon, like, is the go-to place to find stuff to buy online right, and with their prime program you can deliver items sometimes the same or the next day, and that is incredibly useful as a drop shipper, because the biggest problem that most sources have is the amount of time it takes them to send an item out. but before we get into that, we need to establish that. okay, there's a bunch of items for sale on amazoncom. they are not all sold by amazon. so if you want to get that kind of prime experience where you can always get the item shipped quickly, you have to make sure that you're only selling amazon prime items. the trouble here is that um, using amazon prime for business is against the terms of use, so you're not going to get in any legal trouble for it, but over time they will eventually catch that you're using it for drop shipping and terminate your account. so you can work around this by just making new accounts every month. right there, there are ways to get around it. it's not the end of the world and anytime that there's an inconvenience you have to think about it. it's like: okay, yeah, this is a little bit of an inconvenience, but that inconvenience is going to stop other people from using it as well. so if i can learn to do this properly, then i can get an edge on people right, just kind of a mentality to have. but so you can see that, like this item, for example, you could sell this item and you probably wouldn't have any issues with it, because this isn't a amazon prime item. so that's the safe way to go. the trouble is that the shipping dates tend to take a while, and that's actually why i stopped using amazon- because it was one of the sources i was looking into- because you can get a um, a five percent cash back card for amazon, which is amazing. but look at this free economy shipping, standard shipping- october 6 to the 13th. the 13th is two weeks from now. that's quite a long time. generally, the longer that it takes for the buyer to receive the item, the more likely you are to encounter issues, okay. so that's just something to keep in mind. um, and yeah, you can't- really you're not- supposed to use prime for business. if you do, you have to use some workarounds because they're inevitably gonna catch you and ban your account, okay. so again, that doesn't mean you can't- and i'm not saying that you should. personally, i don't. i use amazon as a backup source, so when something goes wrong or when an item is out of stok or something, then i'll try and find it on amazon and then fulfill the order that way. but i usually don't source items from amazon. but it can be very profitable. like, you can get an amazon store card if you're a us resident and you get five percent back on your purchases, which is a lot of money. like that really, really adds up. you could make a business on that alone. it's crazy. so let's let's explore amazon a little bit. so we're gonna go here. this is the home page of amazon, right, and i think they have- yeah, they have- like a new and interesting finds feed, which is kind of cool, because you could make a whole drop shipping business based off of these items. like, i can literally just click here, open a new tab. it makes it really easy to find items. these tend to be kind of cheap, right. so we're just gonna look kind of see what's going on. these are really pretty like you can find some really cool items here, because this section tends to be where, uh, they kind of place things that look kind of cool and interesting in the first place, and those tend to be items that kind of sell fairly well drop shipping. so look at that, we just in like a couple minutes, like less than a minute, we just found like six items that are kind of unique that we might want to try selling. so it's really easy to have a variety of items when you are using amazon, right, unlike home depot where it's easier to post a whole bunch of items to the same category. right, it's easier to niche with home depot, harder with amazon you can still do it either way. but i figured i'd show you guys this, and so let's look at these different items so we can kind of understand some of the different things that amazon offers and the kind of caveats. so you can see that most of these items are amazon prime items, but this one isn't, and neither is this one the others, though. this is amazon prime. this is amazon prime. this is amazon prime. these are all pretty cool items, right? so it's very easy to find them. keep in mind. sometimes- let's see if we can find an example- sometimes amazon doesn't have an item in stok, but it knows when it's getting the item, so it'll show it and it'll look like it's available, but then if you look in, like the finer print, you'll see that it won't ship for like a week. or here we go- here's an example- in stok on october 1st 2017.. so this item isn't in stok right now but theoretikally will come in stok on the first. so i could just order it and you know it'll ship a tiny bit later, but it's all bueno, so that's something to pay attention to. um, you'll also find that some items say, like, usually takes a month to ship or something crazy like that. um, but items tend to like: it's, it's a. it's really easy to find items to sell if you're, you know, optimizing. so you only find one item at a time because amazon shows you the item and then it also shows you tons and tons and tons of other similar items like look at all this, it's crazy- pages and pages and pages of knives just straight away, instantly accessible, super awesome. so, um, let's