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Amazon Product Research & Development Secrets with Adam Fisher

Published on: December 5 2022 by Travis Marziani

Amazon Product Research & Development Secrets with Adam Fisher

Amazon Product Research & Development Secrets with Adam Fisher

in this episode of the effective
e-commerce podcast we have Adam Fisher
on and he's got a YouTube channel he is
an Amazon a guru on both YouTube and
Amazon he's doing really well
and first off Adam thank you for coming
on the show thanks so much for having me
man I'm excited to be here I've seen
what you've done and that's really
exciting to me plus we're gonna have
some fun
yeah absolutely so first off tell us
your story how did you get involved with
Amazon how'd you get involved with
YouTube all that wow man this starts way
back probably a whole year I was sitting
there for the job that I hated so much I
went every day and I was like dude cuz I
told myself for ten years man I'm gonna
be successful one of these days and I
graduated college and at choke dream did
not come true so I didn't really have a
good view of myself self-esteem class so
I was like one day I found Amazon man
and I worked my butt off for six months
to I I didn't have any friends I was 30
hours a week after my big after my
regular day job Saturdays after work all
that stuff but I found a product that I
was just looking for and I had all
straight three star reviews and I was
like man why is it this products got all
these reviews I started reading him and
I was like dude I thought I could fix
that but I could fix that so I bought a
bunch of them I went to Lowe's and it's
a home improvement products so I had it
I did do a couple put this together put
this together and I was like hey if I do
this right here it's gonna be easy and
I'll be a better than the competition so
that's how my first product started it's
zero clue what I was doing I lost a lot
of sleep because there was like there
was nobody back then that would help you
I emailed a couple of youtubers so I had
nobody's approval to help this product I
spent borrowed my parents and my parents
money to launch it bird so for the two
months when I was manufacturing and then
I was and then I was shipping it was
just like I was stressed out every
single day
cuz I was like this is literally all my
money man this take me it's gonna be a
long time to make back if it doesn't go
well ya know I think we all know that
feeling I still I still have that well
the thing about that feeling is it
upgrades over time because at first
you're like man I got
grand on the line and then eventually
it's like I got 40 grand on the line so
every time you start getting comfortable
it's like time for that next level I'm
sure you you know you know I'm toking
about there yeah yeah I just I just
ordered two new products one's only
gonna cost $2,500 to launch that's a
yeah that's a product it's gonna the
only sell for like 10 12 bucks the
second one though you know that was just
I was a 10 grand product no it'll grow
it up a little bit but really I mean
most products on Amazon I feel you could
launch for 10 grand
yeah so this the first product you ever
launched win-win was this how long ago
it was about a whole year ago okay a
whole year ago in our stores
that's the I don't they be a little bit
more and make me so I have two products
right now to one product that's gonna be
in here in a couple days and then two
more in production I'm kind of really
sped up the we were able to launch
products largely because a YouTube takes
an insane amount of time I did not
realize that was going to be the case
that's taken away from this other part
my business and also I just have a lot
more confidence in Amazon now because
you get your first product in and you
let it sell for three months you're like
okay I understand is on there your
second product then you let that sell
for code once so you're like okay I have
all this now I have all this confidence
but then you start sourcing third
product and it takes a few months so
kidneys here if you want to feel
confident the whole way it's gonna be a
little bit slower so let's tok about
how do you launch what is your process
for long because
girlfriend's product to go moment
evening was that and the process that
for I launch products is just and I
don't know ever think it because I focus
just like you on an innovating a product
you know I am NOT launching a product
unless I put my next to the competition
you walked in the room and you're like
oh my gosh man I want that one and so
one of the products I'm launching right
now I'm putting some designs on it it's
kind of a the markets really bland and
I'm taking designs from $100,000 a month
market and I'm popping them over here to
this $20,000 a month market and so right
they've proven themselves
year 10 fold over to similar products
and so he's done it over here so when I
when I launched and I've but I did a
what's called pic foo where you're able
to get responses from actual people
Prime members that are in my target
range so I know my designs are the best
of the eight I had out I'm confident
we're gonna sell and so when I do that
I'm not too worried about doing any kind
of crazy strategy usually that usually
that alone that the increasing
conversion ratio is enough to get me
there over a couple weeks or a month
maybe maybe maybe two yes so turn on PPC
and if that doesn't if PPC doesn't go
well and it doesn't go the way it
expected to my last product I had to
actually take the I took the price from
