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amazon product listing ads

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

There are five steps to setting up advertising with Amazon, and Amazon PPC is a great tool for starting and growing a million-dollar business. In fact, last year businesses spent over 10 billion dollars on ads with Amazon Advertising. This is because 66% of all people who search for a product online start their search on Amazon. Advertising on Amazon is a great opportunity because for every dollar a business spends with Amazon Advertising, they get four dollars back in revenue. This is a 4x ROI.

In this complete tutorial, we will cover the following steps:

1. Set up automatic campaigns

2. Conduct keyword research

3. Set up sponsored product ads with keyword targeting

4. Do product targeting

5. Set up negative keywords

Step 1: Set up automatic campaigns

- Go to Amazon Advertising Campaign Manager

- Click on Create Campaign and select Sponsored Products

- Name the campaign and set the daily budget (at least $5)

- Choose Automatic Targeting

- Set the campaign bidding strategy to Dynamic Bids Up and Down

- Name the ad group and add the product

- Set bids by targeting group, starting with close match

Step 2: Conduct keyword research

- Use free keyword research tools to find relevant keywords

- Use broad, phrase, and exact match types

- Find high-traffic, low-competition keywords

- Create a keyword list and prioritize them based on relevance and search volume

Step 3: Set up sponsored product ads with keyword targeting

- Create a new campaign and ad group

- Choose Manual Targeting

- Add the relevant keywords from your list

- Set bids based on the keyword's relevance and search volume

- Monitor the campaign and adjust bids and keywords as necessary

Step 4: Do product targeting

- Create a new campaign and ad group

- Choose Product Targeting

- Target your competitors' listings and related products

- Set bids based on the product's relevance and competitiveness

- Monitor the campaign and adjust bids and products as necessary

Step 5: Set up negative keywords

- Add negative keywords to exclude irrelevant searches

- Use search term reports to find negative keywords

- Monitor the campaign and add new negative keywords as necessary

In conclusion, advertising with Amazon is a powerful tool for increasing sales and growing your business. By following these five steps, you can set up and optimize your Amazon ads to make tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's important to conduct keyword research, set up targeted campaigns, and monitor and adjust your ads as necessary. With these tips and tricks, you can make the most of Amazon PPC and drive more revenue for your business.

The BEST Amazon PPC Advertising Strategy

Amazon Pay Per Click Advertising, also known as Amazon PPC, is a platform provided by Amazon to their professional seller plan account types. This platform allows sellers to sponsor and market their products on Amazon's platform. In this article, we will discuss the most efficient and effective advertising strategy for all products, from start to end.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Copy ASIN: Copy the ASIN of the product you want to advertise. You can use the Jungle Scout Chrome extension to copy the ASIN or scroll down to the bottom of the product information to copy it.

2. Amazon PPC Campaign Manager: Navigate to the Amazon PPC Campaign Manager. You can access it by clicking on the advertising option in the menu bar of your seller central account.

3. Create Campaign: Click on the 'Create Campaign' button. There are three options available - Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display. For beginners, we recommend using Sponsored Products.

4. Campaign Settings: Enter the campaign name, start date, and daily budget. To calculate the daily budget, take 10% of the total revenue you expect to generate for the number of products in your first batch. Allocate this amount to advertising, and divide it by the number of days you want the campaign to run.

5. Targeting: Choose manual targeting and select the product targeting strategy. Find your competitors by searching for the strongest keywords related to your product. Copy their ASINs and paste them into the individual products section. Set your bid slightly above Amazon's suggested bid.

6. Negative Product Targeting: Exclude your advertising on specifications or specific keywords by adding them to the negative product targeting section.

Amazon PPC is an effective way to market your products and increase sales. By following these steps, you can create a successful advertising campaign and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Remember to regularly monitor your campaign metrics and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Driving Google Ads to Amazon Listings (Walkthrough) with Travis Zigler

In this article, we will be discussing the process of using Google Ads to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings. We will be covering how to set up a search campaign, how to create effective ad copy, and how to track your results using Amazon Attribution.

Using Google Ads to Drive External Traffic:

- To access the Brand Referral Bonus in Seller Central, you must be brand registered.

- Navigate to Brand Referral Bonus in Seller Central to learn about the program.

- To access Amazon Attribution, create a new order and name it the same as your Google Ads campaign.

- Add all of your products to the Amazon Attribution order to potentially earn bonuses on all purchases.

- Use Amazon Attribution to track your external traffic results.

Setting Up a Search Campaign:

- Choose the optimize for sales option when creating a new campaign in Google Ads.

- Select the search campaign option.

