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Amazon pays NO FEDERAL TAXES & New Virtual Reality Shopping.

Published on: December 10 2022 by RockstarFlipper

- Amazon is a leading online retailer that has been making headlines for various reasons lately.

- One of the most significant controversies surrounding the company is the fact that it reportedly pays no federal taxes.

- Additionally, Amazon has also recently launched a new virtual reality shopping experience that is sure to revolutionize online shopping.

No Federal Taxes:

- Despite generating billions of dollars in revenue each year, Amazon has been able to avoid paying federal taxes.

- This is due to various tax breaks and deductions that the company takes advantage of, which some argue is unfair to smaller businesses.

- Critics argue that Amazon should be paying its fair share of taxes, especially since it benefits from taxpayer-funded infrastructure and services.

- However, supporters argue that Amazon is simply following the law and that the real problem lies in the tax code itself.

Virtual Reality Shopping:

- Amazon's new virtual reality shopping experience allows customers to browse and purchase products in a fully immersive 3D environment.

- This technology allows customers to see products up close and even try them on virtually before making a purchase.

- This new shopping experience is expected to revolutionize online shopping and make it even more convenient for customers.

- Additionally, this technology could also have implications for other industries, such as real estate and tourism.

- Amazon's controversial tax practices have sparked debate and criticism, but the company argues that it is simply following the law.

- Meanwhile, Amazon's new virtual reality shopping experience is set to change the way we shop online and could have far-reaching implications for other industries.

Amazon pays NO FEDERAL TAXES & New Virtual Reality Shopping.

Welcome to the Rock Star Flipper YouTube channel. In this video, we will be discussing some recent news related to Amazon. There are three main stories we will be covering. First, we will discuss whether Amazon has narrowed down its search for a new headquarters. Second, we will talk about how Amazon made 5.6 billion in profit last year but paid zero in federal taxes. Finally, we will discuss a new feature from Amazon called AR View.

Story 1: Amazon's Search for a New Headquarters

- Amazon has narrowed down its search for a new headquarters to 20 cities across the US.

- The new headquarters will bring approximately 5,000 jobs to the chosen city.

- The Washington Post claims that Amazon may have given away its choice of city in a recent Superbowl ad featuring Alexa.

- The top two rumors for the new headquarters are Austin, Texas and Maryland.

- Amazon is expected to make an announcement about the new headquarters later this year.

Story 2: Amazon's Profit and Tax Situation

- Amazon made 5.6 billion in profit last year but paid zero in federal taxes.

- This is due to tax breaks and loopholes that large companies like Amazon can take advantage of.

- Amazon's global headquarters is actually located in Luxembourg, where they are accused of receiving illegal tax breaks.

- The European Union has tried to recover almost 300 million of these tax breaks, but has been unsuccessful.

Story 3: Amazon's AR View

- Amazon's AR View is a new feature that allows users to see what an item will look like in their home before purchasing it.

- It is currently only available on Android devices.

- AR View allows users to see items in 360 degrees and is a very cool feature for online shoppers.

Amazon is a company that is constantly in the news, whether it's for their search for a new headquarters, their profits and tax situation, or their new AR View feature. While they continue to be successful, it's important to consider the impact they have on the economy and society as a whole.

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