that toy always originally moved it up
to twenty five dollars still no sales I
took it down to ten bucks is my
break-even point and left her there for
two and half weeks and the second we did
that sales went through the roof and we
started it got ranked and when I got
ranked now it's up it's eighteen
nineteen dollars today so let's pill
make it's making a great money now even
though for two weeks I'm like thing so
correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds
like a part of your strategy kind of by
accident in some ways was lower it to
almost break-even price until you get
some traction get some reviews and then
later on raise the price right yeah
absolutely I mean the real strategy is
try everything that works but I thought
my I thought my innovation was gonna be
enough to truly like bust me out it
wasn't the strongest innovation but I
thought it'd be enough okay and I ran
out okay it's not so we go to step two
and then step two worked and we're gonna
go on to step three if step two didn't
work so I've seen on some of your videos
you tok about viral launch do you fire
a launch a lot and if so how do you do
all my product research their launch
service the ballistik services
absolutely not okay but I use them I
mean it's a software so you gotta have
some software and that's the software I
use gotcha okay so let's tok about a
little bit more of strategy so once you
get your product out there is it just
PPC what are you doing to help continue
sales or is it completely automated yeah
yeah now
there's so I was on a call about a two
weeks ago with the student and Shh after
the call is she so she was selling three
units a day and spending $40 a day on
advertised PPC and after the call to a
week later she heard her first thousand
dollar day okay and what I'm focusing on
so much is that is the listing is
delicious the listing and is it listen
cuz everyone's like dude if you've got a
good if everybody on page one selling to
news 22 today you gotta sell twenty
units of data on page one and that's the
stupidest thing I've ever heard because
Amazon only makes money when they sell a
product so when you search for coffee
maker they're gonna show you what you're
most likely to buy so it's really the
conversion ratio that matters
no if I thousand searches for coffee
maker and only ten buy mine and fifty by
the competitor I'm never gonna get
branched doesn't matter any of that
short-term stuff I do to get sales it's
not gonna save me so right what we get
on her product it was we very well with
the listing you know we took the video
put out a couple days ago I said though
though this is it to be example was the
title is you know 25-foot stainle take
measure and that's what's that's a
realistik on Amazon and I said not take
that out we're gonna write the most
durable Stanley tape measure can was
tall wrist and a 20-foot fall on the
concrete right and then we took her
pictures and we showed how you know she
can withstand a 20-foot fall on the
concrete and then we took that first
bullet point and toked about it with
what her actual product is that is what
and that message is what I just got
took her sales up to you know ten tik's
almost mom though so weather so
obviously we got the title and then
cover some other ways that someone could
make a really just amazing listing like
well it's all it's all that traditional
marketing what's so this sell this let's
sell the sizzle not the steak so we're
not selling two pounds of meat we're
selling the most delicious and most
exciting experience most fun than you've
ever had and so when we tok about her
product was it was a bigger bundle than
everybody else she had three times as
many units but she was only selling for
twice the price it's great deal it's
great deal well right with
we toked at first we took some pictures
and we described hey also she had much
more much higher quality product and
then they didn't you could see it but
she did so first thing we did your first
picture better be your best picture
because I see these happen you get six
pictures and then your fourth ones your
best-looking one and I don't know why
it's not your first picture and it
evokes the most emotion but it happens
I'm almost every color I get on what it
doesn't make any sense so then we also
took of me to put a diagram in there
described okay like we showed the actual
light this is how much it cost per unit
compared this competition we wrote about
that in the first bullet point it's all
about it's all about describing the
experience another customer you know my
one of my first product is just my first
brain is all about high quality and so
we describe it is the strongest this
it's not right and that's what we focus
on but all the tok about the actual
product at the end of the title we tok
about what it's gonna do with the
customer yeah all right okay that's so
it's basically it's a you're saying is
just tok about all the benefits right
tok about the since I like that so
let's tok about products research as
well because that's something before the
call you told me that you know it's a
big pain point for you which I think
it's a big pain for point for everybody
what do you do what does it look like
how do you find a product to sell
so sourcing the actual product is a pain
point finding the actual products is I
look very easy at this point okay gotcha
sorry I misunderstood that yeah no don't
worry don't worry man and it is I come
into it with a different way of thinking
about it instead of thinking oh hey man
I'm new to Amazon lovie foot I got three
grand I'm gonna find something I'm gonna
