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Amazon Dropshipping Suspension: What to Do Now?

Published on: June 5 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Hurricane Liz discusses the two most lethal suspensions that can happen to an Amazon account - drop shipping violations and linking an account with another account that already has a violation.

Drop Shipping Violations:

- A drop shipping violation means going against Amazon's terms of service.

- It creates a secret mark against your account that can lead to complete shut down.

- Drop shipping from big box retailers like Walmart, Costco or Bed Bath and Beyond is not allowed.

- Amazon will send an email notifying you of the violation and you will no longer be allowed to fulfill orders through FBM.

- The only way to get around drop shipping is by having a specific drop shipping agreement with an approved supplier on Amazon's list.

- Private label, wholesale, and retail arbitrage are safe business models.

Linking Accounts:

- If you log into accounts from the same IP address or have any connection, they can shut down a series of accounts.

- This is one of the most difficult violations to come back from, but there are still ways around it.

- It is important to prevent yourself from getting these types of suspensions by following Amazon's terms of service.

- If you do get suspended, there are ways to recover, but it may involve advanced techniques and the help of an experienced person.

- Drop shipping is not a good business model and can lead to serious consequences.

Amazon Dropshipping Violation Suspension - How To Get Your Account Back

In this video, Aaron Goldstein discusses Amazon drop shipping violation suspension and provides a guide on how to get your account back. He has personal experience with getting his account back after it was hit with two of these violations, and he also helped a client get their account back within a day.

What's happening with Amazon Drop Shipping?

Amazon is getting stricter with drop shipping, and they are hitting people with more drop shipping violations. If you receive a violation, you need to send Amazon a plan of action explaining how you will prevent drop shipping in the future.

What's causing the suspensions?

According to industry insiders, mentioning retailer names in messages is triggering the suspensions. For example, if a customer leaves a review saying that an item arrived in a Walmart box, this could trigger a suspension.

How to respond to Amazon:

When responding to Amazon, it's essential to acknowledge what you did wrong and explain why it happened. You can also provide a plan of action to prevent it from happening again. It's crucial to respond to Amazon quickly and be detailed but concise in your message.

Tips for responding to Amazon:

- Acknowledge what you did wrong

- Explain why it happened

- Provide a plan of action to prevent it from happening again

- Respond to Amazon quickly

- Be detailed but concise in your message

- If Amazon asks for more information, be more detailed in your response.

Drop shipping on Amazon can still be a profitable business model, but it's essential to be aware of Amazon's rules and regulations. If you receive a drop shipping violation, follow the tips provided by Aaron Goldstein to get your account back quickly.

SUSPENDSİZ Amazon Dropshipping | SUSPENDSİZ Amazon Dropshipping Nasıl Yapılır ? Suspend çözümü.

sormak istedi iniz soru belki de şu olabilir: Amazon'da dropshipping yapmak riskli mi? Cevabımız evet, riskli. Ancak, bu risklerin üstesinden gelmek mümkün. Bunun için yapmanız gerekenler ise şunlar:

1. Amazon'un politikalarına uyum sağlamak.

2. Müşterilerinizin memnuniyetini ön planda tutmak.

3. Gü

I Got My Amazon Seller Account Suspended for Dropshipping....Now What??

Music okay Amazon sellers, in this article we will be discussing how to reactivate your accounts and listings after being knocked out for drop shipping on Amazon.

Prohibited Policies:

Drop shipping on Amazon is permitted to a certain extent but they have policies that are prohibited. Most sellers tend to do what is prohibited, which is not good for Amazon's branding and causes consumer confusion.

Winning Reactivation:

To get your account reactivated, the most important thing is to explain to Amazon that you will be the seller of record for anything you sell moving forward. This can be done through a plan of action, which has three sections: root cause, immediate corrective action, and long term or systemic changes to your business.

Arguments for Reactivation:

To win reactivation, sellers need to make sure that Amazon knows they will be the seller of record for all their products. This means that all packing slips, boxes, and inserts should have their seller's name and no other brand's name. Sellers who use drop shipping fulfillment centers should show Amazon that they have an agreement with the fulfillment center to only list them as the seller of record for the items. Sellers also need to take full responsibility for accepting and processing all returns.