see what else can i tell you about amazon? so we've toked about, okay, okay, gift cards. you can get amazon gift cards and that's that are there. amazon gift cards are actually readily available. um, what else? so the caveat is that only certain categories in amazon have cash back. but, like i said, it is possible to get cash back cards, like store cards with amazon, and then get cash back on those. so it's not impossible to earn the cash back. it's just a little bit unique to amazon, right? so it's very easy to find items because amazon just it's really good about. just kind of like amazon presents itself in a way that's like: oh, i'm going to walk into this store and browse. i don't really know what i want, but i want to find something cool. amazon is like the digital version of that. like it's so easy to just browse amazon and be like, oh, look at all this kind of stuff. wow, okay, this item's kind of cool. i like this. wow, it's only 30 bucks. wow, neat, nifty. look at all these colors. they make it so easy to to just kind of it's almost fun to just browse through their products. they're really smart company and they're really ahead of the curb in that sense. um, so there are reasons that most drop shippers use amazon. right, look at that, look at that little is a kissing vampire. oh, that's cute. all right, guys. so that's pretty much all i know with. uh. oh, amazon does have a gift option. so, unlike walmart, walmart's gift option is kind of inconvenient, but amazon you can click a button and it takes away the price. so the buyer will still get the item in an amazon box, but they're not going to see the price of the item. so that's kind of a la press my bueno, cool, all right, anyway, sorry, i got distracted there. so that was the video about amazon. hope that was useful, guys. i'll see you in further videos. ciao.

Jack_s Ebay Dropshipping Ep 67 : SKUgrid Pricing Settings and Link To eBay

hey everyone, in this video i'm going to tok to you about your settings in sku grid. i'm not going to explain everything, because there's a whole lot here, but i'm going to go over the ones that are really important and that you're going to have to interact with. okay, so the first thing is how often you want skoogrid to check your items. okay, and this is kind of dependent on the way that you run your business, the kinds of items that you sell and also the time of year when it is in fourth quarter it's, you probably want to check your items more frequently because there's just so much more happening fourth quarter that it's. it's really good to have more checks because you're going to encounter more out of stok issues, more repricing issues and that kind of stuff. but it also depends on the kinds of items that you sell. if you're selling a lot of really expensive items, you know three, four, five hundred dollar items- you want to check your items more often because when your items price changes, it's going to change fairly drastikally. i mostly sell 20- 30 items. i am almost completely unaffected by price changes. i rarely lose money on a sale because of my pricing strategy and because you know there's just you would have to change. in order to change a 30 items cost by like 40 bucks, you'd have to up its price by like 120. that's crazy, whereas if you have a 400 item, you could change its price by like 30, and that's like a hundred dollar difference, almost right. so that's something to keep in mind here. i use every day. that's just because, in my experience, i only need sku grid to just do a scan every now and then and, honestly, if it had the ability to do every other day, i would do that. but again, this is just because of the kinds of items that i post. when you have more expensive items, it's important that you check your items more often, right, and because i have so many items, checking every hour would cost 24 times more money than checking every day, and i pay 220 bucks a month, right, so it would be like there's no way i could check every hour. that's absurd and as it is, i barely get any out of stok, so i'm happy with that. so i'm not going to tok too much about these. we're not going to worry about that now. we're going to go into our. let's see. i should tok to you about keys because in order for scuba grid to function, you need to link it to your ebay account. so you need to go into your settings and establish a connection between screwgrid and your ebay account so that skugrid has the permission to change the set, the prices on your ebay items, right? if you don't do this, then screwgrid cannot change your ebay item, so what's the point of having it? so to do that, you go to marketplaces and then you click on ebay and then you click on whatever marketplace you're selling into. i use the us marketplace, so i'm going to go there and then it's going to take a second to load and then. so i just scrolled past the top part because i shouldn't show you all of my keys. but if you go up, you can see where you get all of your ebay keys and you can press on the buttons there to go find them. it's pretty self-explanatory. i'm not going to get into too much information about how to link them. i just want you guys to know that in order for scuba to work properly, you need to link it to your ebay account so that it can make changes, right? so you need to establish how many times it's going to change items per day, and then you need to link it to your ebay account, right, and so here let's tok about some of these other sections. so i really like the default quantity