throw it up there my mindset is all
about what the people have been doing
this for hundreds of years product
innovation and so even just today I give
you an example I was looking at you know
those earpieces you put this was just
earlier today
I think these earpieces you put in your
ear and you tok on your phone you knows
Bluetooth pieces yeah you just put on
one ear okay I was looking at all those
and what do I see in this market okay it
easy this is a million dollar month
I first thing I see every single listing
okay they're the top ones are all sold
by brands you probably heard of if you
know anything about the space but they
were those typical big brand listings
they are absolutely terrible terrible
some one of them had the best seller has
three pictures
they'd have no nothing written on the
pictures the title is like blah blah
blah and the serial number for the
product okay so what do I see right here
if I come into this space I'm going to
be able to I'm gonna be able to convert
a lot better than the competition even
though they have that big brand that's
the only thing I'm worried about because
I can tell customers hey this is the
titles gonna say okay 13 hour battery
life lasts for six months without right
it's gonna tok about that stuff and
nobody else is doing that and we go
there's one other guy I saw today who
did that he came in there with a product
I found on Alibaba but Zack same thing
yeah he lunched 30 days ago and today he
is selling like 50 grand said I think I
I think was 75 grand right now amok he's
selling 30 days because Brady's he has a
product that has I don't know sure if
the reviews are religion because he has
a very high a higher star review yeah
but I do know the sales are legit and I
know that if I look at his pictures they
blow me away in comparison of those big
brand pictures so I see that
what else do I see about this this
product does look at it well but none of
them what why couldn't I have this just
charged with the same cable as an iPhone
why couldn't I say hey charges with an
iPhone cable and really targeted on that
market because people were complaining
about I've had one before and it's like
it's got its own special charger it's
not even like a regular plug-in
what have we had what if we had one that
had a stand we could just set our
product in and then just it's super easy
when you have to plug it in I can just
have it right next to my computer I said
that nobody's doing that either and with
a market that's so big like this if you
do an innovation that just 10% of the
population wants to do it right that's a
win so what
I'm on it yeah I'm with you on this this
is the kind of stuff I love and this is
to me this is no longer white labeling
this is creating product this is pretty
a whole new thing you know but sometimes
it's easy the product side of production
now one of them is just a new design ten
sets of you slap it on hmm do you assume
I know a lot of private label oars on
Amazon don't share their products or do
you share anything or not really let's
tok about the categories okay okay you
guys want to I want to make sure because
I getting examples and stuff but yeah oh
yeah I would love to tell people but
right I'm one video with seventy
thousand views and people like to were
the products when so many thousand new
competitors guys sure not I totally I
totally get it
so the new products you said the
category are what are the categories
you're looking at and keep it as brides
was on the cell phone and the others a
kitchen and dining Adam how are you how
are you finding these products though I
mean I guess I agree with you you see
certain things but you see certain
things like the Bluetooth wireless thing
but still what's your process look like
to find that how do you know to to type
in Bluetooth wireless yeah so it all
starts it almost always starts out in
viral launched get on there and I put in
hey I want to see products with less
than two and who do you review just at
least 10 grand a month
that's all I put in a start just
scrolling down and what I look for is
products that have a little bit of
complex did you see them like students
bring me bamboo place and I'm like oh
how are you gonna innovate bamboo place
her bamboo place right so something that
maybe I like how I really haven't ever
seen that before or just has a little
bit of complexity so then I go check out
all those listings go took a look at the
market but I'm not worried so much about
the competition oh my gosh somebody's
got a thousand reviews on this in this
listing I'm worried about dominating
them with my products because the facts
are gonna remain it doesn't matter if
they have a thousand reviews if your
product looks better if it is better
you're gonna win no I've got plenty of
products before that didn't have a
thousand reviews but I was like that's
what I need okay they see it they're
like that's what I need and that's what
good marketing and gonna
I think that's a really a brilliant
point about what basically a few
different things you said there but one
of them is you're right I've purchased a
lot of products where the listing looks
terrible but it's just like oh I need
this functionality maybe they don't even
have a ton of reviews and a lot of times
to be honest when I buy that product I
end up getting it and I'm like no this
actually is garbage if this was a
halfway decent product I would have been
singing the praises from the rooftops oh
I totally agree with you there I really
and obviously obviously quality is
super-important yeah this is Amazon this
