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Amazon FBA- Getting Ungated In Clothing And Handbags 2021

Published on: December 23 2022 by DropshipWholesale Investor PROS

Are you interested in expanding your Amazon FBA business to include clothing and handbags? Getting ungated in these categories can be a bit tricky, but with some effort and knowledge, it's definitely possible. In this article, we'll go over some tips and tricks for getting ungated in clothing and handbags on Amazon FBA.

Tips for Getting Ungated in Clothing and Handbags on Amazon FBA:

1. Understand the requirements: Before you begin the ungating process, make sure you understand the requirements for the clothing and handbag categories. You may need to provide documentation such as invoices, product images, and UPC codes.

2. Build a reputable seller account: Amazon wants to ensure that they're working with reputable sellers, so make sure your account has a good track record. This includes having positive feedback, low order defect rates, and high customer satisfaction ratings.

3. Use a reputable supplier: When it comes to clothing and handbags, Amazon wants to ensure that the products are authentic and of high quality. Make sure you're working with a reputable supplier who can provide you with the necessary documentation and product information.

4. Provide detailed product information: When submitting your application for ungating, make sure you provide detailed information about your products. This includes product descriptions, images, and any other relevant information.

5. Be patient: Getting ungated in clothing and handbags can take some time, so be patient and don't give up. Keep working on building your seller account and providing detailed product information.

Getting ungated in clothing and handbags on Amazon FBA can be a bit challenging, but with the right knowledge and effort, it's definitely possible. Make sure you understand the requirements, build a reputable seller account, use a reputable supplier, provide detailed product information, and be patient. With these tips, you'll be on your way to expanding your Amazon FBA business in no time!

Amazon FBA- Getting Ungated In Clothing And Handbags 2021

- The speaker has been busy behind the scenes and hasn't posted a video in a while.

- They have been working on getting people into certain categories on Amazon that require approval.

- The fees for getting ungated in these categories are low.

- The speaker is partnering with someone who can help people get ungated.

Points covered:

1. Categories that require approval:

- Clothing and accessories

- Health and personal care

- Luxury items like luggage, shoes, handbags, and sunglasses

2. Getting ungated:

- It's not easy on Amazon, unlike on eBay.

- People often don't know how to get approved.

- The speaker is working on putting together a service to help people get ungated.

3. Shopify:

- The speaker is working on some things for Shopify, including already-made stores that people can use.

- They will show more in the next video.

- The speaker acknowledges that this is a lot of work, but they are bringing in extra help.

- They will have a private Facebook group soon.

- Viewers can leave comments and questions.

- They should also like and subscribe to the channel.

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