section because this is something that i can have. my default quantity at 10 because i have really high account limits, and that enables me to have some really profitable sales, because most people who sell stuff only sell one or two at a time, but since i sell 10 of an item, i'm able to get items that sell for 10 of them, and they were priced for shipping for each individual one, but usually i don't have to pay shipping for one, so that's six dollars of additional profit per quantity. it's pretty amazing. so that's why i love that setting um and i choose to update item sold item to default quantity. that means that when an item sells, it's say that somebody buys one of an item. that means that that means that the stok is going to go from 10 to nine and with this set to yes, that means that once googled notikes that the item has sold, then it's going to set it back to 10.. right, and one important thing to note here: scuba does not have the ability to check and see how many items are in stok. it only can see if the item is in stok or if it is not in stok. so there are some situations with a default, a high default quantity, where you'll sell five of an item but your source only has two or three available. i would encourage you not to worry about this, because in my experience i've only come across this like twice since i started messing with default quantity, like four months ago. it really doesn't happen that often, and when it does, you just give the buyer a partial refund or there's ways that you can deal with it. so i'm not going to tok about all of these settings, but if we scroll down here, this is where we determine what repricing formula sku grid uses. so i'm not going to explain how to change it, i'm just going to show you what i use. so if it's a 100 item, i will sell it for 140 bucks. right, that's because i use a 1.4 markup in order to figure that out. you can switch to wizard view here and then do all of this and then save wizard for later and close and it'll copy the formula and then you paste it in here and then that's how you change your pricing on sku grid. i recommend you use 1.4. that's a good base, but you know, everybody has their own opinion on it. so now we've toked about the pricing, we've toked about the- the frequency of your checks. what else do we need to tok about? i think that's pretty much everything. obviously there's more settings here and in the future there will be more videos about this, but for now i've covered the basics. so if you want to find more about sku grid, you can look at skoogrid's youtube channel. they have youtube channel detailing every single possible setting there is in sku grid, so i encourage you to check it out. alright, guys, ciao.

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⭐️2020 Facebook Ad STRATEGY Shopify Dropshipping

in today's video, I'm going to be giving you the brand new 2020 Facebook ad strategy for dropship in an e-commerce. now I'm going to be giving you a strategy so you can test it, scale with it and basically do what you need to do with it now. the reason why I'm giving you this up to date strategies: because Facebook's come out with some new Facebook algorithm updates, so there's only certain things you can do now and there's only certain things you can do that I'm gonna work well with the new Facebook ad algorithm. so I'm gonna be giving you this brand new strategy because if you're swimming us currently not getting consistent sales- not getting any sales, just not get any consistent success- or drop shipping the breeze- I'm probably wise because you're using an outdated 2017 strategy that a lot of gurus have put in their courses and put on that channel. I'm going to be giving you the brand new 2020 strategy that I can promise you every guru will be using because of these new updates. I'm going to be going through the ad copies, thumbnails, ad headlines- absolutely everything for you today. so, guys, you're gonna want to make sure you watch this one till the end because you're gonna want to use a strategy from now on. so let's get straight into this brand new 2020 Facebook Ads strategy that I'm gonna be using this year and that you need to be using. so the first thing is the requirements for this strategy. so you're going to want to have 5 video ads, with 5, with the first 5 seconds being different across the five different videos. she's gonna be needing to make five videos, but the first five seconds of each video needs to be different. so, don't worry, don't need to make a brand new video each time. just the first five seconds needs to be different. as simple as that. now, you're gonna want to have five different thumbnails per video as well. now, if you don't have to make videos or thumbnails, I'll leave it in the cards. so, a video I made about completing a whole video ad doing thumbnails, so you guys know how to do them as well. so I'll leave that on the cards. if you don't already know how to do them. you're gonna want to have five different ad headlines - now, if you don't know what any of these things are, don't worry, I'm gonna be giving you examples in the next few minutes. you also gonna want to have one. you need one ad copy. it's as simple as that. now, this is probably the hardest part, and I'll show you exactly how to do your ad copies because of the new algorithms- the same things you're not allowed to do now. so I'm gonna be giving you an example of one that will be fun. when you do it, you won't get your ads disapproved. you won't get your ad account banned by using the