is no Walmart this is no Dollar Tree
this is this is we want quality and
you're gonna get destroyed in the
reviews if you don't have it and I think
the other point that you made that was
really interesting as far as products
research is if you do if you do see okay
what are the products that have less
than 200 reviews but are doing $10,000 a
month that means that there's some
there's some interesting room there's an
interesting opportunity there because
people are spending a lot of money even
though they these products aren't doing
like they don't aren't getting a ton of
reviews that means it's a crappy product
that people are still spending money on
and I think you're right just going in
and finding that category and improving
upon it you could kill it yeah I mean
without the - I could do your views
there can be a product that's been
moving for a while yeah and but right I
just stik to get rid of products with
over a thousand with over that because
then you start to get if you open it up
that much then you get all these
ridiculous products with just insane
reviews and it's like that's too much
much do you also filter for like you try
to go after only products that are
selling that much that have three stars
or under no I mean a half star you know
what did my very first product has never
worked since I've never found another
bag that way in fact that product not
even anymore cuz all the people have
I've had three stars are gone are gone
the markets moved past that so people
write my products are at four and a half
yeah we've moved past that so um yeah it
never really works anymore I've tried it
like a bunch of times so once you figure
out what product
I'm sure some of my audience will be
familiar with this process but for those
that aren't then once you've found a
product that you like I really like this
how do you find a manufacturer what is
your process look like man you know okay
because your butt on alibaba.com manufac
tot tok to ten people with that product
because most products out there there
are ten manufacturers for the products
yeah and then there's a hundred thousand
on this there's a over a hundred
thousand on the platform so right
message ten half of them have garbage
English and don't know how to respond to
your questions and then the other five
you're going to go further on and you're
going to order samples from two or three
of them and then pick one of them and
run with it what I really like to do is
go multiple steps if you really want to
make sure that this is as fast possible
go multiple steps in on samples because
I'm gonna get the preliminary sample
which is just whatever they have off the
shelf and then I need another sample
with my improvements on it and then
maybe they screw that up
happens all the time so I'm gonna need a
third sample and so if you go deep with
two suppliers ah when one doesn't work
out which definitely happens every once
in a while you've got a second one and
if they can't fulfill your orders some
time or they start having quality issues
whatever it is you got a backup so they
could save you a lot of work on later on
if you're just willing to spend more
money on samples now I like it let's say
let's switch gears a little bit here up
and I want to tok about your YouTube
like I think you how long ago did you
start YouTube uh about twelve thirteen
months ago thirty months and so you've
had a pretty meteoric rise I got the
I've seen your videos are doing really
well what do you think the secret to
your success has been on YouTube oh we
create explainable you to algorithm but
right but the stretched I of doing that
it's all about the it's about the
authentikity that I've driven a lot of
people come into this space with just
like an Amazon they have their own niche
you know the guys driving the big Lambo
is being like showing how cool they are
you know a lot of people who don't like
that and so I've taken the side where I
just want to be more authentik and
people see my numbers people seen it
people see my son and screenshots to my
seller central have seen me actually
refresh the app I show people how much
money I make on my course and they
that's really refreshing to know that
and also I know I have learned how to
develop videos that the YouTube
algorithm likes and so I'm able to get
those videos a few those videos with a
hundred thousand views which is what
drives your drives a YouTube's growth
average video I put out 3k beats a
couple but the one bit but three videos
I have that have 100k views those did
the same work as 33 regular videos right
so it's a bit of the 80/20 rule there
yeah it is absolutely 80/20 rule but she
sucks so some of those videos I thought
I knew we're gonna do well
two of those videos I knew we're gonna
do well my third one I had no clue how'd
you know they were gonna do well like
well let's tok about your process to
making these bosses yeah how do you make
no I can't say I knew they're gonna do I
have this intuition like yeah these are
gonna be once but I've had that before
other videos that just didn't do very
well same so it's very much like I was
like damn dude this is 10k views right
here and then it's like mm you're like
what did I miss
mmm the YouTube algorithm is super
simple how many people click on your
video click-through rate how many people
stay on your video watch time that's the
most important one and the third one and
this is the one that will take your
video from really successful like holy
crap change your life successful is if
they watch more your videos afterwards