- Use specific and relevant ad copy to target your desired audience.

- Start with a low bid strategy and adjust up or down to find the optimal balance between clicks and budget.

- Choose manual bidding for maximum control.

Creating Effective Ad Copy:

- Use specific and relevant keywords in your ad copy to increase click-through rates.

- Pinpoint your ad copy to the specific product and audience.

- Avoid keyword stuffing and use simple and clear language.

- Use promotions and discounts to attract potential customers.

Tracking Results Using Amazon Attribution:

- Use Amazon Attribution to track external traffic and purchases made from that traffic.

- Analyze the data to see which campaigns and ad copies are performing the best.

- Adjust your campaigns and ad copies accordingly to maximize your results.

Using Google Ads to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings can be a highly effective strategy for increasing sales and earning bonuses. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can set up successful search campaigns and create effective ad copy that resonates with your desired audience. Additionally, using Amazon Attribution allows you to track your results and adjust your strategies accordingly for maximum success.

How To Advertise On Amazon Seller Central | BEGINNER Tutorial FBA/FBM

In this article, we will be discussing various topics and ideas that range from rainforests to market strategies to personal experiences. We will be using various writing techniques such as contractions, idioms, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms.

Topics Covered:

- Love for rainforests

- Introduction of credentials

- Description of someone with a big shoulder

- Importance of the new year market

- A journalist's typical day

- Rare sighting of a PC

- International sales and events

- Importance of patience in raising capital campaigns

- Deciding on using cinnamon

- The last dance

- Independent film Secret Island

- Something called nexusguard

- The Apple Lisa

- Bodyguards on the beach

- Miracle treatments for shoulder pain

- IQ levels and androidify

- Serviced apartments and fishermen

- Use of tortoises in specialist fields

- Strategies for Bayern

- Soda kkum and punishment

- Obtaining permission and testament operations

- Happy days and the cornerstone of success

- Mini gods and adonis campaigns

- Weather forecasts for advertising campaigns

- Love for parents

- Opponent's response

- Positioning oneself in presentations

- Nurse mates and Daniel Roussel

- Android for people who don't understand

- Suspended process at Turtle Factory

- Investment and attribute values

- Christmas time and its importance

- Honest person's standard time

- Rainy days and support from Tabitha

- Decision-making process of paracels

- Reputation management

- Witnessing national contests

- Essence of Ultra cordless drill

- Folder fonts and validation

- Positioning of teams in pictures

- Purpose of stations

- Spanish, English, and Polish

- Use of staff in forests

- Making money fast

- EZ socola and almonds

- Xiaomipicanto morning

- Culver IV mass storage management

- Sending attention to the universe

- Preceding police precinct

- Miconazol series 2

- Importance of campaigns for flowers

- Missing someone

- Clicking the sweet summer time

- Weather in Dallas Fort Worth

- Personal expenses for watching

- Athena's nose job

- Restoring beauty trends

- Nearest location and responsibility

- Simple and intelligent spotless white

- Coupon for simplest way

- Sunt servanda and Baltimore Sun

- National geography and raising traditions

- Beauty trends in time

- Athena's secret campus

- Little as you are

- Opponents in Pearl resort

- Strange things

- National Amazon and usage of computer

- German door and the tallest tree

- Athena's waiters and the prince

- Girl shoe store and city support

- Understanding someone named John Isner

- Illustrated forests and socialism

- Personal stories and love songs

- Unleashing patients and activation of areas

- Support for personal data forms

- Serious accordance for witness

- Fun for the skin and installation of software

- Turning good for father's day

- Storage of evening hours

- Difference in the threads

- Amazing footage for installation

- Speaking in the torrent

- Tenderness in national news

- Difference in the hands

- Earth's friends and patience

- Nice and easy use of cars

- Tested solutions for patience

- Infected men and the main road

- Expanded advantages of birds

- Memories of Japan

- Importance of the main road

- Use of personal experiences

- Adjustment of channels

- Use of Android apparatus

- Successful candidates and personal names

In conclusion, this article covers a wide range of topics and ideas using various writing techniques. From love for rainforests to market strategies, from personal experiences to nature's beauty, this article provides readers with an insight into different aspects of life. We hope that this article was informative and enjoyable to read.

Amazon Sponsored Products (Amazon PPC) - Step by Step: Create Your First Sponsored Products Ad

Creating a successful advertising campaign can be daunting, but with the help of Amazon's sponsored products, it's easier than you think. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating your first campaign by selecting the ad type, setting your campaign settings, selecting your targeting, adding keywords and negative keywords, and launching your first sponsored products campaign.