In conclusion, taking responsibility for your business and making changes that Amazon will accept is the key to winning reactivation after being knocked out for drop shipping. By following the guidelines provided in this article, sellers can write their own plans of action and get their accounts and listings reactivated.

Amazon Dropshipping Suspension and How to Appeal Successfully

In this article, we will be discussing the rules and regulations regarding drop shipping on Amazon. We will also talk about how to appeal if you have been suspended for drop shipping on Amazon.

Rules Regarding Drop Shipping on Amazon:

- Drop shipping is when you do not hold any inventory for any given product that you sell.

- You advertise to sell a certain product, a customer buys that product from you, and then you order the product from another supplier at a cheaper price point.

- The supplier then ships the product directly to the customer who purchased from you.

- The problem arises when the customer realizes that you are just a middleman and the product was sent to them by somebody else.

- To avoid this issue, make sure that there are no logos or invoices included in the packaging that would indicate to the customer that you were not the actual seller of the product.

- If you break any of Amazon's dropshipping rules, you will be suspended by Amazon.

Appealing a Drop Shipping Suspension on Amazon:

- Figure out exactly why you were suspended.

- Take full responsibility for the complaint.

- Explain to Amazon why and how it happened.

- Show Amazon what you will change moving forward inside your Amazon business to ensure that this infraction of their rules will never happen again in the future.

If you have been suspended for drop shipping on Amazon, it is important to take responsibility for the complaint and show Amazon what you will change moving forward. To increase your chances of appealing your suspension successfully, visit our website at amzlimitless.com for a free consultation with our team of experts who have over 20 years of combined experience helping suspended Amazon sellers get their accounts back online.

Best Plan of Action to Get Your Amazon Seller Account Back after a Dropshipping Suspension

In this video/article, we will cover how to get past an Amazon drop shipping suspension. Drop shippers on Amazon will eventually face account suspensions due to metrics and violations. However, getting past the suspension is easier than most people think.

Plan of Action:

- Admit Fault: The key with any suspension on Amazon is admitting fault. The first step is to acknowledge the root cause of the problem that caused the suspension. For example, violating Amazon's drop shipping policy.

- Immediate Corrective Actions: The second step is to explain the immediate corrective actions taken to address the issue. For example, checking inventory levels and shipping products to FBA to avoid inventory issues in the future.

- Long Term Changes: The third step is to explain the long-term changes made to the business to prevent future policy violations. For example, only using wholesale suppliers or obscure retail suppliers.

- Request for Account Restoration: The final step is to request the restoration of the account and express gratitude for the opportunity to continue providing the best service to Amazon customers.

While getting past an Amazon drop shipping suspension can seem daunting, following the plan of action outlined above can help. Admitting fault, taking immediate corrective actions, making long-term changes, and requesting account restoration can restore an account within hours. It is important to avoid repeated suspensions and to make necessary changes to the business to prevent future policy violations.

Amazon Seller 101: Section 3 violations and drop shipping via Walmart (2022)

In this video, Ian from Lean Media talks about Amazon seller policies and section 3 violations. He discusses a recent post on the Amazon seller forums where a seller's account was deactivated for violating policies.

Main Points:

- The seller was using the username Walmart one on their seller central listings, which is a violation of Amazon's drop shipping policy.

- Amazon's drop shipping policy states that a third party fulfilling orders on your behalf is not acceptable unless it is clear to the customer that you are the seller of record.

- The customer must receive an invoice that shows it's from the seller of record or from Amazon itself, and not from a third-party retailer like Walmart or Best Buy.

- The seller admitted to having a business address in Pakistan and registering with the name of Walmart in Pakistan, which also violates Amazon's policies.

- The speculation is that the seller was misled by a YouTube master class or some other snake oil salesman promising untold riches through retail arbitrage or drop shipping, which is not true.

- The seller got burned and tripped up by section 3 violations for Amazon's seller policies, specifically the drop shipping policy.

It's important for Amazon sellers to understand and follow Amazon's policies, especially regarding drop shipping. It's also crucial to be cautious of scams and false promises from supposed experts. Ian from Lean Media offers free advice and resources for publishers and Amazon sellers on his website.

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