it's just like the icing on the top so I
I'm putting out a video in a couple days
and it's the basic walkthrough video for
intro for new people but at the but I'm
toking about the whole process and I'm
like hey if you guys want to see this
playlist I put together it's every video
covering every step we're just toking
about the outline here so they go watch
that playlist and they go through the
whole thing your tubes gonna go crazy
because they know for every that you
know fray for every hundred people on
this video ten of them we're gonna go 10
of them we're going to go spend another
three to five hours in this guy's
channel yeah so is the same thing you
can apply to you much other I'm
definitely not trying to brag
no clue YouTube was gonna do with this
no yeah it really good you can get
really good at YouTube just a skill
nobody ever thinks of it as a skill but
getting good on YouTube and
understanding it it's a learned skill do
you find it hard cuz I I know you do
very well on YouTube both in terms of
views but also financially do you find
it hard to balance that with your Amazon
absolutely if I are to do that because
it's a lot of time there's a lot of
things I don't feel like enough sauce
responding to comments you know people
message me on Facebook I want to respond
to that stuff and either I don't respond
to it or hire someone else to do it and
neither one of those are good actions
that I like how do you bow I mean how do
i balance that yeah or like I mean yeah
it's like how many hours a week because
it seems like you make more money off of
youtube in in your courses and
everything then you do off the Amazon
but at the same time your YouTube is
kind of dependent on you yeah everything
so yeah weird yeah so I spent a lot of
time build YouTube think way more time
than I ever expected I spend most of my
time on YouTube I spent the third
quarter of my time I probably third my
time on Amazon putting out and that's
just working on new products old
products don't really require a lot
really don't but if it's just I never
expected you do take this much time and
so and there's things that you have to
keep up you have to keep up I promise
people that my courses are gonna get
updated hey I have you have to put out a
video at least once every two weeks on
if you take a month and a half off you
were gonna shoot yourself in the foot
because it's so hard to recover its him
it's near impossible to recover that
lost YouTube's written you off at that
point and that's so how'd you find out
about that you just heard that from
other people or no because I see it I
know I might be sitting at I'll be
sitting at this level of views up here
and that's my normal average and then
the second I have about a video for two
mm-hmm boom boom it just I see it drop a
drop it'll it'll drop by 30
thirty percent hopefully no more and I'm
like okay at a couple times it's
happened I'm like video out today guys
let's get this going
right let's get it going and because
right one video drives another and
people are showing videos based off what
they've watched recently so if they're
like oh and watch this video right just
getting one video out there in the
ecosystem will spur views on other
videos and will give YouTube a lot more
hope that you are creator that they want
to support your your early videos
usually do you have the three that are
at or above a hundred thousand did those
was the key to success for those to link
to other videos or was there something
completely different
what was the key the first thing is we
gotta we gotta get a topic that has the
ability to hundred thousand views are
you toking about my launch strategy
never get a hundred thousand views
because it's a hundred thousand you were
interested these are all more basic
videos a lot of them tok about my
success and what a minute would have
achieved the very first video was me
toking about my first private label
product and what happened there but I
only made seven hundred dollars and
probably my first ones on that product
that video resonated really well with
people yeah then my second video that
did well was me toking about this was
have not ceased to be proud of this
video it was a good the click bait was
Amazon FBA is dead right there there are
tons of people who put out videos like
this I saw ten people trying to placate
me after this and a couple people who I
stole the idea from I want Martin why am
i get the most views because of the way
I structured it by the way I structured
it even though there's literally twenty
plus videos on YouTube like this so
we'll tok about how to structure here
in a second can ban my third one I have
literally copied my first one my first
video was my first product results and
my third video is my first years results
on Amazon and I was able to show
everybody my numbers for first years the
thumbnail the title the way the video
flows are it's very similar but it's a
different situation hmm and I didn't
expect it to do that well but it's it's
probably the most watched most viewed
video every 24 hours of my comic channel
so well how do you put videos like this
let's let's stop toking about the
high-end air kind of stuff we got to
focus on getting rid your attention
right through the roof okay so what you
do go out there watch every single video
in your space that has gone viral and
the Amazon space if it has more than
that's a viral video that's every single
one I left you watched 30 of them you
realize every single one sounds same at
the same exact way that they transition
they have the same cook at the beginning