new strategies that I'm gonna be showing you in this video. so that's the reason why I'm also gonna be giving you these examples: so you know how to do them, so you don't get into trouble either. now you're going to have a hundred dollar ad spend for this strategy. now, the more money you got, the better chance you've got in terms of scalability. but 500 is more than enough to start in terms of getting things going now. this is the thumb, that example. now you can see here. I'm selling these knees, these knee enhancers, or what this knee product does is- I don't know if you guys have seen them. it basically means people have knees strain or knee fatigue. it basically helps their knees from her in. now you can see here what we've done is we put: don't let your knees stop you, so we've not asked the question. now this is something that you're not allowed to do anymore. you're not allowed to ask questions and your thumbnails add videos or ad copies. it's a very, very important. so you can see, we just put: don't let your knees stop you. so basically just telling them what our product can do for them. then what you can see is we point to the knees with the product to show them that this is going to fix that problem that they're currently having. now what this does is it makes the consumer buy into what we're selling to them. now you can see, we've also put an emoji next to the face. now, the reason why we've done that is because you can't see the actual face. now, what you're not allowed to do is you're not allowed to take photos from people and have their faces in it. that's how you can get in trouble with copyright and get sued. now, if this person can prove that you've made money from their image, then what they can do is they can basically show you for a certain amount of money, based on what, how much money you've made from using their pictures. so by putting that emoji next to their face, it stopped that copyright issue. and also what it's doing is it's showing a pain what they're currently going through when not having this product. so it's quite clever how we've done that now. this is the ad headline example. now, when you have ads, this is what normally goes under the video. so, for example, here we've got power rebound knee support. we've got five stars and then we put 4.9. so what we're trying to say is is a 4.9 out of 5 star product. so that's how many reviews we buy our 5 stars. now. this is a very common way of doing ad headlines. now again, you're going to want to have five different ad headlines, so this could be one way of doing it, and then you could put on the next ad headline and stop your knees from her in something as simple as that. but you need to make sure that you're using different headlines per the five different ad sets that you're going to have. so the reason why we've got five, five different things here is because we're gonna create five different ad sets when we start with. so that's the reason why we're doing five different things. I hope that makes sense, guys. so that's the reason why we're doing that now with the ad copy example. this is how I'm doing ad is: from now on, don't worry about your knees fatiguing. so what we've done here is we're telling them what they're currently go through, what pain they're going through. and then what we're doing here in the next on is, with our knee enhances, your knees will fall eighteen years old again. so what we've done here is we've telling them what the products gonna do for them in a funny way, so it's not as serious kind of a ditz or more of a relaxed ad. people don't feel like they're being sold to. now the reason why we've done it like this is because consumers don't like being sold to. so if you have a bit of a laugh with them, it feels unnatural, which means they don't feel like they're being sold. - next thing: we've done areas, we've put the points, what this product can do for them. so you can see we put take sharp pains from your knee. so basically this is what one of the things that product does for them. the next thing is multiple sizes for men and women. so this is what we put here, basically trying to put people's minds to ease, basically about the sizes, because of people do worry about sizes. and then we've again, we've not alienated one, one gender. so we put men and women. so, men, I want me know it's for both. then we put: get $20 off plus free shipping. when you shop now for a limited time only. don't miss out. redeem your $20 off here. so the reason why we put $20- often the reason why we've got this ROM- is because on the website it will say $49.99, but we're now selling at $29.99, so the difference in the clearance price is $20. so that's what we put this. whatever your difference or clearance prices, put it there now. this strategy here is getting the CTOs to go above. threes is such a powerful way of doing things. now what I'm gonna do for you guys is tok about the new algorithm changes and the reason why we're doing those and things I mentioned in the last few minutes. so you're no longer allowed to ask questions in your thumbnails or ad copies or videos. so if you notiked in those examples I gave you and never mentioned any questions to the consumer or to the mock target market, so that's a very important thing you don't do. don't ask questions anymore, because you're not allowed to ask questions. if you deviate from that policy, you'll get yo.

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SHOPIFY Strategy 🤑 How to Make $150 in 24 Hours With FREE Reddit Traffic!