Before You Start:

Consider which products you want to advertise and how much you want to spend. You can advertise any of your by box eligible listings, and you'll be able to set your bid and budget to get started. If you are a seller, go to the advertising tab and click on campaign manager. If you are a vendor, simply click on advertising, and you'll be brought to the campaign manager page. Click create campaign and select sponsored products.

Setting Up Your Campaign:

Give your campaign a name that distinguishes it from others, and keep multiple campaigns organized. Set your campaign duration and your average daily budget, which is the maximum daily amount you want to spend on advertising the products in this campaign.

Targeting Your Ads:

Amazon offers two distinct ways to target your sponsor product ads. We recommend starting your first campaign with automatic targeting. This allows Amazon to automatically match your ad to relevant shopper search terms based on your product information. It is a quick and easy way to learn how shoppers are discovering your ads.

Naming Your Ad Group:

Think of ad groups as subfolders in your campaigns. You can have multiple ad groups in a campaign. This field is not available for vendors at this time.

Selecting Products to Include:

You can search by product name, SKU, or ASIN. Sort ASINs by the date they were added to your catalog, as well as their star rating and the number of reviews they have. Find the products you want to advertise and click select to add them to your campaign.

Setting Your Cost Per Click Bid:

The bid is the maximum amount you're willing to pay for a click on your ad. For automatic targeting campaigns like this one, the default bid will apply to each product in the campaign. Consider the margins on each item and the category when setting your bid.

Launching Your Campaign:

Congratulations on launching your first sponsored products campaign. Your ads are now ready, but they may take up to an hour to begin displaying on Amazon. Remember, your ads need to be relevant to shoppers and winning the buy box to be eligible to display, and you must have the winning bid for the search term.

Creating a successful sponsored products campaign on Amazon is easy when you follow these steps. Remember to review your campaigns regularly and adjust where necessary. Stay tuned for the next video in the series, which will cover how to understand your metrics to ensure your campaigns are meeting your goals.

How To Setup Amazon PPC (Sponsored Products) In 4 Minutes

There are five steps to setting up Amazon PPC and it can be done in just four minutes. In this tactical vlog Thursday video, I will show you live how to set up PPC for a new Amazon FBA product. Amazon PPC is extremely powerful as it allows you to show up right at the top of search results, increasing your sales.

- Setting up Amazon PPC in five steps

Step 1: Setting up an Automatic Campaign

- Easiest and most powerful campaign

- Click Sponsored Products and Create Campaign

- Name your campaign and set a daily budget

- Ensure Automatic Targeting is selected

- Select the product you want to advertise for and set the default bid

- Launch the campaign

Step 2: Keyword Research

- Use tools like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout, or Google Keyword Planner

- Find relevant keywords to target

- Set up the next type of campaign, Keyword Targeted Sponsored Products

Step 3: Setting up Keyword Targeted Sponsored Products

- Click Create Campaign and name it

- Set a daily budget and select Manual Targeting

- Use Amazon's recommended keywords or enter your own

- Set how much you're willing to pay per click

- Launch the campaign

Step 4: Product Targeting

- Click Create Campaign and name it

- Set a daily budget and select the product you want to advertise

- Click Product Targeting

- Target individual products or entire categories

- Set how much you're willing to pay per click

- Launch the campaign

Step 5: Adding Negative Keywords

- Click on Negative Keywords for the Campaign

- Add a list of keywords you don't want to show up for

- Save and launch


1. Always add negative keywords to save money

2. Start with the automatic campaign to get data

3. Fine tune campaigns by targeting winning keywords

Setting up Amazon PPC can seem daunting, but it's easy and extremely powerful. By following these five steps and tips, you can increase your sales and grow your Amazon business. Don't forget to use tools like Helium 10 or Jungle Scout, or Google Keyword Planner to help with keyword research and get a free checklist to help you set up your Amazon PPC.

Amazon Product Targeting Ads | Advertise on Competitor's Listings

- Product Targeting Ads: What are they and why are they important?

- Helium 10's role in helping sellers with product targeting ads

Using Helium 10 for Product Targeting Ads:

- Using a Singh Grabber to extract top ASINs from a search

- Targeting brand new listings with high sales but low reviews

- Targeting non-optimized listings with low hanging fruit

- Using Black Box to identify out of stock products

- Targeting competitors in different categories

- The power of Helium 10 in helping sellers with product targeting ads

- Importance of targeting low hanging fruit to increase sales

- Taking advantage of Amazon's new feature to target competitors

- Maximize profits with Helium 10's tools

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