I'm not kidding you I'm not kidding you
they all sound the same that's
interesting and uh once you learned how
that that did it be like okay this is
the kind of hook I need at the beginning
you gotta have a hook 80% of people are
gonna click off in the first minute if
they click off okay so don't let that
happen and then you need to have an
interest story and it's just there's so
much I could try and explain to you but
if you want to get if you have YouTube
channel and you want to make get views
and you want to make money this is how
you do it not done yeah so there's a lot
of principles there that you said that I
think apply not just to YouTube but all
forms of business especially e-commerce
one of the big one of the big ones that
I really liked as you said hey I did
something that worked and then I did it
again I did the you know first month
results and then I did first year
I'm just genius yeah and then we're
gonna do one another one at 18 months we
went from two products so at six at that
point probably and then the other thing
that I think a lot of people forget
about like I didn't do this up until
probably six months ago is watch to
other people's YouTube videos like watch
- look what what is working out there
everyone wants to try to go figure this
out by themselves but oh yeah don't do
no oh right if you want to watch my
three super successful videos and then I
average everyone you will see that
they're different
I'll see you need to understand that
there are two different types of videos
on YouTube there are the videos that you
go out and you get you're reaching out
to new subscribers you're reaching out
to them you're trying to pull it man
that's what that that's what these three
videos are about as well as other ones
that didn't do so well but then there's
other ones where like I'm putting out a
video for my goals for 2019
hmm how many cares about that besides my
current subscribers right but so it's
different and so if you try and do both
in the same video you come up really an
authentik it's not gonna be very clear
and this could be like hey for those of
you first time on the channel everyone's
like bro you tok about your goals for
this year this is my first time with a
channel yeah that makes sense yeah I
mean there's people who have whole
YouTube video channels dedicated to
teaching you how to get good on you -
yeah let's uh I'm actually curious now
you brought up 2019 goals what are some
of your 2019 goals so first of all I'm
watching this is the most important one
its launching a product every single
month right now we've got to in
production we got a third one with Final
we got final samples sitting over here
so as soon as the new year is done we
should be able to order that product so
we've got the first thing once covered
yeah but it is a lot of work to launch a
product I sell a lot of works especially
unless you have somebody there on your
team which I don't have yet I tried to
hire somebody that was in $8000 learning
list uh so that's the number one goal I
also want to build the YouTube channel I
mean I couldn't you know the other ones
are about building the YouTube channel
and at the end by the end of the year I
don't know how much money yeah all right
I like to set goals it needs to be at
least 50 grand a month and all from from
all my income streams I'm also watching
a software that right it's gotta be at
least 50 grand a month if I even hit
that I've shot myself in the foot and
it's right with 50 grand a month that's
the point where I can start doing good
but for other people I can I can retire
my parents I can do the stuff I want to
do yeah but right at 20 to 25 grand a
month I can't act like okay I can't do
that kind of stuff other people very
much I'm already 25 grand a month still
I'm sure most people listening I love it
it's it's not bad it's phenomenal but
right I can't commit 7 grand a month to
my parents I can't do that because a
second if my income goes down to 10
grand one one and then just stays there
for six months there my bank accounts
are empty and they're back to their jobs
hmm and so that's the kind of stuff I
want to be able to do right 22:25 when
you hit 10 grand a month and you know
you're gonna continue to hit grand grand
you're not worried about it
your life will change
what change I stopped worrying about how
much I got it I'm going out to dinner
tonight how much I stopped worrying
about that stop wearing what it cost for
the grocery store right those are the
best feelings of your life
really oh so much no I I totally agree
uh one more question for you and I want
to wrap up here and the last I toked a
little bit about my product performance
nut butter and at the end of each
episode I I tok to the guests and ask
him if you were me if you were running
you know my passion products which is
performance nut butter what would you do
what would your marketing strategy be
like what would be priority number one
for growing this company and I'm gonna
ask you like what do you think and then
a lot about it yeah but good yeah so I'm
first of all I'd love to see you of
listing I've never seen it uh I'll go
take a look at it after this but but
just the results I've seen from the
quality of the listing matters more
it almost matters more than the product
it doesn't but it matters so much so I'd
love to see the listing you've got here
I mean right if you really want to go
deep in this a you're working on taking
it off of Amazon what were you guys I
mean right now so the truth is it did so
well on Amazon that I didn't have the