hello internet marketers, Leon Tran here, from how to webmaster. thanks for checking out another episode. today I'm going to show you this case study that I've just saw about how this person right here made $150 in 20 minutes thanks to free traffic from Reddit, and I'll leave a link to this case study- a blog post- in the video description below, so check that out. I love reading and sharing these money-making ideas. whenever I come across anything good, I'll be sure to post them for you guys to see. so basically, here is the case study, and this actually works for pretty much any niche and not just for selling drop shipping. that's what this person did. he had a drop shipping store with Shopify, but you can sell any kind of services or products because reddit is a huge community with a bunch of sub reddits or sub communities for basically any imaginable topics out there. so in this example, this case 30, he posted to the subreddit Eric called I need it, even though it says right here, the subreddit is B needed. it's actually not deleted and it has 500,000 members. so I was doing real well and I need it. the subreddit is about cruel things you will want to buy or I need it- some things you might need it to buy- my niche by want to buy. so they're just a bunch of unique, weird-looking products, pretty much anything, everything, all kinds of products or, here, everything. so there's definitely a bunch of weird, unique things. so, anyhow, there was this post, this game boy case with the playable Tetris game, so it's for an iPhone case- and he made a post in the comments because somebody wanted to know where we make him buy one of these. so the seller, he posted here in comments and they get to his shop. and he also posted in that there's another subreddit for funny, interesting gifts. so this is a very big community with 16 million followers and he's got a bunch of uploads. anyhow, within 24 hours she's got generated $150 and a total of 700- almost 700- visitors to his Shopify store. here are some stats: 150 and this was all from comments. it was only linked in the comment, so if he made directly from the post itself, he would have gotten a lot more sales, as he mentioned down here. so anyhow, this is an interesting little case study and hopefully give you some ideas about how you can use reddit. thanks so much for viewing. be sure to subscribe to how to webmaster for more tips, tricks and tutorials and making money online and internet marketing, and thanks again for viewing.

Finding good Aliexpress Suppliers | Make you First $1000 | Dropshipping 2019 - 2020

sakai paraná seguia seu historial: o topshopping alex pps, pr, mas foi bom tendo alex larsen. chechi morte to players também 77, andré luis é xandão, mínima observada em 2010 e foi escoltada pelo gestor. frisou raul, furtado horas em sua casa ou vantajoso na hora de o regional é correr em falta de sorte para não gostar. estou arrasado porque ninguém está discutindo por igor pode não melhorar até 60 anos e resolveu utilizar açores. é do pai de histórias desde que o antigo story, o filme tron, é factóide. ok, nao e rafael do cértima história do tipo quem faz o clássico quente para 2010. ok, soldier field options waiting to jim costa. viu o site onde o chip nand para esse pastor e right of the forum for por cento utiliza da padre. é do córtex alface fortuyn, sectores and over fortal de ouro antiga e não souber a woof fã de milionário, diferente do que ter chip opções. pãozinho 97 de seu chip foi o si4 fácil antes de a mãe de deus em nossos rios. testemunho sony store. ora, tendo gasto mais uma vez o gestor- não sou o chefe- para treinar khost, um leilão de dólares foi dar em torno de dólares em 2007, kostin dólares. sinto que a equipe só foi a própria imagem. onde virá a reunião? não está claro se um ano enquanto em 2008 aconteceu no próprio ambiente e condições mais rápido desde o gmail, o que está certo pois veio rápido às 19 horas fn. só teve, como tabelou em sua bicicleta, informou quantos sites em que.

Answering Reddit Dropship Questions (r/DropShip)

is it worth to dropship bracelets? when do you start seeing results? [Music]. hi guys, welcome back to Superman TV. so today I'm going to pick up a few questions from the subreddit dropship and I want to answer the questions. so I have been on reddit for quite some time and I like to subscribe to the subreddit dropship so that I can keep myself updated as well as help out the fellow dropshippers. so I have been seeing a lot of questions which are repeated over and over again and they a lot of beginners out there that wish to get answered of this sub ready dropship. so I have selected several questions for today and I'll answer them in this video. so these questions were asked recently, about one to two weeks ago- so without further ado, let's jump right into the question number one. so I have already app on my phone, so I'll be reading directly on my phone: is it worth to dropship bracelets? and here is a question: hey guys, I created a website where I'm going to be selling any more bracelets to advertise. I'm going to be using Instagram, Pat, how's that? repost other people's any more pictures? the account I found has about 1.5 million followers and I have seen him advertise other people any more related products. my question is that if you have done this in the past, were you able to make profit or is this even worth it in 2019? so I used to have a mythical animal store previously, drop shipping from Aliexpress to my Shopify store and the unicorn bracelet were doing very badly. so I pick up the field unicorn bracelet from Aliexpress and I import it into my Shopify store. so I saw some bracelets, but the sales was not fantastik. I saw probably a couple of bracelets in one month, which is a very bad performance, I would say. the only time that I get very good sales for my bracelet was when I did a free price shipping for my priceless. so this free price shipping method increased my sales, but the Prophet was not fantastik. so my purpose of doing free shipping method is to entike, but to come to my store and shop for other things. when I pick up my free item, hopefully they come and browse my spot and purchase other Unicom product. so my best seller for my unicorn store was apparel and bags. so these are the one step making me more profit and also making me more sales. so my advice to you is, if you really want to go on through your animal team. perhaps you can grow your own followers on Instagram and Facebook. you can include Bristol as one of your product, but it is not advisable for you to just be selling the bracelet. so now, moving on to question number two: can you have a drop shipping store with a multitude of items? okay, it's a Christian hello. I just recently found motif in pursuing a drop shipping store and haven't really found a specific answer to my question, which is: can you start a drop shipping store with more than one niche or even have items that don't pertain to any sort of niches? I wanted to pursue some sort of all-around store button feature or advertised niches. is this worth it or is it simply a waste of time? would appreciate any opinions on these tanks. so we call this all-around drop shipping store as the general stop. it is good for beginner to start with a general store, because you want to test out your items and, along the way, you want to know which of the niches are the best-selling ones for your store. so here is my experience. previously I didn't start with a general store for my Shopify drop shipping store, so I went straight to unicorn store. so my sales was not that good and I regret starting off with a stop, if I were to restart again. I want to have a general store and I passed out a different kind of niches. but then again, whether you are having a niche or a general store, you have other pros and cons to it. the only con that I can tell you regarding a general store is your advertising cost will be very heavy, because imagine you have a v Mitch in your store and you have to test each and every one of your niche. so this is a very big con for you to consider if you were to pursue doing this general stok. on the other hand, right now I'm do eBay general soft. so eBay is just a marketplace for you to advertise your items and you do not need to have any niche. you can find winning products and you can put it into your store. so this is one thing good why I always use eBay as my platform. if you're interested to know how I managed to build my very own eBay dropshipping store, I have a free three-day training for you to follow. so all you need to do is to click the link down in the description box below and you can enroll for free to my 3d dropshipping training. so now to the third question: when do you start seeing results? I'm looking for a timeline of how long it takes for the average drop shipper to make money. if you want to share exact numbers you made in profit, that would be great. I'm not looking to get rich quick, but if I know this, I will know how long to wait before I need to make some changes and just what to expect. so to answer this, I have successfully built three drop shipping store throughout my seven years of drop shipping experience. for my Shopify drop shipping store, it took me about three months to get my very first sale and throughout these three months I pump in a lot of advertising cost to it, especially Facebook ads, and for the whole business I didn't make any money out of it. while for my eBay dropshipping store, since it requires zero capital and I do not need any advertising cost, I start to have consistent daily sales. on my third week of starting my eBay store at a part-time, my store only had about 50 listings and visiting one of my students managed to get her very first sales on her seventh listing. so one thing good about eBay dropshipping is, once you start to get sales, eBay will show your item to more customers and your sales of that partikular item will keep on coming in. and this eBay dropshipping is a very good business model because it enables me to earn a minimum of $1.00 per day. and not to the last question, any advice for beginners. hey guys, I want to start drop shipping on ebay and I need some advices. so I have three advice for you. the first advice is to do a proper product research and put into your store or the high in demand products. if you want to know how you can do a proper for a pistol, I will leave a link up here and in the description box below. I did a video on how you can find winning products and the product niches that you should be focusing on. the second advice for you is to find good and reputable suppliers so that you can ensure quality products for your buyers. and my last advice to you is to find local suppliers. for example, if you are focusing on the US market, you should find us suppliers. this is very important so that you can ensure a fast shipping for your eBay store, because eBay like to promote stores which provide fast shipping. so that's all for the questions for today. I hope these answers are useful to other job shippers out there. let me know in the comments below if you like me to read more of the subreddit questions and if you have any questions for me, don't forget to leave them down in the comment section below. if you are new here, please subscribe to my channel and click the sub down so that you won't miss any of my future videos. I will see you in my next one. bye, bye. [Music].