cash flow and my manufacturer it's not
phenomenal like insanely phenomenal
yeah fifty grand this month but it was
basically it launched November of 2017
and my goal was by the end of 2018 to be
doing like 30 grand a month and I did
that in January so I was like oh crap
like in January of 2017 I mean or 2018
yeah so it was and then and then I
thought okay well maybe this is a fluke
and then February 3rd grant and then
March 30 grand and so I kind of was
playing catch-up on inventory and I
didn't have enough cash flow to really
blow it up so basically what I did is I
didn't market it a lot in 2018
especially on Shopify there's no reason
for me to try to sell on Shopify when if
I did I was gonna run out of inventory
for Amazon so now I'm caught up in cash
flow now I have some extra inventory
just in case and now it's time to start
being excited about it
really blow it up so I do want to do
some offense I'm wondering more off
Amazon stuff
I'd say 5% of my sales are on Shopify
right now it's nothing big yeah
absolutely I mean there's a lot the cool
thing is about a lot of these smaller
grocery stores is you can just walk in
there and be like you can meet the guy
who makes the decisions give me the guy
mint decisions and I was store called
hive idiots right I had one of my
professors started a soap brand and a
soap brand made with goat milk what the
heck is this
but right he was able to walk in there
build a relationship and now every
single high bein area he's got his
product in there so right he's got like
three or four high peaks and so that
mean it's probably how the distribution
works you have at this possum right you
have something that nobody else can pull
together with you and want the Amazon
yeah so what I else would I do for you I
mean where are your accessory products
man why why we just got one product when
there's so much money in these other
stuff too sure what and I have to look
at your products but really think about
it it's cuz it's difficult to come up
with different food products they
innovate those it is it is difficult I
will tell you I'm planning on doing a
new flavor right now it's just macadamia
coconut cashew I'm gonna add cacao to it
which I think will do really well
because people love chocolate and I
think that'll get a lot of the yeah I
think especially females they seem to
really go crazy for the the chocolate
and they tend to be more of my customers
surprisingly I think yeah yeah so that
is one thing that I want to do and it
kind of goes into your strategy of
launch a new product you know that's
related but different it so these
products are putting new designs on if
if the first one goes well the next
order is gonna be five to ten different
designs and we're gonna flood the market
each is gonna have a slightly different
target Mardin s-- right they're not all
gonna I don't want to launch products
where I devour my customers for the
original product with a second they're
already gonna buy the first now they're
buying the second variation it's like
you're not making more money you're just
complicating your supply chain hmm so
we're gonna put our stuff target of
slightly different audiences but right
different flavors is definitely hits
that on the dot
yeah hey I'm a little bit nervous about
you know maybe some people that were
buying original flavor or will instead
go to cacao okay yeah that's okay and I
can when I get bored of one they'll go
back to the other that's true
every day now that's a great and that's
I think that is something about both
yeah exactly so anyway I wanna I want to
wrap up here where can people find out
more about you we need you have any asks
for the audience anything like that
absolutely I'm gonna put a link to a
couple videos one of them you guys will
get just well I'll show you my first
year's results of Amazon you get to see
how much actually so and right you just
because our name is on okay let me back
up here I'm really going to two videos
when you're gonna see those results and
what what you can actually accomplish in
here because this right here selling
fifty thousand dollars is awesome but
it's not normally typical and so right I
think my path has been a lot more
typical at least with the students I've
worked with and then also we're gonna
put a link to how I do product research
cuz I have a video a good number of
views right I actually show products
that show how to innovate I like to get
into Amazon and tok and show this stuff
in there and not just tok about series
I don't so much just I saw in the video
we're toking about headpieces today
we're gonna do the same thing with a
couple more products in that video
awesome I'll put both those links if
you're watching YouTube in the show
notes and/or in the description and then
if you're on listening to the podcast
effect if you're buying a private-label
course don't spend 500 bucks I put one
out for a hundred dollars save over the
content and I partner with a guy sells
multiple million dollars a year right
because I'm not a million or so yet but
I'm able to take my perspective of what
it takes to do that first product and
the words you guys have new sellers cuz
it's so much different the guys he
launched into a twenty product they have
no clue what it's like to learn first
product they forgot no he looks like
that my man my youtube type in Adam
Fisher Amazon on YouTube you'll find me
I'm right there it means sorry to miss
perfect Adam thank you for so much for
coming on thanks so much for having me
it's a lot of fun

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